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Leh – Ladakh Flood | Woolen, Food & Fuel Stockings Complete

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There has been great news as the stockings of life essential items including food and fuel have been completed for this season for the victims of Leh – Ladakh cloudbursts and flash floods. It is quite an achievement by the governing bodies to stock up all essential stuff before the winters set in the region. The completion of stockings essentials was indeed important as the whole Leh – Ladakh region is separated from the rest of the country as soon as winters set in, due to heavy snowfall. Life is more than difficult in winters for the people of this beautiful as well as tough terrain and availability of food and fuel stockings is a must for survival in such harsh conditions when the whole region is covered with thick snow blanket. There were big question marks against the stockings operations for the season when cloudburst and flash floods, hit the Ladakh region on 5th and 6th August, 2010, washing connecting roads and bridges. The 479 KM long Manali – Leh Highway suffered most and has only been opened via added 100 KM long alternate route. The Srinagar – Leh Highway suffered as well but was restored by the army within 2 weeks of time, hats off to Indian Army. The cloudburst and flash floods in Leh caused a huge loss of life and property and for the victims this news brings much relief for the hopes of survival in the coming tough months of winters.

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The stocking of essential items like food grains and petroleum products in the flood-hit Ladakh region has been completed by the Jammu and Kashmir government ahead of winter, which cuts off the twin districts of Leh and Kargil from the rest of the country

The spokesman said 16,313 metric tonnes of rice, wheat (16,215 metric tonnes) and sugar (1,242 metric tonnes) had been stocked in Leh district, whereas 12,171 metric tonnes of rice, sugar (1,181 metric tonnes) and flour (7,000 metric tonnes) had been stocked in Kargil district.

The stocking of the essential items in the region is an annual practice ahead of harsh winters.

The spokesman said 1.32 lakh LPG cylinders had been stocked in Leh district, whereas 71,516 cylinders had reached Kargil district.

Nearly 2,800 kl and 1,000 kl of kerosene had been stocked in Leh and Kargil districts, respectively, he said.

Source:  Stocking of essential items completed in Ladakh

The other news found stating that woolens have also been flooded into Ladakh region and essentially had been distributed among all the victims in need of them. The officials request the organizations and individuals to stop sending woolens as there is a problem of storage now. The officials also pleaded these organizations and individuals to buy them the essential food grains so that GOVT. can utilize the saved funds for construction of houses for the flood victims. There has been a shortage a skilled labors and its very difficult for the governing bodies to make arrangements for them. It would be dream if GOVT. can have the houses recreated for the victims before the tough winters set in the region but to materialize this dream they need help from other GOVT. or organizations to find skilled labors for recreating these houses. Ladakh also need more tourists to visit the region as money inflow would certainly help the people revive their economical needs. So, guys if you looking to visit Ladakh (now may be next season) then I request do visit this magical place and be honored in the name of gods for helping the ones who are in needs.

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While people across the country are still donating woolen clothes, blankets and quilts for Leh cloudburst victims, there is now a problem of plenty of such items. People living in relief camps have already got sufficient stock of woolen items. The current situation is that the district administration is dilemma about what to do of these items.

“With the passage of time, the requirements of victims have changed. Presently, they require spices, pulses and pressure cookers because these items are hardly available here,” said T. Angchok, deputy commissioner, Leh.

Jigmet Takpa, chief relief coordinator, said, “We are now not requesting for relief material. What we need at this point of time are skilled laborers to reconstruct a large number of houses. Since the place is situated on a high altitude, we need skilled workers to construct specially designed houses”.

Source:  Now, woollens flood Leh

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