Delhi to Tirthan Valley, Himachal Pradesh – Travel Guide

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Destination Point: Tirthan Valley

Situated besides the Tirthan River in Himachal Pradesh at an altitude of 1600 meters, Tirthan Valley is a gateway to the Great Himalayan National Park. A place where you can easily forget the world to relax and have loads of nature walks following one trail or the other, into the woods or  besides the river. You can amazingly feel the nature in pure bliss here. If nature walks are the thing you like or even Trout Fishing then just head Tirthan. There are a lot of treks ranging from 4-15 days even which an avid trekker can explore and reach as high as 4000 meters approximately. In all it’s an ideal place for camping, bonfires, playing music, getting together to know each other (helpful in team or relation building ;)), eating out, lazing etc. etc. and the list goes on to make it complete holiday destination.


Climate is nice and pleasant with temperature in summers being less than 24 degree Celsius and in winters the minimum temperature may fall below freezing point. Due to the flowing river adjacent to valley you will always feel the moist of it and lots of greenery add to that nice feeling.

Season to visit

Although it’s a very nice, quite, relaxed and pleasant place through out the year but of course during "Spring Season" it’s just amazingly beautiful. Fully loaded with apple orchards the beauty of Tirthan Valley gets ready to mesmerize any soul on earth. Do note that in winters the place gets very cold and vulnerable towards wildlife interference especially by the presence of Leopards and Bears in this area because snow at heights forces them to descend towards valley. In snow due to less amount of food on the mountains these leopards and bears are bound to attack, so be careful while having a walk in the woods. As per the past experiences of many people this valley will not disappoint you a bit from March to November and is considered the best time to visit if somehow you don’t get a chance in Spring season. Trout fishing season is from March to October and for that you need to take a daily license at Rs. 100 per person per fishing rod which is non-transferable.


Tirthan Valley is very much possible as a 3 day long weekend trip. To get the feel of it in entirety you can always add one more day to make it 4 and relax in the lap of nature to refresh yourself inside out or add a drive to Kasol – Manikaran as well.

Night – 1: Leave from Delhi in the evening and reach Tirthan early morning

Day – 1: Early morning arrival means sound sleep and rest for 5-6 Hours. Rest around the serene and calm Tirthan River and relax for the whole day. In the evening, may be enjoy a bonfire.

Day – 2: Walk in to the Great Himalayan National Park (GHNP) to see nearby waterfalls. I think there are two of them at little distance to each other and enjoy the dinner alongside river before having a sound sleep.

Day – 3: Relax till noon and leave for Delhi around 12 PM to reach around 11 PM. This will give you a sound sleep and you can join the office easily next day.

Optional Day 1: Drive to Jalori Pass from where you can trek to Serloskar Lake. On the way back have a meal at Sringi Vatika and as the food preparations takes time you can always walk down the river side to have some fun. You can add this day to make it 4 day trip.

Optional Day 2: Drive to Kasol and Manikaran and either come back to Tirthan same day for night stay or stay at Kasol only if going on the penultimate day of the trip so that you can leave towards home from Kasol only. You can add this day to make it 4 day trip.

Well to be on adventurous side on Day 3 you can leave early morning to follow this route and can cover the Option Day 1 with Jalori Pass. However, Serloskar Lake will not be possible. I will always prefer this route 🙂 either while coming or while leaving.

Tirthan – Banjar (6 KM) – Shoja (20 KM) – Jalori Pass (24 KM) – Khanag – Ani -  Narkanda (114 KM) – Shimla (174 KM) – Kalka – Ambala (356 KM) – Delhi (544 KM)

Route to Jalori Pass is quite steep from Shoja side as compared to the other side i.e. Ani and Khanag which adds more pleasure to this adventure drive 😉

How to reach

By Air: Nearest Airport is Bhunter near Kullu from Manali side.

By Train: Chandigarh is the closest major Railway Station.

By Road: Possible route(s) to Tirthan Valley from Delhi by road are

Delhi – Ambala (188 KM) – Chandigarh – Roopnagar (282 KM) – Kiratpur – Bilaspur (371 KM) – Mandi (440 KM) – Pandoh – Aut (481 KM) – Larji – Gushaini – Tirthan (511 KM)

After reaching Aut just before the Jawahar Tunnel, take the right exit. (Caution::- Route is extremely scenic from here on ;)) You will reach Larji T-Point from where you need to take a right to reach Sai Ropa. At Sai-Ropa, if you head straight you will reach Banjar – Shoja but for Tirthan just follow the U-Turn from there towards Gushaini-Nagni (Tirthan). It takes about 1.25 Hr to reach Tirthan from Aut.

Buses (Volvo) also run from Delhi at 6 P.M. everyday from HPTDC Office, Janapath and reaches Aut next morning around 6 AM. From Aut you can get a taxi for around Rs. 400-600 with seating capacity of 5. Aut to Tirthan is about 30 KMs. While going back you can catch the bus around 7 PM at Aut and reach Delhi next morning by 7 A.M.

An alternate but long route is,

Delhi – Ambala (188 KM) – Kalka – Shimla (370 KM) – Narkanda (430 KM) – Ani – Khanag – Jalori Pass (520 KM) – Shoja (524 KM) – Banjar (538 KM) – Tirthan (544 KM)

Road Conditions

On the way from Delhi till Aut roads are pretty much in great shape being a highway and from Aut roads are narrow in but in good conditions. In the entire route there are one or two rough patches so that you never loose your concentration 😉

Preferred Vehicles

Best way is to take your car bike and hit the road as there is no such speciality required in the vehicle be it 2X2 or 4X4. You can take it as long as its engine runs :D.


1. Sai Ropa FRH could be the good option to stay, if possible.

2. Raju Bharti’s Guest House (Phone Number: 09418149808 (01903-225008 not sure of this one if it is working or not)) which is extremely famous with tempting food as per majority of people who stay there. It is surely the best place of stay in Tirthan Valley

3. Himalayan Trout House which is expensive but a nice place to stay. Check the complete review at DoW Himalayan Travel Community: Himalayan Trout House – Complete Review

4. Riverside Resort right at the banks of the river is getting some attention now a days. Check my review at River Side Resort, Tirthan Valley | Hotel Review

5. Shringi Vatika at Ghiyagi a little away from Tirthan: It is a homestay kind budget accommodation but with great service and reputation. River is a little hike down and it is a bit away from Tirthan (about 10 odd KMs, if I am not wrong). Contact Person: Pammi 09318813178 / 09459106728 / 09218201598

Things to Carry

The place is all famous for Trout Fishing. If you are a read freak you can carry books, if you like to play take a volleyball, if you play music take the instruments with you, if you like to chat just go there and open your chatterbox around a bonfire with your mates, if you like to fish take your fishing kit with you or you can get there as well etc etc… The destination is ideal for anything that makes you feel relax from the day to day life, so go and enjoy to the fullest.

Around Tirthan Valley

Great Himalayan National Park: Get the feel of a nature park by walking till the inner entrance and I feel permissions are required for the entrance on daily basis.

Waterfalls: There are two lonely waterfalls around an hour walking distance with higher one being more than 50 feet high. Both of them are very shortly separated from each other and are on the same walking trail.

Jalori Pass : Jalori Pass, at an altitude of 3120 meters, is one of the steepest passes to drive in Himachal separating Kullu valley and Shimla Valley. You need to cover almost 2500 meters in less than 25 KMs to reach the top . You can have a meal at Shringi Vatika on the way back. Well this place is covered with snow from December end till March end.

Serloskar Lake: 5 KM from Jalori pass there is one lake which you can easily prefer to visit for a small trek.

Bachelo Pass: 15 KM en-rotue Bathaad, you can also visit this lonely pass that remains well covered with snow from December to February.


Map, courtesy –

Article Last Updated on 1st November 2014

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  2. Wow! what a best place to hang up. Thanks for providing this informative blog and the proposed itinerary. First of all thanks for the above information.

  3. Ronotosh Deb on

    Hi Dheeraj,

    Thank you for such an informative blog. Can you please suggest some offbeat and unxlored places near Delhi to sit and relax, enjoy The Himalayas for a 3 day trip in September.

  4. Gaurav Sahni on

    Hi, I am planning on visiting Tirthan this weekend. Will it be feasible over a car? What do I need to be prepared for?

    • Hey Gaurav,

      You can travel to Tirthan Valley, nothing much to prepare for it as the roads are almost fine barring few patches here and there. Go with woolens and thermals.

  5. Rishi Kapadia on

    Hello, I read your this blog as well as Raju Bharti one. Both are pretty informative. Great work, thanks for putting all information together.

    We (My, my wife, 2-year baby, parents and my sister) are traveling to Himachal on 16Nov to 1st Dec and here is my plan but it can change so please suggest me if you have any suggestion.

    We are planning to hire an Innova for all 15days.
    Delhi to Chandigarh 16 Nov 2017 -> 17 Nov 2017 (1 night)
    Chandigarh to Manali 17 Nov 2017 -> 22 Nov 2017 (5 nights)
    Manali to Parashar Lake 22 Nov 2017 -> 23 Nov 2017 (1 night)
    Parashar Lake to Tirthan (23 Nov 2017 -> 27 Nov 2017) (4 nights)
    Tirthan to Kufri 27 Nov 2017 -> 29 Nov 2017 (2 nights)
    Kufri to Delhi 29 Nov 2017 -> 01 Dec 2017 (2 nights)

    I am still deciding if I should leave Innova 23rd nov when we reached to Raju Bharti homestay and skip Kufri and stay for 6 nights there but I am not sure how will we visit Great Himalayan National Park, Jalori Pass, seolsar lake, Chehni Kothi Village etc. and how will we back from Tirthan to Delhi.
    Please share your thoughts here.

    • Thank you Rishi and sorry for the delay in reply.

      I will suggest adding one day at Prashar lake else it could be a bit tiring and reduce the day from Manali. Rest looks OK. Do not expect much from Kufri rather stay a bit away from it.

  6. Hi Dheeraj,

    Nice piece. Going Jibhi from Delhi … with my family (wife and 4 year old kid) during the 12th August long weekend. Taking my car.

    Need your advice on certain aspects:
    – When is the best time to leave (6 pm works or 2 am is better, considering the long weekend madness and people will be on their way out for HP and Uttaranchal)
    – How is the road condition?
    – Any special suggestion considering I have my 4 year-old with me

  7. Bharti Rawal on

    Me and my few friends are planning to visit Tirthan Valley end of July. Could you please advise if this is the right time to go there and for a trek? I dnt want to stuck in heavy rains or landslides so If you could advise.
    thank you so much in advance

    • Bharti, best will be to check the rain predictions and then plan the trip. When it starts to rain, the river also get swollen and the charm of staying nearby river goes away !!

  8. Hi Dheeraj,

    You posts are really informative.

    I Wanted to go to tirthan valley, barot , bir billing starting 1st week of july.

    I will be doing this on bike.

    i have around 6-7 days

    Is bike fine for this trip and can you suggest me itinerary starting from Gurgaon covering these places. Also if u can add a place or two that will be great.


    • Yes Abhay, bike trip should be fine to travel to these places, you will enjoy it. You can do something like below:

      Day 1 | Delhi – Barot
      Day 2 | Stay at Barot
      Day 3 | Leave for Bir – Billing and do Paragliding, stay at Bir – Biling
      Day 4 | Reach Tirthan Valley
      Day 5,6 | Stay at Tirthan Valley
      Day 7 | Ride back to Delhi from Tirthan Valley

      • Hi Dheeraj,

        Thanks for your inputs, I will plan accordingly. I had one more query, where can I do camping in these locations?

        • Well, camping can be done anywhere you find an open and safe spot. Best will be to negotiate with some guest house or dhabha or home stay to allow you in their vicinity so as to have a sense of protection as well.

  9. Hi, lovely write up. Informative and precise.
    We are planning to leave tomorrow night at around 10 for tirthan. We would be staying at nature’s lap resort.
    Need your advice on the road conditions and review on the resort if possible.

  10. Hi Dheeraj,
    We are planning to leave Delhi at 9pm in the night for Tirthan Valley. Not sure about the road conditions these days. Do you recommend travelling in the night? We will be driving our own car.

    • Debal, road conditions are more or less good barring few patches here and there and some bad sections of truck traffic/potholes between Kiratpur – Swarghat – Bilaspur section.

  11. sonali merchant on

    I have follow you leh iadak itenariry which made my trip excellent
    I want to explore untouched places in Himachal can you help me you have written spring season is best can you please tell me which months
    I read in Google this places
    Some of our friends visited Thanedar ,Sangla ,Kalpa ,Shoja
    Are this all same route please help me I am nature lover and I would like to stay good hotel

    • Hi Sonali,

      You may be late for now for Tirthan Valley for bookings at good places in Tirthan but if you have about 6-7 days from Shimla/Delhi you can surely visit Kinnaur Valley and enjoy nature at its best in summers.

      How many days you have in hand and how are you planning to travel?

  12. Abhishek Sharma on

    Dear Mr. Dheeraj,

    First of all Kudos for write for sharing your experiences. All of this is very helpful.

    Coming to my question, I will be in Tirthan Valley for 1.5 days ( 2 nights). Now, as I understand it, The Great Himalayan National Park is divided into eco zone and the core zone.

    I don’t like just rushing through a place. I like walking on foot and if i like a place I can sit at that point for hours altogether, enjoying my photography and being under stars .

    From Gushani to entry into core zone is around 12 kms, which should take around (5-6 hours return, may be more in my case). Entering into core zone would mean that I take a guide along with me ( mandatory) and that would mean more time, possibly a night inside the park as same day return may or may not be possible and stay Inside the Park and guest houses by GHNP like Sai Ropa may not be available ( because of some engagements that are planned at the park)

    What advise would you give me for 1.5 days ( 2 nights) ?

    • Hi Abhishek,

      I will surely suggest you take a local guide with you, go up there for a couple of days, camp overnight, soak in nature and come back. In case you are staying with some guest house, they should be able arrange a local/guide to accompany you for it.

  13. Hi Dheeraj,

    The article is well written and very informative.
    We are just people planning to visit Tirthan in the coming long weekend.

    We don’t own a car an we will take a volvo till Aut. Can you please help me with the following:
    1. How can we get to Tirthan from there?
    2. Is the place safe for two females?
    3. What is approx budget of the trip if one wants to try out adventure activities, fishing and a small trek.
    4. How is the local transportation like?

    Please help.

    • Hi Kiran,

      1. You can either get down at bhunter and get a taxi from there OR you can arrange a pickup by asking your hotel to send the taxi, preferable.
      2. Yeah, most places in Himalayas are safe unless you are the unlucky one.
      3. Around 8K for 3-4 days trip.
      4. Shared taxis only.

  14. maanvikmukesh on


    • Hello Mukesh,

      1. I will prefer a drop to Tirthan and then take the volvo back home.

      2. Katra to Tirthan willsurely gonna be a long drive. If you coming from Chandigarh side, halt around Bilaspur or if coming from Palampur side, hhalt at Palam pur

      3. I will recommend to book in advance as in that season it will be hard to find them on spot

      4. You can plan the day trip to Manikaran, easily.

      • Maanvikmukesh on

        Really thank u dheeraj ….One more help any taxi driver no. U have for the katra to Shona journey……..& Is the Volvo buses from Auto are slipper type ? Where to book for them……

        • No Mukesh, sorry on that front. Best will be to get taxi from Katra / Jammu itself. There might be some buses running between Chandigarh and Katra/Jammu.

  15. Abhishek Rawat on

    Hello Dheeraj,

    Thanks a lot for this apt and informative piece. I wish to visit Tirthan Valley and The Great Himalayan National Park in mid Jan. Would like to know if you have any clue about how accessible the place is during that time? Also, if you could help me out with the places that will be open for stays?
    I know its much to ask but it will be really helpful if you can help me with this! Thanks! Peace. 🙂

    • Tirthan Valley will be open all round the year and so as most parts of Great Himalayan National Park as well. SHowever, longer treks in it will not be open or recommended.

  16. Prashant Rajpoot on

    Hi Dheeraj

    We a group of 4 ppl are planning to visit tirthan in Mid of Nov for 03 days ie Sat morning reaching at tirthan n Monday by noon leaving for Delhi.
    Could u pls tell me
    1) Whether it is best time to visit it
    2) What should we cover there at tirthan
    3) planning to take Cab to and fro from AUT


    • Hello Prashant,

      1. You have already selected mid of November. Nothing much changes between end and mid with mid Nov being a bit less chilly.
      2. I will suggest to relax and take walks in Great Himalayan National Park when you are in Tirthan.
      3. Mean you will take HPTDC Volvo while coming and going from Delhi

  17. Hi Dheeraj,
    Thank you for a lovely structured blog. Your blog has excited us to visit Tirthan Valley. I and my husband intend to visit Tirthan Valley + places around that in mid Aug. Do you think it would be fine. If not, could you recommend alternate offbeat HP trip for 4-5 days. Thanks

    • Madhavi, I mostly avoid going to any place in mountains near the river in monsoons as most rivers flow above danger mark and can cause hassles at any day in monsoons. I will better suggest some high place in mountains and keep Tirthan Valley when rains reside so that you can enjoy it as well.

  18. Arjun Gandhi on

    Hi Dheeraj,
    I am planing a trip with my friends in Mid-August
    Do you think it will be a good time to visit Tirthan considering the monsoons ?

    • Arjun, I personally, in general avoid going to places with rivers near by in monsoons. Most rivers are in spate during monsoons time and flow above danger marks. This year monsoon is less but still I will suggest that you check with a hotel/guest house in Tirthan who will be able to better guide on the ground reality.

      • Arjun Gandhi on

        Thanks a ton Dheeraj, but can you also suggest some higher altitude places near Tirthan where we can plan our stay and travel easily to Tirthan as we’ll be having bikes on us.

        • Hmm, in that case travel to Jalori Pass, Shoja from Narkanda side. Then, try to visit Tirthan from there (less than a couple of hrs drive) and then decide if there is no rains in those days may be stay in Tirthan only. Still, make a call considering the weather conditions in hills.

  19. Hi Dheeraj,

    We plan to go to Tirthan valley around 29th Jul for 3-4 days. Just need time off from routine. We have 3 yrs. old daughter. Hope it will not be too hectic for her. Is it ok to go during this time? And hopefully we will not get caught into heavy rains/bad weather. Kindly suggest if we need to replan this trip for some other time.

    Thanks a lot,

    • Just check the weather conditions during that time. Actually tirthan is all along the river, so in case of bad weather river will be flowing in spate !! So, you should travel to some high up place in monsoons where at least river is not around.

  20. Planning to drive from delhi in aug
    1. How are the roads and traffic ?
    2. How much time will it take ? Can it be done in one day without exhausting too much ?
    3. Is the car parking you mentioned. In the article safe ?

    • 1. Roads and traffic from Swarghat – Bilaspur – Sundernagar is always very heavy and roads are bad for about 15-20 KMs
      2. It takes about 14 Hrs to reach Tirthan from Delhi
      3. Yes very much 🙂

  21. Hello Dheeraj
    Me and my friend,both of us are planning a trip to Tirthan Valley in second week of July.
    Is it the right time to visit the place..or the monsoon has already set in.
    please advice.

    • Yes Shilpa, it will be a OK time to visit Tirthan Valley as mostly rains are delayed now a days. However, if there are rains, well you feel a bit disappointed.

  22. ravneet kaur on

    Hi dheeraj,

    we have booked at himalayan trout house for four days. we have baby of year n three months old with us. could you suggest us some easy trek or birding pockets. (we are avid birders). we cannot take strenous treks as we will be carrying baby also. if there are any motorable places for birding that would b great. later, we are staying at kasol for few days. again, if there are any suggestions for points or pockets that could b explored do tell.

  23. Hello Dheeraj,
    I am looking for Bus booking via HPTDC online site but can’t find AUT as destination from DEL. Can you please advise. below are the only available option in HPTDC site.
    > Chandigarh,
    >Manali-Marhi-Rahla Fall-Rohtang Pass-back
    >Manali-Nehru Kund-Solang-sow Point-Back
    >Manali-Vaishno Devi Temple-Kullu-Manikaran-back
    >Shimla-Kufri-Chini Bungalow-Chail-back
    >Shimla-Kufri-Fagu-Chini Banglow-Naldehra-back

    Thank you.

  24. sanjay sharma on

    hi deeraj

    I planed to visit Tirthan Valley, Himachal Pradesh in last week of june, i already booked 3 day stay with raju guest house, can you suggest some near by place to visit during my stay, we have 8 family member (incl my mother aged 70 plus).
    Can i get transport from Raju guest house to visit nearby places
    also suggest how to get Volvo ot other way of transposrt from AUT to delhi .


  25. Can u guide us which place is better for stay between Himalayan trout house and river side resort
    In terms of scenery food n ambience

  26. Hi Dheeraj,

    Thanks for this wonderful website and the guidance you provide to all seeking tips and advice!

    I request your help in planning an itinerary for my family vacation. We are a family of 5, 3 adults (Couple plus mom who is 72) and 2 kids (15 and 6). We are traveling from Mumbai and would like to set a trip of 8 days in HP. Since I am on a budget tour we are doing Mum-Del by train and will be staying overnight in Delhi so that we are ready to start early morning from Delhi next day.

    I have following options in mind

    1. Delhi- Shimla / some place around Shimla . Stay and visit places within radius of 40-50 kms
    2. Delhi – Tirthan. Stay and visit places nearby

    The idea is to not travel too much as we have our Mom with us. we just want to stay at 1 place and visit off-beat attractions nearby. We are okay to just laze by a river with views of the Himalayas, walk in the woods , camp for a night and in general enjoy nature.

    Please recommend an itinerary for either of the destination options above. also is it a good idea to hire private car for journey from Delhi or Volvos are better and safer? Also is it better to travel from delhi to destination overnight or during the day?

    Thanks in advance

    • You should hire a local taxi odrop or pickup from Aut where volvo can drop you. This will be convenient as well as easy on pocket for 5 days holding a taxi just for nothing. Itinerary for 5 day has been mentioned in the article, you can add the rest days in between

  27. Hi Dheeraj,

    Could you please suggest some budget homestay in Tirthan Valley? I had called up Raju’s cottage but they are charging high (1800/- per head)

    My itinerary is like – Shimla(1N) – Manali (2N) – Tirthan valley(1N) – Chandigarh.

    Which one will be best Shoja OR Banjar ?



      • Thanks Dheeraj,

        Could you please let me know should I get any bus from here to Chandigarh/Kalka. ?

        I am looking for a place that give beautiful mountain view and river as well. So which one will be good, Banjar, Shoja or Jibhi?



        • Yes, you should be able to get bus to Chandigarh as well as Shimla/Kalka, may be connecting buses they might be. Shoja does not have river access, you may try Jibhi and Banjar is a town.

  28. Hi Dheeraj,

    Leaving for Trithan valley this Saturday for a week and need a quick guidance, we will be travelling by volvo till Aut and then local taxis/ hitch hiking the entire trip. As of now we plan to spend 3 full days in Trithan and then go to Jalori pass and do the lake trek. (is it possible to camp overnight at the lake or we need to come down to Jalori pass for overnight halt). Also we intend to do camping at Parashar lake.

    Beside these locations can you suggest some very off beat places that we can built in the itinerary. Have no intention of going anywhere remotely close to Shimla, also a no no to narkanda chail kasauli mashobra kufri etc. Can Malana Tosh be included in it, i know it is in another direction from Jalori? Any other destination which is travelers paradise?

    Thanks in advance

  29. Dheeraj Agrawal on

    Hi Dheeraj Kalra Sir, Thanks a lot for writing this guide, very informative ! Can you please help us on following points:

    We 5 people from a hired cab are leaving from Delhi for Tirthan valley on 24th Feb evening and expect to reach tirthan around 11am on 25th Feb. Will stay on 25th in Tirthan

    Q1. Which trek can we do on 26th Feb ? I heard there would be snow around this time so trek wont be possible.
    Q2. After reaching above (from the trek you suggest), we want to stay on the top for a night. Any suggestions for that ? We heard because of snow, there will not be any water available. Do people do trek in feb ? Is it safe ?

    We want to come back to Delhi by 28th evening.

    Thanks in advance Dheeraj !


    • Hello Dheeraj

      1. Best is that you relax in Tirthan or may be hike to Waterfall. I am not sure how uch you are into trekking but you can surely do lower day trek in Great Himalayan National Park. Snow will be in upper reaches

      2. Staying overnight will not be possible or recommended in this weather unless you have experience of camping in cold conditions. Also, wild animals come down too in winters from high altitude to find food, so that is a risk too. People do not undertake long treks usually in winters unless they are well quipped and experienced with it.

      Dheeraj Sharma

      • Dheeraj Agrawal on

        Highly appreciate such quick reply Dheeraj sir !
        We are very very less into trekking, so your suggestion well noted. We won’t take long treks but do some lower day trek in Great Himalayan National Park only. Can you suggest some or we can ask from locals there in tirthan ?

        Or do you suggest if we should try going to Kasol (or some other place you suggest) on one of the day and directly come back from there to Delhi ?

        We all are under age group 24 to 29.


        • Dheeraj, you can ask the locals once reaching there. Take a local with you, a guide or just a villager in Goshaini village will do for you. Both have equally good beauty Parvati Valley as well as Tirthan Valley. You will not go wrong with any of them.

  30. Hi Dheeraj,

    Would you advice to head for Tirthan in December?

    I am looking for a lone trip for around 10-15 days at peaceful places (not tourist destinations) in Himachal. Please advice.


    • Hi Kshitij,

      In case you do not mind cold conditions and basic food, I will suggest you spend that many days in Kinnaur Valley at Kalpa and Reckong Peo region along with Sarahan some days. If you wish to stay at Tirthan Valley and Barot that will be good options too with a split for 6-7 days at each of the place.

  31. K B Choudhury on

    We have been to Thirthan Valley on this Diwali weekend.
    Started at 04:00 hrs from Sector 61, Noida, and reached Nagni, Tirthan at 16:00 hrs. including two halts at
    Roopnagar ( 08:30 hrs) for breakfast and lunch at Sunder Nagar (13:30 hrs).
    Due to very next day of Diwali, very less traffic through out the journey, even in most notorious Bilaspur route.
    Road conditions very good, only around 10 KM stretch before Sunder Nagar is bed but manageable.
    Stayed at Khem Bharti Home stay (Hotel Trout Valley), Nagni. Because of off season got 10% discount.
    Returned via Jeori Pass. 10 KM before and after the pass not good as usual. Night halt at Narkanda.
    journey from Narkanda to Karnal was smooth on 15th Nov.15, after Karnal faced very heavy traffic & rush driving.

    • Thank you for the update KB ji. Can you please share some info. on Khem Bharti Home stay. How was it, numbers and the price you paid? Any photos you would like to share?

      • K B Choudhury on

        Hello Dheeraj Ji,
        Thanks for comments.
        Khem Bharti Homestay is run by Mr. & Mrs. Khem Bharti. The location is 100 meter before Mr. Christopher’s Himalayan Trout House. Vehicle parking can be managed on the road side. He has total six double bedded rooms with attached bathroom. Two rooms at top floor are newly constructed and we stayed in one of that room. Rooms are very well maintained, very neat and clean, using solar panel for water heating. Tariff for rooms at top floor is Rs. 3500/- per day and these includes Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner. We were two adults with 11yrs old daughter. Hospitality of Mr. & Mrs. Khem Bharti was top class. Provided all sorts of help like hot water bag, room heater, Apricot oil for joint pain etc. Mrs. Khem Bharti was very friendly with my wife & were gossiping for long time after dinner. First day dinner they served us lamb meat and on second day Trout fish without additional money. We paid Rs. 6000/- for two days with 10% discount. He did not charge for extra person.

        Mr. Khem Bharti can be reached at +919459101113

        With my personal experience, I highly recommend Hotel Trout Valley / Khem Bharti Homestay, Nagni at Tirthan Valley.

  32. If we plan to choose bus as the means of transport. How do we get back to Delhi from Tirthan? What time bus runs from tirthan/aut, which bus service and from which location?

    • Also do we have bus services available at night around 10 from Delhi? and which service if so?
      Thanks in advance.

      • I think only standard buses will be available only around that time because last Manali – Delhi volvo will be around 8-9 only. Check HPTDC or HRTC Websites only.

    • Shruti, you can catch the volvo from Bhuntar. Volvo runs between Manali – Delhi and from Tirthan you can either get a shared jeep, bus or private taxi to reach to Bhuntar or Aut tunnel entrance and tell the Manali – Delhi volvo guys your pickup point. You will get the service from there.

  33. Pranay Mohapatra on

    Hello Sir,
    We are planning a weekend trip to Gushaini on the 29th of October. We plan to start by 1 pm from Delhi and reach by 8-9pm in the night. Next day morning we want to go to jalori pass and trek to sirloskar lake. On 31st we just plan to chill and drive to the nearby places or maybe do some fishing. Is this plan a good one? Please advise on this. We really want to see sirloskar lake and jalori pass and also stay at Raju Cottage.

      • Pranay Mohapatra on

        Sir we have 2.5 days. We have to reach Delhi by Sunday morning

        • Pranay, you can take overnight volvo to reach Aut in morning and then a taxi to reach Tirthan, spend a day there and then take overnight volvo next evening to reach back to Delhi in monring.

        • Pranay Mohapatra on

          Sir one last question, where are some good camp sites in Tirthan? we are thinking of taking our own tents.

        • Pranay, you might not get the open camp site in Tirthan. However, you can ask couple of home stays or guest houses that they allow you to pitch the camps in their grasslands or farms. It will give you a sense of security as well. In the last you can pay a little tip to them and that shall be all.

  34. Lakshay Kalra on

    Hello Dheeraj Sir!
    Very impressed by this article.
    My friends and me are planning to go to Trithan Valley for a weekend.
    We will be setting off on Thursday and want to return back till Sunday night or Monday Morning.
    Can you please suggest us a good itinerary for the same? A bit of trekking included in this would be so delightful. Is it possible to?

    • Thank you Lakshay. You should just reach Tirthan Valley, spend the days you have in hand up there exploring waterfall or a short hike in Great Himalayan National Park. Then come back home.

  35. Pradeep Jain on

    Hai Dheeraj
    I ,my wife & 2 children are planning to see snow fall from 24 to 28 Dec.15 .Plz guide us about places.

  36. Ankur Gulati on

    Dear Dheeraj,

    Thanks for such an informative blog and the proposed itinerary.
    I (with my wife) planning a trip to Tirthan valley this september end. Taken a week off, so have 9 days at hand. We will be self driving to Tirthan and on the way back I am thinking of the route through Narkanda, as you suggested. But since we have more days at hand we are thinking of taking a stop in both journeys.

    Can you suggest an itinerary we should follow (from Delhi)? Basically which are the right places to stay on the way. And what all we can cover in that region.
    We are planning to take “Shilt Hut” trek (for 3 days) there.


    • Hi Ankur,

      I will suggest that you follow below plan in such a case:

      Day 1 | Reach Tirthan Valley
      Day 2 | Relax in tirthan Valley for the whole day besides tirthan river
      Day 3, 4, 5 | Do the trek
      Day 6 | Tirthan Valley – Shoja – Jalori Pass, spend a day there may be in camps at Jalori
      Day 7 | Jalori Pass – Narkanda. Do Hatu Peak for some good views
      Day 8 | Narkanda – Shimla/Chail
      Day 9 | back home

      • Ankur Gulati on

        Hi Dheeraj,

        Thanks a lot for the suggestion and the itinerary. Please let me know what you think about some variations below in the itinerary. The 2 main reasons for the change are:
        1. I am not sure it would be comfortable to drive straight to Tirthan, without stop.
        2. We have already visited Narkanda (Hatu peak) and Chail some time back, so not very much interested in repeating those places.

        What do you think if we make below changes.
        Day 1 | New Delhi to Mandi (or some place near)
        Day 2 | Mandi to Prashar Lake, post lunch drive to Tirthan Valley
        Day 3 | Relax in tirthan Valley for the whole day besides tirthan river
        Day 4, 5, 6 | Do the trek
        Day 7 | Tirthan Valley – Shoja – Jalori Pass, spend a day there may be in camps at Jalori
        Day 8 | Jalori Pass – Narkanda OR some other place on the way
        Day 9 | back home


        • Hi Ankur,

          Looks good to me. You can actually drive to Chail or Shimla from Jalori as Narkanda will be to close to Jalori without much to do as you have already visited the place before.

  37. Dear Dheeraj,

    I am planning to visit Jibhi on 19th Sept from Shimla with my wife and 7 year old son. I will hire a car from Shimla and visit Jibhi (stay at Dev Conifer) and move to Naggar and Manali on 20th Sept. I hope the road at Jalori pass can be travelled in a small car. Please let me know your thoughts.



    • Yes Ajit, since you will be hiring a local taxi, it shall be fine to travel even in small car as these guys know how to drive over that terrain. Just confirm if the driver has done the Jalori Pass or not in past.

      • maverickmango on

        Dear Dheeraj,

        Thanks, drivers name is gopal singh Thakur from Shimla. Spoke to him and he confirmed he has driven the jibhi-jalori pass terrain before.


        • Good to know that Ajit, go ahead in that case 🙂 … You can update his number in the thread in community in case you like his services.

  38. hi dheeraj, my kids want to play in snow
    plz suggest some place anywhere in India
    my dates are 2 December to 9 December

  39. Pingback: Top 12 Must Visit Offbeat Places in Himachal Near Delhi

  40. Hi Dheeraj,

    Do you traveling in July mid is appropriate to this location. We do not want to drive and would prefer taking a bus. Any other similar places apt to travel in July mid considering it would be the rainy season. Also could you suggest some hotels.

    • Aishwarya, it will be much better that you plan a trip to some high place, something like Shoja which is near to Tirthan Valley or may be Chindi near Karsog. Since it will be rainy, the rivers will be swollen so chances are you might not enjoy the serenity. So, better make a trip to Shoja or Chindi in monsoons. In case it is not raining during the days of your visit, you can easily go down to Tirthan Valley and stay for couple of days in such a case.

      • Hey Dheeraj

        What is the best place to visit in last week of October.Trithan vally or Munshyari
        We are planning for a road trip by car , we have 5 days.
        Please suggest. Where we can get snow caped peaks ?


  41. Dear Dheeraj
    How is road condition from Shimla to Gurshaini
    Can I drive in I-20

    • YEs, Shimla – Jalori Pass – Gushaini will be fine to travel now though due to steep gradient at Jalori Pass, it will be a bit adventurous 🙂

  42. Dear Dheeraj,

    First of all thanks for the above information. It really helped us a lot in planning.

    Now we are thinking to take a bike trip from Shimla to jalori pass to tirthan valley. We are not experts with bikes. so , would u please tell me the road condition of this route and which bike should be preferred for this route. I just want to ensure that we must have a safe journey..

    Thank you in advance

    • Deepesh, the road conditions are fine to Jalori pass but it is steep, so drive carefully and also use gear braking by riding in low gears and never with ignition off bikes. If you use too much brakes there the chances of burning the brake pads are high.

      • dheeraj,
        thank you so much for your answer. would you please tell me the approximate distance of steep road and from where to where is the road steep..??..

        also inform me is there any convenience to go in that steep road or the bike will be fine……??

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