DoW Cause | GYAAN 500 in action at Losar, Himachal

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DoW Cause | GYAAN 500 in action at Losar, Himachal

Postby dheerajsharma14 » Sun Dec 15, 2013 4:30 pm

After the successful execution of Hanle and Nidar villages of Ladakh, all devils on Ladakh Mega Meet 2013 with us moved into the Spiti Valley towards a village Losar. This time we had to leave early in the morning from Losar and when we reached Losar the school got closed so we got in touch with a reliable contact Rahul (the English teacher) and handed over the remaining stationary material in the school for DoW Causes. We requested to share back the pictures and I am glad to have them now with me so as to share with you all...

Again, I am highly thankful to each one of you viz. Sourabh, Jiwesh, Pradip, Mainak, Sahil, Nabeel, Shakti, Saurabh, Paritosh, Tapan for contributing towards DoW Cause | GYAAN 500 and scripting another success story for each one of us.

Reading it, if you also like to participate and contribute towards DoW Causes when visiting this place, you can ask for Kunga at Nomad's Cottage who can help you find a contact or get in touch with Rahul, who is English teacher over there OR you can straight away walk in and get in touch with the teachers or head masters who can help you in the distribution and alignments... Do share some smiles and hot cup of butter tea with children over there.

Enjoy the pictures for now....

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DSC05288.JPG (93.91 KiB) Viewed 1033 times
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Re: DoW Cause | GYAAN 500 in action at Losar, Himachal

Postby sany » Tue Dec 17, 2013 12:43 am

This is heart shows how simple those people are and we should help them more than often. I know most of the people if donated like this do tend to hoard things with themself.

Big applaud for Rahul
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