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Snowfall Near Delhi | 7 Places to Visit in Himachal

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The winter months have arrived and one of the most common question many of my friends and relatives ask me at this time is “Brother, please tell me places to see Snowfall near Delhi or Snow near Delhi?” … Having hearing this question so many times, I thought it is better to write down couple of articles in DoW where I can pen down such places near Delhi to find snowfall or snow and this article is first in the series 🙂 … I am sure it will be helpful to many of us who loves snow or snowfall in Himalayas like anything.

Winters have settled in most parts of North India and especially the Himalayas in Himachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Ladakh, Kashmir, etc.. Now, it is time that many of the high altitude places like Leh – Ladakh, Lahaul Valley, Pangi Valley, Zanskar Valley, etc.. will go under hibernation for about next 5-6 months. However, having said that, the lower hills of Himachal, Uttarakhand and Kashmir being still connected will become the favourable spots for lovers of Himalayas especially for them who are very fond of snowfall or snow in particular 🙂 …

In the winter months of late November, December, January and February, there are many places in Himachal where one can see snow or snowfall near Delhi. By saying “Near Delhi”, I mean the places which you can cover in 3 – 4 days of trip from Delhi at max or can say long weekend trips from Delhi for seeing snowfall or snow. Beyond 3-4 days, there are more viable options I believe but let’s know some places where you can travel over long weekend from Delhi to see snow or snowfall.

1. Manali – Solang Valley

The perfect place to play with snow or witness snowfall in winters is Manali or Solang Valley due to its easy accessibility from Delhi or Chandigarh and highest probability for longer duration of availability of snow. If you happen to have a long weekend, you can take the overnight Volvo to Manali from Delhi or Chandigarh and reach there early morning on Friday. Rest whole day in Manali or Solang Valley, then on next day you can visit snow points near Manali viz. Solang Valley, Gulaba or Marhi. The snow points of Gulaba or Marhi have snow almost from mid of November up to late March and then snow can be found even up to June at Rohtang Pass If you happen to stay at Solang Valley itself in winters, you may be able to witness snowfall too. Last day you can board the overnight Volvo again to come back home to Delhi or Chandigarh. Hence, Manali – Solang Valley are the safest but crowded option as availability of snow is almost sure shot in winters.

If interested in more details on Manali including sightseeing places, accommodation options, food joints, etc.. you can go through the Manali Travel Guide available at the link here.

Snow at Solang Valley
Solang Valley, a place to enjoy Snowfall near Delhi
2. Jalori Pass – Shoja

Jalori Pass or Shoja are other options near Delhi where you can find snow or snowfall easily in winter months of December, January & February They are pretty close to each other and are easily connected with Delhi from Mandi side all round the year. In fact, by taking some local along, you can even snow trek to Serloskar Lake to see it all frozen in winters after getting the advice from locals on its feasibility. As they are on the way to Aut – Mandi, again one can take the overnight Volvo to Manali from Delhi or Chandigarh and then get down at Bhunter, Kullu from where taxis are easily available for about Rs 1000-1200. You can rest at Shoja for a day or two and follow the same path to reach back home on the last day. In summers, one can actually go down to the other side of Jalori Pass to come back to Delhi from Narkanda – Shimla route but you will not find snow at that time at Jalori Pass.

If interested in more details on Jalori Pass – Shoja including how to reach, accommodation options, etc.. you can go through the Tirthan Valley Travel Guide available at the link here, which falls almost on the way to Shoja or Jalori Pass while going from Mandi side.

Snow at Shoja – Jalori Pass
Jalori Pass - Shoja, a place to enjoy Snowfall near DelhiPhoto Credit: Ravindra Kumar
3. Parashar Lake

Parashar lake near Mandi, is another place with overnight journey from Delhi where you can find snowfall or snow in the winter months from December to March You need to follow the Delhi – Chandigarh – Manali highway to reach Mandi from where it is about 1.5-2 Hrs drive to Parashar Lake via Kuatalya – Baghi villages. Car can almost reach at the top normally but in winters when there is a lot of snow then you might need to consider parking your vehicle to the most practical point you find below near Baghi village and then start the hike to the lake. The Hike/Trek can last almost about 4 Hrs in case there is too much of snow 😉 …

Parashar Lake itself is really amazing to visit and with snow all around it, a heavenly sight indeed. As you need to hit Mandi, again you can take the overnight Volvo to Manali from Delhi or Chandigarh and then get down at Mandi from where taxis are easily available for about Rs 1500-1800 to Parashar Lake. You can spend a day there at the forest rest house and walk to lake anytime you want, preferably next morning. So, considering you start Thursday night, by Friday late noon you shall be at the top. You can spend Saturday at the rest house exploring lake or rest amidst nature and Sunday early morning can come down and start the journey back home. For booking of FRHs, you can refer the article: How to Book HP PWD Rest Houses or FRHs.

First View… The Semi Frozen Prashar Lake
First View... The Semi Frozen Prashar Lake
4. Hatu Peak – Narkanda – Kufri – Shimla

Next on the list is Hatu Peak – Narkanda where you can enjoy snow or snowfall near Delhi in the winter months of Januray and February or even mid-March at least at Hatu Peak. Narkanda is very easy 8-9 Hrs drive from Delhi via Shimla or one can take overnight Volvo to Shimla from where Narkanda is just about 60 KMs away and taxis are easily available from Shimla. If you are lucky, you can even enjoy the snow in these winter months at Kufri – Shimla as well especially around new year window. These are in fact the closest places from Delhi where you can find snowfall or snow in Himachal Pradesh and can easily be done over a weekend by leaving Friday night and being back by Sunday late night.

Snow at Hatu Peak – Narkanda
Hatu Peak - Narkanda, a place to enjoy Snowfall near DelhiPhoto Credit: Hill Post
5. Pabbar Valley (Kharapathar – Shelapani – Rohru – Chanshal)

Pabbar Valley including Kharapathar – Shelapani – Rohru – Chanshal, located about 120 odd KMs from Shimla is another place where you can find snow or snowfall near Delhi in the winter months of December to February even March – April at least towards Chanshal Pass. As said in one of my earlier article 5 Must Visit Off-beat Places in Himachal Pradesh, Pabbar Valley is one of the most enchanting valley in Himachal Pradesh yet isolated from the tourist rush to an extent as of now. It offers some awesome panoramic views along with tones of nature walks/hikes in the dense orchards and forests all along the valley.

In order to reach Pabbar Valley, you need to take the diversion road from Theog, a place ahead of Shimla. The diversion road generally is not that good in condition and it is better to make a trip to Pabbar Valley in case you have at least 4 days in hand to really enjoy the journey as well rather being just “on the road” type journey in search of snow.

Snow at Pabbar Valley
Pabbar Valley, a place to enjoy Snowfall near DelhiPhoto Credit: Sudhir Khimta – Flicker
6. Triund near Mclead Ganj

Triund, located at a 4 Hrs hike from Dharamkot – Mcleod Ganj, Dharamshala, is another place near Delhi to find snowfall or snow over a long weekend trip in winter months of late December to March However, it might not be possible to reach at the top of Triund in the winters unless you in for hard core adventure BUT on the way to Triund from Mcleod Ganj, you will find plenty of snow to play with and come back to Mcleod Ganj for a good night sleep. Again if lucky, you might get to see snowfall even at Mcleod Ganj as well especially in early January types. In the extreme ends of winters the snow is available higher up towards Triund and as the core winter months approach that is January & February, there is ample of snow that can be found of the way to Triund as well.

Snow at Triund near Mclead Ganj
Triund near Mclead Ganj, a place to enjoy Snowfall near DelhiPhoto Credit: Triund Hill
7. Khajjiar – Dalhousie

Khajjiar, commonly called as Indian version of Switzerland, is another place near Delhi that receives good amount of snowfall in the winter months of January and February Khajjiar meadows looks so beautiful as if a white carpet has been laid by nature midst long pine trees kissed with snow over hills in the backdrop, a dream probably… It becomes almost hard to believe your eyes 😉 … However, seeing snow at Khajjiar is a luck affair too sometimes.

Khajjiar is an overnight drive from Delhi and easily connected via Pathankot – Chakki Dam railway station. So, you can also take the overnight train to Pathankot – Chakki dam and from there take a taxi to reach Khajjiar via Dalhousie. Next day you can rest at Khajjiar and then start the journey back on Sunday to reach back Delhi in the same order. In case you have 4 days, you can even enjoy more by exploring more places around Khajjiar as Kalatop, Chamba, Jotte, etc..

Snow at Khajjiar
Khajjiar, a place to enjoy Snowfall near DelhiPhoto Credit: Apurv, BCMT

Now you know about these 7 Places to Visit in Himachal this winters to play with snow and I am sure that you are not going to visit them in an year only 😀 … So, for next about 2-3 years of winters you have your travel bucket list updated. However, guys, please don’t hold here as next week I will be sharing the next article in this series “Snowfall Near Delhi” which will cover more such places where you can enjoy snow or snowfall near Delhi BUT this time in Uttarakhand 🙂 … Here it goes:Snowfall Near Delhi – 5 Places to Visit in Uttarakhand

If you happen to know any other such places in Himachal Pradesh where we can enjoy snow or snowfall near Delhi over a weekend trip of 3-4 days, please feel free to share them with us either below as comments OR you can post them under the DoW Community as well.

Other Articles in the Series – Snowfall Near Delhi

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  1. Ds sai mahadesh on

    I m looking to travel Aug 1st week is there snow near Delhi or Nainital ….can you reply fast

    Can you reply through my mail

  2. Ds sai mahadesh on

    I m looking to travel Aug 1st week is there snow near Delhi or Nainital ….can you reply fast

  3. Hello Sir,

    We wish to experience snow on the 3rd and 4th of March.We are from Delhi.Delhi to Manali is atleast 12 hours.I am looking for places in between these two that have less travel time.My only requirement is snow.Please assist.
    Thank you

  4. Satyawan Singh on

    Hi Rajeev,

    Can you suggest right place near to shimla for 4 days tour. I am planning to visit 20th June at Shimla.

  5. Hi,
    I’m planning to visit Manali in the 3rd week of May. I’m opting for a Zoomcar from Chandigarh. I have made hill drives like Ooty etc but haven’t done on Himalayas. Is it ok to opt for a Figo / Jazz / KUV or is a SUV (Ecosport/Scorpio) mandatory for those roads. I wouldn’t travel anything much beyond Rohtang Pass.


      • Thank you Dheeraj. Few more silly questions…
        What will be the travel time from Chandigarh to Manali keeping the speed restriction alive (Max 110kmph – if only I can reach on those roads)?
        Any idea about the approximate toll charges for the full route?
        Are there any four lanes, if so for how long?

        • Manoj, forget about going beyond 50-60 that too only on very few sections unless you really want to risk the lives. Chandigarh to Manali takes about 8-9 hrs on an average. Guess you just need to pay Rs 30 to enter Himachal and rest there is no toll up to Manali.

  6. preeti agarwal on

    Hi we are arriving delhi on 1st Feb. From there we are planning to go a hill station with snow on5th .we have a kid with us…so can u suggest places with snow n manageble weather

  7. Hi Bro,

    My name is Rafi and its my and my wife’s dream to see Taj Mahal and snowfall i.e place covered with snow.I am planning to fly from bangalore.Can u help and suggest me for the same.And by any chance is it possible to see the Republic day live ? awaiting ur prompt response.

    • Rafi, you can try places listed above in the article and most of them are accessible with 3-4 day trips from Delhi. Rest one day trip to Agra can be made for Taj Mahal and 1 day you can spare for Republic Day parade in Delhi.

  8. Traveoport on

    Great tips you have mentioned in your article. I think every travel company should mentioned travel tips at their website so that traveller will get knowledge.

  9. Hi Dheeraj,

    I am planning a trip by Zoomcar from Chandigarh to Dalhousie and Dharamshala between Jan 18th and Jan 22nd and need your guidance here –

    1. Will there be snow at Dalhousie, Khajjiar and Dharamshala(Mcleodganj) during that time as I want to enjoy snow atleast at one of these places ?
    2. Is it safe to drive car from Dalhousie to Khajjiar and from there to Dharamshala? Dont want to get stuck in snow 🙂
    3. Is it possible and allowed to do Triund Trek during that time and probability of finding tourists there?


    • Bharath, below are my comments on it:

      1. It should be there on the trek towwards Triund how ever it has been exceptionally bad year this one with Rohtang Pass still open.
      2. Unless it snows on that very day heavily, it is mostly safe
      3. Usually it is not recommended unless you are good in trekking in snow and have prepared yourself to stay in camps overnight at the camp or make arrangements in advance in the couple of rooms up there. But as I said, this year has been expectionally super bad in terms of snow.

      • Thanks Dheeraj. Can always count on your blogs and advise regarding Himalayas 🙂

        We had an awesome Manali – Leh bike trip in September after following most of the itineraries mentioned in your blogs. Thanks again

        • Hi Dheeraj, Its me again. I will be travelling to Khajjiar from Amritsar by car on Jan 20th. I have heard most of the roads in HP have been closed due to snowfall. Will it be possible to go to Khajjiar and if so what route should I take?
          Also advise on the route to Dharamshala from Khajjiar the next day.
          Thanks again 🙂

        • Bharath, well, do check about the latest conditions as it is expected to snow more in coming days and ask if the roads are open to Khajjair. Sometimes they close for a day or two in heavy snowfall.

          Regarding route, you can follow the Google maps and they should be able to make you reach on these conventional routes. You have to reach Pathankot as a straight forward route and from there take route to Banikhet – Dalhousie – Khajjair. You can avoid Nurpur route as it takes longer time and follow the route through Bhatwan – Dunera villages.

  10. Hi Dheeraj,

    It is very informative article, i need your advise.
    We 5 riders are planning for a bike trip for 5-7 days in end December (25th dec to 01st jan)
    Please advise the best place where we can ride on snow, also advise itinerary.


    Best regards,

    • Hello Adnan,

      Safest bet of finding snow is Manali – Rohtang Pass, rest all other places starts to get snow by that time of the year. If you are lucky enough and snow starts falling a bit before, you can opt for Tungnath – Deoria Tal but it will be touch and go because like I said snow starts to fall during that time and sometimes first week of January is when snow starts.

  11. Tapan Menaria on

    Hello Mr Dheeraj, seeing your authentic info about this area, would like to have your guidance. M planning for Shimla trip in Jan second week 2017, main purpose is to show and let kids play is lots of snow. Problem is that we do not want to travel by road on hills as kids and wife feel motion sickness. So m planning for Shimla as we can reach there by train also. can you pls suggest me places around shimla for lots of snow for kids. we can go to such places and come back to our resort. pls suggest which places should we go or even stay at such places.

  12. sachin Pandharmise on

    Hi…. pls suggest me a place in himachal Pradesh where snow fall or snow covered area during month October .

  13. jitender pratap on

    Hi dheeraj sir i know u r the most authentic and trusted counsellor, in coming winter most. Probably in first or second week of jan i am thanking about BHARMOUR. Is it possible to rreach there in jan as i know sir u hav many sources in himalaya so i believe u would give me most feasible detail about this.

  14. Shailendra Singh on

    Hi Dheeraj, I am going to shimla from 13th June to 18th june pls suggest me to cool place neare by Shimla where I will go to enjoy my trip.

    • Bhai in June, nothing shall be cool around Shimla. You should go over to Kinnaur Valley as you have 6 days to feel cool in June 🙂 … You want to go over there?

  15. Thank you very much for the review. It is very informative and helpful. Would you please suggest me which one is the best in your view if you have to travel in last week of March for 3-4 days?

    • Ratri, I will suggest you visit Rohtang Pass as there only you will find snow this year in end of March rest of the places did not have much snowfall this year.

  16. Hi, I am planning to go to shimla and kufri in mid March 2016, please suggest if still snow is there or not, because I want to see snowy shimla

  17. Dear Sir,

    Thank you for your valuable suggestion to proceed to Manali to ensure availability of Snow during the last week of March this year.

    We had been there quite a few times, We were just planning for other stations like Nainital. Kindly suggest me alternate places where snow could be found in the said period.

    • For snow it will be hard to find in March with overnight journey and in Uttarakhand it is not possible to find in March with overnight journey. You can though try Pabbar Valley – Rohru – Chansal Pass but again, it will take about 12-13 Hrs to reach Rohru from Delhi. Next day you need to rest or go to Chansal Pass till the road is open , enjoy in snow and come back to Rohru. Next day either rest or come back. How many days do you have in hand?

      This seems OK to me if you have about 4-5 days in hand to make it easy trip, 5 will be better

  18. Dear Sharmaji,

    We are visiting Delhi by March last week. I am excited to take my kids to hill station preferably a overnight journey from delhi where could I snow then

  19. apoorva verma on

    hey 🙂
    planning a trip to mcleodganj and triund in feburary end..
    will i get to see snow..? and what will be the cost of local buses from pathankot to mcleodganj..? and are budget hotels available in mcleodganj..? and if yes plz would u give a price range

    • Yes, there should be plenty of snow at Triund in february. There are all type of hotels available to suit all budgets in Mcleod Gannj. Try Pink House Guest House

      • Shivakumar on

        Hi….M coming from South India to shimla.. Thought kufri will have snow but till now no reports and shocked to see the reviews of kufri… It’s supposed to be very filthy nowadays it see snow and trek thru it… Hatu peak still an option? I will be visiting there on 18th Jan.. How to commute to hatu from shimla?? Any taxis or!??

        • Yes, Hatu peak is an option for sure. There is snow in Narkanda at present and Kufri, yeah, is surely a filthy place with dung of ponies all around 🙁

  20. Kumar priyan on

    Hey Dheeraj,

    I am from Delhi, studying in shimla and want to go on a vacation for 2 or 3 days. I am really confused and can’t decide a place. Please suggest some good places to go on a bike trip alone. Preferably some place with temples.
    Thank you.

    • Kumar, if you see the entire series of articles, it enlists about 17 places in total. If you around Shimla only then you can move into the Pabbar Valley towards Rohru or Shelapani

  21. hi dheeraj,
    i am planning to travel from delhi to dalhousie and near by places in january. can u please suggest the budget for hotels, public transport, cabs etc. i will be travelling solo and is it advisable to explore offbeat places alone or with a group? are the shared cabs pre booked or can be booked there?

    • Hi Ankush,

      You can take the volvo to Dalhousie or the HRTC bus. The hotels / guest houses are there, I do not have a specific name to remember but there are on the main road couple of them who sells at economic budget. There will not be shared cab available as toursits but will be there for local people whom you can board.


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  23. Elizabeth Kurian on

    So well written! Would like to know where could I see snow during end May & take a 11 year old kid too. Preferably not a very touristy place , but still accessible.
    Thanks & regs,

    • You shall visit Manali in such a case to witness snow in summers but unfortunately it will be a touristy place. Rest at all other places, snow will be gone.

  24. Hii
    We r planning to go kashmir from20-25 dec 15.can we see snow fall??we want to make snowman.. Trip wl include gulmarg pahalagam sinmarg n srinagar.
    Can we enjoy sight seening mughal gardens gondola ride…what u wl suggest for hotels royal batoo in srinagar baisaran in pahalagm n alpine ridge in gulmarg thanks in advance

    • Snowfall depends upon luck and as far as snow is concerned that too will depend upon the snow that have fallen by that time. Sometimes snow does not fall that much to be there during that time of the year.

  25. Hi Dheeraj,

    Needless to say that this was a very crispy & compact description. Thanks for the quick preview.
    The photograph of parashar lake is “THE Most Awesome” 🙂

    Any suggestions for a ski destination?
    Something that is easily reachable (easy compared to narkanda ) & not too crowded ??

    I want to plan a tour anytime in February 2015. Please help


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