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Royale Rajasthan | Beautiful Sunrise over Gadisar Lake in Jaiselmer

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The Journey so far-

Day 3 | 18th, December 2010 | Gadisar Lake, Jaiselmer

It was 6.30 AM when we woke up and as I walked out of the room it was all dark. I went to reception to ask the for the preparation of our final bill. The guy who was present last night was not there at the reception, so the other guy told us that he didn’t have any Rs. 1000 advance receipt for Sam Dhani hotel bookings at Sam Sand Dunes for us :shock:.. However, he gave us the contact number of the manager present at Sam Dhani, RTDC on the back of a visiting card for any issues. I was little surprised by this mischievous act but didn’t bother much as he will be back by noon. Also, he told us to be back to this hotel only by 2.00 PM, so that he can send us together with other tourists to Sam Sand Dunes. Before leaving from the hotel we waited for the day light to break and we were ready to leave by 7.15 AM for our first local destination in Jaiselmer called Gadisar Lake.

Capturing the Calmness…Gadisar Lake, Jaiselmer

Within 10 minutes, we reached the Gadisar Lake from the hotel. We parked our car at the gate and went searching the shore of the lake. As we reached it was beautiful sunrise waiting for us 🙂 over the so calm and serene Gadisar Lake. Last year Rajasthan had witnessed a lot of rainfall, so the Gadisar lake  had enough water to exhibit its charm. Since, it was morning the place was totally devoid of any tourists or vendors. The best part was we enjoyed the peace and calmness thoroughly with my wife loving the colors of sunrise at the lake while I was busy capturing them. It was worth waking up early as the sunrise looked completely magical :D… The worst part was we had nothing to eat just two packets of white bread which we bought to feed the hungry dogs :)… But at any day, I would suggest everyone to visit the lake early in the morning so as to enjoy every bit of its stillness.

As the sun starts to rise…
Sunrise at Gadisar Lake, Jaiselmer
Sunrise at Gadisar Lake, Jaiselmer
Sunrise at Gadisar Lake, Jaiselmer
Sunrise at Gadisar Lake, Jaiselmer
Sunrise at Gadisar Lake, Jaiselmer
Sunrays Trying to Break Out…
Sunrise at Gadisar Lake, Jaiselmer
The Lonely Soul…
Sunrise at Gadisar Lake, Jaiselmer
A cooler Reflection…
Sunrise at Gadisar Lake, Jaiselmer

The white bread packets were utilized by us for feeding the ugly looking big cat fishes and the naughty ducks who can even bite your figures if are a bit careless in feeding them, so once you are there do take care 🙂 … My wife did a great job in feeding the bread to both fishes and the ducks and I kept clicking the beautiful vistas the Gadisar lake had on offer for us.

The Solitude…
Duck at Gadisar Lake, Jaiselmer
There is Company…
Ducks at Gadisar Lake, Jaiselmer
Let me see as well…
Ducks at at Gadisar Lake, Jaiselmer
Yuck.. They are ugly…Aren’t they?
Ugly looking cat fishes in Gadisar Lake, Jaiselmer
Breakfast Time…
Gadisar Lake, Jaiselmer

In the Gadisar Lake complex, there are stairs which leads to a vantage point that offers great views of the Sonar Fort of Jaiselmer and the panoramic views of Jaiselmer city itself. We were quick to spot the point and capture some of the scenes…

Sonar Fort, Jaiselmer… Our Next Destination of the Day…
Sonar Fort, Jaiselmer
Sonar Fort and Jaiselmer City…
Sonar Fort, Jaiselmer

After almost 1.5 hour i.e. around 9.00 AM, the tourists and vendors had started to come in. Hence, the place would turn into a big fest soon and the beauty of the place will fade with the growing heads of the people. So, for us it was time to move on towards the next destination of the local sightseeing called Sonar Fort of Jaislemer in Rajasthan. But before we leave time to share more pictures from Gadisar Lake 🙂

Enjoying the Peaceful Sunrise…
Dheeraj Sharma at Gadisar Lake, Jaiselmer
Enjoying the Stillness…
Gadisar Lake, Jaiselmer
Gadisar Lake, Jaiselmer…
Gadisar Lake, Jaiselmer
Posing for the click…
Dheeraj Sharma at Gadisar Lake, Jaiselmer
Something to capture at Gadisar Lake…
Gadisar Lake, Jaiselmer

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