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Cheap Budget Hotels or Accommodation in Leh – Ladakh

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Other articles in this series on Preferred Hotels or Accommodation options in Leh – Ladakh –

In this first article of the series – Preferred Hotels or Accommodation options in Leh – Ladakh, I am enlisting down some of the preferred places to stay in Leh – Ladakh which are cheap and very economic. If you are looking for a decent, clean and comfortable but cheap or very economic options of stay in Leh – Ladakh then you can refer the list of below guest houses or hotels compiled after reading various resources/reviews of many people over Internet mainly reading IndiaMike and BCMT forums (of course, I cannot stay in all of them :lol:).

Most of these places are ideal to stay even for long time, say months and people indeed have stayed for months in many of them. However, if you are looking for an exceptional in-room service, finest linen, satellite TVs, Internet facilities etc. in a hotel and that too for a price range of Rs 200 – 500 then you must be kidding me, am I right ;)… Well, you may find one or two such services too in the below guest houses but no certainty.

LAST UPDATED: 9th Feb 2015
The article has been updated to match the current prices of most of these hotels or campsites or homestays for the year 2015.

You can check the location of these guest houses which are near by each other at the wikimapia link here.

Cheap Budget Hotels or Accommodation options in Leh, Ladakh
  • Atisha Guesthouse
    Highly Recommended by many, very clean, spacious, hot water till 2 PM. Rooms at 2nd floor are spacious while first floor rooms are small and dark but cheaper. Most rooms with attached bath.
    • Price Range: Rs 400 – 500 for single bedroom, Rs 700 – 1000 for double bedroom w/w/o attached baths
    • Contact: Sh. Tsering Dawa – 09906992187
    • Location: Farka, Leh / Malpak, Leh / in a small lane near Fort Road
    • Category: Cheap / Economic

  • Greenland Hotel
    Recommended – Lovely garden, clean place, tasty food, filtered water to refill, hot water heated through solar between 10 and 5 in evening (or else heated separately in a bucket). Traditional Ladakhi compost toilet. Both Main Market and Changspa road are very near to it.
    • Price Range: Rs 400 – 500 for single bedroom, Rs 700 – 1000 for double bedroom
    • Contact: 01982–253156
    • Location: Changspa Road, Leh / Right Across Asia Guesthouse
    • Category: Cheap / Economic

  • Hotel Padmaling
    Very much Recommended in this price range. Nice, large clean rooms with large clean attached bathrooms. Hot water available in morning. Good parking space. have attached bathrooms but without TV.
    • Price Range: Rs 700 – 1000 for double bedroom
    • Contact: Smt Tsering Angmo – 01982-252933
    • Location: Karzoo, Leh / Near Changspa Road, Leh
    • Category: Cheap / Economic

  • Ashoka Guest house
    Very much Recommended. Clean, good stay, well maintained, a bit inside and no food only tea is available. Close to Leh main market. Hot water is available.
    • Price Range: Rs 800 – 1200 for a double bedroom, Rs 600 – 800 for a single room
    • Contact: +91-1982–252725 / +91-9622976331
    • Location: Tukcha Road, Leh / Off Fort Road
    • Category: Economic / Moderate / Home Stay

  • Julay Guesthouse
    Nice, clean and good accommodation with little garden.
    • Price Range: Rs 400 – 500 for single bedroom, Rs 600 – 900 for double bedroom
    • Contact: Sh. G.M. Sheikh – 01982–251163
    • Location: Farka, Leh / Malpak, Leh / in a small lane near Fort Road
    • Category: Cheap / Economic

  • Seven Seas Guesthouse
    Nice, clean and good accommodation with big, nice garden.
    • Price Range: Rs 600 – 900 for double bedroom
    • Contact: 01982–252830
    • Location: Farka, Leh / Malpak Zangsti / in a small lane near Fort Road
    • Category: Cheap / Economic

  • Irfan Guest House
    Very nice, decent and clean. Good place to stay at this price range.
    • Price Range: Rs 500 – 800 for double bedroom
    • Contact: ??????
    • Location: Farka, Leh / Malpak Leh / Off Fort Road
    • Category: Cheap / Economic

  • Dolma Guest House
    Fine, clean small rooms and good garden BUT bucket shower.
    • Price Range: Rs 500 – 800 for double bedroom
    • Contact: Smt. Tsewang Dolma – 01982-253311
    • Location: Malpak / Off Fort Road, Leh / Next to Bimla Guest House
    • Category: Cheap / Economic

  • Malpak Guest House
    Decent, Clean and OK to stay.
    • Price Range: Rs 500 – 800 for double bedroom, Rs 400 – 500 for single bedroom
    • Contact: Sh. Sonam Norbu – 01982-253426
    • Location: Malpak, Leh
    • Category: Cheap / Economic

  • Hotel Bimla
    Hot water, decent and OK to stay BUT NOT better in comparison to other nearby Guest Houses in similar price range.
    • Price Range: Rs 500 – 800 for double bedroom
    • Contact: Sh. Nathania Batapa – 01982-252754
    • Location: Farka, Leh / Off Fort Road / On the alley just across from Hotel Tso Kar
    • Category: Cheap / Economic

  • Indus Guest House, Ti-Sei Guest House, Dhelex Guest House
    All these are hotels are near by each other and offer similar range of prices. Quite cheap but you should check them before check-in especially Indus Guest House as it do not have much positive reviews about cleanliness. So, keep it a last resort.
    • Price Range: Rs 500 – 800 for double bedroom
    • Contact: Sh. Sonam – 01982-252502 (Indus), Smt. Tsewang – 01982-252404 (Ti-Sei)
    • Location: Farka, Leh / Malpak, Leh / Off Fort Road
    • Category: Cheap / Economic

  • Semnet Guest House
    Home stay type, good place to stay. There are two rooms with attached bath and two more with shared bath. Room Rates in the range of 500-600. No parking, so it should be done on main road.
    • Price Range: Rs 500 – 600 for double bedroom
    • Contact: Mr. Dorje – ??????
    • Location: Old Leh Road, Leh / Shenam, Leh
    • Category: Cheap / Economic / Home Stay

  • Hotel Khayul
    Good parking space, decent rooms with running hot and cold water.
    • Price Range: Rs 500 – 600 for double bedroom
    • Contact: Mr. Basheer Ahmed – 01982-252321
    • Location: Old Leh Road, Leh / Chulung, Leh
    • Category: Cheap / Economic

  • Galwan Guest House
    Very nice and clean. Good food, hot water available and lot of greenery around.
    • Price Range: Rs 500 – 800 for double bedroom
    • Contact: ??????
    • Location: Shanti Stupa Road, Leh
    • Category: Cheap / Economic

  • Palace View Guest House
    Comfortable beds, small garden, 24 hrs hot and cold water but in buckets. Parking space available for night only.
    • Price Range: Rs 600 – 900 for double bedroom
    • Contact: 01982 – 252959
    • Location: Near Polo Ground, Leh
    • Category: Cheap / Economic

  • Dreamland Guest House
    Very basic but VFM.
    • Price Range: Rs 600 – 900 for double bedroom
    • Contact: Smt. Jamila Didi – 01982-252089
    • Location:Fort road, Leh
    • Category: Cheap / Economic

I hope you find the above list of cheap or economic hotels or accommodation options useful for your upcoming Leh – Ladakh trip. If you happen to know any updated contact numbers or missing contact numbers of these hotels or any other nice, cheap option of stay in or around Leh town, kindly leave a comment as it will be helpful to others as well. If you have ever stayed at any of these hotels, please share your experience with us too. In the end, again these hotels or guest houses are not for people who are looking for luxury and ultra comfort and in case may be not even suitable for family as well. However, for bachelors or backpackers or others who want cheap/economic options of stay for longer duration in around Leh Ladakh, these hotels may be worth to look out 🙂 …

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  1. thanks Dheeraj for your blogs.
    this is the most helpful blog for leh ladakh accommodations. i have one question about accommodation, is the “double bedroom” enough for 4 person??

  2. Nigam Bhai on

    Thank you Dheeraj ji for excellent job of guiding us.

    My travel agent has suggested to stay in “Ladakh Terrain Camp” in Hunder (June month), which is a new camp site as per them, and hence I couldn’t locate it on map.

    Do you have any idea about its location, facilities and are any reviews available?

    Thanks in advance.

  3. hi
    This article was last updated in 2015. Do you have update of the rates for listed hotels? Or confirmation these businesses are still operating and providing clean and simple service?

    • Most of them are operational and provide similar service. The rates can be bumped by a couple of hundred bucks though. Thanks for reminding me, I will be updating the article this month 🙂

  4. tejas shah on

    hi dheeraj
    we are 2 couples n 2 children of 10 n 15 yrs. from ahmedabad n need to plana bdgeted package from srinagar to leh to manali.planning to start from srinagar from 27.5.18. also we are jain so what about food. also please take aome time n make me d best budgeted itinary to cover all places. feel free to call . 9227492272. tejas shah

  5. Sashwata Bhowmick on

    This is the most helpful blog for leh ladakh trip. I am going leh on 26th Aug,17.
    I have not yet booked a hotel.
    Where I need to go after reaching leh airport to search hotel and how to go?
    Need guidance plz.

  6. Any cheap hotels near the Leh bus stand? I will travel via bus and most long distance buses leave early morning, staying near the bus stand will be pretty helpful for me. Thanks in advance.

  7. ayush shah on

    hey dheeraj, first of all thank you for creating such a wonderful platform for helping travellers around the world with your experiences and insights. Long live you great soul 🙂

    I’m a solo traveller landing to Leh directly from Mumbai in third week of July 2017.I’m taking a road journey way back as per your suggestion from leh to Manali and not a road trip from Manali to Leh. I’m not taking a bike with me but all up for a community experience and meeting new people and exploring the local culture.

    I have around 12-14 days to experience the mesmerising Ladkah and attractions around.

    Can you help me with the best budget plan to stay and explore it’s beauty.

  8. Chirag Jain on

    H Dheeraj,

    I am going to Ladakh in July 2017. I just want to know about the river rafting in Zanskar river and is it recommended to do or not.

    • Chirag, you can go to Nimmu or Phey to do rafting in Zanskar or Indus river. It is like any other rafting experience but yes with more beautiful views than Rishikesh and Manali

  9. Anirban Biswas on

    Hi Dheeraj,
    I am following our blog at last 2 years. Without your help, I am not able to think about Ladakh. As last i am able to arrange a Leh Ladak Trip for first time in my life. Please kindly go through my itinerary.

    My itinerary are given below-
    26-08-2017 –Dehi-Srinagar
    27-08-2017 –Local Sight Seeing Srinagar
    28-08-2017 –Srinagar-Kargil (Bus or Taxi?)
    29-08-2017 –Kargil -Leh(Mulbekh Maitrey, Lamayuru Moanstery, Lunar Landscapes)
    30-08-2017 –Leh(Rest & roaming)
    31-08-2017 –Leh(Local Sight Seeing)
    01-09-2017 –Leh – Nubra Vally(Leh – Khardung La – Diskit – Hunder)
    02-09-2017 –Nubra to Pangoan (Hunder / Diskit – Sumur – Panamik-Waria-Pangoan Lake)
    03-09-2017 –Pangoan-Leh ( Pangong Tso Lake-Hemis Monastery,Thicksey Monastery – Shey Palace)
    04-09-2017 –Leh Rest/Buffer
    05-09-2017 –Leh to Delhi

    Could you please kindly provide your valuable suggestions/Clarification regarding my quires?

    1. My itinerary is OK or not?If not please suggest required modification?
    2.As per current situation in Kashmir, is it good to stay two night at Srinagar?
    3.Which will be the best secured way to get in Leh via Srinagar? Private taxi or BUS?
    4. Should i take bus upto kargil then private taxi to lah? Is there plenty of taxi option available from kargil?
    5.Am i able to book hotel on spot (Hunder,Pangoan Lake)?
    6.Should i get some divers name for Srinagar to Leh Route?
    7.With in 3 days 2 night Am i able to cover Nubra,Hunder,panamik,Pangoan,Hemis,Thicksey,Shey ?
    8.Kargil-Leh Am i able to cover Mulbekh Maitrey, Lamayuru Moanstery, Lunar LandscapesGurudwara Pather Sahib, Magnetic Hills, Confluence at Nimmu?
    9. Which area is best to stay in Leh in term of Budget ? I heard the name of chanspa Road.Is it good?
    10. According to my Itinerary, Is there any change of High Altitude sickness?

    Your assistance herein is greatly appreciated. Please keep on such good initiative. I am very thankful to you.
    Your blog help me to dream about ladakh. I am quiet weak in English Writing. I apologize if there is any mistake.

    Kind regards,
    Anirban Biswas

    • 1. Your plan is OK but you can do is two day trip to Nubra Valley and two day trip to Pangong Tso to ease out the trips and get shared cabs easily as tourist shared cabs.
      2. Most people reported it is fine but every day it changes. A know car was stone pelted yesterday and broke their wind shield. Posted the updates in Srinagar – Leh status thread:
      3. Reading the above, will suggest to avoid Srinagar
      4. Taxi will not be an issue at Kargil, you will get plenty
5. If you OK with basic home stays and guest houses, you will find them on the spot
      6. Keep them as handy in case required.

      7. Like suggested, best is two make two 2-day trips to Nubra and Pangong tso each.
8. You will cover these places in private taxi only

      9. Changspa road, upper tuckcha road are good to stay
      10. The plan looks good in terms of AMS too.


    • Anirban Biswas on

      Thanks a lot for your valuable feedback..
      Please help me regarding a question.
      If I take a taxi to Sonmarg from Srinagar airport to avoid srinagar is it a good idea?
      From Sonmarg, Leh Taxis are available or not?
      Anirban Biswas

    • somnath2912 on

      direct rout form nubra to pamgong is closed now. one need to come back to leh and then move to pangong. i just faced that on 8th aug

    • Pranav Parekh on

      Hi Anirban,

      I am travelling to Leh oh similar dates. I will be reaching Leh from Mumbai by 28 Sep and plan to being there until 5th Oct. From Leh I plan to visit Spiti. I am looking for a travel partner for either of my trips.

      Do let me know if you are travelling alone and would like to Dutch the cost. You may contact me on [email protected].

      Pranav Parekh

  10. Mr.Dheeraj Sharma,
    if i come leh without any guesthouse or hotel booking. its ok .on arrival i may find affordable stay in leh.plz do some guide me .

    • Ashok, if you are not particular and too much fussy about place to stay and OK with home stays as well, you will be able to find places to stay in Ladakh on the spot as well.

  11. Ruchita biyani on

    Hi Dheeraj

    Me and my friends are reaching to Leh ladak on 20th July morning till 28th July
    Needed to know where can I rent bikes and a good yet economical accommodation.
    Also guide me with taxi agency for travel from Leh to Srinagar , how much would taxi cost ?

  12. Arjun Dhawan on

    Hi Dheeraj,
    Regarding your remarks in the last of this article In the end, “again these hotels or guest houses are not for people who are looking for luxury and ultra comfort and in case may be not even suitable for family as well.”

    1. i am travelling with my wife – which hotel you can suggest near Leh airoport, budget 2500-3000/-
    2. Will those hotel people give any contact for booking bike ride. ?

    Thanks in Advance,

    Arjun Dhawan

    • Hi Arjun,

      Read the article on moderate budget hotels linked in the article above. You should be fine with most of them in that budget. Yes, they will be able to get bike rental info. Also, if you are looking for competitive and customized Ladakh tour and packages, you can connect with [email protected] as most of the readers in the past couple of years have had very good feedback about them and especially their transparent policies along with being there with you all the time in need. So, we trust them the most. You can refer my name or DoW to Gaurav, the guy who runs it. He knows us very well and should be able to offer some special rates being a DoW Member. You can just refer him the DoW Community Member Username in such a case or screenshot of this reply here.

  13. Hi Dheeraj,

    Could you please tell me that, do PWD guesthouse is there in LEH, if its there can you please tell me the contact number for the booking inquiries.

    • Sorry Nitin, there might be but I am not aware of it. Why to stay at PWD Rest House when in Leh you can get affordable places to stay with warmth of hospitality in home stays from Ladakhi people.

  14. Hi Dheeraj,

    Is August considered a peak season? Because I am in Leh from Aug 9- 18 and I have not yet booked any accommodation as I will be doing a bike trip ( Most common itinerary by air). Even though I have my itinerary, I am still thinking If I can directly book for accommodation when i reach there, because my itinerary might change die to unseen circumstances. What would you recommend? Thank you


    • Hi Ranga,

      From June to September, it is the only season of Ladakh. However, in the whole season as well, if you are OK with some basic accommodation or home stay type of stay, OK to search a bit here and there, you should not have any issues at all.

  15. Vaishnavi on


    Thanks for the detailed list of hotels. However we as a couple planning to have a good trip and leisurely visit..
    I was seeing oriental guesthouse which is affordable for us based on the tariffs given in their website.. may I know the feedback for this hotel as I prefer central heating system especially

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