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Rohtang Pass Rules & Restriction of Vehicles – Demystified

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Over the past 2-3 months in 2015, there has been hues/cries all around Manali on Rohtang Pass Rules & Restriction of Vehicles followed by the NGT order of restricting total number of vehicles going from Manali to Rohtang Pass to 1000 only. A series of event took place questioning the NGT order passed in February 2015 which restricted the number of vehicles going to Rohtang Pass to 1000 only and also posed a hefty congestion charges too. From indefinite strikes to moving to supreme court to protests all over in Himachal, taxi union did all they can not leave any stone unturned. However, the messages were strong and clear from the NGT to favour the ecology of Rohtang Pass which was getting destroyed by the pollution of vehicles over considering any kind of review petitions or hues or cries of the locals. The ecology of Rohtang Pass is getting destroyed with the huge number of vehicles going to Rohtang Pass in season time and hence the step was required before the snow gets vanished from the Glacier. There were couple of review hearings and intermediate decisions taken place up to last hearing of 8th June 2015 and in case you want to have a quick look on the series of event, please refer DoW Community thread: Updates on Diesel Vehicles Ban on Rohtang Pass. I will try to summarize the rules and restrictions finalized as of now in the sections of article below.

Rohtang Pass Rules & Restriction of Vehicles
Rohtang Pass Rules & Restriction of Vehicles

Rohtang Pass Rules & Restrictions for Petrol – Diesel Vehicles & Congestion Charges

The upper cap relaxation has been banned now for Rohtang Pass and now no vehicles including petrol and diesel are banned to go to Rohtang Pass from Manali for tourist activities. Now, tourists can only visit Rohtang Pass from Manali in state run public and tourist buses as they will only be allowed to travel to Rohtang Pass from Manali. Lahaul – Spiti and Leh – Ladakh based vehicles are exempted from this rule and should continue to follow the permit process as defined for them. Along with the vehicles, the NGT tribunal has also banned horse-riding, snow-biking, paragliding and plying of snow scooters at Rohtang, Solang and Marhi and also ordered closure of eateries and kiosks. You can read more about this news here

Following is the summary of Rohtang Pass Rules & Restriction for Rohtang Pass bound vehicles for tourist purposes, that is, the vehicles going only to Rohtang Pass from Manali for tourism purposes.

  • An upper cap of 1000 vehicles allowed per day at Rohtang Pass has been enforced out of which 600 Petrol and 400 Diesel. Now, tourists can travel in public buses only run by government to Rohtang Pass as all tourists vehicles going to Rohtang Pass are banned now.
  • Among these 1000 vehicles, there is a split of 725 Himachal Vehicles, 275 Non Himachal with the split of 60%:40% for petrol and diesel respectively. No longer valid as all vehicles are banned for Rohtang pass except govt. run buses.
  • Public transport buses are also included in the restricted number of vehicles. There are about 14-15 HRTC buses available for Rohtang Pass in case one is interested to travel up there by booking tickets at HRTC Bus Stand at Manali.
  • There will be Congestion charges which need to be paid of Rs 1000 for petrol, Rs 2500 for diesel and Rs 5000 for a vehicle of capacity more than five. This congestion charge has been exempted as of now until 3 July 2015.
  • Permits are available in advance at tourism office in Manali and also at Manali taxi union office.
  • At Manali taxi union office, permits are mostly given to taxis. Tourists with personal cars or outside Himachal cars should approach to Tourist Office in Manali.
  • As per latest reports after NGT order of 6th July, bikes will not be exempted too.
  • As of now, Rohtang Pass is open for tourists on Tuesday as well but it is always suggested that you check the status of vehicles going to Rohtang Pass on Tuesday at Tourist Information Center before you go up there.
  • Gulaba Checkpost opens at 6 AM and remains open all 7 days a week including Holidays. So, you can get the permit by paying Rs 50 congestion fees as of now up there to go to Rohtang Pass until the high congestion charges are enforced back again in July.

Rohtang Pass Permits for Vehicles Going Beyond Rohtang Pass to Leh or Lahaul – Spiti

Following is the summary of Rohtang Pass Rules & Restriction for Rohtang Pass beyond vehicles, that is, the vehicles going beyond Rohtang Pass from Manali to Leh – Ladakh, Lahaul – Spiti Valley.

  • First of all, there are no permits or restrictions or fees required to be paid by vehicles coming from Northern side of Rohtang Pass, that is, vehicles coming from Leh or Lahaul – Spiti does not need any permits or has any restrictions as such. Hence, if you can best is to drive from Srinagar side to Leh – Ladakh and Shimla side to Lahaul – Spiti. It will help in acclimatization and also save you lots of hassles of this rohtang pass permit issue.
  • All vehicles which are going beyond Rohtang Pass are exempted from the rule of vehicle restrictions to Rohtang Pass bound vehicles and high congestion fees for Rohtang Pass Vehicle as detailed in above section of the article.
  • Hence, if you are going beyond Rohtang Pass to Leh – Ladakh or Lahaul Valley or Spiti Valley or Pangi Valley and taking any vehicle (diesel vehicle not older than 10 yrs), be it Himachal registered or outside Himachal registered, you can travel there without the restrictions of 1000 vehicles.
  • However, you need to get an affidavit created from/nearby SDM Office in Manali which might cost you around Rs 150(initially affidavit was required but now guess only undertaking) undertaking made at SDM Office by showing some confirmation voucher of bookings up there in Leh – Ladakh or Lahaul Valley or Spiti Valley or Pangi Valley. Earlier an affidavit was required but now only undertaking is required whose format is available at a shop near SDM office. The undertaking states that which destination you are traveling.
  • The documents required to be produced are pollution certificate, vehicle registration certificate and driving license of driver.
  • It is also suggested that you ask a scanned signed copy of slip or vouchers from your hotel in Leh – Ladakh or Lahaul – Spiti and do not rely on online booking details because as per notices in office there online bookings will not be valid.
  • This affidavit undertaking will be used to issue the permits one day in advance at Tourist Information Center at Mall road in Manali to cross Rohtang Pass.
  • You need to deposit your documents from 10 AM to 1 PM to get the permits and permits can be obtained from the office from 3 PM to 5 PM. Please refer below screen for notices.
  • At Gulaba Checkpost, each vehicle having the permit is required to pay Rs 50 congestion charges as per the rule from previous year.
  • Tourist Information Center is open all seven days a week including Sundays and Holidays from 10 AM to 8 PM.
  • Vehicles are not allowed to go beyond Palchan without permits and in case you reach at Gulaba before 5.30 AM, you may be challaned.
  • As per current updates, As per latest reports after NGT order of 6th July, bikes will not be exempted too. To obtain the permit bikers will also have to fill the undertaking and submit it along with copy of documents mentioned above and submit it at the SDM office. Permits to bikers will be given free of cost as per last updates.
  • One can contact at 094180-22828, Sh. Rattan Gautam Deputy Director, Tourism and Civil Aviation Kullu at manali: 01902-250221, 01902-252175.

Falgun who completed the trip in July 2015, writes here:

Those who are going from Manali…Permission from SDM office in manali is must or else Bro person Will sent you back…collect the form and fill it up submit it to SDM office and finish procedure….You need document of your car..Also don’t forget pollution check certificate require at many barriers on the way..There is one place in manali kullu road near Piccadilly hotel who do this pollution check…
Form submit timing at SDM manali is 1 in morning and collect your Permit between 3pm to 4 pm same day…

Rohtang Pass Timings 2015

At present, there are timings to visit Rohtang Pass. Tourist vehicles would be allowed to go to the Rohtang Pass only from 6 AM to 12 noon from the Gulaba check post and they would not allowed to stay there beyond 4 pm. Timings are mostly relaxed from July onward as the peak season ends in June and tourist rush in Manali town fades away.

Notices of Rohtang Pass Rules

You can find below the notices put up there in Manali by the administration. Thanks to Harsimran Singh Grewal ji for sharing these notices with all of us. IN case, you happen to find any further notices or format of the undertaking or anything related to permit process, please do share it here so that more people can have hassle free transit to Leh from Manali.












So, much to the relief of lovers of mountains beyond Rohtang Pass, it is apparent that you do not need to go through the messy hassles of Rohtang Pass permit issue in case you want to go to Leh or Lahaul – Spiti Valley. However, you will have to have some bookings done in Leh or Lahaul – Spiti Valley and spare at least half a day in Manali to get the affidavit done. Those who are coming down from Rohtang Pass to Manali direction does not need to have any affidavit or permit. Hence, much better relief going by the horrid experiences of people seeking the permit to visit Rohtang Pass.

I believe all this is one more reason to choose Srinagar – Leh Highway over Manali – Leh Highway while going to Leh – Ladakh including the 5 Reasons to choose Srinagar – Leh Road over Manali – Leh Road. Having said all that, things might improve as the season or main tourist rush resides by end of June. There may be relaxations on some things or at least the hassles one is facing today.

If you have any update or in case I missed something about the Rohtang Pass rules & restriction of vehicles, please update in the comments section below as it will really help others planning their trip to Rohtang Pass and beyond to Leh – Ladakh, Lahaul – Spiti Valley.

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  1. Hello Dheeraj,
    I’m visiting Manali on 7-Jun-2017 and planning a visit to Rohtang in my own Car? What is the process this year? Is it online or offline from SDM office?


  2. Hi,
    my plan is to ride over rohtang pass, travel to sissu or chattru and camp. As I will not be making any stay reservation, how do i go about the process? the official site does not mention about any undertaking and offers an option to pay the CONGESTION FEES online. I will rent a bike from manali the previous day. it would be really helpful if you could clarify the whole process. Thank you in advance.

    • I do not think you require the reservation anymore since the permit is now online. Regarding bike on rent, I think you will have to apply the permit after taking the bike only as vehicle details are mandatory.

      • Thank you. So the online congestion fee that we pay is the only thing required right. So after renting I just have to pay the congestion fee online and have its receipt to ride through rohtang. No offline manual process and affidavit right.

  3. hello dheeraj sir,
    we are 3 friends and planning for ladakh from manali side in june . we have 3 motorcycles and i have a motorcycle model 2006 but ridden only around 26k km ,i bought this motorcycle just for my we need a permit for rohtang pass. If yes, is there any issue to get the permit about motorcycle age like car and buses ,

    • Yes, you will need the permit for the vehicles to cross Rohtang Pass from Manali side. I am not sure about the age because last heard it was restricted to 10 yrs but that was just commercial vehicles. I am not 100% sure on it.

  4. Hello Dheeraj,

    When is the best time to visit Rohtang?
    Im planning to visit Shimla-Manali in Jan 2017, Is this the ideal time?
    Kindly advise


    • Chandru, the road to Rohtang Pass will be closed during the time of winters and you will be allowed up to Gulaba snow point about 32 KMs from Manali towards Rohtang Pass. Rest of the route will be blocked due to tons of snow.

  5. Hi Dheeraj,

    Thank u for all your updates and ur quick ans I just have a simple question I’m planning to travel to spiti via manali along with my parents n 7yr old son on 13th October 2016 want to know will there be any acute AMS problem n how to deal with it.

    I spoke to SDM office from the numbers shared by u regarding permit they say we can obtain it from SDM office before 5pm same day for travel next day by 6am is it true???? Bit confused about permit thing as we hired a HP registered Innova with local driver.please help

    • Hi Shweta, sorry for being late. In case you have hired a taxi, he should be able to get you the permit to cross Rohtang Pass. You can apply the permit when you reach up there and they should be able to give you permit for that day as well as next day.

  6. Shamroz shahid on

    Hi dheeraj, your blog is superb.
    I have a query.
    Me and my friend is completing the Spiti vally circuit starting from shimla towards manali.
    My query is do i need a permit and gulaba check point is open till what time in the eveing for people coming from Spiti. Since i will be crossing rohtang and gulaba for reaching manali. By what time shall we reach rohtang or gulaba in the evening so that we may enter into manali without facing any trouble.
    Thankx in advance.

  7. Hey ,
    We are a group of 8 planning to visit in 1st week of October. We’ll be hiring a Tempo Traveller from Chandigarh to visit Manali. Would we get the permit to take it to Rohtang pass for or there are some restrictions ?
    What other ways are there to visit Rohtang pass ? Also, if we fail to get the permit , how far can we go via our traveller ?

  8. Altamash Khan on

    Sir , I am a student completed my +2 this year will get my driving liscence in a week .though I am an experienced rider have 5+ years of riding experience
    I intend to travel from Patna , Bihar to Khardung-la with some friends riding solo on our personal bikes

    #is there some mandatory mods that has to be made in our rides that are checked at checkpoints.?
    #What is the best route after reaching Delhi to Khardungla that covers most beautiful locations on the way
    #will it be better to visit khardungla before crossing Rohtang pass or cross Rohtangpass njoying manali scenes after khardungla ?
    wats the preferred route?
    #Is it possible to reach Khardungla top on our personal bikes?
    #what will be the estimated cost of the entire trip including fuel cost per solo riding person

    I will be really thankfull if u answered all my questions briefly for we are still too young to know a lot about this Thank u…

  9. Ishant Sharma on

    Dear Dheeraj Sharma,

    First of all thanks for writing!! It’s been a great pleasure reading your blogs and suggestions. Me and my friend are planning a Spiti round trip from shimla back to shimla. We would like to go from rohtang side but there is a slight confusion after reading all your blog and comments. Do we only need undertaking or we have to show the hotel booking voucher…..what if we like to book hotels locally when we reach Spiti valley…like negotiating with owner or a village homestay??

    Please reply me sir….I’d be really feel obliged.

    Thank you

    • Yes Ishant, at times they do ask for some booking slips but mostly are OK as there is a fine on coming back from Rohtang Pass without stamping of permit. So, you can go ahead without booking slip or make one from the internet in the form of acknowledgment slips. If required, show them,.

  10. Puneet Gupta on

    Hi Dheeraj,

    We are reaching to Manali on 21/08/2016 late evening and planning to move to Leh on 22/08/2016 by rented Scorpio (Diesel and Delhi Registration).

    My itinerary is like below:

    22/08/2016: Manali to Sarchu/Jispa
    23/08/2016: Sarchu/Jispa to Leh
    24/08/2016: Leh to Lamayuru return and local sightseeing
    25/08/2016: Leh to Nubra Valley till Turtuk village
    26/08/2016: Nubra Valley to Leh
    27/08/2016: Leh to Pangong
    28/08/2016: Pangong to Leh
    29/08/2016: Leh to Tso Moriri
    30/08/2016: Tso Moriri to Sarchu
    31/08/2016: Sarchu to Manali

    As you said in your earlier threads that we have to take permit from SDM office in Manali by submitting the documents in the morning a day in advance.

    1. Kindly suggest is there any way-out, if possible to save the day at Manali for permit as I am reaching late evening…
    2. As we cannot use this vehicle in Leh, we have to rent local vehicle in Leh from 24/08/2016 to 28/08/2016, Will I be able to use my rented vehicle (Delhi Registered) on 29/08/2016 as we will be directly moving towards Manali from Tso Moriri???
    3. Suggestion on the itinerary…

    Thanks in advance

    • Hi Puneet,

      1. I dont think so unless you get hold of some travel agent who can do it for you anc of course charge for it.
      2. There is a checkpost at Tso Moriri as well for the same. I will suggest that while hiring the taxi, you ask the taxi union guys to help you with that and they might get you the pass. If you have that pass, you will be allowed else you have to tweak the itinerary.

      Also, I see there is no rest day in leh after reach Leh and you are going directly to Nubra. This may cause severe AMS issues, it is highly recommended that you sleep night in Leh more before heading to nubra valley

      • Puneet Gupta on

        Hi Dheeraj, Thank you very much for your suggestions… We are staying in Leh on 24/08 before heading towards Nubra Valley….

        I need 01 more suggestion, please if you don’t mind…

        If I go through Srinagar (no stay)… will take halt at Patnitop then will move directly to Dras using Ladakh Srinagar Highway directly (will not stop between Badamibagh Cant and Soura Police station… arnd 11.4 KMS)….., will it be safe to cross Srinagar through this route on 20/08/2016 or 21/08/2016….

        Thanks in advance…

        • Puneet, please keep a check on the situation in Kashmir and then take a call. If it remains settle for couple of weeks at least, then only travel through that route. Also, Patnitop to Sonamarg seems more realistic to me.

        • Hi Puneet,

          I had the same permit issue..I was reaching manali on sunday and on sunday SDM office will be opened for permit till 12 at noon only.
          You can contact in following number for getting the permit in advance.

          I hope it would help you.


  11. abdul nazim on

    hello dheeraj
    we are planning for srinagar to ley to manali
    any permissions are require for this route from ley to manali via rohtang
    whether diesel vehicles of more than 10 year old can be used for this route.

  12. Hi Dheeraj,

    We are planning to ride to Leh via Manali on 20th July, I read some where that on every Tuesday Rohtang Pass is closed. Is it closed for local sight seeing or for travelers going ahead to leh as well?
    How will be rush for Bike Permits to cross Rohtang Pass during this period? Can we get permit and move ahead to leh same day?

    Also please suggest places(area) we can take stay for night halts on Leh highway.

  13. hi dheeraj,

    I am planning to visit manali in September.

    1) is it the good time to visit?
    2) i am planning to take a bullet for rent from manali for sight seeing,is it advisable?
    3) Is it allowed to travel all the places in manali by bike?
    4) bikes are allowed to rohtang pass and solang valley?
    5) 3 days are enough for the visit?

    Appreciate if you could answer the above queries..

  14. Hi Dheeraj,
    We are 4 friends planning to trip from Mahali-Leh-Ladakh-Kargil-Srinagar in our one year old own car.
    My question is if we get online permission and if we are unable to reach the same day so what we can do or is it possible to take permission for extra one day or is there any fine if we take permission and did not travel. Also please suggest on our plan, we are first time traveller. We read most of the links on your web but still confuse or not desiding the route from Manali.
    Can you please help us for Route and location to saty we have 12 days in hand for Manali-Leh-Srinagar.

      • Hello Dheeraj, We are 6 of them coming from Bangalore in bikes in month of July. We will be coming to Leh Via Srinagar so do we need to take permits. Please kindly let us know.

        2. Is Yellow Board bike allowed if we are bringing from Karnataka?

        3 Or Can we hire bike in Delhi? What would be the cost?

        Kindly please elaborate on this as i am pretty confused on this as i am only person hiring.

        Thank you.

        • 1. You do not need any permits if you are traveling in that direction
          2. No, outside rented bikes will not be allowed for sightseeing in Ladakh but yes can be used to reach it and then exit it.

      • Thank you so much Dheeraj for the reply so in that case i can take yellow board bike but when i am there i have to park it and thn i have to hitch a ride for sightseeing? We will be in Ladakh region for totally 5 days. See our plan is to go via Srinagar > Kargil > Leh > Manali. So, i can enter via Srinagar and exit in Manali rite? There wont any problem?

        • Yes, either hitch a ride or rent a bike from Leh town. Yes, you can enter from Srinagar side and exit from Manali side without any permit or issues.

      • Vikas Niwad on

        Hello Dheeraj,

        We are 2 people travelling from manali to Leh next week on rented bike , do we need permit from SDM office to cross rohtang pass ??


  15. Hi Dheeraj,

    If permit not available / rohtang pass closed, till what location we may go upto. Can we go to Gulaba / Marhi without permit?



  16. Rajashekar on

    Hey Dheeraj,
    Will I be able to travel past Rothang Pass, enroute to Leh, on my 1987 model Royal Enfeild Standard 350?
    Thanks in advance,

  17. Vinu Patil on

    Hi Dheeraj,

    As we friends of 5 to 6 members are planned to go Manali-Leh and back to Leh-Manali on bike from 19th June. And we are coming from Bangalore,

    1) So do we get rental bikes in Manali and how much will be the cost per day?
    2) We should only have to get permits over Rohtang Pass or Bike rental owners will provide us?
    3) Do permits need at Leh for sightseeing from rental Bikes?

    • Hello Vinu,

      1. Yes, rentals bike are their available in Manali. You can get them at 1100-1300 per bike
      2. You have to get the permits done yourself
      3. No permits required in Ladakh if all are Indians and these outside rented bikes will not be allowed for sightseeing in Ladakh

  18. Nikhil Kakade on

    i want to visit spiti valley on 21st June 2016. i have online booking of a hotel in spiti valley. what i need to do?? do i need to take permission of any short? if yes please let me know the procedure and documents needed.

    • Yes Nikhil, you have to show that online booking along with valid Driving Licence, Car Registration and Pollution Control certificate in Manali SDM office to get the permit to cross Rohtang Pass

  19. Shakti Biswal on

    Hi Dheeraj,

    Your help is a lifeline for people who haven’t been anywhere close to Manali. Would just like a clarification on the permit needed for non-HP diesel Innova for travelling to Leh from Manali. I just need to get the permit from SDM office? Is there no way to get the same permit online? Also please let me know about the Pollution check the vehicle needs to undergo.


      • Thanks Hartej!! I was able to get a permit 🙂

        The website has limited pay Netbanking payment options (No private banks in that list), I used the Debit Card/Credit Card option in which when using mastercard the transaction kept failing but it went through with the visa card.

        Thanks again.

  20. Rajiv Chawla on

    Hello Sir,
    We are 8 adults and 9 children ( among these 4 children are under 4) having a force tempo traveller travelling from haryana to manali.

    1)Can we go to rohtang with our tempo traveller if we will be able to get online permit ? As we wish to travel on 29 may 2016

    2) Is the any restriction on BS3 emission vehicle as tempo traveller is in BS3 seg. however it is registered in april 2016

    3) What will be total amount we have to pay to go to rohtang pass

      • Sir, despite reading through your well written article I am still confused about the permit. Request please clarify the following :-

        1. Is the permit that is available online through meant to visit Rohtang pass or cross it towards Leh?

        2. If the permit obtained online just for visiting Rohtang then it means that I have to reach Manali before atleast 1200h to be able to apply physically for the permit to cross , at the SDM office. Pl confirm.

        • Ravi Tyagi on

          At present the permits issued online are only for people going to Rohtang Pass for toursim purpose only and not beyond.
          However if you need to go to beyond rohtang pass (lahaul Spiti or Leh) then you can get permit to cross rohtang pass just 1 day in advance from SDM office and that to after physical submission of a form, Your Vehicle Registration Copy, Driving License Copy and PUC copy.

  21. Hi dheeraj,

    I will be visiting manali soon and i want to visit rohtang pass.are there any restrictions or permits required for that?i’ll be coming with my own diesel car

  22. i I’m travelling with family on 29 May, 16 for Manali & I want to evade Rohtang on 30thMay,16 but I’m confussed how I could get Permit for Rohtang. I have Maruti Swift Dezire (Desiel) Can I get it 2morow ?

  23. Raman Goyal on

    Hi Dheeraj,

    We are planning to rent a traveller from Delhi to Manali in first week of June. Will that traveller be allowed to go till Rohtang Pass and Solang Valley and should we get permit for it online via the given link?
    Or as it a rented vehicle (we will be hiring a driver too), we can only go to Rohtang pass in Manali taxis or government buses?

    Also, do you know that if Rohtang pass is closed or open now, as it was closed on 7th May weekend?


  24. Hi Dheeraj,
    Thank you so much for the detailed info.
    I am planning to travel with my husband on 27-28 may 2016.
    V have our own diesel car. We are going to manali and wish to travel on the manali-rohtang highway, though not till rohtang.
    All I want to know is till what point a non-hp diesel car is permitted.

  25. Pramod Satpute on

    Mr. Dheeraj Sharma ji

    I am planning to come from leh to manali by bike so i need any permit ?

    Please give me advice.

    Actually my route is ambala – Srinagar – Kargil – Leh – Pang – Keylong – Manali – Ambala.

    So above said route i need any permit ?

    Please tell me

    Thanks & Regards

    Pramod Satpute

  26. Ibrahimsha on

    Hi, i will be travelling to manali by may 20th. I would like to know if the Rohtang pass is opened for tourists and we are not in our vehicles, so how to get there? Do we need any sort of permit?

    Please help!!


    • Well, if you want to visit just Rohtang Pass, then you cant visit it because it has been banned for tourism from this year onward. You can cross it and go beyond Rohtang Pass to see what is there over it.

      • Ibrahimsha on

        Hi Dheeraj,

        Thanks for your reply.

        I am planning to visit Spiti valley via Rohtang pass. What is the best transport option we have and best time(morning or evening) to travel?


        • Best is always a hired taxi that stops based on your wish but it comes with a cost. You should leave as early as possible in the day to enjoy the route.

  27. Aditya Pratap Singh on

    Hi ..

    I would like to travel to leh in mid June . We have a group of 9 .so we are planning to take 2 cars (toyota fortuner) & ( mitsubtsi pajero) .both are less than 10 ys old.& both are diesel

    1)What all papers would i require to cross Rohtang .of owners and cars specifically?
    2)is it practically possible to cross rohtang without wasting a whole day in manali .(use cash)?
    3)suppose i complete all the papers as you have mentioned. SDM …pollution certifacate…ownership documents…booking in leh ..then also would the limit of 500cars / day (diesel)apply on us .. If yes yhen at what time approximately should we leave manali to cross rohtang in the 1st 500 lot.

    • Aditya Pratap Singh on

      The above mentioned 2 cars are Delhi registered

      Suppose i take 2 petrol cars ..registered in delhi then would it make any difference

        • Hi Dheeraj, you mean to reach till Marhi, we do not need a pass?

          I have been following this thread for quite some time now and read in another comment that Rohtang pass is now banned for tourism purposes this year and we can only pass through it. 🙁

          I am on a 3-day trip to Manali. No interest in visiting Mall road and shopping. All I want is snow, scenic beauty and solitude.
          Please suggest. We have our own diesel car and budget is just okay. We would prefer to take car, wherever possible but are open to hire taxi or take a bus

  28. Hi deeraj
    We were planing your trip 2
    We were going 2 take a zoom
    Car from delhi .. Mostly
    It will be diseal .. Scorpio .. Soo do dey give permision for self driven cars to
    Rotangpass ??
    We would be going rotangpass on 3rd of may

      • Anand Shivalkar on

        Hi Dheeraj,
        Anand here. You have mentioned above that diesel vehicles not older than 10 years are allowed, but now you say they are not. Can you please clarify ?

        • Anand, rules have changed and they have banned the travel to Rohtang Pass for tourism purpose completely. You can travel beyond Rohtang Pass to Lahaul, Spiti, Leh but not to Rohtang Pass.

  29. Anand Shivalkar on

    Hi Dheeraj, love your work.

    I am planning a trip to leh from 11th may from delhi. If we decide to go by rohtang we would be crossing it on 12th- 13th. So, here a few things i would like to clarify :

    1: do you think rohtang pass and leh manali highway will be open by the 13th of may ?
    2: Can all the formalities regarding the affidavit be completed online, meaning we do not have to spend half a day at manali ?
    3: We might not be making any reservation at ladakh since we plan to carry our own tent and stay on those, so we dont have a proof to provide them, then what can we do ?
    Thanks in advance

    • Hello Anand,

      1. With all the snow falling/pouring heavily in April, it has hampered the snow clearance operations badly. Snow is falling in foots which is very unusual, so I really doubt that Manali – Leh Highway will open by that time of the year.

      2. Well, they have started the Rohtang Pass permit online: How to get Rohtang Pass Permit Online. The link should be reenabled when roads will open.

      3. Process has changed a little bit as per online process.

  30. shankara555 on

    Hello Dheeraj,

    Hope you are doing good 🙂

    It would be great if you could answer me on the below points as internet is flooded with various reviews.

    1. I am travelling to Manali from 29th May to 31th May 2016. Is Rohtang pass closed on tuesday?
    2. I am hiring diesel car from chandighar. How likely will it be to obtain permit for diesel car, is it available via online? (I am paying the cab driver for this day also, he says if rohtang pass is not allowed for our car, i need to go by local car over there)
    3. Do we get permit for non-local cars? petrol or diesel?

    Pleaseeee suggest me, i need to visit Rohtang pass at any cost 🙂


    • Hello Shankar,

      1. Yes it does close on Tuesday but mostly traffice beyond Rohtang Pass is allowed to pass through it If you are goign only to Rohtang then will be closed.
      2. Yes available via online BUT I never saw any open slots for it last year

  31. Hi sir…. can permit is allowed for 12 seater tempo travellar of delhi regestered????
    How much permit charges for rohtang pass…????

    • Saahil, if the vehicle is going beyond Rohtang PAss, permit will be issued to you else just for Rohtang Pass and for diesel vehicle it is very very very hard to get it as most of the permits are booked always by local taxi union.

      • Thnks sir fr ur reply.Thnks sir for reply…..
        we will go only for rohtang pass for sightseen… not beyond rohtang…

        Sir plz help how can i get permitt for rohtang pass… we will there in manali on 16th may n 17th may for 2 days….

        Can we apply online from now to get permit….???
        becouse i read somewhere that local taxi union cost around 9k to 10k for only sightseen to rohtang pass for 12 seater tempo travellar..

        Any alternative option for rohtang sightseen…???
        we r 7 adult and 3 child.. if will require to book frm local taxi union, which whicle is sutable for us… is sumo, tavera like suv or tempo travellar

  32. Ashraf Choudhury on

    Hi Dheeraj,

    Any update on the pass required for bikes to travel Beyond Rohtang to Leh? I am planning a bike trip from Amritsar-Manali-Leh-Srinagar in June this year? Can you tell me which are the locations I will need a pass from this year onwards, or is the new rule only applicable for Rohtang Pass? How many days in advance can i apply for the online permit for travelling beyond Rohtang? Are there any limit to the number of bikes allowed to ply beyond Rohtang this year? Also what kind of booking details are required from Leh for the undertaking?

  33. Abhinandan on

    Hi Dheeraj, I’m planning to get my own bike and my question is it’s almost 13 year old. Will my bike be allowed to all the palaces?

    • Hmm, this will be tricky as if the condition of such a old bike is questionable then I will not take that bike because one mechanical failure caan leave you stranded for many hrs at high altitude which can sometimes be fatal too due to AMS at high mountain passes.

  34. Hello Sir
    You r providing very helpful information .Thanx for it.Sir I want to ask you that bikes with Utar Pradesh number are allowed for leh manali bike trip.Second thing at what time we are allowed to go beyond rohtang pass.And tha last one is thatDo we need any permission to visit rohtang pangong lake tso moriri and nubra valley

    • Yes Aditya, as long as bike is in your name or your father name, bikes are allowed in Ladakh. Else you can just enter Ladakh and park you bike in Leh town or hotel and then do local sightseeing in Ladakh in leh rented bike. Rohtang Pass or Manali – Leh Highway t be precise will open around early June to travel beyond Rohtang Pass. You have to go and rest in Leh for a day or two before going to any high altitude places like Tso Moriri or Khardung La for Nubra Valley

  35. Hi sir
    I wanted to vist rohtang 27-10-2015 on my bike, I could not get permission. I also could not find bike option in vehicle catagory . I would like to know is the the bike still permissible or not?

    • Amrik, the online permit for Rohtang Pass looks like in sad state. I am not sure why there is allowance on cars and not bike. They did ban the bikes going to Rohtang Pass but then it was with other tourism vehicles too. Only HRTC buses were allowed. Now they have opened in online permit for private cars and taxis with 1000 limit but not for bike, I am highly confused. Also, the quota of 400 diesel vehicles is all full for 7 days you see and only petrol vehicles quota is available. While in the other permit of traveling beyond Rohtang Pass I see that system shows the option of Bike too. Super confusing. Not sure how effective and helpful it is in such a state !!

  36. Visited Rohtang on October 19th. Few important things for those who want to self-drive.

    – Online permit can be availed only 7 days before your journey.
    – All diesel vehicles are already booked by tourist agencies from Manali, Delhi and Chandigar. Hence it is almost impossible to get permission. These agencies are booking permission in midnight so tourist can’t take their own vehicle. But most of the time these vehicle won’t appear at entry point because most of these permit go in vain.
    – Fortunately, Govt. agencies notice that and add additional rule that if vehicle which got permission doesn’t appear at entry point in Gulaba vehicle will be black listed for 7 days. It is done just few days back. This might take few days to come in affect.
    – Another way to go to Rohtang with self-drive is take permission of lahaul spiti instead of Rohtang. Go till Rohtang and go till Keylong (22 Km from Rohtang zero point) where lahaul spiti checkpost it there. Cross check post go another 4-5 Km and come back after sometime. Official will ask why you have returned give them some legit reason like “Not feeling well”.

  37. Hi Dheeraj,

    We are planning to go to Keylong from Manali via Rohtang pass and spend two nights in Keylong and return back to Manali.

    We would like to rent bikes and do the whole trip.

    A) First do we need to get permit as we are going to Keylong

    B) If permit is required does they give permit to Rented bikes

    C) Does permit required again when we come back to Manali

    Please help.

  38. Rahul datta on

    Hii dheeraj.. Can u tell me dat.. Bikes are allowed from rohtang pass..? Bcz i red dat no private diesel and petrol vehicle is allowed to pass from rohtang pass??

  39. Soumen Gomes on

    Hi Dheeraj,

    We will be arriving in Manali on 6th Sep ’15 (Sunday) by Bus from Delhi, and plan to hire a taxi from there and leave for Leh on 7th morning. Plan to halt at Jispa for the night.
    Please advice how shall we proceed with the paperwork for the permit.

    Also assuming that we reach Leh on 8th evening, we would have 9th – 12th to spend in Leh. We have our return flight on 13th morning.
    Need your suggestion to see how we could make best use of the 4 days we’ll be in Leh. We would love to visit both Pangong & Nubra Valley. Would that be doable in the 4 days assuming we rest and go around local sightseeing on day 1 (9th Sep) in Leh.

    Soumen Gomes

  40. adarsh2015 on


    I will be reaching Manali from Leh on 11th September by noon in HPTDC bus. My flight from Chandigarh is on 13th evening. I need to visit Rohtang Pass and do some local Manali sightseeing.

    So should i get down at Rohtang when i come from Leh or should i reach Manali, catch a shared cab/bus to Rohtang ?

    In both cases do i need a permit to visit Rohtang ?

    Apart from Rohtang are there any places in and around Manali i could visit in one and half days? Maybe if you could point me out a forum post where a manali sightseeing guide is published that would also be helpful 🙂

    • You do not need any permits for Rohtang Pass. The HPTDC bus will stop for sometime at Rohtang Pass to click some pictures. Just relax in Old Manali and spend sometime in cafes up there.

  41. Opher bendel on

    I have a 1975 bullet. Is there some way to cross rothang pass with it? What would happen if i tried to cross the pass without a permit?

  42. Hi Dheeraj, went through your posts. Quite informative. Lots of my doubts have already been quelled by going through your posts related to Manali, Rohtang, Lahual & Spiti valleys.

    I’m planning a family trip Delhi-Manali-kaza-manali-Delhi from 18- 23 Oct this year. Dates have been arrived at to accommodate my 12-yr old son who will be having school vacation that time.
    My specific queries are-
    1. Am I planning my trip too late in the year? Will the weather be ok and the routes to spiti valley will remain open.
    2. What is the best route to take for going to Manali from Delhi?
    3. Will it be ok to go from Manali to kaza in my i10 or should I hire a taxi from manali for going to kaza?
    4. To get a permit from Manali SDM office, do I have to submit papers related to hotel booking (at Kaza)

    • Hi Ravi,

      Good to know that Ravi.

      My specific queries are-
      1. It is a very tricky time to travel between Manali – KAza, very risky I will say. Even batal dhabha gets winded by mid of October 🙁 and it becomes a no mans land. I myself will not plan anything like that
      2. As of now route via Kiratpur – Bilaspur is fine.
      3. i10 will have many challenges and you must not love your car to travel from Manali – Kaza road 😀
      4. Sometimes they do ask to show the paper and sometimes they just let it go.



    One seat is avilable in our trip to Spiti valley (total 10 days) ,anyone interested, pls mail me, we are 5 malayalis from kerala. our trip start from trivandrum/cochin in 20th september.return , delhi to kerala on 1st october 2015. up/down Flight.We expecting total cost 25000 to 30000. emai: [email protected]

  44. Sayanaditya Bhattacharya on

    Hi Dheeraj,

    Please let me inform that, maximum how many passenger are allowed in a four wheeler preferably in a suv.
    Basically we are 8 persons in group.

    Thanking You

    • 8 people will be too much considering 3 in back 3 in middle and one in front which is 7 and too tight for long journeys. You will need to have tempo traveler or winger

  45. Sir i even have a small doubt, many people say that vehicles registered outside leh are not allowed to roam in leh… Is that restriction only for taxis?? I am taking my own vehicle which is bangalore registered, is it allowed inside leh?

    • Anup, if the car belongs to you or someone in the car present during that time or in relation to the people sitting in the car and you are carrying document to prove that car is personal and not a rented car, you are fine to travel without any fuss at all. Just ensure you are carrying all the papers to prove that car is personal and belongs to someone present in the car or to his/her family member.

  46. i mean to ask you, khardungla pass falls on the route of srinagar – leh highway or manali – leh highway???

  47. Hi Dheeraj, I was planing to go Manali / Leh first week of Sept. I am German, coming via Deli 1st of Sept. with my own Enfield registered in Maharashtra. Can I get the needed permits in Manali? It is not a rented bike, it is my own bike.

    • Hi Gunnar, Yes, as long as you can provide copies of the Driving License, Pollution Certificate and Registration Certificate RC of the bike, it should be fine to get permit from SDM office.

  48. Mr Dheeraj sharma, as we are plannin g for leh in sept, we thought of starting from srianagar and reach leh.. And return via leh manali road, i m travelling in my own diesel car. My question (1) A non Hp registered vehicle from leh to manali should also have to get permit to enter rohtang pass?. (2) on which route we can have visit khardungla pass. please clear my doubt as the 1st question i mentioned is no where mentioned in the rule..

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