Kinnaur Valley Travel Guide | Kalpa, Sangla & Chitkul

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Continuing on towards laying the foundation of comprehensive Travel Guide for Spiti Valley and as discussed in the last article about Hindustan Tibet Highway, first let’s cover the lower Kinnaur Valley in depth before going further towards upper Kinnaur Valley and Spiti Valley.

An ultimate travel guide of Kinnaur Valley
An ultimate travel guide of Kinnaur Valley

The lower part of Kinnaur Valley is also very much visited by many people during summertime due to ease of accessibility from Shimla/Delhi/Chandigarh and less crowded or offbeat location. By lower Kinnaur, I mean that I will be covering Kalpa, Sangla Valley and Chitkul in this travel guide and maybe upper parts like Nako, Chango, Ropa, Hangrang can be covered in time to come, if required.

Kinnaur Valley Travel Guide

Kinnaur Valley is one of the 12 districts in Himachal Pradesh which is known for its apple orchards, beautiful small hamlets, beautiful meadows surrounded with thick dense woods and not to forget the ever-adventurous roads. One of the roads to Sangla Valley was also got popularly featured by the name Ledge in History Channel as Deadliest Roads in the World 🙂

This adds just the right charm of adventure on the trip. In winters, the presence of snow makes it just a jaw-dropping experience to be in Kinnaur Valley, where the major attraction is the breathtaking view of Kinner Kailash, a mountain sacred to Hindus, close to the Tibetan border.

The beautiful meadows in Sangla or Baspa Valley and Chitkul which is considered the last village in India where one can reach from Kinnaur side, are also covered commonly on a trip to this part of Himalayas.

Snow at Chitkul and a wild dog posing for the shot
Snow at Chitkul and a wild dog posing for the shot


Kinnaur Valley is located in the Northeast corner of Himachal Pradesh, about 235 KMs from the state capital, Shimla. The distance of Delhi to Kinnaur Valley is about 570 km considering Reckong Peo. It makes Kinnaur Valley not so far from civilization yet so raw and offbeat.


Kinnaur Valley has a mountainous area, ranging in altitude from 2,320 Mtrs to 6,816 Mtrs (7,610 ft to 22,362 ft) where Kalpa is located at an altitude of 2,960 Mtrs (9,710 ft) and Sangla Valley is located at an altitude of 2,696 Mtrs (8,900 ft). Chitkul is the highest in the lot at an altitude of about 3,450 Mtrs (11,320 ft).

In general, people face AMS issues if they spend the second night directly at Chitkul. Hence, it is always recommended to spend a night in Sangla or Kalpa before sleeping overnight at Chitkul.

Weather in Kinnaur Valley

The majority of the year Kinnaur weather is mostly cool to cold. Even in the summer months, you can feel the coolness in the breeze especially in the morning and evening. You will find snowfall in Kinnaur in winter months and a few feet of snow being a common phenomenon.

In summer months, the temperature in Kinnaur revolves around 15-25 degrees Celsius. Come July – August, the rain begins to play spoilsport with landslides and road closures getting common.

Kinnaur in December – January – February

When you visit Kinnaur in winter months, you must prepare very well with heavy woolen clothing. Many hotels remain closed in most parts of Kinnaur Valley. The road to Chitkul closes down in January and February. It can open anytime in December.

Roads to Kalpa and Sangla also closes in between intermittently but as soon as bad weather settles, authorities open up the road connectivity to these tourist destinations in Kinnaur Valley.

Kinnaur in March to July

The snow starts to melt in March and the closed roads within Kinnaur Valley, like the road to Chitkul, start to get open to welcome tourists. The heat starts to rise as we approach the summer months after spring in Kinnaur.

There is a heavy tourist rush from April end to June – July period. Once you get into the last week of July, monsoon lashes Northern parts of India. The road journey to Kinnaur becomes problematic.

Kinnaur in August

Monsoon is one of the worst times to visit lower hills in the Himalayas, including Himachal. And then, combining rains with fragile mountains of Kinnaur Valley, it becomes a deadly combination. Hence, I strongly feel that Kinnaur is not the place to be in monsoon. The entire Kinnaur region is very fragile, and road closures are pretty common.

Kinnaur in September to November

Once the rain goes away, the apple harvest season begins in Kinnaur Valley from late August to September. It runs up to the middle of October in the upper parts of Kinnaur Valley. I do feel that it becomes one of the best times to visit Kinnaur because even the roads are dried up and much better in road conditions, including stability. In November, the temperature starts to go toward sub-zero conditions, and water in pipes starts to freeze at night. The winter chill is there to welcome you.

Road cut through mountains in Kinnaur Valley
Making its way… through the mountains

What is the best time to visit Kinnaur Valley?

You can visit this beautiful valley throughout the major part of the year, but in winter things get very tough and heavy snowfall makes it inaccessible sometimes too. But, apart from peak winters in Kinnaur Valley, including Kalpa and Sangla Valley, Kinnaur can be visited throughout the rest of the year without much fuss.

It is important to note that monsoon is not the right time to be in Kinnaur Valley due to common landslides and worse roads, so in any case avoid monsoons My favorite time to visit Kinnaur Valley is Autumn or Fall, when monsoon just resides away and you might still see some apple orchards loaded with apples with clear skies in the background.

Also, please note that Chitkul becomes inaccessible at the time of peak winters, so please avoid going there in late winters without knowing the weather conditions. One snowfall can trap you for months in Chitkul :)…

In case you are going in Apple Season, that is around Late July or August in Kinnaur Valley then be ready for a massive mess of trucks traffic too along with rains and landslides.

Travel Tip: Read my detailed article on best time to travel to Kinnaur Valley.

How to Reach Kinnaur Valley

Below is the most general route to Kinnaur Valley from Delhi that most people usually follow. You can reach Kinnaur on the second day with an overnight halt at Narkanda or anywhere away from Shimla or Chail. However, if you are visiting Manali, then you can travel to Kinnaur Valley from Manali as well via Jalori Pass or the longer Spiti Valley route.

Delhi to Kinnaur from Shimla side by Road

The route to Kinnaur Valley from Delhi via Shimla runs along the Hindustan Tibet Road or NH-05 (previously called NH-22). You will be traveling on one of the most treacherous roads as soon as you enter Kinnaur Valley. The sense of adventure is pure bliss, and in case you drive yourself, you will enjoy the offroading in some sections of Kinnaur.

The route from Delhi along with the distance between the subsequent places is as follows:

Delhi – Shimla (360 KMs) – Narkanda (420 KMs) – Rampur (488 KMs) – Karcham (566 KMs) – Reckong Peo (587 KMs) – Kalpa (595 KMs)

At Karcham, the road bifurcates towards Sangla Valley and Chitkul as per below distance between these places.

Delhi – Shimla (360 KMs) – Narkanda (420 KMs) – Rampur (488 KMs) – Karcham (566 KMs) – Sangla (582 KMs) – Rakcham (596 KMs) – Chitkul (610 KMs)

You will reach Kalpa or Sangla on this road trip to Kinnaur Valley in a minimum of 2 days from Delhi. Mostly, Narkanda or somewhere near Shimla / Chail – Narkanda is an ideal overnight halt to distribute the journey evenly. If you are starting from Chandigarh, you can consider taking an overnight halt at Sarahan as well. The road to Sarahan bifurcates from Jeori which is 23 km from Rampur. The distance from Jeori to Sarahan is 12 km only.

Road cut through mountains in Kinnaur Valley
Making its way… through the mountains

Love food on the Kinnaur road trip?

Also, a pit-stop-must is a makeshift dhabha of sorts right after Jeori – Sarahan diversion where an old lady serves lip-smacking Rajma Chawal. Yes, the hygiene is slightly questionable, but it is a dhabha after-all! The taste is unbeatable. Rs 50 for an unlimited plate of Rajma Chawal – sign me up! Apart from that Annapurna dhabha nearby it also is pretty famous for Rajma Chawal too.

Delhi to Kinnaur from Manali side by Road

You can travel to Kinnaur Valley from Manali well. There are two routes that exist. The shorter route that goes from Jalori Pass – Rampur and the longer route in which you travel from Rohtang Pass – Kunzum Pass route while making a Spiti Valley trip from Manali side.

The distance from Manali to Kinnaur via Jalori Pass route is 310 km and will take 12-15 hrs. This route will merge at Rampur on Hindustan – Tibet Highway and then follows the route via Shimla to Kinnaur. I recommend staying overnight at Jalori to break the journey evenly. If you travel from the Spiti side, then it is better to explore Spiti Valley and then travel down to Kinnaur.

By Air

The nearest airport to Kinnaur Valley is at Shimla, about 220 km away. If you are traveling from the Manali side, then you can get down at the Bhuntar Airport which is near Manali. Bhuntar is approximately 245 KMS from Reckong Peo, the center of Kinnaur. However, due to their small size, these airports have limited capacity and connectivity.

Chandigarh Airport lies approximately 340 km. Hence, Chandigarh is the best place to start the journey to Kinnaur Valley if you are flying from any other part of India than Delhi or other Northern states.

By Railways

Shimla is the nearest railway station. However, this would also have limited connectivity. My suggestion would be to have your endpoint of the railway journey as Chandigarh, which is well connected throughout.

By Bus or Public Transport

Reckong Peo is well connected with Chandigarh and Shimla by direct buses run by HRTC, the state bus department of Himachal Pradesh. There is an overnight bus from Chandigarh to Reckong Peo, and one bus leaves Shimla around 11 AM. Once you reach Reckong Peo, you can travel to Kalpa, Sangla, and Chitkul by connecting buses within Kinnaur Valley.

Reckong Peo is also connected by a daily morning bus from Kaza in Spiti Valley as well. So, you can travel from Spiti to Kinnaur as well by public transport.

You should look more details in the article on how to visit Kinnaur by public transport.

Kinnaur HRTC Bus Time Table and Fare
Kinnaur HRTC Bus Time Table and Fare

Taxis for Kalpa

You can get private taxis for trips to Kinnaur Valley from Shimla taxi stand. These taxis can also come to Chandigarh or New Delhi for a pickup. I always recommend traveling with local drivers or taxis in remote regions of the Himalayas like Kinnaur and Spiti.

You can always get connected with local taxi drivers in this list of taxi drivers in Kinnaur and Spiti Valley. Hiring a private taxi for a Kinnaur road trip may cost you about Rs 25000 for 7-8 days. In general, these local drivers charge from Rs 3200-3500 per day for taxi charges which includes everything including their own stays and food.

The prices will come down if you’re traveling in a group. You can also book self-drive cars from Delhi or Chandigarh to plan a road trip to Kinnaur as well.

Preferred Vehicles

The higher ground clearance vehicles are preferable and 4×4 ones not required. However, quite a few people make a trip to Kinnaur Valley in hatchbacks and sedan cars as well. So, it all depends upon your skills to drive and the road conditions at the time of travel.

You can always refer my list of top 40 things to carry on a self drive trip to Kinnaur.

Suggested Itinerary for Kinnaur Valley

I mostly recommend people to spare at least 7-8 days to plan a relaxing trip to Kinnaur Valley. This much days will help you explore the beautiful places on Hindustan Tibet Road as well as relax in the enchanting and peaceful villages like Kalpa, Sangla, Chitkul, and Sarahan.

If you are not one of those who visit places to tick them off from bucket lists, then you can refer my article on Kinnaur Valley – Most Common Itinerary for a detailed plan. I have highlighted the high-level day by day trip plan from Kinnaur below as well.

  • Day 1 | Delhi – Shimla / Narkanda
  • Day 2 | Shimla / Narkanda – Sarahan
  • Day 3 | Sarahan – Tapri – Reckong Peo – Kalpa
  • Day 4 | Rest day at Kalpa
  • Day 5 | Kalpa – Karcham – Sangla / Rakcham (Baspa Valley)
  • Day 6 | Sangla / Rakcham – Chitkul / Sangla / Rakcham
  • Day 7 | Chitkul / Sangla / Rakcham – Rampur – Daranghati / Narkanda / Chail
  • Day 8 | Daranghati / Narkanda / Chail – Delhi
Snowfall in Kalpa in April
Snowfall in Kalpa in April

Accommodation Options at Kinnaur Valley

There are many accommodation options available at Reckong Peo, Kalpa, as well as Sangla Valley and Chitkul. Many of them are good enough to cater to the varied needs of budgets among people. There are economic guest houses or homestays, which are cheap enough to keep your money saved. But, there are other luxury properties as well which provide the comfort and facilities if you are looking forward to them.

Apart from private accommodation options, you can go ahead and vouch for many PWD Rest Houses in Kinnaur Valley, which are though comfortable and economical but may not suit the needs of every family may be. Also, you require bookings for them, and sometimes, in case of some VIP visit, they may try to push you though not in rights. So, in general, and in case you are OK with average comfort conditions, Quite Recommended!! You can refer: How to Book HP PWD Rest Houses or FRHs

For more details on good hotels to stay in Kinnaur Valley OR good accommodation options to stay in Kinnaur Valley, you can refer the article: Good Hotels or Accommodation options in Spiti Valley & Kinnaur Valley

Where to eat in Kinnaur

Most of the time you will be eating out in Hotels or Camps or Guest Houses or Homestays you will be staying in Kinnaur. However, there are dhabhas or eating joints on the way to Kalpa or Sangla from Shimla, which you can use for in-between meals. Do not forget that famous “Last Indian Dhabha” in Chitkul.

You should always carry your own water bottle and refill it as many times as you need water. It will not only keep you hydrated always, but you will also help in saving the Himalayas from plastic garbage. Remember, every tiny step counts and your step in this direction can help save the Himalayas too !! 🙂 🙂

Places to visit in Kinnaur Valley

Once you enter the gate of Kinnaur Valley, the daunting mountains welcome you, and a kind of adventure begins. The drop around the roads gets higher and higher. The roads start to deteriorate and soon becomes a dirt track. Every tourist attraction places in Kinnaur is much closer to nature than being commercialized towns of lower Himachal.

You can plan a trip to Kinnaur Valley where you can try and explore the following places in or around Reckong Peo.

Sangla Valley

About 120 odd KMs before the Indo-Tibet border, lies one of the most beautiful and romantic valleys in Kinnaur district of Himachal Pradesh, Sangla Valley or otherwise also known as Baspa Valley which houses a major village by the name Sangla.

Sangla is about 16 km diversion towards right from Karcham, which is at Hindustan Tibet Highway going towards Kaza from Shimla Sangla Valley is surrounded by thick forest slopes and offers lovely views of the high mountains surrounding it. Recently, various beautiful meadows in this valley (such as Rakcham meadow) have become very popular among shooting various film scenes and advertisements too.

You can read our detailed travel guide of Sangla Valley.

Beautiful Sangla Valley - Rakcham Village
Beautiful Sangla Valley – Rakcham Village

Chitkul Village

About 28 km away from Sangla Valley at an altitude of 3450 Mtrs and on the banks of Baspa river there lies the last inhabited place in India before the Indo-Tibet border named Chitkul. The magical beauty which this village offers is unmatched and incomparable. Chitkul remains closed in winters and is extremely famous for its potatoes in the whole world which are extremely costly as well.

You can read our detailed travel guide of Chitkul Village.

Kamru Fort

About 2-3 km away from Sangla Valley, there is a famous 1000-year-old Kamru Fort considered to be one of the oldest forts in Himachal Pradesh. Do check out when you are in Sangla Valley.

Misc. Trails & Meadows around Sangla

There are loads of trails in these apple orchards that can be hiked around while you stay in Sangla Valley. There are some lovely meadows too (one near Rakcham village as I remember) as well which can be visited or spent the time to bask in the lap of pristine mother nature.

You can also for an easy 3-4 Hrs hike to the Glacier point if you are interested in some snow play. Batseri village to Sangla Village walk of about 12 km through dense Cedar forests is also quite famous among people who love being midst nature and actually feel it.

There is a Trout Fishery Farm on the other side of Baspa River near Sangla Village too which is nice to visit and can be covered in this walk itself. What better having a trout for yourself and later barbecue it over a campfire in the evening 🙂 !!

Hindustan Tibet Road near Reckong Peo Cut-off
Hindustan Tibet Road near Reckong Peo Cut-off


Kalpa is one of the best places to see sunset and sunrise in the Himalayas over the Kinner Kailash range. Kalpa is about 8 KMs from Reckong Peo, district headquarters of Kinnaur Valley, which in turn is about 7 KMs diversion from a place called Powari on Hindustan Tibet Highway.

The place is just majestic and the views of Kinner Kailash range from almost any of the hotel at Kalpa would make your jaws drop at any day. I never thought that it would be that beautiful what I witnessed after reaching this lovely place. We were fortunate to witness such fantastic weather at such an awesomely beautiful location in Kinnaur Valley.

You can read our detailed travel guide of Kalpa Village.

Roghi Village

It is about 6-7 KMs from Kalpa and is known for its traditional lifestyle of Himachal surrounded by apple orchards. Very nice place to have a short hike or walk across the village from Kalpa. You will almost feel you are in a time machine and somewhere in the past if you spend some time here in this village.

The villagers have a great knowledge of the place, its flora, and fauna and you can get quite a decent knowledge in the village from them in case you are interested to know about Kinnaur Valley and this region

Kothi Village

Just 3 km from Recong Peo, this village has a Chandika Devi temple which has an unusual architectural style and fine sculpture set amidst a picturesque mountains backdrop.

Medical Facilities

In case you need any medical assistance in Kinnaur, there is a one district hospital at Reckong Peo, being the headquarters of Kinnaur Valley. There is a local hospital at Sangla village, too, being the biggest village in Baspa Valley. The next help for anything major will be available in Shimla.

Floating Clouds Kinnaur as seen from Kalpa
Floating Clouds Kinnaur as seen from Kalpa

Phone Signals

Most of the mobile phone service connections work in Reckong Peo, Kalpa, as well as Sangla Valley, with best being Airtel. However, as you go ahead towards upper remote parts of Kinnaur like Nako, Puh, Chitkul, etc. then the best option will be to carry an MTNL/BSNL prepaid/postpaid connection. It has maximum coverage in Himachal Pradesh. Vodafone did have issues with some connectivity at times. Lower Kinnaur Valley does not have any major phone connectivity issues.

Petrol Pumps

About 10 km from Kalpa, you can find the nearest petrol pump at Reckong Peo. There was one more fuel pump at Powari, which is on Hindustan – Tibet Highway when you move from Reckong Peo back towards Shimla, which is about 30 km from Sangla Valley.

I am not sure if it is still functional though on my recent trip to Spiti Valley in the first week of May 2013, the Powari fuel pump was not functional. There has been one fuel pump which is fairly new that I saw at Tapri, and it is true as of 2020 as well.

The best thing is to top up your petrol or fuel tank at Narkanda which is fair in terms of quality as well OR the last petrol pump in Rampur that comes on the right side while going from the Shimla side.

ATMs near Kinnaur Valley

There is an ATM as far as I know in Sangla Valley. Otherwise, you will find one for sure at Reckong Peo about 8 km away from Kalpa and 38 km away from Sangla. However, whenever I travel to such remote villages of the Himalayas, you must carry enough cash with you for an emergency without relying on credit or debit cards.

Clouds floating in Kalpa - Kinnaur Valley
Clouds floating in Kalpa – Kinnaur Valley


Kinnaur Valley is one of such secluded and untouched places in Himachal Pradesh where people must go over and enjoy raw nature in its purest form. It is a perfect place for a family vacation with lovely views all around and yes, a part of the adventure too with rough roads. It is one of those places where the journey is itself a destination. You might opt for your honeymoon destination in Himachal as well.

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If you have been to Kinnaur Valley, kindly share your thoughts and other information you might feel will be worth sharing with other fellow travelers and help them travel better.

Finally, in case, If you know your friends or family are planning a road trip to Kinnaur, then do share this article with them to help them make a memorable trip as well.

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    Dear Dheeraj,

    We four (aged around 30) are planning for a trip to kinnaur-kalpa-sangla for 5nights/6days(exclude train journey) in march end or april first. may we get snow at that time? we will start from kolkata, west bengal. what will be the best way to go there. we actually looking for some relaxing holidays with snows. if it lonely place we will be more happier. you can suggest some other place too, which can accessible from AMBALA. As it will better for us to make our journey to and fro from AMBALA cantt. Kindly remember we will catch return train at 10.15a.m. at Ambala cantt. on saturday.

    • Hello Aritra,

      At that time of the year, you will get snow towards Chitkul from Sangla. Best is that you reach Ambala or Chandigarh and then take a bus to Shimla. From there you can hire taxi for Kinnaur Valley trip for next 5 days. Shimla to Sangla and rest up there for couple of days. Visit Chitkul and do the day visit to Kalpa or may be stay at Kalpa itself.


  3. biswarup bhattacharya on

    Hii Dheeraj
    followed ur suggestions and comments regarding the tour for kinnaur ,kalpa and associated places.Bro i m planning for my honeymoon to manali, kinnaur ,kalpa and sangla in mid february 2015. we will be 4 adults(2 couples) and we will have 7 days and 6 nights.But the problem is i cannot make out which places to visit and which places to exclude during this request ur help for a tour itinery and vehicle arrangement.will book hotels after receiving ur schedule .pls help to make the honeymoon memorable

    • Biswarup, I will suggest to stick to either region towards Manali only OR you explore the Kinnaur Valley. Please keep in mind that Kinnaur Valley will be quite cold during the month of February and there will be tons of snow presence around.

  4. Abhishek Dey on

    Hi, Me n my wife r planning a trip to kalpa sangla kinnaur valley next february end, from 27th Feb for 4-5 days. Will it be wise to go there in that time?

    • Abhishek, it will be loaded under snow during that period of time. in case, you are fine with the cold conditions, you will have an amazing experience.

      • Abhishek Dey on

        Thanks for the reply. I’m more concerned with road blockage than cold condition. Will it be safe ? Also,
        1. can u kindly give an itinerary for a 5-6 day trip from Delhi ? I’m not considering Chitkul as it might be risky.
        2. Is it fine to avail public transport ? (HPTDC bus)

        • Abhishek, road can be blocked for couple of days in case it snows during that time when you are there but it is a temporary period only. Chitkul will be closed and I doubt even Rakcham will be accessible during that time. So, Kalpa and Sangla are the only options.

          There is no HPTDC bus that goes over there rather standard HRTC buses run from Shimla to Reckong Peo and a semi deluxe bus runs from Chandigarh to Reckong Peo.

  5. Aniruddha Ghose on

    Dear Sir,
    I am planning to go to Shimla – Kalpa – Shimla from 26 – 28 Dec 2014. My kid wants to play with snow. Where can I take him for that. I am traveling all the way from Bangladesh only for this.

    Pl suggest/advise me.

      • Aniruddha Ghose on

        Dear Dheeraj,
        Thanks again for these exciting and informative articles.
        Pabbar Valley (Kharapathar – Shelapani – Rohru – Chanshal) is my choice so far. I shall start from Chandigarh. Where exactly should I base and visit others? I don’t plan many activities. Just my kid playing on snow and we watching. Can I go direct from Chandigarh to there! I need to stay at Shimla at least one day during coming back. I have to take Kalka express on 29th (23:50hrs).

      • Dear Dheeraj,
        We are starting on 19th from Bangladesh. We are 5 adults and a kid. Luggage will be usual. Can you suggest me type of vehicle? If you have any recommendation for a rent a car service or a specific driver, I will be oblized. I want to hire a vehicle from Chandigarh to Shilapani to Shimla to Kalka (25th to 29th Dec). I want the vehicle to be with us for whole journey. Thanks for all your advices.

        • You can get connected directly to some drivers in Spiti Valley or Kinnaur Valley at the link: List of Taxi Drivers for Spiti Valley & Kinnaur Valley. These drivers can come and pick you up from Shimla too.

          Get in touch with Shimla based driver. Vinkle OR Deepak are great souls and even Dilip.

          The rates of the taxis are about Rs 3000-3500 per day depending upon the number of days you plan to travel, more the days, less the price.

          Otherwise, taxis in general are also available on the spot from Shimla taxi stands

  6. Ishtiaque Ahmed on

    Hi Dheeraj,
    First off hats off to you for your efforts to share your knowledge of adventure travels and letting the world see what we are missing. I am planning to travel to Sangla Valley as solo in the last week of December. I contacted most of the hotels and got negative response. Please help me plan out my accommodation and vehicle from Delhi itself. It will be great if I can find a travel companion thru your website. Also lets know what to expect in Sangla at this time of the year. My quest is to find snow and see how people manage live when they are cut off from rest of the world in winters. I want to witness how people of these region spent time and how their place looks when there are no tourist.

    • Ishtiaque, though it will be really cold up there with most hotels closed and some guest houses/home stays running up there in Sangla but if that is fine you can make a trip. Go preapred with heavy woolens and a good sleeping bag to withstand about 0 degrees at least if not -5 degree C.

      • If we do not got hotel to stay at that time, then is it possible to stay in car itself in night with having clothes and all.

        • Gaurav, you will surely get the place to stay in the form of home stay or guest house for sure and lately some hotels also keep running in winters. So, that is not an issue. But have good sleeping bags with you, they will be very handy. Sleeping in car would be challenge in cold conditions.

  7. Ritika Kundu on

    hi Dheeraj,
    we are planning to go Kinnaur trip on 20th March..we will go from Kolkata..Do you let me know the best route we ca reach there??Is the right time to visit these places with family??please guide me…and please suggest me which places we will stay???

    • Ritika, route is explained in the article above and March will be fine to travel to Kinnaur though roads might not be that good during that time. However, plenty of snow to play with and weather will be pleasant too.

      • Ritika Kundu on

        Thx for writeing, however need to know what time will be best to visit kalpa/sangla/sharanpur/khajjiar. we will be around 10 peoples & two are above 60 yrs. Kindly guide us

  8. Dear Dheeraj,
    I am planing a trip during Dec 26 – Jan 1st, 7 Day trip per following itenerary Shimla-Sarahan-Sangla- Chitkul-Kalpa-Narkanda-Shimla. Will the roads be accessible and hotels available during this time of the winter. Please suggest.

    • Raushan, hotels will be open in Kalpa and Sangla too. However, roads does remain open up to Kalpa and Sangla but it all depends if there is heavy snowfall or not in those days. In case it is, the road may close for a day or two temporarily.

      • Ritika Kundu on

        Dear Dheeraj,
        we are planing to visit kinnaur trip on 20th march from kolkata..could you please suggest me this route and which is the best places we are stay???& could u please help us which is the best places we can visit on kinnaur trip????

        • Ritika, how many days are you planning the Kinnaur Valley trip? Did you read the above comprehensive Travel Guide which details out the places to visit up there and also the entire route. If you can tell me the number of days in hand, I will be able to suggest the plan accordingly.

      • Thanks Dheeraj. The info is helpful. Can you please share of hotels that can be availed during this time of the year for this circuit.

    • Ishtiaque Ahmed on

      Dear Raushan,
      I too have a similar plan like yours and I am a solo traveler. Can I join you as this is my first trip in Himachal and I work in Kuwait so feels it will be better to have company.

      • Dear Ishtiaque , Thanks for the request. Actually I will be on my honeymoon trip with my wife so it will be difficult. Hope you understand.

  9. Aninda Sarkar on

    Sir, I wish to visit KALPA/SANGLA in the month February’15. As my HONEYMOON TRIP. Is it possible to go KALPA & RAKCHAM (Near SANGLA) at that time FEBRUARY’15?
    My tour plan is:
    11/2/15: arriving KALKA,then by train SHIMLA,
    12/2/15: Shimla to Kalpa,
    13/2/15: Kalpa
    14/2/15: Kalpa to Sangla to Rakcham,
    15/2/15: Rakcham
    16/2/15: Rakcham to Sangla to Manali
    17/2/15: Manali
    18/2/15: Manali to Delhi(by evening bus)
    19/2/15: arriving Delhi….
    what do you suggest?

    • Rakcham might not be reachable though Kalpa and Sangla remains reachable all round the year barring few days of heavy snowfall. In case it snows during that time the roads might close for a day or two temporarily.

  10. Dear Dheeraj,

    You have a wonderful blog 🙂

    We are planning our trip from Delhi to Kinnaur from 18-Dec to 23-Dec.Could you please suggest us for the below:

    1) Are the weather conditions be bearable ?
    2) We will not be hiring a taxi from Delhi and have palns to get a local taxi in Kinnaur only. Would that be available?
    3) Could you please tell us the places in Kalpa, Sangla and Chiitkul, which can be covered in 4 to 5 days Stay.
    4) Please suggest govt. or private comfortable accommodation to stay.
    5) Any other things to be taken care of?

    • Hello Nidhi,

      Thanks. Regarding queries:

      1. It will be quite cold, so be preapred for it.
      2. Kinnaur Taxi? How will you reach there? You may need to get at least from Shimla. You can get connected directly to some drivers in Spiti Valley or Kinnaur Valley at the link: List of Taxi Drivers for Spiti Valley & Kinnaur Valley. These drivers can come and pick you up from Manali & Shimla too.

      The rates of the taxis are about Rs 3000-3500 per day depending upon the number of days you plan to travel, more the days, less the price.

      Otherwise, taxis in general are also available on the spot from Shimla or Manali from respective taxi stands

      3. Please refer Travel Guide article above.

      4. Check the link: Some Good Options of Stays in Spiti Valley / Kinnaur Valley

      • Hey Dheeraj
        We are planning a similar trip from 26th Dec to 4th Jan. Have a few queries if you can please help
        1. we are planning to take public transport, are there state transport buses available and will that be a good idea?
        2. How are the weather conditions? Does it start snowing in Dec end?


        • 1. It all depends if it snows or not during that period. However, you should be able to find public transport for these places any how. In case it snows heavily during these days, the road closes for a day or two temporarily sometimes for safety of the vehicles.

  11. I want to visit Kinnaur(Sarahan,Sangla,Kalpa and Nako) between February and April.Could you please suggest the best time to visit Kinnaur in this period?

    • Poulomi, the time window which you have picked, will be extreme winters up there in Kinnaur with road only upto Sangla be open and Chitkul / Rakcham will be out of reach due to snow. Secondly, most hotels up there will be closed and few will be running as water in the pipes tend to freeze. You passage will be dependent upon snowfall even through Narkanda types and hence, if you really want to make it I feel March will be better time as it is just about the time when snowfall in not extreme, but all depends on luck still and road are mostly open though in bad state. In april, though the roads are open but it is usually the time of landslides and snow slides as snow meltin starts up there causing avalanches and landslides in Kinnaur region.

      • Thank u Dheeraj for the information. Could you please tell me about the road conditions in late April/Early May? Also will the region be landslide prone in in late April/Early May?

  12. chandrima on

    My mom is asthma it okay for her to go to chitkul valley without oxygen cylinder?

    • chandrima, yes, should be fine. do consult the doctor too anyhow and carry couple of inhalers and keep them handy as we as a backup too. In anycase, you will be staying at Sangla so, day trip to Chitkul should not be much issue.

      • chandrima on

        thank u dheeraj for ur co-operation but no the trip is not a day-trip they will stay there at night night stay will be problematic..

        • Hmm, sometimes at night people face issues at Chitkul. Hence, I was suggesting to avoid the night stay as our body respiratory system is weakest when we sleep, as per my knowledge. Hence, consult a doctor for sure before deciding on it.

  13. Hi we are planning to visit chitkul on 22nd oct from chd..and then proceed to tabo then kaza , kunzum, rohtang.. manali .. chd.. the question is how many days should i ideally keep aside.. and is passing kunzum and rohtang doable at that time of the year

    • Munish, I will not recommend to travel from Kaza – Kunzum Pass – Manali route that late in October. It will not be safe to travel. You need to come from Kinnaur only.

      • thanks Dheeraj,
        I am now planning to go uptill kaza on 20th and then asses from there weather to go forward or return to shimla.. is it fine till kaza? Is it easy to get accommodation at this time of the year

        • Munish, yeah, upto Kaza it should be fine. Winters have set in up there, so carry enough woolens with you. Yes, you will be able to get accommodation easily up there in Spiti Valley.

  14. My trip plan is as follows
    Vehicle :Duster
    Me and my wife

    My intinary
    Delhi to Shimla 2nd Oct
    Shimla to sangla 3rd Oct
    4 and 5 visit kalpa, rekong, chitkul etc
    5th back to Chandigarh
    6th back to Delhi
    Itinary might change as per need

  15. Hi Dheeraj,

    i am leaving for sangla this week on wednesday, would be staying in chandigarh on wed night and start on Thursday morning for sangla.
    Intend to reach there on the same day itself.
    Few things i wanna know since you were there last week as per your post
    1. Road conditions
    2. Would a sedan be OK to go there, got a skoda rapid
    3. intend to leave chandigarh at 5 AM and reach sangla by 4 PM max.
    Any special advises from your end would be welcome.

    • 1. Road conditions at present were the best I have ever seen in Kinnaur but that does not mean they are not bad 🙂
      2. Yes, Sedan can do it now a days. Drive with caution and care though.
      3. It will take about 12+ Hrs to reach Sangla from Chandigarh.

  16. Hello Guyz,

    I am planning to visit kinnaur in october month. I want to cover Sangla valley, Spiti Valley & nearby Places.
    1. Can you suggest a travel agent.
    2. For how many days its better.
    3. will i get snow over there
    4. I have 1 year baby can i take him

    • Naveen, Spiti Valley is quite far from Kinnaur Valley and October is not a good time to visit Spiti. Stick to Kinnaur and follow the itinerary as suggested above in the article.

  17. Hi Deeraj,

    me and my husband have planned a trip to kinnaur. please guide us through our sangla/kalpa trip planned in september.
    27th sep – reaching kalka in noon and heading for narkanda for a night stay (where should we stay?)
    28th sep/ 29th sep – starting for sangla and halt for 2 nights to visit chitkul/rachkam (shud we stay at chitkul or sangla and which hotel is recommended?)
    30th sep/1st oct – start for kapla and halt for 2 nights to enjoy reckong peo, roghni village and kapla (shud we stay at kapla or reckong peo? and which hotel)
    2nd oct – start for shimla from kalpa (how many hours will it take ) will stay at shimla and move to kalka on 3rd oct as i have a train to catch from kalka on 3rd evening.

    • Richa, following are my advices:

      You can stay at Narkanda – HPTDC Hatu. Better to stay somewhere at Rakcham first night to see cold conditions and then plan to stay night at Chitkul, Panchali Guest House is nice choice. I will suggest that you stay at Kalpa only. Reckong Peo is a town. Also, stay just one night in Kalpa and next day move to Sarahan from Kalpa to make it less hectic on last day and also explore the calmness of Sarahan 🙂

  18. Dr rajwinder singh on

    Hi there, I am planning a trip to kalpa and sangla from chandigarh in this last week of sept. … I just wanted some info…. till what point can I go by my own car??? I mean…. pakki sadak kahan tak hai??? or I should hire I taxi from rampur or sarahan? ?

    • Rajwinder ji, you can do Kinnaur with your car if you have experience of driving in hills and OK with careful/cautious driving. If it rains you can actually hire a taxi but for complete peace of mind and if you are not too much into travel or driving in hills, better take taxi from Rampur or Sarahan.

  19. Hi Dheeraj,

    Firstly, I must say that you are doing a great job by assisting so many people with their travel plans to Kinnaur. Kudos to you!
    I am planning for a week long family vacation in Kinnaur this Diwali (4th week of October) and would like to solicit your expert advise for the same. I will be travelling with my 1 year old child. So will this be a good time to travel considering it should be the start of winters. Also we would be starting our journey from Chandigarh around noon. Do you suggest a night halt on the way?

    • Yogesh, I think I replied to your query in some other post, if not please let me know. Sorry for the delayed reply but I was away on DoW Mega Meet in Spiti Valley for last 10 days

  20. Dear Dheeraj,
    I would like to visit Narkanda/Rampur/Sarahan/Sangla/Chitkul/Peo/Kalpa in Mid December. Do i cover these places in mid December by self drive Alto 800, If not all then on which place I can stuck last according to you. I mean to say may I reach Sarahan/Sangla/Kalpa or even less. Thanks Gaurav

    • tell me road and weather condition as possible. Cold and Clothes I can manage.

        • Gaurav, as I was away for the last 10 days in Spiti Valley, I am trying my best to complete all the 500+ pending comments to be replied by today 🙂 … I am sure you will get the reply today as I reach your comments sorted by date and time in descending order 🙂

    • Gaurav, yes for sure you will be able to cover these places in Alto. We just completed the entire circuit of Kinnaur – Spiti with an Alto too. You need to be very careful in driving in these terrains anyhow.

      • In which place among Narkanda/Rampur/Sarahan/Sangla/Chitkul/Peo/Kalpa I got snow in from mid novmber to mid december, if i would like to take driver from narkanda is driver available for small car alto for 2-3 days, thanks

        • Gaurav, only towards Chitkul from Sangla you will be able to get some snow in November to December period. At all other places, highly unlikely. Small car should be fine but the issue will be ice on the roads especially in Kinnaur towards Chitkul / Rakcham where you have to be very very careful as it tends to skid the vehicle.

  21. Hi dheeeaj….i jus wana to ask me n my frnds plnaning to visit kinnaur in coming october n in frst week of october ..can we get snow there ..if not den where we can get snow in frst week of october

      • Hi Dheeraj,

        IS is feasible to visti sarahan in first week of october, how abt th read conditions as I came to know that roads in Manali circuit are not good to go at the moment.Also is there any route which connects to Chakrata to Sarahan and what is road conditions,Is is good to go via simla to sarahan and Sangla in month of 1st week of Oct 2014(As there is rain in some parts of himalaya) Also will be able to see snow on peaks on any of the place.

        • Hi Dheeraj,

          I am confused between munsiyari and Kinnur vally visit in first week of october.I want to see snow peaks, which direction should be good in first week of october, what abt road conditions, basically we will be on road trip , please suggest best place

        • Try Munsiyari in that case, you can be able to see snow over the peak in that region. Kinnaur is all gone for snow and only tips had the snow last week when I was there. Road conditions to Munsiyari will anyday be better from Kinnaur Valley roads.

  22. Kuldeep Verma on

    Hi, I am planning for Himachal in december 1st week and i am willing to visit to Kalpa side of Himachal, as Manali and those areas are common but still interesting…however i read lots of review about kalpa and nearest places around kalpa, my planning is scheduled to be on December first week, could you please suggest if this is good time and we will enjoy at that time?
    i will be coming from Delhi to Shimla and will take 1 day halt at Shimla then will move to KALPA for 3 days.

    Questions for you – 1- is this good time?
    2- is cab available from Shimla to kalpa and return?
    3 – what are nearest best areas to visit in 3 days?
    4-which are best hotels (GOVT and private) in kalpa or near it? tarrif?
    5- this will be our honeymoon, so is this my good decision to go there?

    appreciate your help on this, Thanks.

    • Hi Kuldeep,

      1. It will be very very cold up there at Kalpa but possible to visit if you can survive cold. Stay at a good hotel with heating facility.
      2. Yes, taxis are available from Shimla
      3. Try to visit Sangla as day visit from Kalpa. Hang around at Kalpa for a day and while coming back stay at Sarahan.
      4. Try out Kinner Villa, listed above or Grand Shangrila. They are a bit costly but very nice. Ask Prithvi Negi at Grand Shangrila and you can refer DoW or my name as he knows me well as DoW.
      5. Should be good just carry enough woolens.


      • Kuldeep Verma on

        Thanks for your detailed advise, yes i heard about kalpa that it will be very cold at that time or may be closed for winter, however i am having second thought for going to manali and shimla for my honeymoon as it will be my first and i don’t want to spoil it, i can go some other time in may or june to kalpa.

        anything you can sugggest on Manali and Shimla, like hotel rates and which one is best, also what are the cab rates from shimla to manali? my budget for hotel is upto 3K as i have to go for local sight seeing also, so there will be cab charges as well, can you suggest me what will be charges by CAB services there to roam around shimla for 2 days and in manali for 3 days? hope to hear from you soon, thanks in advance.

        • Kuldeep, best is to get to Manali and get a package of Honeymoon from Johnsons Lodge, stay a day at Naggar Castle too and that should be it. You will enjoy it to the core.

  23. Aniruddha Manna on

    Planning to visit Kinnaur Kalpa Sangla and Chitkul during the christmas vacation. Please help me know if it is the right time to visit. Also please let me know about the weather and road condition at that time. Thanks in advance.

    • It will be extreme winters with Sangla and Chitkul closed and most hotels will be closed too in Sangla. Water freezes in pipes and hence they close the hotels. Those open might not have running water washrooms. Hence, not really an idea time to visit Kinnaur Valley unless you are very adventurous.

  24. Adhip Sebin George on

    We are planning a bike trip to Kinnaur during August 15-18. How favorable is the climate and route during this time of the year?

    • Adhip, Kinnaur is a not a good place to be in monsoons and if it will be raining then it will be quite difficult with such bad roads and chances of landslides are very common.

      • Abhishek Sood on

        Hello Dheeraj,

        Thank you for sharing such useful information but unfortunately we have made bookings at reckong peo. We are traveling between aug 14-18 this weekend in Honda Jazz (petrol) with 5 people. Please advise what needs to be taken care of in the road trip.

        • Abhishek, pray for good, dry weather and take care. Drive with caution and care !! Still, not convinced it is a good idea to travel but if you are adventurous enough, can’t say more. I wish luck and pray for dry weather all these days 🙂

  25. we are planing to visit shimla in first week of december.After reading your blog,we feel to visit kalpa, kinnaur etc.1st or 2nd week of december is right time to visit?

    • Rahul, it will be quite cold during that period. If you can bear the cold then it is fine to visit Kinnaur Valley during that period

  26. Hi Dhiraj,
    Your informations on the Kinner-Kailash trip is extremely helpful. I am planning to visit in the first week of October this year. Do you think we can find snow that time? Also, my grandmother is accompanying us. She is around 65. Are there any chances of breathing trouble at the higher spots like Chitkul?

    • Snow will be very very rare to find unless it snows in Chitkul on your luckiest day of travel there. Keep everyone well hydrated and it should be fine. You will anyways be making a day trip to Chitkul and hence, sleeping low at Sangla. So, there should not be much issues.

    • We (me with my wife) will reach Shimla on 2.10.2014 on our own and we
      > want to start from *04.10.2014 (morning*).
      > We want to stay at night at Sarahan (1 night), Kalpa (2 nights), Sangla (2
      > nights), Tabo (1 night), Mud (one night), Kaza (2 nights), Losar (one
      > night), Manali (2 nights) and proceed to Chandigarh.
      > On the way, we want to visit Chitkul, Dhanker Monastery, Nako Lake, Giu
      > village, Ki-Kibber-Langcha-Komic, Chandratal Lake etc. etc.
      I am a senior Officer of West Bengal Govt. U may please join us at Shimla.

  27. chiranjib sahoo on

    sir,I am planning to visit simla in oct14.I want to visit kalpa as well as Manali and Rotang pass with in 10 days.Is it possible?plz help me with a tour plan.

    • Chiranjib, if you are OK to take a risk of traveling from Kaza to Manali from Kunzum Pass and Rohtang Pass, it should be fine, else you should avoid it from Spiti Valley side. In that case, you can visit Kinnaur Valley and come from Jalori Pass to go to Manali and then visit Rohtang Pass but there will be no snow there, keep in mind.

    • We (me with my wife) will reach Shimla on 2.10.2014 on our own and we want to start from *04.10.2014 (morning*).

      We want to stay at night at Sarahan (1 night), Kalpa (2 nights), Sangla (2 nights), Tabo (1 night), Mud (one night), Kaza (2 nights), Losar (one night), Manali (2 nights) and proceed to Chandigarh.
      On the way, we want to visit Chitkul, Dhanker Monastery, Nako Lake, Giu
      village, Ki-Kibber-Langcha-Komic, Chandratal Lake etc. etc.
      I am a senior Officer of West Bengal Govt. U may please join us at Shimla.

  28. Moumita Mitra on

    After reading your blogs and different suggestionss I have decided a tentative itinerary… please go through it and correct me whereever I am wrong… I have got some queries also-

    Day 1: Chandigarh Airport (arrival @12.20pm) – Narkanda
    Q1 – is it possible?? How long it will take??

    Day 2: Narkanda – Kalpa
    Q2 – how long it will take and any sightseeing in between??

    Day 3: Kalpa
    Q3 – any sightseeing??

    Day 4: Kalpa – Nako – Nako Lake – Tabo
    Q4 – the timing it can take??

    Day 5: Tabo – Dhangkar – Dhangkar Lake – Pin Valley – Kaza

    Day 6: Kaza – Ki, Kibber, Komik, Langza – Kaza
    Q5 – if Geu mummy visit can be accommodated in beteen somewhere??

    Day 7: Kaza – Tabo – Nako – Chitkul
    Q6 – is it possible and how long it will take??

    Day 8: Chitkul – Sarahan
    Q7 – whether I should stay in Sangla or chitkul??

    Day 9: Sarahan – Chandigarh airport to catch 5.45pm flight to Kolkata
    Q8 – as we ll have to catch evening flight whether we will be able to reach by 3 pm from Sarahan or not??

    Please I am eagerly waiting for your reply.. I need your help..

    • Hi Moumita,

      Below are the replies to your queries:

      Day 1: Chandigarh Airport (arrival @12.20pm) – Narkanda
      Q1 – Possible, around 5-6 Hrs it will take.

      Day 2: Narkanda – Kalpa
      Q2 – It will take about 6 Hrs to reach Kalpa from Narkanda

      Day 3: Kalpa
      Q3 – Refer Kinnaur Valley Travel Guide | Kalpa, Sangla & Chitkul

      Day 4: Kalpa – Nako – Nako Lake – Tabo
      Q4 – About 6-7 Hrs it will take.

      Day 5: Tabo – Dhangkar – Dhangkar Lake – Pin Valley – Kaza

      Day 6: Kaza – Ki, Kibber, Komik, Langza – Kaza
      Q5 – There is no Geyu here, it is about 2 Hours detour while coming to Tabo from Nako as soon as you cross Sumdo.

      Day 7: Kaza – Tabo – Nako – Chitkul
      Q6 – Possible but a bit long. About 9-10 Hrs drive. Leave Early.

      Day 8: Chitkul – Sarahan
      Q7 – Stay at some home stay guest house at Chitkul OR stay at Rakcham may be.

      Day 9: Sarahan – Chandigarh airport to catch 5.45pm flight to Kolkata
      Q8 – It will take about 9 Hrs to reach Chandigarh from Sarahan. So, leave accordingly.


  29. We will start our journey from Shimla on 4.10.2014.

    DAY 1 – SHIMLA TO SARAHAN on the way covering KUFRI, FAGU,. NRKANDA, RAMPUR. Night Stay at SARAHAN.

    DAY 2 – Drive to SANGLA VALLEY Afternoon visit to KAMROO FORT. Night Stay at Sangla.

    DAY 3 – After breakfast drive to CHITKUL and back to Sangla.

    DAY 4 – drive to KALPA. Night Stay at Kalpa

    DAY 5 – Visit to ROGI & CHINI Village. Night Stay at KALPA.

    DAY 6 – Drive to NAKO. Walk to NAKO LAKE AND MONASTERY AND drive to TABO On the way visit to GUI VILLAGE . Night Stay at TABO..

    DAY 7 – After visiting to TABO MONASTERY drive to PIN VALLEY. Night Stay at MUD VILLAGE.

    DAY 8 – Drive to KAZA. Afternoon visit to KAZA TOWN. Night Stay at KAZA.

    DAY 9 – Local tour to KEE MONASTERY & KIBBER VILAGE. Night Stay at Kaza.

    DAY 10 – Drive to LOSAR . Night Stay at LOSAR.

    DAY 11 – Drive over KUNZAM PASS & if possible, visit to CHANDERTAL LAKE. Night Stay at MANALI.

    DAY 12 – Local sight seeing in Manali. Night Stay at Manali.

    DAY 13 – Back to Chandigarh.

    Now please go through my itinerary and comment.

    Where I may get car at Shimla and what is the cost ? We are 2 (me and my wife).

    • Jamil, the itinerary you posted is quite fine except below;

      DAY 10 – Drive to Chandratal. Night Stay at Chandratal.
      DAY 11 – Chandratal to MANALI.

      There is nothing to stay over at Losar for a day, IMHO. Rest your call. Instead like suggested above, go and stay at chandratal OR visit Langza, Komik, Hikkim which are much much beautiful than Losar where you planning to dedicate one entire day.

      You can get connected directly to some drivers in Spiti Valley or Kinnaur Valley at the link: List of Taxi Drivers for Spiti Valley & Kinnaur Valley

      The rates of the taxis are about Rs 3000-3500 per day depending upon the number of days you plan to travel, more the days, less the price.





    • Better you consider end of September so that rain fades away to major extent and roads settle down. There is no short route. you have to first night halt at Shimla or Narkanda and then next day you can reach Sangla.

  31. HI , I am planning to travel to Kalpa and Sangla on 13th Aug 2014 from Delhi, will it be right time to travel on said time as last two times I have to come back from Narkanda and Sarahan because of Bad roads as advised by lot of people not to travel beyond, that was in June Period last two years.

    This time I am planning for August, pl advise, I am comfortable with Hill Driving and will be travelling in Maruti Dzire.


    • Sanjay, monsoons is not at all a good period to visit Kinnaur Valley. I will not suggest you to hit the roads in Kinnaur which are quite fragile and can lead to troubles in monsoon time.

  32. mrinmoy das on

    I want to go Kalpa, sangla chitkul in 2014 october second week. we have one baby age 5 yrs. Please give me susation this is perfect tyme to visit ?

    • mrinmoy, it should be fine to visit Kalpa, Sangla and Chitkul in October. No worries. Just carry some woolens with you as it starts to get cold up there.

    • Hi Mrinmoy, I am a Govt. officer in Writers’ Buildings. me with my wife intend to travel Klapa-Kaza-Chitkul-Kunjum Pass in October 2014. We will start from Shimla on 4.10.2014. We are going on our own.

      Whhat is your itinerary ?

  33. Mr. Dheeraj We are planing to visit Sangla Valley wuth my family from 26 hune to 29 june from Patiala in my ALTO………are the road conditions suitable for ALTO & Please give me information about Weather???????

    • Baljinder, please read the most recent conditions of roads in Kinnaur posted by Amit in DoW Community at the link hereDelhi – Kinnaur – Spiti Valley | Road Conditions

  34. Hi Dheeraj,

    I am planning to visit Kinnaur, with my family at the end of September. My mother and her elder sister are both in there 60s, can you please let me know that is it safe to visit this altitude?

    • Kinnaur Valley is pretty much safe to travel with respect to high altitude. Follow an easy itinerary as suggested in the article above and you should be good to witness the beauty of the whole terrain.

  35. inder mohan singh on

    hey dheeraj i am really grateful to your blog, it was really helpful in planning the trip to Sangla Valley. we visited chitkul from 2nd june to 7th june. during the trip, we stayed at Rampur on 2nd and 6th and three nights at Rakcham. Rakcham is better place to stay than Sangla or Chitkul as it is more serene and beautiful and their are beautiful riverside camps, i.e., Kailash View Camps, just beside the Baspa River, galcier was at walking distance. There are only two hotels at Rakcham and hence, less commercialized vis a vis Sangla. There were number of streams and meadows around Rakcham within radius of 1 km. One can venture for walks and people with lesser experience can also venture for smaller treks. There is a new petrol pump now at Sangla also. The detour from Karcham was also blessing in disguise as the views and driving through the new route was marvelous. Yes we were lucky as there were no rains during said period that made our trip little easy on travelling time.

    thanks again dheeraj

  36. Mohit Madan on

    just one more thing dheeraj….. till what time it is advisable to travel in the kinnaur district , as there are chances of landslides or mountain fall which might not be visible in the night?

    • Mohit, if you driving in night, please avoid 100%. Till the time day light is present, then only drive. So, leave early and sleep early, should be the case.

  37. nitin batra on

    hi dheeraj
    m planning tour to spiti valley via shimla, kinnaur on 22nd june in my VW VENTO… are the road conditions suitable for a sedan…

  38. Hi,
    I am planning to visit Kalpa around 16 – 21 June. Any feedback on weather conditions around this time?

  39. Mohit Madan on

    Hi Dheeraj ….. I am planning to go kalpa either from shimla or manali.

    Do let me know the best way i can reach there?
    Also i would like to know whether honda activas (scooter) are worth taking there?
    In shimla is there any dealer who can provide me activas on rent

    • Hello Mohit,

      Best is always to go to Kalpa – Sangla from Shimla side only. In Simla, you will not be able to rent the activas. Also, you need more time on road and in hand to drive an activa on mountains and cover this trip to Kinnaur Valley. At places, especially while dodging slush, you might feel lack of power.

      Best is to take a bus or taxi from Shimla for Kinnaur Valley. Buses run between Peo and Shimla.

      Dheeraj Sharma

  40. balwant singh grewal on

    is it advisable to take swift desire car..?? .please advise root and stay planing.

      • Vinay reports on email that “Sedans and Hatches can make it but the Road from wangtu to tapri is blocked for last 2 days due to landslide. Also there is diversion from tapri to choking via urni due to landslide. It adds 20 km of detour and traffic is released in batches one way. Hence plan an extra 2 hrs of travel”

        • has the wangtu-tapri road cleared now. any update on current status. we will be driving from narkanda to sangla on 17th.

        • Just came back from sangla rakcham . we left from narkanda on 17th morning. THe roads till are in decent conditions till about 5 kms before wangtu.after that they are almost non existant. Gravel with no tar top. but are quite broad hence not risky to drive on . Also we were in a santro and had no issues. The diversion from tapri to choling is still there. About 21 kms which is quite narrow. We did not get rains for entire week except 2 shorts showers but if it rains this stretch could be tricky to drive on. The diversion takes about an hour. But some one we met at batseri(sangla) had to wait for4 hours as a bus had broken down.there are fixed timings forgateto open each side but they vary a bit.From there till sangla the roads are more or less bad though relaying is happening at a few places.but they are motorable and we faced noissues and had a great trip.

    • Balwant, you can take your dzire there but after Bhawanagar road conditions are not that good and lot of slush in case it rains. Hence, you need to drive very carefully through slush stretches. It will not be easy but manageable. For all other details of route and stay, please check the article above.

  41. There is normal to heavy rain predictions in and around kalpa, chitkul & surrounding areas from 08/06 to 15/07. So anyone going there pl. plan accordingly. That’s why I completed my journey from 28/05 to 04/06.besides road conditions after sarhan r very bad.

  42. Hi Deepak,
    Last year I took your help in planning my vacation and it went great. Thanks for that. Now this year too, am back with another query. Below is my itinerary:
    delhi-shimla-sarahan-sangla valley-kalpa-narkanda-fagu-delhi
    I have 5-6 days and plan to visit all these places. But I am not sure if i am taking shortest route. I also need to know where I should stay for more than a day or if there are more than 1 places which I can cover in a day.
    Please guide me.

    • Hi Priyanka,

      You can follow the below itinerary for Kinnaur for 6 days:
      Day 1 | Delhi – Narkanda
      Day 2 | Narkanda – Sarahan
      Day 3 | Sarahan – Sangla Valley
      Day 4 | Sangla – Chitkul – Kalpa
      Day 5 | Kalpa – Shimla/Fagu/Chail
      Day 6 | Shimla/Fagu/Chail – Delhi


  43. Gagandeep Singh on

    Hi Dheeraj,

    I am planning to go to Kinnaur on 8th June for about 3-4 days. I will be traveling with my parents from Chandigarh and want to know how should I go about with this trip. I will be leaving from Chandigarh around 1pm on 8th and will be coming back on 11th. Please suggest where should I stay overnight. Should I stay in Shimla or will I be able to reach Saharan on 8th itself??
    Also, I want to know how are the roads in that area and if a Sedan car (Ford Ikon) can be taken. Also, please suggest the places which one must see which comes on the way to Kinnaur.


    • Gagan, frankly speaking you have very little time on hand for a trip to Kinnaur Valley. Even if you start for Sarahan, you will reach there late night. Then next morning you should start for Sangla / Chitkul and spend time there. On Day 3, start moving towards Narkanda from Sangla / Chitkul and finally on Day 4, come back to Chandigarh. You can check the latest road conditions at the link: Delhi – Kinnaur – Spiti Valley | Road Conditions

      • Gagandeep Singh on

        Thanks Dheeraj. I was planning to stay at Rampur on 8th n leave for Kalpa next morning (on 9th). Was planning to stay overnight at Kalpa (or any place near Kalpa) on 9th and leave for Sangla on 10th. Then go to Chitkul on 11th and reach back Chandigarh on 12th. Please let me know if it sounds feasible or if I should cut down to 2 places instead of 3 (Sangla, Kalpa and Chitkul). And can you please tell me in which order I should visit Sangla, Kalpa and Chitkul? I am not sure which will come first on my way from Chandigarh.

        And please suggest which places I must visit at Sangla, Kalpa and Chitkul.

        • Gagan, so you have 5 days or 4 days? Regarding Chitkul to Chandigarh, it will be a very very long drive, about 14+ Hrs. If that is fine, then you can go ahead with this plan. You can go through the travel guide above to understand what to visit in Kinnaur Valley around these place. First the diversion to Sangla Valley will come while going to Kinnaur from Chandigarh, then at first Sangla will come and then Chitkul. You need to come back from the diversion to Karcham and then go ahead towards Powari from where the road to Reckong Peo – Kalpa goes.

    • There is normal to heavy rain predictions in and around kalpa, chitkul & surrounding areas from 08/06 to 15/07. So pl. plan accordingly. That’s why I completed my journey from 28/05 to 04/06.besides road conditions after sarhan r very bad.

  44. Prabir Banerjee on

    Planning to visit Kinnaur Valley Kalpa, Sangla & Chitkul in the mid of July 2014.
    Is it the right time to visit these places with family. Guide me

    • Prabir, July is in general monsoons and I will say Monsoon is not really a good time to be in Kinnaur when it rains. The roads become very bad but if you have good buffer with you and are going by taxi or high GC vehicle, may be you can try it out for adventure. Else I will not suggest during monsoons to be in Kinnaur Valley.

  45. Devpriyo Bhattacharya on

    Hi Dheeraj,

    I returned on Sunday night from my trip to Chitkul. Your posts were really helpful.

    Visit the following link for some travel pictures:

    Following is my trip report:

    Day 1, 21st May, Wed: Exit from Delhi at 1 AM. ** Sarahan **
    Route: Delhi > Ambala > Zirakpur (Took right from under the flyover, towards Shimla-Kalka bypass) > Parwanoo > Shimla > Narkanda > Rampur > Jeori > Sarahan. Reached Sarahan at 2 PM (afternoon). Took many breaks. Stayed overnight at Hotel Kasang. Very cheap but decent and clean. Rs 400 (Room only). There are other options as well.

    Day 2, 22nd May, Thu: Exit from Sarahan at 8 AM. ** Rakcham **
    Route: Sarahan > Jeori > Wangtoo > Tapri (Had to take a uphill diversion to Urni village as the Tapri-Choling route was closed due to landslide. This diversion was 23 kms and it got us back to Choling Bridge) > Rakcham Dam (Take right from this Dam.) > Sangla > Rakcham. Stayed overnight at Hotel Apple Pie. Got a double bedroom for Rs 1800 (Room only). Very spacious. Good cordial staff. Visited River Baspa, few kms from this hotel.
    Apart from Banjara and Igloo Nature Camp, there is one Apple Camping in batseri village.

    Day 3, 23rd May, Fri: ** Rakcham and Chitkul **
    Visited Chitkul village (10 kms from our hotel). Thrilling ride. Excellent view. Saw snowfall at Chitkul. Rakcham to Chitjkul roads are very picturesque. Although it was broken but still it gave a great feeling. Cam back to Rakcham. Stayed overnight at Hotel Apple Pie.

    Day 4, 24th May, Sat: ** Kalpa **
    Route: Go back to Rakcham dam and then go staright this time towards Reckong Peo. It took me 4 hrs to reach Kalpa from Rakcham (3-4 breaks and slow driving due to broken roads). Reckong Peo to Kalpa roads are excellent. Stayed overnight at Hotel Apple Pie. Same owner as was in Rakcham. Room was smaller in size. Got it for Rs 1540 (Room only). Visited Suicide Point. Went for trekking to Roghi Village.

    Day 5, 25th May, Sun: Kalpa to Delhi. Started from Kalpa at 7:15 AM and reached Rohini, Delhi at 1:45 AM. Thats approx 18 hrs of non stop driving. Uff.

    • Lovely, crisp report Dev !! Glad you enjoyed the trip fully. Thank you for sharing it with us. Pictures are refreshing and good to know that you got snowfall at Chitkul.

      • Devpriyo Bhattacharya on

        Thanks for the appreciation Dheeraj. I just follow ur footsteps. Frankly speaking, DOW is the best community I have seen. Everyone contributes and thats what helps us in successfully completing our travel sagas. I have written a travellogue at

        It some other info as well. Hope you would like it.

    • Hi Dev yr pictures r superb. great details of yr trip. Could could u pl. tell me the availability of Petrol pumps from shimla to the routes covered by u. I’ll b leaving from ghaziabad on 30/05/14.I hope I’ll also enjoy the snow view as u enjoyed

      • Sanjay, there are no shortage of fuel pumps for Kinnaur Valley trip. You get fuel almost upto Jeori/Rampur and then there is one fuel pump at Tapri now. Then there is one at Reckong Peo. After that only Kaza has fuel pump.

    • Hi Dev
      The elaborate account of your trip is really helpful.
      Would it be possible for you to give contact details/link of Hotel Kasang. On internet, I am finding only Hotel Kasang Regency. Or are they same?


  46. Rushit Jogani on

    Hi Dheeraj,
    We are a group of 10 planning to drive from Sangla to Chandigarh after a Rupin Pass trek in the last week of June.
    We are planning to cover the distance over two days and would like to stay overnight at some hill station on the way. Could you recommend some options?
    We have already checked out Narkanda, Solan and Chail but aren’t getting reservation anywhere.
    Looking forward to your reply.

    • There are camps at Daranghati, check that. Awesome place. Then check at Matiana. Solan is too low, don’t stay there. Then there is Fagu, a bit off track Thanedar, least Rampur.

  47. Sir,pl tell me whether the road from narkanda to hatu peak is motorable.if I drive myself or should I hire some taxi if it is risky. What r the reasonable rates of taxi.

    • Sanjay, road to Hatu Peak is definitely a steep and narrow drive. If you are confident on driving there and have good experience of driving, I feel it should be OK.

  48. hi Dheeraj:

    we are planning a trip to spiti valley around last week of june… whats your take on route from kaza -kunzum la -manali that time…
    1. will it be open ??
    2. Is chandrataal Doable that time ?

    • Shashi, yes, Manali to Kaza should open by end week of June and regarding Chandratal, it might not be motorable completely but doable with some trekking.

  49. inder mohan on

    sir, we plan to visit sangla, with three nights at sangla only, in first week of june 2014, with 6 to 8 people, please suggest whether sedan car would be ok and also suggest whether we should book hotels before hand or book on reaching sangla

  50. Sir,whether the places suggested by u r on different route or on the way to narkanda, chitkul, kalpa, sarhan,Kinnaur etc.going to hilly means some enjoyment in snow. I usually go at hilly areas where I surely find snow but this route is first time. Pl. advise.

      • Sir, thanks for yr prompt reply.could u pl. suggest some other place in hilly area with good/average road conditions except J&K where we can find snow.I have already visited rohtang,leg,laddakh no. of times.

  51. Sir, could u pl. suggest the place between shimla to Kinnaur where we can enjoy snow. I am planning to go there on or abt.may 26

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