Manali – Leh Highway will remain open for an extra month

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It has been a great news from the Trans Himalayas to the people of Lahaul Valley, Leh and other adventure lovers looking forward to undertake Manali-Leh Highway journey in winter months. BRO has announced that they will extend the maintenance and support days by a month starting this year to keep the Manali-Leh Highway operation till the end of November. Earlier BRO used to declare Rohtang Pass and there by Manali-Leh Highway officially closed after 31st October but now they have decided to keep it open for another month i.e. upto 30th November.

Manali-Leh Highway close down due to heavy snowfall at Rohtang Pass, Baralacha La Pass and other passes on the route and it becomes difficult to remove snow from the roads that do not melt away. However, this year BRO is ready with the challenge to keep the roads clear of snow even in winter months. This would mean that people especially of Lahaul Valley and Leh-Ladakh. Locales from Lahaul Valley will be connected for an extra month and on the other hand it will provide more time for all relevant day to day supplies including fuel, ration etc to reach Leh-Ladakh as well. I see that, Spiti Valley is also mentioned but I seriously doubt because Kunzum Pass connection Manali-Kaza will close and it is not maintained by BRO rather lame the HP-PWD, which will not maintain or rather not equipped to maintain it in winter months. Of course, the adventure lovers who want to take on the extreme cold conditions head on, can now plan some extreme adventure rides starting this winters. But, I must request you to read about the risks for traveling on Manali-Leh Highway late in the season as mentioned in one of the previous articles linked here.
All thanks to BRO for their Hat’s off stuff and spirit…

Read More Below:

MANALI: The Border Roads Organization (BRO) has decided to keep the strategically-important Manali-Leh highway open till November 30 this year. Earlier, the highway used to be closed officially after October 31 every year.

In view of the safety of travelers in winters, when heavy snowfall blocks a major part of Manali-Leh highway, BRO used to declare the road unsuitable for vehicles. Once snow blocks highway after October 31, they are not liable to clear the snow. The organization this year has made arrangements to withstand snowfall to keep the road operational at any cost. Residents of Lahaul-Spiti shall get one month extra to stay connected with rest of the country, before getting cut off completely for the next five months.

BRO commander A K Dixit said the organization owns heavy duty snow cutters which have capability to cut several feet snow at unbelievable speed. "There are strong possibilities of good snowfall this year. The temperature at Rohtang pass is quite low, but we shall keep the highway cleared of snow till November 30 after which the road will be declared unsafe for human movement."

External Source: Manali-Leh highway to be open till Nov 30

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    • Hello Murali,

      I am not sure about that buddy because earlier as you can refer the Times of India article, BRO had decided to keep Manali – Leh Highway open till the end of November. Not sure, why these news come u. However, various sections on Manali – Leh Highway has already started to get freeze and have ice on roads which is making driving/riding difficult as well as dangerous. May be that is the reason for this updated news. However, I have commented on Himvani article, may be we get some response.

      I hope this helps.

      Dheeraj Sharma

      • Hi Dheeraj,

        Thanks for your quick response.

        Could you please suggest me the best one out of two hotels from below

        The Yak Hotel, Mall Road

        Tourist Hotel, Circuit House Road.

        I'm intested with below activities during my Manali trip (16-19th Nov)

        River-rafting in the Beas River/Spiti River in Manali

        Solang Vally visit. Paragliding in Solang vally.

        Visiting Himalayan National Park, Kullu

        Could you please advise me with any other options.

        • Hello Murali,

          Firstly, sorry I do not have any idea about the Hotels you mentioned as I never stayed there. Rafting in winters I doubt as the water level are too low, so do not really think if it will be going on. There is only Beas river that runs through Manali, Spiti river is in Spiti Valley and as far as I know there is no river rafting done at present in Spiti River. However, I have heard that they might start from next year. Also, though unlikely, if rafting is going on in Beas then the water will be bone chilling cold but I seriously doubt if rafting is going on.

          Paragliding can be done at Solang Valley and it also depends upon the weather on that particular day. If the weather supports the paragliding then you will have great fun over there. Then, coming to Great Himalayan National Park I do not think it starts from Kullu. Rather you need to go to Tirthan Valley from where you can enter into Great Himalayan National Park. It iwll take about 1-1.5 Hr to reach Tirthan Valley from Kullu which is again about 1-1.5 Hr from Manali. For more information on Tirthan Valley you check the Travel Guide at the link here.

          If interested in more details on Manali including sightseeing places, accommodation options, food joints, etc you can go through the Manali travel guide available at the link here.

          With 4 days in hand, I will advise you to stick to Manali – Solang – Snow Points – Naggar Castle only. Kullu do not have much on offer other than a congested, commercialized town. You can follow something similar to —

          Day 1 | Reach Manali + Relax + other local sightseeing including Manu Temple, Hadimba Temple
          Day 2 | Go to Solang Valley for Paragliding come back in the evening and relax, stroll on Mall road etc
          Day 3 | Visit Snow Points of Gulaba or Marhi and enjoy activities there.
          Day 4 | Visit Naggar Castle, Naggar and spend some time at Naggar enjoying the vistas. Do not miss a meal on the balcony of the restaurant 🙂 … Come back by evening and take the evening Volvo back to Delhi

          I hope this helps. Let me know for any further queries or doubts.

          Dheeraj Sharma

        • Hi Dheeraj,

          we two are planning as under –
          1.Night to Manali from Delhi – by volvo
          2. Day 1- Bike- Royal enfiled – towards Rohtang Pass
          3. Night- halt , Which Place?
          4. Day 2 – Bike come to Manali.
          5. Night- back to Delhi by volvo.

          How does it sound, if we start on 11th Evening?
          Pl advice/ comment,

        • Hello Rahul,

          Rohtang Pass is closed now, so you cannot go up there. I guess currently the road will be open for tourist till Marhi snow point which is about 17 KMs before Rohtang Pass. So, I will suggest something like below —

          Day 1 – Reach Manali and take rest for the day. Enjoy local Manali town which includes Hadimba Devi Temple, Manu Temple, local monastery and mall road. Hire and finalize bike in the evening so that next morning time is not wasted much in hiring and selection of bike.
          Day 2 – Ride towards Marhi snow point and enjoy activities over there in snow. Come back in the evening to take the Volvo. If you have onemore day then enjoy the second half of the day with ride towards Solang Valley and go back to Manali for night stay in the evening. On Day 3 first half you can ride to Naggar Castle and come back to take the Volvo in the evening. But, I guess you just have two days only.

          If interested in more details on Manali including sightseeing places, accommodation options, food joints, etc you can go through the Manali travel guide available at the link here.

          I hope this helps. It will be OK to go on 11th as well.

          Dheeraj Sharma

          dheeraj Sharma

  3. Hi Dheeraj,

    Thanks a ton for the info. I will be staying at the Highland park resorts near Nehru Kund. Please let me know if you have any details of this particular Resort.

    • Hello Suresh,

      Yes, as per BRO they will keep Manali-Leh Highway open for the month of November as well . This means that Rohtang Pass will also be open in the month of November. However, I doubt if there is inclement weather then BRO will allow tourist to visit Rohtang Pass on that particular day or not. Otherwise, I see no issues but please keep in mind that this is happening for the first time that Rohtang Pass or Manali – Leh Highway will be open in the month of November (officially), so you should always be ready for the surprises.

      For complete information on Manali including accommodation options, food joints, must see places etc you can go through the Manali travel guide available at the link here

      I hope this helps. Let me know for any further queries or doubts.

      Dheeraj Sharma

    • O yes, Sankara but you know that it will definitely be challenging and will involve some delays for sure 🙂 … But, those who have little extra time and looking to be extra adevturous, it is a welcome move for them. Eagerly waiting for some stories or pictures from this highway as November comes in.

  4. All the best. I wrote a Shimla-Kaza road review couple of years back. Look fwd to hear updates 🙂

  5. Very rightly said.

    Please feel free to share this kind of thing directly at for the greater good. Thanks.

    • Sure Nandan, will definitely share it on Facebook page of Ghumakkar as well. BTW, leaving for Spiti Valley tonight. Keeping fingers crossed and wishing for a smooth drive all the way and back as well 🙂

  6. Great info Dheeraj.

    Kunzum would surely be closed. Infact I would guess that Rohtag-Leh connection would be prone to interruptions as well. Thanks for the info. I have also posted the TOI link at Ghumakkar facebook page, so thanks again.

    • It is always a pleasure to share such news with all travelers :). Yes, very true although they have decided to keep the roads open but I too believe that it will depend upon the weather conditions only and that too very challenging.Of course it will mean delays but as for locales it is a great move as they stay connected with their families for an extra month. We need to watch how travelers and tourists are benefited by it. Having said that BRO does maintain the high mountain passes of Ladakh such as Khardung La and even Chang La in the winter months. I am really excited to know how things turn up.

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