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Similar to the previous article on 17 High Mountain Passes, in this article, I will present you the pictures of 14 Magical Lakes which we visited without talking about much about the story on how we landed up there. The complete detailed story shall be covered in time to come in subsequent articles on this Epic Ladakh Travelogue.

The Journey so far…

Visting 14 Magical Lakes in Ladakh Trip

Check these 14 lakes that you can visit on your Ladakh trip. Of course, you need to have that many days in hand.

1. Dal Lake

The first one of the lakes we visited was Dal Lake. It was Ghaat No. 1 of Dal Lake, only where we all assembled for the first time. Then we all did a kind of drive around the periphery of this lovely piece of nature, a jewel in the beauty of Kashmir to exit on NH-1.

Dal Lake in Srinagar

2. Tso Tak

It is a tiny glacial lake which one can witness right after descending the mighty Chang La Pass towards Pangong Tso side. The lake is about 8 KMs only from Chang La top and mostly in the enthusiasm of witnessing Pangong Tso people generally pass by this small lake.

Tso Tak Lake

3. Chagar Tso

This one is yet another decent-sized lake on the way to Pangong Tso after crossing Tangste but emits the beauty of its aqua colors. Again most of the time in the enthusiasm of witnessing Pangong Tso people generally pass by this lake as well in a hurry, so is the desperation to see Pangong Tso…

But spending some time on the shores is worth enough. Maybe Ladakh authorities should work an effort for its cleanliness too, IMHO.

Chagar Tso Lake

4. Pangong Tso

We do not need any introduction to Pangong Tso lake and those who are looking for the detailed information can refer to the article: Travel Guide for Pangong Tso

Pangong Tso Lake

5. Un-named lake near Tsaga

Well, there comes a lake just on the right-hand side of you when you travel from Chusul to Tsaga, which is quite unnamed but again decent in size. Though we were in a hurry and had no plans to go to the banks. So, stopped, clicked some far shots, and resumed back the journey. In winter this lake does freeze, and you can enjoy skating over it 😀

Lake near Tsaga

6. Kyon Tso 1

Kyon Tso twin lakes are one of those hidden gems of Ladakh which only a few people have seen so far. Though the colors of Kyon Tso 1 are greenish toned but still the long walk from the dirt track is worth enough to spend some time over there in peaceful surroundings.

Kyon Tso 1 Lake

7. Kyon Tso 2

As mentioned, this hidden gem of Ladakh is much much more beautiful than its sister with its aqua green color shades and red color toned mountains at the backdrop. The walk here is much more lengthy as we have marshes in between where your vehicle can get stuck.

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So, avoid venturing too close to the shores and better walk the paths there. Time spent there was much more pleasant, and well, there was freedom in the air all around that place.

Kyon Tso 2 Lake

8. Yaye Tso

This heart-shaped, volcanic lake at an altitude of 4988 Mtrs is difficult to access from close unless you ready to trek down. One has to either hike down or take a challenge to take his vehicle from Chusul – Mahe route. The lake is majorly visible from the Hora La Pass that comes on the way. It is just 20 KMs from Mahe. So while visiting Tso Moriri, you can easily do it in case you are ready to spend some extra time on the road.

Yaye Tso Lake

9. Kiagar Tso

This lovely small lake falls on the way to Tso Moriri itself, and popularly the road usually converts to dirt track further to Tso Moriri after this lake 😀 …Well, the lovely backdrop and wilderness around this lake are worth watching.

Kiagar Tso Lake

10. Tso Moriri

I feel no one needs an introduction to Tso Moriri, which is quite popular among the tourists visiting Ladakh. Somehow I feel it be more beautiful and enchanting than Pangong Tso lake, but that is my personal choice, so don’t beat me if you don’t agree 😉 Those who are looking for the detailed information can refer to the article: Travel Guide for Tso Moriri

Tso Moriri Lake

11. Tso Kar Lake

Another marvel of a lake in Ladakh is Tso Kar, which is quite popular for the birds and animals found around the region. It is quite famous among Bird Watchers, and you can even spot Kiangs (Tibetan Wild Ass), Foxes, etc.. around this lovely lake.

Tso Kar Lake

12. Suraj Tal / Vishal Tal Lake

As you descend from Baralacha La while traveling from Leh side on Manali – Leh Highway, you get to see this small lake by the name Suraj Tal. With the absence of snow around the surrounding hills, it had lost its charm at the time we were there in September.

When we saw it, nothing kind of excited us after seeing it as compared to last time when I saw it when it was surrounded by snow and emitted the aqua green to perfection.

Suraj Tal / Vishal Tal Lake

13. Deepak Tal Lake

It is another small lake as you travel further towards Darcha – Keylong on Manali – Leh Highway from Baralacha La. Sometimes, it has lovely reflections of adjoining hills.

Deepak Tal Lake

14. Chandratal Lake

No words can describe the beauty of Chandratal. After eluding me on the previous three attempts, I was finally able to see the masterpiece of nature though even this time, I missed the magical reflections for which it is quite famous.

This was the last lake we visited on this epic journey of Ladakh. Those who are looking for detailed information can refer to the article: Travel Guide for Chandratal Lake

Chandratal Lake

The Journey Ahead…

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