How to get Rohtang Pass Permit Online


One of the most wanted question in past 5-6 months we have been hearing so much was “How to get Rohtang Pass Permit Online“? Well, in September end, the good news had finally arrived that Himachal Govt. has enabled the online distribution of Rohtang Pass Permit both for visiting Rohtang Pass for tourism purpose as well as going beyond Rohtang Pass to Lahaul & Spiti or Leh – Ladakh. Hence, now tourists can seek online permits to visit Rohtang Pass (about 52 KMs from Manali) 7 days in advance of their travel. You can read about why there permits and what was the process earlier in more details at: Rohtang Pass Rules & Restriction of Vehicles – Demystified

Rohtang Pass permits are now available on Sunday as well. In a very welcome and beneficial step for Tourists landing in Manali mostly on Saturday, Manali administration has allowed issuing of permits for people traveling beyond Rohtang Pass to Leh – Ladakh or Lahaul-Spiti Valley, even on Sunday as well. This will helps 1000s of tourists who reaches Manali on Saturday or Sunday morning but then used to wait for an extra day to get the permit on Monday to travel to Leh – Ladakh or Spiti Valley. You can read more details at the link: Rohtang Pass permits available on Sunday as well

How to get Rohtang Pass Permit Online
How to get Rohtang Pass Permit Online

Online Permits for Rohtang Pass

1. You can get the permits to Rohtang Pass online from the link: Apply permit for Rohtang (For Tourism Purpose), this type of Rohtang Pass permit is issued to tourist for tourism purpose to visit Rohtang Pass only. This Permit is issued on daily basis and is issued as per the daily quota of 400 Diesel vehicles and 600 Petrol vehicles. This include state transport buses, private cars and taxis.

2. You can get the online permits to travel beyond Rohtang Pass from the link: Apply permit for travel across Rohtang (For Travel Purpose), this type of permit is issued to vehicles to travel beyond Rohtang. This Permit is issued on daily basis WITHOUT any quota. Please NOTE that a penalty will be imposed on defaulters who are visiting just Rohtang Pass and returning back from there on these permits to go beyond Rohtang Pass.

Once, you apply for the permits, it will be confirmed within a week and a tourist can show an SMS sent by the authorities at the Gulaba barrier. However, till date, I doubt this has been applied and there is some manual process in it.

Him-Aanchal Taxi Operators Union and Luxury Coach Association at Manali were managing the fixed daily quota of 325 diesel and 400 petrol vehicles. Rohtang Pass permits for rest 75 diesel and 200 petrol vehicles were provided by the Tourism Department, which included permits for state transport and private buses as well. Hence, now we can book the online permits for Rohtang Pass in advance, things will become much smoother and hassle free for the visit to Rohtang Pass or is it? Let’s look at some of the caveats 😉

Rohtang Pass Online Permits Caveats

Though the efforts have been made to make the process of visiting Rohtang Pass hassle free and have control over environment as well by controlling the number of vehicles visiting Rohtang Pass, I still noticed following caveats which you shall be prepared while applying for these online permits to Rohtang Pass.

  • During the summer season time the caps of vehicles have been defined as (1) 500 commercial vehicles from Manali, (2) 100 commercial and 100 private vehicles from the remaining parts of the state and (3) 300 outside Himachal vehicles can visit Rohtang Pass. I am not sure if the system in itself has the capability to handle it or it will be done manually.
  • It is confusing very much or shall I say shocking that, whenever you see Permits Day count for Diesel vehicles, all 400 vehicles are always shown for all advance 7 days 😯 😯 … This means it becomes almost impossible to get the permit in case you have Diesel vehicles. Not, sure who are booking them and how but if it is online, at least I should see them some time of the day. May be will try in midnight and see in case the system still shows all 400 for 8th day occupied. Try your luck or raise a complaint to authorities.
  • AFAIK, all vehicles were banned for visiting Rohtang Pass for just tourism after August grace period given by NGT got expired. In between there was a ruling on banning the two wheelers or bikes too to Rohtang Pass. I am sure then there might be a change and quota has been applied back again. However, when you look at the permit form for Rohtang Pass permits, you will not see any option for Bikes while in the other form Bikes are present in Vehicle Type option. It is a mystery yet to be resolved. May be bike permits are available offline only OR are bikes still banned to go to Rohtang Pass for tourism purpose.

Do you know the answer to these caveats? If yes, then request you to please share as it will be mighty helpful for all other travelers too interested to make a trip to Manali – Rohtang Pass.


I am sure, in time to come, this move of online permits for Rohtang Pass from Himachal govt. will surely going to help many many travelers interested to visit Manali – Rohtang Pass and above all those who are traveling beyond Rohtang Pass to Lahaul and Spiti Valley or Leh – Ladakh as a part of their annual adventure trip. However, there are still some gaps or caveats that authorities may need to address as mentioned above so that the actual benefit of this process is provided to all and not exploited just by few organizations or agencies.

In the end, Rohtang Pass is one of the major attraction near Manali to be visited but there are many more places too in around Manali which are worth a visit. You can check our comprehensive Delhi to Manali, Himachal Pradesh – Travel Guide that will give you all the details for visiting this beautiful Manali town and Rohtang Pass visit.

In case, you have any further gap or solution of the gap to be shared kindly, share it below in comments section or in DoW Community, so that it helps other travelers too.

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  1. Sir, Yesterday I applied for (Rohtang Pass) permit online. All procedure accurately done by me & 550 rs payment also deducted from mine a/c. But in last step Print not comes. Now plz tell me in how many days my amount ll be return in my a/c or any other procedure for returning that wrong deducting amount. Plz guide

  2. Sarjeet Singh on

    Dheeraj Ji, May I know that can I take our Temporary Number Land Rover Discovery Car from Manali to Leh Tour. Please Suggest.

  3. Sambhav Bellani on

    Hi DOW team,

    We are planning a trip using 1 of your itinerary for Spiti and Kaza. We’ll enter from Rampur and exit from Rohtang Pass. We’ll hire a self driven diesel SUV. Do we need a permit to enter Manali from Rohtang Pass?

    • Since you will enter from Shimla side and exit from Manali side while traveling in the direction from Kaza to Manali, you do not need any permit for it. The Rohtang Pass permit is required in opposite direction.

    • Parvez, if you plan from srinagar to Ladakh to Manali, then in that case, you need inner line permit for Ladakh only. If you go in other direction that is from Manali to Ladakh, then you also have to get Rohtang Pass permit in addition to inner line permits in Ladakh

      • I might b riding solo, say around first week of May (Srinagar- Manali). Do u think it’s right time? Do you have anyone who will be riding at same time as me?

  4. Hetal Dedhia on

    Sir we have booking for keylong on 25th may..doi require to issue permit for keylong n from where. .if online pls send link n what is required for same.vlb hiring vehicles.

    • Yes Hetal, you will need Rohtang Pass permit to cross Rohtang Pass from Manali side. Right now the online availability of permit to cross Rohtang Pass is not there, hoping it will be available once the Rohtang Pass is declared open for tourists. You can apply for the permit to go beyond Rohtang Pass in DC office in Leh.

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