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Exploring Chandratal | Battal to Rohtang Pass

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The Journey so far-

Day 4 – June 06, 2009 | Morning at Battal

WE ARE STiLL ALIVE 😆 Well it was morning around 7.30AM and everyone is alive, so a NEW BIRTH apart from the fact the cousin who saved our a*****, had caught fever. We had tea at battal dhabha with Tiger Biscuits in the quilt itself and no one was ready to leave that place due to cold we were feeling. It’s so strange having close to 46 degrees here in capital; who would have dreamt that situation would be so odd that temperature would be in negatives… This was the day which was spent mostly in the car itself, traveling and we did click a lot of photos on the very day, because we dint knew it would be the last. Most of us were in state of shock and were feeling as if we had a nightmare. There was nothing to explain in the day apart from the photos which were clicked mostly sitting inside the car, so apologies for some blocks here and there in the pics… so guys enjoy this bouquet of nature, one day being so cruel, next day looked so amazing and beautiful again….

Early morning greetings
Views at Battal
Walking the path alone
Views at Battal
You see!!!! Simply amazing
Views at Battal
Hmm…there are clouds
Views at Battal
Heat; The life savior
Views at Battal
Sweeping your sleep away
Views at Battal
More clouds…something’s fishy…
Views at Battal
I want to come and shine…
Views at Battal
Bright and sunny…and I am out…
Views at Battal
Purity of white
Views at Battal
Packing it up
Views at Battal
Day 4 – June 06, 2009 | Battal to Manali

It was around 9 AM, we got our selves packed only to see low pressure in one the tyres which we had to change. Witnessing an uncertainty whether can show in such places we wanted to leave in shiny sun as soon as possible and not to forget the evergreen JAM of Rohtang and our cousin who had caught fever. He was wrapped in blanket for most of the time. I went to dhabha, thanked both father and son with warm heart for their help and support. Meanwhile driver had changed the tyre and we were ready to trackback the path leading us to sweet home. But, as I said don’t trust the weather @ such places. It started to get dark once again and snowfall started. This time around we could enjoy a bit and appreciate the beautiful nature. We got ourselves packed into the car and ready to move ahead.

Sudden Darkness Falls
Views between Battal and Rohtang Pass
Road getting slippery
Views between Battal and Rohtang Pass
Snow and Snow way
Views between Battal and Rohtang Pass
Clearing up
Views between Battal and Rohtang Pass

It was around chattru again things were changing; some sunshine but rainy clouds were still there….but this stretch we took so many photos and many of them are simply amazing and breath taking…just have a look….

Stream of Milk Caught
Views between Battal and Rohtang Pass
The Road behind
Views between Battal and Rohtang Pass
Moving aside the valley
Views between Battal and Rohtang Pass
Views between Battal and Rohtang Pass
Grazing Season…How beautiful they look..
Views between Battal and Rohtang Pass
Go Green!!…Such a peace to eyes…
Views between Battal and Rohtang Pass
Views between Battal and Rohtang Pass
More sheep’s…Can you see them??
Views between Battal and Rohtang Pass
Somewhere back in therewe were struggling yesterday….
Views between Battal and Rohtang Pass
Views between Battal and Rohtang Pass
Clouds still hanging around…
Views between Battal and Rohtang Pass
Nature’s Combo of shades… Blue Sky, Dark Clouds, White Clouds, Greenery, Brown Hills… did I miss something??
Views between Battal and Rohtang Pass

The journey ahead-

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  1. Hi, We have been planning a trip to chandartaal. can you please suggest me with some guide and accommodation option in Chandrataal. The only option for Chandrataal accommodation is tent. if so, Pls guide me from where we can take it.

    • Well, yes the only option of stay at Chandratal or in fact near Chandratal is camps only. You can talk to Bishan of Parasol Camps to get stay option however if will be quite cold now. Better come back to Battal at stay eother at Dhabha or PWD Guest Hose or Huts in front of Chandra Dhabha at Batal.

  2. harpreet kaur on

    hello dheeraj
    i have been planning a solo trip to chandartal. can you please suggest me with some guide and trekking options. is it safe for solo female traveler.
    my dates are somewhere around 2nd july

  3. Ankit Gaiha on

    Hello Dheeraj,

    We are group of 3, and planning a visit to Chandrataal, between 20th June and 277th June. Couple of queries:

    -Is it possible to trek to Chandrataal to Surajtaal?
    -How to get the good guide over there? Any suggestion.
    -If possible, you can share your email ID.

    Thanks & Regards
    Ankit Gaiha

    • Ankit, it might be difficult during June due to the presence of snow. but for sure doable if you are into trekking. I will suggest that you get connected with Tsering at 09418208987 and can refer my name to him, he more than a friend to me and very humble/down to earth person up there in Spiti. He will ensure any concerns or requirements you have can be take care.


    I am planning to drive to Kaza in my 4×4 Scorpio on 1st March 2013. Will it be possible to do so ? I want to do it for the winter views.

    • Yes Ashok, very much possible in the first week of March. In fact roads upto Kaza are open all round the year barring few days of heavy snowfall or any landslides. You can make a trip upto there but then the inroads to villages and valleys like Pin Valley, Gette, Tashigang, Dhankar, Kaumik etc might be closed due to snow. Road ahead of Kaza towards Losar (mind you the most scenic stretch of entire Spiti Valley) might be closed too after some distance from Kaza.

      Kinnaur Valley would be purely amazing at that time of the year with snow filled views of Kinner Kailsah.

      Dheeraj Sharma

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