How to get Rohtang Pass Permit Online


One of the most wanted question in past 5-6 months we have been hearing so much was “How to get Rohtang Pass Permit Online“? Well, in September end, the good news had finally arrived that Himachal Govt. has enabled the online distribution of Rohtang Pass Permit both for visiting Rohtang Pass for tourism purpose as well as going beyond Rohtang Pass to Lahaul & Spiti or Leh – Ladakh. Hence, now tourists can seek online permits to visit Rohtang Pass (about 52 KMs from Manali) 7 days in advance of their travel. You can read about why there permits and what was the process earlier in more details at: Rohtang Pass Rules & Restriction of Vehicles – Demystified

Rohtang Pass permits are now available on Sunday as well. In a very welcome and beneficial step for Tourists landing in Manali mostly on Saturday, Manali administration has allowed issuing of permits for people traveling beyond Rohtang Pass to Leh – Ladakh or Lahaul-Spiti Valley, even on Sunday as well. This will helps 1000s of tourists who reaches Manali on Saturday or Sunday morning but then used to wait for an extra day to get the permit on Monday to travel to Leh – Ladakh or Spiti Valley. You can read more details at the link: Rohtang Pass permits available on Sunday as well

How to get Rohtang Pass Permit Online
How to get Rohtang Pass Permit Online

Online Permits for Rohtang Pass

1. You can get the permits to Rohtang Pass online from the link: Apply permit for Rohtang (For Tourism Purpose), this type of Rohtang Pass permit is issued to tourist for tourism purpose to visit Rohtang Pass only. This Permit is issued on daily basis and is issued as per the daily quota of 400 Diesel vehicles and 600 Petrol vehicles. This include state transport buses, private cars and taxis.

2. You can get the online permits to travel beyond Rohtang Pass from the link: Apply permit for travel across Rohtang (For Travel Purpose), this type of permit is issued to vehicles to travel beyond Rohtang. This Permit is issued on daily basis WITHOUT any quota. Please NOTE that a penalty will be imposed on defaulters who are visiting just Rohtang Pass and returning back from there on these permits to go beyond Rohtang Pass.

Once, you apply for the permits, it will be confirmed within a week and a tourist can show an SMS sent by the authorities at the Gulaba barrier. However, till date, I doubt this has been applied and there is some manual process in it.

Him-Aanchal Taxi Operators Union and Luxury Coach Association at Manali were managing the fixed daily quota of 325 diesel and 400 petrol vehicles. Rohtang Pass permits for rest 75 diesel and 200 petrol vehicles were provided by the Tourism Department, which included permits for state transport and private buses as well. Hence, now we can book the online permits for Rohtang Pass in advance, things will become much smoother and hassle free for the visit to Rohtang Pass or is it? Let’s look at some of the caveats 😉

Rohtang Pass Online Permits Caveats

Though the efforts have been made to make the process of visiting Rohtang Pass hassle free and have control over environment as well by controlling the number of vehicles visiting Rohtang Pass, I still noticed following caveats which you shall be prepared while applying for these online permits to Rohtang Pass.

  • During the summer season time the caps of vehicles have been defined as (1) 500 commercial vehicles from Manali, (2) 100 commercial and 100 private vehicles from the remaining parts of the state and (3) 300 outside Himachal vehicles can visit Rohtang Pass. I am not sure if the system in itself has the capability to handle it or it will be done manually.
  • It is confusing very much or shall I say shocking that, whenever you see Permits Day count for Diesel vehicles, all 400 vehicles are always shown for all advance 7 days 😯 😯 … This means it becomes almost impossible to get the permit in case you have Diesel vehicles. Not, sure who are booking them and how but if it is online, at least I should see them some time of the day. May be will try in midnight and see in case the system still shows all 400 for 8th day occupied. Try your luck or raise a complaint to authorities.
  • AFAIK, all vehicles were banned for visiting Rohtang Pass for just tourism after August grace period given by NGT got expired. In between there was a ruling on banning the two wheelers or bikes too to Rohtang Pass. I am sure then there might be a change and quota has been applied back again. However, when you look at the permit form for Rohtang Pass permits, you will not see any option for Bikes while in the other form Bikes are present in Vehicle Type option. It is a mystery yet to be resolved. May be bike permits are available offline only OR are bikes still banned to go to Rohtang Pass for tourism purpose.

Do you know the answer to these caveats? If yes, then request you to please share as it will be mighty helpful for all other travelers too interested to make a trip to Manali – Rohtang Pass.


I am sure, in time to come, this move of online permits for Rohtang Pass from Himachal govt. will surely going to help many many travelers interested to visit Manali – Rohtang Pass and above all those who are traveling beyond Rohtang Pass to Lahaul and Spiti Valley or Leh – Ladakh as a part of their annual adventure trip. However, there are still some gaps or caveats that authorities may need to address as mentioned above so that the actual benefit of this process is provided to all and not exploited just by few organizations or agencies.

In the end, Rohtang Pass is one of the major attraction near Manali to be visited but there are many more places too in around Manali which are worth a visit. You can check our comprehensive Delhi to Manali, Himachal Pradesh – Travel Guide that will give you all the details for visiting this beautiful Manali town and Rohtang Pass visit.

In case, you have any further gap or solution of the gap to be shared kindly, share it below in comments section or in DoW Community, so that it helps other travelers too.

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  1. Atul Porwal on

    can we travel to rothang pass in our own vehicle (etios car) wich we r about to bring from delhi…if yes then i will knw the car no and book the permit online instead of paying hefty amt to local cab walas… kindly suggest me how to book permit and wat r the things to be done and wat all r also to b taken along with us….and also i ant to knw is solong valley is good or rothang pass…wat is the differnce in both and wer can we do activities…we r on honey moon trip…thank u..
    mob no is 9042495398

  2. Sarjeet Singh on

    Dheeraj Ji may I know that we will also need permission to go to Leh-Laddakh by road. Please tell if need that How did I get the permission and can we get the permission online at home before leaving. Please Tell.

    • Hello Sarjeet,

      This year administration has announced that the online system will be available to get the permit to go beyond Rohtang Pass as well. So, once system is launched you will be able to get the permit.

      • Sarjeet Singh on

        Dheearj Ji may I know that we need permit only for Rohtang Pass or Leh-Laddakh as well. Please tell if I want to go Leh- Laddakh we need to get permit.

  3. Hello

    I have a question about a trip to Leh and then further to Pangong and Nubra. In August he arrives by plane from Delhi to Leh and wanted me to know if I need to have such a permit?

  4. Abhishek Koli on

    Firstly, a hearty thanks for providing such valuable information & guidance.

    We are group of 12 people, (6 married couples in the age of 25 to 35) travelling from Mumbai to Shimla-Manali from 20th to 25th Nov 2016. We will reach Manali on the evening of 22nd Nov (Tuesday) and plan to visit Rohtang pass on the 24th Nov (Thursday).

    We have booked a Non-HP vehicle (Tempo Traveller) which will be used to travel from Chandigarh to Shimla to Manali and back to Chandigarh.
    It seems clear from your posts that permits to Rohtang pass can even be obtained for such hired vehicles. Yet our travel agent insists that we hire a separate taxi to Rohtang from Gulaba check post and back.

    My questions therefore are,
    1) Is it too difficult to get a permit for a hired tempo traveller?
    2) If not then can we apply for such a permit online? OR
    3) Would it be suitable to reach Manali and get the permit on the spot.
    4) I understand it is not your province but do you find anything amiss for our travel agent to insist on hiring a private taxi when we are already paying for a vehicle?
    5) Do these private taxis have any special feature/s or an advantage that makes them more suitable?
    6) If we do hire a private taxi, do we have to arrange for the permit or it will be taken care of by the taxi operator?
    7) Can you please provide information onq whether there are incidences of overcharging or misbehaving when it comes to hiring such private taxis?
    8) Lastly, could you please inform whether visiting Rohtang pass on 24th Nov is practically possible? There are different views about the operability of Rohtang pass during that time of the year.

    Information you’ll provide will be highly appreciated and largely helpful to us.

    Abhishek Koli.

  5. Abhishek Koli on

    Firstly, a hearty thanks for providing such valuable information and guidance.

    We are a group of 12 people (6 married couples in the age range of 25 to 35 years) travelling from Mumbai to Shimla and Manali from 20th to 25th Nov 2016. We will reach Manali on the evening of 22nd Nov (Tuesday) and plan to visit Rohtang pass on 24th Nov (Thursday).

    We have booked a Non-HP vehicle (Tempo Traveller) which will be used to travel from Chandigarh to Shimla to Manali and back to Chandigarh.

    It seems clear from your posts that permits to Rohtang pass can even be obtained for such hired vehicles. Yet our travel agent insists that we hire a separate private taxi to Rohtang from Gulaba check-post and back.

    My questions therefore are:
    1) Is it too difficult to get a permit for a hired Tempo Traveller?
    2) If not then can we apply for such a permit online? OR
    3) Would it be suitable to reach Manali and get the permit on-the-spot?
    4) I understand that it is not your province to answer, but do you find anything amiss for the travel agent to insist on hiring a private taxi when we are already paying for a vehicle?
    5) Do these private taxis have any special feature/s that make them more suitable?
    6) If we do hire a private taxi, do we have to arrange for the permit or is it taken care-off by the taxi operator?
    7) Can you please provide any information whether there are incidences of overcharging or misbehaving when it comes to hiring such private taxis?
    8) Lastly, could you please guide whether visiting Rohtang pass on 24th Nov is practically possible? There are different views about the operability of Rohtang pass during that time of the year.

    We will be highly obliged for the information you’ll provide us. It will be largely helpful to take necessary precautions further and enjoy the trip.

  6. Vijay Bhagoliwal on

    Thanks Dheeraj, you surely must have helped thousands to plan their trip better…

    I, along with my wife and another couple would be driving up from Manali to Leh on 4th October. I understand that I would need a permit (non HP registered SUV) to travel beyond Rohtand Pass, which I shall do. As suggested by you, we would be having night halts at Tandi and Sarchu and reach Leh on third day. We would be there for 8 days, covering Nubra Valley as well as Pangong Tse.

    I have one question. As my SUV is diesel, will there be an issue? I have read somewhere that diesel tends to freeze at sub zero temperatures, which would be regular happening at this time of the year. Please advise.

    Lastly, you are doing a great job! Keep it up.

    • Hey Vijay,

      There is some confusion. I never suggest to sleep at Sarchu and Tandi there isn’t any place to stay. Guess you are confused from some of Dheeraj 🙂

      The only place to stay will be Keylong as by end of October everything is shut beyond Jispa. So, stay at either Jispa or Keylong after Manali/Solang and then go directly to Leh next day. Keep in mind that snow has already started in higher hills, in case weather turn up, you may get stuck for couple of days and pray that those are not the days when you are traveling Jispa – Leh.

      In October, diesel will not freeze, don’t worry on that front.

      • Vijay Bhagoliwal on

        Thanks Dheeraj,

        My accommodation has been tied up in army transit camps at Tanda and Sarchu, thanks to my brother. So, shouldn’t be an issue at both these places.

        We would be back in plains on 15th October. I hope, we don’t get caught in some early snow fall. My program is like this…

        Date From To
        5-Oct Manali Tandi
        6-Oct Tandi Sarchu
        7-Oct Sarchu Leh
        8-Oct Leh
        9-Oct Leh Pengong Tso
        10-Oct Tangtse Leh
        11-Oct Leh Diskit
        12-Oct Diskit Leh
        13-Oct Leh Dras
        Plan B Leh Leh
        14-Oct Dras Banihal
        Plan B Leh Manali

        Please comment if you find something grossly out…

        Thanks for clearing my apprehension on diesel freezing…

        • Well, again, I do not recommend to sleep at Sarchu at all and since it is already cold conditions and October being cold too, you will more or less struggle to sleep. Thankfully you will have the luxury of army medical facilities in case required but still you may go through the agony as the body will not be acclimatized. I am just warning as there is high chance of going through it.

          Then even after reaching Leh, you can go over to Pangong Tso first. Better go to Nubra Valley first and then go over to Pangong Tso as per acclimatization.

          Regarding coming back from Manali – Leh Highway again, that too in mid of October, please go trhough: 5 Reasons to Avoid Manali – Leh Highway in October

  7. I’ll b reaching Manali by 5th September evening, ie…… Monday evening. Can I get the permit on tuesday n leave 4 Leh the same day or will have to leave 4 Leh on Wednesday. Or permit will b issued on Wednesday? Kindly clear it. R their any hotels nearby Rohtang pass?

  8. Rahul Verma on

    I visited the website for the pass , which says about visiting Rohtang pass but I am not sure whether the same pass can be used for going to Leh. Can you please confirm regarding that?

  9. Akshay Kamboj on

    Hi Dheeraj,

    I have read your replies to the comments and I must say it is really helpful, however there is a slight confusion about the sdm office being open on Saturdays and Sundays. In some of your previous comments you have mentioned that the sdm office is closed on Saturdays and Sundays while in others you have mentioned that it is open till noon i.e 12PM. Can you just rectify this doubt, and one more thing is that we are 9 people and we are planning a 5-6 days journey from Delhi to Spiti from 8 October onwards. So what do you suggest if 5-6 days are enough to make this journey. Can you just give us an idea that should be our itinerary and what modes of transport should we take and the places we can visit in this journey.

    • Akshay, the circular of opening of SDM office only came in July if I remember correctly. Hence, you see mix of things here. Earlier it was used to be closed on Sundays and second Saturdays but not to help tourists govt. decided to keep it open just for permit issue purpose for the tourists up to 12 PM. With 5-6 days in hand from Manali, you can follow as below:

      Day 1 : Reach Manali by overnight volvo of 28 and stay overnight at Solang Valley as preferred for acclimatization
      Day 2 : Manali / Solang – Kaza
      Day 3 : Kaza – Dhangkar – Tabo – Kaza OR Kaza – Langza – Komik – Hikkim – Kaza
      Day 4 : Kaza – Ki – Kibber – Chandratal
      Day 5 : Chandratal – Manali
      Day 6 : Chill around Manali and take evening Volvo
      Day 7 : Reach Delhi by overnight Volvo from Manali

  10. Hi Dheeraj,

    First of all thanks for taking time to manage this awesome site. You Are a savior to many.

    We are three friends reaching Manali on Sept 10th(second Saturday) and renting bikes from Manali to head towards leh the very same day.

    My questions-
    1. Since we are renting bikes from Manali which will be HP registered is permit required at all?
    2. However sdm office open on Sundays is good news, is that the case with second Saturdays too?
    3. If not open on second Saturdays, any other means of getting the permits in advance? Any contacts who could get permits in advance?

  11. Hi ,

    Do we need permit for bikes as well. I checked the link to book permit online. I dont see bikes in the list, only cars, MUV and other 4 and 6 wheelers are listed.


    • Chiranth, if you are looking for a permit to travel beyond Rohtang Pass, it is not available this year online. That permit available online is just to visit Rohtang Pass as a tourist and come back from there.

  12. Anant Mishra on

    Hey Dheeraj, I have gone through all questions and comments (very useful stuff).

    I would like to say thanks on behalf of all travellers. Mate you are doing an excellent Job. Keep it up.


  13. Hi Dheeraj

    We are planning to leave Manali on Aug 14th( Sunday) to Leh by rented bikes.
    We need to hire bikes and get permits on the same day.
    Can we manage to hire bikes and get permits from SDM on Sunday itself ?

    • Rahul Sinha on

      Hi Dheeraj,

      We are planning to make a trip to Leh ( 13-28 Aug). We will be renting bikes from Delhi. I just wanted to know the procedure for permits.
      1> Are permits compulsory for bikes?
      2> If yes , Can we get the permits online?
      3> Do we need to be physically present to get the permits.
      4> Since all of the bikes will be rented bikes, which all documents do we need to get the permit.
      5> If the permits need to be made once we are in Manali, How much does does this entire process take?
      6> Lastly, What are the documents needed to get a hasslefree permit.

        • Hi dheeraj

          Apart from the kiratpur bilaspur route. Is there an alternate route we can take to avoid the traffic given the present weather conditions
          Is it sensible to use nh22 till shiplap and use jalori pass to reach mandi.
          Don’t know much about the una route

  14. Hey Dheeraj!!

    Me and my husband are planning to travel from delhi to leh via the Manali route. However, we may prefer the srinagar route to avoid the permit complication. ( Cannot find online permit for travel beyond rohtang :(. ) Would you by any chance have an idea if the route is open, with the Kashmir unrest and all in place?!

    Any help shall be appreciated.

    • MOna Thakur on

      HI Vriti,

      Me and my husband have plans for leh too. I am planning the trip on 7th from Delhi.. Did u get any answer to your query. And when is your itinieary planned.

    • Route is open Vriti but I will not suggest to make a trip from that route as unrest news are still coming from there and in fact a member posted updates too as she talked to hotels in Kashmir who suggested her to avoid it.

  15. Hi Dheeraj,
    My self Pankaj, we r schedule to Leh & Ladakh tour from Delhi – Manali – Leh route. We r taking Ford aspire ( Sedan car), pls let me know the road condition towards leh from manali………… and since we r taking sedan car not SUV, so let me know will it be ok…

    • For hatchback/sedan taking on Manali – Leh Highway and Ladakh, I will say:

      You will indeed face few tough challenges on the route. The hatchback/sedan will increase the level of every challenge even further, sedan is the worst candidate. My suggestion will be to go via Srinagar route as it will help you feel comfortable with the driving, provide more acclimatization and then once you have done the local Leh-Ladakh, then come back via Manali side. Secondly, since you are in hatch/sedan, then you need to drive with extra care as well. There will be some sections on the Manali – Leh highway in which you might need to sacrifice some scratches on the underbelly. Just make sure you do not bump the engine sump (know it before where it is placed in your car). You need to protect it all around the trip. Thirdly, whenever in doubt do not rush into the section rather park aside and feel the section with your foot, see how other vehicles are crossing it and make a planned route in your mind to cross that section. At the very least do carry Mseal, quick fix, funnel, jerry cans and towing rope with you all the time.

      Also, I will strongly suggest that you go through and read my series on Ladakh Self Drive tips at the links below:

      7 Useful Tips for a Self Drive to Leh – Ladakh, Routes and Road Conditions In Leh – Ladakh | Ladakh Self Drive Tips, Fuel Availability In Leh – Ladakh | Ladakh Self Drive Tips

    • Hi dheeraj,

      If we are going through manali, whether it is required to take permit through rothang. We ahve visited the site menetione din your article to take the pass , but i am not able to see the permit pass for bikes. please suggest.


      • Yes, you have to take the permit in case you are traveling from Manali side over to Rohtang Pass. Online permit to cross Rohtang Pass is not available this year.

  16. Arvind Verma on

    Dear Dheeraj Sir,

    1.Firstly this is the best…you are doing excellent job sir…… my question is that………which is the best time to visit leh (via manali)… early June or mid September?

    2.sir what about conditions of road in September??

    3. We are planning in September with 8 members-family (tempo traveller) with 3 kids age (9,12,13 resp.)….. sir baccho ke liye suitable hai tour?…. will they face any kind issue?

    Reply sir please….waiting…..

      • Arvind, just replied to your comment. I reply it within 24-72 Hrs to the queries, start every day replying to latest comments first up to 40 comments. I am not into it full time so have to manage family, office and this website in that very order 🙂

    • Hello Arvind,

      1. Mid september if you want to see colors and if you want to see snow then early June.
      2. You get best of the roads conditions of entire season in September
      3. In general, it is fine to take the children of such age group because AMS do not matter with respect to age or sex or any fitness level. It can happen to anyone of any age or sex or fitness I shall say :D.. The issue with children is that they tend to exert the body considering it the same kind of place they belong to and this elevates the chances of getting struck with AMS. Secondly, they are not much expressive about their uneasy feelings, so it is parents who need to watch out and take care that the child is not suffering from uneasy feelings, headache or nausea and is behaving properly. With 5+ year child, I think he/she would be able to convey the uneasiness with little efforts. If you notice any such feeling or he/she tells you about such a feeling then please do not ascend anywhere, either descend to lower altitude or stay at the same place to watch things overnight and if symptom increase then start descending immediately. Same is applicable for any adult as well. And yes, do keep the body adequately hydrated!!

      • Arvind Verma on

        Dheeraj Sir,
        Thanks for answering my questions… it will be very helpful sir… this is best community…. keep it great work….
        Would also like to know some more queries in coming days…. thanks sir…

  17. Mayank Shah on

    Hello Dheeraj,

    I am Planning to go to Leh via Manali on a bike which is in my brother-in-laws name. There are few confusions –

    1. Do I need permit to cross Rohtang, if I am going to leh ?
    2. There is some literature which suggests I need a scanned copy of hotel voucher and an online booking is not valid for proof of permit ?
    3. I have lost my original DL, have a scanned copy as well as new learners license ? Will this be a challenge ?
    4. Can I get a permit on Sunday ?

    will appreciate your response

    • Hi Mayank,

      1. Yes, you do need permit for Rohtang Pass as you are going from Manali side.
      2. Hmm, well, yes at times they do create a fuss about that but mostly you are OK with it.
      3. This might be a challenge, not sure how things will come out of it. Depends upon the person issuing the permits.
      4. No, Sunday the SDM office is closed and second saturday too.

      • Mayank Shah on

        Thanks Dheeraj. Appreciate this response.

        The challenge I am having is that, I only reach Manali on Saturday. And If I cant get the permit on Sunday. It puts a spanner in all my plans. As my parents are flying directly into Leh. Is there an agent or a local contact you may know who can help me here.

        You could email me on in case you know someone but dont want to share on this platform.

        You have been great help in any case. Thanks a ton.

  18. Saket Panicker on

    Dear Dheeraj Kindly help as I shall be elaborating my queries in context to obtain permits and pass, if any.

    1) My “Towards” iternary is Jammu-Srinagar-Kargil-Leh.. So, do i need any permit on this route?
    2) During my stay in leh-ladakh, do i have to obtain any special permits for touring?
    3) My “Return” iternary is Leh-manali-chandigarh.. So do i need any kind of permit on this route?
    4) If I am travelling towards manali from Leh, then is there any need of special permit?

    I hope Now you can also explain thoroughly,
    Coz, what i know is, If travelling from manali to leh or from himachal to leh, permits are needed for all..
    So, in my case, what is your advice and suggestion.

    Awaiting reply

    • Hi Saket,

      1. No permit required
      2. No permit required but you need to use Self declaration form to submit at all checkposts
      3. No permit required on this route as well
      4. Yes, in that case you need permit of Rohtang Pass from SDM office in Manali. You need permit only to travel beyond Rohtang Pass and then you do not need any permit once you cross Rohtang Pass and reaches Northern side of it.

  19. Saket Panicker on

    Hi Dheeraj,
    Is there any need for permit for bikers?

    Also, how are conditions for jammu-srinagar highway in month of second half of sep 2016? Any idea?


  20. Aviral Sharma on

    Dear Dheeraj
    First of all Kudos for your immensely active travel blog and the support you provide to fellow travelers. I’m planning to drive from Chandigarh to Leh 22nd July,2016 onwards and have got few queries.

    1. It’s clear that Travel pass will be available on Monday from SDM office. Can I travel the same day we get permit. What time do they generally issue permits?
    2. What is the best midway stop from Manali to Leh? Jispa or sarchu?
    3. As I’m travelling with family and 5yr old kid, is it advisable to take another stop at sarchu after Jispa for overnight stay? Is there any other option apart from sarchu after Jispa for overnight stay, before reaching Leh?
    4. How much time is advisable for Acclimatization at Leh?
    5. Is there a viable route from Nubra to Pangong Tso? Or should I shuttle to leh first and then again drive to pangong lake?
    6. Leh- Pangong-Leh is it viable same day or does it require night halt?
    7. If I have to choose between Nubra and Pangong , which one would you recommend?
    8. On way back from Leh to manali, where should I stop midway?

    Also kindly advise apart from RC//PUC what other documents are required for Travel pass permit? Do I need to produce hotell booking voucher aswell?

    Looking forward to your suggestions


    • Hello Aviral,

      1. Yes, you can quickly take the permit in morning and travel to Jispa or Keylong the same day. It starts at 10 AM the early you are in the queue, the early you will get free.
      2. It has to be Jispa, you will not be acclimatized to sleep at Sarchu
      3. Especially no in such a case because you will acclimatize at all by then and may risk things
      4. At least 1 full day of rest after reaching Leh, then order is visit Nubra, then Pangong tso.
      5. Regarding Nubra Valley to Pangong Tso route, in order to take Nubra Valley to Pangong Tso via Shyok village, you need not need any permits. However, with such a small distance it appears tempting to be done BUT just to analyze the difficulty I will strongly suggest that you read:Trip Report | Nubra – Shyok Village – Pangong Tso Route. The report is from couple of year back in June & in July/August, most likely the route is washed away. Similar, reports are there from last year as well. So better confirm first, analyze the high risk involved and then only attempt it or better avoid it unless very much sure.

      Next possible way is to attempt Wari La route, which is also a bit desolated but doable enough. If your driver agrees to travel on this route then take the Wari La route to Pangong Tso. Remember that any help required on both these routes will be HARD to find in miles of distance. If you have couple of vehicles then only take this route otherwise best is to avoid it.
      6,7. My general advice is to do Nubra Valley two days, 1 day pangong tso at the very least else you are not really making a Ladakh trip rather just going to tick off the place from bucket list 🙂
      8. You can try to stop at Sarchu if you have slept well at Pangong Tso. If you have not made a night stay at Pangong Tso, I will suggest to skip it
      9. Only RC, PUC and Driving licence is required. Sometimes they do ask for hotel booking which you can take any print out from the internet.

  21. Hi Dheeraj,

    Myself and a friend is planning to do a Manali to Leh bike trip on Rented bikes.
    The plan is

    14 july Delhi to Manali (overnight bus)
    15 to hunt for bikes, explore Manali, get Rhotang Pass
    16-21 (Manali-Leh-Manali)
    22 Manali- Delhi (bus)

    I do have lot of concerns around the Ban over the rented bikes beyond Rhotang pass and Ladakh Taxi union issues with rented vehicles.
    Can you suggest me anything around this ?

    After reading your blog i’m considering Shimla – Spiti valley as an alternative to Manali – Leh .

    Kindly suggest .

  22. Zankhan C on

    Hi Dheeraj,

    I have to cross the Rohtang Pass to travel to Spiti Valley for a duration of 4nights and 5 days,
    so do i have to apply for permit for the same??

    we have booked the vehicles from delhi itself , kindly suggest me what needs to be done, i am here in a deep cloud of uncertainty, i definitely do not want such a small thing hampering my whole trip.

    reply asap

    • Yes, you will need permit for it. You have to go to SDM office in Manali with driver licence, car RC and car PUC to get the permit to cross Rohtang Pass.

  23. Raj Panwar on

    Hi Dheeraj,

    If i reached Manali on 6 Aug’16 (Saturday) by 5:30 PM and also applied for permit well before 3 days, is there any hope to get rohtang pass permit on same day or next day.

    • Raj, the permit process if trivial, you will get the permit the day you will apply for it. I hope you are talking about crossing the Rohtang PAss permit?

  24. Hi Dheeraj, We had planned to reach manali on 13th august and rent out a bike to leh. But according to your post SDM office would be closed on second saturdays and we were planning to reach jispa on 14th aug. Please give your ideas suggestions. Is it possible to arrange for some on else to get the permits, if we provide all documents.

  25. Nakul goenka on

    I and my friends are planning to travel to leh via manali by a self drive cab (zoomcar). So i wanted to ask the procedure to get the travel permit.

    Because i’m visiting that online link (mentioned in article) for travel permit nearly ever day and there is no option for applying for travel permit online.

    1. So is it possible to get the permit offline ,ie. To apply directly at the govt. Office in manali?

    2.can the permit be obtained on a sunday?

    3. Is there any need to contact some agent to get the permit and if yes can you suggest some agent’s contact no.?

  26. Hi Dheeraj,

    We are planning for Ladakh trip on august 12, since there it is not advisable to take Srinagar route during insependence day we would be taking the Manali route.

    Could you please advise if Bikers also need to get permit to cross Rohtang Pass?

    Also please advise if the place is safe for travelling in august? i mean due to rains or landslides?


    • Yes, you need the Rohtang Pass permits too. It is monsoon time in general up there in North and at some parts of Manali – Leh Highway (like before Baralacha La) and Srinagar – Leh Highway (like before Kargil) you might need to face monsoon hassles but once you get closer to Ladakh, then Ladakh being rain shadow region is least affected by monsoon rains, though rains does reach Ladakh now but to minimum and mostly it might remains overcast conditions. There is no thumb rule of certainty about weather conditions but above is generally common pictures seen over last few years except ugly 2010 …

      Please refer the link in our community: FAQ | Is Monsoon season good time to travel to Ladakh? for more details.

      • Thanks Dheeraj for your valuable advise.

        Do you have any idea where and how to get the bike permits to cross Rohtang Pass?
        Please advise me the procedure.


        • Abhishek, you have to apply for the permits in SDM office in Manali and permits are available on Sunday as well. You have to show your Driving license, PUC of your car/bike, RC of your car/bike.

        • Thanks for your advice.

          We are leaving on Aug 12 from Delhi.

          Plan A was to cross Rohtang early morning, which would not be possible due to permit issues.
          But i see another issue that 13th of August is 2nd Saturday, which means SDM office would be closed and then on sunday too, again Monday is 15th Aug-Independence Day

          We are trying to contact local Dealers to arrange for Permit,let’s see how it works.

          Could you please advise if Srinagar route will be a good option i.e. Plan B?
          One issue is Independence day, another is the civil unrest in Srinagar, please advise if these will affect the Jammu-Srinagar-Leh Highway?

          So If i take Plan B , we would reach Jammu on 12 Aug, leave for Sonamarg Via Srinagar on 13th and Sonamarg to Leh on 14th.


        • Abhishek, in recent announcement by Manali administration, the permits will be available on Sundays as well. If it is available on Sunday, I am assuming it will be available on second saturday too.

        • Hi dheeraj,

          Thanks for your replies…i tried reaching out to SDM of on 01902254100,luckily it went through….Ofc is open on Sat n sundays as well 10 am to 1 pm.

          U cn share this info on the thread as well as this is wt i got directly frm SDM ofc.


  27. Prakash Sharma on

    Hi Dhreeraj,

    First of all want to recognize your work and efforts you have put behind this, BRAVO!!!

    I am planning Delhi – Leh – Spiti solo bike trip (Enfield Classic 500CC), this would be my first solo ride. I have gone through your articles about why and how Delhi Leh via Srinagar is better as compared to Manali – Leh. Basis my understanding if I go via Srinagar, there would not be any need to get permit, correct?

    I have got more than 15 days starting from 21st July to 7th Aug, I think it would be enough to cover both Leh & Spiti together, any suggestion? Below is how I have planned my trip, please feel free to give me feedback or suggest better options. Idea is to ride from sunrise to sunset. I need specific help with regards to understand permit requirement. In below plan where would I need to take permit.

    7/21/2016 Delhi to Jammu – via Ambala – Pathankot (650 Km in approx 11 Hrs)
    7/22/2016 Jammu to Srinagar – via Patnitop (292 KM in approx 8 – 9 Hrs)
    7/23/2016 Srinagar to Kargil – via Sonamarg – Dras (206 KM in approx 8 – 9 Hrs)
    7/24/2016 Kargil to Leh – via Lamayuru (211 KM in approx 8 – 9 Hrs)
    7/25/2016 Leh (Rest Day) local sight scene (Bike maintenance if required)
    7/26/2016 Leh to Nubra Valley – via Khardung La (126 KM in approx 5-6 Hrs)
    7/27/2016 Nubra Valley to Leh – covering Sumur (140 KM in approx 7-8 Hrs)
    7/28/2016 Leh to Spangmik – covering Hemis Monastery – Pangong Tso Lake (156 KM in approx 6-7 Hrs)
    7/29/2016 Spangmik to Leh (156 KM in approx 6-7 Hrs)
    7/30/2016 Leh to Tso Moriri (will try to cover Karzok) – ( 220 KM in approx 8 – 9 Hrs)
    7/31/2016 Tso Moriri to Sarchu – via Tso Kar (229 KM in approx 8 – 9 Hrs)
    8/1/2016 Sarchu to Manali (231 KM in approx 9-10 Hrs)
    8/2/2016 Manali REST Day (Will seek permit if required – Need your help here)
    8/3/2016 Manali to Kaza via Spiti Valley 🙂 – (202 KM in approx 8-9 Hrs)
    8/4/2016 Kaza to Tabo – covering Komic Village on same day (100 KM in approx 4-5 Hrs)
    8/5/2016 Tabo to Manali via Kaza (250 KM in approx 9-10 Hrs)
    8/6/2016 Manali to Delhi 🙁 (550 KM in approx 11-12 Hrs)

    As I mentioned above need your help with regards to permit requirement for above plan. Please help.

    Prakash Sharma

    • This looks good Prakash except if you can add couple of days towards the end and do Tabo to Chandratal and Chandratal to Manali. May be a rest day in between. In fact you can tweak it like below as there is no need to go to Manali

      8/1/2016 Sarchu to Sissu/Khoksar
      8/2/2016 Sissu/Khoksar – Gramphu – Chatru – Chandratal, a tough 6 Hrs ride
      8/3/2016 Chandratal to Kaza from Kunzum Pass, easy 4 hrs drive
      8/4/2016 Kaza to Tabo – covering Komic Village on same day (100 KM in approx 4-5 Hrs)
      8/5/2016 Tabo to Manali via Kaza (250 KM in approx 9-10 Hrs)
      8/6/2016 Manali to Delhi (550 KM in approx 11-12 Hrs)

      • Prakash Sharma on

        Thank you sir ji, changes will be incorporated, one last help would there be any need to seek permit? As far as I gather I wont need it but if you can suggest.

        Also, is there way I can contribute in DOW, then please let me know I will be happy to help you.

        Thanks again!

        • Hi Prakash,

          You do not need any permits as you are traveling from Srinagar to Manali, unless there is a foreigner accompanying you.

          Thank you so much for the offer, you can contribute to the local villages up there in Ladakh and Spiti if possible for you. You can take stationary material for small schools where you can walk in and distribute them to the kids by yourself and help in our vision of spreading smiles in Himalayas.

          By doing this, you will do a big favour to us by supporting and participating in our vision to spread smiles in Himalayas.

        • Prakash Sharma on

          Thank you Dheeraj sir ji, I will most certainly do my bit in your vision “spreading smiles in Himalayas”.

          Best regards, Prakash

  28. kamal arora on

    Hi dheeraj

    we are planning a self drive innova car from Delhi – Manali_leh after studying your discussion with other members it is quite clear permit is required for passing rohtang pass to ladakh and it will be obtained from sdm office

    Is it available online and how much in advance if not then please help and let me know how to get it as we are reaching manali on sunday evening and planning to move on tuesday morning

  29. Praveen Hadimani on

    Hi Dheeraj,

    We’re hiring a zoom car and we will reach Manali on Saturday night. We will get the zoom car’s registration number on saturday morning. What’s the best way to get permit to go beyond Rohtang Pass?

  30. Hello Mr Dheeraj

    Your site is no less than encyclopedia for wandering in Himalayas, really appreciate your efforts and hard work. Its a boon and good database for planning. Iam planning for Chandigarh to spiti valley entering via shimla and return from manali side with a visit to chandartal lake on a bike. I have only 8 days in hand and planning to complete the circuit in last week of June 2016. I got few queries namely:

    1. Are road conditions OK/ drivable on bike, I mean are all passes are open now. Though I have read the road status but still picture is not very clear.
    2. Do i need a rohtang pass permit if Iam coming from batal side and going to manali.
    3. What all permits(for bike and self) are required to do the whole circuit.
    4. Do i need to carry extra petrol for bike, my bike range on tankful is around 300 KM.
    5. What should be the ideal itinerary for doing the trip, though sample itineraries are available but they are for more than 10 days and I have to complete within 8 days and Iam OK if I miss pin valley.
    (Sorry if queries are repetitive in nature or was asked multiple times)


    • 1. Yes conditions are OK and roads are through.
      2. No, you do not need any permit, no other permit required if you are indian
      3. No you dont need extra fueDay 1 | Delhi – Narkanda
      Day 2 | Narkanda – Kalpa
      Day 3 | Kalpa – Nako – Nako Lake – Geyu Mummy – Tabo
      Day 4 | Tabo – Dhankar – Dhankar Lake – Pin Valley (Mudh Village) – Kaza
      Day 5 | Kaza Local Sightseeing 
      — Ki, Kibber, Gette, Tashigang in the second half of the day
      Day 6 | Kaza Local Sightseeing (Hikkim, Koumik) 
      — Hikkim, Komik, Langza circuit 
      Day 7 | Kaza – Kunzum Pass – Chandratal
      Day 8 | Chandratal – Manali
      Day 9 | Manali – Delhi

      • Hello Mr Dheeraj,
        Thank you for the reply. I’ve to say that you & the whole DOW team is doing a tremendous job compiling all the information when it comes to ladakh and spiti.

  31. We will reach manali on 18/07/2016 (Saturday).we want to go leh by rohtangpass. how can we get the permit ? we have our private Innova (Diesel ) car. how should i get permit to go manali to leh? can i get online permit for for manali to leh… please suggest me…

    thank you

  32. Hi Dheeraj, can you please patch me/give me contact of any reliable source who can get me an ILP from Leh to Rezang La via Pangong?

    • Rishi, best is that you do it yourself because if he gets one place not written on it, you might be sent from the middle back all the way. So, best is to do it yourself.

      • Dr Nilanjan Patra on

        I wish to visit manali on 12 October, 2016. From there I would go to Kaza, nako, tabo, kalpa, sangla, and reach kalka on 20 Oct. Do I need to get permit to cross rohtang pass? Can I do it online? Do I have to give vehicle number for the permit? Also, if rohtang and kunzum passes will be open at that time?

        • It is too late to make a trip on Manali – Kaza road and it will be cold too. Though there is a less risk of getting stuck but yes, there is a risk for sure in case it snows. You definitely need permit to cross Rohtang Pass. Yes, you need to show RC, PUC and DL at SDM office to get the permit.

  33. Hi Dheeraj… We are going to Leh via Manali… We have chandigarh registerd 2 wheelers… As I understand , we have to take permits to cross rohtang.

    My question is how much time it will take for us to get the permit from SDM office? Will it be hours or full 1 day we have to wait?
    Will we face any issue in getting the permits (heared few things that this year getting permits fro 2 wheelers is diificult)

  34. varun prabhakar on

    Hi Dheeraj,

    I am from district una (Himachal Pradesh) & we are planing to go leh this month (manali-leh ) by our own family diesel car (with HP registration no.).
    Do we need any permit ? or we are exempted from it.
    Look forward to hearing from you.

    Varun Prabhakar

  35. Divya prakash on

    We will reach manali on 10/07/2016 (Sunday).how can we get the permit on Sunday ? Is the permit to travel beyond rohtang available online? I think it’s not available online so is there any way we can cross rohtang on Sunday and proceed to leh?

      • Divya prakash on

        One of your posts mention that permit is available at other places also like hptdc it true?

        • Divya prakash on

          Is the daily permit to travel beyond rohtang available in advance? If yes,then what sources can provide it and how much they charge for four wheelers?

        • Yes, you need Rohtang Pass permit to travel beyond it which is available from Manali SDM office on daily basis. It is not available online this year

  36. Hello,
    I just need to know that do I need a permit to travel beyond rohtang pass to leh if I am going in a private HP registered car.
    If yes then the permit that is available online will work or not.?

  37. Rajnish Singla on

    Hello sir… i m frm punjab state..aur hum tempo travel all india permit …. par journey krna chahte hai to plz suggest me humme kaun kauns si permissions aur permit lene padege. We starts from Punjab to leh ladakh via manali…via rohtang.. and ends to Srinagar…. plz rply jrur krna sir …

  38. Simar Singh on

    I am still not able to find out. Do we need permit for bikes as well we are planning to go spiti via manali on bikes.

  39. Pardeep Kumar on

    Dear Dheeraj,

    We have got permit for rohtang, just want to know that is there snow in gulaba or marthi and i can drive easily or have to hair any driver from manali. because somebody saying that there is snow on road, thats why its difficult to drive for rohtang.

    Waiting for your reply

    Pardeep Kumar

  40. Hi ,

    i am planning to travel from manali to leh via road on 12th june (sunday)morning .Does i need to have that permit?Also i have heard permit office is closed on second saturay’s ,in that case what can i do as i will reach manali on saturday only.

    • Yes You need to have the permit to cross Rohtang Pass.You have to wait for SDM office to open or somehow arrange the permit in advance for your vehicle.

  41. Rachit Taneja on

    Hi Dheeraj,

    Really a good information to know.

    Is this a good idea to drive to Rohtang Pass from Manali in a private hatchback car(Petrol). If yes then only i will apply for the permit. Otherwise i have the option to hire a taxi from there.

    Also give me some idea about the road from Manali to Rohtang.

  42. Hafeez Shaikh on

    Are these permits still required if i am travelling from Kargil – Leh – Manali? Would i have to buy both the permits (beyond and in Rohtang)??

  43. Joy Bhattacharyya on

    If we travel from Delhi to Manali in a hired vehicle and apply for the permit online, will this vehicle be allowed to go to Rohtang Pass or do we have to hire a local vehicle ? Does the online application require vehicle details or the passenger details only ?

  44. Avdhesh Sharma on

    hi dheeraj sir,some of my friends are planning to visit leh from manali side,we are hiring bike from delhi(yellow no. plate) can you please tell me that do we need any permit to cross rohtang pass.

    • Self drive rented cars and taxis outside Ladakh are not allowed to do any sightseeing within Leh – Ladakh. You can use them for getting to Leh and getting out from Leh but not sightseeing. So, the self drive cars you are taking must have private number plate, mostly should be under your name, your wife name or your father name otherwise you will have to again hire a taxi within Ladakh and pay for your local taxi without using it. You can read: Rented Self Drive Cars in Leh – Ladakh Banned “FORCIBLY”

      In any case, you need permit to cross Rohtang Pass from Manali side.

  45. Jasvir Singh on

    Hi Dheeraj sir , please tell me opening permit dates in june 2016 for beyond rohtang pass.

  46. Hello Deeraj,

    we are planning to our trip in XUV (Diesel) from Delhi- Manali -Leh. we will be in Manali on 11th June ’16 ( second Saturday ). I heard that permit office closed on second saturday and Sunday. Also, i read that Tuesday rohatang pass road closed for repair. So it looks like Monday is only day to get permit and travel through rohatangpass.

    I have two questions –
    (i) whether getting permit on Monday and travelling is possible? Since XUV is diesel vehicle.
    (ii) Is there any other sourse to get permit on saturday. like Local travel agent or any other?

    Thanks- Parag

    • Yes Parag, first day any how you will rest at Jispa which is about 6 Hrs drive from Manali only. I have not heard yet people able to arrange these permits through a travel agent.

  47. Hello brothr
    Is mnalli leh pass open???
    And thr is need of any permit in non hp vehicle??
    If thr is then can we get it online

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