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Munsiyari and Milam Glacier | Picking up the tourist numbers


Well, one of the most enchanting sites in Uttarakhand "Munsiyari" has seen quite a good amount of tourist numbers in the past. It looks like this off-beat place will soon establish its presence in travelers heart. I am yet to explore this one of the great villages in Uttarakhand but now a days it is among the top numbers of my TODO list in Traveling. More interestingly, a village next to Munsiyari named Milam is gaining a great attention of tourists from across the country. The Milam village is getting the much deserving attention for its world-famous Milam Glacier. Tourits generally make Munsiyari as the base for visiting Milam village i.e. Milam has started to become a coherent part of itinerary to Munsiyari.

With rise in tourist numbers, villagers who left this remote village decades ago have started to come back to their native place just aside Indo – Tibet Borders and are more than happy now a days. I just wish that I will soon visit this fantastic region offering most enchanting views and is right into the place called abode of Gods – Uttarakhand :)…

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Pithoragarh, September 23
Though most of the people had left Milam village in search of some other livelihood after the closure of their traditional profession of the Indo-Tibet trade in 1962, some of them are still living in the same village situated near the world-famous glacier of Milam.

The village that is situated 55 km from the border town of Munsiyari, has today become the main base camp for tourists coming to visit this glacier between June and October.

“Every year, over 2,500 tourists from across the country visit the glacier. This tourist route is providing livelihood to more than 50 hotel and restaurant owners of the region at the camps of Bogdyar, Martoli and Milam,” said Digvijay Singh Rawat, the owner of a motel in Milam village.

“Villagers who had left their houses decades ago are again coming back and taking to the cultivation of potato and local herbs that fetch a handsome price if reach the market on time,” said Jagdish Singh Rawat, president of the Hotel Owners Association of Munsiyari.

He further said many hotels, restaurants and motels had sprung up in the area and some villagers had also started providing the facility of paying guests to tourists.

According to residents of Milam, most of the people had left the village after the closure of the trade in 1962 “At present, only 10 families live in the village,” said Rawat. “We charge Rs 300 per tourist for two days in Milam,” said Rawat.

However, he maintained that tourists visiting Milam wanted more facilities. “Besides the facilities of transportation and communication, the cooperation of the ITBP and paramilitary forces guarding the India-China border is required, said Keshav Bhatt, who led a trekkers team to Milam recently.

An ITBP officer in the Milam area said: “Besides helping tourists in this border region, they have to keep vigil on them as most of them lose their way.”

External Source: Tourist arrivals pick up at Milam glacier

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  1. Indeed! I went to the Milam Glacier in May and it was a bone breaking trek, totally compensated by the magical scenery and the romance of the abandoned villages. 😀

    • Wish one day I too start trekking. As of now can only go where car can travel 😉 … I can assume only looking at the pictures and Munsiyari is one amazing place to be in winters for sure as I enjoyed every second of it 🙂

  2. Hi Dheeraj,

    Uttarakhand is also in my todo list.

    But I am struglling for company.Can you suggest me any Girls gang which I can join,to fullfill my dreams.This things always wonder me :why girls are not travel freak in India? 🙁

    • Hi Meenu,

      I am sorry, but I do not know any such gang but you can always search for like minded Trael Partners on sites like Lonely Planet, India Mike or BCMT. I am sure you will be able to club on journeys at such forums.

      Dheeraj Sharma

  3. Sounds lovely. I hope we both get to visit it before it gets swarmed with people. And something tells me you'll be there before me, so I'm looking forward to reading all about it here!

  4. Yes, Munsyari is a great destination. We drove to this place this summers, June 2011 and though it was not a great time because of rains, and not very safe as well, we thoroughly enjoyed it. "Birthi Falls" which is short of Munsyari is a great place to be.

    • Hey Nandan,

      It is a pleasure to see you here buddy. Welcome, to ma blog 🙂 … Completely agree with you, though you may have enjoyed the rides but again Uttarakhand in particular was battered by rains this year as it does every year. I do have plan to visit this beautiful place in Spring next year as soon as the road opens. Hope to see Birthi Falls in glory there at that time.

      Dheeraj Sharma

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