How to Hire or Rent a Bike or Motorcycle in Manali

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It is a damn great feeling to ride a bike to Rohtang Pass and it is further a feeling out of the world to ride a bike all the way to Leh from Manali via Manali – Leh Highway. In the past I have noticed that for almost all the adventure lovers and bikers, it has always been a topmost question – How and where to hire or rent a bike in Manali Well, though I am not a biker but still I have few points worth mentioning here on this topic based on my get together with such bikers/people and past readings on several travel forums over the Internet.

It is worth highlighting that if your own bike is in decent condition then it is always best bet to ship your own bike and carry the journey on it. The rented/hired bikes comes no way close in terms of reliability, stability, fuel efficiency and overall mechanical conditions. The cost factor may not be vary too much when compared but the RISK of taking hired/rented bikes is far higher than what it can save you in costing terms. Depending upon your plan or itinerary, you  can ship your own bike to any of these places viz. Mandi/Chandigarh/Delhi/Srinagar.

Where to Hire/Rent a Bike/Motorcycle in Manali

First and the foremost thing, there are several tour/travel operators/mechanical workshops/mechanics in Manali who offer services for renting or hiring a bike or motorcycle in Manali region. Just make sure that you test the bike thoroughly, understand the terms and conditions and always try to make sure that you rent them after seeing the bike rather over phone. There has been mixed response of travellers after booking bikes over phone with few ugly instances being reported as well.

Cost to Hire/Rent a Bike/Motorcycle in Manali

Generally, the cost of hiring a bike/motorcycle range about Rs 700 – Rs 1500 per day per bike. Of course the exact rental price depends upon the modal, make (bullet, Enfield, pulsar etc) and condition of the bike you choose. As suggested by one of my friends Tarun Goel

The classic ones are nothing less than Rs 1300. The UCE and Twinspark models are also well above 1200. The old models are available for less but then if you do mileage analysis paying more rent is advisable because that serves two purposes, a) headache is not too much as fewer chances of breakdowns b) You don’t have to worry about the oil and mileage because mileage difference with UCE is well above 10kmpl.

As for security deposit, be ready to shell out anything ranging from Rs 10K – 15K (for non-local hire) or may be more and it totally depends upon the dealer in question and bike you select. The security deposit is much less if you plan to hire the bike locally i.e. may be a ride to Rohtang Pass. You will need to deposit one of the original identity proof of yours like passport, pan card etc along with the money in many cases.

Important Things to know for hiring a Bike/Motorcycle in Manali

  • First and foremost, the conditions of the bikes are not that good after being battered in the hostile conditions for several years. So, if you have your own bike, then do prefer shipping it at any day as compared to hiring a bike. Though things are changing but again you need to pay more on the front to have bikes with good condition.
  • You should have a valid driving license in order to hire a bike. Some amount of experience of riding in the hills will be an added advantage as always.
  • Do not ever book bikes over phone or internet and always prefer hunting the right bike once you reach Manali. You must test several rental shops and see what everyone has to offer. You never know, you may get an out of the box solution right away. Booking it over phone or Internet do not leave you with many options or you do not have much control over what is offered to you.
  • Some dealers provide too old bikes and you should know how to avoid selecting such bikes, so as to minimize the chances of being stuck in the middle of nowhere. Beware of such dealers. So, quite important that you have the mechanical understanding of the basic parts of the bike so that you can detect any fault or tentative age of the bike after inspecting the parts.
  • Whenever you hire a bike, then spare a day for testing the bike locally (may be a run to Rohtang Pass) and getting any necessary fixes done right there in Manali itself or replace the bike with some better version. This will minimize the chances of being stranded in the middle of nowhere. The breakdown can result in several risks and dangers. Example: Consider a breakdown at chilly location of Taglang La where even the oxygen content is low, you are suffering from AMS, help hard to find and in all you are left with an option to tow the bike in truck/pickup whenever one arrives and agrees. Ehhh!! Not so good feeling. Hence, it is very important to test the rented bike thoroughly and select the perfect one for you.
  • It always helps having some mechanical knowledge for doing basic fixes/repair of the bike. You never know when you need such skills on these rented/hired bikes.
  • Do not forget to carry extra spare parts(at least basic ones for sure) even if you are going on your own bike, forget about hired bikes. Always make sure that the renter provide you with basic toolkit, at least single rider helmet, spare tube and other common spares like chain links, spark plugs or whatever they can offer. Try to get as much as you can. Rest you can buy yourself. It will further minimize the chances of getting stuck in the middle of nowhere.
  • If you are OK with the budget then carry a backup mechanic with you, if possible. Of course, you need to carry the basic spare parts as well. Some people also take an entire extra backup vehicle (car) to carry luggage, spare fuel, spare parts and mechanic. It is definitely a safeguarded approach but carrying extra mechanic and vehicle will add to the cost factor to a great extent. Hence, you need to decide judiciously whether it fits in the budget or not.
  • Most of these hired/rented bikes offer a pathetic mileage and hence it is always better to play safe and carry sufficient amount of spare fuel after analyzing the fuel efficiency of the hired bike on the test run. Never count on what a renter says.
  • Make sure that the RC, Insurance and PUC (Pollution Under Control) documents related to rented/hired bike are provided and they are up to date and valid enough. After all you do not want to land in some dismal situation on your life time trip.
  • Make sure that you have in written what needs to be done in case of you crash a bike or damages some or other parts of it. Generally, the bike will be transported to the nearest garage and the cost incurred for the repairs done need to be paid by the one who rented the bike. Also, check out the other intricacies (terms and conditions) as well like who will bear the cost of transportation or what happens in case the bike goes non-repairable state etc.
  • I guess many of the renter do provides Royale Enfield’s that does have luggage support as well as space to carry jerry cans. You may not find these things on other bike modals though.

You can also advance book your bike rentals in Leh and Manali online by checking out for some SPECIAL DISCOUNTED RATES available to all the readers/followers of the DoW website through our Destination Specialist / Sponsor – Offbeat Escapes. In order to avail the discounts, you can use the online booking form at the link: Advance book your bike rentals in Leh online

If you have your own bike and are confused on how to carry it over train, then please refer the article: How to Carry your Bike in Train to Ladakh or Himalayas?

Some more technical points you can check before making the final deal: Points to be kept in mind while hiring rental bikes


In the end, again if you have your own bike then do prefer it over the hired or rented bike. But, if you still plan to hire/rent one from Manali then do carry a test run for a day and get the required fixes done right in Manali itself or replace the bike if it is too troublesome. If budget is not a concern then opt to carry a backup vehicle or a mechanic along with required spare parts with you. Do understand all the terms and conditions thoroughly from the renter before handing over the security deposit and documents. Do go through all other points mentioned above, so as to better understand and prepare yourself on bike rentals.

I will be looking forward towards your responses and queries as comments below. Have you rented a bike from Manali? If yes, then kindly share your own experiences with other fellow travelers here. The tips for you will help ensure them a safe and hassle free journey.

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  2. Hello!

    I and my friends are planning to go for the Manali-Leh bike trip at the end of October month. Can you suggest, if we will face any difficulty if so, what kind of? We hope that mostly we will face cold weather. Also, can you suggest what we should keep in our mind before reaching Manali?

    Thanks in advance

  3. Jeet Agrawal on


    I am planning to rent bike from Manali to Ladakh, need few suggestions: (July 7th-2018 @ Manali for 9-10 days)

    1) How should I book a bike, should I reach there and book ? What if I didnt get any bike?

    2) DO I need to take another bike at Leh for Numbra, Pangong ?

    Please suggest, I am very confused.

    • Hi Jeet,

      Outside Ladakh rented bike are not allowed for sightseeing in Ladakh, so you will have to rent another bike after reaching LEh and pay twice for the bikes

      • Jeet Agrawal on

        Thanks for responding.
        Twice for the bike means ? Are u referring to Bike from Manali and Leh bike?

        Also, when should I book bike?

        • Yes Jeet, you have to pay for Manali bike and then when you hire in Leh, Manali bike will be parked but you will have to pay. So, you will be paying twice for the bikes. You can book the bike few weeks in advance.

  4. Hi dheeraj ji,

    We are 2 or 3 friends. We wish to enjoy the beauty of ladakh on rented bikes. I want to know the approximate costing of the below points:
    1. Bike cost including fuel from Srinagar to leh to Manali, with breakup will be helpful.
    2. Bike cost including fuel from leh to Manali only if I hire at leh.
    3. SUV charges from Srinagar to leh.

  5. Hi dheeraj, I’m traveling to ladakh via leh manali highway from September 18 to september 25 with a pillion rider. few queries that I want to ask

    1. What is preferable prebooking of bikes or spot booking?
    2. Which is the better choice RE classic 350 Or RE 350 Thunderbird?( with pillion rider)
    3. If bike is brokedown who will be responsible for charges owner or me ?
    4.Is it safe to ride during mid September to 25 September?
    5. What are the emergency services or help that I can get in road?

    • Hi Vinay,

      1. Late September, on the spot booking shall work.
      2. Well, you need to see the bike with which you are comfortable riding.
      3. Minor scratches, they don’t bother but for major damage, you will have to pay.
      4. September is a good time for Ladakh trip
      5. Barely any emergency help available, all will depend on the fellow traffic of tourists or locals or sometimes army

  6. Rangarajan on

    Hi Dheeraj,

    You have mentioned that no to book bikes online but I also saw the offbeat escapes which you recommend. I have already booked my bike through offbeat escapes. How are they? I get my bikes in a good condition?
    Also will i be able to buy spare parts / tool kit of the bike in LEh? Can i buy it from offbeat escapes?

    • Hi Ranga,

      In Leh you will still be more or less OK and there have been many instances where people have not got the bike on reaching in Leh. Manali, on the other hand, has good supply while Leh is a market which is new and there are not many players. So, demand is more and supply is less. Also, Leh has fairly new bikes in comparison to bikes available in Manali market and hence, the risk gets a bit lower.

      It is a choice in Leh between getting no bike at all or taking a chance with online booking. Also, I have not heard anything bad about them from anyone for a year or so since they started providing rentals. Check the bike on reaching there and ask for a replacement in case of not liking it.

  7. Hi DOW Team,

    I have a decent experience of driving bikes in city areas and have been to some hilly areas around bangalore with pillion rider as well. The roads were quite curvy but always well paved.

    I am planning to rent a bike in Leh and do Leh-KhardungLa-Nubra Valley with a pillion rider(average weight). Though I have never driven a bike before in Himalyan regions, I am quite comfortable riding a RE in plain regions and never had any issues managing some rough patches of road outside city in the last couple of years. I have gone through the informative posts on this website about how to prepare/rent/ride for a bike tour also. But in the end what would you suggest –
    1. Go for my first bike ride with a pillion OR
    2. Take a cab?

    • Keshav, best will be to take a bike for a ride in around Leh – Sham Valley and then if you feel comfortable in the region, go for the trip with care and caution. Major issue is applying the front brakes in loose gravel that tends to skid the bike.

  8. Hey.. i want to rent a bike to travel manali to Kaza… plss tell where i can book or get a rental bike from manali to kaza

  9. Hi We have planned for Manali to Leh trip on 24th June. We are planning to rent bikes from manali. We enquired some persons anf they said now there is no any such issues going on, it has been resolved and bikes are allowed in leh. So can we have a safe ride to Leh via manali.

  10. Devang Darji on

    Hey Dheeraj,
    I’m going to delhi on 18th June, thats here……
    1) Well what if we rent bikes from Delhi, go to Manali – Leh. In leh for 2-3 days we will rent another bikes for travelling in Leh.

    Main thing I’m concerned about is would there be any problem in sarchu, will they allow us if we provide further bike booking details and all.

    2) Or another route will be from delhi to srinagar to leh, but I fear some trouble about terrorist attacks. 🙁
    So if you could help me out with my situation, as you are more experienced.

    Well looking forward to your comments.
    Have a good day.

    Thank You.

    • Hi Devang,

      With all the issues going on between Leh bike rental and Manali bike rental, I will not advice taking up any rental bike outside Leh to Ladakh. on a safer side. Best is to reach Leh by other means of transport, enjoy the experience of bike ride within Ladakh and then come back the same route.

      It is far better IMHO do under take this approach rather than worrying about beaten up by some freaks on the roads and spoiling your trip 🙁

  11. Nirmit Kansal on

    Hi Dheeraj,

    I am planning to rent a bike from Chandigarh for leh Ladakh via srinagar then coming back to chandigarh via Manali. There is some news going on that the manali bike association will not allow rented commercial bikes from outside states.
    Can you please help me and confirm if I can take the rented bike from chandigarh and complete the trip as I have planned? Please let me know if the rented bike from chandigarh will create any issue in the travel path.
    Awaiting your reply.


    • Yes Nirmit, no Ladakh bike can cross Sarchu post and allowed in HP and no HP bike is allowed in Ladakh to enter. There is too much tensions going on and I will not recommend taking the rented bike to Ladakh unless things settle down.

  12. Hey Dhiraj,

    I am planning to travel LEH in month of August.
    Which would be best and the most affordable ,means of transport.
    Our journey will start from Mumbai and need to reach LEH.
    Also , we are too much concerned about the time that would be required for journey and ..Is it advisable to hire RE bike from Manali???

    • Hey Rahul,

      With which mode of transport are you comfortable with? August is monsoon time and you will have to go through hassles of rains in lower hills. Have you ride bikes before in tough roads of Himalayas?

  13. Hey Dheeraj,

    Awesome site you have here.

    Me and my friends are planning to do a Ladakh trip on June 21 to July 3rd. We havent been able to book any bikes so far. Is it fine to pop in and get bikes from Fort Road. We wanted to be part of a package cos we will have a guide and mechanic and a support vehicle with us, in case we have any issues. Do you suggest we do like that or do independently? without any of the backup? Supposing we get newer 2016-17 bikes at any of these places.

    • Well, Rahul, Leh does not have many shops available and bike inventory is not much to withstand the tourist rush of the season now. It is best to book bikes in Leh at least in advance and rely on luck rather than getting there with no bikes. You do not need any group to make it happen, the mechanic and backup vehicle will be there which you can get for yourself too from the bike rental shop.

      • Rahul Unnikrishnan on

        Thanks for the reply Dheeraj. Are you aware of any dependable rental ppl. Not been able to get across to Gurmet. Any other options?

  14. Hi Deeraj,

    thanks for all your comments. its helpful for me to get an idea for this trip. I am planning to visit Leh during Aug 12-19th. Am planning to reach Srinagar by Taxi (12th & 13th) & by bike (14th-19th) to Various visiting spots. Is it practical to travel all areas by RE Bikes from 14th – 19th to various spots? or We need Taxi ?

  15. Hi,

    I wanted to know if there are any self drive car rental agencies in Leh? We wanted to rent a car in Leh to drive to Nubra, Pangong and Tso Morriri? Is there any such facility?

  16. hi, i want to rent a bike from Srinagar so any one have any bike rental team contact number?

      • Dheeraj,

        I am a solo traveller taking Amarnath Yatra from baltal/Sonmarg on June 30 ’17. I wanna rent bike. I don’t want to travel back to Srinagar to rent bike and again travel back to sonmarg then to kargil-leh. My query is can I rent a bike in Kargil please share any reliable contacts to rent a bike in Kargil ?

        • An addition: I will be travelling from Katra to baltal by bus and reach baltal on 29th afternoon as I have helicopter booked on 30th June morning. If I rent the bike from Srinagar I would end up parking the bike for 1.5- 2 days in baltal with loss. I want to avoid this and thinking of renting the bike from Kargil. Please do suggest me an economical way to take the bike on ride from Srinagar/Kargil to Leh one way drop off.

        • Yeah I understand. But I am planning to take kargil-batalik-dah hanu- leh route by bike with one way drop off at leh by getting both batalik and dha hanu permits from kargil itself. Again rent another bike from leh for nubra and till manali further.

          (hoping to get permits as the situation is critical now)

  17. I am planning to visit leh, nearby 10th of july, and want to take bike in leh, should I go for online booking or take it on the same day and what will be the price?

  18. Arjun Dhawan on

    Hi Dheeraj, i am planning to go Leh from manali from 15 august to 20 august, Is it a good time or rainfall will be there ?

    Thanks in Advance. you help a lot

    Arjun Dhawan

  19. Singri Goutham on

    Thanks for the valuable information its really helpful,
    Just a quick question
    1.Is there any rentals that rent bikes at Manali and we can return at Srinagar or Delhi and Sringar?
    2.We planning to visit leh and Spiti Valley in 9days,Is this advisable??

    • Are you planning Spiti or Ladakh?

      Bikes rented outside Leh are not allowed for sightseeing inside Ladakh except Tso Moriri and Tso Kar lakes which can be done while going to Manali from Leh. Private bikes are completely allowed. You can use the outside rented bike to reach Leh but then for going to Pangong Tso, nubra Valley, etc.. you need to hire rented bikes from Leh only.

      To know more about this rule and present situation, please refer the link: Bikes Rented Outside Leh Banned in Ladakh

      This year as per reports, rule is going to be stricter. Manali rental guys have formalized a deal that for the days Manali bike is parked in Leh and Leh bike is rented, they will charge 50% of the rent of the bike. So, confirm with Manali rental guys first about this signoff.

      The one way bike rental is quite costly and leave a big dent in pocket for you, sometimes like 12K for just the pickup from Manali. Be sure if you are ready to make that investment or not or if at all it is worth the money spent. My suggestion is unless you are hard core biker and cannot live up the passion of biking, it is not wise to spend that much money just for the pickup of bike.

  20. Arjun Dhawan on

    Thanks for all the valuable information provided in this article, extremely helpful.

    Arjun Dhawan

  21. Dhananjay on

    Hi Dheeraj,

    Hope you are keeping well.
    I have tried prebooking the bike using this link “Advance book your bike rentals in Leh online”.
    I have submitted the request and shared my number as well.
    No reply till now. Any luck on this please?

  22. Hi Dheeraj,

    My wife and me are planing to travel from leh to srinagar by bike around 23rd of July 2017.
    Is there one way bike rental option available in leh?

    How many stops we should take between leh and srinagar ?
    Is it safe to travel by bike as we are only two people?


    • Hello Peeyush,

      Bikes rented outside Leh are not allowed for sightseeing inside Ladakh except Tso Moriri and Tso Kar lakes which can be done while going to Manali from Leh. Private bikes are completely allowed. You can use the outside rented bike to reach Leh but then for going to Pangong Tso, nubra Valley, etc.. you need to hire rented bikes from Leh only.

      The one way bike rental is quite costly and leave a big dent in pocket for you, sometimes like 12K for just the pickup from Manali. Be sure if you are ready to make that investment or not or if at all it is worth the money spent. My suggestion is unless you are hard core biker and cannot live up the passion of biking, it is not wise to spend that much money just for the pickup of bike.

      Leh to Srinagar needs an overnight stop at Kargil to split the journey in 8 hrs ride each day.

      • hi can u provide me wit some contact number to hire bike in manali or 2-3 days and lemme know which are the best places in manali to go for

        • Bharat, there are plenty of bike rental shops in Manali. Go for after inspecting the bike. You can makea ride to Solang – Rohtang, ride to Naggar – Kasol

  23. Raghavendra on

    Hi Dheeraj,

    Its being very good about your article.
    I’m planing alone trip to Manali-Leh-Manali in the month of August could you please let me know if is there any group of people traveling in august, Is there any problem if we take our own bike from bangalore to manali. If any problem can please let me know can i get a good bike in the range of 1300-1500. What about the cost of overall trip.

    Is there any problem means AMS problem.

    Thank you in advance.


    • It is monsoon time in general up there in North and at some parts of Manali – Leh Highway (like before Baralacha La) and Srinagar – Leh Highway (like before Kargil) you might need to face monsoon hassles but once you get closer to Ladakh, then Ladakh being rain shadow region is least affected by monsoon rains, though rains does reach Ladakh now but to minimum and mostly it might remains overcast conditions. There is no thumb rule of certainty about weather conditions but above is generally common pictures seen over last few years except ugly 2010 …

      Please refer the link in our community: FAQ | Is Monsoon season good time to travel to Ladakh? for more details.

      Will you hire bike in Manali or Ladakh?

  24. Dr Hemant Datye on

    Can you share a website where common interest people can join and share a Innova or other vehicle and share all expenses from Delhi onward to Ladakh back to Delhi.

    I am my wife plan to visit ladakh on a 12 day tour with birding and wilderness as main interest along with visiting all the great places of Ladakh.

    • Hi Dr. Hemant,

      An options will be that you post your travel calendar entry on DoW Travel Partner Calendar from the menu as well and traverse the calendar for other entries in next two months. You can use main menu to submit the event.

  25. Hi Dheeraj ,

    I and my friends are planning for a road trip( bike ) in September this year. 2 weeks is the planned time. we are coming in from Bangalore . so basically we want to go to manali -, leh ladakh, golden temple in Amritsar , wagah border.
    yes I know the places are ou of the way but if you could just help me out in planning . Just give a brief idea of how to go along .

    Thank you

    • Hello Titus,

      You can check a very balanced and most common itinerary for Leh – Ladakh followed by many travellers including me at the link here for 13-14 days: Most Common Itinerary for Leh – Ladakh.

      You can easily fit the Amrtisar either after reaching Manali from Ladakh or while going from Delhi to Jammu for a day or two in between. Rest can work out as mentioned in the article.

      You can check the nice, preferred list of accommodation options in entire Leh – Ladakh (Leh, Nubra Valley, Pangong Tso, Tso Moriri) including moderate (cheap budget hotels as well) in the series of articles starting on the link here

      • Hi Dheeraj

        So it’s just 10days in total is what we have… So if you could guide me on how to go on with trip..
        And also if we rent bikes from Delhi / chandigarh, can we go through the whole trip? I have read one of your posts which says outside vehicles are nt allowed in Ladak.

        Kindly help
        Thank yoy

        • It will take 4 days to reach Leh from Srinagar side starting from Delhi with stop overs at Jammu, Srinagar, Kargil and 3 days to come back from Leh from Manali side to Delhi with stopovers at Sarchu, Manali. This makes it 7 days. 1 Day is required in Leh for acclimatization. You have about 10 days. 1 Day can be used as Day trip to Pangong Tso and other day can be used as day trip to Nubra Valley or just Khardung La pass.

          Opt to go via Manali – Leh Highway and I will suggest that you refer the thread for more details on the route and night halts though it is of 9 days: Manali – Leh – Ladakh – Manali | Itinerary for 9 Days. You can fit in plan I suggested in above para in this plan

          Bikes rented outside Leh are not allowed for sightseeing inside Ladakh except Tso Moriri and Tso Kar lakes which can be done while going to Manali from Leh. Private bikes are completely allowed. You can use the outside rented bike to reach Leh but then for going to Pangong Tso, nubra Valley, etc.. you need to hire rented bikes from Leh only.

          To know more about this rule and present situation, please refer the link: Bikes Rented Outside Leh Banned in Ladakh

        • Hi Dheeraj

          Apologies for bothering you a lot.. I just want this trip to be a memorable one..

          So I can fit a visit to Golden Temple on the way to jammu?
          Also from would you suggest to get rented bikes… Delhi or chandigarh? Keeping in mind the cost and quality…

          Thank you

        • No worries, I am here to help only 🙂

          You have to spend a day at least for Golden Temple. In just 10 days it will be very difficult to include it as you can clearly see you are not doing much in Ladakh anyways. Outside rented bikes are not allowed for sightseeing in Ladakh. Do you want to rent outside rental bikes?

  26. How good is it to take a newly purchased bullet 350/500 cc on leh trip

    Thanks in Advance

    • You got me wrong sir,
      What i mean is not cost wise but performance wise.
      I have been told by few of my friends that vehicle needs to be quite old, by old they mean i should have used if for a while may be say 5k to 10k kilometers…

      And one of my friend was also pointing about some MPFI engine v/s carburetor engine, he was mentioning that MPFI engines tends to fail when exposed to water on river crossing (is it really true) I don’t think so though…

      I am planing “Desert Storm” or “Battel Field Green” 500 CC with Single Seat

      Please advise…

      Thanks in advance

      • Well Rohit, I am not exactly a pro technical person in terms of biking performances but logically any vehicle must have clocked decent amount of mileage, about 2-3K KMs at least just to uncover any potential manufacturing issues which did not get attention in the inspections.

        • Thanks for reply, will consult some one who is technically stronger in this point.
          Well have you seen or come across people who take new bullets to leh trips, have they faced any issues…

        • Not really Rohit, I have known people who have taken new bullets, not exactly brand new but even less than 1000 KMs on clock. Never heard of any issues from them.

  27. What will be the cost for Manali to Leh and back to Manali on rented bike. and how many minimum days will require for the Manali-Leh-Manali tour.

    • Manali – Leh – Manali tour requires around 9 days if you do at least couple of sightseeing places in Ladakh. Per day cost of bike starts around 1000-1300 depending upon model, make and condition of the bike. Also, Manali bikes will not be allowed in Ladakh for sightseeing so for 5 days double the rent of the bike as you will be hiring bikes in Ladakh as well which is usually 100-150 bukcs more than cost of Manali bikes. This cost plus fuel for about 1800 KM

      • Thanks Deepak …Can u plz suggest some alternate ways to avoid taking bike on rent two times…and also plz suggest day wise tour plan..actually we will travel from Nagpur – Delhi – Manali ..

        • There is no way Rahul. You have to hire two bikes because they check the bikes mostly at barriers to Khardung La, Pangong Tso. If you just want to roam around Leh without going to sightseeing places in Ladakh, it is OK in that case.

  28. Sameer Jain on

    Hi Dheeraj,

    Last month myself alongwith my family have been to Ladakh for a week. Before proceeding, I have extensively read DoW for information and places to visit. I was very much impressed by the accurateness of information shared by you herein which is of uttermost help when you are travelling with your parents.

    Furthermore based on the recommendations of drivers, I had availed the services from Chamba Rinchen and the guy is really fantastic with full of courtesies.

    Thank you for sharing the information.

    Planning next trip to Kinnaur & Spiti valley next year. Looking for more info on DoW.


    • Sameer, that is fantastic to know. Feels wonderful when fellow travellers make some memorable trips and DoW played its good part in spreading smiles in this way in Himalayas 🙂

      You can go through the entire Spiti Valley category from the menu, you will find everything you need to make a trip to Kinnaur Valley or Spiti Valley or both 🙂

  29. Devendra patel on

    Which type of process I’ll have to do to higher a bike for a day.

    • Parvez, what do you mean by listing? We have a registered legal entity in India by this name registered under Company of Registrar of India. Please use some other name else if reported we will not be hesitant to send a legal notice of using our brand name.

  30. Kiran jange on

    What is the cost riding from Chandigarh to Leh Kargil and back to chandirgh on my own bullet.

  31. We are coming in Ladakh begin of September and I think we find a reliable company which rent new Royal enfield. Not the cheapest one but seems ok…. a lot of good feedbacks on tripadvisor…. I’ll give a feedback when we comes back … 🙂

  32. Dear,


    this year we are planning to visit again and its Spiti valley this time,
    can you suggest night stay places, best travel path, not to miss places.

    Regards and thanks in advance.

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