Dhabhas / Restaurants in/around Mcleod Ganj / Dharamshala

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    Dheeraj Sharma on #30839

    [tag:1rawccnu]yatish[/tag:1rawccnu] recommends here

    Welcome cafe, om cafe, family pizzaria, moonlight cafe are the cafes one must try on their stay at dharamkot. ..

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    ThePoorNomad on #30840

    Being there in Mcleod for more than a month… I have tried and tested almost all eateries.
    And would like to add some more options for Mcleod…

    1. Lung-Ta Japanese Restaurant

    Lung-ta is a vegetarian eatery, and you might not be tempted to go. But go you must for their sushi rolls and miso soup. Located on Jogibara road, one of the most authentic eateries with reasonable rates

    2. Carpe Diem
    A chilly evening is best spent on the rooftop of this restaurant with a warm oven-baked pizza, and a view of the mountains for company on comfy old cushions that have hosted many a tourist.

    3. Nick’s Italian Kitchen
    Close to the central square in Mcleod Ganj, this is a comfort zone for food lovers. An ample variety of Italian dishes with even more abundant offerings of cheese is proffered here, and complements the fresh fruit juices beautifully.

    4. The Chocolate Log
    If you have a hankering for some sweet stuff, head to The Chocolate Log on Jogibar road. Owned by an elderly couple who also offer lodging, it is a peaceful, quiet setting that’s excellent for contemplating matters of the world over a chocolate brownie and a cup of joe.

    5. Woeser Bakery
    located on Jogiwara road, this is an excellent breakfast time place, especially if you’re looking to get some morning caffeine in your system. Their home-made cappuccino is best followed by the pancakes and chocolate sauce, or even a slice of carrot cake.

    6. Norling
    This tiny restaurant serves classic Tibetan food that won’t excite the Indian who loves his spices.

    7. KhanaNirvana Community Café
    Founded in 1997 on Dalai Lama Temple Road by a team of international volunteers living in Dharamsala, this place only believes in serving up vegan all –natural food that is organic, free of all chemical preservatives, and super sanitary.

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    mosederbaer on #30841

    [tag:2x9x8s52]ThePoorNomad[/tag:2x9x8s52] bhai, thanks a ton for taking time out and writing the reviews of these eating joints at mcleodganj. I am sure, it will add more choice and variety to the list. :)

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    gautam023 on #30842

    Can vouch for Woeser Bakery and Norling.

    The cakes in Woeser were delicious. They were absolutely fresh and had the homemade feel. We liked it so much that we went the next day to carry some for the road.

    Norling is quite authentic. A Chinese friend cooked for me in NYC last year and this meal reminded me of the subtle flavours of those momos. The spinach and chicken – the taste still lingers.

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