Road Conditions between Delhi – Kinnaur Valley – Spiti Valley

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I am just back from an awesome road trip of Spiti Valley or to be precise more of Hindustan – Tibet Highway or commonly known NH-22 (National Highway – 22) which concluded with a 26 Hr non-stop super drive from Kaza – Delhi. The highway runs through some of the beautiful places well known as Shimla, Narkanda, Kufri, Kinnaur, Tabo etc. Well, the words are short to explain the entire experience but I can share the present road conditions for all those who are planning a trip to Spiti Valley and for others, it may also act as reference of entire route between Delhi and Kaza, Spiti Valley. A detailed trip report/trip log and Travel Guide will soon follow up.

Some updates on Road Conditions between Delhi – Kinnaur Valley – Spiti Valley:
  • Delhi – Kalka = Good + Excellent
  • Kalka – Shogi = Good + Average
  • Shogi – Shimla = Average
  • Shimla – Theog = Poor + Very Poor
  • Theog – Narkanda = Poor
  • Narkanda – Rampur = Good
  • Rampur – Bhawanagar = Average
  • Bhawanagar – Powari = Poor + Average
  • Powari – Jangi = Very Poor + Poor
  • Jangi – Spillow = Good
  • Spillow – Dubling = Poor
  • Dubling – Khab diversion = Good + Very Poor
  • Khab diversion – Nako – Geyu diversion = Good + Excellent
  • Geyu Diversion – Tabo = Poor + Average + Good
  • Tabo – Attargoo = Poor + Average
  • Attargoo – Kaza = Good
  • Kaza = Good
  • Kaza – Kioto = Average
  • Pin Valley = Poor + Average

I hope it will be useful for someone who is planning a trip in near future. Please feel free to ask any queries/doubts you have and I would be happy to revert back.

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  2. How are conditions now on the Hindustan-Tibet Highway? I am planning a solo motorcycle trip starting 7th Sep. Hopefully conditions should be better by then?

  3. Hello Mr Dheeraj,

    My husband and I (both in late fifties) are planning a Spiti trip starting from Shimla on the 1st of September. We plan to travel in an Innova. Can you help me with any update about the road conditions? The erratic rains seem to have made it unsafe this year. Should we continue or postpone our trip.

    thanking you
    Mrs V Jain

    • Hello Mrs Jain,

      As there is heavy rainfall predictions in coming days and alert has been issued in Himachal and Uttarakhand, I will recommend that you go postpone it by a week or so.

  4. I am planning a visit to spiti valley from Shimla side and exit from Manali covering all major landmarks including chandrataal. Is it safe now to go and are the bus routes also open?

    • Rishu, as of now Himachal is not safe to travel with all the rains going on. I will suggest that you postpone the trip by a week or two.

  5. Parag Parikh on

    Hi Dheeraj, Please advise from your experience if VW Vento is good for a Chandigarh-Shimla-Manali run? And are the roads on this route dangerous for self drive? Appreciate your response. Thanks,

  6. Hello
    4 of us want to rent Innova from Delhi airport to Shimla sarahan Kinnaur sangla Nino
    Tobo kaza chandratal Keylong and end up at Manali .9 nights and 10 days
    Please advice

  7. Hello,
    Me and my husband are planning a road trip from
    Delhi – shimla / kinnaur – spiti. The same route you mentioned in this post. We will strt on 17 th/ 18 th dec. is this time of year ok to travel this side. Also how many days would you suggest if we plan to stop at shogi. Then 2 -3 more places so tht we can enjoy the complete road trip. Apart from this is audi q3 ok for this route? Thnks!

    • Hello Niti,

      No this is not the right time for a trip to Kinnaur Valley or Spiti Valley unless you are OK with extreme harsh conditions of winters and cold beyond Kinnaur, OK with washrooms with no water, OK with very basic food and OK with very basic stay. On top of it, in case it snows and you are in Spiti, the chances of getting stuck for a couple days to week is possibility.

      • Thnks!! If we go till kalpa? We are not planning to go beyond that. Spoke to one of the hotels there and as per them the roads will be clear and it shouldnt be much of a problem till there. Also we are ok with harsh winters. Hope the road conditions are ok to drive down. Thnks!

  8. Mr Dheeraj am planning to go HP in Kinnaur upto Kaza with my family members is there any type of breathing problem in that part also please suggest a car type

    • Hello Nirban,

      Upto Kinnaur it is fine but then you start ascending yourself into high altitude zone where the trouble starts. Key is to travel slow and gradually increase the altitude.


  9. hi sir . is innova is safe for on route to shimla-kinnuar-leh. tell me pls

    • Raman, if you are getting some Xylo or Scropio, better prefer that in front of Innova. Though with experienced hands behind the wheel, innova will not face any issues too.

  10. nitin batra on

    hi dheeraj
    m planning tour to spiti valley via shimla, kinnaur on 22nd june in my VW VENTO… how r the road conditions for a sedan…

  11. Dear Dheeraj, Seems I had to find you some day and you are my light on this journey.
    I am planing for Delhi Kunzum pass via Shimla. I want to do the treking to Chandrataal Lake. I may extend to Rohtang Pass.
    I have Beat Petrol. Can i manage this journey with by car and what will be the best time to do this journey? Please guide.

  12. Dheeraj bhaai……m plang to celebrate new year some where on shimla kaza close as possible to kaza ……I have innova so u plz suggest how far we cn go on this route…..plz reply soo ……….regards Aman Rao…gurgaon

    • You can go all the way upto Kaza Aman bhai 🙂 … Roads are open all round the year barring few days of heavy snowfall which might get you stuck until clearance for a day or two anywhere beyond Narkanda. so, if you do not have anything important to handle back at home and are OK with very cold conditions, then you may go all the way to Kaza. Do not go anywhere inside or diverted from main highway because those roads can get blocked for more time and are not often cleared until next season, like Pin Valley.

      dheeraj Sharma

  13. Hello. Please give your comment If I can visit in my wagon R to pin valley in October.

    • Hello Abhijit,

      Yes, you can visit Pin Valley in Wagon R buddy. I have done it in my dZire without much of an issue. Sorry for the delayed reply, I was traveling Zanskar Valley for past 9-10 days and was away from network.

      Dheeraj Sharma

  14. manoj sharma on

    Thanks dheeraj,taking ur advise will realy help.Are there any turns where one can miss d correct route ? Perticularly new malling rt.(asking this cos long bk l got puzzuled beyond rohtang,No one to ask ther

    • Hi Manoj,

      No, there aren’t any turns that would confuse you. The road leads you all the way straight to Kaza. Just keep following th road signs for Kaurik and once you reach Sumdo, there will be a Y-Fork where straight road (main one) will lead you to Tabo – Kaza and left uphill will take you to Kaurik where any civilian is not allowed. So, keep following the main highway.

      Dheeraj Sharma

  15. manoj sharma on

    Thanks dheeraj.l m planing d trip in mid september. I hope new malling route is better ?? Any more worst spots on this rt,other then malling??? FOR DZIRE.,????

    • Hi Manoj,

      As you see the above road conditions, they tend to be very similar through out the year. Most troublesome spot is Malling only but now if you are considering Pin Valley, then again you might face few more due to recent mud slides in there. After Powari roads are real bad upto Akpa bridge. Rest as you see, my dzire rocked and so will yours but do drive carefully.


  16. Manoj Sharma on

    I m planing delhi-kaza via shimla in september in swift it ok for roads on this route ???

      • manoj sharma on

        Thanks dheeraj.pls tell me more about malling nala, bypass to skip malling nala.i went to kalp in oct 2010.just beyond kalpa d road was being widened…so dropped going further. As u can guide me d best….i wud to talk 2 u. I m in NOIDA. EMAIL. [email protected] pls reply so that i can call u to know more.thanks

        • Hello Manoj,

          You cannot by pass Malling Nala friend. There was a old Malling Nala and the route through it has been closed now. The new route is now at more altitude and even this one does poses a problem or two every now and then. When are you planning for the trip?

          Dheeraj Sharma

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