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Shipping / Delivery Policy

Since DoW Store is store based on the philosophy of “For Travelers and By Travelers”, we want to make sure that you as travelers are getting these niche products at right prices available around and feasible for us for making it available for you. We have partnered with the DTDC Courier Services to ensure that your product reaches you on time and in the best conditions plus you can track delivery of your product online pretty easily through DTDC Website itself.

Given below are some some of the key terms and conditions with respect to our Shipping and Delivery Policy:

Where can we deliver?

We only deliver in India through our shipping partner DTDC Courier Services. We will be able to deliver your order where ever it will be feasible in India for our courier partner DTDC to deliver the items/products.

Can you choose a shipping address different from your billing address?

Yes, you can have your shipping address different than billing address.

What is the cost of shipping?

The cost of shipping will solely depend upon the amount/value of the order you have placed, the product’s nature and your shipping address (that is location of delivery).

You can also opt for self-pickup of your order from our office location in New Delhi without paying any shipping charges as soon as we confirm the availability of your order.

You can also opt to self-pickup your order over various DoW Community Mini Meets which happens in New Delhi on mostly monthly basis.

Can you opt for a self-pickup on your own or in any DoW Community Mini Meets?

Yes, you can self-pickup your order from our office location in New Delhi without paying any shipping charges as soon as we confirm the availability of your order.

You can also opt to self-pickup your order over various DoW Community Mini Meets which happens in New Delhi on mostly monthly basis.

What are timelines for Delivery of Order/Products?

As soon as you order of purchased items/products is received, we will process and confirm your order first within 5-7 working days. Once the order is confirmed, it will take maximum of 20 days to deliver your order in general. The delivery time also depends upon your shipping address and the product you have ordered. If we foresee any delay of order beyond 20 days, we will immediately inform you over email regarding the delay and asking about next step from your end. Be assured that we will keep you posted on the progress as soon as there is an update.

Can you track your order or shipment?

As soon as your order is shipped, we will email you the tracking number for your shipment. This tracking number can be used to track your order on our courier partner website – DTDC at the link: DTDC Website

What should you do if you receive a damaged product/order/parcel?

The broken/damaged item will be taken back and will be replaced with a new item/product. But, we suggest that as soon as you receive the order and you see any damage, you should refuse to accept it in first place. The security tape should be visible and intact when you receive the order. However, if the packaging was fine and still you found the broken/damaged product inside please don’t worry as we will replace it with new item/product. Please send an email to [email protected] with a picture of the broken/damaged item or product as soon as possible.

However, please note that there is no guarantee on the number of days it will take for replacement as we first need to return it to product manufacturer and ask for replacement. Once we will receive the replaced product from product manufacturer then we will immediately ship it back to you. The whole process may take around 20 days or even more. So, please bear with us. Be assured that we will keep you posted on the progress as soon as there is any update.

What do we check before you order is confirmed or its processing starts that is the Order Status is changed to Processing from On-Hold or Pending?

As soon as you place an order, we make sure that the ordered quantity is physically present before confirming your order and start its processing. In case all quantities are not available, we will contact you over email to propose a replacement of those products/items or offer the refund for the missing product or quantities of items. We also ensure that your payment has been successfully received at our end before changing to status to Processing from On-Hold or Pending.

Please note that we try our best to provide accurate information on the website for all products, related to their price and availability. However, we cannot guarantee that your order will be fulfilled in all cases. We also reserve the right to cancel your order in case there are any kind of technical/support/infra issues or any other kind of issue not mentioned here, that prevents us to display the correct information on the DoW Store site related to stock and/or price and would have result in an order which we cannot fulfill. In such cases of cancellations, we will immediately start the refund process and inform you over email.

How can you check or track what is happening to your order?

You can login to DoW Store website and keep the track of the status of your pending orders through My Account -> Order History. On that page, you will see the list of orders along with their status. You can see the details by clicking one a specific order. We will also send an e-mail any time the status for your order changes.

What happens if you specify wrong Shipping/Billing Address or Name?

In an event that a non-delivery occurs due to a mistake by you i.e. wrong name or shipping/billing address given, then any extra cost towards re-delivery shall be claimed from the User placing the order.

What are the meanings of different order statuses available on DoW Store?

Here are the different statuses for your order along with their meaning:

  • On-Hold / Pending: Your order is just created with us but it is not confirmed yet. We will check for confirmation on your payment and also re-verify the on time availability of stock for the items/products in your order.
  • Processing: We have checked the product availability and your order is now confirmed. We will soon begin with the order packaging/preparation for your pickup or delivery.
  • Shipped: This means that your order has been handed over to our delivery/shipping partner for delivery. The tracking number has been communicated to you which will allow you to track your order online on official website of our delivery/shipping partner DTDC at the link: DTDC Website
  • Completed: You order has been delivered to you and all activities related to it are closed from our end. No further action is required from DoW Store.
  • Cancelled: Your order has been cancelled. This can happen on your request before it is shipped or we can also cancel the order before Confirmation state after verifying the Payment Confirmation and on time availability of the product. We will immediately initiate the refund process and inform you by email about the cancellation after which no further action is required from DoW Store.
  • Refunded: Your amount has been refunded and no further action is required from DoW Store.
  • Failed: Your order has been failed to get created as the Payment was declined or left unpaid.

For any other query which is still left unanswered for you, please write an email to [email protected]

This document was last updated on April 20, 2014

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  1. Hi! Dheeraj,

    we ordered 4 dow T-shirt on 11 Dec 2016. But we haven’t receive our parcel yet. when we will receive that and how track my order.
    Order ID= 10734_15121112.

    Please reply soon.


    • Hi Rohit,

      Can you please check your mail and revert? We sent a mail to you that we will be shipping 3 of the 4 items as the white lot of XL is exhausted. So, we only have one white XL, so requested to share your bank details for the refund of one item. These three will be shipped today and will provide the shipping details to you.

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