Planing to visit Sangla Valley in last week of May\'18

Travel QuestionsCategory: Lahaul, Spiti & Kinnaur ValleyPlaning to visit Sangla Valley in last week of May\'18
meghna shah asked 1 month ago

I and my husband are planing a 7 day trip to Sangla valley. Request you to suggest a good homestay with modern amenities. If no home stay is available , please do suggest a good hotel.
Also please do share what all places we can visit in Sangla.
Last year we had planned a trip to Tirthan and our experience was amazing and hence we have planned a trip again to himachal.
Meghna Shah

1 Answers
DHEERAJ SHARMA answered 1 month ago

Hello Meghna,

Sangla Valley is a beautiful place and you can connect with Aman Ahuja at +919857985700,+919999934003 or

He runs couple of stays in Sangla Valley and Kalpa by the name Apple Pie. You can refer Devil On Wheels or my name to him knows us well and should be able to offer whatever best rates he can.


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