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DoW Mini Meet & Travel Talk | November 2017

  • navneet1986 on #25380

    DoW – Mini Meets is here again… A step towards making the world of our DoW Himalayan Travel Community SMALLER & TOGETHER…

    In a series of events that were kicked off at DoW in the last couple of months, including the successful initiatives of DoW Maps and DoW Travel Calendar, followed by DoW Adventure Club and finally DoW – Causes, all of which go a long way in emphasizing our deepest attachment to the vision of the DoW platform for Himalayan travelers and travel gurus alike, we decided to kick start the DoW Mini Meets in August 2013.

    While Dheeraj has moved to USA for a long period (more on it during the meet), we’ve thought of continuing with the meets, and hence here it is… :)

    1. What is DoW – Mini Meet?
    DoW Mini Meets, unlike the ‘on-the-job’ tour meets or adventure club activities that you might have read about, is designed to be an informal gathering of like minded travelers and their partners in crime :mrgreen: . Through our mini meets, we intend to create a sense of participation with personal interaction among our Himalayan fraternity, to enable a mechanism to know each other, share our experiences and knowledge and hence, make a collective effort to plan and execute our future endeavors in Himalayas in a more efficient and devoting manner. The agenda of the meet is rather simple, let’s sit and know about each other’s travel enthusiasm over a cup of coffee or midst lovely weather :)

    2. Sounds interesting! Can I attend this event?
    Yes you can, if you are one of those bitten by Travel Bug. In fact, the meet is open to anybody and everybody who share the passion and flare for travel, irrespective of whether the person is a member of DoW Community (yet) or not. As explained above, you don’t need any kind of a track record to attend a meet. At times, only listening to fellow travelers can provide so much more knowledge and understanding of a region you have just visited that the entire perspective is improvised. So, do come with a sense of empathy and of course, the same will be mutually reciprocated :)

    3. Is it different from DoW – Travel Workshops?
    Like explained above, DoW Mini Meet is different from DoW – Travel Workshops as they will be more informal and towards general know how of each other as a traveler and discussing about our own Travel and personal know how too.
    On the other hands, we might be having more workshops than meets where we will be educating each other on various aspects of Traveling, be it some unknown location in Himalayas and how to travel there, or educating about Green Travel, or basic know how on bike or car mechanics useful in trans Himalayan trips, or basic of landscape photography or any other practical info. related to Travel :)

    4. Do I have to pay to this?
    Ohh Common ON!! No you don’t and no you won’t ever in DoW :D… It’s an open Himalayan Travel Community and you are free to drop in if you share the common passion of Himalayas. The venue hasn’t got any eatery available, so some of us may carry in eatables and water/cold-drinks on our own – you may too, if you want! :D

    5. How do I register for it?
    Please post in this thread if you are looking forward to be a part of the meet or mark your attendance in the Facebook event.

    It would be nice to know in advance if you are attending so that we shall have an idea of the number of people coming for this meet. In either case, you are free to drop in at the last moment as well. Even if you can’t make it for the entire duration of the meet, we would encourage you to attend it in part for whatever time possible.

    6. Can I get DoW Stickers on the Meet?
    Yes, we will try to carry the DoW Stickers as well and in case someone is interested to get them, they can be handed over there only. Of course, coming to the meet shows your seriousness towards the community hence, the stickers will be distributed free of cost :D

    When? Where? How?
    When: Sunday, November 19th at 4 PM – 6 PM
    Where: India Habitat Centre, Lodi Road, New Delhi, Delhi 110003, Near Air Force Bal Bharati School.
    Contact: You can reach Samar +91-9990726227 or Pankaj at +91-9818710345 for any directions or issues.

    How to Reach: The nearest metro station to the venue is “Jor Bagh” for Yellow Line and “Khan Market” for Violet line. You can also post here if you are arriving by metro and sync up with a fellow Devil who will be on his/ her wheels for a quick pick up.

    Here is a Google maps screenshot of the exact location of the venue. It should help those who plan to drive on their own.

    Agenda: The agenda of this Mini Meet will be:
    Brief Introduction of new joiners and hearing about their tales from their recent travel. This starts from 4.15 as we will wait for 15 mins for everyone to join and having the group together.

    4:30-5:00 Hear the Travel adventures of travel devils. Also as winters are around the corner and as we see a lot of queries coming in about treks possible in winter, we would be doing a talk on Winter Treks too.

    Your Travel Queries Session. This starts around 5:00
    What’s new with DoW Community or DoW Causes, anything new cooking up at 5:30
    Finally, disbursed group chats those who stay as usual till late and love those prolonged multiple good byes

    Please do not forget to post in the thread and mark attendance in the event about your participation. We are open to any suggestions you might have on the proposed plan, however, in the interest of the larger community, we would need to ensure that the practicality before factoring in any last moment changes.

    Looking forward to see you there :)

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    Deepankur on #63174

    hi deepankur this side. will definitely come to the event. So 2 pax, excited 8-) 8-) 8-) 8-)

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    Vinod Raman on #63173

    Look forward to see you there Deepankur :)

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    Pankaj on #63175

    welcome to DOW deepankur.

    Looking forward to meet you and share himalayan stories over samosas :-p

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    Dheeraj Sharma on #63176

    @bob1732000 wrote:

    hi deepankur this side. will definitely come to the event. So 2 pax, excited 8-) 8-) 8-) 8-)

    Wonderful, looking forward to meetup bro !!

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    navneet1986 on #63177

    @bob1732000 wrote:

    hi deepankur this side. will definitely come to the event. So 2 pax, excited 8-) 8-) 8-) 8-)

    Look forward to see you Deepankur :)

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    mosederbaer on #63178

    @bob1732000 wrote:

    hi deepankur this side. will definitely come to the event. So 2 pax, excited 8-) 8-) 8-) 8-)

    Bhai you are more than welcome, to join the meet. Looking forward to your presence… :)

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