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Review | Quechua Forclaz 500 Ventiv Shoes

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Forclaz 500 Ventiv by Quechua is one of the best BUY in my entire life considering the money spent and performance delivered by them in return in my travel journey. I bought this pair of shoes 3 years back and since then I wanted to write a review for all of you to share my pleasure while using them in all my travels but always failed… I have battered them for the last three years ranging from snow treks to Tungnath, Parashar Lake, many tours having some hikes in Spiti, Ladakh, Zanskar, Himachal and what not !! Even at office in cold winters days in Delhi… They have just not died performing and even now they are still going on…

The shoes are quite light weight being ankle support and considering the price paid, well I cannot say more about it being such VFM. They are said to be breathable helping remove the bad odour from the shoes to quite an extent and keep the shoes warm. The only thing that has happened to them over last three years is that their sole has smoothness off which has made them a bit slippery now but still the grip is good enough to be used for almost a year more I feel… Another important point is that if you tie the laces in the second last latch, for me that balance out much more and works well even while driving my car. When I tie them in the topmost latch, they somehow feel a bit cramped for me. Finally, the upper membrane is quite soft so in case of you ripping down some stone, it may make a cut into it. However, for me nothing has happened even after 3-4 falls including one from the bike too 😀 😀

Forclaz 500 Ventiv Shoes getting tested in Zanskar Valley
Forclaz 500 Ventiv Shoes getting tested in Zanskar Valley
Waterproof and Warmth

Being waterproof, these shoes are amazing when while dodging small water crossings, going over snow treks, small river crossings, taking pictures standing in lakes, etc.. 😀 … Of course, if the water enters from mouth nothing can be waterproof so not meant of deep water crossings, you may need Gaiters above them. More importantly, these shoes are not just waterproof but also gives enough warmth from sole as well as through membrane too while on snow treks, hikes and even icy cold temperatures (ranging up to -8 degree Celsius) of Leh – Ladakh or Zanskar or Spiti Valley !! Just with one warm pair socks, I have used them comfortably everywhere without feeling much cold at all.

Please keep in mind that the waterproof nature is just to certain extent and over period. There comes a waterproofing or waxing polish that brings back the waterproof nature of these shoes back again. Also, these are not water proof for deep water crossings and you will need gaiters to help yourself there.

Just watch the video to get an idea of its waterproofing even after 3 years of use… I have kept under a tap water and have put a news paper to see any moisture reaching it. The results are still awesome with dry paper coming out 😀


Here are some more pictures of my battered shoes…

Pictures of Forclaz 500 Ventiv Shoes
Forclaz 500 Ventiv Shoes Review

Forclaz 500 Ventiv Shoes Review

Forclaz 500 Ventiv Shoes Review

Forclaz 500 Ventiv Shoes Review

Forclaz 500 Ventiv Shoes Review

Forclaz 500 Ventiv Shoes Review

Forclaz 500 Ventiv Shoes Review

The shoes prices have gone high considerably over last couple of years from Rs 2800 what I bought to MRP now being Rs 4500 !! In fact, in the last year itself it has gone as high as by Rs 800 I guess. However, there is this awesome SALE at Flipkart that is going on at present and you can use the link below to buy them to get almost 37% of discount on them, i.e. at Rs 2834 is what they are being sold off at Flipkart as of now. You can see this price when you actually add it to cart. Actually, this SALE is what has forced me to write a review for you all so that if you looking out to buy a lovely pair of trekking/hiking or traveling shoe, you do not miss this opportunity… I have seen my friends over last year paying Rs 4000 for the same 😀

Trust me, we have the membership of Decathlon too, but even we are not getting this amazing price being member with them, such awesome is the deal here 😀 … You can use the link below to buy them from Flipkart:

If anyone of you is interested to use membership in case this awesome sale is over, feel free to email me and I will do my best to help you in that regard too.


Well, for me this is the BEST VALUE FOR MONEY product I have ever bought in my life, I will say… The return of investment from this pair of shoes is incredible and I will say for any one into Traveling or hiking/trekking or motorcycling this one is GREAT VFM shoes to buy. In the end, again here is the link of this Flipkart sale from where you can buy them or in case you want to use membership, feel free to mail me.

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  1. Anwesha Dey on

    I will be going for Kedarkanth Trek next month. So, choosing the right shoes was making me crazy. But after an extensive search, I found Forclaz 500 will be the best bet. But still confused between QUECHUA Forclaz 500 Ventiv Novadry Shoes and Forclaz 500 new version (FORCLAZ 100 HIGH MEN WATERPROOF HIKING BOOTS BROWN). Please help!

  2. mohajit arneja on

    hey , i wanted to buy a quechua hiking backpack from , but u have to be a registered member for that , and that looks like a tedious task , different from other sites , can u pls help me out , like allow me to use ur membership to buy one product , thank a lot for ur help.

    • Mohajit, where do you live? Do you have any decathlon store nearby you? If yes, then go ahead with it as now they do not offer any special prices for members too and they do not reply to any mails as well why they have stopped doing it. I have already given up on the followups too. So, that membership is now rendered useless to us. Also, the product with shipping cost almost the same with little difference only. The only benefit was to order many products so that shipping cost gets distributed evenly for all. However, nothing helps now 🙁

      • mohajit arneja on

        i live in nagpur , so no decathlon stores near by , i also wanted to buy the forclaz 500 shoes considering they are the best trekking shoes available in that price range , i guess i will buy it from flipkart or snapdeal then . thank you 🙂

  3. Hi,

    I am going to attempt crossing nearly 100 feet wide, fast flowing bhagirathi river with freezing knee deep water near gomukh. under such condition do you think forclaz 500 will be able to provide necessary grip that i will need. Any miss might prove fatal.


    • No Chandan, they might not feel good under such conditions as at times they do skid especially when they become old and rubber markings underneath wears off. Also, it will take much much more time to dry them out. From my limited experience, only shoes that will fit the bill there is gum boots as rest will have this dryness issue. People many a time use gum boots to cross such streams and then wear the normal ones back after crossing. Bikers also do such thing when doing trips to places where there are water crossings.

      • Thanks. My forclaz is brand new so no wear on the soul side however I take your point that in the cold conditions, it will not dry for days, rendering it useless.. so by Gum shoe do you mean that rubbery shoe but will it have enough grip on the flowing water, fast flowing cold water.

        • Chandan, yes it will be difficult to dry them out. Well, yes most porters and guides do use the gum boots too when they get down in water to cross certain sections though I have not used it personally but I am assuming they shall be fine seeing those guides and porters making use of them in such situations. In general water crossings over highways, people cross bare foot too.

  4. Hi Dheeraj,

    I’m planning a trip to Leh in September. I’m not much of an outdoor person, so I want to be extremely well prepared for the trip but not spend too much on gear since I dont think I’ll use it too often. Is it extremely important to buy hiking boots or would sport shoes suffice? (Not really a fan of the idea of renting gumboots/ jackets from Leh). Moreover, would I need a rucksack or a suitcase would be okay? (Sorry, I’m a complete newbie!)

  5. Hy Dheeraj,
    I am planing to buy Forclaz 500 but lil confused as a new model is available should I buy the new one or the previous model of forclaz 500 which has good review please find both the model of forclaz 500 below website

      • Hey Dheeraj
        One more question I am getting Forclaz 600 for 3.5 k brand new should I go for it or should go for Forclaz 500 new version. If Forclaz 600 is good compared to Forclaz 500 I would go for it as I am getting it at huge discount as the product is discontinued. Please provide your valuable comment

        • RD, cannot really say so brother because I do not know the difference between them. If it comes with Vibram sole then yes, it is much better than Forclaz 600

  6. Srinivasan on

    Dheeraj read your comments last week, and went to Decathlon here in Bangalore to buy the 3rd pair of my Quechua shoes, this time i went for flex as i already have flex nova dry and using the same for last 3 years during my treks. Since i am planning to trek at leh, i am getting prepared. I bought quechua for my wife and daughter too.

    For those of you who wish to buy in flipkart, and online you need to be very careful of the size. You have to wear it in Decathlon to check your size, i tried 8 models before firming up the purchase. My size is 45 for normal shoes, but i go for 48 when i buy quechua ( which is 11 for indian, and 12.5 when i go for quechua). so better you go to Decathlon check and buy. Another word of advice, never go to trek without using the shoe for a atleast a month, if you go for trekking without practise with the shoe, you may end up blisters all over the foot.Happy trekking !!

    Dheeraj thanks for your wonderful tips in this site..really useful.

    • Thank you Srinivasan !! The tip is quite good and will help many. I think they are discontinuing it as fresh stock is not available on the website of Decathlon now. Not sure who wanted that to get discontinued 🙁 … Thankgod I have another pair ordered this year itself, so for next 4-5 years no worries 🙂 🙂

  7. Bhuvan Sharma on

    Hello Dheeraj sir!

    If someone don’t have original i.d for going to leh. Will it be any trouble on nubra or lakes routes. Scanned copy will work?


  8. Bhuvan Sharma on

    hello dheeraj sir!

    we are going to leh on Sunday morning. my friend has just purchased bullet classic but his number is temporary.. we are going from srinagar and will be returning from manali.

    • Bhuvan, sorry but no idea in this case if it will create any issues or not. This year outside Leh bikes are scrutinized and those which have the bikes on the name of themselves or father name are allowed for sightseeing to Nubra and Pangong Tso. So, if at all you go carry all the required papers with you of bike. Also, it is a new bike, so not sure if there are any glitches or not or something need to be tuned. Hence, consider that aspect too before taking it.

  9. Bhuvan Sharma on

    Hello Dheeraj sir!

    I am feeling lucky to find your website and after reading all articles for leh, i feel theoretically i went to this place for real… 🙂
    But seriously all information at one place and for free… amazing 🙂

    I am doing a road trip to leh (03-14 aug)and likely, i will be following your 12 days, 12 lakes, 12 high passes itinerary.

    I have few simple questions, hope you can answer.

    1. Chandigarh- srinagar (600km)- single day- start early morn and reach late evening- doable?

    2. In one of your articles, you mentioned… there is a new road now that runs along the river at the base of moonland but we can opt for old route through Hangroo loops? which one should we take?

    3. Tso- Moriri to jispa, we want to cover following route also… • Rumtse – Taglang – Moore Plain – Pang – Sarchu… can we cover this long route and stay at jispa??

    4. Jispa to Losar and losar to manali via konzom pass, how many kms? can we cover both in single days in aug? can we able to see chandratal lake?

    5. For travel gear, i am opting for Forclaz 500 and they are available for 3600 online at sports 365, any place in delhi where i can get for 3k? for bike riding gear (gloves, knee guards, helmets etc) any good shop(who give discounts too) in delhi?

    Any other suggestions for 12 days, 12 lakes itinerary and we are skiping rest day at tso-moriri.


    • Hi Bhuvan,

      Please find my replies below:

      1. Difficult but doable.

      2. I love the Hangroo loops but it takes more time and offers distant view of moonland.

      3. For tso Moriri to Jispa, which will be very long, except Rumtse and Taglang La, you will be able to cover rest of the place you mentioned.

      4. I will suggest not to go to Losar and make the same mistake we did. Best is go to Chandratal from Jispa and stay there only in camps. It will be pleasant in August. You will not miss the magical reflections in Chandratal doing it. Then next morning leave from Chandratal to Manali.

      5. You cannot get them at 3K at all I believe. If you are in Delhi then why book online. Go to Decathlon store in Noida and they have so many things on offer including Forclaz 500. Get from there directly without any commission to any agent being involved.


  10. Those shoes are awesome, am glad i didn’t order one size bigger than my original size. they fit perfectly. i tried them without socks they were uncomfortable then. with socks it felt heaven. thanks dheeraj. the trip is going to be awesome.

    • Dear Dheeraj,
      Leh calling! these look like just the right kind of shoe to buy. Alas! The link says ” Permanently discontinued” 🙁

      Any pointers where these can be purchased at a reasinable cost.
      Thank you in advance,


      • Jasii, there are two outlets of Decathlon now open in North India. Once is near GIP Mall Noida and other on at Zirakpur, visible right on highway opposite side of McDonalds. You can purchase them from there if you live up in North or while going to Leh, if by road. Not sure why they discontinued on Flipkart. May be after this review all went out of stock 😉 😀 …

  11. Which one out of Forclaz 500 and 600 should be preferred?
    Also any idea where can I get waterproofing or waxing polish??

  12. Hi Dheeraj,
    I love reading the variety of write ups related to travel on your blog! They are informational, helpful and entertaining 😀 Please keep up the good work! Just to bother you with a few questions: Are there any brands of trekking shoes you recommend for women? Is this Quechua shoe unisex? Thanks mate & keep writing!

    • Shaheen, thank you so much, glad to know that you love and moreover, enjoy reading the blogs at DoW 🙂 …

      Regarding these shoes, they are also available for Women as well. Size and colors will be difference, just.

  13. Parul Battu on

    Hi., we will be going to leh from delhi this mid june for 10 days for the first time. We plan to go to manali, chandet tal, sirchu to leh then pangong tso lake and nubr valley want to return via shimla.please guide us. Also we want to hire Muv from delhi for the complete trip. Any suggestions? we will b 5 adults.
    waiting for your reply.

  14. Hey Dheeraj,
    Thanks a lot for your help. It’s a perfect fit for me. First I felt it was little tight but with a weeks use it feels very comfortable. And it’s a great shoe. Good grip, water-proof, nice ankle support and looks good too :). I have used woodlands shoe and this one is much lighter than those and far more comfortable. Highly recommend it. Thanks again Dheeraj 🙂

    • Superb !! Yeah, it is a great piece of Trekking Shoe… Soon I will test it again in the high cold conditions of Spiti Valley and then further some treks/hikes in snow. Enjoy brother, keep traveling and keep spreading smiles.

      • i have ordered size 7. my actual size. but i read many reviews which say you need to get a size big. as regular size ain’t comfortable. what do you suggest should i cancel my order and replace with bigger size ? is the regular size comfortable ?

        • Jay, there is a some space for toe in front of these shoes. As discussed in previous comments, you will not like to get a size bigger in these kind of shoes as it adds overhead and you feet go with the motion of loose part which can cause blisters. There is a return policy of 30 days anyhow. So, if it does not fit well you can return so. I wear one less than the size of my Adidas shoes.

        • problem is i have no time left after the shoe will be delivered i have to go trekking in arunanchal soon after. lets see.
          thanks thou.

  15. Hey guys,
    My foot size is 29cm. What’s the recommended size for me? I don’t trust the size chart in flipkart! And there are no decathlon outlets here. So its impossible for me to try these shoes before i buy. Please help
    Thanks in advance

    • Rishi, according to Decathlon size chart, you should buy 10.5 … Also, you have an option to return as well within 30 days at Flipkart 🙂 🙂 … Seems the price has gone up by couple of hundred by the time I posted it. What size of Adidas, if you wear, fits you?

      • i usually use size 11 in adidas. Was planning to order a 11.5! yea, the price has gone up by 200. But after reading your review, cant resist buying it 😉

        • And i might need a bigger size because my feet is broad due to flat foot

        • Rishi, if you wear 11 in Adidas, will say to go with 10.5 as in this shoe, there is a some space for toe in front. As discussed in previous comments, you will not like to get a size bigger in these kind of shoes as it adds overhead and you feet go with the motion of loose part which can cause blisters.

          IMHO, you should go with 10.5 but that is the risk you will need to take here for return too 🙂

    • Yeah, very true. I have abandoned one of my trips because I did not have good pair with me and then decided to save for them and finally ended up with this awesome pair of shoes 🙂

  16. mayank gulati on

    can anyone suggest, is it preferable to buy a size larger than current size or buy the same size ?
    reason for asking it, Right size of hiking shoe is not the same as the size for a “formal shoe”.You need to have space at the front to avoid crushing the toes when descending

    • Mayank, I will not recommend at all because it has a cushion due to elongated toe. If there is too much space in an ankle high shoe, they tend to become over head I feel !! May be I could be wrong but I use the size that fits me fine 🙂

    • Soumen Bhowmick on

      You should buy the right size for you. Mainly because it has enough cushion inside to adjust and also that if you choose for a slightly bigger one, then there are high chances of getting blisters on long treks and also don’t worry about getting your toe crushed with this shoe.

    • mayank gulati on

      Thanks a lot, Dheeraj and Soumen.
      one more silly question is there any store where i can try it out before ordering it online.

        • mayank gulati on

          Thanks for help. i got my pair couple of weeks back. they are good. done test run to Shali tibba with them. grip on dry surface awesome, comfort level good, water proofing good. Slipped a bit on snow as one of the reason could be that i don’t know exact technique to walk on snow. i would like to test it on snow someday. if i have to summarize the shoe in one word then it would be awesome as of now. eager to go for more treks…. 🙂

        • Thank you Mayank for posting your feedback here !! Yeah, like your rightly put, it is indeed an AWESOME pair of shoes !! Wishing you more such lovely treks… regarding walking in snow, try to use your ankle while walking… that is instead of using fingers of your feet for landing, use ankle to land first and then rest of the feet, this way the ankle inserts itself into snow and grips perfectly. Regarding slipperiness over time, they will get to some extent.

  17. Soumen Bhowmick on

    I completely agree with every word of this review. And it makes sense when the fan base of this particular model is so huge. I didn’t come across one unsatisfied user of this shoe. Myself using this shoe for the last couple of years I can that
    a) It’s an absolute weightless
    b) The inner cushions are luxurious
    c) The insulation is perfect
    d) The water proofing can’t get better than this no matter what else you buy and how much you spend unless you are buying a gum boot. I’ve returned home from office, riding my bike dry feet when even my expensive rain coat couldn’t keep my groin from getting wet under the torrential rains.
    e) Breathable??? During the winters, whatever shoe/chappal I wear my feet sweats. But not when I am wearing Forclaz 500. I am not sure if it is for its breath-ability, but I guess so.
    f) The brand! Quechua! From cap to shoe, I own at least on of all and I tell you I am in love with Quechua.

  18. Im worried about the comfort level its gonna give while riding a motorcycle. Does anybody experienced any issue? If its perfect for a ride, then i will defintely make this as my choice. Dheeraj, do you have any words to say on this ?

    • Afsal, though I am not a biker but have used for riding in Leh for couple of days. Did not find any problems but only people having riding experience with them can surely comment on this. I drive mostly wearing them only on all my Himalayan trips, no issues at all so far as long as laces are tied in the second latch. I have asked few biker friends to comment about their experience and help you make a wise/better choice.

    • Soumen Bhowmick on

      Afsal, I am using this shoe for the last two and half years and I use this day in and day out during the monsoons and winters. I just skip tying the top two or three hooks and it just works fine for riding a bike. I must add here that this shoe is worth every penny you pay and any shoe that can come close to this might cost you a mansion.

      • Guys,i have used this with my Royal Enfield Classic 500 and this is a perfect match. This is a best companion for casual rides too. One thing i was disappointed is it felt more slippery when walking on floors that have algae and moss. Did anyone experienced it?

        • UMANGJEET SINGH on

          yes sir, they are the worst shoes for monsoon treks. I have had really bad experience walking on rocks with algae, almost zero grip, the only way you can walk is by maintaining correct balance and stay away from rocks which look green. Even on a flat tiled floor with a some water, you might just slip if not walking carefully

        • May be Umang, you have been using it for long and the grip below have gone away. I have used two pairs uptill now and they are still better in grip and of course on any slippery place they will skid. They are much better in winters than my regular office shoes still as roads up here where I live now freeze with ice in winters and when I am wearing them, I still feel better. Last year pair also I have used for two years and it is not as bad as you may have experienced. Before them I used to use woodland who are far worse than the way you have explained.

          Again, it is my experience and may be you have an unfortunate experience with them. Nowadays I use North Face Versa which are way more costlier than these and I will still say the price paid for them is still worth if I compare these shoes with North Face one too.

        • UMANGJEET SINGH on

          Hey Dheeraj, I have used Quechua Forclaz 100 for himalayan trekking for 3 years, I trekked some 9 destinations in those shoes, and used it for rainy season in Delhi. They were just the thing I ever wished for, perfect for having strong grip on rocks, soil and ice. I recently bought Quechua Forclaz 500, after coming to Maharashtra. Here the Western Ghats offers you an altogther different experience to trekkers. And Forclaz failed miserably. The rocky stairs and terrains are weathered and rounded with good algae deposit on most of them. Forclaz sole material won’t grip the surface at all where as the Action Trekking shoes (sold in 2 colors, black and olive) I bought after 3 miserable monsoon treks turned out to be a blessing. I did my last trek with lot of confidence and less fear of slipping.

          Another major drawback here is that monsoon trekking in western ghats makes you cross streams with water level touching your waist. And there are so many streams, each wider that the previous, that throwing your shoes off to the other side and crossing bare foot isnt an option. Once water gets into the shoe, it wont dry up easily. What makes the shoe water resistant also makes it retain all that water. The inner material absorbs water and when you place your foot back in, water seeps out of the material to give a feeling that your feet is in a puddle again.

        • Thank you Umang, I am not sure they did something else to the new model in soles but it seems quite shocking now as old ones had performed really well for me. BTW now I am very happy with my North Face Versa as it fits in my office, daily casuals and of course numerous hikes around home 🙂

  19. Hiii
    I too hv this pair agree tht they are splendid but i did observe tht they are water resistant only as long as the upper soft portion is not submerged .secondly i found they are not tht condusive when it comes to the aspect of feet breathing and odour removal.
    But yes amazing hiking/travelling shoes , light weight and comfortable.vfm indeed

    • Yeah, Sumit but for VFM they provide they are indeed very well !! I use to put them in sun/open air while using them over Travel it really helps in increasing the odour removal though I would agree not 100%… still you can live in the room 😀 !! Regarding Water proofing indeed for deep water crossing you will need gaiters. If one has money, Salomon are good options but last time I checked they were around 6K and since three years I never complained about using this pair. So, considering the longevity of use too, these one can be bought again after few years still accumulating to that price of Salomon 😀 😀

  20. Neeraj Sinha on

    Fully agree with the review. With Forclaz 500, some things are taken for granted and excellent grip, light-weight and water proofing are the USP of this. Must have for anyone seeking light trekking shoes.

    • Seriously Neeraj, these are just damn good !! I know you have been using too as well for quite sometime now, the grip and being light weight is such valuable assets while traveling. Seeing so many friends around buying this piece on demand over past couple of years for almost more than 1000 I paid, it felt bad BUT this sale looks damn amazing !! I have ordered one for my wife too in this one 🙂

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