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There are so many of us who likes traveling to the core of our souls and keep on visiting new, beautiful places every now and then. Sometimes the plan arises out of no where and you have no time to think about contents of the luggage for the trip. Most of the time in these cases, we forget one or more essential things to carry while going on a trip. You can imagine a situation where you need to rush and search desperately for a small thing such as soap where even a tissue paper would have come handy ;).

Since luggage is most common among any kind of traveler, it would be great to always have a list of things to carry on a trip, in store for yourself. It would certainly be extremely handy when the plans are abrupt and come out of nowhere, leaving no time for packing the luggage. I have tried to compile a comprehensive list of thing to carry while I go on a trip and feel could be helpful for each one of us traveling to various places.

Basic Travel Kit
  • Itinerary Printout (at least 2)
  • Travel Guide / Map Print Out (at least 2)
  • At least two Copies of PhotoIDs for all members
  • Mobile
  • Mobile Charger
  • Pen and a small Diary
  • Bag locks (2 or more)
  • Backpack or Carry bag
  • Extra spectacles with cover
  • Spectacles cover
  • Small Scissor
  • Watch
  • Swiss Knife
  • Hand Sanitizer (Dettol, Lifebuoy) – Recommended
  • Sunglasses – Recommended
  • Multi-Plug – Recommended for remote areas
  • Small water bottle, say 500 ml
  • Match Boxes or Flint or Cigarette Lighter
  • Couple of candles
  • Plastic Bags / Plastic Zip Lock Bags
  • Twist-ties, safety pins
  • Novels or two
  • Pens, pencils, colors, crayons, chocolates, toffees for distribution among local children
Are you planning to carry Laptop to Leh – Ladakh or high altitude? If yes, please do read the article to protect and safely use it: Carrying Laptop to Ladakh or High Altitudes
  • Chocolates, toffees, chips, chewing gums, mouth freshener, dry fruits etc.
  • Pre-cooked food if possible
Camera Kit
  • Camera with bag
  • Camera Charger and its cable
  • Camera Battery
  • Camera Cleaning Kit including Lenspen
  • Tripod
  • Filters
  • Remote Release
  • Photography Handbook
  • Extra Camera Battery, if possible
  • Extra Remote Release Battery, if possible
  • Extra memory cards, if possible
  • Tooth Brush
  • Tooth Paste
  • Toilet Soap
  • Shampoo Pouches according to the schedule or a small shampoo bottle
  • Tissue Papers
  • Face wash if required but common for girls
  • Hair Oil
  • Deodorants
  • Moisturizing Cream
  • Lip Guard
  • Cologne Talc
  • Comb
  • Small Mirror
  • Feminine Hygiene, if required
Shaving Kit
  • Shaver / Razor / Trimmer
  • Shaving Blades ( If possible keep some extra blades)
  • Shaver Brush
  • Shaving Foam or Cream
Clothing Kit
  • Clothes as per the schedule
  • Towels
  • Socks
  • Handkerchiefs
  • Slippers
  • At least one light jacket
Are you going to Leh – Ladakh and confused in carrying type of clothes? If yes, check the link: Tips for Carrying Clothes for Leh – Ladakh Trip
Air Travel
  • Air-ticket Printout (if flying with e-tickets)
  • Credit/Debit Card photocopy both side from which booking was made — Don’t forget to strike of CVV number
  • Authentication Letter if someone else’s Credit/Debit Card
Mountains Must Haves
  • Digital Thermometer (Optional)
  • Cold Cream
  • Lip Guard
  • Hats / Caps
  • Heavy Woolen Clothing including woolen socks (Severe Cold / Snow)
  • Woolen Hand Gloves (Severe Cold / Snow)
  • At least 2 pairs of thermal.
Trekking Must Haves
  • Mountains Must Haves
  • Hard Wooden Stick (Also handy in snow for the grip)
  • Rain / Snow Protection Gear like Rain Coat / Rain Suit
  • Hats / Caps
  • Gaiters for snow or water
  • Water Bottles (Snow trek needs more water than we think)
  • Trekking Shoes
Beach Must Haves
  • Hats / Caps
  • Sunscreen lotion (SPF 50 or greater) or  Sunblock
  • 2-3 Extra Shorts,
  • An extra slipper and extra towel for back pack
  • Thin single bed sheet – if not interested in beach shack / bed always
  • Lip Guard with sunscreen
  • Long-sleeved over shirt and a thin pair of pants as night gets a bit cold at beaches
Medicine or First-aid Box

Disclaimer– Well medicines listed here are just my suggestion as it suits me and you shall always consult your doctor before taking any of these.

  • ORS or ORS-L Tetra Packs at least 5 in number
  • Pain Relief Spray
  • Pain Relief Cream or Gel
  • Betadine – Antiseptic cream
  • Savlon or Dettol – Antiseptic solution
  • Combiflaim or Flexon – Pain Killers
  • Crocin or Paracetamol – Mild Fever
  • Avomine – Relief from Dizziness, Motion Sickness and Vomiting
  • Digene – Relief from Flatulence, Indigestion, acidity (mild)
  • Zinetac 150mg – Acidity or gastric problems (only if severe)
  • Eno Sachets – Quick Gastric Relief
  • Entroquinol – Relief from Loose motion (mild)
  • Metrogyl – Relief from Loose motion (high)
  • D-Cold Total or Vicks Action 500 for cold
  • Pudin Hara for stomachache
  • Crepe Bandage – 2 (for fractures)
  • J&J Band-Aid Fast Heal Wash proof – Long, Square and circle patches
  • Cotton and Dressing Bandage
  • Becosules for vitamin B-complex and sometimes energy
  • Eye Tone for soothing eyes
  • Nasivion for blocked and dry nose
  • Ongoing Regular Medicines, if any

I feel a cross check of luggage with this list before leaving, would be helpful to many of us in reducing the chances of forgetting some small things while we go on a trip. This way we can enjoy the trip without worrying over the availability of some item in the town or trek 🙂 we check-in. This list may not be perfect for each one of us but at least we can tweak it according to our pickings and save that in our archives for future trip references.

You are most likely invited to keep adding your valuable thoughts suggestions for the list of items things to carry while going on a trip. This way we may end up making it a complete comprehensive list for all of us and others seeking this kind of a list. Do provide your suggestions in the comments section below.

Disclaimer– Again to remind you that medicines listed above are just my suggestion as it suits me and you shall always consult your doctor before taking any of the above medicine.

Article Last Updated on 1st November 2014

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  1. shraddha watade on

    thank you so much for uploading such a needy information
    i surfed many sites but i cud’nt get such kind of information thank you once again….

  2. shraddha watade on

    thank you so much for uploading such a needy information
    i surfed many sites but i cud’nt get such i kind of information thank you once again….

  3. Hi im traveling srinagar leh Highway by road on may 10th but Highway status says closed, when will it open??

  4. Hey Dheeraj.
    I am all set to explore ladakh this mid may.
    but the bike is on my cousin name .
    Is there any kind of paper work needed to carry it or any other problem.
    I will be doing from Kashmir-Leh-Manali.
    I have all the papers.
    This is my personal bike but due to some reason it was registered on my cousin name.

      • Thanks Dheeraj.
        One of my relative from Kashmir told me to get just simple paper work,which should read- “that my cousin is allowing me to take his bike”.
        Btw i will be doing with pillion on duke 200.
        Its going to be typical as i am the only license holder.
        So any advices.
        Nd seriously boss…Hats off for your work.
        I have been planning almost my entire trip through DOW !!

        • It all depends bro, if you get caught and it is not your day, nothing will work. Otherwise, they may not even stop you. But, yeah do carry that paper.

  5. Hi Dheeraj,

    You are doing a excellent job. As your information and guidelines for a beginner’s like me is like a spoon feeding. You have explained everything in detail. Accidentally I came across your web page, but now I’m a fan of yours..
    And also decided to travel to leh on 10th MAY 2016. I’m traveling from Bangalore with my 3 more friends. I have a tata safari 2 wheel drive. Please suggest can I drive my vehicle there. And please suggest me the best iternary.

    Thanks in advance Dheeraj. Great job

  6. sandeep oberoi on

    Hey Dheeraj,

    Must say, I have become a fan of your blog. We are travelling to Leh in the first week of June via Jammu ( Group of 7), from Mumbai to Jammu (by flight), will b sending our Bulls by Train prior and on 1st Jun’2016, will start our journey from Jammu. I have got the maximum infomationm however I am unable to find a exhaustive list of spares to carry during our ride. So far we have prepared the following list:
    1. Spanners
    2. Puncture kit
    3. Spare tubes
    4. Tool kit
    5. Air pump,
    6. Clutch plates
    7. Chain locks
    8. Chain lube
    9. Spark plugs
    10. Accelerator cable
    11. Clutch cable
    12. Brake cable
    13. Headlight bulbs
    14. Spare keys

    Any other thing which should be a part of spare/tool kit essentials?

    Appreciate your help.

    Sandeep Oberoi

  7. CJ Piotrowski on

    I’m planning a solo motorcycle trip from Delhi-Manali-Leh and back over the course of 3 weeks.

    Since I will be arriving from a long term motorcycle trip through Vietnam to Delhi, I would like to know the likelihood and average cost of buying/renting the following in Delhi:

    -Clothing discussed in below link (I’m 6’4” or around 196 cm tall)
    -Gum Boots (Size 13 US/46 Euro/29.4 cm foot)
    -Riding/Hiking Boots (Size 13 US/46 Euro/29.4 cm foot)

    Should I buy/rent these in Delhi or just plan on buying/renting some in Delhi, the rest in Leh?

    • Hello CJ,

      I will suggest that instead of renting these things you should buy them and if not needed in future better donate them in the villages of remote Himalayas only because the rent of such equipments for 3 weeks will be almost equivalent to the buying prices of the product. Since, you will come to Delhi, you can visit Decathlon store in Noida or Gurgaon to get all these stuff. You will get your sizes too

      • CJ Piotrowski on

        I will buy then. Where can I get all my materials besides the overpriced decathlon store you just mentioned?

        • CJ, I thought we get the good quality stuff only at Decathlon store at reasonable rates because I never came across a shop selling good quality stuff at such rates in last 7-8 years of my travel experience at least around Delhi.

          But anyways, if you are looking forward to cheap stuff then when you visit Delhi, you can go to Gopinath Bazar in Army Cantonment area OR Sadar Bazar in Army Cantonment area where you will get this stuff too at lower price but quality will not be up to mark. However, I see one point since you have to use it only for few weeks, who cares 😉 😉

  8. Daniel Djukic on

    How well equipped are Leh’s trekking gear shops by now?

    Especially when it comes to quality/brand equipment… Particularly I’d like to purchase hiking shoes, or trekking pants when I arrive in Leh. I’d be very thankful if you could share your experiences here.

    Do you also have infos on gear rental – especially for sleeping bags? Available at what cost?

    Thank you 🙂

    • Hello Daniel,

      There are many shops in Leh main market offering camping and tent gear. Frankly speaking, I will suggest that you purchase the hiking shoes from places like Decathlon (Forclaz 500 Quechua) available near Chandigarh, Delhi/NCR area. Rest you can rent in Leh when you reach up there.

  9. Sujith A K on

    Hai Dheeraj, I am planning a trip to Ladakh on May 18th-30th. I have done some research and has also followed your website, and thanks for the help you are doing. Do you have any pdf’s of a comprehensive Ladakh Tourism Guide.?? Would be usefull during the trip.

    • No Sujith, we do not have any books. Its all there on the website. Though we will be launching our Mobile App for both Android and iOS later this month, which you can install and stay connected with us always 🙂

  10. Travelling from Shri nagar to Leh by road.,8th May 2016 for 8 days.
    Is Toyota Innova ok. Driver will come from Leh.
    Do I need to carry sleeping bag for tents at Panong.
    Do I need sallopetts ,warm boots ,heat pads.

    • Yes Innova shall be fine. There is no need to buy the sleeping bag if you dont have it else if you have it then you can carry. The biggest challenge will be sleeping at Pangong Tso which can be sorted by making a day trip to Pangong tso or sleeping at Tangste 34 KMs before Pangong tso which have gues houses with heater. If you have warm boots or trekking boots then better carry them.

  11. Hi,
    We have plans to drive from Shri nagar to Leh on the 8th of May 2016 Night halt at Kargil.
    Toyota Innova with a driver from Leh. Spend seven days touring around Leh.
    How cold will it be then?
    What shoes do you recommend. Do I need my sallopetts. Heat pads.
    Can one stay in a tent in Panong .do I need to carry a sleeping bag?
    Y thanks

    • Hi Tripta, it will surely be cold at places like PAngong tSo and high mountain passes like Khardung La, Chang La, Zojila havign snow around them as you are making a early trip to Ladakh. You do not need any heating pads in case you are carrying sufficient number of heavy woolens. Pangong tso tents will not be up but Himalayan Wooden Cottages may be running by that time of the year.

  12. Hi, we will reach on 15 midday and leave 17 March. All girls who r going to enjoy just the beauty with trying our hand in skiing. What is the temperature like in that time? Could u please tell me if I need 1. thermals for both upper and lower, 2. Waterproof jacket and pant and gloves, . Also will gym shoes suffice? Or I need special shoes? Please reply.

        • So, you will just be able to reach Auli on 15th, 16th you will have it on your own. Just hike around and spend leisure time. Then next day you need to move back from Auli. There isn’t much else you can do with just 1 day in hand.

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Get free bi-monthly travel updates, news, guides, tips, itineraries, stories, hotel & restaurant reviews, etc.. focused totally on travelling to Himalayas right in to your mailbox.

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