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Amarnath Yatra 2011 | Starts June 29 but duration reduced by 14 days

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Annual pilgrimage of Amarnath Yatra for the year 2011 will begin on June 29, 2011 (Jaishth Purnima) instead of June 15, 2011 and will conclude on Shravan Purnima (Raksha Bandhan). Shri Amarnath Shrine Board has decided to reduce the duration of Amarnath Yatra by 14 days i.e. from 60 days it has been reduced to 46 days. The decision to reduce the duration has been taken keeping in mind the security of the pilgrims, convenience of the pilgrims and the climatic conditions as well.

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In a bid to satisfy certain quarters, Shri Amarnath Shrine Board (SASB) said today that it had reduced the duration of the annual Amarnath pilgrimage from 60 to 46 days in the interest of the pilgrims and the organizers of the community kitchens en route the cave shrine.

This year, the yatra will start on June 29 instead of June 15, that is Jaishth Purnima, and will conclude on Shravan Purnima (Raksha Bandhan).

However, the SASB said if religious and social leaders across the country desired a change in the yatra duration, the board could review the decision, but from Shravan Purnima onwards. The SASB, giving statistics about the duration of the pilgrimage and the number of pilgrims visiting the cave shrine from 1995 to 2010, said the decision to curtail the pilgrimage to 46 days this year was taken keeping in view the safety of the pilgrims, smooth conduct of the pilgrimage and convenience of the pilgrims and the organizers of community kitchens.

Addressing media persons here this evening, SASB member Ved Ghai said the safety and security of the pilgrims was of paramount importance and hence the decision was taken after extensive discussions at a board meeting on February 18.

“Reducing the duration and changing the date of the commencement of the yatra will not impact the number of pilgrims, as the maximum number of pilgrims visit the cave shrine in the first 30 days,” said Ghai. The board’s decision to curtail the annual pilgrimage this year has come under criticism from some organizations.

“If religious leaders across the country evolve consensus on extending the duration of the pilgrimage from Shravan Purnima onwards, I don’t think the board will have any problem,” she said.

Though natural calamities could not be forecast, at the same time we did not want to play with nature, she said and recalled how 243 pilgrims lost their lives due to harsh climatic change in 1996.

The Nitish Sen Gupta Committee report also concluded that the period of the pilgrimage should be spread over 30 days, from roughly July 1 to August 15, she said.

As regards to duration and schedule of the yatra it was necessary to note that the climate pattern and the extent of snowfall during the preceding winter had a direct bearing on the dates on which both yatra routes were likely to become operational in the succeeding summer, Ghai said.

The board, being an amalgam of spiritual, religious and social figures, took into consideration all pros and cons before arriving at the decision to restrict the pilgrimage to 46 days, she added.

Meanwhile, Shri Amarnath Barfani Langars Organisation, an association of NGOs organizing community kitchens during the pilgrimage, expressed gratitude to the SASB for reducing the yatra duration from 60 days to 46 days this year. The organization also urged the SASB to reduce the yatra duration to one month next year.

Source: Amarnath yatra duration reduced to 46 days

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  1. aman sharma on

    jai bhole baba ki baba ke mahar hum per hmesha bani rahe mujhe gorv hai ki main baba ke 9 vi bar dershan kerunga

  2. Hello Manav,
    Well, I am not sure but I will advise that you plan your yatra when the shrine board has announced its start i.e. post 29th June, 2011. Have you done your registrations for the Amarnath Yatra? If you are looking for the Amarnath Yatra that was being planned by some other group (forgot the name) from 14th June, I guess the registration was different for it as they launched a separate website for their cause.
    I am not sure if they were settled by the negotiations made by Shrine board or not but officially according to Shrine board Amarnath Yatra will start on 29th June and you need to register for the yatra before going on it. I guess Langar Sewadar may go before June 29th but it will be better if you can talk to authorities conducting langar or shrine board regarding the same and confirm the process with them.
    I hope this helps.
    Dheeraj Sharma

  3. can you tell me that yatra started on 15 june or it will start at 29th june?

    langar sewadar can go before 29 june ?

  4. Hi Jaydeep,

    Can you please tell me when are you planning to do the Yatra and for how many days? What will be your mode of transport… public/taxi/self drive etc?


    Dheeraj Sharma

  5. Jaydeep PAtel on


    I am planning to do yatra this year. Can you please let me know If I am doing this yatra with my wife and 2 children (Son -12 & Daughter – 5). will there be any difficulties?

    I am planning to do this as below.
    Start –> Pahalgam – Holy cave Route
    End –> Holy Cave –> Baltal Route

    How much it will cost me if wife and children takes ponny / doli?

    Detailed information is highly appreciated.


  6. Hi Kamal, Yatra starts from 29th June and first you need to get the registration done for it. I guess based on the registration you will be able to decide your dates. Check with you local Jammu and Kashmir Bank Branch or check the below link for more details on the registration process and doing it online: Amarnath Yatra 2011 Registration Starts 10th May, 2011
    Well, the yatra requires atleast 6 days if you follow Chandanwari route and 5 days if you go via Chandanwari and comeback via Baltal route. If you follow the baltal route then you may be able to do it in 4 days but the Baltal route is tougher then the Chandanwari route, AFAIK. These are duration for Jammu-Amarnath-Jammu. You can add the days for travel between Jammu-Delhi or which ever is your starting point. For more details on the plans you can read the Comment number 3 above, which gives the details on how you can complete the journey with both route details.
    Let me know incase you need more info.
    Dheeraj Sharma

  7. hello dheeraj

    can u plz tell me i make a plan to amarnath yatra on 15th of june its possible to make a yatra on 15th june but the yatra starts on 29th of june but some of my friends can tell me the yatra starts plz help me that i come on 15th june or come the yatra starting date.



  8. Hi Arun,
    Well, this is a bit tricky although I am not 100% sure but I guess you cannot travel after the Yatra duration terminates. Perhaps, I doubt that you will even get the registration within that period. If you can get the registration for the dates you wish to travel then perhaps, you may be able to do it. But, I seriously doubt. it. Kindly update the info. to here as well so that it could be of some help to other wishing to have similar plan. Thanks.
    Dheeraj Sharma

  9. hi dheeraj

    thanks a lot for the information.

    though i have one more qery.. it has mentioned that the last for amarnath yatra is 13th August. lets say if i plan to take this travel on 13th, so from 13th to 18th amarnath yatra will remain open rt?

  10. Hello Arun,
    Well, the yatra requires atleast 6 days if you follow Chandanwari route and 5 days if you go via Chandanwari and comeback via Baltal route. If you follow the baltal route then you may be able to do it in 4 days but the Baltal route is tougher then the Chandanwari route, AFAIK. These are duration for Jammu-Amarnath-Jammu. You can add the days for travel between Jammu-Delhi or which ever is your starting point. For more details you can read the Comment number 3 above, which gives the details on how you can complete the journey with both route details.
    Let me know incase you need more info.
    Dheeraj sharma

  11. Dear Dheeraj Sharma

    Thanks once again for your prompt response. I have one more query. Actually we are starting from hyderbad on 9th july morning and reaching srinagar by evening around 4pm. My doubt is that should i book loadge at srinagar itself or is there any facility at baltal. We r planing to reach baltal on same day i.e on 9th. Is there any provision at baltal where we can book the room and can stay over night so that next day morning with limited luggage yatra can be start. Many thanks in advance

    Vivek, I guess the distance from Srinagar to Baltal is about 115 KMs and will take about 3-4 Hours. Tented accommodations are available at Baltal, I guess.

  12. Great Vivek, Congrats. Have a great Pilgrimage and wishing you all the very best for the journey. Well, you can use the camera on the yatra but using flash on the holy cave is forbidden. So, please take care. Rest I guess the below two links would be helpful for you to prepare well enough…
    Do's and Don'ts for Amarnath Yatra —
    Do's and Don'ts for Amarnath Yatra
    A rough List of things to carry when you travel…
    List of things to carry when you go on trip
    Dheeraj Sharma

  13. Vivek saxena on

    Hi Dheeraj

    Iam glad to inform you that my amarnath yatra registration date is confirmed to 10-july-2011, will u pls assist in what to carry in carry bad while in yatra, can we carry video/digital camera with us. How much weight is recommended to carry during yatra..

    Thanks in advance

    vivek saxena

  14. Hi

    I have booked helicopter tickets for amarnath yatra on 15 july. Do i need to register for yatra also?

  15. Yes vivek, you will need to have the valid photo ID nationality proof for the same. Also, it is adviced to carry that photo ID proof (nationality proof) with you all the time on the Yatra. You will also need to carry your registration as well along with you all the time.

  16. Vivek saxena on

    Dear Dheeraj

    Thanks for this detailed information, 1 more small information regarding registration is. is any address proof or ID proof is required ????..

  17. Hello Allabhya,
    Glad to know that you need to visit Amarnath ji. But, before I suggest anything you need to provide me some details regarding

    Your mode of transport for this journey? Will you use private transport like own vehicle/taxi or you prefer shared public transport etc?
    When and from where (i.e. starting place) are you planning to start the journey to Amarnath?
    How many days are you planning?

    Please share the above details so that I can provide the suitable inputs.
    Dheeraj Sharma

    • Dear sir,
      I wants to go from Kolkata ( West Bengal) by Train please let me know further rules regulation and procedure if any and from where I can got my pass or any thing els need for the same.
      Allabhya Ghosh

      Hello Allabhya,

      Since, you would be traveling from West Bengal I think you can get the train to Jammu. Once you reach Jammu, spend a day or two to take some rest and resume your journey. I assume you are only interested in Amarnath Yatra and no local sightseeing in Jammu and Kashmir. Hence, I am providing these suggestions based on these assumptions.

      Route to follow for Amarnath Yatra

      Jammu – Pahalgam (315 Kms)
      You can take taxi/bus to Pahalgam available at tourist reception Centre, J & K Govt., Raghunath Bazaar. But, make sure you catch them early in the morning.

      Pahalgam – Chandanwari (16 Kms)
      Mini buses are available to do this section and you can take one to reach the place. Generally, pilgrims camp at Pahalgam or Chandanwari for the first night. Food is also available here.

      Chandanwari – Pissu Top – Sheshnag (12 Kms)
      This would be second day’s trek which goes through Pissu Top. There is a Sheshnag lake at Sheshnag and you can spend the night at Sheshnag. The incline is quite decent.

      Sheshnag – Mahagunas Pass (4.6 Kms) – Panchtarni
      This would be your third night stop. The ascent to Mahagunas Pass is quite steep and at an height of 14000 feet one feels a bit sick too. Then, you descends towards Panchtarni. Do keep Vaseline/cold creams for this very day as cold winds do cause some problems here.

      Panchtarni –Amarnath Cave (6 Kms) – Panchtarni
      Start early in the morning as there is no place to stay around cave. You can also take bath a Amravati river and then visit the cave for Darshan. After darshan head back to Pachtarni for dinner and night stay.

      Now either you can come back via same route or to explore the other side of the route as well start early morning from Panchtarni towards Amarnath cave and reach take left from Sangam to reach Baltal. From Amarnath cave you can reach Balatal within 4-5 hours as it’s a steep climb downwards and is a bit tougher than the other route. Stay overnight at Balatal and next day leave for Jammu. Below will be the route from Baltal to Jammu
      JAMMU – Udhampur – Kud – Patnitop – Ramban – Banihal – KaziGund – Anantnag – Srinagar – Sonamarg – BALTAL.

      Registration Process
      The registrations will open in June 2011 and will be close on July 2011. The opening date of Amarnath Yatra 2011 is June 29. Application forms or registration forms for Amarnath yatra 2011 will be available at counters established in 121 designated branches of the J&K Bank, located all over India. You may also download the Amarnath Yatra 2011 registration form using the link below
      Download the Amarnath Yatra 2010 registration form

      Currently, the form at above location is of last year.

      Some Do’ and Don’t of Amarnath Yatra can be found on the official site too
      Do’ and Don’t of Amarnath Yatra

      Things to Carry
      You can use the link below to get an idea of the list of things to carry for Amarnath Yatra
      list of things to carry for Amarnath Yatra

      Below is the map: (courtesy official website of Amarnath Yatra:
      <img src="; alt="Route map for Amarnath Yatra" />

      Let me know if you need any further information.

      Dheeraj Sharma

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