Leh – Ladakh Bike Rental Rates 2017-18


As the new season for Ladakh is approaching, I am sure adventures lovers are eagerly waiting for the roads to Ladakh to open. Both Manali – Leh Highway and Srinagar – Leh Highway will soon be buzzing with the dug-dug sounds of the bikes. However, not all of us have our own bikes to dug-dug on the roads of Ladakh. Hence, many of you will be waiting for the leh – ladakh bike rental rates 2017-18 from Leh – Ladakh Motor Bike Rental Association.

The good thing about presence of Ladakh Motor Bike Rental Association is the rates are regulated by a central body. This way different rental guys are not playing around with their own rates as it happens in Manali. The problem what I feel with the fluctuating rates is that you never know if you paid the right price in return of what you received.

That bike ride to Basgo plains in Ladakh

That bike ride to Basgo plains in Ladakh

Leh – Ladakh Bike Rental Rates 2017-18

This year the rates of bike rentals in Leh – Ladakh has seen a rise of about 12-20% approximately compared to the rates of last year. Also, there has been a noticeable introduction of the much awaited mountain bike by Royal Enfield “Himalayan”. Yes, the wait is over and now you will be able to rent the Royal Enfield Himalayan in Leh – Ladakh as well but for a whooping price of Rs 2000 per day 😉 😉 … I am sure many of you will surely give it a try. The availability shall be a challenge, so make sure you book it in advance in case you need to git a try on Ladakh roads.

The most popular Royal Enfield Classic 500cc and Royal Enfield Electra 500cc are available for Rs 2000 and Rs 1600 per day respectively. Then comes Royal Enfield Classic 350cc and Thunderbird at a price tag of Rs 1400 per day while Royal Enfield Electra 350cc costs Rs 1200 and Standard 350cc costs Rs 1100. There is an option of Bajaj Avenger 220 cc at Rs 1000 per day and Hero Impulse at Rs 900 per day. You can also get a scooty for as low as Rs 800 per day which should be enough for Leh local sightseeing at least. Please note that these bikes are also available for half day rentals as well. Here is complete list of Leh – Ladakh Bike Rental Rates 2017-18:

Leh - Ladakh Bike Rental Rates 2017-18

Leh – Ladakh Bike Rental Rates 2017-18

Some Important Notes for Bike Rental in Leh – Ladakh

  • You should know that the Luggage Carrier / Saddle bag costs Rs 100 extra per day with the bike you will rent.

  • Half day rental means you need to return the bike by 2.00 PM else the full day charges will apply.

  • Bikes rented outside Leh are not allowed for sightseeing inside Ladakh including Pangong Tso, Nubra Valley, Khardung La etc.. Outside rented bikes can only be used to enter Leh from Srinagar – Leh Highway or Manali – Leh Highway. Hence, for local sightseeing you need to rent bike again from a bike rental shop in Leh. To know more about this rule and present situation, please refer the link: Bikes Rented Outside Leh Banned in Ladakh

  • The Ladakh motor bike rental association has setup checkposts at various sightseeing locations and they are mostly very active in checking especially in season time. Hence, do not get into any kind of ugly situation in case confronted and at fault. It will most likely ruin your trip and days you took off from office. Best bet in such cases is to act ignorant of the rule and agree to return to Leh to rent a bike motor bike from Leh for sightseeing.

  • Some bike rental shops in Manali also have tie-up with bike rental shops in Leh. In such tie-ups, if you present back the slip of bike rental charges from Leh shop to Manali guys then they will waive of 50% of rental charges on their bike rent for those number of days. However, you must verify about such tie-ups and get them in written before striking the deal.

  • Private bikes are completely allowed to go any where in Ladakh. The private bike should be in your name or in the name of your father/mother. Mostly if there is any document proof associated to your and bike owners identities, it works.

  • The one way bike rental is quite costly and leave a big dent in your pocket. Sometimes like 12K for just the pickup from Manali or Leh. Be sure if you are sure to make that expenditure or if at all the one way ride is worth the money spent. My suggestion is unless you are hard core biker and cannot live up without the passion of biking, it is not wise to spend that much money just for the pickup of bike. Better reach Leh from Manali or Srinagar in a taxi and then hire bike in Leh – Ladakh itself. The roads within Leh – Ladakh provides you with ample of adventure opportunities 🙂 …

The bird resting at Magnetic Hills

The bird resting at Magnetic Hills

FAQ 1: Book bike rental in advance or rent a bike after reaching Leh?

Couple of years back I wrote an article on How to Hire or Rent a Bike or Motorcycle in Manali or Leh – Ladakh. In this article, I continuously suggest to reach Manali and inspect the bike before renting it. Well, in the last few years things have dramatically changed with Leh rental shops now in picture and huge footprints of tourists year by year in Ladakh.

Now a days, it becomes difficult to get a bike on the spot in Leh – Ladakh market because the demand has gone too high than what supply is available in Leh. IN Manali, there are still good number of options and supply is more as compared to Leh. Hence, especially in the month of June – July – August, better try to book a bike in advance than running out of options on the spot. It will avoid hassles in your plan and save you from running or ending up with a bad bike given to you as better bikes were not available. In the months of early season and late season, you can land up there in Leh and book your bikes on the spot as tourist rush is less in those days.

You can also advance book your bike rentals in Leh and Manali online by checking out for some SPECIAL DISCOUNTED RATES available to all the readers/followers of the DoW website through our Destination Specialist / Sponsor – Offbeat Escapes. In order to avail the discounts, you can use the online booking form at the link: Advance book your bike rentals in Leh online

FAQ 2: Can I use a 100cc bike for Leh – Ladakh trip?

Well though it is not required to have more powerful bike like Bullet/RE but always preferable. 100cc might be able to do it as I have read few accounts of it in the past but surely will struggle at some places where it might be required to push manually, especially I believe if you get stuck in some water crossing or slush. DO NOT push the bike beyond its limit in case your stuck rather user your own physical power to get it out.

Ready to fly in Ladakh?

Ready to fly in Ladakh?


I hope the article helps you plan your budget for your upcoming Ladakh trip. I will suggest that you go through the articles mentioned under the DoW Community thread for a bike trip to Ladakh or any other part of Himalayas at the link: All About Bike Ride to Ladakh & Himalayas. This will help you cover almost all your queries related to bike trip to Ladakh or Himalayas, especially if you are a rookie biker.

Feel free to share any further questions or feedback you have for bike rental in Leh – Ladakh in comments section of the article. Also, do not forget to share this article with your friends or family who are planning a trip to Leh – Ladakh in the coming season on a rented motor bike.

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  1. Shashikant Kumar on

    I want to start my bike journey from chandigarh itself. I know the rule regarding local bike requirement in leh.
    can anyone please tell where to hire bike in chandigarh, as i have found negative reviews of many bike renters in chandigarh. Experienced people please help.

  2. Vishal Nagar on

    I want one bike for nubra valley for 2days so suggest any bike’ rental number.

  3. shivam soni on

    Hi Dheeraj,

    I take my cousins bike or my friends bike registered in Rajasthan, Delhi or Mumbai & on confrontation, i am able to prove that this is personal bike and not a commercial vehicle. Will that do?


      • shivam soni on

        RC card registered as a personal vehicle will be good enough to prove that bike is not a commercial one or I would require more evidence & if yes, what that evidence could be that I would need to furnish on confrontation?

        • shivam soni on

          Okay, thanks but what if it’s not in a family members name but on a friends name but its a personal vehicle then?
          Also Dheeraj we all know that there is a loophole in this bike renting ecosystem as completing the entire Srinagar – Leh – Manali circuit on the bike is a dream of many but we are unable to do so because of the ban which is justified for a couple of reasons so can we (rather you as you have the widespread network) do the following

          1. You initiate a monthly thread & ask the travellers in the community to post there iternary & dates so that other travellers are aware of there plan and they can assist each other by playing around dates.

          E.g. Our group is starting their trip on 8th July from Mumbai and would reach Srinagar on 10th July , they rent couple of bikes from Srinagar for couple of days to reach Leh and they drop the bikes after reaching leh. Now there are other people who would have finished their leh Trip by this time and would be returning back to Srinagar so they can take our bikes back after co ordinating with us thus addressing the issue of one way journey on any of the routes as no one will have to transport the bike back to rental city.
          Whats your thought on this?? I believe this would be of help to fellow travellers.

        • You may have trouble in such a case Shivam. That’s what they see when confronted.

          Well there is a Travel Calendar where every one post the entry who are looking for finding travel partners that can be extended. However, the challenge is what if you took the bike on rent but those who taking back did some damage or did not return. There are papers or ids which are submitted too by the one who rent it. Then, it is difficult to return the documents of original renter.

  4. Rahul Nayak on

    Dear Dheeraj brother,
    We a group of 6-8 person planed for a trip for manali to leh on 20 may. So is it best time to visit . And what we do rent a bike or four wheeler . What will be thw cost . Please suggest.

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  6. hi,
    can u pls find the deposits for bikes from LMBRA..? i would like to hav an impulse or avenger…

  7. Hi Dheeraj,

    Your posts are amazing and in fact one of the reason for us to prefer Srinagar-Leh to Manali-Leh route.

    Can you suggest any tour organizer that customizes our requirements? Following itinerary is what we thought of. Do you think it is good?

    1) Srinagar-Leh by road by cab 2 days, night stay at Kargil
    2)Leh local sight seeing -one day – rent a bike in Leh
    3)Leh-Nubra Valley-Leh >> planning to go on a bike–2 days
    4) Leh – Pangong-Leh >> One day– cab –
    5)Explore more Leh and relax — one day — rent a bike in leh
    6) Leh-Srinagar by cab with night halt at Kargil


    • If you are looking for Ladakh tour and packages, you can connect with info@offbeatescapes.com as most of the readers in the past couple of years have had very good feedback about them and especially their transparent policies along with being there with you all the time in need. So, we trust them the most. You can refer my name or DoW to Gaurav, the guy who runs it. He knows us very well and should be able to offer some special rates being a DoW Member. You can just refer him the DoW Community Member Username in such a case or screenshot of this reply here.

  8. Amol Chavan on

    Hi Dheeraj,

    Can i get Hero impulse easily after arriving in Leh or should i need to book it in advance?
    and how is it’s performance in Leh-Ladakh? We are planning trip in 1st week of july 2017.

    • Hi amol,

      Easily is uncertainty I will say due to high demand and less supply in season time, keep checking with the rental guys or else you will get a similar bike on arrival.

      • Amol Chavan on

        Thanks for the update Dheeraj.
        I have another question what is the performance of Hero Impulse 150cc in Leh. specially on the way to khardung la pass.

        • Amol, performance wise, you will feel power a bit sucked especially at high passes but with patience, it should be OK to travel as loads of people do it on 150cc bikes.

  9. Dear Deeraj ,

    can you help us with any packages available for the bike trip starting the journey from Delhi if possible please ?

  10. Hi, I am planning a bike trip to kasol with my friends for a week.. Which includes travel too.. So basically we have 5 days to travel to kasol and maybe go to other nearby places too. Can you suggest the best ways to travel and be safe, economic amd to enjoy the serenity as well. We are all working in different companies and have to be back soon.

  11. Rupesh Agarwal on

    Hi Dheeraj,

    Nice article!!! Thanks for sharing the information.

    I have question for you that can i rent a bike from manali and travel to Leh?? If yes then can you suggest any good contacts. Also i am planning to visit by 23rd May 2017 so it the right time?

    Thanks in advance


    • Rupesh, Manali – Leh might or might not be open by that time and chances are only about 30% that it will be open. So, better potpone it by at least a week. Secondly, as mentioned in the article the bike rented from Manali will not be allowed for sightseeing in Ladakh. Are you sure you want to still rent the bike and pay twice?

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  13. any pass required from local authorities at manali to go to Rohtang and further to leh as last year i had gone to manali and i was stopped at Gulaba(Manali) for not having the Pass..???

    • Yes Satya, you need to get Rohtang Pass permit in order to go beyond Rohtang Pass to Leh, Lahaul or Spiti Valley. Permit is available from DC office and you need to show a valid DL, PUC of car and RC of car.

      • Thanx a lot. So may i get it online or shall i directly go to dc office at manali. Is the complete information to get the pass available anywhere oniline??

        • Now a days they have stopped giving the permit to cross Rohtang Pass online. You will have to get it after reaching Manali and SDM office. make sure to reach early in the day in queue so that you dont have to be in the last in queue.

  14. Juzar Kachwala on

    Hi dheeraj,

    You keep on rocking us with your posts, and yes as you mentioned all of us are waiting for the roads to open up.We can take our own biikes all the way up and back as long as we have our paper work in place right?

    PS: Keep rocking.

    • Thank you Juzar, yes you can ride your own bikes and come back without any fuss as long as correct papers are in place. You need to prove by paper work that bike belongs to your or your family and is not for commercial purpose, in case confronted.

  15. @Dheeraj Sharma – A bike rental from Srinagar should not be a problem for the association guys, right?

    • Naved Akhtar on

      Dheeraj bhai. Please send me a list of Leh bike rental shop contact list if u have. I have plan my Leh trip on 5may to 13 May Leh to Leh.. Kindly give me some suggestions to recover of kargil war memorial, zanskar Vally, pengong lake, tosomori,khardunla pass,

    • Naved Akhtar on

      Dheeraj bhai. Please send me a list of Leh bike rental shop contact list if u have. I have plan my Leh trip on 5may to 13 May Leh to Leh.. Kindly give me some suggestions to recover of kargil war memorial, zanskar Vally, pengong lake, tosomori,khardunla pasS.. Thanks

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