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Top 12 Must Visit Offbeat Places in Himachal Near Delhi

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Nowadays there is so much demand for offbeat places in Himachal near Delhi and many of these already known or talked about in the recent past are running full during vacations.

So, there seems to be a dearth of such offbeat places and I can see that it is leaving many of my friends or relative or readers of DoW blog in cancellation of their vacation or move to some other direction, maybe by flight or extend the leaves. So, in case if the answer to any of the below queries is YES, then this article is for you only.

Are you tired of visiting the same old commercialized, tourist flocked, complete hustle-bustle like Shimla, Manali, Dalhousie, Dharamshala etc? Do you feel like going to some quite, secluded and peaceful place where you can spend quality time with your family, friends and nature? Do you believe in off the beaten track travel and love to explore new or offbeat places near Delhi?

Top 12 Must Visit Offbeat Places in Himachal near Delhi

Top 12 Must Visit Offbeat Places in Himachal near Delhi

Nowadays, every other person who travels frequently is looking out for some quiet, peaceful, less commercialized and non-touristy place in order to spend their valuable vacations in the Himalayas.

Today, in this article we will talk about Himachal Pradesh, which itself offers a variety of such offbeat places but many of them take at least two days to reach from Delhi/NCR. However, I will enlist below my top 12 favorite offbeat places in Himachal Pradesh that can be reached in a day from Delhi/NCR. Having said that, you should be OK with traveling about 12-14 Hrs a day (the usual time for Manali / Dharamshala / Dalhousie).

I have already detailed out 5 places out of these 12 offbeat places in Himachal in my previous article at 5 Must Visit Off-beat Places in Himachal Pradesh. As I said, many of these budding offbeat places in Himachal which we have talked about in the previous article are already running full mostly in season time, it is time to introduce you all to “7 More Must Visit Offbeat Places in Himachal near Delhi” in addition to them. Here they are…

7 More Must Visit Offbeat Places in Himachal near Delhi

1. Prashar Lake

Prashar Lake, which is located about 49 odd KMs north of Mandi at an altitude of 2730 Mtrs, is one of the popular offbeat places in Himachal Pradesh and has a depth unknown to anyone so far. People who know about it just can’t stop going there again and again due to the extreme solitude and peace it offers to you.

However, I only like Prashar Lake in two states, one, when it is surrounded by green colors topped with a varied variety of flowers in the monsoon months of July – August. And, the other state is when the white carpet of snow surrounds this surreal lake and give it a feeling like a jewel-studded & shining midst white gold around it, in the month of January – March.

You can read my travel tales or snow trek to Prashar at the link: Prashar Lake – A Jewel Midst White Gold We Call Snow Prashar Lake, frozen in time

Prashar Lake, offbeat places in Himachal near Delhi

2. Bir – Billing

I have talked quite a lot about Barot (read my Barot Travel Guide) in my previous article of offbeat places in Himachal Pradesh. Just about 70 odd KMs from Barot, there lies India’s favorite destination for Paragliding by the name of Bir – Billing.

While Bir is more of a conventional Buddhist/Tibetan town having quite nice monasteries and a stupa, while 14 KMs north of Bir lies Billing which is the hotspot of paragliding in India.

The stay options are available at Chowgan village. Best time to visit Bir – Billing is from April – May or September to mid of November. You may not be aware but it is true that Bir – Billing hosted the Paragliding World Cup by the Paragliding World Cup Association, France in 2015 🙂 🙂 …

Bir - Billing, an aerial view...
Bir – Billing, an aerial view (Tarun Goel – Picture Credit)

3. Kasol – Malana – Tosh – Kheerganga

Let’s talk about a couple of beautiful hamlets of Himachal Pradesh, Kasol. Kasol, 75kms away from Manali and about 34 KMs from Bhunter, lies in the Parvati Valley of Himachal Pradesh, nestled between Pin Parvati ranges on one side and the mighty Beas river on the other.

Parvati river, a tributary to Beas, also passes through Kasol town. For years we have learnt that Kasol is a mini Israel for its cannabis production and foreigner settlement.

But that is not what Kasol is all about.

A calm little Himalayan town, Kasol gets its unique selling point from towering hills covering this town, the ferocious yet forgiving Parvati river and abundance of multi-cuisine restaurants. On an average day in Kasol, you will find numerous German bakery and cafes serving multi cuisines, shops selling innovative caps, jewellery and tshirts, firangs and hippies strolling about around the streets and much much more.

Apart from Kasol, there are numerous hikes or treks or walks one can undertake from Kasol to reach various tranquil places in around Parvati Valley.

You can go up to Tosh village, where a bumpy yet motorable road goes. Tosh offers some really majestic views in Parvati Valley. Then there is a 3-4 Hrs trek to Kheerganga running through quaint villages of Kalga – Pulga having a hot spring up there. It is one of the most favorite spots for most people traveling to Kasol.

Finally, there is a tabooed village of Malana which is quite an unusual yet very picturesque hamlet having its one unique culture, laws/rules which amuses many people to visit this place. All these places are nearby Kasol only and you can club a 3-4 day trip to visit these places or make these villages as a base to explore the rest of them around.

Kasol - Parvati Valley, an amazing view

4. Naggar Castle – Jagatsukh

Naggar Village, about 22 KMs away from Manali, is a quiet little village to enjoy peace and calmness of the Himalayas in Himachal. I have always believed that staying at Naggar Palace, a premium heritage hotel, run by HPTDC is one of the most romantic experiences of Himachal with some amazingly beautiful views on offer from its front row rooms and balcony based restaurant.

Best will be that you book rooms in the first row offering valley view. On a relaxing day, you can hike to Old Krishna Temple, visit Shiv Temple or Roerich Art Gallery and Museum at Naggar. As soon as you reach bus stand (I feel it was a bust stand :)) of Naggar just lift your eyes upwards and you can get the glimpse of a castle-like structure made of wood and rocks at a cliff point. It’s approx. 800 Mtrs from the bus stand. You can read all about it at the link Naggar Castle

On the way to Naggar from Manali, there comes another quiet, calm and small village by the name Jagatsukh. There is a well-known temple there as “Gayatri Temple” which is known to be one of the oldest temples of all time with relevance to “Mahabharata”. Nowadays Jagatsukh is also gaining quite popularity in terms of staying away from the hustle bustle of the Manali town at a peaceful location. The valley view from Naggar Castle

The valley view from Naggar Castle

Gayatri temple at Jagatsukh

Gayatri temple at Jagatsukh

5. Jibhi – Shringipur – Shoja – Jalori Pass

We have already talked much about Tirthan Valley (read Tirthan Valley travel guide) in the last article of offbeat places in Himachal Pradesh. However, if you move from Tirthan Valley or Gushaini towards Banjar and takes the road to Jalori Pass, you will come across some more peaceful yet not so known villages for a stay in Himachal by the names Jibhi, Ghiyaji / Shringipur / Shringi Vatika, Shoja and Jalori Pass.

In order to beat the crowd and have a tranquil time with your loved ones, staying at any of these villages will not disappoint you a bit. All these places now have small guest houses or home stays run by mostly local families where you can enjoy besides the flowing waters of tributary to Tirthan river especially at Shringi Vatika and enjoy local cuisines while living in complete calmness.

Shringi Vatika is basically a homestay/guest house run by an old couple which now they call it Shringipur. HPTDC have put up camps right at Jalori Pass in complete solitude with no one to be spotted around apart from majestic valley views and that makes it a perfect place to live away from civilization yet very close to it 🙂 🙂 Shringi Vatika

Shringi Vatika
Shringi Vatika
On top of clouds at Jalori Pass
On top of clouds at Jalori Pass

6. Rajgarh – Nohradhar – Haripurdhar

Located in Sirmaur district of Himachal Pradesh, Rajgarh – Nohradhar – Haripurdhar are one of the most unknown and real offbeat places where you can really enjoy in complete peace, away from any kind of hustle bustle.

Only a handful of people know about it and one can enjoy the drive of about 11-12 hrs from Delhi ahead of Solan to reach up there and witness pure serenity around the place. These places lie on one of the well-known treks by the name Churdhar Trek. You can read the entire travel tale in DoW Community at the link Trip to Rajgarh (Sirmour)

7. Chamba – Bharmour – Hadsar – Bairagarh

Many tourists visit Dalhousie – Khajjiar every year and some of them make a day trip to Chamba as well. However, the entire region ahead of Dalhousie – Banikhet is very untouched and quite less explored apart from the days of Manimahesh Yatra.

There are plenty of options of peaceful places in entire Bharmour Valley ranging from Chamba to Bairagarh, the base of Sach Pass or entrance to Pangi Valley. The places around Bharmour which only remain rushed during the days of Manimahesh yatra but rest of the season mostly have fewer tourist footfalls.

However, you can always visit these places to enjoy a quiet holiday with your loved ones or family without much outside disturbance and rather make a day trip to tourist places of Dalhousie – Khajjiar from these places in order to have a balance of touristy plus offbeat experience. A beautiful view in Bharmour

A beautiful view in Bharmour
A rainy day on the way to Banikhet
A rainy day on the way to Banikhet
A rainy day on the way to Banikhet


All these offbeat places in Himachal near Delhi/NCR can be traveled in a day and you can enjoy a complete vacation of 3 to 4 days at any of these places in a relaxed manner over an extended weekend. In case of any questions, you can always leave a comment below under this article or open a thread in Itinerary Advice section of DoW community to sort out an itinerary and other details to travel to these lovely off the beaten track places in Himachal Pradesh.

So, after going through the complete list of these offbeat places in Himachal, which one will you place in your bucket list? Any other offbeat place in Himachal you know about? Please share your thoughts, reviews, suggestions and experiences too, if possible. I would be looking forward to them and till then Happy Traveling…

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  1. sonali merchant on

    We have to use free seven days in club mahindra we are nature lover we would like to go to dharamsala and macklocgang how can I plan my trip is any offbeat places come I Will be coming front Ahmedabad
    We are flexible you can suggest any Himachal Pradesh destination we are planning to go in October how can we reach I
    How is the train rote is it very sinic is it India one of the best route can we make dharmsala base can travel some off beat places please guide me

    • If you make Dharamshala as base, you can make trips to Mcleod Ganj, from there to Triund further. Then, Palampur, Bir, Billing are also can be done and so as Chamba, Khajjiar and Dalhousie.

  2. Hi Dheeraj,

    We want to plan a family trip to Himachal offbeat places where we can find a decent accommodation and from where day (6-7 hours) treks can be taken . The entire trip duration would be 4-5 days and we will leave from Delhi. Could you help with possible such locations?

  3. Arvind Madan on

    Hi Dheeraj, reading write up about your trips. Very detailed and nice. I travel quite often by road and am now planning to go to Chakrata in the sept or may be 1st week of Oct. I am planning to go via Ponta Sahib. Please let me know about a decent hotel in Chakrata and about the places around to visit. I am sure your inputs will be of great help as you seem to be an avid traveller.
    God bless you.

  4. Hi…can you please help us plan an iteneary for 2-3 places in himachal for a 7 day vacation to some quiet places with least travelling keeping in mind we have old people too travelling with us.

    • Hi Anita,

      Will it be fine to travel in one go, rest for a while and travel back again in one go for around 10-12 hrs drive on first and last day?

      If yes, you may try, Day 1 travel to Tirthan Valley and spend next 2-3 days relaxing up there. Then move to Barot and relax rest of the time there and finally come back to Delhi. Otherwise you can also plan a 4-5 day trip to Chindi and Karsog Valley as well.

  5. Hi,

    I have been to tirthan valley with my friends. I absolutely loved the place. This time I want to travel towards jalori paas. But the problem is this time I will be traveling with my mom who is not very fond of trekking (age being one of the reasons). However, she loves the photos of the place and wants to go there.

    So here is my question: Can she enjoy the scenic beauty of these places Jibhi – Shringipur – Shoja – Jalori Pass without having to walk too much? Also, is it possible to book a cab/taxi from Delhi to these destinations?

    • Yes Jyoti, the places are accessible by road only, so you can definitely travel by road to all these places in Himachal. You can book cab/taxi to these places, but I will recommend to travel by Volvo to Aut and arrange a pickup by guest house / hotel guy from Aut tunnel to these places. Or you can travel to Shimla as well by Volvo, then take a taxi from there and travel to Narkanda/Chindi for a night stay. Next morning leave Narkanda/Chindi to go over to these places for few days and either return back the same route OR go towards Aut for catching up the Manali – Delhi Volvo.

      You can get connected directly to some drivers in Himachal or Spiti Valley or Kinnaur Valley at the link: List of Taxi Drivers for Spiti Valley & Kinnaur Valley. These drivers can come and pick you up from Manali / Shimla / Delhi / Chandigarh too, of course with a price of pickup as well.

      The rates of the taxis are about Rs 3000-3500 per day depending upon the number of days you plan to travel, more the days, less the price. If you are 2-3 in group, you can opt for sedan taxi cars as well which charges around Rs 2200 per day.

      Otherwise, taxis in general are also available on the spot from Shimla or Manali from respective taxi stands

      • So I have one last question. Is it possible to do a trip where we stay two days in Manali and two days covering Jibhi – Shringipur – Shoja – Jalori Pass. Or is it too less? Someone told me that it’s no point going to Manali if you don’t visit Salong Valley and Rohtang paas.

  6. Priyadarshini sridhar on

    Need some suggestions from my travel plans to Himachal. Though have currently planned on Dharamshala and Manali, would like to explore off beat places around.

    First of all, me and other female friends are planning to on this trip to himachal pradesh… We are looking to experience the nature’s best nothing commercial.

    We are planning our trip in April. Please let me know if its the right time to visit Dharamshala, or Manali?

    Though it is a five day trip, Taking flight from Blore to Chandigarh and back from the same place, we effectively have just 3 full days to explore these two places. Please suggest that if it’s a good idea to have two places in itinerary or one of these two. If so, please do tell us which place will be better for 3-4 days trip Dharamshala or manali?

    Also please tell us some safe place to stay.

    Awaiting reply.

    Thanks in advance

  7. Hey I bet if you know this place, one more unknown offbeat and budget frineldy place for naure lovers you can add, Thachi VAlley Trek,

  8. Dheeraj ji

    I Am planning for 4 days trip 25-28 june for Dalhousie , khajjar, chamba and nearby places with my wife and 4 year son. From delhi to pathankot i am planning to go through train.

    Please suggest me about hotel and taxi service at there. If any contact ply help..

    • Sonu, I am sorry do not have any contact details there. Also, everytime we visited have booked on the spot these hotels. Mini Swiss or HPTDC are best bet I will say in Khajjiar. You can stay in Khajjiar and then roam around places from there only.

  9. Nidhi Sharma on

    I wish to know road condition of jagatsukh himachal as am wishing to drive from Delhi to jagatsukh in this week in my quarto car. We have travelled a lot like badhiya th, saran. Pls advice it’s going to be family trip

  10. In which part of Shimla – Manali – Tirthan valley snow may be available in 2nd week of October.



  11. Can u kindly tell me that which hill station would not be that cold (with min temp above 5 ) at around Jan 16-17 ?

  12. Dev Mehta on

    Dheeraj ji, u r the best… Your website and blogs and articles such as this one have provided a treasure trove of information to help us plan this journey. Keep up the fantastic work… thank u v v v much

  13. SimranSial on

    Thanks for shear Story of Himachal, I like this blog and i have read this article,it is very nice Himachal near Delhi.
    and nice pictures, awesome click.

  14. Is September last week an ideal time to visit Manali? Also can we do it in 5 days – start to finish – from delhi by own car?

    Also, much appreciate for igniting the traveller soul by these beautiful pieces of writing – based on your real experience. Keep’em coming!

  15. Enjoyed this article and looking forward to my visit to the area in October. Your website and blogs and articles such as this one have provided a treasure trove of information to help me plan this journey. Keep up the fantastic work.

    • Thank you so very much, glad that it helped you Terence. Feel free to post any queries or doubts you have regarding planning your trip to these parts of Himalayas

  16. Excellent compilation. I have been to Bir-Billing and seen para-gliders practicing for international para-gliders competition held there, two years back.

  17. sir
    I am planning to go simla & manali in dec with family .I have to date 17 dec &29 dec which time is good to see snow fall & for visit this places.pls tell on which date i go simla & manali

  18. Dude
    First- thanks for putting the list in place, it’s useful while planning a trip to HP.
    Second- what got me thinking was, Chamba bharmou bairagarh for a 3-4 day trip is practically not do-able about 700km a side from delhi it needs at least 5-7 days 4 to travel and 3 for leisure

    • Amit, I will partially agree with you here. Why partial, because we did Delhi – Bairagarh at quite an easy pace and it took about 14-15 Hrs to reach from Delhi. Chamba – Delhi is quite doable too when we compare with other destinations like Delhi – Manali or Delhi Dharamshala. Most of roads are in plains upto Pathankot and then further up as well, so you maintain good speed. Once the mountains starts there isn’t much. But, yes I do agree against all others this will be a bit taxing on the days of returns and travel by an hour or so. Still, I will update it as a precautionary warning for first two days of travel 🙂 🙂 … Thanks for putting it up.

  19. khushbu rege on

    This is superb list. Just what I was looking for. Since most of these places do not have a effective mode of public transport I would like to know how do you generally travel places.

    • I, in general, drive to these places. BTW, which place do you talk about which do not have public transport.

      1. Prashar Lake – Connected by bus from Mandi
      2. Bir-Billing – Connected by bus and shared taxis
      3. Kasol – Again connected by bus and there after shared taxis
      4. Naggar – Jagatsuck – Again connected by buses as well as HPTDC buses too from Manali
      5. Shoja – Jalori Pass – again connected by buses too. Shimla – Kullu bus also runs on this route when Jalori Pass is open
      6. Rajgarh too has connectivity from Solan
      7. Chamba – Bharmour too has loads of buses running

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