Srinagar Leh Highway Status 2017


Srinagar Leh Highway Status 2017 is still closed but BRO has started the snow clearance operations on it. Couple of days back BRO begin the snow clearance from Gagangair village about 18 KMs from Sonamarg and in the first leg will clear the snow up to Sonamarg. This year there had been record amount of snowfall in all over Himalayas and BRO will surely be facing tough challenges to clear the snow especially from the deadly Zojila Pass.

The 434 KM long Srinagar – Leh Highway is the lifeline for connectivity to Kargil and further Leh – Ladakh. The only other route to Leh – Ladakh is the 474 KM long Manali – Leh Highway whose status for the year can tracked on the thread here. Srinagar – Leh Highway generally opens and gets stabilized by second week of May and last year in 2016 the highway opened on 30th April itself. However, this year it seems unlikely and I feel that the Srinagar – Leh Highway will open and gets stabilized by second or third week of May only. Please keep in mind that even when this road to Ladakh gets open early, it needs at least couple of weeks to settle or get stabilized from initial snow sliding that happens due to quick melting of snow. So, please do not rush to Ladakh by road soon as the highway is thrown open rather wait for couple of weeks to let it stabilize 😉 … This will ensure safe passage for you and avoid any unforeseen mishaps.

As per the past years, I will be starting this sticky post for the Srinagar Leh Highway Status 2017 which so many adventure lovers await every year. However, instead of updating the main article here at DoW Blog, I will keep the updated progress in the DoW Community thread for the same for better tracking of updates. A forum topic always helps in better updates tracking as well as collation of such updates in time organized manner. Hence, for all updates on Srinagar – Leh Highway status 2017, please stay tuned to the topic in DoW Community: Srinagar – Leh Highway Status 2017 | DoW Community Thread

Srinagar Leh Highway Status 2017

Srinagar Leh Highway Status 2017

Once the Srinagar – Leh road opens, I may not be that active in frequently updating the status because these roads close and open on frequent basis. It is barely impossible for a single tiny soul like me to update this information on daily basis once the road gets open, so please request you to excuse me on that front and accept my apologies :)… However, if there is some major blockade of 3 – 4 days, I will try to surely update such information about Srinagar – Leh highway status. That is another reason to keep updated to DoW Community Thread for the same.

I hope as per the last year, this year as well this article thread will be useful in planning your journey on Srinagar – Leh Highway and further to Leh – Ladakh.

Again, for all latest updates on Srinagar – Leh Highway Status 2017 after this initial post on DoW Blog, please stay tuned to the topic in DoW Community: Srinagar – Leh Highway Status 2017 | DoW Community Thread

Current Srinagar Leh Highway Status 2017 = OPEN | Updated: 5th May, 2017
  • Srinagar to Sonamarg is OPEN
  • Sonamarg to Zojila Pass to Kargil is OPEN
  • Kargil to Leh is OPEN
Timings of Zojila Pass in 2016: 1st Mar, 2016
  • Drass to Sonamarg (light vehicles): up to 1 PM (will update for 2017)
  • Sonamarg to Drass (light vehicles): after 1 PM (will update for 2017)
Srinagar Leh Highway | Important Articles
Srinagar – Leh Highway Status = OPENED | Update Date: 5th May, 2017

Srinagar, 5th March, 2017:Finally, the good news has come. Leh – Srinagar Highway is to be opened on 5th May 2017. It was expected to be opened on 15th May but it appears BRO did a great job in opening the Srinagar – Leh road much sooner despite inclement weather recently. It is suggested to allow a couple of weeks for the road to settle with initial snow sliding and landslides to have a safe passage. Read more at: Srinagar Leh Highway Status 2017

Srinagar – Leh Highway Status = CLOSED | Update Date: 5th March, 2017

Srinagar, 5th March, 2017: The Border Roads Organization (BRO) has started snow clearance to resume traffic on Srinagar-Sonamarg road on Friday.
The Border Roads Organisation, which is looking after the Srinagar -Leh highway has pressed its men and machinery into service from Gaganigar onwards to make the road traffic worthy.

Officials said the snow clearance “TEAM 122” led by Captain Sumit Das under the supervision of OC (Officer Commanding) Subodh Kumar started the snow clearance from km 75 Gagangir towards Sonamarg.

External Source: BRO starts snow clearance from Gagangair onwards

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    • Bikash, there has been a couple of incidents that have been heard on Jammu – Srinagar Highway, so the situation was a bit tensed as per the people posting on different forums. I will suggest waiting for a couple of days for it to ease out or someone posts on the forum as the first-hand report. Else best is to talk to some hotel guy in Sonamarg or Srinagar.

  1. Hi Dheeraj, we are planning to ride from Srinagar -zozila- Drass-leh-ladakh-manali.. Starting from July 15th 2017. Is it manageable though it’s monsoon?? Appreciate your advise. Thanks in advance!!!

    • Monsoon generally hits around late July or August nowadays but again, nothing can be predicted when it comes to weather. So, check the weather updates and may be go for it.

  2. Ankush Bhardwaj on

    Hi Dheeraj,

    First of all, you are doing a great work, really appreciate!!. I have few questions:

    1. We have plan to travel Leh 10th June – 21st June from Chandigarh – Leh – Manali – Chandigarh.
    2. We have rented bikes with temporary number along with all originals documents (bill/insurance/ etc), Do we need any permit prior to start our journey ?
    3. Can we ride to Pangong/Nubra with these rented bikes?
    3. Is there any security concerns (local/boarder ones) if we travel from Srinagar to Leh?

    Thanks in advance!!

    • You will need a permit to cross Rohtang Pass and go beyond it to Leh. Also, when you reach Leh, you need to get inner line permits for Ladakh. These bikes will not be allowed for sightseeing in Ladakh, so have to hire Leh based bikes. Most of the people who have travelled so far have not reported anything serious except couple of minor incidents if you stick to the tourists spots or main highways only.

  3. Ganesh Borhade on

    Hi Dhiraj,

    Please advise if the below itinerary is Ok or any changes needed.

    27-May 12.00 Noon arrival at Srinagar Airport and book a cab to Hotel, Leisure at Hotel take tour of Dallake and Mughal Garden
    28-May srinagar to kargil via zojila pass sonamarg, zero point. Visit drass 99war memorial museum. Tiger hill tololing hill.  (Overnight in kargil )
    29-May kargil to leh via fotula pass visit mulbek stone curving mitriya buddha statue. lamayuru moonland view lamayuru monestry .sangam point Indus and zanskar river confluence view. magnetic hill. guruduara pather sahib.Hall of fame museums (Overnight in leh )
    30-May leh to nubra valley via khardongla pass highest motorable road in the world. visit disket monastery. hunder sandunes double hump camel safari, Hot water spring, Gods lake  (Overnight in hunder Villege )
    31-May leh local Indus valley sightseeing visit hemis monestry. thiksey monestry .rancho school .shey place. Stok place. 71ft of Buddha statue at stok Village  (Overnight in leh )
    01-Jun Leh to pangong lake via changla pass (156 Kms) (overnight in spangmik village pangong lake )
    02-Jun Pangong lake to TOS Moriri Via Man, Marek, Pangong Lake Road to Chushul
    03-Jun TSO Mroriri – Baralacha pass.visit morie plains.Pang .serchu .suraj taal (Overnight in jispa)
    04-Jun jispa to manali via famous rothang pass (overnight in manali)
    05-Jun manali to Chandigarh drop 

    • Hi Ganesh,

      I will suggest making two day trip to Nubra Valley on 30, 31 and then 01, 02 make two day trip to Pangong Tso. Then travel to Sarchu from Leh and then Sarchu to Manali. This will ease out the trip a bit.

      • Hi Dhiraj,
        Thanks for reply, I have kept 31 for Leh local and we also want to see TSO Moriri via Man, Marek, chushul I heard this is the best scenic route but not quite used by travellers. So need your suggestion if we can travel from Pangong to Tso Moriri.

      • Thambi Prasad on

        Hi dheeraj,

        I am travelling to srinagar on June 7th 2017 and would like to visit kargil from there … Have 3 queries

        1. Do you have rtc busses from srinigar to kargil if so what is the time taken ?
        2. Can we rent bikes in Srinagar to kargil and is it safe to ride now ?
        3. Budget Hotels in kargil ?

        • 1. Yes, JKSRTC buses have started running on Srinagar – Kargil – Leh route. Leh-Srinagar 2:00pm daily (Continus drive till Srinagar)
          Srinagar-Leh 8:00am daily (night stay in kargil)
          2. You can but then how do you return back? Do you come back from Kargil?
          3. I always stay with Hotel Greenland, They have both economic and deluxe blocks available with them. Very decent place to stay. Else, few readers/members of DoW have suggested below options:

          Aaman Guest House (just 3-4 kms after entering Kargil check post), it was a homestay and stay and food was awesome.
          Daspa Guest House (confused it with other) near bypass bridge. Name: Mr. Gulam Mohammed; Mob: 09469730240. 
          Paradise Guest House in Kargil is a decent place to stay

        • Thambi Prasad on

          Thanks for that prompt and quick reply dheeraj .
          For bike rental….yes I need it only upto kargil and I would return back to srinagar.

          1. Is the road good and safe ?
          2. Can you suggest that bike rental in Srinagar . If possible with the phone #. ?
          3. Any decent places to stay for 4-5 days at srinagar close to dal lake?


        • 1. Yes, mostly the roads are fine, except around Zojila Pass which can be managed on the bike.
          2. Sorry on that front.
          3. I always landed on the spot and bargained over there for a better price. Mostly all are same types of house boats, you can go in and search, fix and be there. Else JH Bajaj guest house is also an economic option.

        • Thambi Prasad on

          Also could you share number of Greenland’s guest house at kargil

        • Thambi Prasad on

          One last info and help required , have a mixed view of people visiting srinagar due to riots. Any idea as to what the situation is like ? Travel is planned for 7th June to 14th June. In and around Srinagar and kargil . Pleas do help if any info on safety

  4. Hello admin and everyone
    Iand some of my frnds will be traveling to ladakh on 19th June
    We have planned to avail private car from manali to leh . my question to the forum is will it be a good idea to book the car in advance via online or should we book it from manali instead once we reach there

    Thank You so much

  5. Hello All,

    All’s well here. We bunch of people from Bangalore left from Srinagar to leh on 15th. We reached leh yesterday. There is no issue with the roads or situation. Hope this news helps.
    Don’t forget to carry warm clothes. Apart from that there is no issue here. We are now leaving from here to pangong and nubra.

    All the best everyone who are travelling.


  6. Sudha Dubey on

    We are leaving on the 24th from kolkata for Srinagar for a road trip to leh via sonmarg and Kargil. With respect to the present condition in Kashmir, is there any security issues we might have to deal with?

  7. Hey we are having flight tomorrow to srinagar for ladhak trip. Current situation in J&K is not good. Would you recommend us going to sonmarg and kargil?

  8. Chayan Gupta on

    Hi dheeraj and everyone…. Scheduled to reach kargil on 21st may and then go to zanskar. Hopefully the roads will be open

  9. Ashish Goyal on

    How to reach tso moriri via srinagar-leh highway? Also there are riots going on in srinagar, so is it safe to go?

  10. I am planning for Mumbai leh Mumbai from 16 the may 2017, plz suggest me roads.
    By Mahindra That 4 x 4

      • Thanks dheeraj,
        What all places we can visit during this time, also we have tent etc, so also suggest where we can do our night halts,

        • You can visit all the places in Ladakh and Srinagar – Leh Highway. Also, if you have good number of days in hand, the Manali – Leh Highway is expected to open by 25th May, so it will be open too for some adventure 🙂

  11. Delvin t r on

    sir,I’m planning to go in november 28th from cochin to leh by flight 3 day stay .return leh to srinagar by road DES 3 th
    please suggest this time is good?

      • Delvin t r on

        Thanks for your feedback,we r booked tickets for 28th nov to 4th dec @Leh.This dates suitable for sight seeing pangong . khardung la ,nubra valley,
        Tso moriri, suru& zansakr, chadar frozen river.Accomodation comforts places also required.Expecting your valuable feedback .

        • No Delvin, though you have already booked it will be quite cold and dry up there in Ladakh during this time of the year. Also, Chadar – Zanskar river freezes only in late Jan or Feb. Places of sightseeing within Ladakh will be open but then again, the problem is it will be quite cold.

          You should refer: 6 Special Tips for a Winter Trip to Ladakh

  12. I have planned for traveling from Jammu-Sonamarg on 23/May on way to Leh and doing Sonamarg-Kargil on 24/May. Looking at the current situation in Kashmir, is it better to halt at Srinagar on 23/May and start for Kargil early morning on 24/May from Srinagar?
    Or will it be better to do Jammu-Sonamarg on the same day?

  13. Srinagar – Leh Road Status Update:

    Yesterday, about 25 light vehicles, carrying essential commodities, were allowed to ply on Srinagar – Leh Highway connecting Ladakh from Srinagar. The highway is expected to be declared open officially in next 2-3 days for vehicles. There is still about 6-8 feet of snow on sides of the road at Zojila Pass.

  14. Hi Dheeraj,

    Thanks for your updates.

    We (4 People) are planning to go to LEH via Manali on 16June2017 to 27June2017 by our Own SUV.
    Please share the suitable itinerary.

    Best Regards
    Ashish Sharma

  15. Hi Dheeraj! A crazy, passionate rider myself am quite jealous of your Ladakh expeditions…..
    Failed twice in reaching Ladakh. Once snowfall once landslide played spoilsport. Following your posts regularly hope to complete it this time…..
    Starting 19th May from Pathankot, via Srinagar. Any rider wanting to join us may do so…just call 9972151612.
    Thanks, keep the great job going….

  16. Chetan Trivedi on

    Talked to a friend Taxi driver. He traveled Kargil to Srinagar today. So, finally highway is opened for light vehicles. According to him ‘Mahol bahut khubsoorat hai janab, mausam saaf hai, aur travel me liye anukul hai, Charon aur snow itna hai ki aap barf ka Maza lete thak jaoge’. ☺

  17. Soumya Dash on

    thank you for all your updates.. you are indeed a saviour… if i rent a bike from delhi can i use it to visit tso morir?

    • No, outside rented bikes are not allowed for sightseeing in Ladakh. However, Tso Moriri does not have much checks as mostly focus is no Pangong Tso and Nubra, so you may get away with it.

  18. I’m planning to go in June from Mumbai, what I have decided is I will go from Srinagar route and come back from Manali route, but due to unrest in Srinagar idk is it safe or not to go from there, suppose if I go through this route do I need to take permit while coming back from manali route and if I go from manali route will I get permit for my car as it’s a 2005 petrol car

    • I will not recommend that you travel from Srinagar side unless the condition of unrest stabilizes a bit. People will start traveling soon on the route, please stay tuned here as we will keep on publishing the updates.

    • sandesh gowda on

      Hi Dheeraj,, Is there any direct to Pangong to Tso ? and whether it is preferable ? we are planning to start or leh trip on june 18th from dehli – srinagar – leh

        • sandesh gowda on

          Thank your for your reply bro.. 🙂 and i want to know how about going to spiti from manali after covering leh ? i read in one of your article that you suggest spiti vally via shimla.. But, we are planning to do spiti via manali.. please let me knw which is the best route to cover?

        • Hi Sandesh,

          I believe it will be much better to visit Spiti Valley first and then plan to travel to Ladakh, that is what the article suggest that do Spiti Valley from Manali and visit Ladakh and then come back either from Manali route or exit from Srinagar route.

  19. Sanjay Sharma on

    Hi Dheeraj,
    We have planned for leh ladhak trip via srinagar route from 26th may 2017 from Jammu with rental car. We are 3 families with 9 adults and 3 children.

    Kindly suggest whether planned dates are good to travel for leh ladhak vai srinagar route.

  20. Hi Dheeraj,

    Following your blog for last two years. It has so much information that one needs not to ask anything if one follows your posts regularly. How fast you are in providing the updates!!! I checked all the internet and you are the first to report that Srinagar -Leh Highway is open for the season.

    Better change the name to Encyclopedia to Leh :).

    Anyways, I visited Leh last year in July. And fell in love with everything of that place. But unfortunately due to AMS to some friends we had to left the trip in between. On 7th of July( Day of Burhan Wahi encounter), the day Srinagar unrest started we were coming back to Delhi and were stuck near Srinagar and it was very frightening for all 5 of us. My Car DashCam captured the only bad moments of that trip :(.

    Actually, this year again on June second friday, i.e 9th June, i am planning Leh again. But the unrest in Srinagar is still bothering me. My biggest concern is that this time I am travelling with my wify and we are not accompanying anyone else with us.

    Can you please let me know the conditions of Srinagar to Kargil road in terms of safety. Also as I am planning a 15 day trip so I want to cover Srinagar, Gulmarg area also. Is it advisable to plan in this way.

    Thanks and Keep it Up with your unmatched work. 🙂

    • Thank you Sudeep 🙂 🙂

      I can understand brother of being stuck in such a crisis. I got a stuck couple of times too and those moments are still bad memories 🙁 …

      If the unrest is still going on as per news, I will suggest to better avoid the route. I will keep posting the updates if there is any once the road opens and people share the experiences.

  21. thanks dear for good news was following your update daily.
    please confirm now we can travel according to my tickets on 11 may

    • the road is cleared but vehicle movement is not yet allowed. It will be allowed by next week. Please check with some hotel in Kargil or Srinagar to confirm if vehicle movement for tourists have started.

  22. Srinagar – Leh Road Status Update:

    Finally, the good news has come. Leh – Srinagar Highway is to be opened on 5th May 2017. It was expected to be opened on 15th May but it appears BRO did a great job in opening the Srinagar – Leh road much sooner despite inclement weather recently. It is suggested to allow a couple of weeks for the road to settle with initial snow sliding and landslides to have a safe passage.

    • Nimisha Patel on

      Thanks a lot Dheeraj ji for your latest update.. So happy to hear that Srinagar leh highway is opened.. Will it be safe for us to travel on 16 th may. Kindly give your suggestion.
      Thank u so much..

    • Hey Dhirajji,

      Now can we go to srinagar -leh by road on 8th may?

      otherwise, i have to cancel my tickets today.

      Please suggest.

      • Jalpa, the road is cleared but vehicle movement is not yet allowed. It will be allowed by next week. Please check with some hotel in Kargil or Srinagar to confirm if vehicle movement for tourists have started.

  23. Hi Dheeraj,

    Is it possible to hire self-drive cars in Srinagar/Jammu area to go to Leh?

  24. Hello Dheerajji,

    we have booked our tickets on 7th may from ahmedabad to srinagar. we have planned to start road journey from srinagar to leh on 8th may. But now it seems we have to cancel our tickets as roads are not still open.

    Please suggest me what to do?

    We are 4 person only -2 adult -2 kids.

    • YEs Jalpa, the road from Srinagar to Leh is not yet open. The latest reports were that it may soon open in a week or so but 8th looks very much touch and go.

  25. Hey Dheeraj, following your blog from long time thanks for guiding people like me who are planning for the first time. we are group of 4 now planning 15 days bike trip to Ladakh will start in between 15th-20June.

    after going through few of the blogs and suggestion from few friends who have gone there. we have prepared a rough itinerary. please check and suggest any changes.

    First day – Delhi to Manali (Stay in Manali)
    Second day – Manali pass (Start at 10am from manali)
    Second day Manali to Jispa night stay in Jispa
    Third day – jispa to Karu (Stay in Karu)
    Forth day – karu to Pangong (Stay in Pangong)
    Fifth day – pangong to leh (Stay for a day in leh)
    Sixth day Leh Local Sight Seeing
    Seventh day- leh to hunder (Stay in Hunder)
    Eight day visit to border/TSO moriri and stay in Hunder
    Ninth day – hunder – leh (stay in leh)
    Tenth day – leh to kargil (Stay in kargil)
    Eleventh day – Kargil to dal lake (stay in Sirinagar)
    Twelfth day – Srinagar to jammu (Stay in jammu)
    Thirteenth day – jammu to Ludhiana (Stay in Ludhiana)
    Fourteenth day – back to Delhi


        Great Dhiraj !!! You are doing fantastic job helping traveller..
        We are also planing Srinagar – Leh on 16th May, is it safe to travel on that time?

        • Right now the road is opened but vehicles are not allowed to travel on it. Next week they are planning to allow vehicles to ply on Srinagar – Leh road over Zojila Pass. It will be fragile in initial days, so plan for some delays/buffer

      • Thanks Dheeraj for sharing your views will discuss and make necessary changes. will come back to you if i need more help/information from you. and I hope group of 4 bikers will be fine or should we include more people.

        • Hey Dheeraj, Is there any way we can get the bike permits in advance, else we have to stay in manali only for the permission which will force us to stay a day in manali or delay our journey. if anyone who can apply on our behalf we only need to collect the permit on the night we will reach manali and leave for jispa early in the morning.

        • Biswa, this year, permit to go beyond Rohtang Pass will also be made available online. So, you will be able to get the permit in advance online. There will be a restriction of 800 vehicles only to cross Rohtang Pass starting this year.

          The online software is about to be tried this week and soon will be made available to the public.

  26. Tonu Alex on

    Dear Dheeraj,

    You are doing a great job by helping all the fellow travelers. Thanks a ton for that
    We are a group of 5, planning to travel from Srinagar to Leh via road.. on MAY 21st. Would the roads be open by then? And is it still snowing en-route?

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