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DoW Travel Pouches are effective way to backpack as they are designed to be light-weight, take least space, provides easy accessibility inside using draw-string, let's you see through the mesh and finally help you organize various items such as medical kit, toiletries, shaving kit, eateries, etc.. into different sets in your backpack.

1 Pack contains 2 DoW Travel Pouches

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Product Description

DoW Travel Pouches is our own community’s product so as to provide fellow travelers means of effective way of traveling or backpacking by utilizing the experience of many seasoned travelers from our community who frequently travel to Himalayas and have their share of concerns and ideas to travel effectively to combat such concerns. We all get hold of backpacks but while traveling, especially while trekking / hiking in Himalayas, we should be effective in packing our bags too, so that they take less amount of space and moreover time to repack/rearrange them back again next morning while traveling. DoW Travel Pouches answers some of the concerns that comes into picture with respect to packing your backpack and then organizing various small items such as medical kit, toiletries, shaving kit, eateries, etc.. into your backpack while traveling. Some advantages of using DoW Travel Pouches while Traveling:

  1. These Pouches comes in a set of two pouches of different colors in order to help you organize various items using color codes. Example, you can use one color to keep medical kit and other color to keep toiletries items.
  2. These Pouches are very light in weight and compact in size to easily fits/rolls into your backpack without taking any extra space in comparison with using plastic boxes in order to organize items. Plastic boxes tends to take more space and not flexible enough to be tighten-up by pushing them inside.
  3. These pouches are designed with water resistant material in the lower half and mesh in the middle portion. The water resistant material at bottom helps them prevent the items inside soaking any water/moisture when they are kept on ground. And, mesh helps you see through what has been kept in the pouch.
  4. With draw-string they are very easy to open, you pick the item you need, use the item, then put it back and just tightens the draw-string to close the pouch. This way things can be kept organized and tidy even on daily basis of travel helping you re-pack yourself in the morning very quickly and get going for the day.
  5. Finally, they are available at very low cost from the efforts of DoW Community 🙂

Price is now inclusive of shipping

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