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Royale Rajasthan | A Crazy Run, Jaiselmer to Jaipur


The Journey so far-

Day 4 | 19th, December 2010 | Sam Sand Dunes, Jaiselmer to Jodhpur

Finally, I had some sound sleep at Sam Dhani, RTDC either due to the comfort of the cottage or due to the last day’s camel ride 😉 … My wife still had the hangover of that ride and was in deep dreams when I woke up around 7.30 AM. I silently looked out of the window and my eyes couldn’t believe the view on offer. An amazing sunrise was in progress over these silky Sam Sand Dunes of Thar Desert. Immediately, I picked up the camera and rushed outside without knowing the fact that a very cold breeze is also blowing 😀 … My bones felt the chill but my soul was captured by the heat of the beautiful sunrise which I enjoyed capturing. Here are some of the pictures…

Sun begins to rise again… Over Sand Dunes…
Sam Sand Dunes in Jaiselmer
Sam Sand Dunes in Jaiselmer
Sam Sand Dunes in Jaiselmer
Sun begins to rise again… Lets under expose…
Sam Sand Dunes in Jaiselmer
Sam Sand Dunes in Jaiselmer
Sam Sand Dunes in Jaiselmer

After taking few pictures, I was back in the room and started feeling the cold again which settled after sometime resting in the blanket. My wife was still in the dreams but since we need to leave early I finally had to break her sweet dreams. Soon, we got onto the breakfast table which again was very boring in taste but better than what we had last day 🙂 … After the breakfast we packed our bags, settled our bill and bid the final adieus to the manager and staff for a decent hospitality and entertainment 🙂 … Our destination was Jodhpur…

We had our fuel tank full before leaving from the Jaiselmer and started to cruise towards Jodhpur. At Jodhpur we wanted to at Madho Villas as recommended by my friend. After crossing a little chaos at crowded Pokren town the road started to deteriorate in patches somehow. But soon we were cruising again although not as smooth as past few days :). We reached Jodhpur within 4-4.5 Hrs and now it was turn to find the airport road. Meanwhile, we were busy asking people we decided to skip the Jodhpur town as we were not interested in the only big offering “Mehrangarh Fort”. We had to see one fort and palace tomorrow too in Jaipur, so we decided to skip it and move to Jaipur. This would mean some more rest before joining the office after next two days 🙂 …

The Lonely Roads…
Sam Sand Dunes to Jaiselmer
Sam Sand Dunes to Jaiselmer
Our Carrier on the Lonely Roads…
Car on Sam Sand Dunes to Jaiselmer
Jaiselmer to Jaipur
Whoo… I cannot Fly It…
An aircraft in Jaiselmer mueseum
The Lonely Tree…
A tree on Jaiselmer to Jodhpur road
The Pokren Turn… Straight Goes to Jodhpur…
Jaiselmer to Jodhpur road
Day 4 | 19th, December 2010 | Jodhpur to Jaipur

Well the approaching roads to Jodhpur were in bad shape, what was worse was the road started to further deteriorate after Jodhpur. Now, we did not like it as it was holding-up our speed. To add more agony to our progress, the traffic after crossing the Beawar was mad and frustrating. The small hills started with narrow roads and heavy laden trucks were plying on it at painstaking speed. Overtaking any of the trucks was challenge and there were so many of them climbing the hills dead slow. It was now sure that we would be reaching Jaipur in dark. The stretch after Beawar made me recall the frustration of Bilaspur-Sunder Nagar stretch on Delhi – Manali highway and yes, it was painful. Once we crossed over the hills the highway was under construction and again caused  a lot of traffic hassles while people driving like crazy on the wrong sides :mad:…

Lonely Roads…
Jaiselmer to Jodhpur road
Lonely Roads…Let me give some company…
Jaiselmer to Jodhpur road
Ohh… She can Drive too here…
Jaiselmer to Jodhpur road
An Old Aged Camel… I feel about to die…
An old camel on Jaiselmer to Jodhpur road

After feeling frustrated for more than an hour I finally settled down and accepted the fact about this painful traffic would stick us till Jaipur, so let’s forget it 🙂 … Finally, my lovely wife saw a board with information written over it to take a right turn and which avoided us entering another major hassle “Ajmer City”… We gladly took it and this turn leaded us straight to six lane highway connection Jaipur with Udaipur at Nasirabad. The 20 KM stretch had very least traffic on it owing to the toll charged along with the fact that the directions about the turn was somehow hidden to the people (already frustrated by the traffic before) plying of the road to Ajmer city. Thankfully to my wife she was busy searching outside and we got to read that useful info. which helped us reach the main Highway before it was totally dark.

God was heling us… 🙂
Shiv Pariwar in our car

Once we reached the highway it was straight run to Jaipur where we reached at around 9.00 PM in the night. Now, when we called up the hotels we had references they all were booked without any rooms available. We were deciding what to do… There was an instance when we though let’s go to Delhi and my wife was like shocked :shock:. I realized it would be too much for her for the day (Jaiselmer-Delhi :D) and decided against it. Thankfully, in between my brother-in-law was busy calling various hotels and found out a room available at Hotel Teej, RTDC. We confirmed our locations to the hotel staff at the reception and they guided us to the hotel. We saw the room and finally settled for it as that was the only room available for us. We rushed downstairs at the restaurant and had our meal before finally calling-off the day.

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