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5 Reasons for Traveling to Manali in Winters

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Manali and Shimla are one of the most popular tourist destinations in the Himalayas and I bet all over India too. Every year thousands of people visit Manali and Shimla and this number just keeps increasing every year. In last few years, the people visiting Manali in winters are not just limited to honeymooners looking for seclusion 🙂 … You will find plenty of people from different walks of life who prefer visiting Manali in winters nowadays. I am one of those too and I always prefer to visit Manali in winters as there are many reasons for it. In my previous article, I have already talked about in detail about How to Plan a trip to Shimla and Manali?. In this article today, I will like to share these reasons in detail so that it helps other fellow travelers too.

Views of Solang Valley in Winters

Views of Solang Valley in Winters

5 Reasons for Traveling to Manali in Winters

In the article below, I will suggest five reasons for traveling to Manali in winters. It will be helpful to those who are having difficulty in making up their minds and finalizing the plan for a trip to Manali coming winters. Let me know what do you think about them.

1. Chance to play in snow and make snowmen

Winters in Manali means snow, snow and snow especially when going towards Rohtang Pass snow points. This means you can dive, slide and throw snowballs at each other and of course make those snowmen seen in the movies or foreign land 😉 🙂 … Manali is the most popular and probable place to find snow or snowfall near Delhi. The other major attraction in Manali known as Rohtang Pass gets closed by mid of November. So, tourists are not allowed to visit Rohtang Pass until April end. However, authorities setup snow points at Gulaba about 20 KMs from Manali and Marhi about 37 KMs from Manali depending on the safety of tourists. In case Rohtang Pass is open, you can visit it in your own vehicle or in local Manali taxi. You should read about Permit for Rohtang Pass and Updates 2017. Snow is the major attraction for anyone traveling to Manali in winters.

You can read my comprehensive travel guide of Manali at the link Delhi to Manali, Himachal Pradesh – Travel Guide

2. Chance to enjoy the snow activities

When visiting Manali in winters, you can also enjoy all type of snow activities like snow tubing, snow scooter rides, snow sledding, skiing, zorbing in snow etc.. The snow points near Manali at Gulaba and Marhi flourish with numerous local vendors offering these activities for the tourists. Though a bit touristy, it is surely a fun of its own in case you have not experienced it. You need to shell out some money but if you are with your family, they will enjoy it, especially the kids.

3. Less tourist rush & lesser overall crowdedness

Summers is the peak time when roads in Manali looks no different than old Delhi roads or any other crowded market near your home. In summers, you will witness herds and herds of people flocking the narrow roads, honking, and traffic everywhere. Parking is so much difficult to find and with lack of patience on the road, people are also restless including tourists and locals. However, when you will visit Manali in winters, you will find there are much lesser tourists and the crowd. Plenty of empty spaces to hang out and easy traffic movement. However, there are times even in winters, like X-mas and New Year Eve when again Manali gets flocked and locked with tourist rush. Having said that, in general, you will find the space and quaintness you are looking to experience in Manali in winters.

Pro Tip: If you are doing a self drive to Manali in winters, then make sure to read the article 40 Must Have Things to Carry on a Self Drive Trip to the Himalayas

4. Great deals on hotels & other stay Options

Needless to say but all the stay options or hotels in Manali offer very good discount and deals of accommodation packages. Most discounts fall under the range from 35%-45% discount on regular prices. The winter discounts on hotels and stay options in Manali starts around mid-November and ends by end of March. These discounts are not limited to private hotels like Snow Valley Resort Manali but tourist department run HPTDC also offers 40% discounts on their Log huts / Orchards huts and Hadimba Cottages. So, another reason to make a trip to Manali in winter that is easy on your pocket too 🙂 .

5. Cheaper taxi and commute rates

Likewise hotels and stay options, you can expect good discounted rates on local taxis and local commute options as well in Manali. In winters, the local taxis are less in demand and hence, drivers are ready to offer good discounts. I will suggest getting in touch with a local taxi driver directly to benefit the most. You can call the local drivers directly to connect with them and check the more comprehensive List of Taxi Drivers for Ladakh – Srinagar – Leh – Manali with recommendations/reviews for DoW community members.

Manali in Winters

Manali in Winters


I am sure now you know how fun and wonderful it could be when visiting Manali in winters. Feel free to post any questions in the Ask A Question section of the website or using the ASK YOUR TRAVEL QUESTION form available below or even our community forums. I will look forward to hearing updates about your trip to Manali in winters. In the end, if you know a friend or family person who is making a trip to Manali in winters, please feel free to share this article with them as well 🙂

In the end, when making a trip to Manali in winters, do not forget to carry proper woolen clothes including thermals and jackets.

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  1. Nice article. I had a question. I am planning to travel now in Jan. How is the place for solo women travellers?

  2. Dear
    Infact we couple are planning to visit Manali on Jan 2nd. Would like to know how safe is Delhi Manali highway for both of us. We will be taking zoom car from Delhi or Chandigarh. Is it safe to drive or should we go by VOLVO from Delhi to Manali????. What you suggest by your expertise views.

    • In general, it is safe to drive but if you are just a couple, going by Volvo will be much cheaper and comfortable as well. So, I will suggest going by Volvo for a more comfortable trip and then hire a local taxi.

      • Dear
        Am more worried like if we take up a zoom car will we get affected by snow road blocks or something like that??? Any such incidents as per your knowledge on previous years??? Bcze for more privacy I would like to go with zoom car than Volvo. But if there is any problem I can change to Volvo itself as per your suggestion

        • It may be possible as around that time snowfall happens and in case the road is closed due to snow then yes, you will not be able to drive.

          However, if privacy is preference then you can go with Zoomcar. Also, if the road closes because of heavy snowfall then well, Volvo will be blocked too 🙂

        • Dear
          Is any sort of danger if we stay there while road us blocked??? As it’s a off season weather we will be almost alone or can we expect the somewhat crowd on dis days??? Sorry to bother you with lot of quires

        • Yes, there will be other folks as well. Also, the road closes very near to Manali, so in the worst case, you can drive back towards Kullu to stay at some hotel. As you will be traveling post new year eve, their won’t be too much tourist rush so hotel availability should not be an issue at all.

          No problems, you can ask as many questions as you feel comfortable. I am here to help only !!

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