Delhi – Kinnaur – Spiti Valley Road Conditions 2013

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I am just back from an OK OK road trip of Spiti Valley or to be precise more of Hindustan – Tibet Highway or commonly known NH-22 (National Highway – 22) which concluded with 14 Hr struggle with HRTC buses but definitely an experience to relish. The highway runs through some of the beautiful places well known as Shimla, Narkanda, Kufri, Kinnaur, Tabo etc. Though the experience was fine and enriching as being off season I was able to get insights of local life more closely and was able to spend more time with them. However, I wanted to reach Kunzum which I could not due to snow clearance operations still far away from the Kunzum Pass top. I went ahead upto Takcha, yak grazing grounds but from there Kunzum was still 12 KMs odd and it takes real effort to trek such distance with less acclimatized body. The other disappointment was not being able to reach Komik, Hikkim, Langza which was the main attraction of the trip. The car just could not got any traction in deep slush present on the roads. We tried everything sand, stones, pushes, back-forth etc. BUT LUCK WAS AWAY SOMEWHERE on this trip, perhaps the reason that I was not with my wheels 😉 …

Delhi – Kinnaur – Spiti Valley Road Conditions
Delhi - Kinnaur - Spiti Valley Road Conditions

Well, one article is short to explain the entire experience, so travel tale will follow soon but I can share the present road conditions for all those who are planning a trip to Spiti Valley in 2013 and for others, it may also act as reference of entire route between Delhi and Kaza, Spiti Valley. A detailed trip report/trip log and Travel Guide will soon follow up.

Some updates on Delhi – Kinnaur – Spiti Valley Road Conditions:
  • Delhi – Kalka By Pass – Shimla = Good + Excellent
  • Shimla – Theog – Narkanda = Good
  • Narkanda – Rampur – Jeori = Good
  • Jeori – Bhawanagar = Average
  • Bhawanagar – Tapri – Powari = Poor + Very Poor
  • Powari – Jangi = Very Poor + Poor
  • Jangi – Spillow = Good
  • Spillow – Dubling = Poor
  • Dubling – Khab diversion = Good + Very Poor
  • Khab diversion – Nako – Geyu diversion = Good + Excellent
  • Geyu Diversion – Tabo = Poor + Average + Good
  • Tabo – Attargoo = Poor + Average
  • Attargoo – Kaza = Good
  • Kaza = Good
  • Kaza – Losar = Good + Average
  • Losar – Takcha Ground – Kunzum Pass = Average
  • Hikkim – Komik – Langza = Poor + Average + Very Poor
Delhi – Kinnaur – Spiti Valley Road Conditions
Delhi - Kinnaur - Spiti Valley Road Conditions
Delhi – Kinnaur – Spiti Valley Road Conditions
Delhi - Kinnaur - Spiti Valley Road Conditions
Delhi – Kinnaur – Spiti Valley Road Conditions
Delhi - Kinnaur - Spiti Valley Road Conditions
Delhi – Kinnaur – Spiti Valley Road Conditions
Delhi - Kinnaur - Spiti Valley Road Conditions

I hope it will be useful for someone who is planning a trip in near future. Please feel free to ask any queries/doubts you have and I would be happy to revert back.

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  2. Khwaja Hashmi on

    can anyone suggest best time to go to spiti valley and Can Polo TDi 1.2 L make it???

  3. Kashish Arora on

    hi dheeraj…i found your blog very useful in past recent years. me and my 3 other friends are planning for a trip to kaza in my swift from 13 august till 18 august. leaving from Delhi on 13 by 4AM and returning Delhi on 18 morning by 10AM.

    Is it doable during that period with my swift??
    If not, then can you suggest some other scenic road trip for the same period??

    Thanks in advance. 🙂

    • Kashish, 6 days are quite short for a spiti trip, mostly it will be hectic but doable. Youare going in peak monsoon, it will be very difficult with slush on roads and water crossings and small car.

      • Kashish Arora on

        thanx bro for ur suggestion.

        can you suggest any other nearby location for those days..??

  4. Hey, I’m also a avid traveller and I do mostly bike rides. I’ve done many rides down south and also till delhi, but this time I’m
    Planning to do a half india ride. Will be starting from Hyderabad to Amritsar via Mumbai, Kutch, Jaisalmer, Bikaner. After Amritsar I wanna do
    1. Dalhousie 2. McLeodgunj 3. Kaza 4.shimla n then down delhi. Can’t do more cuz of less number of days(and I’ve to go back to hyd via other places)
    Want your help in knowing how do I plan the road trip on these places. Do the kaza Shimla roads are good bad or they closed during any particular season.
    I’m planning in end of Jan say around 28th Jan will be there mostly.
    Thanks much in advance. Your posts are very inspiring.

  5. Abhiroop Datta on

    I am planning to visit spiti valley via shimla. could you please suggest how to plan my trip and how to go about and if the roads are open in another week. I am planning to visit in a couple of days. maybe around 7th or 8th of june. Please reply asap.

  6. Hi Dheeraj,

    Thanks for this amazing platform to share travel experiences. I had questions, it would be great if you can help clear them:
    1. I have a break from 28th May until 4th June, and was planning a trip from Delhi>Shimla>Rampur/Sarahan>Kalpa>Khab(Stretch?)>Kaza(Over Stretch??). Can you guide me in terms of travel time it’ll take me for this route, and if it is feasible in the time I have?
    2. Any other routes that you would suggest for a 7 day break?

    Thank you

    • Abhi, it is just 7 Days and it will be quite hectic to plan Kaza / Spiti in 7 days alas you plan to travel or be just on the raod. I will suggest to focus relaxed manner on Kinnaur Valley to enjoy the trip

      Day 1 | Delhi – Shimla – Narkanda
      Day 2 | Narkanda – Sangla Valley
      Day 3 | Sangla – Chitkul / Sangla
      Day 4 | Chitkul / Sangla – Kalpa
      Day 5 | Kalpa – Sarahan
      Day 6 | Sarahan – Chail/Shimla
      Day 7 | Chail/Shimla – Delhi

  7. surinder kapoor on

    We r planning to visit kinnaur in june ,2015
    Plz guide is it safe to drive kinnaur and kaza on my Ritz maruti suzuki? Earlier i have experience of reaching rohtang paas on maruti 800..thanks

    • Surinder ji, Ritz will surely face challenges in Kinnaur and Spiti Valley and you should be ready to sacrifice some bruises in the under belly at times and yeah there are no roads in entire kinnaur to spiti, mostly bad or very bad roads. So, take that call in case you love your car more than adventure.

  8. Hi Dheeraj! I’m planning for a trip from Delhi to Kaza via Sangla and Shimla then further to Manali through Kunzum Pass then back to Delhi through Mandi. We have one i20 and one Bolero at our disposal. Will we be able to make it, as of now? Is i20 the right option? And thanks for your detailed travelogue!

    • i20 will find it quite tough especialy beyond Losar towards Kunzum Pass and then further to Gramphu. It wil get bruised and if the water crosings are nasty then you wil find it tough to cros over them in i20. Bolero shal be fine though.

      • Thanks for the prompt reply brother! And sorry for bothering once more! How about we take a Traveller (The Mini Bus type Tempo stuff)? We are two families traveling together! And will the Kunzum Pass be open now? Coz we are planning the trip from May 23. As its closed as of now, is their any place else to visit on our way back through any other route? Thanks in Advance man!

        • Shekhar, Tempo Traveler shall be fine to travel. Kunzum Pass might be open but the road from Kunzum Pass to Manali will not be open for sure.

      • hello dheeraj, thanks 4 ur reply. is it safe to go to kaza keeping in view the ongoing natural disasters in nepal i.e. earthquakes. can it lead to any problem whatsoever anyhow.

      • Spandan Agrawal on

        Hi Dheeraj,
        I am planning to go to kaza in June will a car like Eon would do. I have been to Rohtang by Eon…….i was fine with that route.

  9. Hi there, I see you guys helping a lot. Such selfless people you are. I really really appreciate.
    Please suggest me about my trip as well..
    I am planning to visit Kaza next month from Delhi. I have 8 days. And I am planning to go by Swift Dzire.
    Do you have any update about the roads which are safe for Dzire. If not by Dzire then what is the next option I can have and aprox. budget for the same.
    Besides this, I wanted to visit Chandartal Lake. I have visited all these places when I was 10 years old (15 years back) so I am there ‘Purani yaadein taza karne’
    Please suggest me the break downs. From Day 1- Delhi to……..?
    And Day 8 – ?……….Delhi
    (Don’t forget Chandartal Lake)

    • Deepak, dzire can do it but it will surely take some toll on it and scratches under the belly. So, opt if you want to love your car or adventure more than it. Unfortunately Chandratal will not be possible unless you have plan to trek and have that many days to accommodate that trek. With 8 days in hand you can just go there, reach rest for couple of days in Kaza and come back.

      Day 1: Delhi – Narkanda
      Day 2: Narkanda – Kalpa
      Day 3: Kalpa – Nako – Nako Lake – Tabo
      Day 4: Tabo – Dhangkar – Dhangkar Lake – Pin Valley – Kaza
      Day 5: Kaza – Ki, Kibber, Komik, Langza – Kaza
      Day 6: Kaza – Tabo – Nako – Sangla / Chitkul (long drive, start early)
      Day 7: Sangla / Chitkul – Sarahan – Narkanda / Shimla / Chail
      Day 8: Narkanda / Shimla / Chail – Delhi

  10. Bro ..hope will reply u my exprnc on 6/7 in case any further info will disturb u again n again…

    Thx thx thx thxx


    • Best wishes for your trip. If possible, try and share your Himalayan experience with us at DoW – Himalayan Travel Community as Photo Tale or Travel Tale Or your reviews of the hotels/guest houses where you stayed or dhabhas/restaurants you ate food on your trip… All this might help others planning the similar trip too 🙂 🙂

      • Rishi nagpal on

        hi dheeraj
        We are planning a road trip self drive on a fortuner 4#2 in june to kinnaur
        How bad is the road
        Is the drive doable without causing damage to the car
        Or should we hire a taxi from rampur

        • Rishi, for a fortuner, the road conditions will not be that bad that it can damage the car unless you drive very careless manner. There will be certainly narrow roads, so I hope you have driven in such road conditions before going over in Kinnaur Valley.

  11. Bro..

    Can u share more details where we can roam n kilometres approx if possible

  12. Bro … U only suggest but it has to be best one … Rest we will try on it


    • Hmm… bhai gonna be hectic but still if possible you can try below:

      Day 0 | Leave by 10 PM and reach Zirakpur, stay there.
      Day 1 | Zirakpur – Shimla – Sarahan
      Day 2 | Sarahan – Sangla / Chitkul
      Day 3 | Sangla / Chitkul – Rampur – Narkanda
      Day 4 | Narkanda – Delhi

      I have skipped Kalpa here as that will mean more travel. Better enjoy a bit at Sangla / Chitkul

  13. Hi,
    Please suggest trip for 2-3-4-5th oct.
    Will be leaving from Delhi by 10 pm on 1.
    We want to visit reckong peo n near by places .
    Please suggest the best n max possible trip.

    Try to help on urgent as we have to book suv for the same.

    Thanx n hope for your support.


    • Sunny, 4 days for Kinnaur will be very hectic as per me. Even if you leave Delhi on 1 at 10 PM, what maximum place you planning to reach?

  14. Hi,

    Need some urgent advise. I am planning to leave tomorrow morning for spiti from delhi.. I have 7 days in hand. Can you please let me know if I can take a polo on this route and the current road conditions.

  15. Hi,

    How r u bro..actually i m trying for a trip to spiti valley via shimla but till now wasnt able to do that even though my firnd came back from leh week back…he enjoyed a lot..

    Now we are planning for a 4 day trip from delhi to spiti valley on i20 car.. in mid aug..1 week from now..i have been following your blog and have zeroed down the rout

    delhi to shimla(night)- shimla to recong peo (1 day)- recong peo to kaza(2 Day) – kaza to recong peo(3 day) – recong peo to shimla(4 day) – shimla to delhi (night)

    My queries:
    1. 4 Days are enough or not.
    2. Road condition to travel by i20
    3. weather conditions.
    4. Any special thing to be kept in mind

    Please suggest in give you commnets..

    Thanks as we have to take leave also..


    • Sandeep, 4 days are too short for a trip to Kinnaur Valley, leave aside Spiti in it. Also, monsoons is not the right time to visit Kinnaur Valley at all and i20 will struggle to quite an extent for survival in kinnaur. Same is true for going from Gramphu to Kaza over Kunzum Pass where couple of water crossings are too hard to cross on a i20. Even then in just 4 days you can touch and come. delhi – Manali, Manali – Kaza, Kaza – MAnali, Manali – Delhi.

      • Hi dheeraj,
        Is it ok to visit, shimla-poo-kaza-chandartal-manali from around 15-20august on bike?
        Krizma ZMR?

        • Daman, the roads in Kinnaur during monsoons will not be good at all and there will be landslides too. Hence, best it to either take route from Manali side only and come back from Manali side only.

  16. Hi,
    I’m planning a trip from the 22nd of May 2014 to the 11th of June 2014 to visit Parvati valley and spiti valley. I was thinking of going via nako and tabo to get acclimatized, and hoping to return via manali. What are the chances of the Manali-Kaza road opening up by the 1st and 2nd week of June?

    • Manali to Kaza will not be open by first week of June. It will open only by mid of June. So, you need to go from Kinnaur – Nako and then to Tabo and Kaza and come back the same route.

  17. hi dheeraj,
    i want to travel to spiti valley through shimla then return from spiti back to simla. in what time of year you advice me travel. i planning the trip in my polo car with my wife and kids(17 & 13) and pet safe it is enroute and also advice that is full circuit prefered or this much is enough. regards

    • Rakesh, For hatchback/sedan taking on Spiti Valley, Manali – Leh Highway and Ladakh, please refer the link: FAQ | Can I do Leh – Ladakh trip in Hatchback or Sedan? for more details.

      Secondly, it is doable with certain caution for sure. I will suggest that you make this trip in the month of end September OR early October in this case so that the roads are in best shape to compliment your low GC car. The off season will help you too with good discounts as well.

  18. sukhvinder on

    dear mr. shamram..i found your info so usefull..i am planing to visit tabo, kaza, kunjum, kinnaur, spiti, lahaul..can you please help me about the maping..and what is the ideal route for the same..i will prefer the public transport..or bike.. if i can take on rent from smwhere…which is preferabel route… from shimla or manali..

    pls suggest..

    • Sukhvinder, I prefer to go via Shimla side as it helps in acclimatization. But, in case you are tight on number of days in hand then you can try from Manali side. However, I have replied to other comment too from you, where you are making this journey in April – May. Well, at that time of the year only Shimla side route will be open for Spiti Valley.

  19. Hi Dheeraj, Thanks for the very useful information about the area.
    Do you think it is now possible in November 2013 to do Kinnaur-spiti-rohtang-manali by public transport?

    • Hi Pawan,

      No, actually Rohtang Pass is going to close on November 15 and it is not at all advisable even today to go beyond Kaza. The road conditions upto Kaza even will be tough now with every passing day though the road upto Kaza remains open all round the year with public transport running over it.


    • Am planning a road trip from Shimla-rekongpeo-kaza-jispa-sarchu-leh. This is planned around 27th of May 2014. Give all the advise.There will be 4 people (age range 16-54 years). Will be hiring a car for the entire ride.

      • Hello Dr. Sharma,

        It is highly unlikely that roads from Kunzum Pass towards Keylong – Manali – Leh Highway will open by that time of the year. So, you need to make sure that you have sufficient days to traverse back from Jalori to Manali and then move ahead. How many days do you have?

        Dheeraj Sharma

  20. can you pls guide me regarding current road condition from karcham to kaza.
    I am planning kaza and around from 13 oct with my family in Ecosport.
    What about landslides and malling nallah status.
    Pls update at the earliest.

    • Maling Nalla is fine now, till Tabo it is a bit fine now. Ahead of Nako till Powari it is extremely bad and there are many bad sections. Bad roads between Powari to Wangtoo.

      • thanks sir, but pls tell, will you simply recommend me to go spiti with family in such road conditions. Its my big time dream, but with family i cant take risk.
        Bad means what is bad, you cant cross the road or something else?
        Should i take the call?

        • Doc, they are manageable and as Sabir reported they are OK. I will say just keep your mindset open for bad roads and like Sabir reported, if buses are plying on that route then roads are stable. However, Spiti Valley is an adventure destination and hence, be ready for anything at anytime. Since, you are going with family I will suggest better just traverse only the Kinnaur side road and take a very calculative step after reaching Kaza to take over Manali – Rohtang Pass – Kaza road or not.


    I am making plan to visit KINNAUR VALLEY on my car RITZ(MARUTI SUZUKI). Tell me the road conditions and also tell is it good to go by RITZ.

    • Vibhu, you can take your Ritz to Kinnaur. When are you planning to make this trip?

      PS: Sorry for delayed reply as I was traveling Ladakh for last couple of weeks.

      Dheeraj Sharma

  22. Hello Dheeraj. Thnaks for the useful informations and updates that you have posted. Thanks to others also for their updates.

    I am planning for a trip to spiti from 7th-11th oct, which means i have just a few days left in my hand. I travel mostly by local transportation as my budgets usualy are small. I didnt have much planned about the entry, thought i wud do it via rotang pass.but as it will be almost mid oct when i come back, i thought to make it via kinnaur so as to avoid blockage near the two passes. however, after knowing the recent updates regarding blockage of this road too, i am kinda scared of getting stuck within spiti.

    Can you plz give me the latest update of the road condition via kinnaur. If things are not ok, i have to cancel my trip.


    • Sabir, not sure if my reply will be of any help for you now as you might have already be on the trip. Don’t worry you will not get stuck as the road from kinnaur side is always kept open through out the year. Better enter into Spiti from Kunzum – Rohtang side and exit via Kinnaur side, if at all you want to make a trip to Spiti.

      PS: Sorry for delayed reply as I was traveling Ladakh for last couple of weeks.

      Dheeraj Sharma

      • Dheeraj,

        It’s ok. we had a nice trip there at spiti n kinnaur. both the roads were ok and the buses were running fine. so didn’t have any problem.


  23. Hi Dheeraj,

    Any idea if the Shimla-Kaza route will be clear in first week of October?
    Planning to head there on the first.

    • Shimla to Kaza route remains open all round the year barring few days of heavy snowfall in between in winters. First week it shall be clear but roads in Kinnaur are still a bit tricky and not good in conditions.

  24. Dear all,
    i just returned from this triip on last sunday. i could only advanced till Maling. I agree with condition of road but now it has worsen. Please do not plan any trip this year on this route at all. 16 bikes were sent back by riders on trucks/tempos as they could not continue further. i had to take a u turn from Maling as a big piece of road disappeared and ETA was 4-5 days. I reached Kumarsain from Nako in a day as i could not bear the roughness. Till Karcham things are still bearable but from their till dubling there is no road (except few small patches). I did not find Nako really worth making a stay. i had planned to reach Tabo that day but due to disconnection i had to stay back at Nako.

    In himachal i found ppl very helpful and honest but not at Nako. they gave me wrong idea about the road and made me stay back for a day.

    • Thanks alot Amit for the wonderful update yet disheartening but I am sure this will help a lot of people who have plans for upcoming trip to Spiti Valley via Kinnaur. I have updated the Community thread for Road Conditions as well at the link here

  25. Rikin shah on

    Hey Dheeraj,
    I am Rikin here, I am planning to travel to Kinnuar-Lahaul-Spiti-Manali the whole circuit in October end.
    1) Is it a good time to make a trip and is the whole circuit possible in that season in october end.
    2) and second most important. 😉 What about the road conditions out there in the october especially after the devastating floods that happened recently in June. Will be roads be repaired by that time and will it be doable ?
    Thank You

    • Hello Rikin,

      1. For the whole circuit it will not be a good time as there will be high chances of Kunzum Pass being closed and even Rohtang Pass too. Also, even if they are open, the risk of getting stuck in between the two passes is a bit higher. The place is too remote to get stuck there. Still, if you OK with the risks associated, then better watch out on the weather updates and in case you feel weather is good enough then do it from Manali side so that you cross these passes earlier. Once you are over to that side that is towards Kaza, then you will be able to drive back home through Kinnaur and Shimla.

      2. Road conditions will be fine enough, just start the days at 8 AM types so that ice on the roads get melted by the time you start the drive and do it with ease. Road conditions are bad as of now in Kinnaur but roads have been opened now.

      Dheeraj Sharma

      • Rikin shah on

        Hey Dheeraj , Thanks alot for a very well detailed reply.
        I will keep all these things in mind and try to make it a little early if possible like in Mid- October or October Starting.
        Thanks Once Again.
        Rikin Shah

        • Rikin shah on

          Hey Dheeraj,
          If you were to choose … Which trip would you choose ? Manali – leh – ladakh or Shimla – kinnaur – Lahaul – Spiti. Which one do you think you would go for ?
          Rikin Shah

      • Asha Murthy on

        Hi Dheeraj
        Thanks a lot for the update.We are reaching Manali on the 28th and we will be staying there till the 31st. On 1st we start via Rotang Pass for Lahaul and the whole circuitous route returning via Simla. At the moment we are in Jaipur and will start for Chandigarh tomorrow.
        Thank you for your guidance.Will remain in touch.

        • Hello Asha ji,

          Well, I hope you you are aware that Lahaul is towards Keylong which is in opposite direction to Spiti a bit. After spending couple of days in Lahaul, you can start the journey back towards Rohtang Pass – Manali and at a place called Gramphu, you need to divert towards Spiti Valley via Kunzum Pass.

          Dheeraj Sharma

        • Asha Murthy on

          Hi Dheeraj
          Thank you very much for your mail. It does contain very handy information indeed. By the way since we are already in Chandigarh & planning to drive down to Manali tomorrow, is it possible for you to refer me to some one local in that area who can give me the latest update on the road conditions from Chandigarh to Manali and Lahaul Spiti. This request is because someone we met in Chandigarh today says the roads condition is really bad. I am a bit nervous since we are traveling in these areas for the first time. If okay with you, pl do give your contact # so that we speak to you in case required.
          Asha Murthy

        • Hmm, yes, roads are bit bad sepcially around Rohtang Pass and on the way to Kaza from Gramphu but manageable as a lot of people are doing it. Which car are you driving? Key is to leave early in the day and reach early in the evening 🙂

        • Asha Murthy on

          Thanks for your feed back.We are at the moment at Manikaran will spend 3 days in Manali.
          We are traveling in Duster.

        • Asha Murthy on

          Hi Deeraj
          Yes the roads for Spiti are opening.We were there and waited almost 3 days.In some places because of new water flow opening up and land slides there is no road at all. We tried but even the Duster could not pass.In fact our gadi got damaged on one side at one place because there was no gap.our wheels were on the we had to abandon our further trip. But yes the bikers are able to go.

        • Ohhh… that’s sad to know Asha ji. But anyways, there is always a next time. Year has not been good enough for roads and nature this year. We are hitting the roads late in the month, I am sure water will subside by then. I hope the damage was not that severe 🙁

    • Hi Rikin,
      i spoke to BRO while on my way, there is no chance this year to get this repaired. during october it will be more difficult. i even spoke to ITBP and other Army personels, they were of opinion that Local Govt should issue advisory at check posts that atleast 2 wheelers should not take this route to Kaza or Leh. so its not doable at all.

      I saw 11 land sliding one of which happened almost over my head. lucky to escape.. but beleive me even after all these issue i loved this trip and i am waiting for next year to re-do this and reach Kunzumla.


      • Rikin shah on

        Hey Amit,
        Thanks a ton for such a lovely but sad update so that I spend less time planning kinnaur – spiti – lahaul trip knowing that it would be difficult and think where else can i head too. that was really helpful. Though i really wanted to do this trip but i guess there’s something else in store for me :P. i had so many plans canceled this year in the himalayas due to these rain-washed roads. 🙁
        Anyways thanks for the update.

        • Rikin, the roads have opened now but the conditions will be quite bad considering so many closures in this season meaning road conditions are not that stable. Since, the rains have resided, things might just improve.

  26. sandip de on

    20sept i go to shimla, sarahan, sangla, kalpa,tabo, kaza,kelong,kumjumpass and manali.if possiable complete the hole jurney. please help me?or other suggestion for me?

  27. i am planning a trip to kinnaur district oct 1st week. i arrive into chdg 2pm. is it possible to reach shimla or further theog by the end of day by bus. i am on a budget. thx.

  28. Hi Dheeraj
    Cheers for such a wonderful site full of current information,
    I am planning to come to india in August 2013 and also go from delhi to shimla and then to mashobra and chindi in 2 week of Sept 2013 in the car.

    Please tell about the road conditions in that area


    • James, by that time of the year the road conditions will be much improved as monsoon starts to reside by August end. So, it shall be OK to go.

  29. Asha Murthy on

    My husband and I both in 60’s in fit physical state .Been traveling a lot up North and Northeast by road.Have visited Leh many times Nagaland, Assam,Arunachal Pradesh,Uttranchal etc.
    Arround August-September we are planing Lahaul & Spiti.With our age and the heavy rains this year in HP we are in doubt about the 1.The road conditions.2.the weather.3.We normally carry our own tents and camping equipments.How safe is it to camp on your own in these areas?4.Is Aug-Sep the right time to visit Lahaul & Spiti.

    • Hello Asha ji,

      How are you planning to go over there. Are you planning to go from Kinnaur side? If yes, currently the roads are not completely open after the recent flashflood in Kinnaur from Kinnaur side. Even if they get open, since monsoons have arrived, it is not a good time to be in Kinnaur with rains. However, you can go to Spiti Valley from Manali side via Rohtang Pass and Kunzum Pass. You will have to face less rains going via Manali as compared to going via Kinnaur.

      Weather will be pleasant but little cold when overcast but very much fine with light woolens. Around Manali, there might be some issues of rains though. Camping is also fine in these areas and since you already accustomed to camping, you might know about them with basic tips as asking the local villagers for permissions and staying closer by them, so that in times of need, help is nearby. For best time to travel to Spiti Valley read the link here

      Dheeraj Sharma

      • Asha Murthy on

        Thank you for your prompt reply and sorry for the delay from my side.I was out of station.We are planing Spiti via Manali.Our dates are almost fixed for end August arround 25th.Is it a good time?We are driving in our own SUV.Start point is Pune(Maharashtra)We are open to your guidance on the route,month ect. We are flexible.We have one month on hand. Defenately your updates will help us a lot.

        • Asha, if you happen to have one month in hand then better shift the trip by another week or two, may be second week of September will be more apt and things might improve by that time of the year from Kinnaur side. I can guide you from Delhi onwards and I guess it will take couple of days to reach Delhi from Pune and couple of day to go back to Pune. So about 25 odd days you want to plan for Spiti Valley + Lahaul Valley + Kinnaur Valley? Right?

          BTW, as I am writing it, I am feeling a bit jealous too with 1 month long trip 😀 .. Wish I could join in

        • Asha Murthy on

          Thanks.We will definitely re-work out our plan.You can take it as 20 days for Spiti and around because on our way back we want to come back via Gujarat. Gir forest and Somnath temple.
          We normally take it easy when we plan long trips.We stay back in places of our interest.
          I shall let you know once our final plan is set.

    • Asha Murthy on

      Hi Dheeraj
      Since my hubby works and with great difficulty his leave has happened.We intend starting for Lahaul & Spiti. on 23rd from Pune.We want to know–1. If the roads from Manali are open and the condition.2.We will reach Manali around 28th or 29 as we r visiting places like Shirdi etc on the way.3. Do we need snow chains?4.Like I told you earlier we are above 60’s and one more person has joined in do I need an oxygen cylinder.6.Are there army establishments in those areas?7.My husband is ex-air Force and has been a rally driver when in AF.we do have experience of the hills,but now it has been a while we drove in our own SUV in the hills up north. Like I told you we have time on hand and we intend doing the trip at our space.
      If you have any suggestions we will be too happy.

      • Hello Asha,

        May be a bit late but still:

        1 + 2. Road conditions are a bit bad but open from Manali to Kaza or Spiti Valley but by the time you reach if rains subside the region, thing migh improve.
        3. No you do not need any snow chains. There will not be any snow.
        4. Well, try to take the long road either all the way upto Tabo from Manali to avoid AMS and keep your body adequately hydrated with ORS soluted water. Couple of days in Lahaul will also help before entering in Spiti Valley. Sorry I do not remember your itinerary.
        6. AFAIK, there aren’t much upto Tabo and after that there is one near Sumdo. Kaza may also have but I am guessing just.
        7. that would be best thing to do to do at ease.


  30. Hi Dheeraj,
    Planning a trip to Kinnaur in 2nd half of Dec-13. Do you think is it a good idea to visit Kinnaur after the floods? How about snow and road conditions?

    • Parag, I hope the road conditions will improve by that time of te year. Still, it is long way to go. Let people start visiting back Kinnaur again and all routes get open. I am optimistic that by October things will be better and some people will surely visit back again, stay tuned here or in the DoW Himalayan community threads. I am sure we will have loads of updates by then

      • Hi Dheeraj,
        Thanx a ton for Ur quick reply. Keeping my fingers crossed and waiting for positive updates

      • Hi Dheeraj,
        Here are 2 Hungarian people who want to travel to Spiti via Kinnaur in the last week of Aug. Going back towards Rohtang and Kunzum. This would took 10 days. How do you know the road blocks in Kinnaur?
        ps:This page is highly useful! Grat!

        • Istvan, currently the roads are not completely open after the recent flashflood in Kinnaur from Kinnaur side. Even if they get open, since monsoons have arrived, it is not a good time to be in Kinnaur with rains. However, you can go to Spiti Valley from Manali side via Rohtang Pass and Kunzum Pass. Let me know and we can work out the itinerary for you.

          You can also start a thread at below link for your itinerary advice and complete planning of Spiti Valley trip in more structured way 🙂 DoW – Himalayan Travel Community | Spiti Valley Itinerary Advice


        • Hi Dheeraj,
          Many thanks for your answer. We. will start from Manali just to be sure. We want to visit Spello and Kanam in Kinaur in spite of the monsoon. Do yo have some information about the road between Tabo and Spello? Kanam monastery is very important for us because of a great Hungarian scolar Alexander Csoma de Koros was in charge to work here in the early 1800. Another issue: the distance could be done on one day drive from Keylong to Kaza? Manythanks.

        • Still the road from Tabo to Spillow is non functional and under restoration as per updates from last week. I will verify again over monday and update it. Keylong to Kaza can be done in one day. Stay tuned for the update 🙂

  31. Is spity valley open we have riding plan from 10 of july starting from chandigad to leh through spity please sugert alternative root if spity is not open thanks in advance

  32. Can i go shimla to kinnaur valley in the first of September???? I am asking u this coz i am worried about the road conditions after the flash flood…….

    • Yes, you can go to Kaza in the month of October. In fact all round the year, you can go to Kaza from Shimla side as this road is kept open all around year.

  33. Gaurav Bansal on

    Hi Dheeraj,

    I am travel enthusiast and would like to go to Kaza and Spiti valley this year after Leh-Ladakh. One question I have in my mind is – will it be different than ladakh? I really love to see mountains but little worried if 2 consecutive trips might be overkill specially if I am travelling with my wife.
    Also since villages in Kinnaur-Kaza-Spiti are quite remote, is it safe to travel with wife w.r.t. physical security?
    Can you also guide me if I can book hotels/guest house before travelling?


    • Yes Gaurav, Kaza and Spiti is quite a lot of different. Not sure what you mean by 2 consecutive? YEs, the place is safe though but it depends how much you guys can take in terms of fatigue level. If you want to save money then better not book any hotels otherwise we can chalk out the plan and I will suggest you the itinerary.

      I am sure you will love to be at below link for your itinerary advice and replies to it in more structured way 🙂 DoW – Himalayan Travel Community | Lahaul, Spiti & Kinnaur Valley

  34. Anindya Chatterjee on

    Firstly, simply amazing information. I loved how meticulously you put this together.
    Planning a trip to Kalpa with family (2 young daughters) – in a Santro. Does it make sense to risk it, given how you have described the road conditions between Jeori and Rekong Peo (Powari, actually)?
    I am a decent driver, and we do all our driving holidays in hills- but, this is my first time attempting the Kinnaur region. Any advice?

    • Thanks for being first to Post Itinerary query on DoW – Himalayan Travel Community!! You have recently got another valuable input/advice from MonkeyBoy at the link here. I agree with what he says too 🙂

  35. Rikin Shah on

    Hey Dheeraj,
    First thing….
    Kudos to you for such a genuine effort to help all the travelers so that they can have the best time in the Mighty Himalayas. Hats Off.
    I am Rikin here,from Mumbai,had planned to do Srinagar – leh – manali but after going through your posts on the net i have changed my planned to lahaul- spiti to avoid the tourist rush and take the road less traveled. Planning to do chandigarh – shimla – kinnaur – lahaual – spiti and then exit towards manali from kaza en route kumzum pass around the first week of June because cannot delay it cause of other commitments :(. the queries i had
    1) will the roads be open throughout without any blockages by 1st week of June so that we can complete the circuit
    2)how will the weather be like in the first week of June. is it a good season to visit in June
    3) we are a group of 4 people and have around 10 – 12 days to explore so can you suggest the places and area and suggest a proper itinerary .
    4) and finally if the conditions do not permit do we plan for srinagar – leh – manali or continue with our lahaul – spiti plan.

    • Hello Rinkin,

      Thanks alot, glad info. present on the blog is useful for you.

      1. Very unlikely that the road from Manali side will open by that time since I was there couple of weeks before and local people were very skeptical of its opening even post mid of June.

      2. Weather shall be pleasant.

      3. You can follow something Spiti Valley | Most Common Itinerary but instead of going back from Manali, you can do Losar to Kalpa, Kalpa – Shimla, Shimla to Chandigarh/delhi

      4. You can do either given the no. of days.


  36. Hi Dheeraj, I am planning the same trip in end July… any suggested itinery please….

  37. Nice information. It will help me to plan my next tour there.
    Eagerly waiting for your photographs.
    Last Spiti tour T’log was my favorite, all picts were marvel.
    Lots of expectations from this tour.

    Swapnil K

    • Swapnil, please do not expect much because I did not even click more than 200 pictures. There were so many days out 8 where even I did not get my camera out, it was such a sad trip 🙁

  38. Bhupinder Kapoor on

    Is it totally safe to go nako, poo and kaza with my wife..???

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