Kinnaur Valley Sample Itinerary | Kalpa – Sangla – Sarahan


I hope the below itinerary will be useful for someone planning 6 or 7 days trip to Kinnaur Valley, Himachal Pradesh. I guess Kinnaur is a place where time sometimes stops while you ogle the Kinnaur Kailash peaks :)

Day – 1 | Delhi – Narkanda
Day – 2 | Narkanda – Sangla
Day – 3 | Sangla – Chitkul – Kamru Fort – Sangla
  • At Sangla, you can visit Kamru Fort, there is trout hatchery region across the river and there will be ample of trails to hike around in Chitkul.
Day – 4 | Sangla – Kalpa – Roghi Village – Kalpa
  • One complete day in Kalpa with Sunsets and Sunrise not to be missed at any cost. Kalpa is one of the best place to see sunset and sunrise in Himalayas. You can easily walk up to Roghi village from Kalpa which could act as a small trek for you guys. Road to Roghi village is open only in summers though.
Day – 5 | Kalpa – Sarahan
  • If interested in Sarahan, then halt at Sarahan else continue towards Narkanda or Fagu. But, a day at Sarahan is recommended to explore the beauty of the place.
Day – 6 | Sarahan – Delhi (a bit of long drive)


Day – 6 | Sarahan – Kufri – Chail / Shimla
Day – 7 | Chail / Shimla – Delhi

I will be looking forward for your valuable comments and suggestion to better fine tune it.

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  1. Dear Dheeraj,
    I am a regular visitor of your blog,you are doing a great job,keep it up.we are group of 4 friends planning to visit sarahan.our journey shall start on 5th June from chandigarh in the morning and ends at chandigarh in the evening of 10th June.kindly suggest itirenary for 6 days trip covering sarahan and gushaini (tirthan valley-knew about this destination from your blog itself).
    please opine.



  2. ajay aggarwal on

    dear dheeraj ji,we r family of 4,i want to go with family to kinnur,my main aim explore near chitkul aur question is this i have only 5 days and we r start from delhi then what is the best iteneiary for me.i m in my i10 car and drive last year throw kaza chandertaal manali,so driving is not problem but that time we r boys only trip,so pl. suggest where i will stay and what is best itenery.

    • Hello Ajay,

      In 5 days in hand, you can do something like below:

      Day 1 | Delhi – Narkanda
      Day 2 | Narkanda – Sangla/Rakcham
      Day 3 | Sangla/Rakcham – Chitkul
      Day 4 | Chitkul – Sarahan/Narkanda
      Day 5 | Sarahan/Narkanda – Delhi

  3. Dear Dheeraj. kudos for a wonderful insight into kinnaur valley.
    My uncle and few of his friends ( all seniors around age 60 to 70) 10 of them are planning to move from Chandigarh to visit Kinnaur valley this june,2015 1st week. They planned as below
    1)day1: chandigarh to Rampur ( 225 kms). overnight stay in Naunabh heritage, Rampur.
    day 2)Rampur to Kalpa 70 kms approx. Overnight in Grand shangrila,Kalpa,
    day3) Local sightseeing in kalpa,overnight in Kalpa.Grand shangrila
    day4)kalpa to sangla.overnight at Kinner camps, Sangla.
    day5)local sightseeing and chitkul. back to kinner camps, Sangla .
    day6)Sangla to Rampur.overnight at naunabh heritage, rampur
    day7)rampur to Chandigarh.
    Just need peice of advise as to
    Is the itinerary ok for them to take?
    Are the hotels upto the mark in services and amenities, for them (need english seats) for sure. If anyother you suggest.
    is there anything suggestive for them to pursue.
    Please advise asap.

    • Hello Jas,

      Yes, itinerary seems nicely relaxed. Hotels also are good to go. Prithvi ji at Grand Shangrila is gem of a person and be assured on it :)


  4. rahulparashar on

    Hi Dheeraj,

    This place is a Gold Mine!! Thanks so much for running this forum.

    I’m planning a road trip beginning June 13th for 7-8 days. We’ll be two families comprising of 4 adults and 3 kids (2 years, 5 years & 11 years) travelling in my XUV. We plan to reach Narkanda & cover the entire loop..Kinnaur, Kaza, Bashisht, Manali & back to Delh by no later than 21st . I could really use some advice on the following:
    1- Am I trying to bite more than what I can chew? Bear in mind that we are only interested in seeing areas between Narkanda & Manali. Will we be able to cover all important points?
    2- What should be the ideal itinerary & night halt points (with family)? My preliminary thoughts are 1 night in Narkanda, 2-3 nights in Kalpa/Sangla, then another 2 nights perhaps in Kaza,, 1-2 nights in Manali & back. Can you help me with the best plan within my time.
    3- My kid is really excited to get close to the India China border at Khab. How close can we venture?
    4- Places to stay. My priorities are security, comfort, cleanliness and food. Do you have any recommendations for reserving the accommodation?
    5- Altitude acclimatization- would that be a problem for us or kids? What can we do to prepare ourselves better for this.
    6- Road conditions & driving skills- While I have some experience of driving on hills, do I have a reason to be worried on this route? Also, what would be the road conditions in mid June?

    Will be hugely indebted if you can help me with this.


    • Hi Rahul,

      My replies below:

      1- You will not be able to complete the entire circuit during this time as the road between Manali – Kaza might not open by that time of the year this time. It may open around late june only.

      2- Considering 1, you still want to plan? Or confine yourself to Kinnaur Valley only?

      3- It depends on person to person to take the children of such age group because AMS do not matter with respect to age or sex or any physical health condition. It can happen to anyone of any age or sex or fitness I shall say :D… The issue with children is that they tend to exert the body considering it the same kind of place they belong to and this elevates the chances of getting struck with AMS. Secondly, they are not much expressive about their uneasy feelings, so it is parents who need to watch out and take care that the child is not suffering from uneasy feelings, headache or nausea and is behaving properly. With less than 3 year child, I think he/she will also be NOT able to convey the uneasiness she may feel. You have to be vigilant and if you notice any such feeling or he/she tells you about such a feeling then please do not ascend anywhere, either descend to lower altitude or stay at the same place to watch things overnight and if symptom increase then start descending immediately. Same is applicable for any adult as well. And yes, do keep the body adequately hydrated!!

      Also, PLEASE read the article: Traveling to Ladakh with Kids or Babies. This article covers this topic in complete detail.

      4- For stay options in Kinnaur and Spiti, check the link: Some Good Options of Stays in Spiti Valley / Kinnaur Valley

      5- Answered in 3.

      6- The route is called most treacherous road of the world and it lives every bit of the sentence and goes beyond what it is named once you enter the region between Kunzum Pass and Gramphu. So, you need skills at times especially if there are water crossings, so be open minded on this front. It will not be a vacation rather an adventure.


      • rahulparashar on

        Hi Dheeraj,

        Thanks so much for those valuable inputs. We’ll probably be able to avoid some nasty surprises during our trip now (like closed roads )
        Back to some follow up questions-
        1. How far out will we be able to go towards Kaza…Manali road? I’m thinking, now instead of completing the loop, we’ll go to the farthest point that we can reach(from Kaza towards Manali) & just turn back from there.
        So what’s the best itinerary that you would recommend for these 5-6 Nights? Assuming 13th night in Narkanda(in the beginning) & then 19th or 20th Night in Narkanda(on the way back), that leaves us with 5 nights. What’s the best way to utilize these 5 nights? What are the ‘must go’ places & what should be our Night halts?
        2. How close will we be able to get to the India/China border? I read in one of your posts about some permits that need to be taken. Would you be able to provide some guidance on that. My son is really excited & looking forward to it.

        I went thru your post on Altitude acclimatization. Thanks so much. We took these kids to Kotgarh last year & they were fine so I think we’ll take that chance while being very watchful of the symptoms.

        Thanks again for your guidance Dheeraj. This is hugely helpful. We are very excited for this trip & every bit of your advice is hugely helpful.


        • Hello Rahul,

          Please find below the replies to your queries:

          1. You may be able to reach Kunzum Pass and go beyond it as well. The road will be closed somewhere between Chota Dhara to Chattru or Gramphu. Will look for your update back here once you are back as it will help many others :)

          You will be just on the road in these days nothing else:

          13: Narkanda
          14: Narkanda – Kalpa
          15: Kalpa – Nako – Tabo
          16: Tabo – Dhangkar – Pin Valley – Kaza
          17: Kaza – beyond Kunzum Pass and come back to stay at Tabo. Start early in the day in case you want to do it.
          18: Tabo – Sangla
          19: Sangla – Narkanda.

          In case you can reach on 20th then you can make a rest day in Kaza on 17 and do ki, kibber or Langza, Hikkim, Komik

          2. Being Indian you do not need any permits to travel on this road. You will just need to enter the details in police register at Jangi and Sumdo.


      • rahulparashar on

        Hi Dheeraj,

        Many thanks for your guidance. Here’s the itinerary that I have come up with. Can I please request for your expert opinion on this:

        Day 1- Delhi to Kotgarh – Night Stay at Kotgarh
        Day 2- Kotgarh to Kalpa- Night stay at Chitkul/Sangla/Kalpa
        Day 3- Explore Kalpa/Sangla/Chitkul/Rakcham- Night stay at Chitkul/Sangla/Kalpa
        Day 4- From Kalpa to Tabo- Via Shipki la Pass & Nako- Night stay at Mud Village/Tabo
        Day 5- Explore Tabo, Dhankar, Pin Valley- Night stay at Mud Village/Tabo
        Day 6- Explore Kaza, Losar, Chandra Taal- Night stay at Kaza
        Day 7- Kaza to Kalpa- Night stay at Chitkul/Sangla/Kalpa
        Day 8- Kalpa to Kotgarh- Night stay at Kotgarh
        Day 9- Kotgarh to Delhi

        Considering that we are 2 families travelling with kids, am I biting more that I can chew? Would we end up spending most of our vacation time in the car travelling? If yes, what would be your advised itinerary?

        Once again, thanks so much for helping out.


        • Shipki La Pass is forbidden and army does not allow you to go up there. You may request CO in reckong peo in case he grants you the permissions and he is around there. Itinerary seems OK, though most of the time you will spend on road in it.

        • In case you want a revised plan, best is that you focus on Kinnaur only OR Spiti only and use Kinnaur as just night halt. Something like below:

          Day 1 | Delhi – Kotgarh
          Day 2 | Kotgarh – Kalpa
          Day 3 | Kalpa – Nako – Tabo
          Day 4 | Tabo – Dangkar – Pin Valley – Kaza
          Day 5 | Kaza and around (Ki, kibber, gette, hikkim, komik, langza – Choose whatever you possibly can)
          Day 6 | Kaza towards Kunzum Pass, if possible Chandratal and back to Kaza OR come back to Tabo for night stay
          Day 7 | Kaza/Tabo – Geyu Mummy – Kalpa/Sangla
          Day 8 | Kalpa/Sangla – Chitkul – Sarahan
          Day 9 | Sarahan – Delhi (long drive but as last day you can rest at home)

  5. Hi Dheeraj,

    we are a family of three and planning a 7 days trip from delhi on 16th May. Please suggest regarding the wather and itiniary to kashmir. We are also not sure about the relevant places to visit. Pls suggest.

    • Jasbir Singh on

      Dear Dhiraj
      You are really doing a nice job by guiding and helping tourists to visit different destinations.
      I want to go to Sangla valley in Kinnaur from 23-25 June 2015. The weather forecast on shows shower and thunderstorm around during these days. Kindly guide me how reliable this weather forecast is. Whether I should go to Sangla valley with such weather forecast. Kindly also suggest me some cheap and good hotels and their telephone nos in Sarahan, Sangla, Nako, Kalpa and Narkanda. I want to go from Chandigarh for 6-7 days and want to visit these places. Kindly also send me an itinary for this journey.
      Jasbir Singh

  6. Hi Dheeraj,
    We are planning to visit Kinnur in first week of June 2015.I believe it should be good time. No Monsoon. Correct ? Will we get any snow or snow cap packed over there?
    The idea is as below:
    Day1.Delhi to Narkanda(night stay at Narkanda)
    Day 2.Narkanda to Sangla(Night Stay at Sangla)
    Day 3: Sangla to Chitkul to Sangla(Night stay at Sangla)
    Day 4 :Sangla to Kalpa(night Stay at Kalpa)
    Day 5:Kalpa to TABO and return(night stay at TABO)
    Day 6:TABO to SARAHAN/Narkanda
    Day 7: Towards Delhi

    Do you see any challenges in this plan. If yes then please suggest.
    Is there any place we can find snow except Rohtang pass.If there is snow in Jalori pass then we can skip TABO and visit Jalori pass also and then will head towards Delhi.

    Please suggest.


    • Hi Kapil,

      Rains cannot be predicted but in general first week of June is devoid of rains. You will be able to see snow on the peaks. No instead of Tabo better just stick to Nako only if at all

      Day 5:Kalpa to Nako
      Day 6:Nako to SARAHAN, long drive so start early.

      You will be able to find snow in Chitkul by doing some trekking/hiking


  7. Dear Dhirajji

    Thanks for lot of informations given by you. But I have little bit confusion on some points. First I will give below my itinerary from Simla:
    15/07/2015 – Simla to Sarahan – stay at Sarahan
    16/07/2015 – Sarahan to Sangla
    17/07/2015 -Sangla – Chitkul & other places & back to Sangla
    18/07/2015- Sangla to Kalpa – stay at Kalpa
    19/07/2015 – Kalpa – local sight seeing
    Now the above tour, myself & my wife will do.
    On 20/07/2015, a group of my friends & their family of 6 will join us at Kalpa
    20/07/2015 – Kalpa to Tabo via Nako
    21/07/2015 – stay at Tabo
    22/07/2015 – Start for Kaza-stay
    23/07/2015 -stay at Kaza
    24/07/2015-Kaza to Manali via Kunjam Pass-stay at Manali
    27/07/2015-start for Delhi from Manali

    Now I need your help/suggestions on the following:
    1. The travel from Simla to Kalpa via Sarahan, Sangla & Chitkul will be made by 2 of us. Whether we can get a small vehicle from Simla to Kalpa drop.
    2.My friend group of 6 will join me at Kalpa on 19/07/2015 or 20/07/2015 by hiring a vehicle from Simla, whether accommodation of 8 is possible in 1 vehicle?
    3. During that period of July, 2015, whether there will be monsoon at Simla & Kinnar and make our travel difficult?
    4.Time chosen for Travel From Kalpa to Manali via Tabo & Kaza is ok?
    5. Whether in Manali also, there will be lot of monsoon?

    I know that you cannot predict on weather, but from your experience, if you can share

    • Hi Anjan,

      My answers below:

      1. Yes, you shall be able to get Alto or Indica from Shimla
      2. Only tempo traveler will have seating for 8
      3. In general monsoon does reach by that time and rains start happening late in July.
      4. Yes
      5. Yes. Only Spiti is not affected by rains being rain shadow. Rest up to Kinnaur and Manali will have affect of monsoons.


  8. Rahul Korde on

    Dear Dheeraj Bhai,

    Need your expert advice for the below itinerary. We are planning to start by June 15 for 14 days from Mumbai. Pls. guide or suggest any change in the plan (especially night halts and subsequent mornings) so that we can enjoy the ride and also not spend too much time. We are 5 friends in my Xylo and 3 are drivers to share the load.

    1. Thane to Chittorgarh – 868 Kms
    2. Chittorgarh – Kalka – 841 Kms
    3. Kalka – Rampur – 210 Kms
    4. Rampur – Chitkul – 119 Kms
    5. Chitkul – Nako – 180 Kms
    6. Nako – Kaza – 129 Kms
    7. Break Day at Kaza for local site seeing (suggest if this can be pre or post poned)
    8. Kaza – Batal – 87 Kms including a visit to Chandrataal. or can we stay at Chandrataal ?
    9. Batal – Manali – 116 Kms
    10. Break day at Manali – this again can be changed based on your suggestion.
    11. Manali – chandigarh – 295 Kms
    12. Chandigarh – Jaipur – 532 Kms
    13. Jaipur – Ahmedabad – 678 Kms
    14. Ahmedabad – Thane – 508 kms

    Pls. suggest required changes in the destination / night halts. Have taken down your most suggested Spiti Itinerary and made changes at couple of places only..

    Rahul Korde

    • Rahul the itinerary seems OK to me given the number of days in hand. However, Kaza to Manali might not be open during that time as that road opens in mid of June types. So, it might or might not open by the time you planning to travel there.


    Dheerajji, I forgot to mention one more thing, I am a resident of Jammu for the last 3 years and I have travelled a lot in hilly areas in J&K & Himachal also (not in tribal circuit). I have a good experience in hilly area driving………


    Dear Dheerajji,
    Hearty congrats for doing such a beautiful benevolent job by providing endless information to the visitors like us. I also need some information. Please help me. My tour programme in June likely to be :

    Day 1 – Jammu to Rewalsor (330 km), stay at Rewalsor.
    Day 2 – Rewalsor to Sarahan via Rampur (approx 240 km), stay at Sarahan
    Day 3 – Stay at Sarahan
    Day 4 – Sarahan to Kalpa, stay at Kalpa
    Day 5 – stay at Kalpa, visit Sangla and Chhitkul and back to Kalpa
    Day 6 – Again stay at Kalpa. Relax
    Day 7 – Kalpa to Chindi, stay at Chindi
    Day 8 – Chindi to Jammu

    I have two cars, Figo and Omni. obviously, Figo is much more comfortable. But please tell me whether it is possible to take Figo to Kalpa ? If yes, which part of the road I should take utmost care while driving ? If you find anything to change in my itinery, then please advise me.

    • Dear Santanu ji

      Please find a modified version of the travel plan for Kinnaur Valley

      Day 1 – Jammu to Rewalsor (330 km), stay at Rewalsor.
      Day 2 – Rewalsor to Sarahan via Rampur (approx 240 km), stay at Sarahan
      Day 3 – Sarahan – Sangla
      Day 4 – Sangla / Chitkul Rest day, there is more to see and explore around Sangla / Chitkul than Kalpa
      Day 5 – Sangla / Chitkul – Kalpa
      Day 6 – Again stay at Kalpa. Relax
      Day 7 – Kalpa to Chindi, stay at Chindi
      Day 8 – Chindi to Jammu (should be very very long I assume, try split in two days)

      Many people do Kinnaur Valley in hatches but just keep in mind that roads are not in good shape beyond Bhawanagar, that is from Day 3 of yours. There in case there will be rain, slush will be present which you need to tackle. Hence, do know about and protect your oil sump from getting hit.



        Many many thanks Dheerajji, as per the last para of your advice, should I take Omni instead of Figo ?
        Yes, there is no guarantee of weather in any high altitude hilly areas. But, possibility of rain is more during my journey period i.e. June 6 to 13 ?
        Waiting for your valuable input.

        With regards


  11. SUBHRAJIT on

    Hello Dheeraj,

    I had to replan the trip with my wife in this April 2-3rd …..the itinerary includes …….chdg-sarahan-kalpa-sangla-narkanda-chdg

    Wanted to know how long it will take (hours) with an indica from Chandigarh to sarahan without includig lunch break!!?? It is going to b hectic….

    As u mentioned there is chances of snow around chitkul i wanted to ask the probability around poo nako leo lippa chango. which side ( kinnaur kalpa nako poo lippa etc n chitkul rakcham etc )promises more snow and quiet,calm places???!!! I want to adjust itinerary having that information. ….

    Please share ur thought,idea n suggestions!!???

    • Subhrajit, Chandigarh to Sarahan will be around 10 Hrs drive. You will get snow around Nako as well but at any other place you mentioned. In April, Kalpa as well as Sangla, chitkul shall be good to have some quite and calm moments and access to snow as well. Also, Nako too. Nako will be quite cold as well than other places.

  12. Shivani Sharma on

    Hello Dheeraj!
    I have been following your blog and planing my trips to Himalayas accordingly..thanks for all you help!
    Me with few of my friends are planing to visit kinnaur valley in June.. i want to know if June is the right time or not? also we have less days in hand say 7 days so how can we have a relaxed chilled out trip? Can we skip some places on ur given itinerary above? waiting for ur reply.. :)


  13. dear dheeraj: your articles are very informative and interesting and appear invaluable for someone who is making the first trip to kinnaur. while a lot of information is already there in your articles / replies to readers’ queries, i can’t help but ask you for your comments on my program.
    we are a group of 4 (all 60 years plus; generally fit but two of us would like to avoid long walks / treks) and planning a 6-7 day trip to kinnaur valley in the third week of march – 16th or 17th onwards. i am a competent driver (having driven globally and will have the support of one of our fellow travellers) and am planning to do the trip on my brand new swift dzire zxi (petrol). the tentative plan is as under:
    day 1. delhi to narkanda or shimla
    day 2. narkanda / shimla to kalpa
    day 3. kalpa to nako and back.
    day 4. kalpa to chitkul to sangla
    day 5. sangla to sarahan
    day 6. sarahan to delhi
    day 7. your advice on how to best adjust this day or cover some other spot would be welcome
    we would like the trip to be relaxed and not rushed at any stage. although distances once one reaches kalpa do not appear to be much but looking to the terrain and road conditions i’m not really sure of the driving time between places like kalpa, nako, sangla, chitkul etc. we would also like to soak in the visuals and not focus on treks / long walks etc for reasons explained. that’s one reason we want to do this trip now when views are expected to be better than those in april / may. what are the road conditions like and whether it will be possible to access chitkul and nako at this time of the year – including the malling nala. is the swift dzire an ok car for this trip or would you recommend an innova or similar vehicale for greater relaxation and peace of mind.
    would really appreciate your feedback. will certainly share my experience on return.

    • Thank you Ajit !!

      For 7 days you can make it like:

      day 1. delhi to narkanda
      day 2. Narkanda – Sangla
      day 3. Sangla and rest there, may be travel towards Chitkul though the road most likely be closed. Do not take Swift there, you might get stuck in slush of snow.
      day 4. Sangla – Kalpa
      Day 5. Kalpa – Nako
      day 6. Nako to Sarahan
      day 7. Sarahan to delhi

      In case you want too relaxed, then even drop Nako. BTW Nako will be very very harsh during that time and it was quite a difficult night for us to spend up there a week later last year, will not recommend in case you have not gone through such an adventure before. Also, the brand new swift will take much beating on these harsh roads which are real bad in shape especially ahead of Reckong Peo – Powari towards Nako. Chitkul will be inaccessible most likely and Maling Nalla comes after Nako which you are not going to visit. At Nako there wont be any places to stay and eat as well during this time of the year.

      A high GC is recommended for a peace of mind and in case you love your car more than adventure or spirit of adventure driving or travel !!

      Do read the travelogue from my last year experience: The Deadly Drive to Nako – Snow White Spiti

      • thank you very much for your valuable feedback. it’s useful enough for me to reconsider my plans and see if we can push our program back by a month. if we have to travel that far missing out on chitkul and the nako drive may not be desirable. also the drive from kingla to jalori pass may be a very good option which again may have to be ruled out at this time.
        thanks once again and i’ll remember to revisit this page after the trip!

        • Ajit, Jalori shall be accessible during this time, not much worries on that front with high GC vehicle. Though may be descend towards Shoja – Tirthan from Jalori might be closed. Regarding other places, like Chitkul and Nako, better to shift the plan by at least a month.

        • hi dheeraj! thank you for your advice which we value. we have accordingly dropped the kinnaur trip for the present – will consider it in may. our love for himachal – more so since we have never been there !! – however has led us to plan an easier5-6 day trip to dharamsala and neighbouring areas. we plan to start on the 16th from delhi and as i told you we are a group of 4 (all 60+) and want to do a relaxing trip without too much walking / trekking. would much rather just soak in the scenery (dhauladhar view should be great at this time ?) and take in some pleasant drives. our tentative plan is as under:

          1. day 1 delhi to kasauli (night stay)
          2. day 2 kasauli – mandi – dharamsala (night stay)
          3. day 3 & 4 stay at dharamsala but drive down to mcleodgand, khatiyar etc
          5. day 5 dharamsala to delhi

          any suggestions from you to help us get the most out of the trip – some must see places etc.? we can extend the trip by a day if necessary. also we’ll be driving down in my brand new swift dzire VXi – the roads in this region would perhaps be in better condition and more easy to navigate than those in the kinnaur region but any advice from you would be welcome.

        • Hello Ajit ji,

          There is no need to travel to Kasauli as it will not fall on the route. The route to Dharamshala goes from Una, so no need to go towards Mandi as well. Hence, it is better you do Day 1 to Dharamshala or Palampur from Delhi. Dzire will be good enough for these places.

          Day 1 | Delhi – Palampur
          Day 2 | Palampur – Dharamshala – Mcloed Ganj
          Day 3 | Mcloed Ganj rest day
          Day 4 | Mcleod Ganj – Dalhousie – Khajjiar
          Day 5 | Rest day in Khajjiar
          Day 6 | Drive back home


  14. Dear Sir,
    Planning to visit Kallash Kinnar from May 19 th 2015 from kolkata. Our team have 05 adults + 01 child ( 12 yrs) & 01 kid (6yrs) .
    My father of 80 yrs is travelling with me.
    Can any one help me make a itinerary for 9 -11 days in Kinnar Kailash , so as to combine the green side – the snowy side of HImachal along with REST.
    Please help me.

    • Tapas, are you planning the trek to Kinner Kailash?? Or are you planning just a trip to see Kinner Kailash from Kalpa? I am not sure if it will be possible to trek for your father at the age of 80, though I may be wrong. Are you planning trek or travel to Kalpa and see Kinner Kailash from there?

      • @ Dheeraj ji,
        I am planning just a trip ( a mear travel ) to Kinnar Kailash NOT TREK wish to combine the green side – snowy side of HImachal along with REST.
        I have planned a itinerary ..plz have a look comment .
        DAY 1- ( 17/05/15) Sunday | Started from Howrah by Kalka mail ( dep. 19.40 hrs)
        DAY 2- On train
        Day3 ( 19/05/15) Tuesday | Kalka to Shimla by Toy train n/s Shimla
        Day 4 ( 20/05/15) Wednesday | Shimla to Narkanda n/s Narkanda
        Day5 ( 21/05/15) Thursday | Narkanda – Sangla ( 170 km – 5 hrs via Rampur, Jeori, Tapri, Karcham ) n/s Sangla
        Day – 6 | ( 22/05/15) Sangla – Chitkul – Kamru Fort – n/s Chitkul
        Day 7- ( 23/05/15) | chitkul – via Reckong Peo to kalpa – Roghi Village (8.30 – 12 noons) n/s Kalpa
        Kalpa – Shivalik, just below HPTDC TRH, room rent 500/- day, with window facing KK Range
        Day 8 ( 24/05/15) Sunday | kalpa – Sarahan ( 3 Hrs) n/s @ Sarahan
        get up early in the morning to see sunrise.
        Day 9 ( 25/05/15) Monday | Sarahan to Kalka via Chail. ( 260 km – 9 hrs)
        Day 9 ( 25/05/15) Monday | & Catch train at night from kalka (12312 ) Kalka mail – kalka (23.55)
        Day 10 ( 26/05/15) : Full day in train
        Day 11( 27/05/15 Wednesday) | Reaching HWH @ 08 AM

        Alternatively if I plan Kalka -Sarahan – Kalpa -Tabo – Kaza – Chitkul – Rakcham -sangla – kalka ? Is the road for Kalpa to Nako is very bad? Is it too tough for mid aged & my old father?
        I am mainly concerned with my 80 yrs old father. Dont want him to take too much strain?
        I request you to guide me.

        • Tapas ji, the itinerary you have chalked out above is very well planned and relaxed. I will suggest you to go ahead with it and enjoy a peaceful holiday rather rushing things by including Tabo – Kaza or other parts of Spiti. This will make perfect sense what you have planned and help you with a memorable trip.

        • @ Dheeraj ji,
          Thanks for your advice.
          But again a 2nd plan to seek your advice.
          Dear Sir,
          Planning to visit Kallash Kinnar from May 19 th 2015 from kolkata.
          Our team have 05 adults + 01 child ( 12 yrs) & 01 kid (6yrs) .
          My father of 80 yrs is travelling with me.
          Prepared a 2nd itinerary for trying to combine little more with REST.
          Please help / guide / correct me.
          Kolkata to Kalka by train & reaching kalka
          Day3 ( 19/05/15) Tuesday | Kalka to Shimla by Toy train n/s Shimla
          Day 4 ( 20/05/15) Wednesday | Shimla to Sarahan ( 150 km – 5 hrs ) n/s Sarahan
          Day 5 ( 21/05/15)Thursday | Sarahan – Chitkul (111 km 4 hr) n/s Rakcham (?)
          Day 6 ( 22/05/15) Friday | Sarahan via Reckong Peo to kalpa – Roghi Village (90 km -3 hrs ) n/s Kalpa
          Day 7- ( 23/05/15)Saturday | kalpa – Nako ( 200 km 4 Hrs) n/s nako
          Day 8- ( 24/05/15) Sunday | Nako – Sangla ( 200 km 4 Hrs) n/s Sangla
          Day 9 ( 25/05/15) Monday: | Sangla to Chail / Fagu ( 90 km 3 Hrs) n/s Chail / Fagu
          Day 10 ( 26/05/15) Tuesday | Chail / Fagu to Kalka ( 260 km – 9 hrs) & Catch train at night from kalka
          Day 11 ( 27/05/15) Wednesday : Full day in train
          Day 12( 28/05/15) Thursday | Reaching HWH @ 08 AM

          Please modify my itinerary considering quite old person is traveling with me.
          My major concerns:
          1) is the road to Reckong Peo – kalpa – nako is too bad & bumpy?
          2) Is it advisable to travel with my aged father? Else I drop Nako??
          3) I the time given here are practical ??
          4) Is Tavera comfortable for 7 people ( 5+2 child) ? or what vehicle is advisable for 7 person?
          5) Any other experts advice / suggestion?

        • Hi Tapas,

          1. Better stay at Rakcham not chitkul on Day 5.
          2. Day 6, Sarahan will not come. It will be Sangla
          3. It would have made more sense to keep it relaxed by excluding the Nako. I somehow liked the previous itinerary much more than this one as it focuses more on regular Kinnaur Valley with less travel and more relaxed.
          4. However, on normal say, this itinerary is just OK but as you are stressing more on old age, I feel first one was much better.

          Regarding you queries:

          1) Reckong Peo to Kalpa is all good. Reckong peo to Nako is bad.
          2) As I said, I liked your previous itinerary being it much more relaxed.
          3) This one is also fine but there is more travel included here, hence, I feel first one was much better and relaxed.
          4) If you can get innova it will be much more comfortable


  15. dhirajkalani on

    Dear Dheeraj,

    Thanks and Congratulations on maintaining such a wonderful website and amazing information around Himalayas. I strongly believe this must be most exhaustive and realistic view for any traveler looking to take a trip in majestic mountains.

    We are planning to get on the aforesaid suggested trip in first / second week on Mar’15 and wanted to check on the latest status of the tracks and our ability to reach out last motrorable point (We drive XUV500) before taking turn back towards Shimla.


    • Hello Dhiraj,

      Thanks a ton for the appreciation, means a lot :) … XUV5OO should be all good to go. If in case it rains then only roads will play spoil sport due to slush else the road will be open for Kalpa as well as Sangla. However, road to Chitkul will be closed most likely.


      • dhirajkalani on

        Thanks Dheeraj for prompt response.
        Will keep you posted on the trip and seek guidance, once plan gets frozen.

        Any other fellow looking for this trip in March?


  16. Subhrajit Das on

    Dear Dheeraj….

    I hve planned a trip for this april to dehradun- shimla – kalpa -sangla…please let me know how long it will take to reach dehradun from narkanda ….google map shows it approx 5hr 30min via state highway or NH(Partly)..

    also let me know can i expect moderate snow in and around sangla n kinnaur in between 2nd to 10th of April???

  17. dr tejas chauhan on

    Hello Mr dheeraj
    I’m planning to travel kinnaur valley and up to tabo if possible, in may 2015 along with 4 member including a 6 yrs child.

    I’ll be starting from delhi and I’ll be having 7 days for delhi to delhi.

    I want to include sarahan,sangla valley particularly rakcham and chitkul,kalpa,and visit to pin valley without much stay in spirit valley.

    Is this possible in this time period??
    And how will be weather in may end?
    Tourist crowd?? Bcoz I dont like much crowded places!!
    How will be this time in view of snow and scenic beauty??

    And I’m not used to drive in mountains so will it be advisable to travel in self drive MINI SUV??

    Thanx and waiting for your reply


    • Hello Dr. Tejas,

      7 days will be a bit hectic but you can plan it like below:

      Delhi – Narkanda
      Narkanda – Kalpa
      Kalpa – Tabo
      Tabo – Kaza covering Pin Valley and Dhangkar
      Kaza – Sangla (Long drive)
      Sangla – Shimla/Narkanda can cover Chitkul and Sarahan on the way
      Narkanda – Delhi

      It will be hectic though and hence I will suggest to add couple of days in it.

  18. deer dheeraj, pl plan for 9 nights tour from chandigarh to kalpa sangla and back to chandigarh. also plan an alternative tour including manali in 9 nights in march 22 to 30.we are reaching chandigarh at 2pm on 22 mar

    • Tonmoy, a suggested itinerary is already mentioned in the article above for Kinnaur Valley. You can add rest days as you need in it at Sarahan, Kalpa, Sangla. Regarding 9 day trip to Manali and around, you can refer below:

      Day 1 – Leave from Delhi by overnight Volvo for Manali. Get down at Aut/Bhunter near Kullu next morning (Day 2) where you can get to reach Tirthan Valley (about 40-45 KMs from there)
      Day 2 – Tirthan Valley – Relaxing day besides Tirthan River
      — Stay at Raju Bharti Guest House (you will need booking well in advance, so finalize it ASAP) other you need to stay at some other property. Raju is a pioneer in that region, so will say do not miss the stay there as it is quite an experience in itself.
      Day 3 – Tirthan Valley
      — Enjoy the walks in the GHNP. There are two Waterfalls nearby Raju GH in the woods.
      Day 4 – Tirthan Valley – Shoja – Jalori Pass – Serolskar Lake – Tirthan Valley
      Day 5 – Tirthan Valley – Kasol – Manikaran – Naggar Castle (stay at Naggar and enjoy the place) (about 100 KMs)
      — Stay at Naggar Castle and enjoy the place. Very romantic with great views and food. Visit Roerich Musueum, Art Gallery and do not miss the hike to ancient Krishna Temple at the top
      — It is one of the most romantic places in Himachal
      Day 6 – Naggar Castle – Manali (about 30 KMs)
      Day 7 – Manali Local sightseeing which includes Hadimba Temple, Manu Temple, Mall Road, Local Monastery, Vashisth Hot Water Springs (never found it interesting) etc.
      Day 8 – Manali – Snow Point either at Solang Valley or Marhi/Gulaba on the way to Rohtang Pass. Enjoy in snow and come back to Manali
      Day 9 – Manali – Delhi

      Replace Delhi by Chandigarh.

      • deer dheeraj
        we will be reaching chandigarh by 2pm on 22 march and will back on 31 mar from chandigarh(flight at 9am). I am confused between chandigarh(1) narkanda(1) sarhan(1) kalpa(2) sangla(2) chail(1) chandigarh(1) or chandigarh to chail(1) sahran(1) sangla(1) kalpa(2) shoja(1) manali(2) chandigarh(1). Pl suggest.What will be the weather and road condition then. Any suggestion for hotels in kalpa sangla and shoja! How is hotel Hill Top in manali.We have 1 child and 2 senior citizen with us(total 6)

  19. Sejal Khanna on

    Hi Dheeraj, planning a trip to Kinnaur in Nov (15-21). We’ll be relying on trains and local transport.
    We dont wish to make too many stops on the way as we like exploring one place at one time and Kinnaur sounds like heaven.
    Can you suggest an itinerary with how-to’s of travel bit.

  20. hello dheeraj, we are planning 5d/6n trip to kinnaur from 3rd-7th oct, as:
    3rd – delhi-narkanda/rampur
    4th – kalpa
    5th – sangla-chitkul
    6th – chitkul-theog/fagu
    7th – delhi
    please give your expert opinions if it is correct or needs change. Also, which one is the better place to stay, sangla or chitkul, considering there ll be 2yr old baby also.
    dr darvesh

  21. Hello dhiraj,
    we are family of 6 mid aged adults and 3 young adults, from kolkata, are planning a trip to shimla-kinnaur-manali in mid oct. our itinerary is as follows :
    12th night 11 pm reaching del airport.
    13th early morning train to kalka.
    13th afternoon kalka to shimla and nightstay.
    14th early morning shimla to sangla.
    15th early morning sangla-chitkul-kalpa and nightstay.
    (as per my research we should reach kalpa before sunset so we can enjoy sunset at kalpa, what do you say?)
    16th late morning kalpa to sarahan.
    17th morning sarahan to shimla.
    18th early morning shimla to manali.
    19th morning manali-solang-rohtang and back to manali nightstay.
    20th morning manali to delhi so that we can reach delhi by night
    21st early morning flight to kolkata.

    I know including manali is not so good idea but everybody is insisting for rohtang so u know.
    what do you say is the plan okay? It would be highly oblizing if you advise kindly.

    • Shouvik, your plan is fine. I will suggest that you twist it a little like below:

      16th late morning kalpa to sarahan.
      17th morning sarahan to Shoja via Jalori Pass.
      18th Shoja to manali.

      • Thank you so much for your response. On 16th morning instead of coming sarahan if we come to rampur and stay overnight is it possible to reach manali from Rampur if we satrt early on 17th morning?
        In that case we can save one whole day which we can spend in sangla or kalpa what do you suggest??

        • Even if you start from Sarahan early in the day, you will be able to reach Manali by evening. I just added it because to ease out the travel in between. You will not go wrong with either Sarahan or Rampur. You are spending enough time in Sangla and Kalpa. Kalpa does not have enough to do in 2 days and Sangla you are spending 2 days already which will take care of Chitkul too.

  22. Hi Dheeraj,
    Possible to share the campsites in Kinnaur?I mean, we will be carrying our own tents, so wanted to know where exactly can we pitch our tents in Sangla, Kalpa, chitkul or anywhere in Kinnaur

    • Ronak, go over to Rakkcham ahead of Sangla and there you will find many sites along the Baspa river for it. Kalpa or ahead of it near Roghi there should be some fields where you can do so by asking villagers and paying royalty to them for pitching the camps.

  23. Hi Dheeraj

    Please suggest a 4 day plan for a motorcycle ride from Delhi starting from 15th August ending on 18th August 2014.

      • Thanks Dheeraj.

        I am guessing you are saying this due to rains and possible landslides. Is it particularly risky riding in rains in Kinnaur area? We wanted to make it a monsoon ride, so riding in rains isn’t much of a problem. In any case it will be really helpful if you can advise a plan for 4 day ride as originally requested. Thanks :)

        • Amit bhai, you go anywhere in Himachal but leave aside Kinnaur in rains :) :) .. I hope that answers 😉

          Best is to make a trip to Chindi – Karsog. In case you wanna be adventurous, then go over Jalori Pass, stay at Shoja and drive down to Tirthan Valley and come back via Mandi – Chandigarh road.

          Day 1 | Delhi – Chindi
          Day 2 | Chindi – Jalori Pass – Shoja
          Day 3 | Shoja – Tirthan Valley
          Day 4 | Tirthan Valley – Mandi – Delhi

  24. Somnath Bhattacharyya on

    Hi Dheeraj,
    I am from kolkata.
    We are planning a trip to sangla-kalpa.

    Day 1: —Shimla
    Day 2: —Shimla to Sarahan
    Day 3: — Sarahan to sangla
    Day 4: — sangla-Chitkul-sangla
    Day 5: – sangla to kalpa
    Day 6: – kalpa to kalka
    At night we have to reach kalka mail.
    We have already booked hotels. Now is it possible to reach Kalka from kalpa in one day? And is there any bus service available from kalpa/recong peo to shimla/kalka?
    Please let me know if you have any information.
    Thanks and regards

    • Somnath, your itinerary is fine except last day. It is better that you move Sarahan down on Day 5 and do Sarahan to Kalka which will make more sense since you need to reach there by evening. So, do Shimla to Sangla on Day 2. and Kalpa to Sarahan on Day 5.

      Oops, I see you have booked hotels. So, now best is that you leave early morning from Kalpa as soon as you can then try to reach Kalka by evening. It will take around 10-11 Hrs to reach Kalka from Kalpa.

  25. Hello Dheeraj,
    We are planning 1 4 day 5 night trip to chitkul.

    19th night: — Delhi-Narkanda
    Day 1: —Narkanda to Karcham
    Day 2: —Karcham to Sangla
    Day 3: — Around Chitkul
    Day 4: — Chitkul to Kalpa to Rampur
    Night travel back to Delhi. Reach on 24th early morning.
    Is it Doable? What things we need to keep in mind? We are a group of 9 ppl with seven girls. Will finding night acco difficult….i mean do we need to book in advance or we can get it easily once we reach there?

    • Vaani, just modify as per below plan:

      19th night: — Delhi-Narkanda
      Day 1: — Narkanda to Sangla/Rakcham
      Day 2: — Sangla/Rakcham to Chitkul and around
      Day 3: — Chitkul/Rakcham/Sangla to Kalpa
      Day 4: — Kalpa to Rampur

      It will be very very hectic drive from Kalpa to Rampur to Shimla to Delhi. Watch out for it. Road conditions in Kinnaur at present are not that great and there are couple of major landslides for which there is a diversion there that causes about 2 Hrs of delay.

      Even I see you are traveling almost whole night on 19th to reach Narkanda and then whole day to reach Sangla/Karcham. there is nothing to stay at Karcham, so you need to go to Sangla. Similarly on return. Are you really sure that you are used to such long long drives?

      • Thanks a lot Dheeraj. But when u want to travel with ppl who cant get leaves from their offices…u have to squeeze in… N i really want to go to kinnaur valley after reading ur blog n a few others. Thanks for ur suggestions…if it will be tiring, we will cut short a thing or two in between but we will touch chitkul and around for two nights and head back…. What about accomodation? do we need to book in advance or we will find something when we reach… We need just basic facilities to spend the nights!!!

        • That’s a sport !! :) :) … Yeah, in that case go ahead and you will get accommodation as you do not have much expectations !! Have fun and if possible do share the pictures or story with DoW Community as Travel Tale or Photo Tale :)

  26. rakesh garg on

    god bless you deeraj for the help you are giving to people,please guide me regarding 5 days relaxing and enjoyable trip for kids we want to travel on 12 june. regards garg

  27. Hi Dheeraj,

    Really good to see your prompt replies to all the queries and this is what made me to ask and clear my doubts here. :)
    I am from Delhi, and this june me my husband are planning for kalpa, Chitkul trip. Following is the first phase itinerary I have prepared.

    Day 1: — Delhi-Shimla
    Day 2: — Shimla-Sarahan
    Day 3: — Sarahan-Chitkul
    Day 4: — Around Chitkul
    Day 5: — Chitkul-Kalpa
    Day 6: — Around Kalpa
    Day 7: — Kalpa-Fagu
    Day 8: — Fagu-Delhi

    Now the question comes that will it be possible for us to drive from Shimla to Sarahan on the same day provided we have as 4*4 vehicle, not a SUV.

    Secondly, I have not done any advance booking so far. So it wont be any problem finding the accommodation there?

    Hey last one, will I be able to see snow covered peaks in Kalpa and Chitkul?

    I want to make out the most of it from this trip and want to plan it real good. Please make modifications in this itinerary and your any other suggestions will be really really appreciated. (They are needed infact !!!)

    Looking forward to hear from you Dheeraj :)

    • Hello Preeti,

      Your itinerary is very relaxed and very much doable by any means. There should not be any problems with accommodation too, on the spot searching here and there a bit, you will get bookings. Yeas, there will be snow peaks visible through Kalpa and Chitkul, you might even be able to find some snow with some trekking around.

      Itinerary is very relaxed and you will for sure enjoy it, wonderful work :)


      • One more thing Dheeraj, should I stay at Chitkul or Rakcham? What would you suggest? I want to go for Chitkul, but not sure whether I will be getting accommodation there as according to what I have heard, there are only 2-3 options there?

        Thanks in advance !!!

        Really hoping for a wonderful trip !!!
        I will be back on 7th june and will post my pics here for sure.

        • Preeti, both are good options of stay. Chitkul is more pristine but will have basic stays or home stays. If that is OK, go ahead and stay at Chitkul. But, yes only less in number. Best wishes for the trip and I would request to post a Travel Tale with pictures in DoW Community. JOIN US at DoW – Himalayan Travel Community for Travel Itinerary advices, Find Travel Partners, share your Travel Tales and much more related to Himalayas!!

  28. Hi dheeraj v r a group f 12 guys planning to visit kinner kailash v r frm u.p. v ll begin frm shimla can u suggest d bst tim n margin f d days v sh%d take fter shmla n taxi if v can hire on phone.

  29. Thanks for your detailed information. We are 6/8 people looking for a 9 nights 10 days trip from Kolkata to Kalpa, and near by places. can you please provide me some contact information about car booking from Shimla for this package with info about hotels

      • Thanks Dheeraj for your reply…What will be a best itenary for Kalpa, Sangla, Sarahan, Chitkul, trip start from Shimla and Ends in Kalka within 6nights (2 nights each in Kalpa and Sangla with 1 each in rest2places). Is Octoberis the best time for trip?….. How much it will cost?..(Shimla to Kalka with Car and Budget Hotel accommodation with MAP plan? Can you provide few budget but good hotels name?..(good by means of location and available view from hotel)

        • Kushik, you can follow the itinerary as below:

          Day 1 | Shimla – Sarahan
          Day 2 | Sarahan – Sangla
          Day 3 | Sangla – Chitkul/Sangla
          Day 4 | Chitkul/Sangla – Kalpa
          Day 5 | Kalpa – Narkanda
          Day 6 | Narkanda – Kalka

          You can check Bhimkali Temple Guest House at Sarahan, Prakash Hotel / Guest House at Sangla, Kalpa has varied options.

    • Manisha Govind on

      Hi dheeraj,in this tour we want to see kinnour do we do it?please guide the route likewise as we have 7 days in our hands.

      • Are you looking for Kinner Kailash Yatra or trek? I don;t think in 7 days it can be done. However, from Kalpa you can see Kinner Kailash view in front of you from balcony of any hotel :)

    • I need some guidence above the following tour plan:

      30.9: Kalka Mail from Howrah
      2.10: Kalka in morning, Shivalik Express to Shimla;
      3.10: Shimla to kalpa (Long journey i guess)
      4.10: Klapa to Tabo.
      5.10: Tabo to Kaza
      6.10: KAza
      7.10: Kaza to Losar, visit chandratal
      8.10: Losar to MAnali, en route Visit chandratal (If not possible on previous day)
      9.10: Manali to Kalka; Kalka Mail for home.

      Is this plan justified in october? I get some homestay info in internet in Kalpa, Tabo Kaza Rs. 700-Rs. 800. how are those?? Any idea?…What will be the accommodation in Losar? (Home stay prefered).
      Car booking From Shimla to manali is right or must do From Shimla to Delhi?
      What will the cost of the car for 6 people?…Tata sumo preferable

      • Hi Kushik,

        Though not suggested BUT you should do your journey in opposite direction because by end of September all high passes startes getting snow. So, you can get stuck between Rohtang and Kunzum Pass. Better start from Manali side so that you cover that stretch early and not late. Also, I see you are traveling too much. You should add few days in between.


  30. Ritu sadana on

    Hi Dheeraj!!!we r planning leave for Sangla on 13 April and will be back by 21 April.Deehraj is it safe to stay in tents near river in the month of May as we were considering kinner sangla camps at Sangla and The Monk in kalpa.i was in two minds after last year flash suggest as it would help a lot

    • Ritu, no one can predict natural calamities and also 13 April is gone, it must be May?? Like I said since no one can predict such calamities, you need to take that risk if you are looking forward to stay there but that risk in general is at most places when we travel in Himalayas. Also, May I feel receive less rains so should be OK time as per past but again, no guarantee.

      • Ritu sadana on

        Hi Dheeraj !!!sorry for April,it’s actually May.thanks so much.yes actually no one can guarantee bt when I checked the weather forecast from 13 May to 21 may it shows rain and thunderstorm!!! surely I don’t want to miss the trip and excited for the same.we travel to mountains atleast once a year but it’s our first trip to Sangla valley!!!two years back we went to tirthan and jalori which were amazing.any other things to keep in mind as we’ll be driving ourselves with a halt at chail for a night.your suggestions would really help!!

        • Ritu sadana on

          One more thing Dheeraj,that we’ll be driving in Quanto from Delhi to Sangla! My husband loves to drive in mountains so he doesn’t prefer to hire a we r going to Sangla for the first time and hv heard about the roads being not in so good condition as compared to other places in suggest.

        • Quanto has a bit high GC and IMHO, if you guys have decent experience of hills driving then there should not be any issues even when it rains. The the roads are bad but manageable all the way even with small cars. However, when it rains, there becomes slush after Bhawanagar which creates problems. But, since you have high gc vehicle, so it will be manageable with careful driving.

    • Thanks for your reply…We are planning this route because we want to enjoy the toy train route from kalka to Shimla. I guess from Shimla I cannot skip Kalpa before entering the Lahoul-Spiti, So we are taking the heavy journey load on day 1. I guess after kalpa The journey is as per every other tour Plan. regarding kunzum pass and Nathula, this is small risk We have to take because we have tight schedule. We have time from 30th September to 11 October. Can you suggest any better alternative tour plan?….

      • Kushik, Kalpa is about 19 KMs detour from the road to Spiti valley. So, if required you can skip it. Apart from 5,6 you are not resting any of the day and should expect tiring journey on all days. I am here to tell you risk, take it or not, is your call :) … Things go nasty there, believe me. I am not scaring you rather just warning you so that you don’t under estimate the potential hazard and take a calculative risk. I will still suggest better do it from Manali side.

        • If I start from Manali side then I guess the route is totally opposite. If we want to Skip Kalpa then where should we stay at par our above itinerary? Can you please suggest some driver’s name and contact info? As we are going by our own so need this info…. We are planning to book Homestay in Kalpa,Tabo, kaza and Losar/batal and Bank’s Holiday homes in Shimla & Manai

        • Thanks Dheeraj,
          What your opinion about homestay in Kalpa,(or the places mentioned by you) Tabo ,Kaza? …In your opinion where should we stay ..Losar/Batal to visit Chandratal on our way back to Manali…… Is the lake generally Frozen in October 1st week?…If so then we would skip that?….. what is your opinion on that?

        • Homestays are quite good and you will not go wrong with them. Don’t stay at Batal, better stay at Losar so if something happens you are near civilization. Do Chandratal while going to Manali next day. No it is not frozen in October.

  31. suparna majumder on

    hi, i am suparna. we are planning a trip to kinnaur valley. we are reaching delhi on 30th of may and our return air ticket from delhi is on 8th june. It will be very helpful to us if u kindly suggest a tour plan which can make us explore the beautiful kinnaur valley. please recommend good hotels for the same. we are a family of 4 which includes me my husband my two children of ages 12 and 13. we are eagerly waiting for your reply.

      • suparna majumder on

        yes absolutely right. please suggest a tour plan so that we can book our hotels accordingly

        • Suparna, in that case you can follow the 7 day itinerary mentioned above in the article. If you are coming early in the day on 30th, then you can head straight to Shimla. You can include a day rest at Kalpa or visit Nako from there OR spend time in Shimla/Narkanda around to explore Thanedar, Hatu Peak, Naldhera, Tattapani etc..

  32. Hi,we are 2 people, & have plans to travel to sangla for 4 days only from may 1-4 from chandigarh. I will be travelling in toyota corolla altis,i have driven in himachal on the kangra route, so will it be fine if i drive to sangla by myself or will you recommend driver along with? Also i have another option of travelling on alto as well. If you recommend an expert driver, then could you please send the phone number of drivers whom i can contact(Personally i would want to drive by my own).Your advice will be appreciated

  33. Hi
    we are two doing a journey from delhi to delhi 10 days starting 17th april and need to explore the area, wanted to do the whole circuit but came to know that is’nt doable at the moment, though if you could suggest something which let us explore the small towns, villages and let us interact with the locals, also we need 2 days to spend at kalga and around.Can you help giving a suggestion.

    • Swati, you have 10 days in hand. Firstly you can have a relaxing trip and follow the 7 day itinerary easily as suggested above OR else you can include Spiti Valley into the picture though the road conditions will not be in good shape at this moment, at times scary too. Also, if you could clear my confusion over Kalga OR Kalpa? Because both are different and located some distant apart. This will help in suggesting the travel plan to follow :)

      • Thanks for such a quick response. :)
        till how far can we go on Sangla route, we were thinking if we can go till kaza or losar, will that be doable or can we go ahead?
        we need to get to kalga which is near tosh or Manikaran.
        any village you can suggest on Sangla route?
        Much thanks

        • Well, if it is Kalga near Kasol, then you need time as well to reach Kalga from Kinnaur and enjoy the place. In that case, it is better to stick to 5 days in Kinnaur and rest for later half of the journey plus stay in Kasol – Kalga. Chitkul is best to spend time in Kinnaur. Also, Roghi village ahead of Kalpa is again something where you find people who knows great history and knowledge about the terrain of Kinnaur.

        • thanks you for all the info..very grateful..back now with great memories and experience..ride upto losar, kaumik and ahead, but had to skip kalga..couldn’t do it..took 14 days for all..all worth it. :)
          thanks again

        • Awesome Swati !! So good to know that… Glad you had fun time up there in Kinnaur and Spiti !! If possible, do share some memories as Travel Tale or Photo Tale in DoW Community :)

  34. Mrinalini on

    Hi dheeraj
    We r a family of four from Bangalore including two kids aged 4 and 7.could u let us know how long will it take to drive from Delhi to kinnaur valley.planning to do it during April 26- 29.Also please suggest which car would be suitable to hire and the rental agency.

    • Hi Mrinalini,

      Well with kids of such small age and so less number of days I will NOT suggest that you make a trip to Kinnaur Valley. You should have at least 7 days to make a trip to Kinnaur Valley with kids, ideally I will say. I will say you better make a trip to somewhere in lower hills with Family. Have you been to Tirthan Valley? If not, please go ahead with it.

      Dheeraj sharma

  35. Hi , we are travelling from Delhi to Kinnaur Valley . Would it be possible for us to drive all the way to Sangla Valley ? If not can you suggest some drivers ?

    • Vidyun, yes you can drive to Sangla Valley for sure brother. The road conditions at present are not that great, I will say horrible at some places after Bhawanagar. Rest it should be fine if you are planning to follow the itinerary above for 7 days.

  36. Priti Shah on

    Hi. We are planning a visit to Shimla in the month of May. We would be 8 adults and 8 kids, with a couple of kids being 1-3 years of age. How long does it take to reach Kalpa or Sangla from Shimla? Is the journey hectic? We are okay with a travel time of 5-6 hours.I have heard that the roads are very narrow. Since we are from mumbai, self-driving is not an option for us. So can u suggest with whom can we book rental cars?

    • Hello Priti,

      With such a long group I will recommend breaking the journey at Sarahan and then from Sarahan moving to Sangla or Kalpa. Otherwise, from Shimla to Kalpa/Sangla it is an easy 8 Hrs drive and with kids on board I suspect more. Yes, the roads in Kinnaur are a bit narrow and a bit bad in shape. You will have to hire a taxi from Shimla. I will get to you couple of drivers mentioned in the DoW Community with whom you can directly get in touch instead of involving any travel agent in between.

      dheeraj Sharma

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  38. Sandee Bisht on

    Hi Dheeraj,

    I am planning a cycling trip from Shimla to Chitkul. Would it be possible to do this in January end or February beginning because to roads upto Sangla would not be blocked I am assuming?
    Please help me with the weather details and the road terrain. Also, is it possible to get a mountain cycle on rent from Shimla. If you know anyone then let me know.


    • Hi Sandee,

      Well, road to Chitkul will be blocked I feel for sure in end of January. You should be able to reach Sangla but will be very cold conditions brother. You might get the bike there but sorry I do not have any such contact. Also, if it snows, then road to Sangla may also get closed for few days upto clearance of it. Normally, the Highway is first cleared and then inner roads in case of any snowfall.

      Dheeraj Sharma

  39. i am planning for a holiday at simla 10th to 15th sept. can i visit kinnaur and kalpa during this time and if so can someone help me in planning my trip as i am totally clueless about it

  40. hello dheeraj.

    pl. suggest in short words, itinerary on my return trip from laddakh , after sarchu/pang to lahaul-spiti-chandigarh, night stay wise. After sarchu/pang where will be my night halt of that day, if i want to do this circuit on RE. I hope roads will be open by 2-3 july. also suggest budget acco./fuel availability on the route.


    • Hi Nitu,

      I am not sure if the road will open by then or not but hopeful. This is what I can suggest you –
      Sarchu – Keylong/Jispa/Sissu
      Keylong – Udaipur (55KM) – Triloiknath Temple – Guru Ghantal Monastery – Keylong

      If interested in Chandratal…
      Keylong – Battal
      Battal – Chandratal – Battal (It will be trek if road to Chandratal is not open else do Battal – Chandratal – Back to Kunzam Pass Cut – Kunzam Pass – Kaza/Losar)
      Battal – Kunzam Pass – Kaza

      If not interested in Chandratal then…
      Keylong – Khoksar – Gramphu – Chattru – Battal – Kunzam Pass – Losar – Kaza
      Kaza – Comic – Langza – Kibber – Gette – Tashigong – Kibber – Kaza
      Kaza – Pin Valley – Dhankar – Dhankar Lake – Tabo
      Tabo – Nako – Nako Lake – Kalpa
      Kalpa – Sangla – Chitkul – Kamru Fort – Sangla
      Sangla – Sarahan
      Sarahan – Shimla/Chail
      Shimla/Chail – Chandigarh

      Petrol pumps on the way to Lahaul – Spiti – Shimla route —
      • Tandi. You need to tank up at Tandi ahead of Keylong to go to Kaza
      • Kaza (Not to be missed) It is either five or six days open, not 100% sure. Also it opens at around 8 in the morning and closes to around 5 in the evening and even during this time if there is no electricity there will be no petrol available!
      • Powari (Not to be missed)
      • Rekong Peo
      • Jeori
      • Rampur
      • Theog

      For accommodation, best is to try and get room at PWD Rest Houses and Circuit Houses at Kaza and Keylong. Otherwise, at Keylong try Nalwa Guest House (economic stay) right on the Manali – Leh Highway when you enter Keylong from Jispa side. At Kaza, try Spiti Sarai or Norling Guest House. At Kalpa, Hotel Aucktong, at Sangla try Mount Kailash at Kamru or spot hunting advised, at Sarahan Bhimkali Temple Complex first floor rooms, at Tabo try Millennium Monastery Guest House, Battal has a dhabha while will offer stay for you else no place and you will head to Losar PWD rest house.

      I hope this helps.

      Dheeraj Sharma

  41. Hi Saloni,
    Yes I guess, Honda City can do it for the major part of the trip but you need to be more careful in Kinnaur Region specially and the bad stretch between Shimla and Narkanda such that the under belly is not bumped into pot holes there. I have barely seen any City in himalayas over last few years I started traveling. Although I have done it in my dZire and Santro with ease, and my friends have done it in SX4 as well. I have even seen people doing Manali-Leh on city but again won't advice such things if you love your car. I guess its just sensible and careful driving that is required. I am not too sure about how the stretch between Sangla and Chitkul might turn out, nevertheless you can surely take a taxi from Hotel if locals suggest not to venture on it.
    Secondly, I will strongly suggest that you take it ONLY IF you have any prior experience with driving in the hills and some rough roads else you might bump it from below somewhere or the other
    Lastly, the trip may have an abrupt end if there is landslide debris somewhere in-around Kinnaur region. The Ground Clearance of Honda City may not be enough to cover that.
    If you are one of those who love your car very much and do not want any minor hits at the under belly then I guess in that case you should hire a taxi and go ahead with peace of mind as well as body. I generally do not prefer taking an expensive luxury sedan into the Himalayas and play with it. After all they are Himalayas and they are always unpredictable :) …But, these are my personal views only.
    Do not take me wrong if I am sounding a bit pessimistic but all I want to show you is the clear picture and may be you can decide better with all "Ifs and Buts". It can be done but there are always some things which we mere mortals cannot predict at all :)
    I hope this helps.
    Dheeraj Sharma

  42. Dear Dheeraj sir.

    I am here to ask you regarding the trip Mr.Pathikrit is talking about. I have a low-floor Honda City IVTEC. Is it safe to take the car for this trip? Like, are there any problems or any kind of harm caused if we take the car for this trip?

    Please opine.



  43. <div>Hi Pathrikrit,</div>
    <div>Well, yes Honda City can do it for the major part of the trip with ease but he need to be careful in Kinnaur Region specially and the bad stretch between Shimla and Narkanda such that the under belly is not bumped into pot holes there. Although I have done it in my dZire and Santro with ease, and my friends have done it in SX4 as well. I guess its just sensible and careful driving that is required. I am not too sure about how the stretch between Sangla and Chitkul might turn out, nevertheless you can surely take a taxi from Hotel if locals suggest not to venture on it.</div>
    <div>Dheeraj Sharma</div>

  44. Pathikrit Sarkar on

    Hi Dheeraj

    How much the subscription is and how have I to pay?

    Please let me know



  45. Pathikrit Sarkar on

    Hi Dheeraj

    Sorry to bother you.Actually one more friend wants to join our trip with his Honda City. So we want to know that is it doable by honda on this trip ?

    Please suggest



  46. Pathikrit Sarkar on

    Hi Dheeraj its fine but I heard that there is no good hotel at Sangla.We are going with 4 kids (comprising a group of 10 people including kids),if so is it possible to make Kalpa as base and tour the neighbouring areas like Sangla,Chitkul etc. Basically its a leisure trip and instead of treking we will love to sit idol. And on our way back we will stay one day at Sarahan and one day at Kufri or Chail to reduce driving time. Please opine. Thanks.Pathikrit

    N>B> can I book HPTDC hotels or you suggest other hotels

  47. Pathikrit, well I am not sure what you call good but there are some decent Hotels in Sangla too. If you have decent budget then try a stay at Banjara Camps (011-26861397, 26855153). Awesome location right on Baspa river, I shall say and perhaps you will not regret and not forget the stay there. People generally go to see the location as tourists only. Make a choice yourself.

    Anyways, you can definitely do a day trip to Sangla Chitkul but it will put 2 Hrs of driving time on schedule. If you want you can reverse the stay at Sangla and Kalpa making it 2 nights at Kalpa and one night at Sangla. That ways you will do something like this as well:

    Narkanda – Kalpa

    Kalpa – Roghi Village – Kalpa

    Kalpa – Sangla – Chitkul – Kamru Fort – Sangla

    Sangla – Sarahan

    Sarahan – Chail

    Chail – Delhi

    Generally being in family, I also prefer HPTDC. But, at Kalpa I will recommend you Hotel Kinner Villa, where I have stayed myself and it was far better than HPTDC. Do not forget to taste and get some apple juices from them. You can check my review at: Kinner Villa, Kalpa | Hotel Review

    The Golden Apple is also good option at Kalpa. For Sangla, if not Banjara camps then I will suggest Mount Kailash (01782-242390/527) which is also decent enough. At Sarahan you can stay at Srikhand, HPTDC / Bimkali Temple Complex (only first floor rooms).

    For various meal stops enroute you can refer the link at: My Spiti Itinerary

    The idea to break the journey is great to enjoy the drive. Do not stay at Kufri rather go to Chail via Kufri. That ways you will explore one more place and route as well. Moreover, Chail will be much more calmer and peaceful.

    Let me know incase you need further info.

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