GMVN Tourist Bunglow, Ukhimath | Hotel Review

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Ukhimath is the winter seating for the deity of Kedarnath. It also acts as base for the excursions to Deoria Tal and Tunganath, especially in the winter months when Chopta is snow bound. There are many accommodation options available at Ukhimath but we stayed at the Tourist Bunglow of GMVN. Let’s take a look at our experience on the stay and the rest of the complete review –

Complete Review of GMVN Tourist Bunglow, Ukhimath


Well, below you can check some pictures of the GMVN Tourist Bunglow, Ukhimath and the views it offers of Kedarnath and Guptkashi town…


Booking can be done by calling at 9568006692 or 01364-264236. For further information, you can also check the GMVN Official Website

If you land up directly at the Tourist Bunglow then you may ask the caretaker to offer more discount and tell him upfront that you will not need any bills for the records ;)… If possible, he can manage much more discount for you in that case without any receipt though. This is common at most of the Tourist Bunglows of GMVN in Uttarakhand especially in off-season. Of course, during Yatra (Char Dham Yatra) time you will have to make the bookings well in advance.


The price is about Rs 300-600 for a double bed room and for a big room having two double beds i.e. which can accommodate 4-6 people is charged at a price of Rs 550-600. However, the room condition and comfort in this big room was very basic as compared to the other single double bed rooms accommodating 2-3 people. For more information on Tariff check the Ukhimath GMVN Official Website


Ukhimath, GMVN is located on the right-downside from the main road while coming from Kund and going towards Chopta. You will see the sign board for GMVN, from where a road about 5-6 Mtrs in length moves down to the GMVN Tourist Bunglow entrance gate.


There is a space to park about 4-5 cars in the hotel complex at Ukhimath, GMVN Tourist Bunglow.

Phone Facility:

Phone facility along with STD is also available at the Hotel and they may charge for the calls you opt to make. Mobile signals for Airtel, Vodafone as well as BSNL works too at Ukhimath.


Although there are number of ATMs on the route as well and we used Chandrapuri ATM which comes after Agustmuni and before Syal Saur. Chandrapuri ATM is the closest ATM because I guess there is no ATM present at Ukhimath.

Petrol Pump:

Nearest Petrol Pump is at Kund about 7-8 KMs before Ukhimath. I will suggest that you top-up the fuel either at Srinagar or Rudra Prayag.

Medical Assistance:

You can get the medical assistance at Ukhimath town. There are medical shops present in the Ukhimath town as well.

Personal Experience:

We stayed in big room as we were 4 in number. The room condition although was pretty damp but flooring was carpeted and beds were comfortable. The attached bathroom had basic bath fittings with geyser fitted for hot water supply. But, the size of the geyser was small in such large room and you will have to wait for too long to get the hot water if someone in the group had taken a bath prior to you. Hence, you need to split the bath time between the group as morning and evening 🙁 … The views of Guptakashi and Kedarnath Peak from the door were awesome.

There was a dinning hall where you can have your meal. The food was nice and I liked the egg curry especially. The pakoras prepared for us on demand by Umeid were too good and we enjoyed to the fullest. The tea/coffee preparations were nice too and I must say that Umeid, the caretaker, is a very nice cook and prepares some tasty meals. The staff was very polite and courteous.

Attraction In-Around Hotel:

Well, apart from Deoria Tal there is Tunganath Temple as well. There are locale temples of Usha and Anirudh, Shiva and Parvati at Ukhimath. To get more details on the places you can check the links of travel guides for Tunganath and Deoria Tal below: Delhi to Deoria Tal, Uttarakhand | Travel Guide and Delhi to Tunganath Temple and Chandrashilla, Uttarakhand | Travel Guide

Personal Travelogues:

If you are looking for decent and economic stay at Ukhimath, I guess the Tourist Bunglow at GMVN is a very nice choice and value for money (VFM).

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Are you looking for the CUSTOMIZED TOURS?? Get in touch with our our handpicked & trusted Destination Specialists from the Himalayas who offer SPECIAL DISCOUNTED RATES to all the readers/followers of the Devil On Wheels website.

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