Non – HP Vehicles Need Permit on Manali – Rohtang Pass Road

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The traffic jams at Manali to Rohtang Pass road has infused the HP Govt. to take a confusing bullish step and ban non – HP vehicles to ply on Manali – Rohtang Pass road 😥 … I am not sure why this decision has been made because even the HP vehicles (taxis and locales) are equally responsible for creating the traffic jams on Manali – Rohtang Pass road as compared to non-HP vehicles. IMHO, taxi drivers who ply on Manali – Rohtang Pass road are much careless when it comes to breaking queues and block the traffic coming from other sides to create jams. I know there are many people who go from plains and do the same things but again in my personal opinion this is the lapse of people being uncivilized rather than HP or non-HP vehicles.

I guess this will definitely impact the travelers influx rather tourists, who prefer to go for an adventure drive to Rohtang Pass rather than seeing the dirt and slush over there in tourist season. If at all they wanted to solve the issue of traffic chaos at Manali – Rohtang Pass road, they must regulate the traffic going beyond Rohtang that is towards Leh – Ladakh and Keylong and start the bus services rather allowing private taxis to Rohtang Pass, or even limit the number of private taxis to the amount of parking space which the administration boasts off. This would have been much better choice rather restricting entry of non-HP vehicles on the Manali – Rohtang Pass road. But, again this will affect the local livelihood, which would not help GOVT. in their own interests.

UPDATE from 9th June 2014
The Rohtang Pass Permit for Manali to Leh, Keylong (Lahaul) and Kaza (Spiti) is now being issued at an official camp setup at Gulaba ahead of Kothi, from green tax barrier at Chauri-Bihal and Shuru, SDM Office Manali, Tourist information center Manali and in the office of HPTDC. This year the congestion charges of Rs. 50/- per vehicle has to be paid which includes both Motor Bike and Cars… The traffic is allowed from 4 AM in the morning to 11 PM at night, after which traffic will not be allowed. Hence, it is suggested to start at 3 AM from Manali to avoid long traffic jams, especially in June, to Rohtang Pass. For Manali to Rohtang Pass, only 400 tourists vehicles/taxis (HP Registered) are allowed in the batches per day beyond Gulaba to snow point of Marhi or Rohtang Pass.
UPDATE Last week June 2013
The permit ( for Keylong and Leh) is now being issued from the Himachal tourism office at Manali, Mall road near Nehru Park and congestion charges of Rs.100/- per vehicle has to be paid. Forms are available at tourism office. Also, Permits can be obtained from Green Tax Barrier when you enter the Manali town and pay fees there.  
Here are the contact details on Manali, SDM office:(Sub-Divisional Magistrate)- 01902254100, 01902254200
Timings for the SDM Office, Manali are 10.00 AM to 5.00 PM and do keep in mind that SDM Office Manali will be closed on National / Local Holidays, Sundays, Second Saturdays. So, you need to plan your journey accordingly so that these holidays or closure of SDM office may not hamper your plan. If that is the case and you are reaching Manali on any of the day when SDM Office, Manali will remain close then try to get the permits in advance through a hotel or travel agent in Manali.

Documents Required for the permits of Manali – Rohtang Pass Road

You need to present them of your driving license and vehicle registration papers/certificate or tell them the vehicle registration number only. To get the permits in advance through some travel agent or hotel staff, you can send fax or scanned copy of the driving license and tell them the vehicle registration number.

Fees/Charges for the permits of Manali – Rohtang Pass Road

I guess there is no fees or charges for the permits. Of course in case you get them issued through some hotel/travel agent then they may charge you for their own services.


Finally, following is the summary of the steps enforced which may help you plan your journey accordingly, especially for the people going to Leh – Ladakh.

  • Restricted the entries of non-HP registered LMVs on Manali – Rohtang Pass road which includes cars not bikes.
  • If you are going to Keylong or Leh – Ladakh from Manali in non-HP registered vehicle (be it private or taxi) then you need to get a permit issued from SDM office in Manali to travel on Manali – Rohtang Pass road.
  • If you are coming from Keylong side or Kaza side, then you do not need any permit to ply on Manali – Rohtang Pass road even if you have a non-HP registered vehicle. Permit is required only if you are going from Manali side towards Rohtang Pass.Strange but true :)…
  • Restricted the entries of trucks on Manali – Rohtang Pass road from 6.00 AM – 6.00 PM

Update 6th June 2013

Bikes were exempted from the permits because in last 2 years none of the readers who are bikers on the blog reported any issue. But, bikers also need permits as per the latest updates in 2013 by Shriram in the forum here.

This year 2013 onward there are traffic time regulations on Manali – Rohtang Pass road, hence, do read the article for more details linked here: Manali – Rohtang Pass Road | Timings and One Way Traffic Regulations

Read More Below:

Manali, June 26 2011

Waking up to the plight of tourists trapped in traffic jams on the Manali-Marhi-Rohtang stretch highlighted in these columns, the district administration has decided to close down Rohtang Pass for out-of-state vehicles from tomorrow and restricting the entry of trucks from 6 pm to 6 am.

Though hoteliers, taxi operators and travel agents have hailed the decision, Leh, Spiti and Keylong-bound tourists state that the decision is discriminatory.

According to the tourists, they pay green tax, but are not allowed to visit the place of their choice. “It is the duty of the hoteliers and the Tourism Department to provide parking and make the stay hassle free,” commented Harish Shah, a tourist from Delhi.

Kullu DC BM Nanta, after convening a meeting of the BRO, police and hoteliers, decided that only non-HP vehicles to the Rohtang Pass would be allowed to ply beyond Kothi to ease up traffic problem on the Gulaba-Marhi-Rohtang stretch.

Nanta said the Leh or Keylong-bound private vehicles would have to take permits from SDM, Manali. “This will ease up traffic congestion and make tourists stay comfortable,” he added. A high-level police team under IG (Central Range) JR Thakur and SP Kullu Abhishek Dular today inspected the traffic regulation between Manali and Rohtang. The team found the condition of Marhi-Rohtang stretch in poor condition. Dular said about 60 policemen had been deployed to regulate traffic. “We have enough parking lots at the Rohtang Pass, Beas Nala and Marhi,” he claimed.

Source: From today, non-HP vehicles can’t enter Rohtang Pass

To completely plan a journey on Manali – Leh Highway, check the travel guide for Manali – Leh Highway on the below link: Travel Guide for Manali – Leh Highway

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  2. Vikas verma on

    Hello sir,

    Mai vikas hu from delhi se. Mujhe ap se ye puchna h ki agar mai delhi se koi innova book kr ke leh ghumna chahta hu to rent ki innova k liye permit mil jaye ga ki nahi. Kyo ki youtube me ek video me ye bataya gya h ki jiske name ka ragistraition hota h usi ko permit milta h dusre ko ni.
    Aur rent ki innova me to drive to mai hi karunga to kya mujhe permit mil jaye ga.

    Help me….

    • Vikas, rent ki Innova self drive hai ya driver k saath? Aur ye bhi dhyaan rakhna ki agar rent ki Innova chahe driver k saath ho ya bina driver k, Leh mein jaakar allowed nahin hogi sightseeing k liye. Wahan par Leh taxi karni padegi local wali.

  3. Hi Dheeraj ji, planning to manali leh trip 12th June onwards. I am travelling by bullet. I have heard the number of vehicles allowed has been restricted to a certain limit. does this apply on two-wheelers too. If yes how can I get the permission in advance.
    Any online way of getting the permission. Thank in advance.

  4. Hello Dheeraj,

    Your info is very helpful for Manali Rohtang travel. Can you let me know if I can travel to Manali or Shimla or Tirthan by a non HP registered car? Is there a ban or one can travel via a self drive rented (zoom) or any other non state registered tourist car.


    • There is no such ban to travel to Manali or Shimla or Tirthan Valley. The ban is on traveling to Rohtang Pass from Manali for which permit is required.

  5. Hi, I will be going to Leh, by bike, from Manali. May I know where in Manali can i apply for the permits?

  6. HI
    I NEED TO PLAN FOR 2017,

      • hi
        sorry didn’t mentioned the details
        so here it goes like:
        travelling from Mumbai to delhi by Toyota fortuner
        and thereafter need to travel to leh ladakh
        I have 10-12 days from delhi

        thank u

        • You can check a very balanced and most common itinerary for Leh – Ladakh followed by many travellers including me at the link here for 13-14 days: Most Common Itinerary for Leh – Ladakh.

          You can remove the rest day to make it around 12 days after coming back from PAngong Tso. Also, you can do Nubra Valley to Pangong Tso in one day without coming back to Leh. This will save the day for you.

  7. Varun Sharma on

    Hi Dheeraj

    I am planning a road trip from Delhi To Manali in the first week of November(Should reach Manali on 6th Afternoon) .
    Upon reaching Manali, we plan to do a day trip to Rohtang Pass
    Next day we plan to visit Solang valley for leisure purpose.

    I have some questions for you:
    1. Should we expect Rohtang Pass to be open in 1st week of November?
    2. I heard that Diesel vehicles are not allowed? Is it true?
    3. Permit needs to be taken online or via SDM office?
    4. What is the permit fee?
    5. Can I take the permit in advance?

    • Hi Varun,

      Here are the replies:

      1. Sometimes it is open but sometimes it is closed. The usual official date of closure is from last week of October to mid of November. First snowfall has already there last day, so all depends upon weather in coming days.
      2. No they are allowed but the quota for permits is less and usually captured by taxi union taxis as they all are diesel.
      3. You can try both of them, prefer online first in advance.
      4. Rs 50
      5. Yes, check: How to get Rohtang Pass Permit Online

  8. Varun Kumar on

    Hi Dheeraj,

    Firstly I would like to thank you for sharing such valuable information. I am very frequent visitor of your blog and stories.
    I am planning to travel to Spiti from 30th SEP to 11th OCT with my friend on Royal Enfiled. Just want to seek your valuable advice on that. Is it fine to travel in this time frame?
    While going through your blog I came across the permit related things. You have mentioned that everyone needs to obtain the permit for Rohtang pass. As the post is quite old(2014) so just want to ask is it still mandatory to obtain the permit or not?
    Any other suggestion that you would like share as you are very much familiar with the route and places.

    • Hi Varun,

      It should be OK to travel but there will be cold conditions during night. So, pack accordingly. Yes, if you will go from Manali side then you have to get the permit for Rohtang Pass from SDM office in Manali. I will suggest you have enough days to do our most common itineary for Spiti Valley, hence, You can check a very balanced and most common itinerary for Spiti Valley followed by many travellers including me at the link here for 10-11 days: Most Common Itinerary for Spiti Valley.

  9. Hey Dheeraj one more doubt bro!! As mentioned in the rules to obtain the permit from SDM office, we need to show a voucher of our hotel booking in Spiti or ladhak. But my plan is to go to chandrataal and pitch my own tent over there so I wont be booking any hotel . So what do I need to do?

  10. Hey Dheeraj I wanna travel from manali to chandrataal!! So do I need to get the Rohtang pass permit by paying 500rs along with the permit which will be issued in SDM office? Or just the permit issued in SDM office is sufficient?

  11. HI,

    I am travelling with KA registered vehicle, will i be allowed from Manali to Leh route , if i obtain permits as mentioned in this blog. Thanks a ton for writing this blog and getting back.

  12. HI,

    I am travelling with KA registered vehicle, will i be allowed , if i obtain permits as mentioned in this blog. Thanks a ton for writing this blog and getting back.

  13. Bansi kandoliya on

    We are 4 guys

    • Bansi, you need Rohtang Pass permit for sure to cross Rohtang Pass from Manali side. You are totally allowed to use private vehicle in Ladakh for sightseeing. So, dont worry on that front.

  14. Hi Dheeraj

    Thanks for all valuable information you provide I really appreciate that.

    My query is I am going on bike by below route.

    Srinagar ->Leh -> manali

    I just want to cover khardungla , pangong and tso Moriri.

    Can you please advise me if I have to take any permits at all if I start ride from Srinagar side ?

    Also what’s the best option to cover tso moriri on the way back from Leh with sarchu as targeted stay in night ?


  15. sir plz tell me how can i apply for rohtang pass permit for own taxi,,,,,,,,,,,,,,cost,documents, and where i apply for this

    i leave in delhi

  16. Hi Dheeraj,
    We are planning to travel rahtang from manali on rented bikes. Permit from SDM office is necessary for this or paying 50 rs at checkpost will be enough?

  17. Dear sir,

    we will reach manali today. i have my gujarat passing INNOVA car. i want to go manali to leh via rohtang. how can i get permit ?? please suggest me. can i get permit online???

  18. Arpan josan on

    M traveling leh from 25th june – 4th july via manali .. I’ll cross rohtang pass on 26th early mrng by 4 am .. Where s this SDM office in manali for permit .. N will i get d permit one day before .. Because I’ll b reachng manali late on 25th .. N by what tym SDM office closes in evng?

  19. Gagan grewal on

    Hello brothr
    Is mnalli leh pass open???
    And thr is need of any permit in non hp vehicle??
    If thr is then can we get it online???
    We are planning to leave on 19 june

    • Avdhesh Sharma on

      hi dheeraj sir,some of my friends are planning to visit leh from manali side,we are hiring bike from delhi(yellow no. plate) can you please tell me that do we need any permit to cross rohtang pass.

  20. Pardeep Kumar on

    Dear Dheeraj, we are planning to manali by own bikes on 9th june. so its possible that we can go to Rohtang by our bikes with any permit. or if got permit for leh, but can come back from rohtan only.

    OR we can get rental taxy from manali to rohatang easily.

    Pardeep Kumar

  21. Yuvraj Parashar on

    Dear Dheeraj ji,
    I am from Rajasthan, Could you let us that private number of vehical is allowed to go rohtang or not and also if will go by taxi or private number than what will be the step by step procedures to get permission for the same. And now days how much time it will take to get permission from Manali office because we heard by someone that some time it will take one or two or may be more days.

    Yuvraj Parashar

    • Yes, you need to take permit from sDM office. If you are going just to Rohtang Pass, then you can get the permit online 3 days in advance

      • Yuvraj Parashar on

        kindly elaborate in what case i have to take permission from SDM office and as far as online permission is concern, the option is not working so what will the alternative for me to escape from delay in permission.


        Yuvraj Parashar

        • Yuvraj, online permit is applicable this year only for vehicle going upto Rohtang Pass not beyond. If you want to travel beyond Rohtang Pass, you have to get rohtang pass permit from SDM office in Manali to travel beyond Rohtang Pass

  22. Karan Gohil on

    Hi Dheeraj Sir, We have planed to go leh in Diesel verna on 2nd june 2016 from mumbai. I will make it easy for you to understand my question, if we travel from shrinagar to Leh and travel back from Leh to Manali by Rohtang pass is there any permit required from start to end of my journey?
    Do reply soon.
    Thank you:)

  23. Mohd. Tahir on

    Sir i want to permit from manali to ladakh via bike online.. How can i get this permite. please tell me about this information…

  24. Hello lots of information awesome I just want to ask another question if we travel in a zoomcar to spiti valley from shimla side do we have to worry about permits and can we exit manali
    Thank you

  25. Hi Dheeraj ,

    we are planning for ladakh trip from chandigargh from june26th to july 6th 2016,Could you help us to plan since its only 10days and we are planning to cover chandigargh-manali-leh-srinagar-chandigargh in bike .Thanks for your reply

    • It will take 4 days to reach Leh from Srinagar side starting from Delhi and 3 days to come back from Leh from Manali side to Delhi. This makes it 7 days. 1 Day is required in Leh for acclimatization. You have about 10 days. 1 Day can be used as Day trip to Pangong Tso and other day can be used as day trip to Nubra Valley or just Khardung La pass.

    • Ajay Parmar on

      Hi Dheeraj

      I read your complete article about manali-leh-manali road trip, It is very useful for those who loves himaliyas and like to travel within, Please tell me something about manali-leh-manali road trip for Oct/Nov month, we like to make plan for that time period.

  26. Pawan Tiwari on

    Hi Dheeraj,

    I planning to cover manali Leh trip from 26 May,16. I will rent a bike from the Manali bike rental shops.
    Could you please tell me that:
    1- Will Manali-Leh be open by 26/27 may ,16
    2- what kind of permit will require If I go to Leh(not only upto Rohtang).
    3- How I will get permit – If any required.
    4- can Bike rental shop provide me the permit (if I miss to go to SDM office).
    5- If I need to go to SDM office can I get permit by 10AM as I heard that Rohtang will be open till 12 noon to cross if coming from manali(I don’t want to lose my day).

    • Hi Pawan,

      Bikes rented outside Leh are not allowed for sightseeing inside Ladakh except Tso Moriri and Tso Kar lakes which can be done while going to Manali from Leh. Private bikes are completely allowed. You can use the outside rented bike to reach Leh but then for going to Pangong Tso, nubra Valley, etc.. you need to hire rented bikes from Leh only.

      To know more about this rule and present situation, please refer the link: Bikes Rented Outside Leh Banned in Ladakh

      This year as per reports, rule is going to be stricter. Manali rental guys have formalized a deal that for the days Manali bike is parked in Leh and Leh bike is rented, they will charge 50% of the rent of the bike. So, confirm with Manali rental guys first about this signoff.

      For renting bikes in Leh – Ladakh along with current Bike Union Prices, you can check the DoW Community thread: Leh – Ladakh Bike Rental Rates 2015 – 16 & Reliable Shops

      The one way bike rental is quite costly and leave a big dent in pocket for you, sometimes like 12K for just the pickup from Manali. Be sure if you are ready to make that investment or not or if at all it is worth the money spent. My suggestion is unless you are hard core biker and cannot live up the passion of biking, it is not wise to spend that much money just for the pickup of bike.

      1. High chances that Manali – Leh will open by last week of May, all depends on weather in coming days
      2. You just need permit to travel to Rohtang Pass.
      3. Check: How to get Rohtang Pass Permit Online
      4. No, you need to get on your own
      5. all depends upon people in front but 10 AM seems too optimistic to me.

      • Hi Dheeraj,
        Can you elaborate answer 2 as it says ” you just need permit to travel to Rohtang pass” — so if I need to cross it to go to Leh then no permit would be required …is that correct ??

        • What I meant is that permit is required only to travel across Rohtang Pass from Manali side. If you want to travel beyond Rohtang Pass then only permit is issued otherwise just for Rohtang Pass no permits are issued and is totally banned. For remaining part of journey to Leh from Rohtang Pass, you do not need any permit. I hope it clears.

  27. Sir, We are planning a trip from Delhi to manali and from manali to ladakh by a 4 wheeler diesel SUV. Do we have to apply for both the permits for Rohtang (For Tourism Purpose) and the permit for travel across Rohtang (For Travel Purpose) ? We are planning this trip around June 10th 2016. So how long we have to wait till we can apply for the permits online?
    PS – Its a UP registered maruti S Cross. We are a total of 5 guys.

    Also, please tell me if there’s Diesel filling station along Manali to Leh Route.

    Thank you 🙂

  28. Hi,
    We are planning to travel with a 4 wheel and 2 bikes to Ladakh all rented non HP vehicles on July last 2016, please advice is the issues we face to obtain a pass to cross rohtang pass,is it possible to obtain in advance since we will be pass on a Sunday any travel agent contact from Manali for the same

  29. Mahesh Sahu on

    Mr. Dheeraj Sharma ji.

    I have a own car chevrolet sail hatchback Petrol Version Registration in Rajasthan 2014 driven by me. My Family with above car driven by me for sightseeing From Ajmer to Srinagar, Gulmarg, Sonamarg to manali since 2013 by my other car. I will go to leh via manali by self driven own car with family dated on 12th April to 15th April, 2016.
    Please send information.

  30. Dhavalsinh Chauhan on

    I want to go by my pvt with family to rohtang pass. any permit required?

  31. HI DHEERAJ. CAN WE USE ZOOMCAR TO TRAVEL CHANDIGARH SRINAGAR KASHMIR LADAKH MANALI CHANDIGARH (ROUND TRIP). We are from Andaman & Nicobar Island coming to explore himalayas at July. We doesnot know anything about the himalayas, their rules and regulations, the climate, hotels, stays, permits etc.


    • Unfortunately, you can only use the self-drive rented cars including Zoomcar (black number plate and yellow number plate) just to enter Leh and exit Leh from Srinagar – Leh Highway or Manali – Leh Highway but you cannot use them for any kind of sightseeing within Leh – Ladakh to places like Nubra Valley and Pangong Tso. For sightseeing within Ladakh you will need to hire a Ladakh based taxi. Please refer the link from the post for the personal experiences:

  32. justprakhar on

    Hi Dheeraj,

    We are planning to start Spiti Velley circuit from Shimla and finish it from Manali.
    So we will enter Manali – Rohtang Pass from Spiti Valley the other way around. Do we still need to get permits ?

  33. Prashant Varma on

    Hi Dheeraj,

    We are planning a trip to Spiti between 2nd Aug to 7th Aug in a ford ecosport (self drive rented from zoom cars). We were planning to reach Manali by 6pm in the evening and start for Kaza early next morning. Is it possible to get the permit in advance or if not then how much time does it take to get the permit(Also what all documents will be required), because we plan to reach Kaza on 3rd Aug evening and the tourist office itself open at 10am in the morning.


    Hello Dheeraj Sharma,
    The information you have compiled is very good and supportive, Still i have some queries.
    1. We are planning to travel from manali to leh on 2nd August by a commercial self driven vehicle(ZOOM CAR) . Do we need to get a permission for it and if yes from where we can get it . Is it possible to get the permission on sunday and What time we should start from manali. Please suggest in this regard.
    2. Where w should stay after starting from Manali??
    3. Do we need to get any other permission to travel for local sight seeing in Leh-ladakh?

    Please suggest a itenerary if possible and we want to return by kargil srinagar

  35. Raman Anurag on

    Hi Dheeraj,

    We are starting from Delhi on Monday morning 10th Aug and plan to reach manali same day by night. We plan to go to sarchu on 11th Aug the next day. The problem is getting the rohtang permit made.

    Will it be possible to get the permit same day and reach sarchu?
    Any agent through which we can get a permit? Which office do we go to- SDM office or tourist office?


  36. Pingback: Manali Leh Highway Status 2015 - Devil On Wheels™

  37. Dear Dheeraj,

    I need to do the advance permission to manali to Leh via Rohtang pass. As we are going with a Delhi registered vehicle.
    If anything can be done plz reply.

    Thanks & Regards

  38. Dear All,
    I need to know that now in July 2015 is their any rules to took the permission from manali to leh on road , if any then say me details about the advance booking of the permits.
    is it be done before 15 days or through online process.

  39. Arun Katte on

    Hi Dheeraj,

    My question would be a repeated one, but requesting you to solve this pop-up..

    1. We are from Bengaluru, So KA registration (2 wheeler) vehicle we are getting. So for this also we need permission i believe. Am i right?
    2. Traffic rules from Manali to Rohtang pass, (06:00 to 11:00), does this applies to 2 wheeler also?
    3. If you have any contact to stay between Manali to Leh, even Nubra valley. pls share it to me.

    • Hi Arun,

      1. In case they are not in your name or father’s name then you will need a NOC for it. also, for two wheelers you will be needing congestion charges to be paid at Gulaba Checkpost.
      2. Please do not go by this article for this year, time is yet to be finalized this year. Tuesday it will be closed.
      3. Stay at Jispa, please You can check the nice, preferred list of accommodation options in entire Leh – Ladakh (Leh, Nubra Valley, Pangong Tso, Tso Moriri) including moderate (cheap budget hotels as well) in the series of articles starting on the link here

  40. Nikhil Sawant on

    Dear Dheeraj,

    We want to cross rohtang coming from Leh to manali. We would be in a diesel self drive vehicle

    1.Is their any restriction for passing through Rohtang coming from Leh to Manali?
    2.Is the 1000 vehicle per day restriction applicable from Leh side?
    3. Do we need permits, if yes from where to get them?
    4.Do you advice taking the spiti valley route to Shimla with 3 days and 2 nights?

    Thanking You in advance,

    Warm Regards,
    Nikhil Sawant

    • Hello Nikhil,

      Since you are coming from Leh towards Manali, the rule does not have any affect on you. No permits, no restrictions of number of vehicle, no congestion charges.

      3 day, 2 nights will be very very tight for Spiti Valley, I will advice to cover it some other time.


  41. gurmeet singh on

    is private registration no of Up state vehicle allow to rohtang paas. I am travelling with my family if it is allow than I’ll visit there otherwise I’ll go somewhere else.

    • Gurmeet, only 275 vehicles from outside state are given permit for Rohtang Pass out of which 110 for Diesel vehicles and 165 for petrol vehicles. There are more than 1000 outside cars visiting Manali everyday, so chances are slim and too much hassles are there right now. If you believe you can manage the permit which are available in advance at tourism office in Manali and also at Manali taxi union office, you are good to go else better plan somewhere else.

  42. Rash Thakur on

    Hey Dheeraj,
    We are traveling on bullet with Chandigarh no. is there any permit required. If it is just a congestion fee of 50 rs only, plz tel me where to deposit it. Coz we planed it to reach manali on 4 July I.e Saturday n leave early on Sunday.
    Plz guide me.


    TRAVEL TIME 12JUNE,2015 TO 22 JUNE 2015.

    • Narinder ji, since it is a private number it will be allowed to pass but for Manali – Rohtang Pass road the rules are not very clear as NGT has banned vehicles on that road and restricted only 1000 vehicles per day with 400 disel and 600 petrol. Though nothing is clear as of now if the ban is only for commercial taxis or for all vehicles. Once the pass opens, then things will clear.


        Thanx Dheeraj g,
        sir please tell us if we hire taxi (all india permit) for leh ladakh, then it is valid in leh ladakh for sight seeing or need to hire local taxi from leht? Taxi Operator’s not clear this thing to us. and our budget is restricted the limit.

        Nardinder Singh

        • Narinder, no that will not be allowed for sightseeing in Ladakh and you will have to hire a new taxi of Ladakh number in Ladakh. Any yellow number plate taxi is not allowed in Ladakh for sightseeing purposes, they are only allowed to enter and exit from Leh.

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