Delhi to Tirthan Valley, Himachal Pradesh – Travel Guide

Destination Point: Tirthan Valley

Situated besides the Tirthan River in Himachal Pradesh at an altitude of 1600 meters, Tirthan Valley is a gateway to the Great Himalayan National Park. A place where you can easily forget the world to relax and have loads of nature walks following one trail or the other, into the woods or  besides the river. You can amazingly feel the nature in pure bliss here. If nature walks are the thing you like or even Trout Fishing then just head Tirthan. There are a lot of treks ranging from 4-15 days even which an avid trekker can explore and reach as high as 4000 meters approximately. In all it’s an ideal place for camping, bonfires, playing music, getting together to know each other (helpful in team or relation building ;)), eating out, lazing etc. etc. and the list goes on to make it complete holiday destination.


Climate is nice and pleasant with temperature in summers being less than 24 degree Celsius and in winters the minimum temperature may fall below freezing point. Due to the flowing river adjacent to valley you will always feel the moist of it and lots of greenery add to that nice feeling.

Season to visit

Although it’s a very nice, quite, relaxed and pleasant place through out the year but of course during "Spring Season" it’s just amazingly beautiful. Fully loaded with apple orchards the beauty of Tirthan Valley gets ready to mesmerize any soul on earth. Do note that in winters the place gets very cold and vulnerable towards wildlife interference especially by the presence of Leopards and Bears in this area because snow at heights forces them to descend towards valley. In snow due to less amount of food on the mountains these leopards and bears are bound to attack, so be careful while having a walk in the woods. As per the past experiences of many people this valley will not disappoint you a bit from March to November and is considered the best time to visit if somehow you don’t get a chance in Spring season. Trout fishing season is from March to October and for that you need to take a daily license at Rs. 100 per person per fishing rod which is non-transferable.


Tirthan Valley is very much possible as a 3 day long weekend trip. To get the feel of it in entirety you can always add one more day to make it 4 and relax in the lap of nature to refresh yourself inside out or add a drive to Kasol – Manikaran as well.

Night – 1: Leave from Delhi in the evening and reach Tirthan early morning

Day – 1: Early morning arrival means sound sleep and rest for 5-6 Hours. Rest around the serene and calm Tirthan River and relax for the whole day. In the evening, may be enjoy a bonfire.

Day – 2: Walk in to the Great Himalayan National Park (GHNP) to see nearby waterfalls. I think there are two of them at little distance to each other and enjoy the dinner alongside river before having a sound sleep.

Day – 3: Relax till noon and leave for Delhi around 12 PM to reach around 11 PM. This will give you a sound sleep and you can join the office easily next day.

Optional Day 1: Drive to Jalori Pass from where you can trek to Serloskar Lake. On the way back have a meal at Sringi Vatika and as the food preparations takes time you can always walk down the river side to have some fun. You can add this day to make it 4 day trip.

Optional Day 2: Drive to Kasol and Manikaran and either come back to Tirthan same day for night stay or stay at Kasol only if going on the penultimate day of the trip so that you can leave towards home from Kasol only. You can add this day to make it 4 day trip.

Well to be on adventurous side on Day 3 you can leave early morning to follow this route and can cover the Option Day 1 with Jalori Pass. However, Serloskar Lake will not be possible. I will always prefer this route :) either while coming or while leaving.

Tirthan – Banjar (6 KM) – Shoja (20 KM) – Jalori Pass (24 KM) – Khanag – Ani -  Narkanda (114 KM) – Shimla (174 KM) – Kalka – Ambala (356 KM) – Delhi (544 KM)

Route to Jalori Pass is quite steep from Shoja side as compared to the other side i.e. Ani and Khanag which adds more pleasure to this adventure drive 😉

How to reach

By Air: Nearest Airport is Bhunter near Kullu from Manali side.

By Train: Chandigarh is the closest major Railway Station.

By Road: Possible route(s) to Tirthan Valley from Delhi by road are

Delhi – Ambala (188 KM) – Chandigarh – Roopnagar (282 KM) – Kiratpur – Bilaspur (371 KM) – Mandi (440 KM) – Pandoh – Aut (481 KM) – Larji – Gushaini – Tirthan (511 KM)

After reaching Aut just before the Jawahar Tunnel, take the right exit. (Caution::- Route is extremely scenic from here on ;)) You will reach Larji T-Point from where you need to take a right to reach Sai Ropa. At Sai-Ropa, if you head straight you will reach Banjar – Shoja but for Tirthan just follow the U-Turn from there towards Gushaini-Nagni (Tirthan). It takes about 1.25 Hr to reach Tirthan from Aut.

Buses (Volvo) also run from Delhi at 6 P.M. everyday from HPTDC Office, Janapath and reaches Aut next morning around 6 AM. From Aut you can get a taxi for around Rs. 400-600 with seating capacity of 5. Aut to Tirthan is about 30 KMs. While going back you can catch the bus around 7 PM at Aut and reach Delhi next morning by 7 A.M.

An alternate but long route is,

Delhi – Ambala (188 KM) – Kalka – Shimla (370 KM) – Narkanda (430 KM) – Ani – Khanag – Jalori Pass (520 KM) – Shoja (524 KM) – Banjar (538 KM) – Tirthan (544 KM)

Road Conditions

On the way from Delhi till Aut roads are pretty much in great shape being a highway and from Aut roads are narrow in but in good conditions. In the entire route there are one or two rough patches so that you never loose your concentration 😉

Preferred Vehicles

Best way is to take your car bike and hit the road as there is no such speciality required in the vehicle be it 2X2 or 4X4. You can take it as long as its engine runs :D.


1. Sai Ropa FRH could be the good option to stay, if possible.

2. Raju Bharti’s Guest House (Phone Number: 09418149808 (01903-225008 not sure of this one if it is working or not)) which is extremely famous with tempting food as per majority of people who stay there. It is surely the best place of stay in Tirthan Valley

3. Himalayan Trout House which is expensive but a nice place to stay. Check the complete review at DoW Himalayan Travel Community: Himalayan Trout House – Complete Review

4. Riverside Resort right at the banks of the river is getting some attention now a days. Check my review at River Side Resort, Tirthan Valley | Hotel Review

5. Shringi Vatika at Ghiyagi a little away from Tirthan: It is a homestay kind budget accommodation but with great service and reputation. River is a little hike down and it is a bit away from Tirthan (about 10 odd KMs, if I am not wrong). Contact Person: Pammi 09318813178 / 09459106728 / 09218201598

Things to Carry

The place is all famous for Trout Fishing. If you are a read freak you can carry books, if you like to play take a volleyball, if you play music take the instruments with you, if you like to chat just go there and open your chatterbox around a bonfire with your mates, if you like to fish take your fishing kit with you or you can get there as well etc etc… The destination is ideal for anything that makes you feel relax from the day to day life, so go and enjoy to the fullest.

Around Tirthan Valley

Great Himalayan National Park: Get the feel of a nature park by walking till the inner entrance and I feel permissions are required for the entrance on daily basis.

Waterfalls: There are two lonely waterfalls around an hour walking distance with higher one being more than 50 feet high. Both of them are very shortly separated from each other and are on the same walking trail.

Jalori Pass : Jalori Pass, at an altitude of 3120 meters, is one of the steepest passes to drive in Himachal separating Kullu valley and Shimla Valley. You need to cover almost 2500 meters in less than 25 KMs to reach the top . You can have a meal at Shringi Vatika on the way back. Well this place is covered with snow from December end till March end.

Serloskar Lake: 5 KM from Jalori pass there is one lake which you can easily prefer to visit for a small trek.

Bachelo Pass: 15 KM en-rotue Bathaad, you can also visit this lonely pass that remains well covered with snow from December to February.


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Article Last Updated on 1st November 2014

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  1. Tarun Jain on

    Hi Dheeraj,

    We will be visiting Tirthan valley in June. Going by Tempo Travellers as we are a big group. Going from Jalandhar to Tirthan Valley what is the best route suggested by you and approximately how long will it take.

    I heard there is congestion at some stretches on the way which should be avoided. Please advise.

    • Tarun you can either take the route from Hoshiarpur – Amb – Nadaun – Hamirpur – Bhota – Mandi – Aut – Tirthan OR Hoshiarpur – Bangana – Barsar – Bhota – Mandi – Aut – Tirthan.

  2. Alok Sharma on

    Hi Dhiraj,

    I have been visiting HP for a long time now, the condition of the mail road connection Mandi is horrendous, it is beyond words and it’s shameful that no one seems to be doing anything, I took the longer Una-Jahu route while going. but unfortunately tried the main route back. It is dis-heartening, shameful this is the road that is supposed to bring the tourists and the peak season is just round the corner, to a state which relies on the revenuers from tourism. and look what they have made it. can’t even maintain one road.

    I am personally going to boycott going to HP and would try to discourage as many as possible. I know would not make much of a dent, but this is my way of saying this is enough.

  3. Hello Mr. Dheeraj

    First of all thanks a lot for such a useful site. We are planning are honeymoon trip in month of May and want to visit unconventional places of Himachal. Is Tirthan valley good place for honeymoon? Will you suggest to go there? Please advise us any other off-beat romantic place of Himachal if this place is not good for this purpose.

    We will reach Delhi on 16th May at 12 Noon and have return flight on 23rd May in the Evening. so we have round 8 days. Kindly let us know what will be the best place for us.


  4. Rajat Jain on

    Some of really nice and helpful articles by you.
    If we go to Tirthan around 3rd of April will we be able to drivw to Jalori Pass? if not, then to Kasol?
    Please reply soon.

    • Rajat, there is 50:50 chance of driving to Jalori during that time of the year. I have a gut feeling that it will be closed because of such massive snow in March. Otherwise, Kasol will always be accessible :)

      • Thanks man:). We are also thinking of going to Kinnaur. I know wrong thread : D but will we be able to drive to Nako?

        • Rajat, last year I did trip to Spiti Valley in the last week of March and road conditions were horrible. It remains similar every year due to snow melting causing snow slides as well as landslides. This year too nothing much is changed, a friend of mine who went there posted his experience on the DoW FB Page how he remained stuck for first 7-8 days between Nako and Reckong Peo.

          So, higher risks are associated while driving ahead of Powari during that period of time since glaciers / snow melts and comes down in the form of snow slides in these months. If you love adventure and ready to take such risks, then you should be able to drive.

          This is not to scare you bro, rather just make you beaware of what can be expected.

      • Hi Dheeraj,

        Thanks so much for the useful write up. We’re planning a trip to Tirthan in May. We booked ourselves on the Delhi to Aut Volvo as you suggested above, but are having trouble finding a bus back from Aut to Delhi. RedBus doesn’t have any buses along that route. Is there a different station that runs buses back to Delhi? Any help would be appreciated. Many thanks!

        • Hello Preetika,

          There is no bus from Aut to Delhi or Delhi to Aut. You need to book the volvo coming from Manali and mention your pickup point as Aut tunnel exit or Bhuntar to be on safest side. You can hire a taxi from Tirthan which will drop you at Bhuntar and you can carry on further from there in that volvo :)


  5. Hi Dheeraj,
    I have 3 questions.
    1. Is the bus service still active from Delhi to Aut ? We are planning to go to Tirthan in mid Jan by the bus service you mentioned.
    2. Considering that we don’t have our own car, how can we reach from the Aut bus drop off point to Raju Guest House ?
    3. Which of the accommodations from your list has the best location ? We are planning a trip purely for photography and more specifically night photography. So nice views are what we are looking for.

    As usual, great write up and thanks in advance :)

    • Hi Shrikant,

      A happy new year to you and your family !!

      1. Yeah, the bus service runs from Delhi to Manali, you can drop out at Kullu or Banjar or Aut, the place of your choice.
      2. Book a taxi from Kullu or bhuntar taxi stand else ask at Raju’s Cottage to arrange a pickup for you from Aut.
      3. Raju Bharti is best located and is one of the best places to stay in entire Himalayas IMHO.

      Dheeraj Sharma
      PS: Sorry for the late reply, I was on a trip to Kumaon, Uttarakhand for the last 8-9 days.

  6. Hi….I have made booking with raju’s cottage.. For last week of January :- 24,25,26… But I am still wondering, like would that be too cold to go out and enjoy there or what .. ? Suggestions please ..

  7. Thanks for your response Dheeraj.
    I have a total of 5 days including Sunday the day we leave from delhi. We will be in Rajus cottage for 3 days. bookings for further days are full. Had called a place in Shoja… but they were closing for winters. So am confused which place will be accessible and worth staying during that time after Rajus cottage
    I have booked a place in manali after tht for 2 days… but am not tht interested as its too commercial.
    Will Shoja be open then? if so where can i stay ?

    Thanks again!

    • Samir, did you check with Raja Guest House at Shoja if they are open or not? Otherwise, you can spend couple of days in Kasol or Naggar as well. Barot is 3-3.5 Hrs away from tirthan Valley too, so if you like then you can go and stay up there as well.

  8. Hi Dheeraj. Nice article & you have been realy helpful to all.
    I guess my turn now :)
    I will be driving to Tirthan on Jan 1st week. I just want to ask what could be the other good/beautiful, possible & approachable places for stay and visit both from tirthan especially in Jan. Am nt sure if Jalori will b open then.. ifit is then which places also if not which other places I culd go & enjoy a memorable stay.
    Not a commercial place but a nice quiet place with a view etc :) say within 60 – 70 km

    Ur suggestions will b really helpful :)

    • Thanks a lot Samir :)

      You can club Shoja with your trip to Tirthan Valley. Jalori will not be open but up to Shoja I guess you may be able to reach due to heavy snow, if not you may need to park your vehicle on road and walk to Shoja. Ask for the road conditions at Tirthan or Banjar.

      How many days do you have? I guess if you have 3-5 days, best to is to sit and relax in Tirthan and enjoy some hikes in GHNP and make a visit to Shoja.

  9. Hi Dheeraj,

    A friend and I are travelling to Tirthan on 4th Jan. We are staying there for 2 days and then wanted to go to Shoja. Any place that you recommend where we can stay? And how do you think the weather will be?

    • Hi Dheeraj,

      can we go to Tirhan vally in last week of december 2014. Will we get any snow over there,can we go jalori pass during that time.We ahve 2 year kid with us.What is the best place to get snow in month of December last week.

      • Kapil, there should be snow up there at Jalori pass by that time of the year. Just go prepared with heavy woolens and prior booking in one of the limited stay options available in that holiday week of the year.

  10. Hi dheeraj,

    we went to Tirthan valley and returned back yesterday . I cnt express in words how was the trip , it was totally amazing and memorized trip , totally safe valley , and Raju bharti guest house is the only resort who made our holidays wonderful , such a lovely family god bless them always , they r very very helpful and food omg food was out of the world so delicious and healthy , nd how can i forgot those loyal dogs , wherever we go they escorted us evry where. very smooth journey very secluded place so so good . we r going again in Apr .

    Thanks for information you r doing such a lovey job by well guiding people lyk this .

    • Ritu, glad to know that you had wonderful experience. Raju Bharti Guest House is a place where people forget about everything and gets addicted not only to the place but also the magical hospitality that family offers everyone :)

    • Ur comments have inspired me to visit this place this weekend. However no one seems to ans the phone. How much is the room tariff?

  11. Kul Bhushan Chauhan on

    very nice information dear. after seeing this, want to go there with friends. plz suggest if going in december is gud enough and if we go by volvo.

  12. Hi Dheeraj, I am planning to visit himachal with my husband from Jaipur for 3-4 days. What are the best places to visit in himachal? And how should we plan our trip? TIA.

    • Monika, please check the Travel Guide of Tirthan Valley which you can visit for 3-4 days and it has a plan too which can be followed skipping a day from it.

  13. Dear Dheeraj,

    We are planning a trip in October from 2nd till 5th, but I am bit concerned about security looking at the condition of J&K and some instances of HP near Shimla. Can you please suggest will it be a good idea to move during this time, especially road condition and weather.

    Thanks in advance.

    Anuj Jain

    • Anuj, if you planning Tirthan Valley, in general October is a safe month to travel. But, every day travel as its own associated risks which no one can deny. So, I cannot ascertain but in general weather remains good in October.

      • I went in peak monsoons (last month) and the roads were perfect except Khanag where landslide happened. I went via Shimla and the roads were perfect. The road where landslide took place was fixed within 6-7 hours. So you can take that route.

        • Thanks Dheeraj and Tushar,
          I was bit concerned looking at the condition going in J&K.

          @Tushar: can you please update me on the route taken by you and any alternative if available in your know how, as I would be driving myself.

        • Anuj, there are only two routes to travel to Tirthan Valley and both have been detailed out in the above article. You can enter from one and exit from the other.

        • Hi Tushar/Dheeraj
          I am planning to visit Tirthan Valley on 29 Nov2014.We follow Shimla-Narkanda-Jalori Pass route. I have a Ford figo and we are 4 adults and 2 kids.
          Let me know the road condition whether it is advisable to follow this route. (I am more interested in this route because of more sceneric view)

          Many Thanks in Advance

        • Manish, you must check the road conditions or road closure at Jalori Pass before you take that route. Snow has started falling on high altitude places and it may be possible that Jalori Pass also gets snow though the road in general up there closes post mid of December but still before venturing do recheck the latest road update.

      • Hey Dheeraj, Will we get some snow at Jalori pass or will be able to to see peaks covered with snow,Also will it possible to visit sarahan from Trihan vally and how long will it take,raod conditions etc , also will we be able to see snow there near sarahan at first week of oct

        • Hi Kapil,

          Sorry for the late revert. No you will not see any snow at Jalori pass. However, now the monsoons are almost over so you will not face any problem at Khanag. Please be sure that you have expert driving skills because it is not easy to drive at Jalori pass. The road is muddy and the car skids a lot. Make sure to drive in first gear :)

        • Yup, very importantly to drive in first gear, both ascending where choice for you will be limited but need to take more care while descending so that braking is controlled by first gear itself and you put less pressure on brakes.

        • Thanks Tushar/Dheeraj for the reply, In last holiday on 2-5th oct I went to Chakrata, palce was nice but did not see any snow caped peaks due to foggy weather.I am planning to go somewhere in last week of december.Pleaes suggest a good place where I can play in snow, I ahve a 2 years daughter with me also,
          Please suggest should I prefer to Narkanda/Dagu/Cahil and sarahan or I should go to Ranikhet/Mukteshwer/Kausani/Mynushari

          I have been to narkanda/fagu/Ranikhet/Kauani in month of june and october.

          or any other place you may want to suggest.

  14. Hi Dheeraj,

    I am leaving for Tirthan on 14th Aug night from Delhi. 2 months back I went to Kasol via Mandi and the road was really really bad. I am thinking of going to Tirthan via Shimla. Till Narkanda the roads are pretty fine (I have gone there several times). Overall I guess roads via Shimla will be better. Can you help me to decide which route to take? Mandi one or Shimla one?


    • Tushar, you can take Shimla route but again Jalori will not be that easy though less hectic as compared to pot holes of Mandi – Swarghat stretch. There is another longer route too that goes from Kiratpur – Nangal – Una – Bhota – Rewalsar – Mandi or Bota – Jahu – Ner Chowk. These are longer routes but fabulous roads mostly.

      • Thanks Dheeraj. I have driven to Sangla and Chitkul, so I am pretty confident of driving via Jalori pass. The potholes of Mandi road drive me insane 😛

        Highly appreciated your quick revert :)

        • O yes, those Potholes plus truck traffic is surely insane. Do give a try to Mandi – Bhota – Una road too while coming back, no traffic, butter smooth roads.

  15. Debojyoti Dey on

    One more Question how much time required to reach Chandigarh/Kalka from Gushaini by a suv ??

  16. Debojyoti Dey on

    We are 8 people planning for a family tour. Our itanery is Chindi (2N), Shoja (1N), Tirthan Valley (2N). We shall visit Raghupur Garh on the way to Shoja, Next day first visit Sarolsar Lake the to Tirthan Valley. Is it good ? if not please suggest a better plan

  17. Hi there. Ammazing article and seriously a bliss for people on a look out for an off beat destination.
    I was planning to visit Manali (3 nights, 4 days) on 15th August with my family (parents in the age group of 50-60). But, after going through your article, I have fallen in love with this place. Would it be a good idea visiting this place during August (considering the rains). Also, if the worst happens (rains continuously), would we be totally confined to our rooms? If so, would it still be worth it ?

    Thanks in advance ! :)

    • Yes Mrigank, in case of rains you will be confined to rooms only. I am not really in love to suggest hills in monsoons unless you are one of those travelers who understand the risks and are OK with situations of being confined to the rooms, some monsoon hassles like road/traffic movement disruptions due to landslides or increase in water level in rivers. Rains do enhance the beauty of greenery and clouds of course hover as if it is another heaven but there are risks and one must understand, be ready to take them if they plan travel in hills during monsoons.

      • Hi Dheeraj Sir..firstly let me thank you for such a wonderful and meaningul service that u r offering..ur insights r really to the point n have resemblance with reality..
        Ok now first suggest me..Kasol or Tirthan valley?
        2N/3d trip…15th August – 17th August..if kasol, then I would stay at thr Himalayan Village…heard a lot about no idea abt tirthan…let me Jus give u a hint which wud be pivotal in ur recommendation to me…I am going with my fiance, we both love nature, and we would love to do a trek for about 2-3 hrs with a guide..And yes there should also b some cafes, restaurants n small market place I guess it wud help!!!

        • Sumit, I think this is already discussed in DoW Community and answer is Kasol since you want cafes, restaurants. Else Tirthan is also fine but food will only be at hotels or guest houses.

  18. Hi, me and my friends are planning to visit Trithan Valley on 25th July (4 days ahead). Let me know, if it is a good time to visit. Thanks!!

    • Bharati, though the rains have started hitting the region. Please check the weather forecast and then head out as you will not like yourself to be confined to the rooms only.

  19. Hii…me and my frnd decide to visit trithan balley culd u pls tell me the rajus cottage expensive fr 4 days

  20. Tirthan valley in mid July

    Hi Dheeraj, we are looking at 3-4 days in Tirthan valley around the second week July.
    Do you think it is a good time to go there or are we likely to be confined to our rooms in the heavy rains ?


  21. Nupoor Desai on

    Dear Dheeraj

    We are going to dharamshala for 2 nights before heading to Tirthan-Raju’s guest house. Any recco’s for homestay options in or around dharamshala? Or near McLeod ganj if needed?
    How is the route from dharamshala to Tirthan?


  22. Hello Dheeraj,
    Very impressive post :) . I want to know if a visit to Tirthan valley and a stay at the riverside resort will be safe for women travellers? And how would one travel to nearby places if we don’t have a car? Do the hotels provide taxis?
    I would really appreaciate your help.

    • Reema, yeah it is completely safe in general. I will suggest that you first check with Raju’s Cottage and if it is available then close your eyes and go with it. Amazing place to spend time. He is a pioneer in hospitality. For traveling to near by places, you can get taxi from Banjar, hotel guys should be able to arrange one for you.

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  24. Vishal Sharma on

    Dear Dheeraj, Thanks for all valuable information. Apart from all these i would like to ask about medical facilities around as i have a small daughter 3 months old shall i carry her along is it safe?

    • Oops, 3 months old daughter and you are traveling :( :( … Well, in general I do not recommend people to travel with such small babies. Well, babies as 3 months old does not develop all organs fully and it is not a good option to travel with small babies of such age group, IMHO. Regarding medical facilities, there is a hospital at Banjar Village about 25-30 minutes drive from Gushaini/Nagini. Then Kullu and Mandi both are about 2-2.5 Hrs of drive from Tirthan Valley where much bigger hospitals are available.

  25. Hi,

    I am planning to drive with my family from Delhi during the last week of this month to tirthan valley. I have booked with ‘Tirthview’ for stay during my time here.
    However, could anyone suggest a place for pit-stop while we are driving from delhi, except the obvious ones like shimla, chandigarh. We don’t plan to drive till there the whole way(non-stop), so wanted to know of places where we can stop and rest for the day and leave for tirthan the next day. Is Mandi a good option and would it be too much of a diversion if we go there on our route to tirthan??

  26. Naturebuff on

    Hi Dheeraj,

    Could you give any reviews on the Camp Himalyan in Tirthan Valley? How good are they? I have managed my bookings with Khem Bharti but wanted to see if I could spend a couple of days here at this camp too…??

    • I am just back from Tirthan last late and again MUST say that nothing beats Raju Bharti Guest House if one can find the booking :) … We enjoyed to a great extent and hospitality was awesome too. No idea about these camps, never stayed at them.

      • Naturebuff on

        Not early enough for a booking availability at Raju Bharti…. hopeully Khem bhai will be good too:-)

        • Naturebuff on

          Also, what would the temperatures be like in the end of this month?? Comfortable? Cool? Or a light jacket would be required?

        • We took light woolens and needed it for sure as it rained there. Hence, light woolens should be carried for night or early morning walks or in case it gets overcast.

  27. @dheeraj I have visit tirttha n lasat year n enjd a lot .n seeking ur advice forbnew place. Not crody pls advice

  28. hi, i am planning a trip to himachal with college friends, odd counting 12. We want to hire a 12 seat traveler. We recently went to kasauli and corbett, now we want to do some camping on our own. we have double occupancy tents and all. We do want to see Trithan Valley and places around. I want it to be 6-7 day trip from delhi. Please tell as some good campsites over there and what all places should we visit where we can camp. its like we want to travel in day time and camp by evening. Drive and camp kind of thing. Please suggest a timeline and things to be kept in mind as it would be our first camping trip.

    • Vinayak, I do not have much idea about how you will be able to setup camps up there. You will need assistance from local operators or hotels which can allow you to pitch camps in their area or if you planning to trek short in Great Himalayan national Park then as well you need professional assistance. Since, this is your first camping trip, so you will need assistance and for trekking in GHNP, as I have not done it so will not be able to make any comment.

  29. Hey Dheeraj,

    I read your article and it helped a lot but I’m still very much confused about how to get to Tirthan Valley from Delhi by Bus. Also how does one get to Kasol from Tirthan Valley? Do buses run from Kasol to Delhi? Do you recommend Kasol for a day or 2?

    • Shreya, had the same questions..Dheeraj has answered the query about the can get a bus from Delhi to Aut..from Aut, you can take a taxi – it’s an hour and a half to Tirthan river…..I spoke with Christopher at the Himalyan Trout house and he said Kasol is about 3 hours from Tirthan…..I’ll wait for Dheeraj’s recommendations on the Kasol idea

    • Shreya, you can take the bus from Delhi to Manali, get down at Aut or Bhunter and get a taxi back to Tirthan Valley. If you are going from Kasol, you need to come to Bhunter first from where you will be able to find taxis for yourself or buses to Banjar town. From Banjar town, get a shared taxi or private taxi to Gushaini. Yes, there must be buses that running between if not Kasol, then Manikaran, else like I said, get down at Bhunter and get a shared taxi or bus to Kasol – Manaikaran from there.

  30. Hi Dheeraj,

    Thanks for the wonderful write up.

    I am doing a 7D/6N trip to Himachal in early June. Itinerary is 2N around Shimla/Chail. Then reach Tirthan via Jalori pass and stay 2N at Gushaini. Later proceed to Manali and stay 2N there. Will Jalori be open at this time given the rains? Is it advisable to book a taxi for the entire trip? If so, can you suggest some reliable operators?


    • Sampat, Jalori Pass is already open. Hence, no worries at all. Yes, it is better to book the taxi for entire trip. I will suggest to take the taxi after landing there in Shimla. Your hotel guy will be able to help you with it. Plus you will have the advantage of seeing the taxi first before booking it.

      • This is very helpful’re doing a great service to humanity :) had a couple of questions please – my wife and I are travelling from Delhi..we plan to take a bus to Aut and then taxi it to long will our entire journey be? Also if we want to visit Kasol, what’s the best way to do that and how far is it? We intend to get to Tirthan on May 1st and head back to Delhi on May 3rd

  31. Dr. Khurana on

    hey bro I have planned 4 nights in manali and 2 nights are in spare . suggest me some place except shimla. honeymoon destination it should b bit cooler than shimla. and should b preferable for honeymoon couple

  32. Hey Dheeraj,
    It seems very useful site.

    I want spend around 10 days in an isolated, less crowded Himalaya. I want to do a lone trip. I have no experience of such trips. Also I don’t have any experience of bike trip. Want your guidance.
    I will be grateful for your help.


    • Avnish, you are inexperienced in bike rides to Himalayas and then also you plan to travel less crowded places in Himalayas. I will suggest first try and visit some tourist places on your bike in lower hills of Himachal and Uttarakhand. Then make some big plan like this for rest of the Himalayas.

  33. plz help me..
    we are newly married couple from karnataka(bangalore).we planning to visit shimla,kufri,kullu,himalayan national park,manali,rohtang pass,lahul and siti,tirthan river,sangla,bhakradam,suraj tal,uhl river, kangra, dharmshala,dalhousie khajjiar etc
    my doubts are
    1)we are only two it is safe or not visit to these places.
    2)15-20 days trip plan in march
    3)which is best-hire a taxi or through buss.
    4)if taxi is better to bus how much money need to taxy.
    5)suggest me other good place to visit

    • Pradeep, you cannot do all these places in the month of March and taxi for 20 days of trip would be very very costly. I will suggest it is Honeymoon for you so better travel less and spend quality time more rather traveling between so many distant places. You can opt for one of the circuit, may be Shimla – Kinnaur one OR Manali and around OR Dharamshala – Mcleod Ganj – Chamba – Khajjiar – Dalhousie one.

      • Dheeraj Thanx for the reply.but i confused about which one circuit is BEST for us-Shimla – Kinnaur OR Manali and around OR Dharamshala – Mcleod Ganj – Chamba – Khajjiar – Dalhousie.plz suggest me

  34. Hi Dheeraj!
    Read your amazing article last year about Tirthan and have been trying to make plans to go there since then…Finally going there this April 13 to 16th.
    Just wanted to know how the weather will be, and if I need to take any prior permits for walking into the GHNP? I’m planning to do just light hiking and maybe camp one night in the GHNP. Also I’m a bit confused on how to make bus bookings from Delhi to Aut and back…Are buses a reliable option for this route as self driving may become expensive for us.
    Have already booked the accommodation at Raju’s Guest House. Your inputs would be much appreciated!
    Thanks :)

    • Aanchal, weather should be pleasant but cannot be predicted by we mortal souls, but in general it should be fine in April. I think you will need permits for GHNP but for light hiking, it can be avoided. Raju should be able to help you out on it. Well, better book the HPTDC or HRTC Volvo between Manali – Delhi and get down at Aut or Bhunter and then arrange a taxi from there. Raju can also send the taxi for you.

      Also, can you please validate the Raju Bharti’s number as mentioned in this article? Is it same you used or different?

      • Hi, thanks a ton for your help.
        I have been in touch with Varun from Raju Guest House on Facebook, and the no. he has given me is 9459833124.

      • Hi Dheeraj,
        Hows the road for driving the car to thirthan valley from delhi… I have been a couple of time to hills like nainital and shimla… do you advice me to drive or a taxi…??

        • Well, the road from Bilaspur – Kiratpur is like full of potholes and bad with mess traffic of trucks. After and before that it is fine to travel but those 3 odd hours will test your patience to limits 😀 … Better take the taxi or if you want drive from Bilaspur route one way and come back from Jalori Pass route if you are into adventure drives. Else hire a taxi and take any of the route.

  35. Puneet Asthana on

    Hello Dheeraj, I am planning to go to Tirthan on March 15-17 via Jalori Pass. Wanted your help if Jalori will be open at this time and will it be a feasible and saft option to take that route.

  36. arpit sharma on

    Hi Dheeraj,

    It was a pleasure reading your review. I could actually feel like I was there only.

    I need your suggestion. I and my friends ( total 7 : 3 females 4 males ) are planning to go to Himachal pradesh on the 27th Dec night and return on 30th Dec evening. We will be driving an Innova and I am experienced in Hill driving, so driving will not be a problem.

    We need to go to a place which is not crowded like other hill stations, it should be very quiet and scenic at the same time.

    Your advise will be highly appreciated.

    • Hello Arpit,

      Thanks a lot. I see you have 4 days in hand. I will suggest following places for you and seeing the pictures around, you can take a call.

      1. Tirthan Valley (you already know from above article): Here the accommodation is less in number, check with River View immediately to get going if you are planning here. Jalori Pass will have loads of snow too which you can enjoy as a day trip from here.

      2. Barot + Bir/Billing. Enjoy the quiteness around this lovely remote village of Himachal
      3. Chindi + Karsog + Chail as a trip. Again lovely quite place up there ahead of Shimla, plus you can enjoy a bit of crowded culture while return via Shimla.

      I hope this helps. Please let me know in case you have any queries or doubts.

      Dheeraj Sharma

      • arpit sharma on

        Hi Dheeraj,

        We have finalised Tirthan for the trip and talked to River side resort. I need your help in fixing the tariff. we are booking three rooms, what are your views on the tariff. How much should we ideally pay for a room. As in what is the best deal including breakfast and all?

        Thank you for all your support.


        • Arpit, talk to Anirudh and refer my name or DoW. I am sure he will offer the best he can for you. A lot of people visit there through DoW and I am sure he will not disappoint the loyalty of DoW Readers :)

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  38. Dear Dheeraj. I have visted teerthen already wid ur advice…n i enjoyed alot dere over dere…n i m alsa wnn be dere again in winter also…pls suggest. Me be dere when da snofall begun dere..i am. Carzy to be dere n to live in River side resort…….waiting in ur adviceee..

    • Hello Gurinder,

      Well, you can visit the place again but the beauty will not be same as that of summers or spring because the greenery will be gone by that time of the year. But, still good to visit :) … It does not snow in Tirthan and for that you will need to visit Jalori Pass or Shoja to experience snow.


  39. Hi Dheeraj!

    I am planning a 4 day trip to Himachal in Nov with my friend..I would start out from Delhi on 22nd Night for Gushaini (heading to Raju’s).. would like to spend a day there and move to it worth doing both places? Where could I stay in Kasol..any safe/budget option by the river? Also, what is the Gushaini landscape beautiful..are places like Bathad/Sairopa/Larji worth seeing? Because,if that were the case,then I may as well stick around in Tirthan valley..please help!

    • Akanksha, since you have 4 days in hand it is better to relax in Tirthan Valley only. Bathad/Sairopa/Larji are all just villages nothing special in them, they are there to indicate the directions of the route. It is actually Tirthan Valley, walks in the GHNP, may be day visit to Jalori Pass, Serloskar Lake is what be sufficient for 4 days in Tirthan.

      Also, by November, tirthan will be brown landscape not much greenery but a peaceful place to spend time.

      PS: Sorry for delayed reply as I was traveling Ladakh for last couple of weeks.

      Dheeraj Sharma

  40. Ankur Mittal on

    Hi Dheeraj,

    I am planning to go to Tirthan Vally at the end of Dec, Somewhere around New Year… Is it good to go, How will be the weather during the time.

    • Weather will be cold at that time of the year and beauty will be brown and rough around too. If you want to enjoy at a peaceful location, then it shall be fine.

      PS: Sorry for delayed reply as I was traveling Ladakh for last couple of weeks.

      Dheeraj Sharma

  41. Alok Sharma on

    I am planning to go to the Tirthan valley In couple of weeks time. This would be my first trip to the place so looking forward to your suggestions and advice.

    I would be going with my Family, Wife and kid, 2 years old. What is the best place to stay in and around GHNP ? from what i have gathered Tirthan valley is the last motor able place and has some good options, really looking for advice in this regard.

    What all places can be visited ( cannot be too adventurous with a small kid ). My plan is to visit some nearby places in and around GHNP and possibility a small trek into the national Park and Looking forward to fishing in the Tirthan river sand catching some trout

    From what i understand, We need to get permit to enter the national park and for Fishing as well . what is the cost for that and Where can we get that from. how far inside the park can we go along with the family and what are the accommodations inside the park.

    I am really looking forward to visiting the place. and enjoy the serenity.

    Thanks in advance


    • Alok, kindly refer the above article and it has all the required details regarding sightseeing + accommodations. It has links to reviews of accommodation places.

      • Alok Sharma on

        Hi Dheeraj,

        Thanx for the reply, I have booked River Side Resort after reading your detailed review ( pfft Himalayan Trot House was a bit expensive as well).

        I have made a tentative itenary based on your suggestions

        Night – 1: Leave from Delhi in the evening and reach Tirthan early morning

        Day – 1: Early morning arrival rest for 5-6 Hours. Some fishing in the River and In the evening, may be enjoy a bonfire/BBQ.

        Day – 2: Walk in to the Great Himalayan National Park (GHNP) to see nearby waterfalls.

        Day – 3: Drive to Jalori Pass from where you can trek to Serloskar Lake. On the way back have a meal at Sringi Vatika

        Day – 4: Relax till noon and leave for Delhi around 12 PM to reach around 11 PM.

        How does it sound? Any suggestions

  42. Puneet Asthana on

    Hi, I am planing to go to Tirthan valley next week for a 4 day trip on my bullet. Could you please update me on the Road conditions and the most scenic route. Please suggest any precautions I might need to take. Could you also advise me on the accommodation . Thanks in advance.

    • Road conditions are just OK, bad roads between Sundernagar and Swarghat especially around Bilaspur. But manageable roads. Drive with cautions and safety. Avoid overtaking trucks unless you have clear visibility on the right. For accommodation you can get in touch with Raju Bharti Guest House OR River Side Resorts.

  43. Mohit Bansal on

    Dear Dheeraj

    Well I read about narkanda in a magazine and simply while exploring the same on google I came across jalori pass and then trithan valley..
    I saw the pics and was thrilled. I have now planned to visit trithan and jalori pass. Could you please guide me if my plan is ok. Because I think its a bit stretched and I have tried to cover a lot many places.

    DATE – AUGUST 14, 2013 @ 2300 HRS TILL AUGUST 18, 2013 @ 2100 HRS

    We are 10 people and we can drop shimla and kasauli if we get some other places as well to move around at jalori or trithan. Also please guide me with some one who can provide me with camping and tenting facilities.

    Mohit Bansal

    • Mohit, After complete night drive on Day and then your will explore the place as well and then you will go to Jalori and also trek to Raghpur Fort?? This sounds too crazy to me. Can you throw some light on it?

      • Mohit Bansal on

        Dear Dheeraj

        This is wat is going bad for me. I think I should drop shimla night stay and instead halt at trithan but I really dont know much about trithan. Kindly guide me with the plan and the tenting and camping facilities.

        Mohit Bansal

        • Hi Mohit,

          You have 5 days in hand, do it like:
          Day 1 – Reach Tirthan Valley – Relaxing day besides Tirthan River
          — Stay at Raju Bharti Guest House (you will need booking well in advance, so finalize it ASAP) other you need to stay at some other property. Raju is a pioneer in that region, so will say do not miss the stay there as it is quite an experience in itself.
          Day 2 – Tirthan Valley
          — Enjoy the walks in the GHNP. There are two Waterfalls nearby Raju GH in the woods.
          Day 3 – Tirthan Valley – Shoja – Serloskar Lake – Jalori Pass – Shoja
          Day 4 – Shoja – Jalori Pass – Kingal – Narkanda/Shimla/Kasauli
          Day 5 – Narkanda/Shimla/Kasauli – Dlehi

          Dheeraj Sharma

          Dheeraj Sharma

        • Mohit Bansal on

          Dear Dheeraj

          Thanks for the information.
          Please guide me with the tenting and camping facilities there.


  44. Hi Dheeraj,
    We are planning to do a family trip to Rajus cottage for 3 days around mid december. Is it a good time to visit Gushaini. I know it will be freezing, but does the temperature goes in negative? Is it recommended to visit this place during mid december. Hows the road from Aut to Gushaini during those days, any snow or lippery patches.

    • Gaurav, I do not think that temperature will go in negative (not 100% sure) but I feel it shall be manageable if you are OK with cold. Go with heavy woolens and I am sure Raju Guest House will be enough equipped to handle severe cold. He is a pioneer :) … Road should be OK. Leave on easy times like 9 AM – 10 AM types when the sun comes out.

  45. Hi.
    Yor post is amazing…m bit cnfuse abt the total cost of travling delhi to tirthan vlly nd acomdation cost and other activity cost. M planing to go in end of the September or strating of August…..for 4days…! If yu could hlp me with this it would be grt…thankyu.

    • Suraj, take it as 800-1200 per person as average on Food and accommodation per day if you stay with standard hotels. Else it can go to 1500-2000 per day. I am not sure about your mode of travel but cost of Manali – Delhi volvo will be about 1200 per person, so that makes it 2400 and you will get a taxi for about 1000-1200 from Bhunter to Tirthan Valley which will be divided among people traveling with you. So, you are looking at a figure of 6-8K if two of you are traveling.

  46. Hi im planing to visit this vally in month of july.with my wife and my 1.30 yrs baby. Is it is reasonable time to visit the vally. And pls suggest me the route from ludhiana .and how many days requier.pls suggest…..

    • Gurinder, please check the “How To Reach -> By Road” section and Itinerary Section of the article above to get an idea on the route and a rough plan. We can discuss based on the number of days you have in hand. Secondly, do check weather updates before venturing into the Tirthan Valley in the month of July. In case it says, heavy rains then probably avoid.

      • Dear Dheeraj…Thanks for ur reply .i have six to sevan days to spend. And i have already visted places like ladkah and nubra vally.but this time i want to visit with my pls suggest any off beat himalyan destination about 300 to 400 kmss from ludhiana..i have planed from 4th of july.pls advise i want to this tour memorable…in waiting ur reply…..

        • Gurinder, you can go over to Tirthan and follow the below plan for 6 days:

          Day 1 – Leave from Ludhiana and reach Tirthan Valley by evening
          Day 2 – Tirthan Valley – Relaxing day besides Tirthan River
          Day 3 – Tirthan Valley
          — Enjoy the walks in the GHNP. There are two Waterfalls nin the woods.
          Day 4 – Tirthan Valley – Shoja – Jalori Pass – Serloskar Lake – Shoja – Tirthan Valley
          Day 5 – Tirthan Valley – Naggar Castle (about 55-60 KMs)
          — Stay at Naggar Castle and enjoy the place. Very romantic with great views and food. Visit Roerich Musueum, Art Gallery and do not miss the hike to ancient Krishna Temple at the top
          — It is one of the most romantic places in Himachal
          Day 6 – Naggar Castle – Manali (about 30 KMs)
          — Manali Local sightseeing including Manu Temple, Hadimba Temple, Local Monastery, Shopping at Mall road etc etc
          Day 7 – Manali – Ludhiana

          If not interested in Manali then you can come from Naggar itself back home.


        • Dear Dheeraj Thanks for ur quick reply…pls suggest me the accommmodationin vally…

    • Hi i have visted this place on 7th of july.and it was amazing place to visit.we stayed in river side resort and i think it was a best place to stay in vally.jalori pass is a main to go again trithan vally..thanks dhiraj for ur valueable advice……

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