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5 More Places to see Snowfall in Uttarakhand near Delhi

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Continuing on the series of "snowfall near Delhi", today I will share the third article which suggests five more places to see Snowfall in Uttarakhand. Winters have settled again in most parts of Himalayas like Himachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Ladakh, Kashmir, etc.. And also, it is time that many of the high altitude places like Leh – Ladakh, Spiti Valley, Lahaul Valley, Pangi Valley, Zanskar Valley, etc.. will go under hibernation for about next 5-6 months. However, having said that, the lower hills of Himachal, Uttarakhand and Kashmir will still be connected and becomes the favourable spots for lovers of Himalayas. This is especially true for the ones who are fond of snowfall or snow in particular 🙂 …

In these winter months of December, January and February, there are many places in Uttarakhand where one can see snow or snowfall near Delhi and I have already covered five of them in the last article linked below. In this article, I will share five more such places I know in Uttarakhand to enjoy snowfall 🙂 🙂 … Like I said in other articles, by saying “Near Delhi”, I mean the places which can be covered in 3 – 5 days of trip from Delhi at max or you can say long weekend trips from Delhi for seeing snowfall or snow. Beyond 3 – 5 days, there are more viable options I believe but let’s know some places where you can travel over long weekend from Delhi to see snow or snowfall.

1. Harsil (Sukhi Top) – Dharali

Harsil is about 14 Hrs of drive or 470 KMs odd from Delhi and located at an altitude of 2620 Mtrs (7860 Feet). It is about 25 KMs before Gangotri temple and just couple of KMs ahead of Harsil lies Dharali which is equally picturesque location as of Harsil but has a long market now. So, anything in between can be as good as it can get to be away from crowd. You can follow the route as Delhi – Rishikesh – Chamba – Uttarkashi – Harsil. You can reach Uttarkashi if that long drive does not suit you and from Uttarkashi, Harsil is about 70 odd KMs only. It is a cantonment area right on the banks of Bhagirathi river. The idol of the Hindu River Goddess Ganga (Ganges) is brought down from the shrine at Gangotri in the upper Himalayas after Diwali and kept at ‘Mukhba’ village near Harsil. It remains there throughout the winter when Gangotri is snowbound and inaccessible. You can read more about Harsil at the Wikipedia link here.

From December end, it starts snowing up there heavily around Harsil and beyond Harsil towards Dharali, Bhairon Ghaati and further towards Gangotri. So, you can find ample of snow in the region all round from December end to almost up to March and since, it is not the yatra time, perhaps one of the best time to visit this beautiful valley in Uttarakhand. Sometimes, you might not even reach Harsil as the region ahead of Sukhi Top sometime have too much of ice for the safe passage as vehicle tends to skid up there due to ice on roads. You can always inquire about road conditions before going in the winter months of January or February.

Snow at Harsil (Sukhi Top) – Dharali

Snow at Harsil (Sukhi Top) - Dharali, a place to enjoy Snowfall in UttarakhandPhoto Credit: Vivek Singh

2. Chaukori – Munsiyari

Chaukori is located in Pitthoragarh district of Kumaon region in Uttarakhand. It is located about 490 KMs from Delhi and takes about 14-15 Hrs of drive. It is not recommended to drive in a day from Delhi rather you do the drive in couple of days with first night halt at Nainital or Ramgarh / Mukteshwar. So, a four day trip is recommended and in case you want to extend to Munsiyari then adding a day more should be much better choice. Otherwise, if you OK with stretching drives then Munsiyari can also be done in four days. You can find snow up there at Chaukori in the month of January – February and in Munsiyari, you can find snow from late December to March types at least in the near by short hikes from Munsiyari..

Snow at Chaukori – Munsiyari

Chaukori - Munsiyari, a place to enjoy Snowfall in UttarakhandPhoto Credit: eUttranchal

3. Kausani

Kausani at an altitude of 1890 Mtrs, is about 85 Odd KMs from Chaukori back towards Delhi and 52 KMs from Almora. The route goes via Bageshwar – Baijnath from Chaukori in case you planning Chaukori – Munsiyari too with lovely views of Panchulli, Mrigthuni and Trishul alongside the road. It is a place which gives a feeling that time has just stopped there and you cannot stop ogling at the High and Handsome peaks in front. Of course, the time of Golden Glow Hour of Sunset / Sunrise at Trishul Peak is just too majestic… If you are interested then you can visit Anashakti Ashram, Lakshmi Ashram, Tea Gardens, Baijnath Temple which are among some of the tourists attractions around Kausani.

Kausani, also gets snowfall in the month of January and February, though it is not that frequent but it does get snow. So, if there isn’t much time on hands to make a trip to Munsiyari or Chaukori then you can make a 3 day trip to Kausani after inquiring about snow presence up there from KMVN 🙂 🙂

Snow at Kausani

Kausani, a place to enjoy Snowfall in UttarakhandPhoto Credit: Tripadvisor

4. Khirsu

About 380 KMs from Delhi ahead of Pauri (19 KMs), Khirsu is situated at an altitude of about 1700 Mtrs does get snowfall in the winter months of January and February. Hence, if you are looking for a quick 2-3 day trip to check snow near Delhi then Khirsu can be a quiet, secluded, calm, little place to enjoy some quality time in the lap of nature. In order to stay at Khirsu, you should check out Tourist Rest House and Forest Rest House.

Snow at Khirsu

Khirsu, a place to enjoy Snowfall in UttarakhandPhoto Credit: Rachna Society

5. Juda Lake – Kedarkantha Peak

You can find plenty of snow in the winter months of late December to March on a short trek towards Juda Lake. Further up from Juda Lake to Kedarkantha peak, snow can be found even in April types. Juda Lake is at an altitude of about 2500 Mtrs and is about 440 KMs from Delhi. You can follow the route as Delhi – Dehradun – Naugaon – Purola – Mori – Sankri. From Sankri Village, Juda Lake trek starts and is about 6-7 KMs in length. You can find ample of snow in winters on the trek itself so there is no need to do the entire trek and if you are keen on seeing a frozen Juda Lake then it takes about 2.5 – 3 Hrs to reach the lake from Sankri Village. Purola is the major town of this region and Sankri is about 50 KMs from Purola. So, on Day 1 you can reach Purola, rest for the day and next day start from Sankri, do the trek, play in snow and come back to Sankri and drive back to Purola or stay up there in basic guest houses in Sankri Village. Or on Day 1 itself, you can reach Sankri for a night stay, enjoy snow on the trek next day and then third day come back to Delhi. Keep in mind that Juda lake in itself isn’t that beautiful, so in case of absence of snow in summer months, it may prove disappointing in case you are not in love with trekking rather more love natural beauty.

Snow at Juda Lake – Kedarkantha Peak

Juda Lake - Kedarkantha Peak, a place to enjoy Snowfall in UttarakhandPhoto Credit: Vidur Mayor


Now, you know about these five MORE Places to Visit in Uttarakhand this winters to play with snow and I am sure that this have extended your list of seeing snowfall near Delhi along with the other articles of this series.

So, now I believe that the entire series of these four articles together, when published, will help you upgrade your travel bucket list to play in snow near Delhi in winters for next 5-8 years… Hence, stay tuned to DoW Facebook Page or Subscribe to our email to know when next set of articles is up & running 😀 :D…

If you happen to know any other such places in Uttarakhand where we can enjoy snow or snowfall near Delhi over a weekend trip of 3-5 days, please feel free to share them with us either below as comments OR you can post them under the DoW Community too. Sharing, will help all of us keep updating our bucket lists of travel in winters and keep enjoying in snow 🙂 :)…

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NOTE: Photo Credits with proper links have been given to the people whose pictures have been used as DoW strongly oppose Plagiarism. In case, any of the owners of these pictures feels that the proper credit with link is not enough, please send a mail or leave comment and I will remove the picture immediately and replace them from my known friends.

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  1. Gaurav Sahni on

    I am planning a hike to KK peak towards March end. Do you have a dedicated post on that or can you help me preparing an itinerary? Much appreciated. 🙂

  2. Madhumita Srivatsan on

    Hi! Thank you for the detailed information.. we are a group of 11 students from mumbai visiting munsiyari in may end. We are hoping to see /experience snow.. would we be able to? If yes where?

    The itinerary is as follows:
    20th may- reaching nainital
    21th may- bhimtal, naukuchiataal
    22nd may- towards Binsar
    23rd may- leave for munsiyari
    24th may- munsiyari
    25th may- to kausani
    26th may-kausani to Jim Corbett
    27th may- Corbett
    28th may- returning to Delhi
    Do guide us for our budget trip about hostels and travel vehicles.

    • Experiencing snow would be difficult in May. Munsiyari is a hub for lot of treks towards glaciers, though looking at your itinerary it doesn’t seem possible. However, May is a month when u can get wonderful views of snow capped mountains, you would surely get mesmerized with the place.

      Best would be to hire a 13-16 seater from Nainital and travel in it for your entire trip. From delhi you can book your tickets in Shatabdi which takes you to Kathgodam in about 6 hours. From Kathgodam station its 2 hours drive to Nainital. While coming back u can catch the same Shatabdi from Corbett to Delhi.

      Make sure you book your jungle safari in advance at Corbett as most of the entry gates are full and pre-booked.

  3. Dev prakash on

    Sir we are going to srinagar on 1st july by flight
    We have 5 days in hand can i get snow there or not

  4. hello can you help in planning my trip . i want to plan my visit in june 2nd week . can you let me know where can i find snow as my family would like to see

    • Manish, the only option to get some amount of snow, a bit dirty is at Rohtang Pass else you have to make a trip to Lahaul Valley and try Baralacha La pass

  5. Hi Dheeraj,
    Can u suggest me place to see snow fall nearby Delhi in Dec last week and first week of it safe to self drive. pls suggest
    thanks in advance

  6. Subramanya Udupa on

    Dheeraj: Greetings! We are from Bangalore planning to visit Kausani jan 26-jan 30 2017 – wanted to find out possibility of snow in the area at that time- Since most of our kids have never been to Himalayas we would like them to experience the snow n ice -If not in Kausani near to places can you recommend Regards

    • Usually Kausani has snow by that time of the year, not in abundance but yeah snow was also present when I went there up in December. It all depends upon when snowfall happens in Kausani and then it usually lasts for a week or couple in winters on roads and in woods. If you be lucky, you might experience snowfall itself during that time of the year. Well, if you want high possibility of going for snow only then better place will be Chopta – Deoriatal – Tungnath.

  7. Hi : cn i get the heavy snowfall places in uttrakhand and i planned wid my 5 friends at the end of dec 26 so wll u plz tll the names of placea whr i get the heavy snow fall

    • Sarvesh, there is above list of places I have already mentioned but heavy snowfall depends upon your luck I will say. There is another article which also enlists more places in Uttarakhand and Himachal.

  8. Joydip Mukhopadhyay on

    Hi…this is Joydip…wish to visit Munsiary during 1st fortnight of March-2017 with my family …my question is whether my daughters will be able to play with snow during that part of the year…Thanks in advance….Joydip from kolkata.

    • Joydip, it will be touch and go, I will lean towards slim chances of seeing and playing with snow during that time of the year at Munsiyari or in that region. If you want to play with snow then plan a trip to Tungnath – Chandrashilla.

  9. We are planning a family trip to Nainital-Kaushani- Ranikhet during 2nd week of jan 2017.I have 2.5 yr old kid.Can we see beauty of those places at that time? Please suggest me.

  10. jitender pratap on

    Sir as u informed me earlier that bharmour isnt possible in first or second weeks of jan , now i am contemplating munsiyari and chaukauri. Is munsiyari accessible by public transport at tht time .

    • Yes Jitendra, Munsiyari remains accessible in January as well. Only issue will be if you land there on a day when there is heavy snowfall then Kalamuni top can close down for a day or two.

  11. Thanks for the amazing info. I am planning to go to dehradun in July 1st week and then a 5 day trip near by. I dont think I will get snow anywhere at this time. What are the places that I should go.

    • You can try to cover Chakrata. But, there are heavy rain predictions now a days in Uttarakhand. For 5 days, chakrata will be boring. So, with hall the rivers in spate, I am not sure where to suggest a safe place to go in Uttarakhand.

  12. Kalyon Subbarao on

    Hi we want to travel in the month of April/May any of the above 5 places we can find snow….pointers plz..:-)

  13. Manab Nandi Roy on


    I would like to travel a place near Delhi at the end of March or in the 1st week of April, 2015 where I would like to get the snow and ice. My entire travel duration would be max. 5 days. I will visit with my wife and daughter (7 years). Can you please advise which place I should visit to get the snow? What’s the distance from Delhi?

    • Manab, it is better that you make a trip to Chopta – Tunganath Temple where there will be more chances of getting snow and the place is mototrable too up to Chopta.

  14. harsil is top of my fav destination list, its a real heaven. ppl must visit this place. its beauty is incomparable. btw great article dheeraj. keep posting.:-)

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