List of Taxi Drivers for Ladakh – Srinagar – Leh – Manali – Zanskar

Starting this sticky thread where we all can collate the list of taxi drivers used on our Ladakh trips including Srinagar to Leh journey, Ladakh Sightseeing, and then Leh to Manali journey. I will keep updating the list from various parts of the feedback where other members mention the drivers and their contacts, and one can also keep replying to this thread with their recommendations.

Video – Why you should rent a local taxi in Leh?

Please provide direct contact of driver NOT any travel agent as the vision of DevilOnWheels Community is to directly benefit the Himalayan life separating the middlemen as far as we can…

If you are traveling to Kinnaur & Spiti Valley, then refer the list of taxi drivers for Spiti Valley and Kinnaur Valley trips.

List of Taxi Drivers for Ladakh – Srinagar – Leh – Manali – Zanskar

Ladakh Taxi Rates

I already have published the list of few recommended drivers in the Leh Ladakh taxi union rate list Leh Ladakh Taxi Rates 2021–22. I am copying that list here as well, and we all know that directly getting in touch with these drivers we can get about 10-15% of discount and of course, talking in person rather on the phone always help in bargaining more.

You can use the Leh – Ladakh taxi drivers for Ladakh sightseeing and then drop to either Manali or Srinagar. They are not allowed to pick up tourists from Srinagar or Manali, but if any of them happen to be around there, they will more than happy to pick you with a pre-fixed tie-up over the phone and pickup point.

Video – Taxi Cost for Leh Ladakh Road Trip

This can save a good amount of money as they will offer you discounted prices. This is very much true for other directions as well that is from Leh to Manali and Leh to Srinagar. So, you can get in touch with Srinagar or Kargil drivers to save money for a drop to Srinagar from Leh and similarly tie-up with Manali taxi drivers around in Leh to save money over Manali – Leh Highway.

Did you read my article on Cheap private taxi to Leh – Ladakh | A Myth or A Reality?

Please note “Nowhere else in the world you will find more smiling and helpful people as Ladakhis are

Happy Traveling, Happy Hunting to Save Money.

List of Taxi Drivers for Ladakh – Srinagar – Leh – Manali

List of Taxi Drivers for Leh – Ladakh Sightseeing

These taxi driver services can be used for complete sightseeing within Leh – Ladakh as taxis outside Ladakh are not allowed to roam inside Ladakh. They can only be used to a drop into Leh:

  1. Rigzin – 09622954779, 9469472772 (he knows me personally and being more of a friend, he might help arrange some alternative in case he is busy or booked already in the season) Best person to get hold off in Ladakh. So don’t miss the opportunity as traveling with this jovial soul is an experience in itself. He now has two Aria, one Scorpio, and a Xylo. His son has also started driving to support him now. None of my trips are complete without traveling with him in Ladakh. One hell of an amazing person I will say and a great friend too !! There goes my friend Rigzin along with his mean machine.
  2. Sonam Angdus09469272773. More like Rigzin and Chamba, Sonam is associated with Devil On Wheels for a long time. He has been to all our mega meets in Ladakh alongside Rigzin. He knows DevilOnWheels and me very well and always happy to support all the members of Devil On wheels by any means he can. He is an ex-serviceman, one of the best persons you will come across in Ladakh, and his company will keep you soothing & safe. He never gets frustrated with many stops, always smiling and helpful. He runs a Xylo and is a very, very safe companion. In case you get his availability, don’t feel hesitant to book him for the tour.
  3. Karma Sonam: 09419215110 (BSNL postpaid), 09906991011 (Airtel prepaid). His email id is He speaks in English and Hindi nicely.
  4. Rigzin Stakna 09622951113 & 09419349082. An excellent human being with a great sense of humor and comic timing, along with great driving skills. He is an excellent human being, very down to earth, and very lively! He is an excellent driver and knows in/out of every route. He is very punctual; he will arrive 10-15 minutes before the agreed time.
  5. Chamba – 09596979829 / 09906999808. A very, very nice and humble person. Knows DoW and me pretty well, so you can for sure expect a good discount. Respect the things we are doing for spreading smiles, cares for every single person who travels with him. A bit shy, but he will do whatever possibly best when you refer DevilOnWheels being a reader of it. I hope that is more than enough to recommend him. Now he has a Tempo Traveler too which you can book through him.
  6. Rinchen – 09419819521, 09622954831. Rinchen is a hassle-free driver and has a friendly demeanor. He knows a lot about Leh’s culture and keeps you engaged as well.
  7. Norboo Angchok – 09622970015, 09469049608. He is an experienced driver and owns a well maintained Xylo. He is a very polite, patient, flexible, safe driver, and cheerful person and always on or before time. He helped us in getting PAP and ILP. He can speak decent English and Hindi. We asked him to stop several times, but he never complained or felt irritated (here), and another feedback as Our driver was awesome. Very polite, courteous, experienced nice person. His name is Mr. Angchuk (Pandit). The phone number is 09622970015. He has a comfortable Xylo.
  8. Ringzin Norboo – 9469453680 – Very helpful chap and good driver. Explained all the local details such as the monasteries and dressing of people of various regions. He is from Nubra Valley and claims to have 15 years’ experience.
  9. Stanzin Otsal- 9622983435 – A local taxi driver of Leh union since 2005 and was also at the post of Director at Leh taxi union between 2014 to 2019. With such vast experience, you will not go wrong with Stanzin Ji.
  10. Konchok Namgyal – 9469276883, read the complete review by Krishnamurthy D V below.
  11. Naseer – 09906229203 and 09469293183
  12. Dorjey – 09419372742, 09622969317
  13. Dorjay Anbchuk – 09419308051
  14. Tashi Namgail – 09469630613, 09906994647, 09419342238. Own a Xylo and has 22 yrs of experience. Accommodating gentleman. Services availed by Jai.
  15. Tsewang – 09622993372
  16. Tsewang (not same as above) – 09419853528
  17. Tsewang (not same as above) – 09469200545
  18. Abbas (not same as below) – 09622971759, 09469271786. Reliable, Courteous, and Flexible. Abbas is a role model – an absolute benchmark with all the right skills and competencies that you look for in a driver.
  19. Sonam – 09419371012
  20. Abbas – 09622998367
  21. Stanzin Angchuk – 09469626990
  22. Thendup – 09622992347
  23. Saleem Mir – 9419842881, 9596660880. He is driving for the last seven years and runs an Innova 2012 model. He is a driver cum guide.
  24. Smanla – 09469049594, perfect gentleman, very very down to earth, he knows every curve of Ladakh with 27 years of exp as per the post here.
  25. Thinley – 09797313132, very very humble, well mannered, knowledgeable & simple person, He drives his vehicle – Relatively New Xylo, as per the post here
  26. Ali – 09419853648 or 9874221442, one of the nicest persons I have seen. Very polite and humble as per the post here and (feedback here )
  27. Tracey/Tashi – 09906305546, our driver (not the one mentioned above) was excellent. Showed us many places which were not on Itinerary, told us folklore, very patient and humble as per the post here
  28. Zakir Bhai – 09622228576, 09419242966. Now have a new Innova Crista. Feedback here, here, here, here and here)
  29. Jigmit Stopgyas: 094-19-56674 and 096-22-992302. Trustworthy, reliable, and great driver for exploring amazing Ladakh. He owns a Mahindra vehicle and has a pretty good sense of driving rough areas. Read more here
  30. Thinness Wangtak: 9419841092, 9596800243. Drives a Xylo JK10A4622 and have experience of driving in many remote villages of Ladakh.
  31. Dorjay Gyaltson: 9469036002, 9906733687. Owns a well maintained Innova and driving over 15 years in Ladakh. He is a polite, patient and safe driver and a cheerful person.
  32. Manzoor Bhai – 09622973951 (a very nice person, recommended by readers, read feedback in below posts)
  33. Mutup – 09419269925
  34. Mohd. Taki – 09469732290 (read feedback in below posts)
  35. Dava – 09622037724. a very helpful and pleasant guy, very good driver, child-friendly too as per the comments here
  36. Tashi – 09419534932, 09906322297, read feedback here
  37. Lobzang – 09469525400, 09622996847, read feedback here
  38. Tsewang Norbu – +91-9419597880.
  39. Kifayat – 9622979472 – Cousin of Zakir. Very patient guy and careful driver. Doesn’t talk much, but is a gentleman. He is from Leh and claims to have ten years’ experience. (feedback here)
  40. Kunchok – 09419269479. A true gentleman, he drives his own Xylo and knows every bit of this route and offbeat places inside out. See the picture and detailed review here
  41. Wangdu – 9469369384, 9622048446. Read the detailed review here and here
  42. Dorje – 09469715533. Read the detailed review here
  43. Phunchok: +91-9419988816 (JK10A2012) Drives XUV, Detailed Review is here
  44. Stamba: +91 – 9622961767 (JK102011) Drives XUV, Detailed Review is here
  45. Mr. Nabi: 09469216100, drives a Xylo. Detailed Review is here
  46. Norbo: +91 – 9419993423, owns and drives a Xylo. Detailed Review is here
  47. Tondup: +91-9419541718, owns and drives a Xylo. Detailed Review is here
  48. Tashi – 09469216775 (feedback here)
  49. Norbu – 09622134791 (feedback here
  50. Tashi Tsering – 9419477646. Drives Tata Aria. A humble and jolly guy. An epitome of Ladakhi hospitality. (The importance of a good driver on long road trips needn’t be stressed). Feedback here
  51. Stanzin Phuntsog – +91-9622963951. Feedback here
  52. Naman Namgyal: +919797452728 & 01981201115
  53. Mr. Tsewang – 094 19 979141. He has three vehicles (Innova only). We got a terrific deal from him. He was the most friendly person. In the event of Chakka jam, we were stuck in Leh. He helped us to get Kargil Taxi, as Leh taxi was not allowed on the same day. Complete Feedback here
  54. Dorjay Namgyal – 09419177040 (has a Toyota Innova)
  55. Dorjay Tsewang – 09419888805 (has a Mahindra Xylo)
  56. Tashi Namgyal – 9419188543 / 9906988050. He has an Innova. Very warm and kind-hearted, excellent driver, helps in getting sweet deals.
  57. Rigzen Namgyal (9622950842 / 9419844285). He has 2016 Leh registered Innova, in a perfect and comfortable condition.
  58. Sonam 9419347945 and He has worked for 18 years in the Indian Army and thereafter for the last 12 years too he has been in this profession.
  59. Anwar (Madhosh) – +91-94195-20062 / A government school PET Teacher, hailing from near Turtuk, drives his black Scorpio during the season. He smokes sometimes, but we all have bad habits, one or the other. You can ask him to avoid smoking in front of his family or when you guys are around. He should be able to oblige.
  60. Phunchuk Wangayl – +919469251558. A young lad with pleasant personality and smiling behavior drive a white Innova sporting a DoW sticker.
  61. Stanzin’s can be reached at 9469462379, has a brand new Innova. A very sweet, funny and down to earth guy who drives very cautiously.
  62. Padma – 09469217808 and 08492812247. He has a new Scorpio now. Amazing driver, amazing person.
  63. Tenzin – 9622963877/9419237023, Vehicle: Tavera, Registration No: JK10 8497 He’s friendly, shy and has been driving on the Leh circuit from 1996, he knew the spots where our photos would look good.
  64. Noor Mohammad – 9419890787.
  65. Jimmy Khangsar – 9906997404,9469171101,8368628819.

List of Tempo Travelers Drivers for Leh – Ladakh Sightseeing

These tempo travelers can be used for the entire Leh circuit.

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  1. Stanzin Lotos: +919622273867 & +919469224466 runs a 14 seater Tempo Traveler.
  2. Stanzin Chille – +919419855428 (drives a Tempo Traveller as suggested in below post)
  3. Tsewang Mutup – +919469172653 who runs a Tempo Traveler.
  4. Tashi: +919419347745, +9196 22962458 owns and runs a 14 seater Tempo Traveler (JK10A1057), belongs to Nubra.
  5. Jigmit Stopgyas 094-19-56674 and 096-22-992302
  6. Rinchen: 09419982819/09622780826. quite helpful, down to earth, honest and a pro on the roads!

List of Taxi Drivers for Srinagar to Leh Drop

These taxi drivers services can be used for a drop Leh from Srinagar:

  1. Ansari: 094-69-568527 Nice chap, very helpful and was with devils on DoW Mega Meet 2015 in the first taxi. No complaints from anyone in the group.
  2. Jaan: 094-69-732955 Nice chap, very helpful and was with devils on DoW Mega Meet 2015 in the second taxi. No complaints from anyone in the group.
  3. Mohd. Abbas: 094-69-249211 Nice chap, very helpful and was with devils on DoW Mega Meet 2015 in the third taxi. No complaints from anyone in the group.
  4. Noor Mohd: 9419890787 Super helpful, speaks English and drives safely
  5. Gulam Murtaza: +91-9419840627. very nice and clean Innova which was less than a year old.
  6. Kazim – 09419801538
  7. Firoz – 09469190694 (Firoz is Kazim’s son and they might remember me if you wanna take the reference)
  8. Rameez – 09419021868
  9. Hussain – 09469736891
  10. Mohamad Husain – 09469644018. He is having Kargil registration ( JK -07-4003) new Innova (2014 July model). Perfect driver on Himalayan routes.
  11. Taqi – 09906977826
  12. Macin Ronaq- 09469736959

Apart from that, you can get in touch with Mr. Omar Farooq at 096-22-479974 who is in Srinagar TRC, guess a manager or something there as shared by lamalady30

List of Taxi Drivers for Manali to Leh

These taxi drivers services can be used for a drop Leh from Manali:

  1. Jacky or Jackie 9107552730
  2. Ravi – 09816508774
  3. Biru – 09459518549
  4. Amit – 09459281888, 09805670579

List of Taxi Drivers for Kargil to Padum, Zanskar

These taxi drivers services can be used for a drop Padum, Zanskar Valley from Kargil:

  1. Ansari: 094-69-568527 Nice chap, very helpful and was with devils on DoW Mega Meet 2015 in the first taxi. No complaints from anyone in the group.
  2. Jaan: 094-69-732955 Nice chap, very helpful and was with devils on DoW Mega Meet 2015 in the second taxi. No complaints from anyone in the group.
  3. Mohd. Abbas: 094-69-249211 Nice chap, very helpful and was with devils on DoW Mega Meet 2015 in the third taxi. No complaints from anyone in the group.
  4. Hasan – 09419843703
  5. Gulam Rasul – 09419807087, 01985-232328/232721
  6. Suroom Singh – 09797389642
  7. Ashu – 09419222992
  8. Gulam Akbar – 09419806358

List of Taxi Drivers for Zanskar Valley Sightseeing

Taxis outside Padum or Zanskar Valley are not allowed to do sightseeing in Zanskar or around Padum. Hence, you need to have a local taxi from Padum. As of now, we do not have any contact, but this list is there to maintain the local drivers from Padum as we come to know about them.

Please note that this article is in the process of getting moved from our forums to a blog article for better maintenance and submission of driver reviews. All reviews have not been copied yet from the forums, and it will take some time to move them completely.

Submit Your Review

Please share your driver details and your travel experience with them. It will be helpful for both drivers to improve or get promoted in the list as well as fellow travelers for directly connecting with the right drivers for their Zanskar and Ladakh trips.

Submit Your Review for Taxi Drivers - Ladakh, Spiti and Kinnaur
Use this form to submit your reviews of taxi drivers listed in DevilOnWheels website. I maintain the list of these taxi drivers based on the feedback from readers of the blog and DoW Community members.
Please share your detailed review of the taxi driver services you availed in the region. If possible please share the taxi numbers as well.

Reviews of Zanskar & Ladakh Taxi Drivers by DoW Community Members

In this section I will list down reviews or testimonials I get from various avid readers of DevilOnWheels blog and DoW Community Members.

We were in Leh from April 22nd to 28th 2019 and visited Leh, Nubra Valley, Pangong, and Tso Moriri. We had hired an Innova from Konchok for all these days. Always on time, Konchok is a reliable driver who knows the places pretty well. He has a kit of required medicines in the car for passengers. We had a great memorable road trip stopping at a lot of awesome places, and Konchok never cribbed. We even had Leh’s local “butter tea/salt tea” at his residence.

As per traveler Krishnamurthy D V who shares feedback for Konchok
Video – Shared taxis in Ladakh

Some Important Articles for Reference & Regular Updates


I hope the above list of taxi drivers for Ladakh And Zanskar Valley covering Srinagar – Leh Highway and Manali – Leh Highway will help you in planning a fabulous trip to Ladakh.

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