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Manali – Rohtang Pass Road | Timings and One Way Traffic Regulations

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In order to regulate or control the traffic at Rohtang Pass which has become quite ugly and famous for its day long traffic jams, every year some new rule is introduced to tackle the same. Every time a new rule comes in, it brings lots of confusion and mess for the tourists and those who mostly suffer are actually interested more in Manali – Leh journey as compared to messy Rohtang Pass. This year again officials have come up with strict norms and penalties for violations of the newly created and confusing rules which do not talk about traffic coming from Keylong or Leh side. You can read below the detailed article on these rules but following is the summary of new rules for traffic at Manali to Rohtang Pass or Manali – Leh Highway

UPDATE from 9th June 2014
The Rohtang Pass Permit for Manali to Leh, Keylong (Lahaul) and Kaza (Spiti) is now being issued at an official camp setup at Gulaba ahead of Kothi, from green tax barrier at Chauri-Bihal and Shuru, SDM Office Manali, Tourist information center Manali and in the office of HPTDC. This year the congestion charges of Rs. 50/- per vehicle has to be paid which includes both Motor Bike and Cars… The traffic is allowed from 4 AM in the morning to 11 PM at night, after which traffic will not be allowed. Hence, it is suggested to start at 3 AM from Manali to avoid long traffic jams, especially in June, to Rohtang Pass. For Manali to Rohtang Pass, only 400 tourists vehicles/taxis (HP Registered) are allowed in the batches per day beyond Gulaba to snow point of Marhi or Rohtang Pass.

  • Only vehicles for Rohtang Pass will only be allowed to go from Manali to Rohtang Pass from 6 AM to 11 AM After 11 AM, tourists or any taxis or vehicle will not be allowed to go to Rohtang Pass. Only exceptions are emergency vehicles and HRTC buses and vehicles coming from Lahaul or Spiti Valley which should be certified by Khoksar Checkpost
  • Vehicles will only be allowed to come back from Rohtang Pass to Manali after 11 AM to 6 PM only.
  • Vehicles going beyond Rohtang Pass i.e. to Leh – Ladakh or Lahaul + Spiti Valley WILL be allowed from 5 PM to 6 AM
  • NO restrictions are present for Ambulances or vehicles in emergency.
  • Any violations to these rules may lead to seizure of the vehicles too.
Read More Below:

MANALI: Tourists will now have to keep patience to see snow at Rohtang pass this summer season as Manali has drafted strict regulations for vehicles plying on the Manali – Rohtang route. As per the plan, tourists will be able to enjoy the panoramic journey to Rohtang only between 6 am and 12 noon as vehicles before or after this time limit will not be allowed to go towards Rohtang pass.

Representatives of police, administration, Beopar Mandal, hoteliers and taxi union of Manali have now consented to a strict strategy to cope with the fierce traffic jam problem on this route. In peak summer season, vehicles take five to eight hours to cover the 51-km distance between Rohtang and Manali. The problem intensifies in the evening as vehicles from Rohtang leave for Manali and get stuck in the narrow road for hours. According to the new plan, vehicles from Manali can go towards Rohtang between 6 am and 12 noon and come back to Manali only after 12 pm.

“The time table for vehicles and making the route one-way will definitely help reduce traffic problems. This will make the journey more comfortable and fast. It will also reduce accidents and save the precious time of travelers,” Kullu police chief Ashok Kumar said, adding that the restrictions would be lifted for ambulances and vehicles in emergency.

Though people have welcomed the plan, police have warned that those who violate the rule will be penalized by way of seizing their car. Also, 10 pm to 6 am will be zero traffic hours when no vehicles will be allowed on the highway. If tourists reach Manali after noon, they shall have to postpone their Rohtang visit to next day.

Sources said that some taxi operators were reportedly taking tourists to Rohtang early morning and even at midnight, so as to make multiple trips to Rohtang on the same day. Many tourists were complaining that the taxi drivers don’t allow them to enjoy much time at Rohtang pass, saying that they will get stuck in traffic jam. Fixing of timings for cabs and other cars will now allow tourists to spend more time in snow, they said.

Police, tourism department and administration authorities are also planning to take effective steps to stop service providers from duping tourists. Instructions have been issued to adventure sports organizers and snow dress lenders to hang a rate-list in front of their kiosks, sources added.

External Source: Manali-Rohtang road to be one-way this summer

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  1. Bhagwant sharma on

    Hi dheeraj
    Plan to go manali 22 to 26 June by Volvo can u tell me the easy and cheapest way to go rohtang pass there is any bus service for there plz reply a once can bus drop to near the snow point

    • In June, there is no cheapest way to go to Rohtang Pass unless you get a ticket in HPTDC bus service which should be running though I am not sure about it. Can you please check with HPTDC bus service if they started the tourist buses to Rohtang Pass this season?

  2. Hi, I am planning trip to Manali by end of June with my family by my own car.
    I want to visit Rohtang Pass and wanted to know that If I need to buy BOTH permit of 550rs + Green tax of 200rs = 750rs ?
    Is this the best economical way to visit Rohtang by my own vehicle, or should I opt for taxi.
    please advice.

    • Yes Saurabh, Green Tax is the entry fee for Manali and Rs 550 is the Rohtang Pass permit fee. Taxis will be fleecing money, so best is to do it on your own.

  3. Rajiv Verma on

    hi dheeraj sir,
    Manali to Rohtang pass road status ?
    any idea when the road will open for tourists ?

  4. Hi Dheeraj, we are going to Manali in March , from 16 to 20. Wanted to know if rohtang pass will be accessible. Thanks

  5. Hlwww sir. We r planning to go rohtang paas from dheradun. Can u plzzz tell us how much days will it take to complete this journey…..?

    • Hi Sumit, you should plan at least 5 days of travel I will say. You can reach Delhi and take overnight volvo to reach Manali. Spend a day for localsightseeing and then next day go over to Rohtang Pass and come back the same day.

  6. Anil Wadhawan on

    Hi Dheeraj, First of alll many thanks for sharing your kind, valuable & experienced tips. We are plaining to visit Chandrataal with halt at Rohtang pass and Batal and thats all on public transport i.e. State transport buses. We will be arriving Manali on 31,Jul moring by 6:30am as per the bus schedule and after exploring every possible source of information online we found the HRTC buses depart at 4am/6am for Rohtang pass. We are concerned here for time and money both together. We planed to reach Batal by the end of the evening with a short halt 30-40mins at Rohtang pass, but not getting any clear info on bus timings. If you could please share your experience for bus timings or any other alternate source to travel this journey from Manali to Batal via Rohtang pass in one day.

    Many thanks!

    • Hello Anil, if you want to reach Chandratal by bus, then please read the article: Chandratal Lake | Cheapest Ways To Travel There

      You should not halt at Rohtang Pass on the go but while coming back when taking morning bus back from Battal to Manali, you can get down at Rohtang Pass and then take any other bus going down to Manali.

      PS: Rohtang pass does not have much to offer to cause that much inconvenience once you travel beyond it.

  7. Hi DoW,

    We are 8 people (all adults) planning on doing Manali – Leh in a tempo traveler over two days 27-28 June. We plan to get to Manali on 26 June. We have asked your friend Mr.Rigzin to help out with the transport. Anyway, the first day (Monday), we plan to cover Manali – Jispa, and the second day, cover Jispa – Leh. I have a few questions:

    – Could you recommend any time in the morning that we should leave Manali and Jispa? We have heard that it’s OK to leave Manali late (about 9AM). Is that OK? What kind of jams should we expect at Rohtang on the first day, for example?
    – How long will the Jispa – Leh leg of the journey take? What time should we leave Jispa camp?
    – If Mr.Rigzin’s taxi doesn’t come through, any idea how easy or difficult will it be to get one at Manali? He has said he’ll get back with details on 25th June, but asking, just to be safe. 🙂
    – Do you think that the taxi will be able take care of the undertaking to cross Rohtang? We are getting there on 26 morning around 11, and I’m wondering if we might have enough time to get a permit and undertaking on our own. Better for me to ask Rigzin only, but thought I’d ask here anyway.

    Thanks for your help!

  8. Hi Dheeraj
    I am planning to go from Manali to Solang Valley and then to Rohtang Pass on 29.06.2016. I wanted to ask some questions to you. I would be really thankful to you if answer all of them :

    Is snow present in manali, solang valley and rohtang pass ?
    What you suggest about the dresses and equipments used for skiing. From where should we take and waht charges of it ?
    How to reach Rohtang Pass by road if we are having our own car. Is car of any other state allowed in Rohtang ?If yes then we have to take permission ? For taking permission what should we do ? If not then can hire a taxi or take a bus to Rohtang ? What are the charges of bus and taxi both per person ?
    Which type of adventure are possible there at the end of the June and what are charges ?

  9. Could we expect snow this june first week at rohtang pass ?
    Or are there any snowy areas accessible in Himachal pradesh this season !

  10. Shivangi Johri on

    Hey Dheeraj,

    I am planning a trip to Manali , Rohtang Pass and spiti valley from Delhi along with my group.
    We will start trip from 7/July/2016 night and will be coming back on 11/July/2016 morning. Please suggest how to manage the timings and days.

    • With just 5 days in hand, all I can suggest is below:

      Day 1 | Delhi – Manali and stay overnight at Solang Valley
      Day 2 | Solang – Khoksar/Sissu/Chatru/Batal
      Day 3 | Khoksar/Sissu/Chatru/Batal – Chandratal
      Day 4 | Chandratal – Manali
      Day 5 | Manali – Delhi

  11. kamal gupta on

    Sir we want to visit manali in may so plzz tell us that the taxi services or other in manali to rohtang or others

  12. hi dheeraj
    just wanted to know one thing. as i have read rohtang is closed on tuesdays for maintainence. so is this closure only for vehicles going from manali to rohtang or also closed for vehicles coming from sarchu towards manali?

  13. Hi,

    Can any body tell how many days would require to go to spiti valley from manali?


  14. Hi,

    Can any body tell how many days would require to go to Spiti Valley via Manali ?


  15. Hello Dhiraj,
    Well we wish to travel leh from delhi which will be our about 7-8 days trip, we are planning to travel delhi to manali-leh by road. I will really appreciate if you help us with the rohtang pass as when will it be open ?? May – June will do?

    • It will take 4 days to reach Leh from Srinagar side starting from Delhi and 3 days to come back from Leh from Manali side to Delhi. This makes it 7 days. 1 Day is required in Leh for acclimatization. You have about 7-8 days. Are you sure you want to make this trip?

  16. Devendra Lalawat on

    We are planing visit shimla & manali. we want to see snowfall all there but don’t want traffic problems like land slide, heavy snowfall. So what is best month for visit shimla & manali.

    • Devendra, snow fall is not possible anymore as March has come and it will rarely snow now unless weather changes abruptly. Shimla has no leftover snow now and regarding Manali, you will be able to find snow at Rohtang PAss to play with. You can make a trip up to May till when the snow will remain at Rohtang PAss.

    • Shimla is mostly good in winter months when there is snow, Manali you can make anytime of the year except Monsoon. Snow remains at Rohtang Pass from December to May

  17. Hi Dheeraj,

    I must say that your blog is really wonderful resource for the people visiting Manali. Must read blog. Really appreciate sharing this.

    I am visiting Manali on 10th Nov. I am driving from Amritsar. Any idea how is the condition of the road. The important thing i would like to know if Rotang pass will be open at that time. If it is open then is is safe to go by my car (honda civic) ? Is the road good (not too narrow)? Civic has a bad ground clearance.

    Really appreciate your inputs on this.


    • Hi Ravi,

      Rohtang Pass will be declared closed officially on 15th November as per last reports unless very heavy snowfall blocks the road before it. You need to take the permits for Rohtang Pass to take your car up there and you can apply them at the link: How to get Rohtang Pass Permit Online

      Car should be fine but at times you might feel the need of a little higher GC which a civic can offer. Mostly the road is good.

      • dheeraj sir
        can you told me that in 23-26 November 2015 ,there is any possibility to go rohtang pass from any source ( like private taxi,HTPDC Bus) anything else

        • Shobhit, officially Rohtang Pass has been closed on 15th November. If the road is open with less snow then taxis and buses will be running but since it is officially closed no rescue operations will be made in case someone gets stuck up in the snow at Rohtang Pass weather.

  18. Hi deeraj can suggest me good travel agency in manali
    & phone no ill contact there I’mfrom saudia aArabia I vl visit there in Jan 5

    • Sevak, in case you looking for tour and hotel bookings, If you are looking for booking the stay options in advance, you can connect with [email protected] as most of the readers in the past couple of years have had very good feedback about them and their transparent policies.

    • Sevak, Rohtang Pass will be closed dring that time but you can visit the snow points to Gulaba and play in lot of snow in gulaba or Solang Valley during that time of the year

  19. Pramod Malav on

    Hiiii Dheeraj,
    well bro want to know about the present route info about manila-rohtang pass route for lah actually we are confused bcz we had too many different info about weather and route condition. Is there any snow fall or any thing any unfavorable condition which could effect our health please share please……our tour time is 21th sep to 3rd oct 2015

  20. Dheeraj ji,

    as i plan to visit Len, from from New Delhi, on10-11days tour from 16th Sep onwards, kindly share the itinerary for this trip.

    Also request to share max. other details like route, road conditions in mid september, places must see/visits, petrol pump/service stations/ATM/Medical fesilities on routes, good hotels, and any other details w emust know.

    Appreciate ur reply here or thru email. Pls.

    thanks n regards.

  21. Hi,

    Me & my friends have booked bikes from Manali to Leh and back , from 23th Aug to 4th Sept. But now that HP govt has imposed a ban in Rohtang pass, do we have any other route we can take on bike ? PLease let us know as soon as possible as we need to plan out alternatives !

    Thanks in advance!


  22. Ajitesh Chowdhury on

    Hi, Me & my friends are planning a trip to Manali in the 1st week of Oct, 2015. We will start from Delhi by 1st October i.e. Thursday evening 6:30 pm and reach there by morning. We want to visit Rohtang Pass in pursuit of snow. And can we cross over Rohtang to enjoy the Lahul & Spiti valley and come back to Manali the same day?
    We have to return to Delhi by Monday i.e. 5th Oct, 2015, which convey that we need to board the bus on the previous day i.e. 4th Oct. Please provide me with a plan to visit all these beautiful places in such a short time

  23. Arun panchal on

    hllo all f u7, i want to visit manali and rohtang pass. Is both are open or not? i want to go there 26 july. please cnfrm me chandigarh manali road is open or not?

    • Arun, both Manali – Rohtang Pass are open. Please note that it is raining time in these regions and you might go through monsoon hassles at this time of the year with predictions of rains in the coming week.

  24. yashveer jaswal on

    dear sir we want to visit rohtang nd manali.When will road between rohtaang and manali opened

    please give information as soon as possible

    thanking u

    • nera marwah on

      Dear Sir

      My children left from Kuru- Rohtanpass -delhi on 2ndjul mor . So how is the road condition presently ,how much time does it take and what is phone connectivity on the route.

      • Nera, it will take couple of days for them to reach Leh. So, either by evening today they should reach Leh in connectivity or by tomorrow in case there is an extra night they plan to spend in between.

    • hi sir iam planning to visit Shimla and manali in the month of oct-18 is the best time to visit.and I have a 4year daughter is it fine traviling with her

  25. monika goyal on

    hi Dheeraj,

    we are coming on manali on 10 july , and go back on 12 night .we want to see rohtang pass and kullu, is it possible ?

  26. Norsiah Pinard on

    Hi Dheeraj,

    I am getting back to you for further advice as we finalize our trip to Ladakh.

    We were thinking to come back from Leh to Shimla via Manali. We now propose to visit the Spiti Valley, in which case we would bypass the Rohtang Pass and Manali altogether. In your view, is the Rohtang Pass a must see as part of a trip to Ladakh?

    As an alternative, we were thinking of doing a round trip up and down the pass from Gramphu (before going towards the Spiti Valley) but this seems difficult in view of traffic restrictions on the Rohtang Pass. Grateful for your views.

    Many thanks and best regards.

    • If you go to Spiti Valley then Manali will not come on the way. Rohtang Pass is not at all a must see. From Gramphu you can head to Kaza or Chandratal first depending on the days in hand. Then spend some days in Kaza and move down to Shimla via Kinnaur Valley

  27. Pardeep kumar on

    Dear Dheeraj. May I know ice is starting from where after manali. If we will not get parmit it is possible we can see ice in gulaba. We are coming on 20th June.

  28. Thanks dheeraj for the information. Will you please send me a few details of hotels in UPSHI. While coming back from pangong we are planning to stay at Upshi. I need some of the hotel details over there.

  29. Hi Dheeraj,
    We are planning for bike ride from manali to leh on 5th july. On the way at sarchu we will stay one night. Means manali-sarchu-leh. Is it possible to drive upto sarchu in 1st day ie around 230 km??? And next day upto leh. We booked tent already at sarchu. Now we are thinking, what to do?

    • YEs Biswajit, you can travel to Sarchu from MAnali on the first day but in general it is not recomended due to the fact that our bodies does not get acclimatized that quickly to such high altitude for sleeping at night. Hence most people and public transport buses to Manali – Keylong/Jispa and then next day leave by 5 AM to do Keylong/Jispa to Leh.

  30. sanjeev gautam on

    i m reaching manali on 15th june what r the charges of manali to rohtang & back by hp taxi operater we are seven person

    • Sanjeev, right now the situation is a bit messy with respect to Rohtang Pass permit issue. So, in case you get the permit it would cost around 3500-4000 extra the charges of permits for NGT congestion fees.

  31. Pardeep Kumar on

    Dear Dheeraj,

    We are traveling from chandigarh to Manli on 19th June Night on own vehicle . May be will reach on 20th Morning. We have diesel car. and we will return on sunday night 21st June Night. so please suggest me how it is possible for rohtang, from where we have to buy pass for Rohtang and whats charges for that and please also suggest it is possible that we can go on 20th June. and another thing how far we can go without pass for rohatang from Manli.

    Pardeep Kumar

    • Pradeep, since you are going on your own car outside Himachal number, there is a lot of 275 permits distributed at tourist office Manali after paying the congestion charges or Rs 2500 for diesel and 1000 for petrol. Also, out of 275, 40% permits will be of diesel vehicles and 60% for petrol

  32. Tarun Bilandi on

    Dheeraj, what’s the policy on Permit to Leh in 2015? Do we still have to have it or is it abolished?

    • Tarun, yes there is a mess up of permit to Rohtang Pass now from this year. Only 400 diesel vehicles allowed per day and 600 petrol vehicles allowed. Now, the situation will clear if vehicles going to Rohtang Pass only have this restriction or all vehicles even going to Leh – Ladakh too.

  33. Rajendra Prasad on

    Hello Dheeraj Sharma,

    Please suggest me which route I have to take to reach Manali. As I go through one of your article , in which you suggested to avoid NH-21. So can you suggest me the best route where the road condition are good. I am leaving Delhi on 15th june 2015.

  34. Atul Dubal on

    Hi Dheeraj,

    We arecoming form Mumbai and planing Leh Trip Via Manali starting with 15th June from Manali to Leh but current road status shows that it is closed and is there any chances that it will opened by 15th June?

    We have booked Tempo Traveler from Manali and Driver says that it will open by 15th but Taxi Union person told us that it will open only after 18th . So we really dont know where and whom to contact.

    We have booked return flight tickets from Srinigar also. If we get any update on this it will really help us to make suitable plan for us.


    • Atul, BRO has announced that Manali – Leh Highway will open by 15th June. So, you might be able to pass through it. But, chances of delay possible in case weather is not favourable.

  35. Bhuwan Jayant on

    Hi Dheeraj,

    Thanks for your kind article, really it is a tintinnabulation of trip. I am really very surprised by get to know that, there is such restriction on the manali rohtang pass route. Here, I want your kind advice to plan my trip. The trip is with my family , so , I don’t want any kind of woe in the trip. My planning is to leave Delhi-Shimla or Fagu-Manikaran-Manali-Rhotang Pass on 13th june and reached by 16-17 th June 2015. I love to travel by my own car, please also tell me the status of roads. But one of my friend suggested me to look towards “Fagu” beacuse Shimla is quiet crowded and Fagu is little bit isolated, then reach to manali, so please suggest me the trip structure. If trip is from Fagu to Manali, then the condition of road is good or going to shake my muscles. Also please suggest me some hotels and restaurants which are affordable. My budget is approx 20K and we are totally 5 adults member and 2 kids (below 5). And also seeking for the Rohtang Pass. I can modify my trip , not the date, destinations by your way. Waiting for your reply…………

    • Bhuvan, road condition is OK though as you will be taking Shimla to Manali, that route will bypass the bad stretch to some extent between Sundernagar and Bilaspur. Yes Fagu is much more better than concrete jungle of Shimla

      • Bhuwan Jayant on

        Thanks for your kind suggestions, Please also tell me about the process of taking the permission for visiting the Rohtang Pass and where I have to go for the permission. And which time I have to leave for the Rhotang pass for the early permission.

    • Only 275 vehicle permits are allowed to Rohtang Pass outside Himachal vehicle every day with 60% petrol and 40% diesel vehicles in case you want to visit Rohtang Pass.

    • Naveen, you cannot book such cabs or buses in advance, unfortunately. May be you can call up HPTDC office and confirm from them if you book the bus ticket in advance from them, will they have guaranteed passage to Rohtang Pass on that date.


    hi dheeraj,

    I m planning to go manali to leh we r planning to leaved from hoshiarpur in punjab on 22-24 june2015 I just want to know ( route from manli to leh is open at that time) ?

    plz update me if possible

  37. Hey Dheeraj,

    Thanks for this article. It is very informative. However, it increased my appetite for more information as i am planning to visit Manali next week.

    Background: I will be leaving from Delhi on 12th, June (evening) and will be leaving Manali on 6th, June (evening). I am going there with my loved one. My maximum budget is Rs. 10000-12000

    1. Please suggest best possible plan (including hotels) and places which i can accommodate at this budget.
    2. Do i need to increase my budget or shall i plan a trip in off season?

    • I think you meant 16th June. Means you have about 3.5 days, you can travel as below:

      Day 1 – Reach Manali, take rest for half of the day and enjoy walk over Mall road in the evening. (I assume that you will be reaching in the morning by Volvo)
      Day 2 – Manali Local sightseeing which includes Hadimba Temple, Manu Temple, Mall Road, Local Monastery, Vashisth Hot Water Springs (never found it interesting) , Walks in the woods near Old Manali etc.
      Day 3 – Manali – Rohtang Pass, make sure you book taxi with permits to Rohtang or at least have HRTC/HPTDC bus tickets. Enjoy in snow and come back to Manali
      Day 4 – Manali – Naggar Castle in the first half of the day and then get to pickup point from where volvo can pick you up.

      • Thanks for reply. I came to know about this blog today and regret it not knowing earlier when i visited Shimla.

        Dheeraj do you think budget is a constraint, what all hotels do you suggest and what about people over there?

        Thanks Again for the reply!

        • Gaurav, you can go over and stay in Old Manali in some guest houses or tiger’s den guest house. Budget might be slighly tight as You will end up paying about 4800K for the volvo tickets only for Delhi – Manali – Delhi. But, with plus minus 10% it may be done. Rest depends upon where you stay and what you eat. Do try book in advance else ready to search on the spot as it will be too much crowd owing to holidays now in Manali

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