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Manali – Leh Highway Reopens for 2011


Against all odds, BRO has done a tremendous job and reopened the Manali – Leh Highway yesterday evening for light vehicles. The only blockade, Baralacha La left with the opening of Rohtang Pass yesterday has been cleared for traffic within 24 Hrs. Hats off to BRO for their special and daunting task achievement. This time BRO had tough time owing to huge amount of snowfall. The highway has been reopened after almost 8 months of its closure back in November 2010. This is surely a great news for all the adventures lovers and people planning to go to Ladakh via Manali – Leh Highway. Of course, not to forget for the initial period the roads will be bad in nature but will improve with time.

Read More Below:

Manali, June 1, 2011
The 475-km-long Manali-Leh highway was reopened to vehicular traffic after a gap of about seven months.

The strategic road was closed due to a heavy snowfall on the Baralacha Pass. The Manali-Leh road has now become an alternate route to the frontier areas of the Ladakh region.

The road played a key role during the Kargil conflict in carrying food, arms and ammunition for the Army in the border district of Leh-Ladakh.

Commander, 38 BRTF, AK Dikshit, said the 222-km Manali-Sarchu road was opened for light vehicles yesterday evening, but from June 5 it would also be opened to all kind of vehicles, he added.

Dikshit further said all tourists vehicles would also be allowed to the Rohtang Pass from Marhi from June 2.

With the opening of the Manali-Leh road, tourists will be able to enjoy the scenic splendour of the western Himalayas. In 1989, the Government of India threw open the Manali-Leh highway to foreign tourists and ever since the number of foreigners visiting these areas has increased.

The domestic tourists also do not lag behind. Many enthusiastic adventure tourists make a beeline for this difficult terrain.

External Source: Manali – Leh Highway Reopens for Traffic for 2011

All the very best for your journey… Have a safe and wonderful but never forgetting journey 🙂 … Cheers for the good news.

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  1. Dheeraj Sharma Sir can you call me or give missed call on +919815998866 . I want to know is the manali Keylong way open right now?

      • Thanks Sir for all the info .Still at Keylong Too much chilly :p 🙂 Thanks and already liked you Fb and Twitter Page 🙂 m/

        • Hey Rahul, Thanks alot for the likes mate. I am glad you like the info on my blog and updates. Yups, Keylong does becomes chilly when it rains and recent unseasonal snowfall also counted for the dip in temperatures. But, never mind I guess the roads are now open as per the latest updates however its still raining in the lower hills and Rohtang Pass as well. Road conditions will be worse but if you guys have the local driver he will get you through.

        • Driver is getting through all the hurdle ,Roads are open .Stuck in JAM since morning .Around 10Am crossed Rohtang .Still not crossed madi …God help us

        • That is really sad Rahul. 😥 I can understand that traffic jam is quite a feature up there at Rohtang Pass. It is that Marhi – Rohtang Pass stretch that is causing the biggest troubles, resulting in long jams. I wish you luck and pray that you guys get out of there as soon as possible. Check is locals are trekking down, then may be you guys can follow them to reach Marhi or below where may be, may be you find vehicles going down towards Manali.

  2. Sumeet Dudani on

    hi dheeraj,

    ton of thanks to u for precious info, finally we will leave on 20 this month. i shall call u soon.. bye.

  3. Hi All,

    We a group of 5 (2 bikes and a scorpio), are planning for the Leh road trip starting from Delhi on 15th morning. All the planning and prep work has been almost done after multiple meetups and discussions. Initially we were a group of 13 members including a few families as well, but now left to just five of us because of people backing out due to office commitments and family exigencies. We need a few more buddies to club in to maintain the estimated budget else it shoots like hell. In case if anyone is interested please write in at er(dot)arunsingh(at)gmail(dot)com.

    Please be quick if interested, as we don't have much time left with us.

    People interested in going for the trip but don't have a vehicle can also pool in as we have some space in scorpio still left.

    Looking forward for positive response.



  4. Hi Hitesh,

    July means monsoon season in Northern India so you will find major trouble upto Keylong and little futher at max upto Baralacha La Pass including Rohtang Pass. But, Ladakh is rain shadow region and monsoon has least affect on that region. Having said that, climate has been changed for Ladakh as well if we go by the happenings of past coule of years.

    So, the crux would be July is good time but you need to suffer through bad roads atleast intial part of the journey on Manali – Leh Highway as well as Srinagar – Leh Highway. Please plan the tour with buffer days in hand.


    Dheeraj Sharma

  5. Hi dheeraj i want to know that we will progrram tour on 17th July from gujarat to leh from manali by toyota qualis is there any problem of road condition at that time

  6. Hi Sumeet,
    The roads are really rough and bad, so if you have prior experience with driving in rough conditions then you shall only cinsider taking the Ritz there.
    Check with Sanjay, he posted his experience at the following thread after coming back.
    Rohtang Pass Declared Open for Tourists for 2011
    For accommodation and prices details on Manali – Leh Highway check the below link
    List of Accommodation Options on Manali – Leh Highway
    Let me know if you have any queries.

  7. Sumeet Dudani on

    hello Dheeraj,

    i want to know the hotel prices for a day on manali leh road. i m planning my tour around 20 july.. and is there any problem in travelling in our maruti ritz as there will be raining around that time.?

  8. Sorry Robin, I do not think that you will be able to find budget hotel in Solang. Better stay at Vashishth then where you will surely find budget hotels. In Solang minimum you will get is about 700-800 per room and being peak season I doubt that too.

  9. Hi Abhijit,
    Thats great. Wel, you must have seen the condition of Zoji La. At Manali – Leh highway there will be many stretches like Zoji La pass mess, although not all with ascent. I got some updates from the people who have reached Manali, who told me that road condition is bad but doable. If Zojila was fine with you then at Manali-Leh I guess you will find one or two difficult stretches than that and rest you can tackle I guess based on the assumption that you didn't have much problems around Zozila.
    Also, take advice from the people or taxis that have reached Leh taxi stand past couple of days. They will be in better position to guide. Try to reach Keylong from Leh by leaving early in the morning else stay at Sarchu where currently I guess only few tents are up and running currently.
    Just drive with care. Have fun and enjoy the trip buddy.
    Dheeraj Sharma

  10. Abhijit Singh on

    Hi Dheeraj,

    Right now I am in Leh. I reached here via Srinagar route. I want take MAnali Highway for coming back to Delhi on 5th or 6th June. I have Swift car, please suggest me is it a good idea to go on that road on above dates.



  11. Sany sirji, Going by the current weather conditions and progress made by PWD on Gramphu – Battal stretch only a miracle can open it by the time you plan to go to Chandratal. May be BRO can help PWD to open the roads, who knows if you are destined to see Chandratal with snow around 🙂 …

  12. Pray for me too guys, i need batal route open, let god do some magic, let PWD finds some fun digging!

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