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Routes and Road Conditions In Leh – Ladakh | Ladakh Self Drive Tips

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Tourism in Ladakh has risen in the last few years and many people prefer to self drive to Leh – Ladakh for satisfying their hunger for adventure 🙂 … There are many tourist places in Leh – Ladakh like Nubra Valley, Pangong Tso, Tso Moriri, Sham Valley etc. and most of them are connected via Leh town except the adventurous connecting routes which exist between them. However, it always a good idea to plan your Ladakh journey well enough so that you do not come with a nightmare experience from heaven, which I found many people had, this time when I was present in Ladakh. And, one of the key areas or things is to know about road conditions that you might expect along with the fuel stations or availability of fuel within Ladakh or in roads to Ladakh like Manali – Leh Highway and Srinagar – Leh Highway, once you reach Ladakh and drive on your own. I know there are many great articles or maps available over the Internet and even in Ladakh section of my blog but I will just try to add two more OK types article in the list :)…

Ladakh 2012 | Nubra - Shyok - Pangong Tso Route

In the first two article of this series “Ladakh Self Drive Tips“, we talked about 7 most useful tips for Leh – Ladakh self drive (as linked here) and we discussed about the petrol/diesel or fuel availability within Leh – Ladakh (as linked here). In this third and final article of this series “Ladakh Self Drive Tips”,  we will talk about the standard road conditions on various routes within Leh – Ladakh leaving aside in-roads to Ladakh viz.  Manali – Leh Highway and Srinagar – Leh Highway as much have been discussed about them in their respective Travel Guides. I know road conditions keep changing but still I feel to share them with you all because knowing about such road conditions is extremely critical and one can take critical decisions such as whether he/she requires to take own car or not, if Sedans or Hatchbacks will be suitable to be driven or they need High Ground clearance of SUVs or may be SUVs with 4×4 etc. Thus, if one knows the road conditions in advance, it might be really helpful in deciding on such factors.

For each and every route sections elaborated below, I will try to suggest car types with difficulty level as Easy, Manageable, Tough, Very Tough, Car Killer Driving comfort is also taken into account while suggesting, so it is not just the driving. But, PLEASE DO NOT take it literally especially in the cases of Sedans and Hatchbacks. Even, if it is mentioned that route is manageable for Sedans and Hatchbacks, you still have to drive with extreme caution and care.

Leh Local Sightseeing + Sham Valley

Most of the roads around Leh town as well as Sham Valley are good in conditions through out the year barring few sections where water keeps running through, thus damaging them. Only very few sections of these roads are in bad conditions. Sham Valley include Alchi, Likir, Basgo Palace, Magnetic Hills, Confluence at Nimmu, Gurudwara Pather Sahib and Leh Local Sightseeing include Namgyal Gompa, Leh Palace, Shanti Stupa, Shankar Gompa, Main Market, Hall of Fame, Spituk Gompa.

  • Sedans/Hatchbacks = Easy.
  • High Ground Clearance SUVs (4×2) = Easy.
  • High Ground Clearance SUVs (4×4) = Easy.
Leh – Khardung La – Nubra Valley – Leh

The road conditions within Nubra Valley are very good but the ascent from South Pullu to Khardung La  and then descent towards North Pullu has major sections of the road in tatters. Now, in winters or early summers like April and May, due to the presence of snow, it is extremely difficult to drive on this section (South Pullu – Khardung La – North Pullu). Once, you are in Nubra Valley most of the roads are excellent.

  • Sedans/Hatchbacks = Easy (Nubra Valley) but Tough (South Pullu – Khardung La – North Pullu), Very Tough in early summers.
  • High Ground Clearance SUVs (4×2) = Easy (Nubra Valley) but Manageable (South Pullu – Khardung La – North Pullu), Tough early summers.
  • High Ground Clearance SUVs (4×4) = Easy (Nubra Valley) but Manageable without 4×4 (South Pullu – Khardung La – North Pullu), Manageable in early summers with 4×4.
Leh – Karu – Shakti – Chang La – Durbuk – Tangste – Pangong Tso (Lukung)

The road conditions towards Pangong Tso are mix of good (Leh – Karu – Shakti, Durbuk – Tangste – Lukung), bad (Lukung – Spangmik) and very bad (Shakti – Chang La – Durbuk). Roads from Leh upto Shakti are decent in conditions but again the ascend from Shakti to Changla is something very treacherous and with bad road conditions. Similarly, as you descend towards Durbuk from Changla most of the road is in bad shape. From Lukung to Spangmik, there is no road but a dirt track.

  • Sedans/Hatchbacks = Tough, at least the climb up/down for Chang La and Lukung to Spangmik but rest is Manageable.
  • High Ground Clearance SUVs (4×2) = Manageable.
  • High Ground Clearance SUVs (4×4) = Manageable without 4×4.
Leh – Upshi – Chumathang – Mahe – Sumdo – Kiagar Tso – Tso Moriri (Korzok)

The road conditions towards Tso Moriri are mix of good and bad. Roads from Leh upto Mahe are decent in conditions but once you cross Kiagar Tso ahead of Sumdo the road ends and the dirt track starts. From Kiagar Tso upto Korzok Village, being dirt track, it is very treacherous. If it rains or in early summers when snow is present around roads, many sections forms slush on them which is difficult to manage at times.

  • Sedans/Hatchbacks = Mostly Manageable but Tough in early summers.
  • High Ground Clearance SUVs (4×2) = Mostly Easy.
  • High Ground Clearance SUVs (4×4) = Mostly Easy without 4×4.
Pangong Tso (Spangmik) – Man – Merak – Chusul – Tsaga – Loma – Nyoma – Mahe – Sumdo – Kiagar Tso – Tso Moriri (Korzok)

Major part of this remote but most beautiful route of Ladakh in Changthang, runs on a dirt track due to absence of any road. Lukung – Spangmik – Man – Merak – Chusul – Tsaga does not have any road at all and have some really bad sections where getting through with low ground clearance is very difficult, especially before Chusul. Tsaga – Loma – Nyoma – Mahe is freshly laid tarmac (as per April 2012) where it will be easy to drive. Even the diversion road to Hanle from Loma is in very good condition barring few patches. For rest, refer Tso Moriri route.

  • Sedans/Hatchbacks = Mostly, Very Very Tough and may be Car Killer at some sections, Manageable after Tsaga Village.
  • High Ground Clearance SUVs (4×2) = Manageable, Tough at some sections when slush and ice is present on it.
  • High Ground Clearance SUVs (4×4) = Manageable, Tough without 4×4 but Manageable with 4×4.
Nubra Valley – Agham – Wari La – Shakti – Chang La – Durbuk – Tangste – Pangong Tso (Lukung)

This one is mostly used by tourist interested to reach Pangong Tso directly from Nubra Valley. Major part of the ascend and descend towards Wari La from Agham Village is tough and roads are mix of average and bad. Second part about this route is that, you will very rarely spot a taxi or other vehicle, so in case of any exigency, help will be very hard to find. Since, this route does not have much priority so you may most likely to find it either closed or in extremely bad shape. For rest, refer Pangong Tso route.

  • Sedans/Hatchbacks = Tough, at least the climb up/down for Wari La and then again to Changla. Very Tough in early summers.
  • High Ground Clearance SUVs (4×2) = Manageable, Tough in early summers.
  • High Ground Clearance SUVs (4×4) = Manageable, Tough in early summers without 4×4.
Nubra Valley – Agham – Shyok Village – Durbuk – Tangste – Pangong Tso (Lukung)

In future this route will be mostly used by tourists interested to reach Pangong Tso directly from Nubra Valley. It has been three years since this route has been made through but has remained mostly closed so far due to major landslides that happens on this route. Some of the sections between Agham and Shyok villages are extremely difficult, very much landslide prone and will most likely get your heart in the mouth. This whole stretch has variety of troubles to greet you – water crossing (some nasty ones), loose rocks, sharp stones, big rocks under water crossings or standing water etc. There are some sections especially before Shyok Village, which might be very tough to climb even with High Ground clearance vehicles without 4×4. At one of the section, we were moving and one person kept clearing stones falling from above 😉 …

YOU MUST keep in mind that this route is rarely taken by anyone and even taxis from Leh refuse to take this route. Govt. has given orders to keep this route open for this tourist season 2012 and onwards but being there myself in April and seeing the roughest terrain, I seriously doubt that they would be able to keep this route operational especially at the time of rains or when snow melts very fast making some nasty water crossings. Anyone, in any vehicle should try to attempt this route only if other taxis are doing it so that you get some help at least in case of any breakdown or if he/she is too, too adventurous to take on the challenges on this road but sensibly. Vehicles with high Ground Clearance with 4×4 in them is only suggested on this route. Always inquire about the road conditions either at Agham Village or Khalsar Village before attempting it from Nubra Valley side and either at Shyok village or at a GREF hut that comes after Shyok village from Durbuk side.

  • Sedans/Hatchbacks = Car Killer!!
  • High Ground Clearance SUVs (4×2) = Very Tough, may be Car Killer one when water flows heavily in July, August.
  • High Ground Clearance SUVs (4×4) = Tough even with 4×4 at some sections.
Loma – Hanle – Charchaghan La – Chumur – Tso Moriri (Korzok)

This remote route of Ladakh in Changthang, runs on a dirt track due to absence of any road at all. It also has some bad sections where getting through with low ground clearance vehicle is difficult. There is one VERY nasty water crossing near Charchaghan La, I guess which is very difficult to cross especially post afternoon. Loma to Hanle is in very good condition barring few patches.

  • Sedans/Hatchbacks = Very Tough.
  • High Ground Clearance SUVs (4×2) = Tough but manageable, Very Tough if snow/slush/ice is present and in water crossings.
  • High Ground Clearance SUVs (4×4) = Tough but manageable without 4×4.


I hope the above article will be useful in planning your trip to Leh – Ladakh by giving you a better idea of the routes and their conditions. I know the road conditions keeps changing but still it will give some level of idea about what to expect and where. I hope you enjoyed If you have ever self-driven to Leh – Ladakh and have some valuable tips to share, please share it with us too, so that it could be helpful to other self-drive enthusiasts and fellow travellers planning their upcoming trip to Leh – Ladakh 🙂 …

Did I miss any route??? 😉 …

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  1. Hi Dheeraj,

    I am traveling to Leh with my wife and no other company on our Royal Enfield in 3rd week of June this year. WIll you suggest doing this route considering traffic, road conditions? (I heard this route is in better shape and has some traffic as well, so not that desolate) –
    Nubra Valley – Agham – Shyok Village – Durbuk – Tangste – Pangong Tso (Lukung)

    If you dont suggest this route, then I will have to choose between Pangong and Tso Moriri. Which one out of these two has better road conditions and chances of finding help?

    And lastly, what do you suggest for the route from Tso Moriri to Pang via Sumdo-Tso Kar? I heard that except for the stretch between Sumdo and Tso Kar which is dirt track, most of the road is well tarred. What is the difficult level in Sumdo-Tso kar stretch? Is it same as the road condition we encounter after Batal towards Kaza in Spiti valley?

    • Hi Harshit,

      The route is less frequented but nowadays many travellers have started taking that route. Best is to make sure to wait at Agham village and others to join the convoy and leave to that route with other folks. It will give you a sense of safety and company. So, go with it but make sure people are tagging along with you.

      Yes, you have heard it correctly. Sumdo to Tso Kar is a bit rough else it is mostly good roads. Also last few KMs to Tso Moriri is not tarred too.

      • Ah then its not a difficult ride for me as it seems I faced the worst in Spiti. Even the road after Batal seemed a breeze to me 🙂

        Thanks Dheeraj. So do you suggest doing this route (Sumdo-Tso Kar-Pang) to reach Manali given my concerns of safety mainly? The road doesnt seem to be much of concern now. Do we get to see people or villages on the way or descent traffic?


    HI Dheeraj

    me and my friends have a plan to leave for ladakh on May 19th 2017 from Delhi via srinagar and return via manali.

    Do you have any posts/articles on the permits and passes that has to be taken to travel by car on this road.
    It would be very helpful if you could share it


    • If you all are Indians in the group, you do not need any permits to travel on this route now and only a self declaration form is required in Ladakh to travel to places like Nubra Valley, Pangong Tso and Tso Moriri following the conventional routes.

  3. Hi Dheeraj, Thanks a lot for your info.
    We are 3 guys planning to travel in Honda Jazz during 8 – 20 Sept 2016 (From Delhi and back).
    We are willing to cover any of these journeys (as per feasibility) that we missed during our last trip – Hanle, Tso moriri – Tso Kar, Pangong to Nubra, Nubra to Turtuk.

    Our tentative itinerary (overall route) draft is as follows:
    1. Manali to Leh. Leh and around.
    2. Leh to Hanle via Pangong – Chusul – Tsaga la – Loma.
    3. Hanle to Tso moriri via Loma – Nyoma – Mahe – Sumdo – Kiagar Tso.
    4. Tso moriri to Tso kar and back to Manali.

    1. Is the above route feasible in Honda Jazz, and can the permits be easily obtained?
    2. If Hanle is too ambitious in a Jazz, how about Pangong to Nubra and further to Turtuk?

    Please suggest. I am confused.
    Thanks and Regards,

    • Well, it will be difficult in Jazz with lower GC. Surely there will be challenges, especially the sand. The road from Nubra Valley to Pangong Tso will be toughest followed by Pangong Tso to Taga – Loma via Chusul. If you make the trip from Leh to Chumathang to Hanle, it shall be fine and doable in Jazz.

  4. Sunil kumar on

    Hello my name is Sunil. I am solo traveller on bike ride in June’s017 for 12-14 days. My dates are flexible.

  5. Shakti Singh on

    Hi Dheeraj,

    First of all thanx a ton for gathering and sharing this huge amount of priceless info here.

    Just to check on the difficulty level of a bike ride (Bajaj Avenger 220 cc with a pillion) on the following routes between 7th to 14th July 2016
    Leh to Nubra Valley & back
    Leh to Pangong Tso & back
    Nubra Valley to Pangong Tso (Zeel Patel mentioned in an above coment that the road is currently in good shape for an Enfield)

    Please advise on fuel availability & requirement also on the se routes along with distance.

    Thanks in advance !!

  6. Zeel Patel on

    Nubra Valley – Agham – Shyok Village – Durbuk – Tangste – Pangong Tso (Lukung).
    This route is in pretty good shape right now as i been through it on 15th of this month. It is in way more better condition then khardungla and changla pass and also road works were in progress on the way by BRO. Also their are refreshment places (restaurants) at Agham, Shyok and Durbuk and also two army cafe. It took us around 6 hrs on bullets to reach pangong including stopping for almost 1hr cumulative for photos and eating.

    • Pankaj Sharma on

      HI my dear frnd Zeel,

      nice to read your above update it shows you had a great time in God’s Own place Ladakh .
      Kidly suggest can we do Nubra Valley – Agham – Shyok Village – Durbuk – Tangste – Pangong Tso (Lukung) on 100 cc bike without pillion.


      • Pankaj Sharma on

        Ohh… Ya the most imp. do we need ILP for this (Agham – Shyok Village – Durbuk – Tangste )


        • Pankaj Sharma on

          Thank a Lot Dheeraj Bhai ..

          You are very helpful & prompt .. May God Bless u With lots of energy n best of Health

        • It is monsoon time in general up there in North and at some parts of Manali – Leh Highway (like before Baralacha La) and Srinagar – Leh Highway (like before Kargil) you might need to face monsoon hassles but once you get closer to Ladakh, then Ladakh being rain shadow region is least affected by monsoon rains, though rains does reach Ladakh now but to minimum and mostly it might remains overcast conditions. There is no thumb rule of certainty about weather conditions but above is generally common pictures seen over last few years except ugly 2010 …

          Please refer the link in our community: FAQ | Is Monsoon season good time to travel to Ladakh? for more details.

  7. Hi Dheeraj,

    I am following all ur blogs on Leh trip..But m pretty scared of Khardungla pass..I m planning to take local bus from leh to nubra..Is it safe?? Should i skip going to nubra cos of the dangerous pass?? Pls advice..m travelling alone..


  8. Hi DHEERAJ,
    Thanks a ton for this informative and detailed blog!!!
    We are family of 4 persons and travelling for first time to Leh in last week of May.
    We have planned most of things by reading your blog. Still to clear some doubts,we need your guidance for the following.

    Srinagar-Leh road

    1) Will we have any difficulty with Maruti Ertiga Petrol(1 year old) with GC 185(owned) for srinagar to leh road?
    2) can we get driver from Sonmarg to leh?


  9. Karan Bansal on

    Hi Dheeraj,

    We are a group of 5 friends. Have some experience of driving in Spiti Valley. We did Delhi – Shimla – Kaza – Manali – Delhi in 4 days. Please share your invaluable comments on the following itinerary for Ladakh in first week of June:

    Day 1: Delhi – Jammu
    Day 2: Jammu – Sonamarg
    Day 3: Sonamarg – Rangdum
    Day 4: Rangdum – Padum – Rangdum
    Day 5: Rangdum – Leh
    Day 6: Acclimatize , Local Sightseeing & Permits
    Day 7: Leh – Nubra Valley
    Day 8: Nubra – Wari La / Shyok – Pangong Tso
    Day 9: Pangong Tso – Leh
    Day 10: Leh – Hanle
    Day 11: Hanle – Sarchu
    Day 12: Sarchu – Manali
    Day 13: Manali – Delhi
    Day 14: Spare Day

    Is it advisable to do Shyok / Wari La & Zanskar in early June?
    Is there a slightest of possibility that we get through Meroo towards Hanle (in Zoomcar) and return back safely without facing taxi mafia issue?

    • Regarding Nubra Valley to Pangong Tso route, in order to take Nubra Valley to Pangong Tso via Shyok village, you need not need any permits. However, with such a small distance it appears tempting to be done BUT just to analyze the difficulty I will strongly suggest that you read:Trip Report | Nubra – Shyok Village – Pangong Tso Route. The report is from couple of year back in June & in July/August, most likely the route is washed away. Similar, reports are there from last year as well. So better confirm first, analyze the high risk involved and then only attempt it or better avoid it unless very much sure.

      Zanskar seems hectic to me and it will make you vulnerable to AMS for sure. Zoomcar, dont even think about it. Take your own car or some other car to park in Leh and then do rest of the trip.

  10. Hello Team,
    I am planing a trip from Delhi on 21st of May, will an Maruti RITZ make the trip ?

  11. Neelabh Chakravarty on

    First of all thanks for you valuable in puts for the del shimla nako tabo kaza losar manali delhi information which helped us to successfully comlete the circuit in oct 15. Five of us and my daughter did it with our Toyota liva.

    This time we are planning del Srinagar leh nubra manali delhi with my wife and 4 year old dauhhter only kindly advise

    1. If this circuit is tougher than our oct 15 circuit
    2 should we at all attempt it in mid june 16
    3 If affirmative tjan what are the places which should be avoided to ensure it a bit comfortable/ safe
    4 we shall go with the same car having a GC 169


    • Neelabh Chakravarty on

      First of all thanks for you valuable in puts for the del shimla nako tabo kaza losar manali delhi information which helped us to successfully comlete the circuit in oct 15. Five of us and my daughter did it with our Toyota liva.

      This time we are planning del Srinagar leh nubra manali delhi with my wife and 4 year old dauhhter only kindly advise

      1. If this circuit is tougher than our oct 15 circuit
      2 should we at all attempt it in mid june 16
      3 If affirmative tjan what are the places which should be avoided to ensure it a bit comfortable/ safe
      4 we shall go with the same car having a GC 169


      • Hi Neelabh,

        1. Almost of same difficulty.
        2. Mid June is fine, September for a sedan/hatch would have been perfect.
        3. You can check a very balanced and most common itinerary for Leh – Ladakh followed by many travellers including me at the link here for 13-14 days: Most Common Itinerary for Leh – Ladakh.
        4. Water crossings on Manali – Leh Highway will be biggest challenge.

  12. Hi Dheeraj,

    First of all thank you for the valuable details given by you on this post. It will make everyone’s journey very pleasant. I have few questions as i am planning to visit Leh by May last week. I will be travelling on my own car (Vento) with my daughter and wife. can i make my trip to below destination in my car:

    1. Leh – Southpullu – Khardung-la – Khalsar – Diskit – Hunder – Nubar Valley
    2. Nubar Valley – Hunder – Diskit – Khalsar – Agham – Tangyar – Wari La – Taktok – Sakthi – Chang La – Durbuk – Tangste – Pangong Tso

    And also can you suggest a good reasonable accommodation at both place Nubar Valley & Pangong Tso.


    • Well, with family, I will not recommend taking the Wari La route at all. it is a desolated route and if something goes wrong, there will be no help in miles of distance. You can check the nice, preferred list of accommodation options in entire Leh – Ladakh (Leh, Nubra Valley, Pangong Tso, Tso Moriri) including moderate (cheap budget hotels as well) in the series of articles starting on the link here

  13. Navendu Lad on

    Hi, will an Suzuki S-cross make the trip ? It does not have a 4×4 and GC is 180mm.
    Can I make it to Pangong Tso in June ?

  14. Hi Dheeraj,

    We are planning for a Leh-ladhak Trip by Air (Apr 14-Apr21)
    Need your advice on the below:
    1) Can we go to Nubra valley and Pangong lake on Bikes? will the road/Khardung La be open and driveable on Bullets?
    2) Will Accommodation be easily available in Nubra valley and Pangong? Will it be too cold to stay in Tents in the Nubra?

    Thanks in advance

    • Hello Raj,

      1. Most likely you will not be allowed by army to travel to Khardung La and Chang La on bikes as the conditions remain very skiddy when snow is there causing accidents for bikers. Hence, they stop allowing bikes when there is too much of snow. You should hire a taxi and then plan trip accross them
      2. Nubra Valley you will find basic home stays and camps running. In Pangong Tso, you should find Himalayan Wooden cottages running but it will be damn cold up at Pangong Tso in April.

  15. Dheeraj, we are a group of right guys from delhi(almost all bankers) who did lahaul-spiti in july 2014. The high point was chandrataal, where we took a dip and stayed the night at the tents there. We rode from delhi to manali and came back through shimla as one of us belongs from kotgarh. We have a tavera as a backup vehicle, along with a mechanic, which were hired from manali.
    Now the interested have increased. This time around we are almost fourteen guys as of now. We are passing to do leh laddaakh from 11 june too 26 june 2016. Earlier, we were planning to enter from manali and exit towards the srinagar route. Now, having read in your page that the better option is to enter from srinagar side, can you please advise the route? We have a fortnight on hand to ride and explore. Eleven of us will be riding, and three will be in tavera, the backup vehicle.

    • Well, Amar, coming from the roots of responsible traveller and leading this entire DoW Community on Responsible Travel principles, I DO NOT appreciate the fact that you camped at the banks of Chandratal which is legally banned. Chandratal is a Ramsar site of wetland reserve and no one can camp at Chandratal legally so as to protect the ecosystem there. I hope next time you guys will appreciate the nature and respect the rules to keep it as it is and not pave the path of spoiling it. Anywways coming to your queries:

      You can check a very balanced and most common itinerary for Leh – Ladakh followed by many travellers including me at the link here for 13-14 days: Most Common Itinerary for Leh – Ladakh.

      You can check the nice, preferred list of accommodation options in entire Leh – Ladakh (Leh, Nubra Valley, Pangong Tso, Tso Moriri) including moderate (cheap budget hotels as well) in the series of articles starting on the link here

  16. Hi Dheeraj,

    Great article, infact the whole DoW site is a boon for travellers. You guys have done a great job…

    I was planning the Delhi-Srinagar-Leh-Manali-Delhi bike trip with a few friends. I would be grateful if you can answer a couple of questions
    1. Above article is for travel within Leh by car. Do you have a similar guide / article for the same travel by bike?
    2. Most of the topics in this post are related to the road conditions inside Leh or around Leh only. What about the Delhi-Srinagar, Tso-Moriri – Manali stretch and the Manali-Delhi raods? Are they so much safer in comparison that its not even a consideration when planning a Delhi-Leh-Delhi bike trip?

    Please point to the relevant article on DoW, if available.
    Since we will be starting from Calcutta, I request for your answer as soon as possible so we can book the tickets and plan the rest of the trip.

  17. Hi Dheeraj

    Thx 4 ur insights !indeed helpful for all esp ist timers to leh like us.
    We r planning a trip as follows n intend to take our pet Labrador w us
    So is it feasible to bring him along or u anticipate any problems in acclimatization or stays etch
    15 -23Aug 2015
    Day1arrive by train in udhampur 4am on 16th
    hire a xuv for udhampur to leh via srinagar 6am to 6pm
    Overnight stay in kargil

    Day 2
    Kargil to leh arrive by noon
    Relax to acclimatize ;local SS by local cab?? mandatory??

    Monasteries circuit in leh zanskar confluence mag hill rafting n 2-3hr small trek if possible n tibetan markets

    leh to nubra
    ON in nubra

    Nubra to pangong lake
    ON in pangong

    Pangong to hemis

    Hemis to keylong
    ON in keylong

    Keylong to kalka train @11pm

    Reach Delhi day8 by 6am

    Qs for u
    are timelines realistic n comfortable or r we overdoing it
    n is it a feasible or doable plan??
    Road conditions ??esp from nubra directly to pangong lake ???
    Want it to be not very taxing but also should be able to cover most .

    Awaiting ur inputs n advice eagerly
    Thanks in advance

    • Hi Shilpi,

      I am not really sure how dogs act to high altitude. Regarding timelines, well, it seems a bit hectic. Also, you need to check if Wari La is open or not to reach Pangong tso from Nubra. Also, note that this route is quite desolated so any help if required will not be available in miles. Apart from that last day of Keylong to Kalka can become too long due to rain hassles.


      • Hi Dheeraj
        Thx a lot for ur reply.
        I thought so too so do u suggest udhampur kargil leh nubra leh pangong hemis keylong kalkaa better option? and is there any site that gives updated road status and conditions on a daily basis ? could u suggest some good reliable taxi operators in udhampur & leh from whom we can hire a 4×4 suv? also w the news reg local taxi mafia will it be better if we hire a suv in 3 laps i.e. udhampur to leh then leh local cab n finally hemis to kalka ?

        • Yes, that will be a better option. Daily basis no but we do update all major road blocks for sure in the community threads of Manali – Leh road and Srinagar – Leh road. Sorry no idea on 4×4 hire but normal SUV check the link here. In case you are on taxi all is fine. In case you are on self driven rented car not a private car then is the issue

  18. Ishan thakur on

    Hii dheeraj

    I am planing for leh for 10 days
    I want to cover almost all famous spots like nubra valley pangong lake tos moriri
    But problem is that i have fiat punto active 1.3 diesel is it suitable for all routes

  19. Hey Dheeraj,

    Very Glad to see such valuable information in DoW site.

    Salute Man 🙂

    Need some valuable feedback from you.

    I was planning a Trip to Leh-Ladakh from Bangalore .

    24th August to 4th Sept 2015

    Air tickets are Booked already (5 people including myself)

    We are booking Mahindra Scorpio . ( Zoomcar )

    Rough Plan:

    23rd Night Reach Delhi i.e 24th Early morning start from Delhi Airport ( Renting Zoomcar ).
    24th – Udampur Halt
    25th – Kargil Halt
    26th – Reach Leh ( Leh Halt )
    27th – Get permits if necessary in Leh and sightseeing ( Leh Halt )
    28th – Head towards Kardunga La and reach Nubra Valley ( Night Halt )
    29th – Head towards Pangong Lake (NIght Halt)without going to Leh ( May be Via Shyok ) Not decided yet
    30th – Head from Pangong Lake to Tso Moriri Lake ( NIght Halt ) – to be decided ( either in Tso Moriri or Sarchu )
    31st – Head towards Spiti Valley ( from Sarchu ), night halt @ spiti
    1st – Head towards Manali ( Sight seeing and Night Halt )
    2nd – Leave Manali head towards Delhi
    3rd – By Evening / Night we should be in Delhi.

    1.How is the Schedule ? is it ok ? This is my first Time 🙂 🙂
    2. You have mentioned so many Tips for Car Self driving especially taking for Spare ones such as Engine Oil, coolant, Towing Cable , etc so i dont know whether Zoomcar will provide any extra spares apart from tools provided by Manufacture .
    [ reply from Zoom : Necessary tool kits (as provided by the vehicle manufacturer) is always available in the vehicle, we also provide RSA (Road Side Assisatance) in case of any breakdown or vice versa ]
    3. Since it is rented , we need to Buy Jerry CAN too , which was also denied by Zoom Car, so where can i find in Highway from Delhi to Udampur ) . Any idea how much does it costs ?

    Please let me know if there has to be any change in the plan or any inputs do the Journey Wonder.

    I will be waiting for your response.

    Thank you,


  20. Hi
    I am travelling (XUV500) from Manali to Leh on 7th Jun 2015, please suggest how to get pass/permit from manali to rohtang/Leh.
    Is there any limit for cars, if so please suggest a tip how to get pass to be sure to leave early morning from Manali to Leh.

    • Saurabh, private vehicles going beyond Rohtang Pass will most likely to be exempted by this rule. However, Manali – Leh Road is not opened yet and will open only by 15th June, it will take a week or two for it to settle down.

  21. Hi Dheeraj,

    thank you for all the great information .

    3 of us are planning a trip from Srinagar – Leh / Ladakh – Manali.
    So we wanted to knw :
    * if we can rent bike from Srinagar and drop it off in Leh?
    * can we cover all the major places like nubra valley, pangong tso , tso moriri , sham valley etc on bike ?
    * will we be able to cover all this in 10 days ?


  22. Hi All There,

    I alongwith my 4 friends have planned Delhi to Leh ladakh ,we have hired a xuv500 which we will drive down there. Anybody with any tips, information ,suggestion ,past experiences , some essentials would be a great help.


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