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Vaishno Devi Helicopter Services | Online Ticketing Starts and Fare Reduced


Tickets for the helicopter services running on Katra – Sanjichhat – Katra section for Mata Vaishno Devi can now be booked online. Further the fare has also been reduced from Rs 1,225 per passenger to Rs 699 per passenger from April 1, 2011. After confirming the ticket online you need to carry a valid identity proof such as PAN card, voter ID card, driving license, passport etc. I guess this will certainly help a lot more people (mainly physically challenged / unfit or old aged) to visit the holy place and surely is a very warm and welcome step by the Shri Mata Vaishno Devi Shrine Board (SMVDSB). Thanks to them for the same as perhaps now my parents can also try to attempt this divine pilgrimage.

You can use the following links to book your online tickets for Helicopter services of Mata Vaishno Devi –

Updates till Feb 2014:

  • 1. Fare increased to Rs 1039/- one way and Rs 2078/- to and fro from 01.04.14 as compared to Rs 800
  • earlier.
    2. Pawan Hans will no more operate from 01.04.14 , the contract is given to Himalyan Heli Services . from 01.04.14 Global & Himalyan will operate.

  • 3. For a new date reservation starts at 10.00 AM sharp instead of 00.00 hrs earlier.
  • 4. Cancellation of helicopter tickets is allowed now and it can be done till 7 days in advance and 50% amount is refunded.
  • 5. Online Yatra parchi is now free of cost ( earlier it was at Rs 50/-) and about 15000 parchies are open for booking everyday.
  • 6. Tickets can be booked 60 days in advance now.

Read More Below:

Shri Mata Vaishno Devi Shrine Board (SMVDSB) today launched an online reservation service for the pilgrims who availed of the helicopter service on the Katra-Sanjichhat-Katra sector.

Briefing Governor NN Vohra, who is the Chairman of Shri Mata Vaishno Devi Shrine Board, RK Goyal, CEO of the shrine board, said after pursuing a transparent bidding process the one-way passenger fare for the helicopter travel between Katra and Sanjichhat had come down from Rs 1,225 per passenger to Rs 699 per passenger from April 1 this year.

Expressing satisfaction over the significant reduction in the helicopter fares, the Governor hoped that a large number of senior citizens and physically challenged pilgrims would get an opportunity to avail of this facility, considering that the helicopter service was now available at a reasonable price. He called for an effective day-to-day monitoring of the helicopter operations.

Goyal stated that for the convenience of the pilgrims the board had further streamlined the procedure for ticketing of the helicopter services on the Katra-Sanjichhat-Katra sector.

He added that the passengers, who wished to avail of the helicopter services, could log on to the shrine board’s website ( and confirm an e-ticket after making the required payment.

The yatris could also avail of the on-line ticketing facility through the website of the two helicopter operators, viz, Pawan Hans Helicopters Ltd ( ) and Global Vectra Helicorp Ltd ( ).

Dr Mandeep Bhandari, Additional CEO of the board, clarified that a pilgrim possessing an e-ticket must carry a valid proof of his or her identity like a passport, PAN card, voter ID card, driving license etc., which bore the name and other particulars of the pilgrim to secure a hassle-free access to the heliports at Katra and Sanjichhat.

He advised all pilgrims, who intended to avail of the helicopter services, to secure a confirmed ticket before finalizing their travel plans.

Source: e-ticketing for helicopter services to Sanjichhat begins

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  1. Hi,
    I booked 5 ticket of Helicopter Sanjhichhat to katra. By mistake I selected Driving licence and insert voter Id card number for 2 passengers. Will there any problem by this and how can I correct this. My flight is on 18-08-2015. Please guide me.

    Thanks in advance.

    • pankaj marwah on

      Hi gaurav ; same problem happened with me too ; i called the shrine helpline no. The person incharged there told me on phone that it will be ok ……….
      Then to plz share your experience regarding this as when u board at boarding pass counter as u are travelling within next few days. I will b travelling in october.
      My email id is –

  2. tushar wason on

    Is chidren’ss Pram(foldable chair) allowed in helicopter to take with us ?.Children below 4 yrs age ?
    request prompt response.

  3. pritipatel on

    i had booked tickets for my parents but by mistake i have given my pan no wrong.but all id of my parents are correct. Any problem will occur?

  4. Vipin Rawat on

    May I get the helicopter tickets on the spot at katra on 2nd august 2015 for 04 person (My self – 44yrs, spouse – 40yrs, son – 13yrs and daughter – 10yrs.)??


  5. Vipin Rawat on

    Hello Sir,

    I am trying to get online helicopter tickets for tomorrow (2nd August) but some error is occurring again and again. why is it so??
    Actually V (my family – 04Person) are reaching Katra on 2nd August 2015 so please let me know that Mai I get the helicopter tickets at Katra ??

  6. sanjoy saha on

    My Name is Sanjoy Saha, My Group is 8 Person, 55 to 60 years 4 Person, 3 Years My Son, 26 Years my Wife & i am 34 years old, How Many Ticket is Buy in helicopter?

  7. Anshul Mundra on

    I have tried registering for helicopter service but I got the error of ISP already registered!

  8. Dear Dheeraj,

    First of all great to see your commitment in resolving people’s queries patiently. God bless.

    Can you advice that with helicopter booking we also get VIP lockers, if there is any? Just want to make sure we don’t waste time in queue for the lockers as we have same day return helicopter.

    Jai Mata Di

  9. Sumit Behl on


    I have booked helicopter ticket for me and my parents for 4th Sep 2015, My mother is a heart patient and weigh over 100 kgs. Just wanted to know will I get support for her to board the helicopter as she will have difficulty in doing that and we have returned ticket booked for 5 PM same day so will I get the VIP pass?

  10. S K Sharma on

    Sir, My Debit Card through which transaction has done for the Helicopter Service of Vaishno Devi is expired…and a new Debit Card of the same Account has been issued from the Bank.
    Will there be any problem in our journey??
    Please let me know…

  11. Anil Chandra on

    Sir..I have booked 4 return tickets of Katra-Sanjichat-Katra (Global Vectra) helicopter service which is for dated 29-06-2015 and return on dated 30-06-2015. Now,there being no accomodation available at Sanjichat and at Bhawan on 29-06-2015 for my family ……in the circumstances,I want to cancel my return one side journey ticket for the convenience of my family………Please advice

  12. Sir,
    I Want to register online tickets for helicopter service for 2 persons on 26 june 2015 after 2 pm. Could you tell me plz. Is service available for 26 june 2015.
    Thank u

  13. Vivek Verma on

    Hi Dheeraj,
    I have been trying to register myself to buy helicopter tickets but m not able to so please help me out how i can get myself registered and if there is another site from where i can get my bookings done?

  14. Hi Dheeraj,

    Actually i have booked the helicopter tickets for four members including myself in that, there is one female also but unfortunatily it has been booked as Male instead of female so please can you tell me that this can be managealbe there. All tickets are booked on my name and my details are right.

  15. Hi Deeraj,

    Thanks for all the above info, you are really doing good job. Jai Mata Di !!

    I am planning for my 1st trip with my family (10 persons) including my OLD parents.
    We are reaching around 6AM in Katra ( 30th sep)

    Like to know about weather around that time and what it the best way to start yatra (morning around 11 is good time?). Parents will go by helicopter (if weather permits) or horse and other members by walk.

    Also like to have any suggestion for this Yatra from you, this is my 1st Yatra.

    !! Jay Mata Di!!

    • Sachin during that time weather will be pleasant mostly with cool breeze in evening and morning. It will be fine to start in day as well though in case of sun it might feel hot too.

  16. Amit Kashyap on

    Hi Dheeraj,

    I have booked helicopyer seva for my family incl. elderly mother and 3 yrs old with same day return. Now my questions are:

    1) How to get VIP darshan pass and from where

    2) is 3 hours sufficient time to complete our darshan at Maa and bhairon baba and come back .

    Your reply would help to plan better..

    • Amit, along with ticket you will be alloted the VIP Darshan pass where queue will be short. Mostly it is sufficient but do not take more time for stops. Also, request the people who will alot you the return time slot if you can get an hour or so more for return.

      Jai Mata Di !!

      • We have booked online and along with the ticket receipt have not received any VIP Pass. Will it be given at the time of boarding the helipcopter.

      • sir, i booked helicopter ticket for my parent, myself and wife. as i have a doughter of 4 month old, is the ticket required for herself, will they permit to travel along with her

  17. Hi Dheeraj,

    I have booked the helicopter tickets for my uncle and his family for June 2015, the tickets are booked through my credit card. Is it compulsory to carry the original Credit card as I am in Bangalore and my Uncle family is in other part of the country, it is practically impossible for me to hand over the Credit card to them. Awaiting your early response.


    • Sunny, though it is required but not sure what happens if they ask for the card. I feel you can at least send a scanned copy of the card front with some NOC or application letter about its usage for purchasing tickets for them. Else get in touch with Help center in order to have surety on this one.

      Jai Mata Di !!


    My daughter will become 2 years 04 months when we are planing to book helicopter ticket, in this case should I have to book her helicopter ticket also ? Please confirm

    Tarun Bharti

  19. Kishan Pal Meena on

    we want to helicopter ticket for four member from katra to sanjichhat on 24/04/2015. This is very urgent please help us. jai mata di

  20. Friends – I have got Electronic Reservation Slip online for my family (wife with2 kids). Do I still need to get Yatra Parchi from Katra Yatra Parchi stand?


  21. vinod khanna on

    Jai Mata Di

    I would like to take my Parents for Darshan at Vshno Devi.
    If any body can help and tell me that Is there any facility like paid service so that my parents can go for darshan without standing in que.

  22. I am booking a trip for my family members and i want total 12 helicopters ticket. how to book? any suggestion..?

  23. Can u Pls provide me with the current fare (April 2015) of helicopter from katra to sanjhichat?

  24. Please can I get 3 tickets for 28th April (one way or return). I tried using website but it says your request is in queue and then no response.

  25. I am registering for user id and password but Its showing IP ADDRESS already registered .i even tried from some other laptop but still same problem is there .plz help

    • Swati, please try with some network which is not common, like something like dongle or ur phone only so that you have unique address. Someone might have registered with same Internet before.

      Jai Mata Di!!

  26. sujit kumar shaw on

    Plz help me, l need 4 ticket in 18-5-2015 2 adult and 2 child 1 child age 3.5month , and 1 child age 6.5 month pleace ticket fare is send plz reply to me its v v urgent sir. Katra to sanjhichat. One Side fare.

  27. rajesh kalra on

    I want two tickets from svdk to mandir date 19.03.2015 & my dauther age 4year 9 month pls cof the ticket jai mata di

    • Seema, please check on the official website. Tickets open only 30 days in advance, so you need to check the official website for booking in March for tickets of April.

      Jai Mata Di !!

      • jai mata di….
        Mr. sharma you are providing very good information, but i want to correct you that all types of tickets relating to shri mata vaishno devi shrine board are now open for 60 days in advance.
        jai mata di

        • abhi thank you for the update, I was not aware of this. I will update that in the article. Thanks again for the update.

          Jai Mata Di !!

  28. Prince Soni on

    Pls some one confirm is there ticket for 2 yr child accompanying parents in Helicopter from Katra to Sanjhi Chat

  29. Hi Dheeraj,

    I booked heli tickets for me and my parents, but I got it as next day return. Do I still get VIP Pass? If no, is there any provision to pay extra and get VIP pass for my parents ?

    Thanks a lot. Keep up the good work.

  30. If i have booked tickets on different time slots for 5 members…would that be possible to visit all together by adjustment with others

    • Rajendra, it is not mine official website, it is of Maa Vaishno Devi Shrine Board. Please read the article above. This article and website is my official website and here I only provide information related to traveling to Himalayas. There is no booking or tours that happen on this website of mine. It is just an information sharing travel portal / community for all the lovers of Himalayas. 🙂 🙂

      Jai Mata Di !!

  31. Ajay Hariyal on

    Sir I try many times to book my Helicopter ticket online but i am facing many problem in online book . they are give me some issue. Please solve this problem and revert me, how to book my helli. ticket.. Thanks

    • Ajay, only official website is the way to go. Please use some internet connection from which it has not been booked or registered a user before. Jai Mata Di!!

  32. sunanda das on

    We 4 person &1senior citizen&1 physically unable to go by feet want to book helicopter ticikets for 14th march 2015.plz let us know when & how we will book the tickets & fare in INR.

  33. Mangesh Gharat on

    Want to know the charge of return journey of helicopter for 2 adults & 1 kid @ 7 years + 1kid @ 1 year

  34. ankit soni on

    plzzzz help
    I want book helicopter tickets from katra to veshnodevi temple on 13|11|2014
    plzzzz help me….
    it’s very urgent

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