My wonderful journey to Lahaul valley – April 2018

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    NG Trekker on #63785

    I can never forget my this short journey to native place in April 2018.It was day of 18th April,2018. The weather was very pleasant in Kullu valley. My brother was going to Keylong to join  duty after 4 day official tour to Kullu. Only Lahaul and Pangi local people were being allowed from NGT barrier Gulaba. Sudden this idea come plan of Lahaul visit struck in my mind. I called my trekker friend to reach kullu at once. I told him about plan of sudden visit to Lahaul. He became very happy and  requested me to wait for him.My brother and me went to market to purchase some vegetables, fruits and other domestic goods, because  fresh vegetables were not available in Lahaul valley in early April month.We put all necessary items in the car and now we were waiting for friend. My reached at 10:30 AM at Kullu from Bhuntar. We now started our journey at 10:45 AM from Kullu. I was driving the Santro car.

    We decided to go via Naggar to avert long traffic jam at Dobhi and Katrain. We reached at Kothi at 12:30 PM. It was right time to take lunch here, because we Lahaul people know Rohtang very well for uncertainty in weather, road block and vehicle problem etc. So we always go to Lahaul in full preparations by wearing even woolen cloths in mid summer. We took heavy lunch at Kothi in one known person’s dabha. We reached at 2:00 PM st Gulaba. There was long line of vehicles for check -in formality. I drove my car out of line and stopped near barrier. I showed id and also car number was from Lahul. Police personnel on duty,allowed us to go ahead.We reached Marhi at 3:00PM. Marhi was looking desolated and isolated, because only rescue personnel were here. There was no snow…..


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    aashish2137 on #64407

    NG Trekker, please go on, in your pictures I can see you started climbing Rohtang 😀

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