Leh – Ladakh Bike Rental Rates 2018-19

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The new season of Leh – Ladakh is on the horizon and almost all the adventure loving tourists are eagerly waiting for the Manali – Leh Highway and Srinagar – Leh Highway to open up. Ladakh is the most popular adventure destination in India which is embraced very highly by the bikers community as well. Very soon the roads leading to Leh – Ladakh in the Himalayas will be buzzing with the sound of dug.. dug.. dug.. dug.. dug… However, not everyone has the luxury to own a bike and ride to Ladakh on it. Hence, many of us who do not own a bike relies on bike rentals in Leh – Ladakh. Each year, people like us, who do not own a bike wait for Leh – Ladakh Motor Bike Rental Association to publish the new rates. The wait is over for Leh – Ladakh bike rental rates 2018-19 season and they have been decided by the bike rental association.

Much like the Leh – Ladakh Taxi Rates 2018 – 19, Ladakh Motor Bike Rental Association followed the same league and decided not to hike the bike rental rates for the year 2018-19. I strongly feel it is a good move as the market is getting competitive and with all the fuss of not allowing the outside rental bikes for sightseeing in Ladakh. I believe the presence of such motorbike union does help in regulating the rates as standard rates. Every entity in the business has to follow the rules and rates are applicable to everyone. So, rate fluctuations are controlled and tourists understand if they are paying the right price for the rental or not.

Bike ride along the shores of Pangong Tso

Bike ride along the shores of Pangong Tso

Leh – Ladakh Bike Rental Rates 2018-19

As said earlier, there hasn’t been any change in prices for the bike rentals this year. Hence, the rates of the previous year will be followed for all bike rentals in 2018-19. Even the much popular and awaited mountain bike by Royal Enfield, “Himalayan” did not see any rise in price despite popularity. Please keep in mind that “Himalayan” is already cost at a price tag of Rs 2000 per day 😉 …Frankly speaking, the feedback has not been that great by many of the readers and members of the DoW Community in comparison to the price paid. However, take your own call and above all understand that you must choose a bike that you are comfortable to ride not what others are boasting on their Facebook profiles 😉

As per the last year rates, the most popular Royal Enfield Classic 500cc and Royal Enfield Electra 500cc are available for Rs 1800 and Rs 1600 per day respectively. Then comes Royal Enfield Classic 350cc and Thunderbird at a price tag of Rs 1400 per day while Royal Enfield Electra 350cc costs Rs 1200 and Standard 350cc costs Rs 1100. There is an option of Bajaj Avenger 220 cc at Rs 1000 per day and Hero Impulse at Rs 900 per day. You can also get a scooty for as low as Rs 800 per day which should be enough for Leh local sightseeing at least. Please note that these bikes are also available for half day rentals as well. Here is the complete list of Leh – Ladakh Bike Rental Rates 2018-19:

Leh - Ladakh Bike Rental Rates 2018-19

Leh – Ladakh Bike Rental Rates 2018-19

Bike Ride Accessories on Rent in Leh – Ladakh

Following are some of the common rates of common bike riding accessories per day:

  • Two Ment Tent = Rs 500
  • Sleeping Bag = Rs 200
  • Sleeping Mattress = Rs 150
  • Riding Jacket = Rs 300
  • Knee / Elbow Guard = Rs 200
  • Riding Gloves = Rs 100
  • Ladakh Carrier / Saddle Bags = Rs 100
  • Gum Boots = Rs 50
  • Digital Camera = Rs 500
  • GoPro with mounts = Rs 700

Some Important Notes for Bike Rental in Leh – Ladakh

  • You should know that the Luggage Carrier / Saddlebag costs Rs 100 extra per day with the bike you will rent.

  • Half day rental means you need to return the bike by 2.00 PM else the full day charges will apply.

  • Bikes rented outside Leh are not allowed for sightseeing inside Ladakh including Pangong Tso, Nubra Valley, Khardung La etc.. Outside rented bikes can only be used to enter Leh from Srinagar – Leh Highway or Manali – Leh Highway. Hence, for local sightseeing, you need to rent a bike again from a bike rental shop in Leh. To know more about this rule and present situation, please refer the link: Bikes Rented Outside Leh Banned in Ladakh

  • The Ladakh motor bike rental association has set up check-posts at various sightseeing locations and they are mostly very active in checking especially in season time. Hence, do not get into any kind of ugly situation in case confronted and at fault. It will most likely ruin your trip and days you took off from office. Best bet in such cases is to act ignorant of the rule and agree to return to Leh to rent a bike motor bike from Leh for sightseeing.

  • You can also advance book your bike rentals in Leh and Manali online by checking out for some SPECIAL DISCOUNTED RATES available to all the readers/followers of the DoW website through our Destination Specialists. In order to avail the discounts, you can use the online booking form at the link: Advance book your bike rentals in Leh online

  • Some bike rental shops in Manali also have tie-up with bike rental shops in Leh. In such tie-ups, if you present back the slip of bike rental charges from Leh shop to Manali guys then they will waive of 50% of rental charges on their bike rent for those number of days. However, you must verify about such tie-ups and get them in writing before striking the deal.

  • Private bikes are completely allowed to go any where in Ladakh. The private bike should be in your name or in the name of your father/mother. Mostly if there is any documented proof associated with your and bike owners identities, it works.

  • The one-way bike rental is quite costly and leave a big dent in your pocket. Sometimes like 12K for just the pickup from Manali or Leh. Be sure if you are sure to make that expenditure or if at all the one-way ride is worth the money spent. My suggestion is unless you are a hardcore biker and cannot live up without the passion of biking, it is not wise to spend that much money just for the pickup of the bike. Better reach Leh from Manali or Srinagar in a taxi and then hire a bike in Leh – Ladakh itself. The roads within Leh – Ladakh provides you with ample of adventure opportunities 🙂 …

Pro Tip: If you are doing a self ride trip to Leh – Ladakh, then make sure to read my article on 40 Must Have Things to Carry on a Self Drive Trip to the Himalayas


I hope this article helps you in understanding the updated bike rental rates in Leh – Ladakh. It is a welcoming news that union decided not to increase the rates this year. I will also be very interested to understand in case any rules for allowing outside rental bikes have changed or relaxed a bit or not, this year. It is very likely that there will be some impact this year. Maybe they are not that enforced stringently but only time will tell 🙂 …

I will suggest that you go through the articles mentioned under All About Bike Ride to Ladakh & Himalayas. This will help you cover almost all your questions related to a bike trip to Ladakh or Himalayas, especially if you are a rookie biker. And by the way for any questions you may still have about your Leh – Ladakh trip, feel free to post them under Ask A Question section of our website or using the ASK YOUR TRAVEL QUESTION form available below in the article. You can also post questions and connect with other fellow travelers in our community forums.

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  2. Shashwat Koirala on

    Do nepalese lisence work for renting bike in leh?
    I’m coming on last of october.

  3. Hi,
    I am planning to visit leh on 6th October by air and I will rent a bike in leh for sightseeing.
    Can you tell me how will be the weather in October and wether the roads will be open?

    • Saurabh, the roads will be open during October and weather should be good in day time while cold in morning and evenings. If it is overcast day, it can get cold. Do carry woollen clothing and jacket with you.

  4. Vikash Singh on

    Hi. Is there any security amount required for Bike Rentals? If yes, how much? Documentation too?

  5. Saurav Gupta on

    Im from Nepal and want to explore leh ladakh.

    I wanted to know if i can rent a bike in leh with Nepalese valid DL?

  6. Donesh Pandey on

    I am planning a road trip from manali to Leh in july this year.
    Start with:
    late night journey – Delhi to manali by bus
    1 day – stay at manali
    2days for Manali to leh ( Please suggest where to take nighthault through this route)
    1day for – leh to khardungla pass to karu to pangong lake( stay night at pangong lake)
    1day pangong to leh

    Will rent a bike from manali and leave their at Leh .
    1) Is it necessary to pay the dropping charges ??? As it is too high. approx. 10k. which is going out of my budget.
    Is there any other option / shop to rent bullet and pay less charges ..????
    please suggest a bike rental shop .

    Please suggest .

    2) also suggest – during my journey from manali to leh , where I should take the night stay.
    I will start my journey from manali early morning around 7 o clock.

    3) For Leh , do I really need to take the leh local bike only or my manali rented bike will be ok as I am only one person alone going ?

    4 ) In leh , as per I plan, I will go to khardungla first after starting my journey from leh around 5:30 AM , then reach khardungla and return back (rest part I visited last year) and then start my journey towards pangang by taking route of KARU and will try to reach pangang by 6PM or early if possible same day . Then night stay at pangong only. and next day early moring return back to leh.

    Please suggest will this plan works or if it require any changes.

    thanks in advance.



  8. hi,

    Would like to know that, rented bike in srinagar, can use those bikes in leh local sight seeing and nubra and pangong….etc?

  9. Bhai Ram Ram!!
    First of all my congratulations and respect on this wonderful website… I have become fan of it. Jahan pana tusi great ho! Tohfa kabul karo I often refer DOW as Ladhak bible!
    This is our plan for this years trip-

    Njp to Delhi
    (May 25 – )Day 1: Delhi -> Manali (Overnight journey)
    Day 2: Stay at Manali – Rent an RE bike.
    Day 3: Go to Sarchu(Through Keylong) and tent stay at Sarchu – fill up petrol from Thandi
    (May 28)Day 4: Sarchu -> Leh (Fill up petrol from Karu)
    Day 5: Roam around Leh
    Day 6: Leh -> Nubra valley and stay at Diskit (Fill up petrol from Diskit)
    Day 7: Peaceful day
    Day 8: Nubra to Pangong (Fill up petrol from Diskit)
    Day 9: Pangong to Hanle
    Day 10: Hanle to Umlingla(if weather permits)
    Day 11: Hanle to Manali highway (Jispa)
    Day 12: Jispa to Manali.
    Day 13: Manali to Delhi.
    Delhi to Njp

    1. Suggest me good bike rental company at Manali. Where I can tent a RE and get it back to them. Off course at Leh I have to take/rent a different one.
    2 Is this travel plan ok or we should make changes? I know I must have made some logistical mistakes? Please correct me.
    3. What should we carry from here and what we can hire.

    Peace bhai!
    Hemdutt Sharma
    (Mountain Raider)

    • Thank you Hemdutt for kind words 🙂

      In your plan, you should stay at Jispa while going to Leh and while coming back target Hanle to Sarchu or Pang. Hanle to Jispa could be much more longer. Rest plan looks good to me. Don’t forget to get the inner line permit on rest day in Leh. The fundamental problem I see in the plan because of bike rental is that you will not be allowed for sightseeing in Ladakh on Manali rented bike. So, you have to take Leh rented bike and return it in Leh before going back to Manali. So, above plan need to modified accordingly.

  10. What’s the rate of helmets, gloves and other biking gears like arms and legs guards???

    • Following are some of the common rates of common bike rental accessories per day:

      • Two Ment Tent = Rs 500
      • Sleeping Bag = Rs 200
      • Sleeping Mattress = Rs 150
      • Riding Jacket = Rs 300
      • Knee / Elbow Guard = Rs 200
      • Riding Gloves = Rs 100
      • Ladakh Carrier / Saddle Bags = Rs 100
      • Gum Boots = Rs 50
      • Digital Camera = Rs 500
      • GoPro with mounts = Rs 700
      • Thanks dheeraj bhai, making a plan to go by car and explore Ladakh on bike rented from leh.

        • Thanks Dheeraj, Hemdutt.
          I am planning a similar itinerary. I need your help to finalise my plan
          Since I will be renting the bike from Manali, I will have to rent again in Leh as per the Association to access the inner roads. However when I plan to return, I will be taking the inner roads after Pangong through Chusul, Mahe.

          Do you suggest this is a good way for return during 1st week of June?
          Will the Association allow me to use the inner roads to Pangong on HP rented bikes.

        • Yes, the routes are already open so I do not see any issue. However, you need to do all this on Leh rented bikes and return to Leh to return the bikes.

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