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Rohtang Pass Closed for 2014 – 2015

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The brave efforts of BRO to keep Rohtang Pass, about 51 KMs from Manali, OPEN, will have to rest for next 5-6 months as inclement weather and heavy snow up there at Rohtang Pass is not favoring the conditions to traverse more on Rohtang Pass for this season of 2014-2015. Earlier, BRO braved that they will be fighting the weather up there at Rohtang Pass to keep the lifeline road to Lahaul Valley open at least up to December. However, it does not seems feasible due to amount of snow and inclement weather.

Rohtang Pass closed due to snow for 2014 – 2015
Rohtang Pass closed due to snow for 2014 - 2015

Rohtang Pass has been officially closed but rescue posts at Marhi and Khoksar will still be present for some time as locals of Lahaul Valley will still be risking their lives to cross by it over foot or in vehicles in order to fulfill their important daily needs. But, it is not recommended for the tourists to venture up there at Rohtang Pass under these risky conditions even if some taxi guys assures you to take you up there. I will request you all to take up a calculative risk in such situations and avoid traveling to Rohtang Pass from Manali just for the sake of fun now as it stands officially closed. In the past as well there have been major casualties where tourists have ignored the meaning of official closure of Rohtang Pass and still went up using one or the other false means. Some of them have even led to deaths of tourists. Hence, respect the nature and respect the decision of BRO in the name of your safety only. If something is closed officially, let is be closed until next season when it is safe to travel.

Snowfall at Manali or Snowfall at Rohtang Pass??

You will any how find ample of snow stock up there on the snow points of Marhi / Gulaba towards Rohtang Pass. It is always hard to predict snowfall as it depends on the luck and the weather on the day you plan to visit :)… For snowfall best bet is that, you keep the plan flexible and keep a check on weather updates on the day you plan to visit. But, yes of course there will be plenty of snow stock around Manali. So, if snow is the priority then there are no issues but for snowfall best bet is that, you keep the plan flexible and keep a check on weather updates on the day you plan to visit. The links here: Rohtang Pass, Kothi and Manali regions respectively can be helpful for you in tracking the weather updates of Manali and around. If it says rain/snow in Manali, or rains/snow at Kothi or snows at Rohtang Pass then expect snowfall at nearby snow points of Solang and Marhi/Gulaba etc. As far as snow is concerned, you will find plenty of snow out there.

Manali Local sightseeing which includes Hadimba Temple, Manu Temple, Mall Road, Local Monastery, Vashisth Hot Water Springs (never found it interesting) etc, Snow Points are at either at Solang Valley or Marhi/Gulaba on the way to Rohtang Pass and do check out Naggar Castle (stay at Naggar and enjoy the place if possible). If interested in more details on Manali including sightseeing places, accommodation options, food joints, etc you can go through the Manali travel guide available at the link here.

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  1. I am planing manali and rohtang pass in second week of November is way will open for rohtang pass

    • Mohit, officialy Rohtang Pass closes between last week of October to mid of November depending on the snowfall of the season. Snowfall has started and yesterday Lahaul – Spiti region received the snowfall. So, all will depend upon the weather in the coming days. Official closure means, no permits will be issues to cross Rohtang Pass and no rescue operations will be undertaken in case you get stuck up there.

  2. I am planning to visit manali on 4st Dec. 2016, raohtang pass will be open or not?? Please let me know

  3. i m planning to visit manali on 20 th july ,may i knw the weather conditions of rohtang pass in those days ,

  4. I am planning to go to manali & rohtang pas at the end of march 2016.
    please some body let me know that will the rohtang pass will open at that time

  5. Krishnendu Ganguly on

    I’m planning for a visit from Kaza to Manali in this October (2016). It’ll be extremely helpful if you can share what’ll be the condition of the roads during that time..

    • Roads will be fine during that time, best among the season with tamed water crossings BUT dont imagine it will be tarred road just that water will be less in water crossing rest it is just a river bed on which you drive always between Kunzum Pass to Rohtang Pass

  6. I am planning to visit manali on 1st Jan 2016, raohtang pass will be open or not?? Please let me know

    • Harry, Rohtang Pass is already closed for the season, however, you will be able to see lot of snow towards snow points of Marhi and Gulaba during this time of the year

    • As of now Rohtang Pass is open and will remain open up to 15th November as there is no offcial closure declaration too. In case it snows, then it might close for safety of the tourists.

  7. Naresh P. on


    Do you think it would be possible to travel from Kullu to Kaza on the 12th of this October and return on the 18th?
    I plan to travel by state bus or shared taxi if available.

    Does the Manali-Kaza road generally get closed at this time?

    Thanks for your help

    • Naresh, as of now the road to Kaza from Manali is open. But, risk is higher to travel on that road during that time of the year. Bus is running but as I sadi risk is higher. Do ensure weather updates to make a decision as in case of snowfall you can be trapped in no man’s land.

  8. Harry Singh on


    Me and my wife are planning to visit Manali on 9 Oct to 12 Oct and want to go to Rohtang pass as you said only govt buses are allowed. My queries are:

    1. Is it easy to get ticket of buses to Rohtang pass and are these buses take us to snow action point or not if not then how to reach and how much it cost us, what is the best time to take bus and best time to leave Rohtang Pass.
    2. Please tell any other places near Manali and specially how to reach that places if we have low budget. Do we have to hire bike or any other transport available
    3. Please tell the best places to cover in 2 days including Rohtang Pass and what we can do best.
    4. Please tell me where we can drink best Lughri in Manali and best dhabbas / restaurants to taste local food.

  9. thapasya pankaj on

    Hi. I am a student from coimbatore, tamilnadu.our department have planned a trip to shimla, kullu,manali during dussehra holidays. But I have heard some news regarding the closing of rohtang pass for tourists ,recently. Is it true ? And also will there be snow fall in October? Because everyone is in great excitement just to experience snow.

    • Pankaj, the Rohtang Pass is closed for tourist in personal vehicles. You can travel to Rohtang Pass in HRTC or HPTDC tourist buses however. Snowfall might depend upon your luck though unlikely.

  10. Hello. I am from delhi and planing Manali and rohtang pass trip on 1oct 2015 to 4 oct 2015. Will we be able to see any snow anywhere.

    • Shweta, only in case the snow fall happens during that time or around that time of your visit, then only possible else there wont be any snow at Rohtang Pass.

        • Shweta, in case you just want to visit Rohtang Pass then you are not allowed to take your car and can only travel in GOVT. buses. There was a upper cap of 1000 vehicles permitted but that has now been expired and no tourist vehicle is allowed to go to Rohtang Pass from Manali.

        • Thanks for ur instant reply

          I have already booked taxi for rohtang from the hotel which we will stay in manali.

  11. T.K. Surya Prakash on

    So, is Apr or May the right time to visit ? Which places do you suggest. Thanks for the help.

  12. T.K. Surya Prakash on

    I am from Bangalore, planning to visit Shimla or Manali with family in last week of Oct since the schools are closed due to Dasara holidays in Karnataka. Will we be able to see any snow anywhere since the purpose of this trip is to spend some time on a snow mountain ? The kids want to enjoy the snow. Kindly advise. Thanks for the help.

  13. Hi,

    I am planning for a trip to Shimla, Kullu, Manali & Rohtang Pass in 1st Week of Oct 2015. I want to know the following details before i do the booking.

    1. Will i get to see snow in Rohtang Pass, Gulaba in October 1st week?
    2. Will Rohtang Pass be opened in Oct 1st week?
    3. Will it be safe to travel with my kids of 5 Yrs & 2.4 Yrs and old parents in-laws of around 60 years of age ? My in-laws are healthwise ok.
    4. Will 7 Days be enough for this trip?

    Awaiting for your comments.


    Our main purpose for this trip is to see snow.

    • Hello Sima,

      1. No, snow will not be there at all. However, in case it snows that very day when you are there then might be possible only.
      2. Yes rohtang Pass will be open
      3. Yes, it is just a matter of day trip to Rohtang Pass so that shall be fine.
      4. 7 days will be more than enough. Better add Tirthan Valley too in the plan as Manali for 7 days will get boring.


      • Hi Dheeraj,

        Thanks for your reply. In that case i am planning to go during X-Mas & New year time. Will there be snow? Also can my parents will be able to bear the cold? Theya are around 60 years and not with much health issues. Will 4 days in Manali be enough and 2 days in Shimla?

        Please advise.


        • Sima, yes by that time there will be plenty of snow towards Rohtang PAss from Manali. Yes, cold is OK in Manali. And 4 days are good enough for Manali.

  14. sukhvinder singh on

    hello sir. me and my wife make a plan in manali from 26 july to 29 july 2015 so please suggest me this time is better manali trip

  15. dears friends,

    Please help me, will plan to tour rohtang pass by august 13th to 16th 2015 can you please tell me, it is open rohtang pass road for this time.

  16. Partha Dasgupta on

    Hi Dheeraj!
    It’s really wonderful finding you always giving very helpful guidelines to all of us in this forum. I & my friend along with our family are planning a tour to Shimla, Sarahan, Kalpa & Manali in December 10th to 18th. I want some guidance from you about the trip. How will be the roads from Shimla to Sarahan & Kalpa, safe? Hotels will remain opened? Is it possible to travel from Kalpa to Manali through Jalori pass that time safely? Rotang pass will probably remain closed , how far may we go on this route? Please mention some good hotels in Shimla, Sarahan, Kalpa & Manali. I have actually a lots of questions. Please give your valuable guidance.

    • Partha, roads will be fine to Sarahan and Kalpa but in case it snows in December, road to Kalpa might close. Hotels some remains open and some closes. Also, Kalpa – Manali are apart from each other at least two days. I mean it will take two days at ease to reach Manali from Kalpa via Rampur – Chindi – Karsol road or through Shoja – Jalori Pass road if Jalori pass is open.

  17. Hi Dheeraj,

    We are planning to visit Shimla,manali & delhi for 7N/8D trip starting on 21st June 2015 to 29th June 2015. I would like to know if there are heavy rains.? Will we able to see snow fall/snow? Is it possible to do paragliding in this time.??

    • Sudhir, you can check the site for getting the predictions on the rains. Snow is present up there at Rohtang Pass but you need to somehow manage the permits to Rohtang Pass which I am not sure if you will be able to get as lot of hassles are up there in Manali for the permit to Rohtang Pass as only 1000 are given for a day. Else go with HRTC buses up there to see snow.

  18. chandramani on


    I am planning to visit manali from 11 July to 15 July 2015..are the roads opened for rohtang pass. Also is it safe to visit there during this period?

    • Yes, road will be open to visit Rohtang Pass in july. In general, it rains less early but monsoon reaches by then mostly so there could be rains too. If it rains then surely there can be some hassles else fine. Just keep a tab of latest weather updates.

  19. Hi dheeraj

    I have booked my trip delhi – manali from 15th june to 20th june.
    As per the restrictions created by NGT allowing only 1000 vehicles through rohtanga , I am highly worried whether I will be able to enjoy the snow points at rohtang.
    I am going to stay at hotel daffodil and booked for local sight seeing through the it a good place to stay? Can they take me to rohtang snow point with all these restrictions?I know this is not an apt question to ask u but im curious and I thought u can give me an idea!
    I coming all the way from chennai to enjoy snow and im worried.

    • I cannot comment on the hotel as I did not stay there BUT regarding rohtang Pass permit, there are lot of hassles which going on and over right now for going to Rohtang Pass. Hotels are denying to give any assurance too, check if they can.

  20. Hi Dheeraj,

    We are planning to do a complete circuit of Delhi Shimla narkanda tada kaza kunzumpas Manali Delhi…we planned for 12 June start but as of now the condition to open kunzumpas till 15 June is less. What should we do? Do you have any idea about kunzumpas? So that we plan accordingly…should we postpone the trip for a week or two weeks?

    • Aman, according to the locals up there, the road from Manali – Gramphu to Chota Dhara has been opened, Chota Dhara to Batal especially Chattru to Batal snow points and Batal to couple of KMs before Kunzum La Pass is also pending. From Kaza side you can go to Kunzum Pass and about couple of KMs beyond it towards Batal as the road has been opened till there. With June already in, snow will start melting naturally and it is expected that the road should open by last week of June, around 25th June types.

      Dhabha at Batal and Chatru are up and running now.

  21. Arun Yadav on

    Hi Dheeraj,
    Me and a cousin are planning to take our X5 upto Leh via Sri Nagar and come back to Delhi via Manali. We plan to spend minimal time(1 day) around Leh and plan to devote our time on the journey itself. We plan to leave on 5 th june. Please answer my following queries. We both are decent and experienced drivers but not Dakr material.

    – Can this be done in 5-5.5 days.
    – Due to the restriction on the no. of vehicles crossing Rohtang, can private vehicle also just get there and pay and cross like taxis who probably have booked their passage across days in advance and hence filled up the allotted quota of vehicles crossing over.
    – If above is the case is the way via Kaza Rampur doable for coming back to Delhi.(I’ve have heard about Moorang Kunzum pass etc.)

    An early and any response would be highly appreciated.

    • Arun, Manali – Leh is expected to open around 15-20 June only. It needs 4 days to reach Leh from Srinagar side and 3 days to come back from Manali side. One day you resting in Leh, so at least 8 days are required just to be on road and do this circuit

  22. Kanishka Dutta on

    Hi Deepak,

    I am planning for Spiti Valley trip starting from Manali on June 21.
    Will Kunzum Pass and Chandartal Lake be open during that time (4th week of June)?
    Please guide..

    • Kanishka, in case you postpone the trip by a week more then there is more chances of Manali – Kaza road being open by that time. Around 3rd week as of now with the progress it seems a bit unlikely.

  23. Dheeraj Bhai
    We start from Delhi on 31st of may 6am and night at narkanda then sangla nako and kaza.
    Two days in kaza and return.
    Is there any problem to find hotel?
    And is kibber and kee route also available for a sedan?

  24. Hi Dheeraj
    Thanks for your reply.
    Last year I go to keylong by my alto k10.
    And there are not a problem
    Kinnor valley is more tough according to keylong route

  25. Hi Dheeraj
    I want to go spiti valley via shimla
    When kunzum pass open
    We starting from Delhi on 1st of June
    I have two cars alto k10 and a swift what is the best option

    • Deepak, Alto will struggle alot especially ahead of Kunzum Pass if you plan to. If you want to make it to just Kunzum Pass and come back the same route? Manali – Kunzum – Kaza will not open by that time. Also swift too has low GC so it will also struggle on the roads of Kinnaur and in case it rains more slush and trouble. In case you love adventure more than your car then it is OK to travel 🙂



    Please suggest how good is the idea to make a circle DELHI – SHIMLA – RAMPUR – SARAHAN – SANGLA – CHITKUL – KALPA – NAKO – TABO – KAZA – KUNZUM – MANALI – DELHI.

    1. Suggested places to stop over
    2. I have a Tata Indigo Petrol, would it be recommended to take this car
    3. Any taxes/permission required as the vehicle is WB registered. If yes, how do I obtain them
    4. Minimum days required for this circle.


  27. Amit Mittal on

    We friends are going to manali on 17th of May. We will be needing a local cab for sightseeing. What are the costs involved? Also, can you please tell me that ROhtang pass will be open by that or not? I guess itis scheduled to be open on 15th May. Also, I will really appreciate if you help me suggest the itineary for
    18th(Half day) 19th full day, 20th full day, 21st first half.

    Please include, Manikaran, Rohtang & Rafting for sure and other places which are enroute and places which are possible to visit? We are 6 young bachelors. 😀

    PS: I loved your Blog Dheeraj! Wonderful job! One of the most informative thing.

    • Amit, as per the latest update Rohtang Pass is set to open in a day or two. Once the pass will open then only the real costs will come to know because there has been an order which is passed that now allows only 1000 vehicles per day with 400 diesel and 600 petrol cap. These vehicles need to pay heavy congestion charges upto 5000 for vehicle capcity more than 6. Since, the order is just passed so no one is sure whether taxi guys will incur this costs to tourist or it will be an end to Rohtang Pass as tourist spots for budget travellers 🙁 …

      Rohtang Pass need a day for visit, Rafting + trip to Manikaran and Kasol can be clubbed together to be done in a day.

      • Hello Sir,
        This is Karthik from Chennai. I am not sure whether this is the way to ask you something. If I am wrong I apologize for it. Sir I with my family are going to Himachal on 17th May. We would be visiting the Rothang Pass on 20th or 21st. At that time would the Rothang Pass be open. Else when would it be open. If I miss Rothang Pass where can I find Snow. I am waiting for your reply sir.

        Warm Regards,

        • Karthik, Rohtang Pass is open now and BRO shall allow the traffic from tomorrow. However, the tourists are only allowed up to Beas Kund only as of now. I hope if the conditions are safe for travel, they will allow toursits to Rohtang as well.

        • Thanks for your reply. Sir I have one more doubt. What would be the things required to visit the Rothang Pass. Would things like Jackets, jerkins, gloves ect. be available there. Would it be for rental or we need to buy it. I am waiting for your reply sir.

        • Karthik, as long as you have a jacket yourself, you will need much. Otherwise, there are rental shops at Kothi and on the way to Rohtang where they rent these things.

        • sharad tilara on

          sir, I am sharad frm Ghaziabad and planning a visit with family to manali. we suppose to visit rohtang pass by 25th may. so I would like to know wheather rohtang pass would be opened fr tourists by then. we are desperate to get the snow sights for sure this vacation. if the pass is closed due to some reasons ,pls let me know some other places around there where we get the snow sights. pls also inform us if there is a tax for private cabs to be allowed to head there, and how much it costs to recommend us to approach rohtang pass.

        • Rohtang Pass will be open by that time for tourists Sharad. This year taxis will be charged Rs 1000 extra for petrol and Rs 2500 extra for diesel vehicles. So, apart from the usual rent, you would be giving this money as well most likely if the ruling does not change. Also, only 1000 vehicles are allowed per day.

  28. Hi Dheeeraj
    We are planning to visit manali on 26 th may 2015 . Can u tell me any tour operators from delhi who can give me whole package (Delhi- Manali – Delhi)


  29. Hello sir ! I would like to know if I will come to manali and would like to go rohtang pass in October, than can I will find snow ? If not then I will be plan to in the March so which month is more suitable for enjoy the snow please let me know . Thank you

    • Deep, October will not have any snow unless it snows during that period only. Better do it in March so that you can play in abundant snow and that too white one not too much dirty as it is not season time. However, Rohtang Pass will be closed but lower snowpoints will be open.

  30. Hi I am faiz I am going to manali 14 may to 17 may so can u suggest me that time is best to go their



    • Hardik, Rohtang Pass may have just opened by that time of the year but if it will be allowed to go to tourists right away or not will be a call of safety by adminsitration. Rest you are about a week there and should be able to get time to stabilize the road and authorities allowing tourists too to go to Rohtang Pass.

  32. Hi dheeraj,

    U r doing a wonderful job here with lot of patience. Thank u.

    Im planning to visit manali with my wife around 1st week of june. Will it rain during that period . If it rains , will it affect the sightseeing program of ours? Can I get to see and play on snow during june 1st week. Where I can find snow during that period.
    Kindly give your opinion. I worried about finding snow during june!


  33. HI ,
    I am Bidyut from Bangalore.Me & My husband are planing to go manali on 1st May.
    Is rotang pass open at that time?
    what is the best time for manali?

    • Bidyut, there are 50:50 chances that Rohtang Pass will open by that time but if tourists will be allowed on that route by that time or not is still not clear. Still there is a decent distance left for clearing snow to the top. Hence, I doubt it will open by that time.

  34. We are planning to visit manali (rohtang pass) on 11 may .will rohtang pass be open at that time ?


    Dear sir,
    we have plan to go manali from Ist may to 3rd may 2015. How’s weather there and what about Rohtang pass opening.

  36. Hi Dheeraj,
    I will be going to manali on the 16th of may, 2015. Will there be enough snow in rohtang at that time.
    Is Skiing and other snow activities possible during this time?

  37. Nitika Jain on

    my friends are planning for a trip from delhi-Chandigarh-Shimla-Kullu-Manali. they would start from delhi on 11th & reach Shimla the same night.stay there for 2 nights and proceed for kullu n manali. I have gone through a few comments of yours that say rohtang pass would be closed. they will reach manali by 13th night and stay till 15th evening. and leave for delhi on 15th nyt..
    please suggest me if there would be enough snow?? and would rohtang pass be open??by that time.
    or do you suggest anyother option of different route. we wanna mainly see rohtang pass and have fun with a few snow activities. how about paragliding?
    please suggest us on the same…

    • There will be enough snow present Nitika but Rohtang Pass will be closed. Paragliding will also be available in Solang Valley. So, you will be able to play in snow as well as do paragliding on the trip.

    • dherendra suyal on

      Me and my frns are planning to visit Manali-Rohtang from 11-15 April.
      Please confirm whether Rohtang La Pass will be open during these days???
      What all nearby places are there which are worth visiting??

  38. Amit Kumar on

    Hi Dheeraj

    Really appreciate the way you have moulded the website DOW and I visit frequently for information and updates. The reason behind is that 4 of us would be making a trip to Leh via Manali towards the beginning of the month of Septemeber. We would be making the trip from Manali to LEH in rented bikes. My doubts are :

    1. As it is a one way trip to leh, do we surrender the bikes in Leh? And if yes .. Where ??
    2. Do we get local transport from Leh to Srinagar? ( thinking of booking the flight from srinagar to bangalore )
    3. Based on the schedules that you have on the website like a budget trip to Leh .. We are gonna stick to that .. So the night stay at ptsagong Lake .. Would you suggest home stay or should we book the rooms.

    Your clarification will be a debt for me ..

    Thank you

    • Hi Amit,

      Thanks a ton 🙂

      1. Bikes rented outside Leh are not allowed for sightseeing inside Ladakh except Tso Moriri and Tso Kar lakes which can be done while going to Manali from Leh. Private bikes are completely allowed. You can use the outside rented bike to reach Leh but then for going to Pangong Tso, nubra Valley, etc.. you need to hire rented bikes from Leh only.

      To know more about this rule and present situation, please refer the link: Bikes Rented Outside Leh Banned in Ladakh

      I personally feel larger groups will be targeted more than smaller groups or individuals.

      For renting bikes in Leh – Ladakh along with current Bike Union Prices, you can check the DoW Community thread: Leh – Ladakh Bike Rental Rates 2015 – 16 & Reliable Shops

      the one way bike rental is quite costly and leave a big dent in pocket for you, sometimes like 12K for just the pickup from Manali. Be sure if you are ready to make that investment or not or if at all it is worth the money spent. My suggestion is unless you are hard core biker and cannot live up the passion of biking, it is not wise to spend that much money just for the pickup of bike.

      2. Leh to Srinagar you will get shared jeeps as well as JKSRTC buses as well.
      3. If you comfortable with homestays then nothing like it 🙂


  39. Dear dheeraj
    I m planning to visit manali n rohtang in the month of may/june with my spouse and two kids
    my elder kid is keen to experience snow.
    pls suggest the best part of may june to experience snow and visit manali.


    • Amber, the early you go, the better chances of spotting some white snow else most of the snow will get dirty with each passing day of school vacations in May / June 🙂

  40. Hi Dheeraj
    visiting manali in april end or may 2 nd week , which is best time( as said rohtang pass will be open in may 2nd week and to avoid mad rush visiting manali during last week of april)
    will there be Ice in solang valley during above days
    is it worth visiting manali without seeing rohtang pass and visiting snow points of Gulaba and MArhi
    where can we do paragliding or sledging
    From manali , I want to visit amritsar . Please let me know mode of transportation

    • Srinivas, you and do only either of avoiding mad rush by going in April and enjoying fresh snow OR you can go over at th time when Rohtang Pass will open around mid of May but in crowd/rush.

      Solang will have remains of snow but snow points of Marhi will have plenty of snow.

    • Dr Hiren Mehta on

      Hi Dheeraj,
      we r two family with 6 and 7 yrs kids,we r planning a trip to manali after Amritsar,delhousie, and dharamshala.we will be in manali by 12 may.After local sightseeing visit to solang velly we want to visit keylong and jispa to have a fill of manali leh highway.we have two nights for that purpose.would rohtang pass will be open on 16 may?If it is not open then please suggest some new location in himachal .we dont want shilmla because this is our 2nd visit to himachal and we dont want to repeat shilmla.we have to leave fr chandigadh by 19 may.

      • Hello Hiren,

        Highly likely by that time you may not be allowed to travel beyond Rohtang Pass if at all seeing the bad weather so late up to April. Snow clearance operations are still under way and even Marhi is not open yet, as per last week updates. I doubt that by that time tourists will be allowed to travel beyond Rohtang PAss.


  41. Hi sir,

    Between june2015 to july2015 which will the appropriate dates to visit manali . I waana visit rohtang pass (or other place to enjoy snow). Can I spare the crowd during this perioid? Kindly suggest me the dates ………

    • Dr. Jagan, you will not be able to spare the mad crowd in the period of June. In July, the crowd density goes down as holidays are over in schools but then snow levels at Rohtang Pass also goes down and all what remains mostly is dirty snow.

  42. hello,
    please suggest me which month will be the best time to visit shimla manali to get white snow not the dirty one and also rohtang pass be open..
    and can we get snow in and around the town?

    • Hello Anima,

      If Rohtang Pass is open then you will not get any snow around Shimla. You can only get good snow in winter months of Jan – Feb in case you looking for fresh snow. Else April is good time to experience snow at snow points of Manali but Rohtang Pass will not be open.


  43. A R Rooban on

    Hi Sir,

    Me and my wife arepalnning to visit during June 2nd week 2015. Will it open on that days?? Is that time Ok for travel…??? Pls help us.

    • Alex, highly likely Rohtang Pass will open in June first. Apart from too much crowd, it is fine to travel up there during that time. Be ready to go out very early in the morning.

  44. Hii dheeraj
    Me and my fiancee ( getting married iin a couple of months ) are planning to visit kulu-manali in mid r late december..
    Will rothang pass be opende at that time?
    wen can v plan up ?? either mid dec or late dec ??
    v r eager to experience snowfall..regards

    • Pranathi, Rohtang Pass will be closed in late December. However, you will be able to get plenty of snow around Gulaba or Marhi snow points and most likely even at Solang Valley as well in late december. Regarding snowfall it all depends on the weather that day.

  45. shriharsha on

    we are Planning to visit Rothang pass in manali on 2nd week of april . kindly let me know weather the rothngpass is opend or closed during this period

    • shriharsha, considering the late snow in March, I highly doubt that Rohtang Pass will open by April. However, there will be plenty of snow at snow point of Marhi.

  46. ashish Swami on

    We are a group of 16 people planning for a manali & rohtang pass trip in last week of april. Is rohtang pass open at that time. If not where can we go to enjoy snow. Please advise.

    • You may not find Rohtang Pass open during that time of the year for tourists. However, you will find plenty of snow up there at the snow point of Marhi

  47. manoj fatwani on

    Hello sir. Iam planning for shimla, manali on24 to 29 mar2015 with my family will be snow fall in this time

  48. Hi Dheeraj,

    Me and my husband have planned a trip to Manali starting March 6 2015 to March 13th 2015. The route is Chandigarh-Manali-Dharamsala-Dalhousie & Khajjiar-Chandigarh. Just saw on news that snow and rainfall has disrupted life in Himachal. Would you be able to advise if the weather is going to remain the same even from March 6th onward. I really do not want this trip to get spoilt and really hoping that we do not get stuck indoors most of our trip because of the bad weather conditions. Even if there is heavy snow and rainfall during next week also, would we be able to go out for local sight-seeing and would we be able to travel to Dharamsala?

  49. Mohammed Arshaq on

    Does this mean that one can’t travel from Manali-Leh and/or vice versa?

    Apologies if this is a silly question. 3 friends and myself are planning to make a round trip from Delhi to Leh via Srinagar and down to Delhi from Leh via Manali over the early summer.

    • Arshaq, the Manali – Leh Highway will open by late May or June for year 2015 now. Snow clearance should begin as soon as the weather clear up and should complete by mid of May or June frist week. You can only plan it after the road opens for year 2015.

  50. Swapnil Pote on

    I heard that from 1st April’2015, any vehicle which does not have CNG are not allowed to go to Rohatang pass. Please advise on it.

    What does Snow point means in Rohtang pass?

    • Swapnil, it is not 100% in effect now. Decision is still pending. Snow Point means the point where snow is present and tourist are allowed in case Rohtang Pass is closed.

  51. Bhupendra sharma on

    I ll be reching manali on 21st of feb. 2015 and want to enjoy snow . Is it possible anyway
    Kindly suggest

  52. Hi Dheeraj!

    First off, kudos on maintaining the site and replying to users’s questions with patience so I’ll do my bit by asking here some of my doubts too 🙂 As a reply to one of the user, you said that the snow will be fresh in the month of March and April but not so from May going forward..At the same time, you’re also replying to all users that Rohtang pass will stay closed till May. So I want to know your opinion if you would prefer Rohtang pass and visit that place in May or prefer fresh snow and visit Manali in March? Which one do you think will give more satisfaction for the traveler inside you?

    P.S. My wife and I have actually planned to visit Delhi-Shimla-Kullu-Manali from Mar 14th – Mar 22nd but now are thinking if we should go ahead as Rohtang pass stays closed!

    • Rambabu, well it depends if you want to visit Rohtang Pass or not. Personally speaking I never liked that pass and especially in the month of May June when tourist rush is at its peak, there is only remains of white color with most snow being dirty. Now, the thing is as you move further up towards Rohtang Pass from the allowed point, the snow starts becoming whiter BUT the risk also increases as the road is not open officially. Hence, if I want to enjoy snow and have options of both March and May, then I will prefer March due to less crowd and chances of fresh snow more than May June when crowd is at its peak.

  53. Hello Sir,

    We are planning for trip to Shimla, Kulu and Manali from May 20th-27th. We have 2 kids with us – 1yr and 5yrs. We would like to enjoy the snow. Please let us know if this is the right time or we need to go in March or April

    • Pooja, in the month of May it will not be possible to enjoy snow in Shimla. Even in Manali, you will have to travel up towards Rohtang Pass from Manali towards snow points to enjoy in snow. Also, that snow will not be fresh snow rather remains of old snow played by tourists, mostly dirty. The higher you go, the risky it is but chances of getting white snow is more. If you go in March or April, snow will be more fresh and white and less tourist around to enjoy it in better way. Sorry for a delayed reply, somehow I missed a complete page of comments.

  54. Hi,

    This is swaroop from karnataka-bangalore. We are planning for honeymoon package for the month of May 1st week for 7 to 9 days. can you please guide me best place i can cover during my trip. Can you also guide me best travels who provide reliable and good service since i feel planning everything by myself won’t be good.
    Also let me will it be too crowded during month of May. If yes will it be better to plan for drajelling, or Tawang..?
    Thanks in advance.

    • Swaroop, if you looking for travel packages then you can connect with Gaurav at [email protected]

      Since, you have 7-9 days, I will suggest that you plan a trip to Kinnaur Valley along with regular tourist spots of Shimla – Chail to make a balance of offbeat locations as well as tourist place where you can let your wife do shopping too 🙂

  55. hello..
    we are 4 frnds,going manali shimla for a week (16-21 feb 2015). can we go rohtang pass…if not what will be option to enjoy snow there..

    • Yogesh, Rohtang Pass is already closed and will open in May or June. However, to enjoy snow you can go over to Solang Valley or other snow points like Gulaba that comes on the way to Rohtang Pass.

  56. Ankita Mishra on

    Dear Sir,
    I want to travel Manali from January 24 to January 26, 2015 from Delhi, my only purpose to visit Manali is to experience Skiing , Paragliding and a few adventurous activities if time allows.
    Kindly suggest where to begin and how much does it cost???
    Thanks in advance!

    • Ankita, I doubt Paragliding will be open during this time of the year. However, with snow around at Solang Valley, you ca try your luck with Skiing for sure.

      • Ankita Mishra on

        Thanks for the reply.
        In that case i am not sure whether I should travel now.
        May you please suggest the ideal time to experience skiing and paragliding please.
        Also please give me a tentative idea of a budget required.So that I will start my savings now 🙂
        Looking forward for your reply.
        Thanks !
        Have a Great Day!

  57. Manoj Gotherwal on

    i have planned my visit to manali frm 22 th to 24 th of January,2015 will we be able to travel to Rohtang Pass. If not what options we have left to enjoy in and arnd manali leaving out religious place.
    Manoj Gotherwal

  58. Hi dheeraj Happy new year.
    i have planned my visit to manali frm 18 th to 24 th of March,2015 will we be able to travel to Rohtang Pass. If not what options we have left to enjoy in and arnd manali leaving out religious place.

  59. Hi Dheeraj – Our group is planning to visit Kullu Manali Shimla for 4 N / 5 D during from 23rd Jan, 2015 to 26th Jan, 2015 – will we be able to travel to Rohtang Pass. If not what options we will have to enjoy the snow?

    • Hello SR,

      A happy new year to you and your family !!

      Rohtang pass is already closed and it is not safe to travel up there. There will be plenty of snow points of Gulaba / Kothi / Marhi to enjoy snow now a days as. You can even enjoy snow at Solang Valley too.

      Dheeraj Sharma
      PS: Sorry for the late reply, I was on a trip to Kumaon, Uttarakhand for the last 8-9 days.

  60. hello sir,
    I m khushi 4rm mumbai. I n my colg frndz hav planned a trip for 10 days which is as follows: dated 29th dec onwrds 4rm mumbai..celebrating new eve der
    mumbai-chandigarh-local site seeing in chandigarh-ovr nyt travel to manali- hadimba devi temple n much more-one day for rohtang pass 4r paragliding-den return journey to amritsar(local siteseeing)-golden temple-bck mumbai.
    sir i wuld lyk to know whether we shuld really wrkout dis plan or nt..?
    n dis is our 1st tym to north wht wuld be d weather condtion at dis tym..?
    is it a safe journey..?
    i m bit wrried regarding it as of nw der r so many blocks in manali..wuld dat create a probm in ur trip..?
    n wht also things r necessary 4r us to take during our travel.?
    plzz sir i extremely need ur advice n help me to overcome my wrries.

    • Hi Khushi,

      It will be quite cold up there in Manali, so come prepared with heavy woolens. There will not be much of a problem as roads are only temporarily closed in case of heavy snow.

      Dheeraj Sharma

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