Manali – Leh Highway Status 2011

GOOD NEWS… Against All Odds Manali – Leh Highway Reopens atleast for light vehicles …. Manali – Leh Highway Status | Update Date: 2nd June, 2011
As per the current status, Manali – Keylong –> OPEN Keylong – Sarchu –> OPEN Sarchu – Leh –> OPEN
Manali – Leh Highway Status | Update Date: 1st June, 2011
As per the current status, Manali – Keylong –> Rohtang Pass Declared Open for Tourists (Read More:Rohtang Pass Declared Open for Tourists for 2011) Keylong – Sarchu –> Clearance work under progress at Baralacha La, expected to Open by second week of June Sarchu – Leh –> OPEN So, its the Baralacha La that is the only hurdle left and its hopeful that by the end of second week of June the Manali – Leh Highway will be OPEN, if weather god remains with all fellow travelers 🙂
Manali – Leh Highway Status | Update Date: 30th May, 2011
As per the current status, Manali – Keylong –> Road is cleared but not thrown open to tourists. Keylong – Sarchu –> Clearance work under progress at Baralacha La, expected to complete by coming weekend if weather remains good. Sarchu – Leh –> OPEN So, its the Baralacha La that is the only hurdle left and its hopeful that by the end of second week of June the Manali – Leh Highway will be OPEN, if weather god remains with all fellow travelers 🙂
Manali – Leh Highway Status | Update Date: 24th May, 2011
Well, finally the good news is here that the Rohtang Pass will be declared OPEN from tomorrow for 2011 onwards. The vehicles could be allowed til Zingzing Bar I guess as Baralacha La is still closed. Now, the BRO can focus more on towards opening of Baralacha La and finally the Manali-Leh Highway. Let’s hope that BRO opens the Manali-Leh Highway by first week of June itself. Read more at: Manali-Keylong highway ready for traffic
Manali – Leh Highway Status | Update Date: 23rd May, 2011
Rohtang may open withing next two – three days or highly likely within this week for public. Hence, the road to Lahaul valley will also open upto Darcha or may ahead till Zingzing Bar. But, the Manali – Leh highway depends very much on the opening of Baralacha La, which is assumed to be open by second week of June, keeping fingers crossed.
Manali – Leh Highway Status | Update Date: 16th May, 2011
Well, I just called up the driver at manali taxi stand. He told me that by next week they will start dropping people till Rohtang Pass if weather remains clear and there is no snowfall in coming days. However, this may not be official opening of Rohtang Pass but he said the route is being cleared and currently BRO is managing the parking space up at Rohtang Pass. He was hopeful that at least unofficially Manali – Leh highway may open in the second week of June or may be even first week. I will call him again next week and confirm if it will open or not.
Manali – Leh Highway Status | Update Date: 12th May, 2011
Well guys, snowfall is predicted next weekend in the higher hills of Himalayas including Rohtang Pass, Baralacha La, Darcha etc. So, those who are planning to travel Manali – Leh Highway in the first week of June, must plan the travel from Srinagar – Leh Highway as it is not expected that Manali – Leh Highway will open in the first week of June.
Manali – Leh Highway Status | Update Date: 4th May, 2011

I just had a word with a friend at Manali and he told me that Rohtang Pass is expected to open in the third week of May i.e. after 21st May upto Keylong and Manali – Leh Highway may get open by first week of June, possibly.

Manali – Leh Highway Status | Update Date: 27th April, 2011

BRO is currently working on the stretch of Rani Nalla – Rohtang Pass – Khoksar on Manali – Leh Highway. Khoksar – Keylong – Darcha road is open and vehicles are plying on it. However, Srinagar – Leh Highway will be opening next week i.e. from first week of May 2011 you will be able to go to Ladakh from Srinagar – Leh Highway.

Manali – Leh Highway Status | Update Date: 17th April, 2011

On South side of Rohtang pass road till Marhi from Manali has been cleared by BRO but inclement weather had put an halt to the progress. However, vehicles are allowed only upto Gulaba for the time being. Work is in progress towards Rani Nalla but at Rani Nala there is huge amount of snow that is present this year. It is expected that progress will be go down slow once BRO reaches that part of the stretch near Rani Nalla.

On the North side of Rohtang pass the stretch from Sissu – Keylong – Darcha has been cleared and vehicles are doing it on daily basis. Currently, work is in progress on Sissu – Khoksar stretch.

This year snow stock is huge and experts predict opening of Manali – Leh highway could be delayed due to huge amount of snow present at the passes. Last two days even it has snowed in the higher hills of Himalayas including all the passes.

Manali – Leh Highway Status | Update Date: 20th March, 2011

Well, the time has come for another annual pilgrimage (for adventure lover’s only ;)) to kick off… Snow clearance operations have started on 474 KM long Manali – Leh Highway. Time for all Ladakh lovers to cheer for and start planning their annual visit, although I will be missing out on the trip this year but 2012 I am coming to Leh again…

Read More:

The Border Roads Organisation (BRO) has launched a snow-clearing operation to clear snow from the 475-km-long Manali-Leh highway, on of the highest motorable road in the world, near Gulaba, about 21 km from here today.

The Manali-Leh highway played a key role during the Kargil conflict and played a crucial role in carrying arms, ammunition and food for the Army in the border district of Leh. The Manali-Leh highway winds its way through the Rohtang Pass, Baralacha Pass (4,883 m), Lachlungla Pass (5,065 m) and Tanglangla (5,328 m).

The Officiating Commander, 38, BRTF, (GREF), Vinay Kr Singh, said efforts were being made to open the 13,050 ft high Rohtang Pass, the gateway to Lahaul-Spiti, by the second week of April, if weather conditions in the region remained dry. He further said massive efforts were also being made to open the Manali-Leh road from other side of the Rohtang Pass in the Lahaul valley.

He further added that three independent snow-clearing teams were deployed for the opening of the 222-km long Manali-Sarchu section of the highway with the help of snow-cutter.

The first team from Manali was clearing snow on the road from the Gulaba camp today, while the second team is clearing snow between Stingri-Tandi-Kokhsar and the Rohtang Pass. The third team is moving from Stingri-Jespa towards the 4883-m high Baralacha Pass, he added.

He said this year the snow-clearing operation was delayed due to bad weather conditions in the region.

He further said till last year in the winter season, Manali- Rohtang road was kept open for vehicular traffic up to Palchan village, 9 km from here. But for the first time during the winter months, the snow-clearing operation was continued from the road up to Gulaba, about 21-km from here on the Manali-Rohtang Pass road, he added.

The road up to Kothi, 13 km from here, has been opened to vehicular traffic. Hundreds of tourists from all over the country have started moving to Kothi to have a glimpse of the snow-covered peaks.

Source:Snow clearance operation starts on Manali – Leh road

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  1. hi dheeraj, first of all thanks a lot for your support and replies, you did for tourist….

    May i know that is there any option to go to rohtang pass by helicopter before opening the road…

    may i get the chance to see and feel the snow fall on my head…

    i want to come there for honeymoon in end of feb…

    Is there any other way to go to rohtang from jammu side in february…

    • Hello Garry,

      I am afraid there is no such service that can take you to Rohtang Pass. It is already closed from all sides now, so there is no way you can reach either from Keylong side or from Manali side. So, I guess you need to emit out Rohtang Pass from the current plan. I hope this helps. Please let me know incase you have more doubts or queries.

      If interested in more details on Manali including sightseeing places, accommodation options, food joints, etc you can go through the Manali travel guide available at the link here.

      Dheeraj Sharma

      • thanks for such a fast reply… and also for your suggestions..

        Can u tell me that if we are coming from "leh to manali" than 3-night halt will be the same as for the "manali to leh". if not than wat will be the best place to stay for 3 night halts…

        • Hello Garry,

          It is always better to do the journey from Leh to Manali after spending time in Ladakh. This way you body is acclimatized to better level and do not face much AMS issues when you travel on Manali – Leh Highway. So, it is good that you are planning for Leh – Manali. Now, since your body will be acclimatized better while coming from Leh, hence you can make night halts at Sarchu, Jispa/Keylong and then third night again at Jispa/Keylong/Khoksar/Sissu etc.

          Actually, there in between Leh and Jispa the only major options of stay or accommodation are at Sarchu. You will find basic dormitory tents dhabha at Pang, Darcha, Bharatpur but it is advisable to stay at Sarchu which has wide variety of tents and many more options too. Then, stay at Jispa if you want to feel close to nature. After Jispa till Manali there are lots of places where you can spend night like Keylong, Sissu, Khoksar etc but you can easily cover Jispa to Manali in one day without any halt. My advice if you want to cover it in 3 nights, then better do 1 night at Sarchu and 2 nights at Jispa where you can also explore Lahaul valley keeping Jispa as your base.

          If interested in knowing all details about Manali – Leh Highway and how to plan a journey on it including the details of all places, accommodation options, sightseeing, basic amenities etc. check my Travel Guide for Manali – Leh Highway linked here. It will be really helpful for you if you go through atleast the article on How to plan a journey on Manali – Leh Highway, referred in that link.

          I hope this helps. Feel free to contact me for any queries or doubts.

          Dheeraj Sharma

        • thanks a lot for doing so great for me. i don't find these thanks for ur support to ur blog visitors…

          i don't know, what is ur profession/business, that you find so much time for seekers like me, but always Will be desperate to know… great thanks for reply and suggestions…

        • Garry, i have posted it in the About page 🙂 … I work as a software developer/architect in an IT organization in Gurgaon 🙂 … It is just a sheer passion that I am living, Travel. My wife and kiddo are very much thankful for providing me enough balance so that all three parts Passion (Travel), Work and Family get equal attention or may be more when anyone of them requires 😀 …

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    • Hi dheeraj.. how r u..???

      Compliments for having such a nice family..

      My thanks are also for those..

      cause they are also a great factor of the help given by you to the visitors…

      • Hey Garry, Thanks buddy. I am doing great and hope you are doing the same. They truly are and without them nothing is beautiful, my whole life owes everything to my lovely and caring wife, little camp and my parents 🙂 … God bless each and everyone of them and may keep them with me forever :)… Well, I got your mail and I will reply soon, since my outlook is not working properly, so havn't been able to reply. Please excuse me for the delay. In a day or two I will be able to reply you. And yes, heartiest congratulations to you 🙂 🙂



        • Hi Dheeraj

          Is it possible to travel Srinagar to Leh on December 12th, also please let me know route details



        • Hi Kamesh,

          The roads to Leh are already closed including the Srinagar – Leh Highway. So, you will not be able to travel to Leh by road neither from Manali nor from Srinagar. But, in any case for more information on Srinagar – Leh Highway check the link here.

          Dheeraj Sharma

  3. Hi Deeraj,

    Thanks. These options would be really useful to us. Would be great if you can get us the distance and route map of these places in Leh , so we could interlink it as per our need.

    1) Do you have any idea about the Distance(kms) and Travel time of the below places ?

    a) Leh – Khardung La – Diskit (Nubra Valley) – Hunder / Diskit

    b) Hunder / Diskit – Sumur – Panamik – Sumur – Khardung La – Leh

    c) Leh – Hemis Monastery – Pangong Tso

    d) Pangong Tso – Thicksey Monastery – Shey Palace – Leh

    e) Leh – Upshi – Chumathang – Tso Moriri

    2) Also do we have any route to travel directly from Diskit to Pangons Tso ? Just to avoid coming back to Leh.

    Thanks in advance.

  4. Hi Deeraj,

    Thanks for the effort you had put in to draft the plan. We were able to take several information from the itinerary but we may not be able to execute it exactly for the below reasons.

    1) We don't have direct trains to Jammu or Srinagar or Chandigarh from Bangalore , so we had no option but to choose Delhi as the starting point.And also we do not want to risk by sending bikes in connecting trains at least for the onward journey.

    2) We are flying to Delhi and have booked tickets, so we can't start from Jammu.

    3) We are people from south, so wanted to make the most of the trip, we are planning to visit wagah border and Golden temple in Amritsar as well.

    Considering this can you tweak the plan a little bit to start from Delhi and suggest which is the best way to reach Leh and cover all places?

    Thanks in advance

  5. Hi Deeraj,

    We are 4 people from Bangalore planning to do biking to Leh starting from Delhi.Bring own bikes to Delhi thro train.We have planned for 15 days excluding the days spent in Delhi.We wanted to cover the route Delhi-Manali-Leh-nubra valley-Leh-Kargil-Srinagar-Jammu-Amritsar-Delhi.Can you please suggest us the important spots to visit on the listed place? How much time can be spent on each place to cover the above ? Would be great if you can customize the itenerary to suite us.



    • Hello Karthick,

      Firstly, I will advice that you guys transport your bikes directly to Jammu and then go via Srinagar side. It will help you gradually increase the altitude and help you better enjoy the Manali – Leh Highway journey and other high altitudes on the tour. Going from Srinagar side helps eradicate the chances of acute mountains sickness which is most likely to occur if you go via Manali – Leh Highway. In addition to this fact you can also adjust Tso Moriri – Tso Kar lakes in the itinerary without going back to Leh, if you are OK with carrying extra fuels with you. I have pen down a customized itinerary for you on the below link: Leh – Ladakh Sample Itinerary for 15 Days

      Feel free to discuss your customized itinerary on the link above, so as to keep things at the right place. I hope this helps.

      Dheeraj Sharma

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