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Snowfall Near Delhi – 5 Places to Visit in Uttarakhand

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The winter months have arrived again and as I discussed last year that one of the most common question many of my friends and relatives ask me at this time is "Brother, please tell me places to see Snowfall near Delhi or Snow near Delhi?" … Having heard this question so many times, I thought it is better to write down couple of articles in DoW where I can pen down such places near Delhi to find snowfall or snow and I did write one as Snowfall Near Delhi | 7 Places to Visit in Himachal last year … I am sure it was helpful to many of us who loves snow or snowfall in Himalayas like anything. Continuing on the series almost after an year, I will write couple of more articles including this one which suggests places to see snowfall near Delhi in Uttarakhand.

Winters have settled again in most parts of Himalayas like Himachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Ladakh, Kashmir, etc.. And also, it is time that many of the high altitude places like Leh – Ladakh, Spiti Valley, Lahaul Valley, Pangi Valley, Zanskar Valley, etc.. will go under hibernation for about next 5-6 months. However, having said that, the lower hills of Himachal, Uttarakhand and Kashmir will still be connected and becomes the favourable spots for lovers of Himalayas. This is especially true for the ones who are fond of snowfall or snow in particular 🙂 …

In these winter months of late November, December, January and February, there are many places in Uttarakhand where one can see snow or snowfall near Delhi and I will cover five of them in this post while remaining I know will be published in the next post coming soon 🙂 🙂 … By saying “Near Delhi”, I mean the places which can be covered in 3 – 5 days of trip from Delhi at max or you can say long weekend trips from Delhi for seeing snowfall or snow. Beyond 3 – 5 days, there are more viable options I believe but let’s know some places where you can travel over long weekend from Delhi to see snow or snowfall.

1. Chopta – Tunganath – Deoria Tal

One of the most amazing places in Uttarakhand to play with snow or witness snowfall near Delhi in winters is the region around Chopta, Tunganath or Deoria Tal. These places are all located nearby each other and are about 450 odd KMs from Delhi. So, one can reach these places in a day’s drive from Delhi. You can start early morning and be there by evening, next day where you can play in snow at any of these places and finally start the journey back. If you happen to have a day or two more then you can cover all three places and depending upon the time of travel, you can even visit Chandrashilla Peak ahead of Tunganath Temple but that is possible only when there is less snow up there and is safe to trek. You can find snow at these places from December to late March and further at Chandrashilla, almost till late April. The road to Chopta also gets closed due to winters and one has to walk many a times from Duggalbitta. You can always stay at GMVN, Ukhimath and make day excursions from there to these places. Deoria Tal also has camps up there and an FRH, if you are interested to stay up there.

For more details on Chopta, Tunganath or Deoria Tal including how to reach, sightseeing places, accommodation options, food joints, etc.. you can go through the Travel Guides available at the links Delhi to Tungnath Temple and Chandrashilla, Uttarakhand | Travel Guide or Delhi to Deoria Tal, Uttarakhand | Travel Guide

Snow at Chopta, Tunganath or Deoria Tal
Chopta, Tunganath or Deoria Tal, a place to enjoy Snowfall near Delhi
Chopta, Tunganath or Deoria Tal, a place to enjoy Snowfall near Delhi
2. Chakrata – Chilmiri – Kanasar – Deoban

Chakrata or Deoban / Kanasar Meadows are other options near Delhi where you can find snow or snowfall easily in winter months of late December, January & February. Being just 320 KMs odd from Delhi & about 2100 Mtrs in altitude, Chakrata is one of the most closest places around Delhi to see snowfall or snow in winters.  You can take the route towards Dehradun or reach there via Vikasnagar and can even cover Mussoorie over 3 day trip to Chakrata. You can leave Delhi by Friday night and reach Chakrata by early morning, play in snow for a day and either go to Mussorie next day or come back to Delhi if you have just the weekend at hand. Chakrata is a cantonment town and can be accessed from Paonta Sahib / Nahan route from Himachal side too. So, in case interested, you can do the circuit of going from Uttarakhand and exiting from Himachal side. There are meadows / forests of Kanasar and Deoban and a place Chilmiri around Chakrata which also gets heavy snow in winter months, especially Deoban which is almost 3000 Mtrs in altitude. There is one popular waterfall by the name Tiger Fall in Chakrata, which is a nice place to spend time in solace.

Snow at Chakrata
Chakrata - Deoban, a place to enjoy Snowfall near DelhiPhoto Credit: EnthuTraveller244
3. Kanatal – Chamba – Dhanaulti

Kanatal – Chamba, is another place with overnight journey from Delhi where you can find snowfall or snow in the winter months from late December to mid March. You need to follow the Delhi – Dehradun – Dhanaulti route or Delhi – Rishikesh – Narendra Nagar – Chamba route in order to reach Kanatal and it is just a matter of day’s drive. Since, it is also just about 300 odd KMs from Delhi and hence, considered among one of the nearest places to witness or play with snow around Delhi. I believe it is less than Chakrata in distance. So, ideally you can cover this over a weekend drive. There is a temple of Surkanda Devi ahead of Kanatal but the roads are mostly closed due to snow ahead towards it and to reach the top at the temple one needs to trek about 2-3 KMs but not that hard trek even if roads are open ahead of Kanatal. So, even if you do not have snow around Kanatal, the road or trek towards Surkanda Devi Temple, which is at an altitude of about 3000 Mtrs will surely have snow in reach towards the early and late parts of winters as well. Dhanaulti, is also about 20 KMs from Kanatal and experience snowfall in winters.

Snow at Kanatal – Chamba
Kanatal - Chamba, a place to enjoy Snowfall near DelhiPhoto Credit: Gaurav Dutt
4. Landour – Nag Tibba

Next on the list is LandourNag Tibba where you can enjoy snow or snowfall near Delhi in the winter months of late December, January & February or even mid-March at least on the trek to Nag Tibba. Landour is a very easy 8-9 Hrs drive from Delhi via Mussoorie or one can take overnight Volvo to Dehradun and then go over to Mussoorie by a taxi from where Landour is just about 40 KMs away. If you are lucky, you will get the snow at Landour itself but if there isn’t much then next day drive to Devalsari Village from Landour from where the trek to Nag Tibba starts which is about 13 KMs from there and Nag Tibba top is about 3 KMs further up (even there is an FRH at Devalsari, so you can reach Devalsari on Day 1 itself & stay there). Since, it is a trek of about 13 KMs, making it to the top in snow is a great adventure & difficult but you need to be very good in hiking to complete the 26 KMs in one day. Hence, it is advisable that you follow the trail and reach as deep into snow to play as you are comfortable and then return safely back to Landour or Devalsari. Next day you can return home after enjoying snowfall or snow around Nag Tibba or Landour. In summers, people camp up there at Nag Tibba.

Snow at Nag Tibba Trek
Naag Tibba, a place to enjoy Snowfall near DelhiPhoto Credit: Mukesh Verma
5. Auli

Auli is the most popular of the places in Uttarakhand to find snow near Delhi. It is an important but not so famous Ski destination in Himalayas in India and is located about 510 odd KMs from Delhi. So, you will need about 4 days to make an easy trip to Auli and enjoy the place at ease. Auli has one of the best of the ski slopes and many times winter games in India are held up there in Auli. You can even register for a course of skiing in Auli which starts in January. You can find snow or snowfall at Auli in the winter months of January to mid-March and snow up to mid-April types. In order to reach Auli, you need to go to Joshimath following the route from Rishikesh – Dev Prayag – Karn Prayag and then reach Joshimath, the portal to Badrinath shrine. Joshimath to Auli, there is a narrow road of about 16 KMs but in winter months many a times the road is snow bound and hence, a 4 KM long cable car (Asia’s longest) is the only option to reach Auli from Joshimath that takes about 20 minutes for one side ride. You can read more about Auli at the Wikipedia link here.

Snow at Auli
Auli, a place to enjoy Snowfall near Delhi

Now, you know about these Five Places to Visit in Uttarakhand this winters to play with snow and I am sure that you are not going to visit them in an year only 😀 … But, wait, this series of “Snowfall Near Delhi” is not yet over as I will be sharing two more articles as “5 more places to see snowfall near Delhi in Himachal” and “5 more places to see snowfall near Delhi in Uttarakhand” in coming weeks since this article would have become too long if I had shared all 10-11 places I know in Uttarakhand to see snowfall 😉 😉

So, now I believe that the entire series of these four articles together, when published, will help you upgrade your travel bucket list to play in snow in winters for next 5-8 years… Hence, stay tuned to DoW Facebook Page or Subscribe to our email to know when next set of articles is up & running 😀 :D…

If you happen to know any other such places in Uttarakhand where we can enjoy snow or snowfall near Delhi over a weekend trip of 3-5 days, please feel free to share them with us either below as comments OR you can post them under the DoW Community too. Sharing, will help all of us keep updating our bucket lists of travel in winters and keep enjoying in snow 🙂 :)…

Other Articles in the Series – Snowfall Near Delhi

NOTE: Photo Credits with proper links have been given to the people whose pictures have been used as DoW strongly oppose Plagiarism. In case, any of the owners of these pictures feels that the proper credit with link is not enough, please send a mail or leave comment and I will remove the picture immediately and replace them from my known friends.

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  1. Apoorva Singh on

    Nice article,you have written the post in a way too easy manner and it is quite easy to understand.

  2. Baldevsinh Chauhan on

    Hi Dheeraj,
    We just completed Leh Trip in June this year, and it was an amazing experience. Without your valuable feedback and website it was difficult to plan. But thank you so much for everything.

    We are from a spiritual foundation and we have around 150-170 people, all males, wanted to take them for a 5 days trip in January to Uttrakhand next year. Our dates are 24-28 January (total 5 days).

    Our itinerary is as below, please give us some good suggestions which place we should take to see some snow in winters and also do some snow trekking which is easy for everyone.

    23 Jan – Leaving from Ahmedabad in train – Reaching Delhi next morning
    24 Jan – Reach Delhi by morning and board another train to Haridwar Train – Reaching by evening at Haridwar.
    25 Jan – River Rafting at RIshikesh and relax, look around.
    26 Jan – Need your advise (to see the snow), where we should go ?
    27 Jan – Need your advise (some more snow or trekking), where we should go ?
    28 Jan – Catch a train back to Ahmadabad

    Please give your advise how we should plan this trip so it can be memorable to everyone.

    • You should go to Auli and book things now as such a large group will be difficult to accommodate in any place in UK. With just 5 days in hand, Auli with such a large group will still be OK otherwise I would have recommended Chopta – Tungnath – Deoriatal

      • Baldevsinh Chauhan on

        Hi Dheeraj,

        We will be travelling from Gujarat to Uttrakhand which itself is a long travelling. We were thinking of Auli before but we cancelled because of long travelling. Auli would be too far for us, going and coming back would itself take 2 days in total.

        I will research more on Chopta-Tungnath-Deoriatal but as you said do they have capacity to accommodate 150+ people ?

        Also apart from the subject, what would be your suggestion to visit in month of January, as last year we did Delhi-Agra. This time we wanted to take them to experience the snow and stay in the nature.

  3. Hi,
    Would there be any places in Uttarakhand with snow in May first week this year ?
    Preferably somewhere within 5-7 hours by car from either Nainital or Dehradun.
    Thanks !

  4. Akhilesh Takale on

    I am planning a trip in May 2017 with family from Delhi. The tour needs to be short (3 nights, 4 days), as our family is inclined to visit sites which are covered by snow (can enjoy snow). I understand May is not the ideal month. As of now Nainital is on my mind which is close to Delhi. Please suggest some.


    • Akhilesh, there will not be an snow in around Nainital as of now as well. So, in May as will it will not have any snow around it. However, you will still enjoy it.

  5. Hi Dheeraj,

    This was highly informative. I’m planning a trip during the 26th Jan weekend. Could you suggest a place near Delhi where we could find snow?

  6. We are planning a mukteshwar and binsar trip in the republic day long weekend, that is 26th to 29th. The main aim is to experience snow. Will we be getting snow in binsar? we are planning to stay in kmvn rest house near zero point. Will there be snow near the hotel?

    • Uma, it is expected to snow in most hilly regions during that time looking at the weather reports as of today. However, weather can change and snowfall purely depends upon your luck and weather during the trip. Snow you will certainly be able to play around I believe.

      • Thank you!

        I read somewhere that roads to mukteshwar and binsar get blocked due to heavy snow fall. Whats the scene now? We are starting tomorrow night, reaching mukteshwar on 26th morning.

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