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Postby dheerajsharma14 » Tue Aug 15, 2017 7:43 am

Tagging @madhu and @aashish2137
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Postby plauct » Thu Sep 14, 2017 6:06 am

Would highly recommend the Canon Digital Rebel XT. I recently upgraded to the XT from a Canon SD 500 which I also liked. The XT is one of the best out there.
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Postby gautam023 » Sat Oct 28, 2017 12:55 pm

I don't think there is a "best" DSLR out there. You'll need to figure out what suits your needs. Also a DSLR is a strong commitment towards achieving something bigger. Think of it as buying something to cut. It can be a scissor, a blade or even a chainsaw.
I would strongly dissuade from getting a DSLR thinking it gives good photos [A Sony RX100 would suit the bill almost always]. Nevertheless start by listing your requirements, fixing a price and a road map of how much time & money would you be willing to allocate in the future. Build it up from ground up by answering these questions.

0. What are the kind of images that you want to produce? [Provide links or sample images]
1. What are you going to shoot? Landscapes, Macro, Wildlife, Portraits, Events, Astro, anything else
2. How much are you going to travel with the camera?
3. Would you be comfortable with switching lenses often?
4. What do you want to do with the final images? [Print / web upload / online group shares]
5. How much time do you want to invest in processing the pictures and in overall photography? [Answer may be influenced by above question]
6. What is the immediate requirement? [Can you start off with one camera & lens and then add later]
7. How long do you intend to keep this camera? Would you be willing to allocate some money in the future for upgrades/additional lenses/accessories?
7. What is your current budget [+- 10%]?
8. Any affinity towards any specific system? Specific reasons, if yes.

Have figured out such questions after using cameras since the past 8 years and seeing quite a few newbies struggling with it.
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