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List of Good Cheap or Budget Hotels in South Goa

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In the first article of the series, I talked about Five Useful Tips on Hotels in Goa and in the second I shared the List of Good Cheap or Budget Hotels in North Goa. Now, in this article I will share the list of Preferred Hotels or Accommodation in South Goa in order to complete the series 🙂 🙂 … Here, I am enlisting down some of the preferred hotels in South Goa which are varied in budget (Rs 500 – 3000) i.e. cheap to moderate budget hotels in South Goa. So, if you are looking for a decent, clean and comfortable options of stay in South Goa at a moderate or cheap budget then you can refer this list, compiled after reading various resources/reviews of many people over Internet mainly WikiTravel – Goa, IndiaMike, BCMT forums (of course, I cannot stay in all of them ;)) and apologies for not linking every post I picked/read over these forums/sites. Special Thanks to Indizen at BCMT for many of them for South Goa.

That Sunset in Goa

Most of these places are OK to stay (some with family too) because they offer decent comfort and facilities which a average family may require but looking out for moderate or cheap range budget accommodation options in South Goa. Do not consider much luxury of them and for such luxurious Goa hotels you can find numerous 4 stars and 5 stars over the Internet. Also, if you are looking for an exceptional in-room service, finest linen, luxurious and ultra comfortable rooms in a hotel and that too for a price range of Rs 1000 – 1500 then perhaps this list may not be for you. Well, you may find one or two such services too in the below guest houses or hotels of Goa but no certainty. You can also check the wide variety of goa villas or cottages at the website: The Goa Villa. They have over 400 villas on offer ranging from standard to deluxe budget including the villas suiting to the needs of honeymooners too. So, you if you looking for such properties, it is worth a try.

Prices might be outdated now. But, still as per my belief they may still hold the tag of budget hotels of South Goa 🙂
Moderate / Budget Hotels or Accommodation options in South Goa
Palolem Beach
  • Cozy Nook: Very decent place to stay with about 25 huts having 7 shared baths and with decent facilities like good mattresses, mosquito nets, safe lockers and fans apart from a restaurant and bar. A great location too.
    Price Range: Rs 1000 – 1500.
    Contact: 0832-2643550.
  • Cupid’s Castle: Decent and clean rooms with restaurant and bar, internet cafe etc.
    Price Range: Rs 350 – 700.
    Contact: 09822134712, 09158057200, 0832-2643326, 0832-2644294.
  • Dream Catcher: Decent place to stay with Spacious huts and good mattresses, restaurant and bar.
    Price Range: Rs 700 – 1200.
    Contact: 0832-2644873.
  • River Valley: Nice place to stay with about 10 bamboo huts having shared baths. Good location which makes you feel a lot more relaxing.
    Price Range: Rs 300 – 500.
    Contact: 09822155502.
  • Shanti Kutir: Nice place to stay with about 30 comfortable huts having shared baths.
    Price Range: Rs 300 – 700.
    Contact: 09422450392, 09822183631.
  • Bridge and Tunnel: Decent budget place to stay in Palolem having good clean rooms with attached baths and with decent facilities like bar, restaurant, laundry.
    Price Range: Rs 300 – 500.
    Contact: 0832-2643262.
  • Virgin Beach Resort: Another decent place to stay just opposite Om Sai guest house. Price Range: Rs 400 – 600.
    Contact: 0832-2643451.
  • Pritham’s Cottages: Decent budget place to stay in Palolem having good clean a bit bigger rooms with attached baths.
    Price Range: Rs 300 – 500.
    Contact: 0832-2643320.
More options at Palolem – Wiki Travel
Basking besides the beach and under the sun
Colomb Beach (South of Palolem)
  • Hotel Oceanic: Managed by a resident British couple having nice, spacious clean rooms about 10 min walk from the beach. Also, houses a swimming pool too. A bit high on budget in season time with
    Price Range: Rs 2000 – 3000.
    Contact: Hotel Oceanic.
  • Bhakti Kutir: Village style eco huts having western amenities very nice located. Rooms are spacious as well as clean enough
    Price Range: Rs 2500 – 3500.
    Contact: 0832-2643469, 0832-2643472.
  • Sevas Colomb: Village style huts less luxurious than Bhakti Kutir with traditional rice straw roofs, clean rooms, mud floors. Rooms are spacious as well as clean enough
    Price Range: Rs 1000 – 1500.
    Contact: 0832-2317408 , 09326117674, [email protected].
  • Tree Shanti Guest House: A home stay type accommodation amidst nice greenery with 10-15 mins walk from the beach.
    Price Range: Rs 500 – 800.
    Contact: 0832-2644460, [email protected].
More options at Palolem – Wiki Travel
Many colors of Goa at Ingo Saturday night market
Agonda Beach
  • Palm Beach Lifestyle: One of the best properties to stay at Agonda with very nice views and clean rooms.
    Price Range: Rs 1000 – 1500.
    Contact: 0832-2647783.
  • Dunhill Beach Resort: Decent, clean about 10-12 rooms offering good sea views.
    Price Range: Rs 500 – 700.
    Contact: 0832-2647328.
  • Eldfra: Houses about 4 clean rooms which are much closer to beach.
    Price Range: Rs 350 – 500.
    Contact: 0832-2647378.
  • Sunset: Decent, clean about 9-10 rooms with attached toilets and a restaurant cum bar, situated on a hill top offering lovely sunset views.
    Price Range: Rs 400 – 600.
    Contact: 0832-2647769.
  • Dercy’s: About 12 huts and 5 rooms with shared toilets and a restaurant cum bar.
    Price Range: Rs 300 – 500.
    Contact: 0832-2647503.
  • Sea View: Almost on the beach itself, this one is said to be very romantic place to stay having three huts with a restaurant cum bar.
    Price Range: Rs 300 – 500.
    Contact: 0832-2647548.
More options at Agonda – Wiki Travel
Ohh.. its sailing in sand. Drunk or parked? 😉
I hope the above list is helpful for you all looking for a cheap budget or moderate budget hotel or accommodation option in South Goa. Please try to share any reviews or hotel names which you feel might be helpful for our other fellow travellers. Any info. in such regard will be highly welcomed and warmly appreciated!!

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