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Get hold of this set of DoW Stickers hosting our DoW Icon for your machine or travel gear and feel connected with DoW Community, always. This can help you bump into other like minded lovers of Himalayas on roads and then, may be we stop by, say hello, talk a little about Himalayas and share back the same with others in the community.

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DoW has been around for a while but fairly closed in the virtual boundaries of Internet. Well, it is time now that we give it a presence in the real world too in order to encompass our Himalayan Community beyond the virtual boundaries of Internet and start working on its focus & vision together to bring a difference in the way we Travel to Himalayas & help one or the other Himalayan Lives…

The first & foremost thing is to launch the identity of DoW Community into the real world & the first step is the launch of DoW Stickers.

DoW Stickers will help us kick start the process and in time to come there will be more additions too like DoW-ed T-Shirts, DoW-ed Warmers etc. so that in time to come when we all meet for DoW Tours, DoW Travel Workshops, DoW Mini Meets OR bump into each other on roads seeing one or the other DoW-ed articles or machine, may be we stop by, say hello, talk a little about Himalayas and share back the same with others in the community !! All this will help us create a personal real world touch to our community and help it grow in right focused direction.

Each set of DoW Stickers Pack comprise of:

  • 4 Large DoW Stickers.
  • 8 Small DoW Stickers.
  • Size of a single Large DoW Sticker is Height = 4 inch, Width = 4.5 inch
  • Size of a single Small DoW Sticker is Height = 1 inch, Width = 1 inch
  • You can use Small DoW Stickers on small things such as Helmets or other Travel Gear you like.

Now much more improved in with standing the colors, especially the Red color which used to fade in earlier stickers.

Price is now inclusive of shipping

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