Vaishno Devi Helicopter Services | Online Ticketing Starts and Fare Reduced


Tickets for the helicopter services running on Katra – Sanjichhat – Katra section for Mata Vaishno Devi can now be booked online. Further the fare has also been reduced from Rs 1,225 per passenger to Rs 699 per passenger from April 1, 2011. After confirming the ticket online you need to carry a valid identity proof such as PAN card, voter ID card, driving license, passport etc. I guess this will certainly help a lot more people (mainly physically challenged / unfit or old aged) to visit the holy place and surely is a very warm and welcome step by the Shri Mata Vaishno Devi Shrine Board (SMVDSB). Thanks to them for the same as perhaps now my parents can also try to attempt this divine pilgrimage.

You can use the following links to book your online tickets for Helicopter services of Mata Vaishno Devi -

Updates till Feb 2014:

  • 1. Fare increased to Rs 1039/- one way and Rs 2078/- to and fro from 01.04.14 as compared to Rs 800
  • earlier.
    2. Pawan Hans will no more operate from 01.04.14 , the contract is given to Himalyan Heli Services . from 01.04.14 Global & Himalyan will operate.

  • 3. For a new date reservation starts at 10.00 AM sharp instead of 00.00 hrs earlier.
  • 4. Cancellation of helicopter tickets is allowed now and it can be done till 7 days in advance and 50% amount is refunded.
  • 5. Online Yatra parchi is now free of cost ( earlier it was at Rs 50/-) and about 15000 parchies are open for booking everyday.

Read More Below:

Shri Mata Vaishno Devi Shrine Board (SMVDSB) today launched an online reservation service for the pilgrims who availed of the helicopter service on the Katra-Sanjichhat-Katra sector.

Briefing Governor NN Vohra, who is the Chairman of Shri Mata Vaishno Devi Shrine Board, RK Goyal, CEO of the shrine board, said after pursuing a transparent bidding process the one-way passenger fare for the helicopter travel between Katra and Sanjichhat had come down from Rs 1,225 per passenger to Rs 699 per passenger from April 1 this year.

Expressing satisfaction over the significant reduction in the helicopter fares, the Governor hoped that a large number of senior citizens and physically challenged pilgrims would get an opportunity to avail of this facility, considering that the helicopter service was now available at a reasonable price. He called for an effective day-to-day monitoring of the helicopter operations.

Goyal stated that for the convenience of the pilgrims the board had further streamlined the procedure for ticketing of the helicopter services on the Katra-Sanjichhat-Katra sector.

He added that the passengers, who wished to avail of the helicopter services, could log on to the shrine board’s website ( and confirm an e-ticket after making the required payment.

The yatris could also avail of the on-line ticketing facility through the website of the two helicopter operators, viz, Pawan Hans Helicopters Ltd ( ) and Global Vectra Helicorp Ltd ( ).

Dr Mandeep Bhandari, Additional CEO of the board, clarified that a pilgrim possessing an e-ticket must carry a valid proof of his or her identity like a passport, PAN card, voter ID card, driving license etc., which bore the name and other particulars of the pilgrim to secure a hassle-free access to the heliports at Katra and Sanjichhat.

He advised all pilgrims, who intended to avail of the helicopter services, to secure a confirmed ticket before finalizing their travel plans.

Source: e-ticketing for helicopter services to Sanjichhat begins

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  1. Nitin says:

    Yesterday, by mistake i wrongly entered first name of a passenger. I entered ‘Priya Gupta’ instead of ‘Priyanka Gupta’, while booking Helicopter ticket. But i entered correct Voter-ID number & mobile number.
    Please suggest, what i do ? Will there be any issue or i need to book again ?

    • Nitin, as per the comments above, by some people, there should not be any issue as long as you can present other documentary proofs but still you should confirm from the helpdesk and at least write a mail on the helpdesk id for intimating them which can later also be presented in case any issue arise.

      Jai Mata Di !!

  2. Nidhi says:

    In the column of ID No. i have just written simply Adhaar card and not the number of adhaar card, and other details are all correct will it work?
    I have booked 5 attka on my name and i have 5 passes with the same name can i allow other person to sit in the attka with one of my pass? please reply soon

  3. Ankit says:

    Hi Dheeraj ,

    I have lost my debit card and credit card in an unfortunate incident yesterday . Will I be able to Board the helicopter with new cards . What steps I need to follow . My journey is on 28 th September .

  4. Ram says:


    I am planning to visit maa vahsno devi during Novemeber mid with my 7 month old son and wife. Does anyone have idea about the weather condition durng mid or end of November. Also I am planing to book to and fro helicopter tickets but I am worried if it is fine for the 7 months old baby to travel by helicopter ( any problem due to heavy sound or atmospheric pressure ?). It would be great if someone can provide suggestions. And what is this VIP darshan ticket.. it is a kind of entry without getting into queue?

    Jai Mata Di..

    • Ram, I think you should consult a doctor for affect due to atmospheric pressure and sound to be 100% sure. Yes, the queue for VIP Darshan is less as compared to queue of normal one. Weather will be quite cold especially at night.

      Jai Mata Di!!

  5. DR.BALI says:

    Hello Dheeraj,
    I am going for darshan on 22nd september and i have already booked roundtrip helicopter tickets for me and my wife. I want to ask that am i allowed to carry my mobile phone with me? and what if while coming back we get late due to some reason, are we still allowed to come back by helicopter.

    • Dr. Bali, you will be allowed of phone over helicopter but not in Bhawan. You need to take locker and submit that there. Usually people don’t get a chance to get late.
      Jai Mata Di!!

  6. Vinit says:

    Hi Dheeraj,

    First a fall thank you so much for such a great info, it is really commendable on your part. Dheeraj I need to book Helicopter ticket for the date 31st October 2014. When I go to online booking website, it shows me error “Please try later. There may be one of the following possibilities” like this.

    Will you please assist me with your expert comments.

    • Vinit, Jai Mata Di!! I think someone else has already registered from your Internet connection on the website. Try using some private internet connection.

  7. Vandana Tiwari says:

    Hi, I am travelling to Vaishno devi on 27th of oct and booked return next day helicopter tickets for 5 people. I did a mistake in selecting the type of identity card for my mom and my son (2 out of 5). Instead of pan card I selected Driving license which was defaut but put the Pan card no for my mom and aadhar card no for my son. Will they allow it.
    Also wanted to know do i get VIP pass for the round trip helicopter ticket with next day return.

    • Vandana, Jai Mata Di!!

      It should be fine as long as you can present the valid identity proofs. In case of return ticket for the next day, you get a semi-vip pass not the regular one which has the shortest queue distance to be back in 3 hrs.

      • Vandana Tiwari says:

        Thanks Dheeraj ji for the info. I have one more question one of the person in the group of 8 people doesn’t have an identity card, so I couldn’t get online yatra slip. Is it possible to get Yatra parchi for him at the counter.

  8. Deepak Chhabra says:

    Hi Dheeraj

    I know its a very old thread.. still I am trying. me my mother and my brother are planning to visit Vaishno devi. we ll be reaching katra by train on 14 sept. we were planning to go for darshan via helicopter stay in a room in bhawan and return back next day via helicopter but there are no more seats available online… so i just wanted to know if there is another way to book helicopter. and also if u have any knowledge, are the palanqins available for one way??
    it would be great if i get a reply soon.
    Deepak Chhabra

    • MANISH says:



  9. Abhishek S says:

    hi… i booked a ticket for helicopter online, and in ID proof details, i just filled one “charater” of PAN card incorrected.. “T” instead of “P”.. I have other proofs also, which i can carry, should this be any problem, please suggest?

  10. ARVIND says:

    Hi.WE are party of 4 going to devis darshan on oct 27 ,can i get hilicopter ticket by agent or hotel on arrival,Please let me know thankssss

  11. Ankit says:

    Hello Dheeraj ji,

    I herd in today’s news about bad weather and landslide at mata’s darbaar.Also,many of the pilgrims are stopped at katra itself because of bad weather..I am worried as i have a plan on 25th Aug with my grandmother,wife,mother and 1 year old baby..can you please advice here whether i need to cancel my trip due to bad weather.

    • Ankit, Please keep an eye on the weather updates and try getting connected with hotels in Katra who can give you updated weather conditions. Cancelation can even be done on last day. If Mata has invited you, I am sure you will make it through without any hassles.

      Jai Mata Di!!

      • Nandan Shah says:

        Dear Dheeraj:
        I am visiting Darbar on 23rd Oct with family, I have following questions:
        1) what will be weather.
        2) Have booked someday return helicopter tickets, Is 3 hours time enough?
        3) How to get VIP tickets, is it necessary for me?
        4) How much walking from Helipad to Darbar?
        Thanks in advance. Jai Mata Di.

        • Jai Mata Di, Nandan !!

          1. Weather will be fine, a bit on cool side.
          2. Once you reach there at Sanjichatt, they will tell you the time to report back. That time should be enough. If you doubt then request them to arrange.
          3. If you have Helicopter tickets of same day, they will give you VIP entry pass.
          4. Around 2 KMs.


        • Raman Malhotra says:

          Dear Nandan ,
          VIP pass will be available only if you have a combined to and fro ticket for Helicopter not 2 different ticket ( even for the same day ).
          In such tickets they give the reporting time of around 3 hrs when you are just about to sit in helicopter from katra.

          So enjoy and say jai mata di

  12. Sheetu Gupta says:


    I made the same mistake by entering the wrong gender while booking the ticket.

    Do i need to cancel the ticket and book again? Or as you said it wont create any hurdle?

    • Sheetu, it should not create much issues and you can get that corrected by going to Niharika counter. But, still to double check, call up the helpdesk and confirm from them. Jai Mata Di!!

      • Sheetu Gupta says:

        Thanks Dheeraj.
        However helpdesk call is always on waiting.
        Hope mata rani will make our yatra smooth.

        Jai Mata Di!!

        • Nidhi says:

          Did they cross checked your pass from some computer or u just showed the pass and proof and you were in…

      • Sheetu Gupta says:


        Will ticket for 3 yr old be required?


        • Sheetu, from the official website it states “Children below 2 years of age will be carried free of cost. However, such children shall be carried in the lap of the accompanying adult. In case of dispute regarding age of infant, valid proof of age shall be the deciding factor”

        • Sheetu Gupta says:

          Jai mata di,

          Dheeraj, so shall I buy a separate ticket for 3 yr old online or would they allow the kid on request?
          I will pay the amount at there only if they asked for; since the child will not take a separate seat. She will sit in the lap.

        • Sheetu, I think we should not go here bu guesses, please as the helpdesk there if such a thing can be arranged for you. Else you will need to get a ticket. Regarding other queries,

          1. On request they may allow but nothing certain.
          2. I do not think so that can change even on request.
          3. It is normal, not really steep at places almost flat.

          Jai Mata Di!!

        • Sheetu Gupta says:

          Jai Mata di,

          Thanks Dheeraj, for all your responses.
          We have visited Vaishno devi last weekend 30/8 – 31/8.
          Our yatra was smooth.
          No issues for invalid gender in the ticket. All the six members got clubbed in the same flight.
          I got an extra ticket on the spot for my 3 yr old.
          Also, we got return tickets for 14 members on the spot from bhawan to Katra.
          All members of shrine board are very cooperative.
          Mata rani did all well.

          Jai mata di!!

        • So good to know that Sheetu, blessings from the mata rani, helped alot. Thank you for updating all here as well

          Jai Mata Di!!

    • Aditya Singh says:

      Hey Dheeraj
      I am planning for Katra – Sanjhchat – Katra helicopter booking.
      But there is only 3 hours window between arrival and departure of the helicopter.
      I want to know is this sufficient amount of time for visiting shrine.
      Please reply fast I have to book tickets.

  13. Sid says:

    Hi all,
    I have bookd return helicopter tickets for 3 adults ..i have my 18 month old nephew alongwith me..i need to know if i will have to book his tickets as well??
    And i also have his pram alongwith, is pram allowed in chopper? what are the weight restrictions?

  14. Sahil says:

    Dear All,
    I will be booking a helicopter ride (katra – sanjhichat – katra) for 4 adults and 1 infant. Can anyone please guide me whether I need to fill up the details of the infant in the form prescribed as per the official website. Or should I just book for 4 adults and carry the ID of my child and the Helicopter services will allow me to take my infant with me.
    Also, can some one please also advise me if September (mid) is a good time to go for Devi darshan. How is the weather like?
    Any information will be greatly appreciated folks.
    Cheers – Sahil

    • Sahil, from the official website “Children below 2 years of age will be carried free of cost. However, such children shall be carried in the lap of the accompanying adult. In case of dispute regarding age of infant, valid proof of age shall be the deciding factor”

  15. Mohit Trivedi says:

    Hii i have booked ticket for my brother family i am unable to send my debit card to him as he is in other town is it mandatory to show original card at time of travel or scan copy of the card is valid

  16. abhishek pandey says:

    i made a slight spelling mistake in my mothers name in Helicopter booking while her voter id card no is correct will that be a problem

    • Sumit says:

      Dear Dheeraj,

      I will be travelling to Vaishno devi on 18th July .I have booked one way helicopter from katra to sanjichat.Request pls adv

      1. I have a small baby 12 months old.Can I carry water bottle & milk .I have been informed that once you are in que , nothing is allowed.

      2. After deboarding from the helicopter at sanjichat , Will I get a Semi VIP Pass.Pls explain what do we mean by semi VIP Pass.

      3.Is the Cloaks easy available .Or any special arrangement done for people going by helicopter .Though I understand it is one way , not sure what is included.

      • Hi sumit,

        1. Never encountered such a thing. AFAIK, they do not allow anything inside in the queue it should be OK and talk to people there. Someone with similar experience can shed more light.

        2. Semi VIP Pass is nothing but a token which will allow you to join the queue at a later point than usual one.

        3. Cloak should not be an issue unless it is Navratri time.

        Jai mata Di!!

    • Abhishek, I do not think so it should be a problem but please confirm it from the helpdesk. I think when alloting ticket you can ask them for correction at Niharika Center. Jai Mata Di!!

  17. manish says:


    • Sorry Manish, no idea about it.

    • Anand says:

      Manish Ji ,
      SHRADDHA MH ONE has the unique privilege of broadcasting LIVE ATTKA AARTI’S from the holy Cave of Shri Mata Vaishno Devi Darbar every day. These AARTI’S are being telecast every single day in the morning and evening directly from the Bhawan.

      Our Daily Programmes include

      Kirtans and Aartis.
      so u can get the cd/dvd of recording at there address

    • Anand says:

      you can contact for “RECORDINGS OF ATTKA ARTI THRE IN DARBAR FOR SPECIFIED DATE”. on the following address.
      M.H One TV Network Ltd
      2, S.S.I. Industrial Area, G.T. Karnal Road,
      New Delhi – 110033 India.
      Tel: +91-11-27691009
      Fax: +91-11-27229373

  18. Anand says:

    Dheeraj Ji,
    Jai Matadi
    Can u tell me,from where can i get JKSRTC bus for katra from Jammu Rly stn. and.. can i get cheap budget room for single traveler ? if so can u suggest any hotel or guest ?

    • manish says:

      u can caught bus for katra from jammutavi railway station easily in walking distance just out side station.they charge rs. 40/- to 60 in general bus & 120/- for AC.FOR ROOM U CAN BOOK ONLINE OR AFTER PERSONAL VISIT VAISHNVI DHAM/SARASVATI DHAM ALSO NEAREST TO STATION N CHEEPEST IN ALL WAY.

    • Sorry Anand about names of any hotel or guest houses but you can surely get JKSRTC bus from Jammu near the railway station or from bus stand near Raghunath mandir, if I am not wrong.

      Jai Mata Di!!

      • Raman Malhotra says:

        hi anand , you may approach shrine board dormetories which will suite your need and better book it online. there are two advantages 1. they charge only 90/- for 24 hrs which is cheap enough
        2. place to bath and use toilets ( fairly clean )
        3. facility of cloak room to deposit your luggage.

  19. ANANd says:

    Dear Dheeraj Ji, i have a plan to visit Vaishnodevi on 15th july2014, so is it right time to visit there.? and.. 2nd is, as i want to do pony from base camp up to bhavan, so from where can i get pony, and what will be one way rates upto bhavan. Do i need to bargain with pony walls.?

  20. Ankit says:

    Hello Dheeraj ji,

    I am looking forward for Mata Darshan in the last week of August along with my wife and 10 months old daughter.
    few points i need to understand & i guess i reached to a proper forum.
    1)Climate Conditions during August last week.
    2)I am reading and coming across some parchi darshan system.Can you tell me exactly how this is working out.As well,i tried to register my ID over but getting Details already exists in our database. I tried by using different details but getting same message. Even my colleagues are getting the same message. Please help. Is there any issue with the website
    3)What is the good time to start for MATA Darshan since i am accompanied with 10mths baby…i need to understand all do’s and do’nts during this yatra.
    Appreciate your response here.

    • Ankit, Jai Mata Di!!

      1. There will be rains and chances of cancellations of helicopter
      2. You need to register from an internet connection from where no id has ever been registered before.
      3. That is a bit tricky one. It depends upon time on hand, usually I started in the evening and return by morning. But, little baby you might need to think about it. I may not be the best person to provide tips on this one.

      Any other person here who did a similar trip?

      • Raman Malhotra says:

        hi ankit , jai mata di ..
        The advantage with night yatra is that climate will be less hot and more comfortable . So if you start by late evening you shoud reach there ealry morning and try to get darshan before morning aarti as during that time regular devotees are stopped and after aarti there is huge rush . you have kid with you so it is better that you hire a pony for mother and kid and let them reach . also points to consider that there are no prepaid connections allowed in J & K so for a better communication arrange post paid connections to be in touch with your family in case you let them go on pony and decide to walk yourself.

        • Raman Malhotra says:

          getting down is bit easier and can be done easily so bolo jai mata di and start your yatra
          jai mata di

      • Raunak says:

        Hi Dheeraj,
        How can we ensure that we are using internet connection from where no id has ever been registered before.?


        • Raunak, tough luck brother. Cannot really say this as I am also looking for this answer but in general private internet which are not shared works or ask someone outside country to create an ID for you (just a random thought ;))

          Jai Mata Di!!

  21. Ankit says:

    i have booked helicopter services for my parents for katra-sanjichat-katra and made the payment through my credit card. i stay in a different city due to job requirement and my parents stay in different city. it is not possible to hand over my credit card to them through which booking has been made. is there any mandatory to carry the credit card or a xerox of the credit card with my authorization will be sufficient for a hassle free journey. Please advice

    • Ankit, although it is mandatory to carry the card as it is checked over there. But, you can call and check with customer care if authorization letter with proper consent will be sufficient or not.

      Jai Mata Di!!

    • pradeep says:

      Hi Dheeraj–can u plz tell me if VIP darshan would be available for return helicopter tickets on next day–not return on same day–If yes when would be the time of darshan on reaching or on next day becoz we have to book aarti tickets—
      and also which aarti time is better morning or evening?

  22. Pankaj says:

    Hi Dheeraj,

    I tried to register on official website of Mata Vaishno Devi shrine board But each time i m getting the same message :Details already exists in our database. I tried by using different details but getting same message. Even my colleagues are getting the same message. Please help. Is there any issue with the website? I want to book helicopter tickets and for that i have to register first.

    Thanks & Regards,


      Dear Pankaj,
      I also faced the same problem, because IP address is same for all your office systems. ( Even details are different )You try same from outside system or some different cyber cafe.( Normally one IP address one ID is opened ) Jai Mata di.

      • Pankaj says:

        Hi Sunil,
        Jai Mata Di
        Thanks for your prompt reply.
        ok…I ll try from some cafe and get back to you in case of any issue.
        Jai Mata Di.

  23. geetesh says:

    I have booked 6 tickets 3 at a time from the same credit card in 2 transactions. I have not used multiple ids nor multiple cards yes system didn;t stop me from booking 3 tickets for onwards journey and 3 one way ticktes for retunr journey.Will thi create any problem.

  24. Gautam Kumbhakar says:

    Dear Dhiraj ji
    We, a group of 5/6 friends,all male are planning to visit Mata Vaishno Devi en-route Srinagar-Leh on Aug.3,2014.I want to know that is there any provision of spot booking for helicopter ? If yes, what is the process of spot booking ? What is current fare of one way and both way journey ?
    With regards.
    Jai Mata Di.

  25. madhukar says:

    we are group of 15 and want to book helicopter from katra to vaishnodevi for 2/6/2014 and oneway.please help.

    • Create three Ids and book 5 tickets each from them. Jai Mata Di!!

      • SUNIL KUMAR SHARMA says:

        Jai Mata Di Dheeraj ji,
        We are planning Mataji’S Darshan on 16th, July with my family ( Mother and Mausi ji, total 6 members . Please guide 1) For Helicopter booking Aadhar card is valid ID proof for kids.
        2) Can we six persons accommodate in one flight as i am the only male member of family. If not should I take next flight?
        Jai Mata di.

        • 1. It is GOVT. issued card should be valid IMO.
          2. I think it can be managed depending on weight or permissible safe limits. This can be sorted out once you reach there. You can only book 5 tickets with one ID though. So, need two IDs.

          Jai Mata Di!!

  26. GAURAV says:

    I booked yatra parchi in past for me and my family..Yesterday i again booked heli tickets on same user id for my relatives.On the booking page it ask me for filling details like passport id pan card etc i filled the same and paid the amount.But after genrating tickets it is showing my address and not of my relative.Website never ask me to fill the address detail as it is old id.

    Now i have booked tickets in which address is diffrent from id proof address.What should i do now??Is it there any chance of changes the address.City in the address is only thing which is same as address.House number etc are diffrent.

    Is there any difficulty if my relative board the helicopter?
    Id proof number and name ,debit card number,city name in address all ok, except address house number locality.

    Please guide me.


  27. vandana ajit shirodkar says:

    we are group of 15 and want to book helicopter from katra to vaishnodevi for 5/6/2014 and oneway.please help.

  28. Amit says:

    observed that on line booking is open 60 days advanced earlier it was 30 days advance. for Helicopter, Rooms, Dormitory

  29. Gaurav Srivastava says:

    Hello Dheeraj,

    We need your suggestion Please.
    We are planning to start our trip from Delhi to vaishno devi.Devi darsahan will be over on 30th morning, we want to visit some place in himachal which is near to jammu , We have 30th (half day) till 2nd june. I would appreciate if you can suggest some offbeat location with snow point (if possible)in low cost.

    Thanks & Regards
    Gaurav Srivastava

    • Gaurav, in that case I will suggest that you head over to Dalhousie – Khajjair and spend these days relaxing up there. You can include a day trip to Chamba and few temples in Chamba + Chamera Lake in case you feeling bored while relaxing there at Dalhousie/Khajjiar. You can also visit Kalatop as well from Khajjiar. While coming back, you can come to Pathankot and take train back to Delhi.

      • Gaurav Srivastava says:

        Thanks a lot for your reply..
        I will check the options in dalhousie.

        Thanks Again

      • Gaurav Srivastava says:


        One more query …

        Is it possible to cover Saach pass from Dalhousie in one day.(I just want to see snow peak).How much time normally it takes to reach to saach pass and can we get texi from Dalhousie.. any idea about taxi fare to cover this place..?

        Thanks in advance

        Gaurav Srivastava

        • I doubt if you will be able to do that brother in one day. You need at least 2 days ex. Chamba for it.

        • Gaurav Srivastava says:

          Thanks for your reply Dheeraj.

          Do we have buses from Dalhousie to delhi ? unable to find this route in HRTC site..

        • Well, you should first reach Pathankot and from there there will be buses available for Dalhousie. I do not think there is any direct bus from Delhi to Dalhousie.

    • neha says:

      Hi, I have booked 2 tickets for helicopter but by mistake I interchanged the two id number, will be it a problem.

  30. Neha says:

    Me and my husband are planning for Vaishno devi on 24th May.
    Could you please help us is there any way to get chopper tickets now.
    (either 24th,25th or 26th).
    Appreciate your help.

    • Neha, the only way I know to get helicopter tickets is online using official website. The other way is to check at Nikarika counter at Katra for the cancelled tickets of that day which depends upon your luck. Jai mata di !!

  31. sakshi says:

    hi, i have booked helicopter tickets for 2/6 but by mistake in id proof column we mentioned driving license instead of pan card. please help

  32. Pawan Gupta says:

    Online booking of helicopter seems very difficult. Can we book tickets directly at Katra? Is there any booking office there? If so, what is the quota & chances of getting tickets?

    • Only if you are lucky enough to get the cancelled tickets of that day. That’s the only way you can get the tickets on the counter AFAIK.

      Jai Mata Di!!

  33. MANISH says:

    jai mata di

    one thing more wnna ask tht is ny othr counter/website/serviceprovider available whre we can book onli9/offli9 helicoptor ticket for yatra

  34. manish says:

    jai mata di

    sir i hear from my known persons, tht thre autorickshaw facility also for katra to adhkwari, is they run more thn adhkwari:i mean(katra to bhawan),can u confirm.

    m ist try to helicoptor but no chacne me for book due to rush n non-availbilty in 17 june.

    reply plz

  35. kanika says:

    I want to book helicopter ride for two to Vaishno Devi. But I can’t get through the login part. It says my details are already registered with them. But I’m sure that’s not the case. To confirm, I tried entering some other details and still got the same error message.
    Is it a technical glitch? How can I get helicopter ride and room booked online?

    Thanks in advance,

    • Kanika, try to use some other Internet Account, may be private one. IN case, someone else has registered using the Internet you are using, then it gives the same error.
      Jai Mata Di!!

      • Leena says:

        Hi Dheeraj,

        Really appreciate your efforts been put in solve the queries.
        I have been reaching Katra on 17th May and I would like to book the Helicopter ticket for my Mom, Sister and Niece. However while logging to Mata Vaishnodevi website it shows no availability for that date and I came to know from other passengers comment that all Helicopter booking are done thru above channel only.

        Do we have any other option/Vendor for Helicopter booking. Also would like to know will that be fine if we have enough time limit for return journey as we have few in the group who are walking, so 3 hours return time will not be sufficient to accompany the group together.
        Appreciate your prompt reply.

        Thanks & Regards

        • Ashish says:

          I have booked Helicopter booking for 5 Adults for 31st May’ 14. I could not book ticket for my kid who is 4 years old, cause till the time I started for re booking for myself and my kid after 5 booking, the tickets were over :(. No issue for me, I will go by walking but my biggest query is for my kid. Will they allow my kid to sit along with my family members (i.e. 5 adult members).

        • Ashish, in that case, as suggested above, you may also contact 01991-232887 , this is official enquiry number at katra for online booking issues/doubts and they are in a better position to clear your doubts. Seeing your condition, they may allow your kid in place of anyone else in the family. But please confirm on the contact number and also post here too, so that it helps others as well.

        • AFAIK, I do not think there is any other official channel to get helicopter tickets. Regarding time of return, once you reach there they will tell you the time of return and a bit can be adjusted there on request. Jai Mata Di!!

  36. sandeep says:

    I have booked helicopter ticket for 7 persons from katra to sanji chhat to katra, through mine and wifes login. 5 booked on my login and 2 booked on my wifes login. I have also bookeery beds at bhavan through my sisters login. The creit card or debit card used were different for all three transacyions but were mine i.e. on my name. Whether there would be any problem as for all the transactions creditcard or debitcard on my name was used. The mobile no which wife uses is on my name and sisters mobile no is on her husbands name. Please let me know whether there would be any problem like cancellation of any tickets. I am worried because I have 4 kids with me.
    Thanks in advance


    • sandeep says:

      Just to add on myself, wife and sister all are travelling.

    • Sandeep, as long as you can carry the cards and valid Photo ID proofs with you, I do not see any issues will be there.
      Jai Mata Di !!

    • Vivek says:

      Hi Sandeep, I believe you are the only person in the entire page who was able to get the most out of the available facilities for the day. I would be glad if you could let me know the timing you made the booking for yourself or when does the booking open for a particular day.
      Jai mata di

      • sandeep says:

        Dear Vivek,

        You have to be fully ready by 10 am and do the booking. Also have good broadband or 3g connection. If more than 2 people are travelling create ids for each person and try to book tickets for heli and rooms simulatenously using different desktops/laptops/smart phones trough different logins and diffetent credit/ debit cards

        Jai Mata di

  37. Atharva says:

    Hello Dheeraj ji,
    While I was booking Helicopter tickets, all the accommodation were already being booked. Also, I have katra-Sanji Chhat-Katra return ticket but for next day. Will they give me VIP tickets? I was not able to get same day return tickets. Also Our tickets is in parts… but major problem is that one of the kids, I was only able to book separately… my mistake it happen in that rush to book tickets, will they allow 8 year old girl to accompany with parents? Also, Is there any possibilities to get accommodation on arrival to Sanji Chhat or elsewhere?

    • Atharva, you will get semi VIP pass but for adjustment of passengers I am not really sure about it.
      Jai Mata Di !!

    • Raman Malhotra says:

      Atharwa , there are free dormitories available at bhawan as well as sanjhichhat where you can spend night with blankets available free but on nominal refundable security , but as far as i can judge you must be travelling around 25 May so it will be pretty pleasant weather in nights and you will find devotees even sleeping on the roads ( which are very clean and safe ) / roadside benches and also dormitories which are not booked and open to all and available on pick and select basis for devotees ( means you can sleep where ever you find place and it is totally safe..
      Jai mata di

  38. Amit says:

    Hello Dheeraj ji,
    Is there any possibilities to get accommodation on arrival to Sanji Chhat? While I was book Helicopter ticket all the accommodation were already being book. Moreover, I have katra-Sanji Chhat-Katra return ticket but for next day. I was not able to get any same day tickets. Also Our tickets in parts… but only problem is that one kid I was able to book only separately… my mistake but I have rush.. will they all 8 year old girl to accompany with parents?

  39. Rosey Insan says:

    i have 5 tickets booked for helicopter. One child of age 5 years is accompanying with us. My agent is saying that the child’s ticket will be booked by going there..i mean by Online facility it will not be booked..
    pls let me Know AsaP

    • Not really sure about this, never heard of such a rule. It only happens when kid is supposed to be carried in the lap of parents, AFAIK

    • Raman Malhotra says:

      Dear Rosey ,
      As per the provisions of Shrine board , children only upto age of 2 don;t need ticket and are carried in Lap.If you have not booked it for the kid you may find yourself in trouble as there are no provisions for providing the tickets at helipad . for the current day bookings which are available against cancellations at Niharika current booking counter. you may also contact 01991-232887 , this is official enquiry number at katra for online booking issues/doubts and they are in a better position to clear your doubts . So don’t trust any agent and rely only on official authentic information

  40. Sandeep Bajwal says:


    Pls confirm me procdure for booking of helicopter for Mata Vaishno Devi.

  41. Surabhi says:

    I want to know how to book the helicopter ticket after reaching Katra for the same day.

  42. Pawan Gupta says:

    Can we pay by Debit card instead of credit card for Helicopter booking?

    Since last two days I am observing the bookings. They get closed at 10:02 am. It seems very difficult to book return tickets in such short period.

    Also, if anybody knows, which one of the two should be preferred-Global Vectra or Himalayan?


  43. Kiran says:

    Hi All,
    Jai Mata Di

    I have booked my ticket on my name as passenger but now I want to send my Father on same ticket. There is no way to change pasenger details on web site . Please tell me if this is allowed on time or what is process ?

    • Kiran, I do not think so that it is allowed. Please get in touch with support on the official website and get that corrected if possible.

      Jai Mata Di!!

      • Raman Malhotra says:

        Kiran , that is not possible but the alternate method is you cancel your ticket and then book a fresh ticket in your father’s name but it is bit risky and some one else may get it booked before you book it again but anyways it is worth trying as this ticket will be of no use to your father and after cancellation you will get half the amount as refund. In case you are unable to get it booked you can try it at Niharika current booking counter on the day of travel which has seats against cancellations.
        Jai Mata Di

    • guest says:

      kiran g,

      ot possible please book fresh ticket in second name or u can try there also but transfering 100% no

  44. NARESH GOGIA says:


    • Naresh, all depends upon your luck. If there are any cancellations may be you will get them after reaching Katra. But all depends on luck.

      Jai Mata di!!

    • guest says:


  45. Dhaval Patel says:

    I have booked next day return helicopter ticket. Do I need to buy Yatra Parchi separatly? Where can I get VVIP pass for darshan?

    • Sandesh says:

      Hi, I just finished the yatra on 5th of april 2014, I travelled with wife and two daughters (below 2 yrs).. I had two way tickets katra-sanjichat-katra..
      Firstly.. when we reach the helipad they will verify the ID of all passengers and Booking details (Credit card no.) at the entrance and put a seal on the ticket printout… then you will be allowed to counters of two operators (Now: Global vectra and himalayan yeli).. there they will verify and note the weight of each passenger.. depending on weight combinations, they will make a list of 6 passagers to board and give a sequence number…. then you will be allowed to proceed for checkin.. your luggage will be scaned and allowed to wait for your turn… just before boarding you will asked to register for yatra parchi(inside checkin room).. they will take photo and handover a bar-coded parchi.. before boarding you will be informed about reporting time for return journey.. fly time is 6-8 min
      On reaching sanjichat, you have to go to yatri counter (inside waiting room) and show your two way ticket… they will give you a yellow slip (VIP pass) that will give you entry through Gate-5 at bhawan (dont forget to collect this)..
      You will have all means to travel to bhawan (poni, piddu, palki) it is 2.75kms..
      I dont think you can cover bhairon in the time limit…
      With us, we were not able to return on time, we were half hour late, but that was not a problem…. because evenafter reaching sanjichat helipad from bhawan, we had to wait for more than one hour for our turn of return journey….when you reach the sanjichat helipad, they will keep the printout ticket and give you the sequence number..and you have to wait …
      I wish all a safe yatra…. jai mata di

      • Thank you so very much for your update here. I am sure it will help loads of people here with us. tThank you again. Jai Mata Di!!

      • Dhaval Patel says:

        Thanks Sandesh, your reply has cleared my all doubts.

        Thanks Again.

      • Pawan Gupta says:

        Thanks for sharing your valuable experience in detail.

      • arvind thakur says:

        Dear Mr Sandesh Thank you for your valuable information.Could you tell us which helicopter service you availed vectra or himalayan and the vip darshan what is the procedure do u still have to be in queue please inform regards,arvind thakur

    • Dhaval, I think the reply from Sandesh has given all the clarity you needed.

      Jai Mata Di!!

  46. Rani Mishra says:

    Today i booked helicopter ticket for mata vaishnodevi for my parents but i have not selected there id type. but my entered id no is correct. Is they face problem there during their travel

    • It should be OK as long as you provide them the valid IDs. You can get that corrected there as well.

      Jai Mata Di!!

      • Chetan I Umrania says:

        Mr. Deeraj,
        i have booked one way helicopter ticket for Global Vectra for my family, but due to rushed to book the tickets, i have clicked ID type of my wife as passport instead of Pan card. The ID number of Pan Card which i have given is correct but there is mistake in ID type. what should i do..? is there possibility to correct at boarding point..? i can bring pan card as well pass port too.. reply me urgently. please.. thanks in advance

  47. Pawan Gupta says:

    I want to know about the VIP darshan. Is is available only for persons having 2 way tickets or person having 1 way ticket can also avail this?

    As we want to go to Kal Bhairav also, can we increase return time to more than 3 hours?

    Please reply & help.


    Pawan Gupta, Indore

    • Yes, if you have two way tickets then only you will be allotted a VIP Pass. As suggested above, don’t worry much about timings limit. When you reach Sanjichatt they will offer you the time of return that should be the time you be there.

  48. Deepam says:

    Sir i just wanted yo ask whether Yatra Parchi can be cancelled or not, if we want to cancel it for some reason.

    • Deepam, I am not realy sure about this. I do not think there is any provision to cancel it, AFAIK.

      Jai Mata Di!!

      • Deepam says:

        So is there any problem if i book Yatra Parchi again for Correct date & the previous Yatra Parchi being uncancelled (As it was booked for incorrect date by mistake)

  49. Parag Sinha says:


    I am trying to register at the vaishno devi website for the helicopter booking but i am unable to do so. Each time it gives message that mobile number and email id is already registered with us. I have tried with various different phone numbers and IDs with unique information each time in every field but still the problem persists. Can you please help. Is there any link where I can register and book helicopter tickets

    • Parag, you need to try a different Internet Connection because it is highly possible that someone else has registered before as well from the Internet Connection you are using.

      Jai Mata Di!!

  50. Sumit says:

    I am planing to visit Vaishno Devi on April 13/14 with my family, I tried booking helicopter through the official site but it says no availability,Apart from this, Can I get some VIP passes for darshan becoz I don’t want to wait so long in the queue which normally takes 4-5 hrs.Is there any online service through which I could book for VIP darshan to avoid long queues.

    • Tarun Bharti says:

      @Sumit, when you book the helicopter tickets (both way only) then only you will get the VIP pass (free of cost)…….

  51. amit says:

    Jai Mata Di

    Please share current Pony and Palki price list Route wise

  52. aayu says:

    hi dheeraj,
    can u tell me what I the time to book tickets online for helicopter as I m tring at this time 9.30..but service was unavailable.

    • As per the article updates above, booking starts from 10:00 AM. Could be temporary issue if you are trying in evening.

      Jai Mata Di!!

      • aayu says:

        thanx dheeraj for prompt response, can u tell me one more it compulsory to carry the card from which we make online I m in delhi and I ll book pawan hans tickets for my parents but they will start their journey from I ll be not able to give them debit/credit cards….
        please help me…..

        • aayu says:

          hi dheeraj. I m waiting for ur response,
          please confirm me is it compulsory to carry debit/credit card which was used at the time of booking…my parents will surely carry their IDs.

        • Aayu, AFAIK, it is compulsory to carry that card with you.

          Jai Mata Di!!

  53. sunita says:

    dheeraj sharm ji. main apni monther ke sath helicopter se Ma vaisnidevi ja rhi hun. mere mother jiada tej chal nhi sakte.hmere pass 3 hours ka time he.kiy app muje bta sakte ho ke hme bapsi per bi 1 hour early sanjishat per jana perega for helicopter. thanks. Regards. sunita

    • Sunita, sorry but I am not 100 sure but I think they allow for it as someone stated in comments above.

      Jai Mata Di!!

    • PRITAM says:

      Dear Dheeraj ji
      We have booked helicopter tickets on 29 th apr 13 for 5 persons but unfortunately it is booked at different boarding time 8.27 am(2 person) & 11.50 am (3 person)&different operator
      But all tickets booked through same debit card
      So could they allow us to travel together

      • Pritam, not really sure. Sorry !! May be you can check with official support of Maa Vaishno Devi OR if someone else here has encountered such an isuse, may be able to help you.

        • Raman Malhotra says:

          no they won’t . there could be shuffling / change of schedule in consideration of weight of passengers but only in case of same operator. Different operators don’t swap passengers

    • Tarun Bharti says:

      Dont worry about three hrs time limit…..just reach sanjhichat then they will issue you the return timming pass…when you come back to sanjhichat (after darshan) then they will ask your ID cards , ticket and the return pass ….you dont need to come 1hr earlier in return jurney…..just come and they will verify all the items then they allow you to travel.

    • Raman Malhotra says:

      sunita there is easy availability of ponies and palki which will get you from bhawan to helipad in a matter of 20-25 minutes. so there should not be any issues …Jai Mata Di

  54. Praveen says:

    Hello Dheeraj,

    Is there any other website from where we can book helicopter tickets?

    Is there tatkal system?

    Actually we are 3 people and want tickets on 8th april but website is showing no tickets available. so can we get tickets?


  55. amit says:

    Jai MATA Di
    Please share how is the weather these days as I’m going darbar on 27th March with my 2 years kid.
    DOes Helicopter fly during rains.

  56. Amit Tanwar says:

    Dear dheeraj ji. please help me how to book tickets. sir maine bohat try kiya but mujhe koi easi side nhi pta chal rahi Jo main tickets book kr saku. pls help me what I do.

    • PRITAM says:

      Dear Dheeraj ji
      a site books helicaptor tickets on behalf of us,but they want our debit/credit card information like card no.,,name,cvv
      &password at the time of booking.
      Is it a fake sight or could we trust on them pl.conform

  57. Jatinder says:

    Hi Dheeraj,
    Can a person (nor senior or physically challenged) avail chopper service?
    I am coming from America and don’t have enough time (although I would love to walk).
    Do foreigners has to pay higher price for travel?

    • Jatinder, I do not think you. Rates are same for all and everyone can avail chopper service, AFAIK. If you get the ticket online, you should be good to go.

      Jai Mata Di!!

  58. romil says:

    can we take pan card/driving licence instead of credit/debit card, while travelling by helicopter?
    please reply urgent.

    • Vijay Kumar says:

      The Credit/Debit Card with which u hv booked online ticket is essentially required along with original ID proofs mentioned at the time of online booking. Without these u will not be allowed.

  59. romil says:

    can we take pan card/driving licence instead of credit/debit card, while travelling by helicopter?

  60. Mani says:

    Hello Dheeraj ji,
    i am going for Mata vaishno devi next month. I will try to avail helicopter booking. My son will complete 2 year just before 1 week of our visit. Please suggest if i need to book a ticket for him or not.
    Thank you,

    • Mani, I think it should be OK as long as you can carry him in the lap, 1 week will hardly make any apparent change in appearance. Though I am not 100% sure. As per rules, you should have ticket for child above 2 years ethically :)

      Jai Mata Di!!

  61. prashant says:

    Pan _ABCDF45426______________ this is above coloum

    1 passenger pan no ABCDF45426
    2 passenger id__________?_
    3 psssenger Id __________?

  62. prashant says:

    wich pan no should enter at top ne helicopter details.
    an if same pan no fill to passenger details, eroor pop up same id not allowed. plz tell wat id should be fill for all 3 pasenger

  63. d k arya says:

    Can a minor child who don’t have a identity proof avail chopper service

  64. santosh says:

    can i use, online banking for payment?

    my siblings dont have any ID proff, for say school id what should i provide? or is it required??


    i have to book tickets tomorrow (14 mar 14)

    • ID is required, you have to provide one. Not sure about Online Banking but you must be having debit card which can be used to book tickets.

      Jai Mata Di !!

      • santosh says:

        i sometime wonders if this is the way one seek divine blessing and actually get blessed by one divine; scams running, people ready to cut you and smile at your face … my mother use to tell me, there is no place where men would not go physically to seek holy blessings .. and yet are cursed to core :)

  65. Anjani Pandey says:

    I have booked Helicopter service with following detail.
    Booking Date :- 17 feb-2014
    Travel date 19 mar-2014
    No of person travel :- 2 no.
    Travel time :- 16:20

    I want to cancel one seat. What is the process to cancel one seat.
    Can it possible to accommodate the remaining one sheet with the helicopter travel time 13:05 , because 5 seat are booked in that helicopter for my relative.
    Please revert.

    • Anjani, as per the policy, this can be done online using your account only. There should be some option but I could not find anything with Partial Cancellation and cancellation has been introduced few months back only.

      Jai mata di!!

      • Anjani Pandey says:


        • Vikram Singh says:

          Hello Anjani,
          Did you manage to make cancellation for one passenger? what was the process? I am in the same situation :(
          Thanks for your help.

        • Gaurav says:

          Hello vikram and anjani.
          Were you guys were a le to do partial cancellation. Now I am in same situation. Possibly they might have introduced this facility by now.

  66. Seema Sharma says:

    Dear Sir,
    I want to know the correct time to come to Vaishno devi as I’ll be having less time.

  67. Anil says:

    I just booked helicopter for 3 persons. while going from katra to sanjhichath I have entered the right ID type and no. But while booking from sanjhichath to Katra, I entered the right ID no. but mistakenly didn’t correct the ID type. So for first passenger it is right (it is pan card)but for 2nd n third passenger ID no. is right but ID type is wrong (for my kid its student’s ID card, but I didn’t change and it is showing driving license). Is it going to be a trouble. Because while going up details are right but coming down ID no. is right but ID type is wrong for 2 passenger.

    • Anil, please get connected with Official Support because as per comments above, these IDs and Cards are thoroughly checked and verified. Please update us here too so that it help other pilgrims having similar queries.

      Jai Mata Di !!

  68. Harsh Garg says:

    Dear Dheeraj ji,

    We 7 are travelling to Vaishno devi on 8th via Helicopter. Due to some issue with the card I was able to book below tickets:
    1. 2 one-way ticket having time of 13:20
    2. 3 Two-way ticket having time of 16:10 and return time of 10:10 next day
    3. 2 two-way ticket having time of 16:20 and return time of 10:20 next day.

    I have below questions:

    1. Is there any chance 1 passenger of 13:20 flight can swap with that of 16:20 flight. If yes? what is the procedure as we want to keep ladies together.

    2. Can we swap tickets with the passengers over there if they agree?

    3. Will we get VIP pass on all 7 passengers.If yes from where to collect that?

    Thanks in advance.
    Jai Mata Di!!!

    • Harsh, I do not think you get VIP pass for one way ticket passengers. Secondly, regarding swapping, once you land there then please request to the people up there supporting the operations.

      Jai Mata Di!!

  69. Vicky says:

    please tell me what is this id proof number??

    • Number denotes the ID Card number you are presenting as ID Proof, example you PAN, Passport Number etc..

      Jai Mata Di!!

      • Vicky says:

        Thanks for the information,but I am a School student and my School id does not have any number,what shld i do??

        • oops, I am out of idea here :) :) … May be mention Roll Number if there is any :) else check with official support of MaaVaishnoDevi shrine.

      • gagan mithal says:

        Dear sir,

        I last visited shrine & made my username in 2009 but now its not working & username is available for fresh.
        problem is the offcial site is not making any new id and reflects that my mobile or email or system detail is already registered with them.

        Pls help me in making new or retriving a fresh Id so that i can book my helicopter bokking

        • Gagan, in fact I am sailing in same boat and could not find a workaround yet. The only option is to use different network to create using different mobile and username.

          Jai Mata Di!!

  70. Rajat Bhatnagar says:


  71. Raman Malhotra says:

    The updates in Vaishnodevi helicopter yatra are as :

    1. Fare increased to Rs 1039/- one way and Rs 2078/- to and fro from 01.04.14

    2. Pawan Hans will no more operate from 01.04.14 , the contract is given to Himalyan Heli Services . from 01.04.14 Global & Himalyan will operate.

  72. MRS.POONAM ARORA says:


  73. MANISH says:


  74. sandesh says:

    Hi Deeraj, I will be booking helicopter service for April 1 and I have two infants below 2 years. I read that infants below 2 years will be carried free. Now, should I count and mention them in number of passangers while booking…

  75. Mukesh says:

    I am visiting Maa Vaishno Devi on 08 Mar 14. Helicopter tickets are not available online. Is it possible to buy it on reaching Katra


    • Mukesh, it is possible but there will not be surety of getting the tickets on the spot or not.

      Jai Mata di!!

    • rajesh says:

      i think there is scam in helicopter booking i m trying for booking exactly at 10.00am but unable to book, today ie. 27.02.2014 the helicopter booking of 29.03.2014 was opened but i was unable to get tickets for 5 person on same day i was browsing the net despertely but u will surprise to know that at one instant ifound booking for 30.03.2014 was found opened and i book the tickets how it is possible and again after some time i tried to book tickets it again shows the last date of booking as 29.03.2014, which clearly indicate there is some agents working on it

  76. aman sharma says:

    Dear dheeraj ji.
    Goodafter noon,I have planed to visit maa veshno devi darshan & i want to attaend mandir aarti mrng or eveg time which ever come IS IT POSSIBLE how? plzzzzzzzzzzzz tell me

    with warm regards.
    aman sharma(jaipur)

    • Aman, you can book the tickets of helicopter online using official website of Maa Vaishno Devi listed inthe article above. I am not really sure about the Aarti details but you can find them at official website.

      Jai Mata di!!

  77. sanjay kumar says:

    Dear sir
    WE REACH KATRA ON 29.03.2013 AT 8
    AM .We are four elder and three childrens.

  78. anil says:

    it can happened sir if I click to book ticket when it is available but at payment gateway someone has done the booking fast
    at same time of flight

  79. anil says:

    I have to type my pan no same for 4 tickets
    when the booking start at midnight pls reply soon

  80. anil says:

    when I start too book helicopter on 20/2/14 at 12 am night the helicopter booking for 22 march 2014 was not their pls help me and tell when the booking start at midnight

  81. Satya says:

    I have to book for helicopter for 4 adults for 23rd Mar 2014. For trail I have checked for 22nd Mar 2014 as trial on 20th Feb. No of seats only 3 is appearing. Why? How to book for 4 members. ps: I have never booked tickets for helicopter

  82. amit tyagi says:

    I have booked two tickets on line with the help of my friend’s credit card.But their is a requirement to carry original credit card at time of boarding. Can i carry the photocopy of the credit card or i should have borrow the credit card from my friend to carry the original one?

    • Amit, I have not come across this query but I feel carrying the credit card with authorized letter from the owner should be perfectly OK. Though I am not 100% sure.

      Jai Mata Di!!

      • Raman Malhotra says:

        ONLY ORIGINAL. They strictly check it . without which you will not be allowed to enter Helipad

        • Oops… It seems I need to prepare another article with all these FAQs and replies, to make it more convenient under one place. If possible, Raman, I will send it for your review too, please pour in your suggestions. I will then publish that under one head so that it becomes easy for all devotees.

          Jai Mata Di!!

        • Raman Malhotra says:

          definitely brother … i am always there to share my experiences. Jai Mata Di!!!

  83. Krishna says:

    Pl booking of helicopter booking of june 7 2014 pl advice the booking of procedure and no agentthrough booking pl online booking pl advice

    • amit tyagi says:

      you can book the ticket for 7 june from 06 th May 10:00 am onwards. But ticket will full within 20 miniutes . So be ready on 06 th May for fast response only with credit card payment and login id you should make before 06 may.

  84. Krishna says:

    I have booked 10 tickets from same credit the other credit card is not accepted. Will this create any issue? Kindly suggest.

    • amit tyagi says:

      No, but you have to be genuine for the reason when ask. Because the limit is of 05 tickets in a month.

    • Not really sure if they have allowed to book there should not be any issue.

      Jai Mata Di!!

      • Harsh says:

        Dheeraj ji Jai Mata di..

        5 tickets means 5 from Katra to Sanjhi Chat and 5 from Sanjhi Chat to Katra or only 5 on one side..And can you explain how the helicopter passengers get VIP pass

        • Harsh, these tickets are return tickets, both ways. If you have a return ticket, you will get the semi-VIP pass while boarding or getting to Sanjichatt

          Jai Mata Di!!

        • Raman Malhotra says:

          Dear , if it is a same day return with Katra- Sanjichhat- Katra ticket you will get a VIP pass else it will be a semi VIP pass . Jai Mata Di

        • Raman, I was under impression that they always give only semi-VIP Pass and for next day return they don’t provide any pass. Please confirm as one of the devotee above was asking the same query few days back.

          Jai Mata Di!!

        • Raman Malhotra says:

          Sir , if devotee has katra sanjhichat katra ticket with return journey on same day then he gets VIP pass as he is supposed to return in 3 hours time . if his return is for next day then he gets semi-VIP pass as he has full night to stay there . I had similar situation i October last year as my schdule was 1530 on one day and 8.30 am next day then i was given semi pass ( though they allowed me to board early as my family had 12.30 pm tickets ) but the other devotees who were having same day return they were issuing VIP pass . Then only i came to know this policy. It is 100% sure . Jai Mata Di

        • Raman Malhotra says:

          If you have one way ticket for katra sanjhichat they issue semi VIP pass but as a backup plan book online yatra parchi before starting as helicoptor yatra is weather dependeant and if there is bad weather and flight is cancelled then you have to get yatra parchi from Katra and only then you can proceed. Every Helicoptor passenger gets Semi VIP pass and passengers with same day return with single to and fro ticket get VIP Pass.
          Jai Mata Di

  85. Neha says:

    I have booked 8 tickets with two different id for 20th March 2014 @ 2:30 pm by helicopter and the return is next day morning 8:30am .

    So will I get VIP Parchi ??

    Plz reply

    • Krishna says:

      have you used 2 different credit/debit cards?

    • amit tyagi says:

      Jai Mata Di
      Your helicopter ticket will take you directly for Sanjhichat from Katra and back. You will be provided the Yatra Parchi at the helipad. Helipad is 2km from the Katra bus stand. You can ask the taxi driver at the airport to take you directly towards the helipad.
      Don’t forget to take your Slip/Parchi before you board the helicopter

  86. anil says:

    can I use sbi or Jammu Kashmir bank credit card for making my payment for helicopter service on shrine bord website pls reply soon

  87. hardik gajjar says:

    i have booked my ticket from katra to sanjhichhat in pawan hans.
    i have give my pan no for ticket booking.but by mistake i give one wrong character of my pan number.
    is it valid..??
    for passenger details i have give my driving license as my id.

    • Hardik, Jai Mata Di!! Please get in touch with Support at official website of Maa Vaishno Devi. I feel it should be OK for them to edit it as long as you can show them. Please do it in advance though as I am not 100% sure.

  88. varun says:

    I need a helicopter service on 18 april..pls advice or call me at my mob # 7838807802

    • amit tyagi says:

      you can book the ticket for 18 april from 18 march10:00 am onwards. But ticket will full within 20 miniutes . So be ready on 18th March for fast response only with credit card payment and login id you should make before 06 may.

  89. umesh agarwal says:

    maine 23th february[4:55 pm] ko 2ticket katra se sanjhichhat ke liyen book kiyen hain
    12 saal ki bachchi ke liyen tatkal ticket mil jayega kya

    • Umesh, you have to follow the instructions and process mentioned on Maa Vaishno Devi official website. There is no tatkal facility available and you need to take up chance once you reach Katra only. Else, get in touch with some agent or hotel to get you the ticket.

      Jai Mata Di!!

  90. Sanjay Kalra says:

    I wish to visit the Holy Shrine during the last week of March 2014 and wish to book four bedded room at Main Bhawan Complex to stay overnight and also wish to book Helicopter for 5 persons leaving Katra and wish to stay overnight at Bhawan Complex and wish to be back on the next day by Helicopter. Please guide me as to how should I proceed and book the same with link(s), if possible.

    • Dear Sanjay, please visit the official website of Maa Vaishno Devi to register and get going. You can do bookings using that website yourself.

      Jai Mata Di!!

  91. Praveen Anand says:

    Please provide complete details on below pasted queries.
    1- Pick and drop facilities and prices for the same.
    2- Hotel Booking { AC / Deluxe } Tariffs for the same .
    3- Helicopter Booking and price.

  92. Rohit says:

    On MVDSB home page there is an ‘Important notice’ cancelling many reservations for flouting the booking rules. i have a question: Can I book a room on two consecutive days with different log-in ids, PAN Nos, ID proofs, phone/email ids BUT with same residential address? this is because of personal reasons the old couple has to stay for 2 days at bhavan. I hope such reservation wouldn’t be illegal? please clarify urgently. If it is against rules, please suggest a way out. Thanks. Rohit

  93. ROBIN says:

    i have booked helicopte tkt can by tkts i can avial vip darshan at bhawan

  94. kshirsagar pravin says:

    i want to visit to mata vaishnodevi on 05/05/2014.two side ticket plz book (four adult+three children all below 12yrs

  95. dr pravin kshirsagar says:

    please book my ticket katra to sanchighat on 05/05/2014 on 3pm onwards

  96. vinit says:

    but all members id proof no. are differnt only the problem is the pan no. which is written below tge PNR number is same in all 3 tickets…..

  97. vinit says:

    I hve booked a helicopter ticket for 15 members with 3 differnt ids ….so I forgot to write a full addres in two ids in devotee registration and also have written same pan no. in 3 is there any prbm wid dat.plz help….

  98. vanita rathod says:

    i want to book ticket for 5 member for 18 dec plz help to get book you can writ on or

  99. AK Mangal says:

    I understand that pre-paid mobile service is not allowed in katra/bhavan. Is postpaid allowed for all operators or only MTNL/ BSNL? thanks for quick reply. AK mangal

    • GAURAV says:

      Ask your service provider idea/voda/airtel postpaid to activate jammu roaming.

      I had idea postpaid which work in jammu but other number of voda postpaid not worked.

      • Gaurav, AFAIK, there is no need to activate the roaming for any specific state. It is by default activated nationally. In JK, only post paid numbers of outside states can be used. Prepaid of JK only works. Vodafone is kind of seasonal, sometimes it works with roaming of Idea/Aircel and sometimes it don’t. I think they buy talktime and when they don;t, it does not work. This is what I have experienced so far in Ladakh.

  100. Mayank Bhushan says:

    I have booked three helicopter ticket on 4th dec, but during booking I did not know that only below 2 years children is allowed. but my 4 years old boy is coming with us. Kindly suggest what can we do now as we don’t have helicopter ticket for him.

  101. rohin says:

    Can anyone tell how much luggage can we carry in helicopter?

  102. tejash says:

    I have booked rooms and helicopter for my parents from my account.
    however i am not travvelling with is it valid for them to travel? i have mention their pancard during registration

    • Raman Malhotra says:

      first of all they need to carry the debit card / credit card by which transaction is made . also the id proof of the person in original in which name the room is booked
      Also their ID proofs in original . it will be more than enough .

  103. Rajat says:

    Dheeraji, what actually they check while giving boarding pass at Helipad? Suppose if have mentioned PAN card, that is the only thing they will check or some adress prof is also required? Pls Help me
    JAI MATA DI !!!

    • Raman Malhotra says:

      1. Debit card / Credit card by which transaction is made.
      2. id proof in original which was given at the time of booking.

      They have all the data available at helipad and check it very strictly at three different counters . gate by guard
      2. shrine board officer
      3. airlines officer

      also book online free yatra parchi as if due to bad weather if helicoptor is postponed / cancelled then you have to go to katra yatra parchi counter and get it again . if you will have online parchi you can go directly to Banganga in case helicopter is cancelled…
      Jai Mata Di

      • rajat says:

        Thanks for your reply !!
        so is it necessary that debit card holder must be one of the passenger travelling in helicopter?

  104. deepanker soni says:

    jai mata di dheeraj,
    I visit Vaishno Devi every month and book helicopter tickets every time from my account. But this time i am getting a message “You have used up your quota of the alloted seats for this month.
    Please try again after 30 days of the booking date”. What does that mean? I have not booked any ticket after the month of september. Please help. Jai Mata Di

    • Deepanker, not sure about this but you can try using some other private network from where the tickets have not been booked.

      Jai Mata Di

      • Jagdish says:

        arriving in Katra on Nov 27th and flying at 4 PM via helicopter to Bhawan do I need YATRA PARCHI? my flight is book by my nephew in India and I will take his CC with me.

        • Raman Malhotra says:

          If u r travelling by helicoptor you don’t need yatra parchi but if due to bad weather your flight gets cancelled you will need it to start your yatra. So better get it online now as backup. it is free of cost..Jai Mata Di

  105. Neeraj Sharma says:

    i have need 2 ticket of helicopter. but whenever i ll book by online it always show current day ticket is not available. please regarding me help.

  106. Rajat says:

    Hi Dheeraj ji,
    I registered a wrong address in vaishnodevi site as a part of registration process. So while doing Heli booking I gave PAN card number as proof, but in my ticket wrong address is written. Will that matter?

  107. Raj says:

    What are the timings to visit bhairon mandir? Is it open for darshan at midnight also?

  108. Vishal says:

    i want to book a ticket for 4 people but unable to create login
    as its says my login already exist
    this is first time i am creating account on their site. i don’t have any idea with whom to contact

    Please guide how to get it done.

    • Vishal, Jai Mata Di!!

      Try to use a private network where you are sure that no one else has created the ID. They have network checks too.

      • Vishal says:

        Thank you Dheeraj,
        I will try from my personal computer

        Hope for the best….

        !! Jai Mata Di !!

        • rani verma says:

          i tried creating register id using wlan and friends wifi but it say the id or the number or network already register what should i do

        • Rani, you need to register from some network and machine from where no one has registered before.

          Jai Mata di!!

  109. Dhananjay Kumar says:

    I am traveling on 19th Nov 2013 with total 12 people, including 6 children. Youngest one is one year old, next one is 3 years old and other children are about 10 years old. How do I book heli ticket for all as they allow only 5 at one time. I guess I do not need ticket for one year old, so we need 11 tickets. Do I need to do it with 3 different IDs? Also for 2-way tickets, they are allowing about 3 hours, I would like to stay a bit longer. Should I book one way at a time or they are flexible with time? Thanks. Dhananjay.

    • Tarun Bharti says:

      @Dhananjay Kumar,
      1. children below 2 years donot need any ticket.
      2. you have to make two or three Ids on the site for booking the tickets as at a time only 05 tickets can be book on a ID.
      3. 3 Hours time is enough but if you come late then dont worry they will allow you as in my case we reached the sanjhi chat after 4.30 hrs and they allowed us without any tension.

  110. Rohinm says:

    Can anybody tell me about room reservations at bhawan? Like what are the timings of stay? I want to stay from 8pm on 13 november to 8am on 14 nov. So for which date should i book the hotel? 13 or 14?

  111. tejash says:

    my questions are
    1. i need to stay for 2nights in katra but the website allows to book for the 30th day only, so i again need to book on other day for 31st day?
    2. what is the check in and check out time time for the rooms in katra offered by shrine board.

    • 1. Yes, in that case book them on 30 and 29th day or risk the second day booking.
      2. Not sure, sorry

      Jai Mata Di!!

      • tejash says:

        i tried but they dont allow to stay at katra for 2 nights.. it says try after 30 days.. while at the same time i tried to book at jammu,it is allowing to book the rooms….
        it is good information for those who are planning to stay for 2nights

        • Raman Malhotra says:


  112. Ashok Bansal says:

    I want to book a helicopter ticket but I don’t have credit card. Can debit card be used instead?

  113. Mukesh says:

    Is carrying the original Credit Card/Debit Card used for the booking of helicopter services mandatory.

    • Raman Malhotra says:

      mandatory !!!! without checking the card they won’t allow you to even enter helipad. there sits a person on gate of helipad who has the list of passengers and card no and he checks , verifies and puts a stamp only then you can enter the helipad.. JAI MATA DI

  114. kritika says:

    i want to travel in helicopter on 5-11-2013 from Katra to Sanjichat so i don’t know about this all so can you reply me now please

    • You could have booked the ticket from 6th October onward.

      Jai Mata Di!!

      PS: Sorry for delayed reply as I was traveling Ladakh for last couple of weeks.

      Dheeraj Sharma

  115. techsoft08 says:

    Do we get yatra parchi at helipad if we have booked helicopter service?

    • If you have helicopter tickets, you do not need Yatra Purchi in that case, AFAIK.

      Jai Mata Di!!

      PS: Sorry for delayed reply as I was traveling Ladakh for last couple of weeks.

      Dheeraj Sharma

  116. techsoft08 says:

    Please suggest which one is good for accommodation?

    1) Hotel city center(TRC, Katra – by J&K Tourism)

    Situated at the main Katra Chowk, bus stand

    2) Yatri Niwas, Katra( by J&K Tourism)

    Located at SMVDSB counter no. 2

    3) Niharika yatri niwas (by shrine board)

  117. Vinayaka says:

    Jai Mata Di. I want some clarification about exchange of slots on same day. We have booked helicopter service for to and fro for 17th october for 6. As two of us were trying to book as website didnt allow to book for 6 at a time, we have got different time slots, 3 at one time and other 3 separately at different times. One little girl among us got time slot of 11.50am. By that time all of us would have returned back as our time slot is between 8 and 9.30. And we can not send her alone. I want to know whether they will allow me to exchange slot with her so that we can send her with her parents.

    • Tarun Bharti says:

      dont worry , you can exchange the timming without any tension,
      When you will go then you will find that timming is not a big matter,,, and you dont need any yatri parchi, at sanjhichat wait for your family , when your complete family reached the sanjhichat then only book your timming for return tickets…they will give you arounud 3 hrs time to reach again at sanjhichat but again dont worry if you come late then they will allow you wihout any problem, so go there and have a darshan of Mata Rani…

  118. Arpit shrivastava says:

    I want to book ticket of helicopter from katra to sanjichhat but is not happening as it is saying unavailable

  119. divay khurana says:

    as the reservation of helicopter gets full very quickly..I want to know about the timmings at which tey open ……before 6 mounths it wal 12 am but not it ha changed .Can you help me in finding the same

    • Nikhil Sethi says:

      Jai mata di, is there any specific timing to book the tickets for helicopter, as I am trying to book for the tickets for November and I am unable as there is no date showing.

      • Nikhil, booking starts 30 days in advance and at 00.00 Hrs.

        Jai Mata Di!!

        PS: Sorry for delayed reply as I was traveling Ladakh for last couple of weeks.

        Dheeraj Sharma

    • Raman Malhotra says:

      Dear , booking opens @ 10.00 am – 30 calender days in advance. today they would have opened 1 november 2013

    • Divya, it starts 30 days in advance, 00:00 Hrs. I am not sure if it has changed.

      Jai Mata Di!!

      PS: Sorry for delayed reply as I was traveling Ladakh for last couple of weeks.

      Dheeraj Sharma

  120. Manoj Banga says:

    I have tried to create new user from different networks but unable to create. Every Time website shows your email id/ phone no/ system credentials already registered. Please help

    • Manoj, please use some private network from where you are sure that no other user would have registered.

      Pratibha, it starts 30 days in advance, 00:00 Hrs.

      Jai Mata Di!!

      PS: Sorry for delayed reply as I was traveling Ladakh for last couple of weeks.

      Dheeraj Sharma

      • Ketan Patel says:

        Now the Note at Official website are as under :
        Online booking on the official website of SMVDSB can be done maximum 30 days and minimum 04 days in advance from the date of journey/ booking. The online booking opens exactly 30 days in advance at 10 AM hours.

  121. Chhaya says:

    I think online booking can be done 30 days in advance. I want to know at what time online helicopter booking starts.

    • jay patel says:

      chhaya and pratibha,daily window are open at 12(morning).daily chek and wait ur date.

    • Chhaya, it starts 30 days in advance, 00:00 Hrs.

      Jai Mata Di!!

      PS: Sorry for delayed reply as I was traveling Ladakh for last couple of weeks.

      Dheeraj Sharma

  122. Pratibha says:


    I want to book helicopter online for two people for 10th Nov 2013. From when and at what time I will be able to do so.
    Please also let me know the date and timing when the online booking window will open for yatra parchi and hotel booking.

    • Raman Malhotra says:

      pls try on 11 october 10 am sharp . jai mata di

      • Raman, did the time change recently?? AFAIK, it was used to be 00:00 Hrs, 30 days in advance.

        • Raman Malhotra says:

          yes sir , it has been changed since may 2013. They have introduced a few changes .
          1. For a new date reservation starts @ 10.00 AM sharp instead of 00.00 hrs
          2. Cancellation of helicopter tickets is allowed now and it can be done till 7 days in advance and 50% amount is refunded.
          3. Online Yatra parchi is now free of cost ( earlier it was @ Rs 50/-) and about 15000 parchies are open for booking everyday.

        • Thank you for the update Raman.

          Jai Mata Di!!

    • Pratibha, it starts 30 days in advance, 00:00 Hrs.

      Jai Mata Di!!

      PS: Sorry for delayed reply as I was traveling Ladakh for last couple of weeks.

      Dheeraj Sharma

  123. P.S.KUILA says:

    whether daily ticket is available for the day of visit?

  124. Rohit says:

    Dear Dheeraj
    I have planned an on the spur and going on the yatra on the 23rd. I cannot find available tickets online for the chopper ride and Need them for my Family . Is there any option of tatkal or cancelled tickets being disclosed
    Thanks in advance
    Rohit Gaur

  125. Vinayaka says:

    Can I make payment using SBI Maestro debit card. Is there anyone who have made successful transaction using it?

  126. Chandra Verma says:


    I want to book helicopter ticket for my parents and in laws for Mata Vaishno Devi Darshan for 27th October.When I can do this booking.
    When I tried creat a user id for booking it is not allowing me to creat any user id. It says that “either email id or mobile no or sysdetails already registered with us” I tried using so many different combination of email id, mobile number and user details but none of them worked please help me.

    • Chandra, try to register from a network from where non have registered, may be personal home network or some other relative home network. in case you are using office or other public network you might not be able to create the account. Secondly, you can book the tickets only 30 days in advance and prices have been revised now, guess 800 it is.

      Jai Mata Di!!

      • Chandra says:

        Dear Dheeraj,

        Thank you so much for your suggestion.I will give a try to this.


    • Robin says:

      Hi Dheeraj, Jai Mata Di!
      This is my first time to go to Vaishno Devi using Heli. We are 4 adults and 2 children planning to use Heli, but system doesn’t have any facility to book more than 5 tickets. Can I ignore children for booking as they are both under 4 and book only for adults?
      My second question is the exact time at which booking opens for room booking and Heli booking, can you please advise.
      Thanks and may Mata Rani bless you. Regards.

      • Hi Robin,

        Jai Mata Di !!

        No you have to include all people in it. In that case book from 2 different users. If child is below 2 year, than no ticket is required.


        • Robin says:

          Hi Dheeraj, Jai Mata Di!
          Thanks for the prompt response. Does it mean that my 7 month old infant needs to be booked as well even though no ticket is required?

          Also, Does the helicopter booking for current date opens at 8 AM India time, reason to ask because I am currently based in a different time zone? Thanks & regards.Robin

        • Robin, as I said, there is no need to book ticket for kids less than 2 years old. Booking remains open 24 Hrs a day and you can book only 30 days in advance from 00:00 Hrs.

  127. jay patel says:

    dear friends,jai mata di
    my self jay patel I will start my journey form Ahmedabad on 13th sep I want to buy pavan hans tickit on 15th but all tickit are reserved how can get tickit of pavan hans plz advice me.

  128. joginder says:

    sir please give charge information and please talk ticket booking same day visit

    • Joginder, Jai Mata Di!! Guess the charges have been revised now and one side ticket cost about 800 per person and they cann be booked from official Maa Vaishno Devi website linked in the article above.

  129. karanveer says:

    i am travelling to vaishnodevi on 28september2013.i need to book the helicopter ticket for my self but i am having “adhaar card” form which is showing in the website under genration but i am the proof of adhaar form showing my photo, my addressproof, my date of birth. also, i am not having other proof accept from my college id and 12th passout marksheet. kindly please let me know that ifthese are useful for making the booking.
    waiting for your reply

    • Karanveer, may be you can check with the support center of Maa Vaishno Devi Shrine board if it is OK to show some ID proof other than mentioned while booking the tickets. I guess it should be fine but not 100% sure.

      Jai Mata Di
      Dheeraj Sharma

  130. Poonam sahni says:

    Jai maata di,

    Kindly guide me that my travel date is 5th sep del to can i book hellicopter katra to shanjhihatt.

    • TARUN BHARTI says:

      @ POONAM Sahni,
      the heli tickets are available on-line ,and the reservation is start before 30 days (means in your case the reservation starts on 4 August),and all the tickets will be full within 2 to 3 minutes , so at this stage I think there will no availability of the tickets but you can try , and also in Katra many hotels sell the tickets , you can try that also but after reaching the Katra

  131. Gaurav says:

    We are group of 6 including 2 childrens below 2 years and will be using one sided helicopter service to reach bhawan on 24th september 2013. My queries are:
    1. Do we need to bring birth certificates of childrens, and what if we don’t have.
    2. Are we entitled to have any kind of VIP pass, if so, what’s the proceduce to get it.
    3. And please confirm if yatra slip is required or not.

    Any help would be very much appriciated.

    • Hello Gaurav,

      Jai Mata Di!!

      1. If you had and carried then it would have been much safer but if not then test your luck and mostly for children it is avoided.
      2. No, only round trip people gets the VIP pass
      3. I think not required since you have the ticket, though for one way ticket I am not 100% sure.


  132. Manas says:

    Hi Dheeraj,

    Thanks for providing useful information to devotees. I have some queries.

    I am traveling with my family members 4 Adults + 2 children on 13th October 2013. I will reach Jammu by morning. As it is Navratra time, I may expect heavy rush. So, I am planning online Yatra Parchi Booking. As the site allows 5 members Max, how can I book 6 people (2 children included). Again what documents can be used for Valid ID proof for the children.

    My Return Train is on 14th October evening from Jammu. Will be the time sufficient to catch the train?

    Is digital camera is allowed while tracking from katra?

    As, I am traveling for 1st time, your inputs will be helpful.

    Waiting for your response.



    • Manas, Jai Mata Di!!

      IN case, book from two ids. Children can show their School IDs of Birth Certificate will do if they do not have passports. I doubt if the time will be sufficient considering there are Navratras there will be huge rush. May be a day buffer could be added here. Though you might make it in this time as well if rush is not there and you do darshan with less time. Yes, cameras are allowed on track AFAIK.


  133. Karan says:

    Hi dheeraj , I want to book heli ticket for my mother but problem is that she has only voter id as id proof and that too is very old (issued in 1994).she has aadhar card but no option of aadhar card is available on booking site. so would the voter id card be sufficient for booking or suggest any other way.

    • Karan, I feel it shall do work out.

      Jai Mata di!!


    • Raman Malhotra says:

      Dear Dheeraj , this website is certainly a help to a lot of devotees. i have seen a common query regarding ADHAAR CARD. it is a valid document and while booking helicoptor tickets , though there is no option for ADHAR CARD , you can use the option Govt Issued ID card. and secondly now yatris need to carry the Debit card / Credit card through which the transaction is made otherwise they don’t allow to board.

  134. Amarnath says:

    Sir, I have booked helicopter for my family(4 members) from Katra – Sanji Chhat – Katra but the return is next day. I am not able to find any accomodation there. Is it possible to find some accomodation ? Can you let me know who to contact regarding this. I have small kids travelling with me and I wanted a room. Please advise.

    • Amarnath ji, Jai Mata Di!! Please contact someone at official website of MaaVaishnoDevi. May be they will be able to suggest something. I have never stayed so do not have much idea about it.


      • Sanjay says:

        Amarnath Ji,
        Plz check official website of shrine board, you will be able to find accommodation at Vaishnovi bahavan cost Rs.750. Plz be informed the bookings start sharp every day at 10 AM 30 days in avance and get filled wih in minutes.

  135. lokesh bansal says:

    sir, I want to book aarti for 30 people. so i made different i.d. with different name, so is that ok or any problem here beause shrine board’s website show that multiple i.d. made by any person they deactivte the all i.d.

    so sir plz tell about thi

  136. Yash says:

    please help me…i am from Siliguri…i want to travel vaishno devi,kashmir,golden temple and some parts of rajasthan…please let me know the route…i also want to travel from katra to vaishno devi in helicopter

  137. Sanjay says:


    We are reaching katra on 17/7/13 by 9AM, as we would be getting Jammu by early morning train (6:30AM) from Delhi. Taking 1:40PM helicopter reaching room at bhavan by 4:PM. Freshen up and report to room no.8 by 6:00PM to attend evening Attka aarti. Stay overnight and do early check out by 5:45AM to reach Sanjhichat to catch 8:05AM chopper for Katra. Later catch train from Jammu to Delhi at 8:35PM.
    Now i need suggestion on 2 points:
    1) Does hotels at Katra do early check-in (9AM)and late check-outs (5PM).
    2) What late & safe suggested time one should move from Katra to Jammu railway station.
    I am moving by private taxi to Jammu.


    • Hi Sanjay,

      1. I doubt over it.
      2. Better leave by 4-4.30 PM to be in time to catch the train back.


      • Sanjay says:

        Thanks Dheeraj,

        My return train is of 8:35PM, and I am just thinking to do Khol Kandoli darshan while returning back to Jammu station.
        Keeping this in consideration, what is your advice, what time I should be start from Katra?
        Also help me with good and neat hotel at katra.Last year I have stayed with Hotel Asia Vaishno Devi, but I was not that satisfied.


  138. Tushaar says:

    My father is trying yo book helicopter tickets since last 4 months,but after filling appropriate information required,but after choosing payment gateway using SBI maestro card,the transaction shows failure,so pl,tell me how can we make successful transaction.

    • Nilesh Salunkhe says:

      hello tushaar,

      I would suggest keep trying. I did the same and finally got tickets and just today my parents had mata ji darshan and they went through helicoptor. If you get stuck, try again immediately. Availability keep fluctuating from 00:00 till 01:00

      Just make sure you have all required information available to copy paste.

      • santosh sahu says:

        May The Blessings of Shri Mata Vaishno Devi Ji be always with us. Free online yatra parchi available on our official website between 5:00 AM to 10:00 PM everyday. The online facilities on this website shall be available starting 30 days in advance for any given day with opening at 1000 hours (10:00 am) instead of earlier 00 hours (12:00 midnight), this shall become effective from 14th of May, 2013.

    • Jitendra says:

      Jai Mata Dee,
      Dear use VISA card instead of maestro card for quick payment…

  139. Susmit Gharat says:

    We want our ride on 13 june

  140. ajay p shah says:

    i want to visit to mata vaishnodevi on 29/07/ side ticket is available for my family (three adult)


  141. Bramhananda says:

    I am Pack age tour Manger i need to take my customer to Yatra by helicopter how to do it pls send the details

  142. rahul taretiya says:

    inform me about katra to bhawan hel icopter. jai mata di.

  143. Shubham says:

    Hey Dheeraj,

    you are really providing great help to everyone, i was looking for the answer, if anyone has entered a wrong ID proof number, will there be any problem. i have spent 4000RS in booking tickets for my mom, dad,mausa ji and mausiji.. i was not aware that ID number was required and at midnight while booking i put in random numbers there… plz suggest wat to do????

    if possible mail me the solution on

    it’s a humble request plz help me asap.

    • Tarun Bharti says:

      Yes this is a very big problem, you have to put a valid ID card no. on booking and they will see that id card in original at the boarding , if you have photo copy then they will create problem but you mention random no. so they will create a very big problem,
      In my view they will not allow you, because there is a huge rush and they will not listen to you so please call them earlier before going

    • skm says:

      whether it will be possible to do bhairon darshan after devi darshan as i have booked helicoptr package and it is having just 3.30 hr gap between two flight

      • Would be difficult but shall be manageable if you do it in a hurry. Also depends upon how much is the rush for darshan. Sometimes they do allow for delayed boarding though since as per comments by other above the rush from Sanjichatt is not that much so they tend to accommodate people even after time. But, please confirm it before when you land there from Katra

  144. anil says:

    MY DEBIT CARD IS DAMAGED THROUGH WHICH I MADE HELICOPTER PARCHI AND DORMITORY BOOKINGS. AND NOW I GOT NEW DEBIT CARD BY REPLACING DAMAGED ONE., Please tell what should I do now? Its clearly mentioned that One has to carry the card in original?

    • Rajat says:

      Jai Mata Di,

      Anil, don’t worry about it. I recently went to Vaishno Devi with my parents and in laws 4 of them went in to Helicopter, The helicopter guys will only check your tickets and original identity proof. That’s all. Don’t worry about the debit card.

      Jai Mata Di…

  145. Sanjay Kumar says:

    Jai Mata Di!!! and to be honest you really provide an excellent advise to all the devotees!!!

    a quick check, is failed transaction while booking is treated as part of “5 booking in a month quota”…..or I can book afresh for 5 persons with in a day or so to try my luck…

    thank you and may GOD bless you!!!

    • Sanjay, I think you will be able to book it in case of failed transaction, though not 100% sure.

      Jai Mata Di!!

      Dheeraj Sharma

      PS: Sorry for the delayed response, I was traveling to Spiti Valley for past 10 days

  146. Manish says:

    Hi Guys,
    I really need your help. I booked helicopter service for 6 passengers 4 of which are elders. While booking, i did add some valid Ids, which I can produce in original but others I just made up. We all are genuine passengers and going for Darshan first time. I can produce other valid Id proofs (PAN CARD, Passport) in original but not what I’ve mentioned in ticket booking. Will it be a problem? If it is then what could be a possible solutions? Last thing I want is the trouble while on the way. I’ve very tight schedule and elder parents.

    Your suggestion will be highly appreciated.


    • snvora says:

      I need guidance on the following issues:
      1)I have got one way (only return) helicopter booking at 1.15 PM . In this case what time should trekking from Katra so that I can complete darshan and reach the helipad in time?
      2) does one way return booking on helicopter entitle me for priority darshan?
      3)two passengers in our group have got return helicopter booking at 3.30 PM and the remaining at 1.15 PM. The problem is that all tickets have been booked using the same credit card. Is it compulsory to show the cards with which booking is to be done in both instances, how can it be managed?
      2)I understand online yatraslip is valid for the whole day .. Can you confirm?
      Thanks for the help in advance

      • Hello snvora,

        1. Not sure which dates have you planned, but it will take you about 7-8 Hrs at easy pace to have darshan and be back.
        2. No, you will not get the pass
        3. Not sure about this one.
        4. AFAIK, yes.

        Jai Mata Di!!


        • Hello Dheeraj,

          Need advice. I have been trying to book helicoptor tickets for Vaishnu devi darshan for my family. Having hard time to book tickets. Its almost impossible to book tickets. Agent are chargin almost 1000 extra. Is there any other way to get a confirm booking with the same price which official website is offering.

        • If in Delhi/NCR, may be you can try Pawan Hans office near Safdarjung Airport else no other option than to try the luck :(

          Jai Mata Di!!


        • Nilesh Salunkhe says:

          Hello Dheeraj,

          Finally I got tickets book for Mata ke darshan through helicoptor. Accidently or human error but i have selected Id type for mother in laws as driving Lic however i have entered PAN card details and she would be carrying PAN card only. She does not have Driving Lic. You think officials there will create a problem.

          I have dropped email to them for help however did anyone came across situation, if yes, do they listen to us and allow entry in helicoptor.

        • Nilesh, I hope they reply back exactly. Though I do not think there should be any issue unless you carry a valid ID card but you never know.

          Jai Mata Di!!


    • TARUN BHARTI says:

      Yes , this is a very big problem , because according to my knowledge they only allow the person having the valid ID proof as mention in tickets else thy will not allow you , kindly check this thing before going

      • Nilesh Salunkhe says:

        Hello Tarun,

        I got tickets booked for Mata ke darshan through helicoptor. Accidently or human error but i have selected Id type for mother in laws as driving Lic however i have entered PAN card details and she would be carrying PAN card only. She does not have Driving Lic. You think officials there will create a problem.

        I have dropped email to them for help however did anyone came across situation, if yes, do they listen to us and allow entry in helicoptor.

    • Rajat says:

      Jai Mata Di,

      You need valid tickets and a Valid ID proof even if that ID proof is different than one you mentioned on the ticket. Don’t worry about anythings else.

  147. Hemant Agarwal says:

    First of all, thanks to the members for sharing useful information. Really appreciate efforts of Mr. Dheeraj Sharma.

    I have booked Attka Arti darshan on 5th May (Evening) for which reporting time is at 6:00 PM at Kalika Bhawan. Can any one tell, if we start at 12:00PM from Katra, can be reach well on time?. Will the ponies will be easily available from Katra to Ardhkuari or try the luck to get the Ponies..?

    Thanks in Advance…

    Jai Mata Di…

    • Hemant, I think if you are hiring ponies which are more or less available without much difficulty, then you shall be able to reach by 6 PM. The problem might be rush there after reaching Bhawan.

      Jai Mata Di!!

  148. Priya says:

    want to book helicopter katra to sanjichat // 20 June for 5 adullt pls let me know

    • TARUN BHARTI says:

      Helicopter tickets booking start before 1 month, and all the tickets will be full within 2 to 3 minutes in night 12.00, so before (exact) 1 months in night try to bookyour tickets you will have only 2 to 3 minutes for this so keep your ID proof ready and if possible pl open the internet site before and take all knowledge

  149. Hemant Agarwal says:

    Jai Mata Di,

    I am going to Mata on 5th May, 2013. Can anyone tell me abot the rush at that day. How much hours it will take in que..?

  150. GAURAV PURI says:


    I have booked return tickets for same day but I have booked katra-sanjichath independently and Sanjichath-katra independently, Will I get Semi VIP or any other kind of pass????? There is time gap of only 3.35 hrs between 2 flights and I am travelling with a 6 year old daughter and 1.5 year old son, please confirm.

    • TARUN BHARTI says:

      @Gaurav Puri,
      Yes , you will get the semi VIP pass.
      and 3.35 time is enough and also when you will reach at Sanjichath then they will issue SEMI-VIP passes along with the return ticket time , if you come late then dont worry they wil allow you to take the helicopter from Sanjhichath to Katra , because there is only rush from katra-sanjichath and return you will see that there is so much of rush,

  151. vijay says:


    i have made booking of yatra parchi, helicopter and dormitory bed

    Q:1)i have booked for my son (2.5 yrs old)for helicopter what id proof is required for him bcoz he is not admitted to school i have only birth certificate???

    Q2)i start yatra on 10 may 13 on 9.00 p.m(night) but booked yatra slip of date 11 may 2013 is yatra slip is valid???

    Q:3)i have booked dormitory on 11 may 2013 and i will reach at 2.00 a.m.(in night) on 11 may 13 but they(help desk) said chekin and checkout is 10.00 a.m what it means???

    Q:4)debit card through which all booking is made is broken and submitted to bank they issued new one. is debit card is required cumpulsory

    • Hello Vijay,

      1. Birth certificate should suffice.
      2. Should be valid considering days will change by the time you reach there, though not 100% sure.
      3. You will not be allowed to enter rooms before 10 AM :( … I am not sure how they do it but generally this is how it works that you cannot checkin before the checkin time.
      4. Yes, I think so it might be compulsary. Get the broken one if you can else contact the support center of bhawan. they might ask you to have some letter from the bank which you might have got with new card.

      Jai Mata Di!!


  152. Ayush says:

    Hi Dheeraj
    I want to know is there any direct track from Bhairon Nath Mandir to Helipad and what is the length.

    • AFAIK, there is no other route. You have to come back the same route. Try using stairs for quick step down

      Jai Mata Di!!

      Dheeraj Sharma

      • Ayush says:

        Hi Dheeraj
        I am sorry to bother you again as I have very less time to reach Helipad. Can you tell me approximately how much tile it takes walking down from Bhairon Nath Temple to Helipad if I use stairs or otherwise.

  153. Trupti says:

    We have booked package tour to char dham and vaishnodevi. We will be vaishnodevi on 11.05.2013. We had gone through all the procedure of shrine board to booke helicopter. But at the moment 10th May midnigth within a fraction of a second the seats have already booked. How is it possible? Are their any agents who book the tickets? we are 19 members atleast we want 8 tickets for senior citizen. please guide us. I have learnt that it is not possible to get ticket through agents is it true?

  154. Deepali says:

    hi i have booked ticket as
    Katra – Sanjichhat – Katra.
    but i am returning on next day so should i get VIP Pass.

  155. Deepali says:

    i want a distance from Sanjichhat Helipad to Mangala Bhavan located at Sanjichhat plz reply me today as want to book room 2maroow

  156. Chander Parkash Sharma says:

    we have to book two seats from katra to Mata Vaishno Devi by Helicopter. We r trying about that. But we r not getting any response from their. What is the prosedure to prceed further ? Please advice us.

    • Tarana says:

      Hi Dheeraj,

      I am planning to travel 0n 10 May 13 . I have booked helicopter for 10th and returning on 11. But i understand they do not give VIP pass if the return is next day. I have one kid 5 yrs and another one 1.5 yrs only. Going thru general entry would it be crowded how much i have to wait as my daughter start crying in crowd.

  157. prriyank jain says:

    katra to vasnodevi by helicopter 02 may ko jaana hai 13 yatri hai to booking kaise hogi

  158. Hemant Agarwal says:

    Dear All,

    Please tell is there any provision of Mata Darshan without long que, I mean some VIP pass or something. What the prices for the same…?

    Request for earlier response…

  159. Vikram says:

    I booked one way ticket Katra – Sanjichhat and we will return by own. Kindly clarify that
    1. Is there requirent of Yatra Parchi?
    2. Can we get VIP pass for durshan (frm Gate No 5.

    • Vikram,

      1. I do not think Yatra Purchi will be required.
      2. I do not think you will get the semi VIP pass in this case.

      Jai Mata Di!!

      Dheeraj Sharma

  160. GAURAV PURI says:

    Dear Dheeraj ji,

    Thanks a lot for being so helpful by answering so many quaries of people, its really helpfull and informative:
    I am planning to visit Maa Vaishno Devi with my family and 2 small kids aged 1.5 and 6 via helicopter on 7th May, 2013; In case I book a return ticket, I get Semi VIP pass, which I guess is kind of necessity considering its May, so it would be crowded and I will be with 2 small kids but the time gap between return flights is only 3hrs and 25 Minutes and since we have to report earlier thus it gives only 2.25 hours to cover journey Sanjichath-bhawan-darshan-sanjichath also we need to deposit stuff in locker room and take bath in this time only which looks very tight; Do you feel one can cover this in this time and do we need to report 1 hour before at sanjichat as well?

    Secondly, In case I book tickets seprately for going to Sanjichat and returning to Katra for same day, will I still get Semi VIP Pass but in this case there is a risk that I might end up booking only one side ticket as tickets quota fills up in minutes;

    Thirdly, As Mobile Phones are not allowed to be carried on tracks, Is there any locker Facility at Helipad at Katra to keep Mobile Phones and also can we keep our luggage there, In case we reach directly there from Railway Station?

    Further, Is there any Weight restriction for boarding the flight?

    Thanks in Advance, I need to book ticket tonight at 00:00 hrs pls try to answer at the earliest

    • GAURAV PURI says:

      Also, please confirm in case I book just one way ticket i.e. from Katra to Sanjichat, I will be provided with Gate No. 3 entry ticket? Is this GATE separate from General Public Gate and will it be less crowded?

    • Gaurav, many people have managed the darshan in the stipulated time window and you can always request them once you reach Katra. I feel they should be OK with some delay but not 100% sure. Just that do not waste time here and there, rather make darshan and get back to helipad.

      2. Not sure in that case yo will get the semi-vip pass or not.
      3. I do not think there is any restrictions of mobile phones on track, we have used them all over. You cannot keep the luggage, you will need some dharamshala or hotel. not sure about weight restrictions.

      Jai Mata Di!!


      • GAURAV PURI says:

        Thanks a lot Dheeraj, However, I am in another trouble now; I managed to book return tickets separately but still the time gap is 3.35hrs only, so it was not worth it, However the bigger trouble is:

        I HAVE LOST THE DEBIT CARD I USED TO BOOK THE TICKETS, Please tell what should I do now? Its clearly mentioned that One has to carry the card in original??????

        Thanks in Advance

        • Gaurav, perhaps please call up in the helpdesk of shrine board and let them know about the situation. I am sure they will be able to suggest some solution.

          Jai Mata di!!


        • Sunita jaitley says:

          Debit Card is not required now. The only thing required is Identity Proof (given by you while booking the tickets) of your and the persons travelling with you like PAN, Driving Licence,Voter ID etc. So no need to wor

        • GAURAV PURI says:

          Thanks a lot Dheerajji and Sunitaji, I called up Shrine Board they have advised me to carry F.I.R, New Debit Card and a bank statement signed by Banker; I have arranged the documents however, I have found debit card as well now…lol, All’s well that ends well.

        • vijay says:

          really sunita ji kya app sure hai k debit card is not cumpulsory for boarding to helicopter in vaishnodevi yatra


    we need five tickets from Katra to Vaishnav Devi dated 30/05/13 pls confirm me so that i have deposit the amount.
    Narender Pal Singh Bisht
    Rudrapur, U.S.Nagar, Uttarakhand.

  162. KULWANT SINGH says:

    we need two tickets from Katra to Vaishnav Devi and Vaishnav Devi to Katra dated 15/04/13 pls confirm me so that i have deposit the amount.

    Kulwant Singh

  163. kiran jadhav says:

    We require 10 tickets (3 kids(age-7 yrs,10yrs & 13 yrs)+ 7 Elder from katra to maa vaisnodevi on dtd. 24.04.2013 .
    pl book & confirm for charges paying term.

  164. nitesh says:

    plz book my tckt 20 may

  165. nitesh says:

    mai is site pe regester nahi kar pa raha hoo, plz help

    • Nitesh, try using a network from where you think registration has not taken places (like you home network) and try using Internet Explorer 7 or 8 version only to work on the official website of maa vaishno devi.

      Jai Mata Di!!


  166. sushmita says:

    Hi Dheeraj,

    By Mistake while booking helicopter ticket for my Parents and My In-Laws Instead of making it Female it is Male as default and instead of Passport, it is Driving Licence but I have put Passport numbers

    I read your other comments regarding typo error as it is not much big issue they modify it at counter before boarding

    Just wanna confirm

    Thanks in Advance !!!!

  167. Rahul Shah says:

    Many time try to book ticket from 12.1am last night to 6pm but every time auto logout and come to home page, so how can i book ticket???? any other option????

  168. Rahul Shah says:


    We are trying to book Helicopter ticker for 22 april booking start today, but we many time try but not book the ticket, now how can book we ticket??? Prob is auto logout from online services when availiblity.

  169. Piyush says:

    Guys Please help me. I’ve filled the wrong gender while booking i.e I’ve selected male instead of female. Will that create a problem?

    • Piyush, I do not think there should be any issue. Just talk to them once you reach the place and they will edit it for you.

      Jai Mata Di!!

      Dheeraj Sharma

  170. Kushal says:

    Dheeraj ji… Please answer my previous query…

  171. Kushal Shah says:

    I have booked Katra-Sanjichhat on 20 April 2013… But I could not get the return ticket so I am going to walk downhill… So do I need a Yatra Parchi???

  172. maneesh says:

    Hi Dheeraj

    I’m planning to start my yatra at 5:00 a.m. on 22nd April Few questions:
    1. If i take a Yatra Parchi online which date should i take 22nd or 21st. How is the quota allotted.
    2. Does taking Yatra Parchi gurantee that i will be able to start my Yatra anytime on 22nd. As many places its said the parchi is valid of 6 hours only.
    3. How much time does it take from Bhavan to Bhairo Mandir.
    4. Based on the time in point 3, what time should i book the helicopter if i want to come back on 22nd night back to Katra

    Would appreciate your help!!

    Thanks in advance

    • Hello Maneesh.

      1. I think 22nd should be the date. But, if you have helicopter tickets then you do not need Yatra Purchi.
      2. Yes, you can start it anytime.
      3. About 30-40 minutes of hike.
      4. Have at least 4 hrs of gap bare minimum.

      Thanks for the tips on other comment.

      jai Mata Di!!

      Dheeraj Sharma

      • Maneesh says:

        Thanks a lot Dheeraj for your valuable inputs.

        Do you mean if i have a one way helicopter ticket from Sanji Chhat To Katra even in that case i don’t need a Yatra Parchi.


        • Sorry Manish, it seems a it tricky :) … I feel they should maintain the records for the people coming back as well but not sure in case that Yatra Purchi is exempted or not in case of return ticket only.

          Jai Mata Di!!

          Dheeraj Sharma

  173. Akash says:

    Hello Mr.Dheeraj, Is it possible to book Auto/ Three Wheeler online.

  174. Joydip Sengupta says:

    Dear Dheeraj ji,

    I have booked return helicopter tickets for my parents and I will walk up with my wife and 2 children. We all have helicopter tickets while coming down. I have also booked few dormatory beds in the bhavan. My question is can we do the darshan together (all 6 of us)? I was thinking that my parents can wait in the dormatory in the bhavan while we are waling up, and then we can do the darshan together. Is there anything in particular I need to do for this? Please advise.
    Jai Mata Di

  175. Naveen Malhotra says:

    Hi Dheeraj sir Jai Mata Di
    I have tried many tym for helecopter ticket bt no option is comeing after clicking availability check. As my partner can’t go by road now tell me what should I do sir pls help me

    • Sorry Naveen, only thing I can say is try using Internet Explorer older versions may be on Windows XP machine or check at office of Pawan Hans at Safdarjung Enclave in Delhi.

      Jai mata Di!!

      Dheeraj Sharma

  176. Ravindra Pataskar says:

    Hello,Dheeraj I have planned to go to vaishnodevi from katra on dt 19/4/2013 by helcopter so please guide me as i had hospitalise for my right shoulder operation due to road accident (05/03/2013).

  177. JK Bose says:

    Whether it is possible (by walk) to visit Bhawan & Bhairon Temple & return to helipad at sanchichaat within the same day return time given by Helicopter service (for same day return)

  178. Amit ranjan says:

    Hello Dheeraj jee,
    I will reach Jammu at 6:40 AM and my helicopter booking is at 9:59 AM. I got to know that i have to report to helipad one hour before that means 9:00 AM. So what i have to do so that i will not miss my helicopter.
    Do you think if i travel in private taxi from Jammu and start at 7:00AM then i will reach Katra helipad at 9:00.

    • Amit ranjan says:

      Hello Dheeraj jee,
      Please answer my question above.

    • Hello Amit,

      Yes, please make sure that you take the taxi and reach Katra on time. By the time you have in hand, you should be able to reach Katra from Jammu in 2 Hrs of time easily.

      Jai Mata Di!!

      Dheeraj Sharma

  179. MANOJ says:

    hello sir,
    i have booked 9 tickets of helicopter to and fro.
    5 tickets in global at 11:20 by global and 4 by pawan at 12:10
    the thing is that my 2.5 yrs old son’s ticket is at 12:10 with my freinds family and mine is at 11:10 with my wife.
    can the seats be exchanged at that time.
    and one more thing do we get passes for darshan as the return time of helicopter is 4:46. and also do we require any yatra parchi
    my travelling date is 4th april

    • Hi Manoj,

      1. You do not require any Yatra Purchi as you have helicopter tickets
      2. I think that people there would accommodate you with your family.

      Jai Mata Di!!

      Dheeraj Sharma

  180. Deepali says:

    Hello sir i am going to darshan in may. is there any chances of cancellation of helicopter due to bad whether.

    • Ajay Varma says:

      During Mata Vaishno Devi Darshan, i wanted to book 2 adults and 2 children helicopter tickets in the month of april 17 2013 kindly give me the latest rate details of the abovementioned helicopter services.

      • Shubh Karan Dewan says:

        On the pilgrimage of Mata Vaishno Devi i wanted to book 2 adults tickets in the abovementioned helicopter services kindly give me the latest rate details to book the tickets on dated 03 April 2013 Thank you

      • Ajay, please book the tickets starting from 17th March from the official website of Maa Vaishno Devi

        Jai Mata Di!!

    • Deepali, it depends on the weather which generally no one can easily predict. However, in general weather remains clear in May

  181. aman says:

    i am not able to book ticket of helicopter.As i have to make myself register but the system is not registering me ,its showing your details are already with us ,when i enter other details still its showing the same error.
    plz help

    • Aman, try using IE 6,7,8 browser and then check again.

      Jai Mata Di

    • maneesh says:

      hi aman

      i too faced the same problem and consulted the website helpdesk.. it came out to be that they have a validation based on the network you are booking from i.e. if you are booking from your company internet/network and someone already have booked through it you will get this error. try booking from your home worked for me (with same details).. i know the validation is silly :-)

  182. Amit ranjan says:

    Hi Dheeraj jee,
    I could not get ticket for Katra – Sanjichhat – Katra.
    So i booked one way ticket Katra – Sanjichhat and return ticket Sanjichhat – Katra on the same day. Will i get semi-VIP pass.

  183. Joydip Sengupta says:

    Dear Dheeraj ji,
    I have booked Attka Aarti darshan in the morning and have a return helicopter flight to Katra at 12 noon (reporting time is 11 am). Are there chances of missing the helicopter if I want to see the complete aarti in the morning? Please let me know.

    Joydip Sengupta

    • Joydip, I think so that you will not be able to make the journey back with full aarti in 2 Hrs or so. Once you get down there at Sanjichatt, ask the officials there, they will better suggest in terms of being late after seeing the aarti.

      Jai Mata Di!!


      • Joydip Sengupta says:

        Thanks, Dheeraj. I called up the Shrine Board and they said that the Aarti starts at 6am and ends at 8am. So even if we start at 9am for Sanjichet from the Bhavan don’t you think we can make it in 2 hours to reach to the helipad at 11 am?
        Jai Mata Di

        • Thanks for updating the info. here too. I feel with 2-2.5 Hrs of time window, you will be able to reach it in time.

          Jai Mata Di!!

  184. Tanushree says:

    I have tiried several time to book helicopter service through official site,but every time ahter all processing was done it shows that booking unsuccessful.Ihave used SBI ,ICICI debits cards but it does’nt works.Plz inform me how to book for helicopter service

  185. PRETI says:

    Hello Dheeraj ji,

    how much in advance do we need to book this ticket?


    • PRETI says:

      I an trying to book for this week and I an not getting any availability.

      • Preti, it is not that easy to get tickets as booking starts 30 days prior and mostly all tickets get sold out very quickly. So, try your luck with at least 30 days in advance :)

        Jai Mata Di!!


  186. SHYAMAL ROY says:

    I am planning darshan on 27 Mar 2013. I am a defence employee. I wish to know from where(if possible phone no.) can I get special passes for me and my family.Is it required to get yatra parchi again alongwith defence pass?

  187. Sandeep Kumar maurya says:

    I want suggest howmuch we can book online ticket catra to Sanichatt

  188. C.R.MRIDHA says:

    When I go to book ticket after 12:00AM (30 days advance date) the website return to home
    page, how I book ticket.

  189. Kiran says:

    Hi Dheeraj,

    I want to book 16 helicopter tickets (most of senior citizens) on 29th March from katra to Sanjichat.. While I try to test on I experience disconnection and so on.. and also I am getting ticket for all at once and on same day.. Could you please help to get tickets for all and for the same day

  190. Ankit says:

    I dont what actually the problem is but i getting error –Sorry!!! Your Email or Mobile or System Details is already Registered with us..
    and neither my mobile no. or emai-id is registered.
    I dont what to do. i want to book tickets for 22 may.

    • Ankit, try with Internet Explorer 7,8 or perhaps even 6 if you can get that over Windows XP machine.

      Jai Mata Di!!

      Dheeraj Sharma

    • AK Mangal says:

      Try NOT to register from any office computer but your own or some one else’s personal computer. I have expeienced it myself!

  191. anant says:

    i am try to come on 13may 2012 any auto services from bus station to ardhkuwari

  192. chetan says:

    I am planning to visit Vaishnodevi in may 2013. I plan to use helicopter services. When I should book for it

  193. Pankaj Kumar says:

    Dear Dheeraj sharma !
    I with my family 2 kids coming on 9th March to katra . Can you suggest us where to purchase helicopter ticket .? any phone nos?

    • You can try at Safdarjung office in New Delhi for Pawan Hans or the official website above is the only other source to book in advance.

      Dheeraj Sharma

  194. Deepak Bhandari says:

    ello Dinesh ji Jai Mata Di,

    I am coming for Mata Rani Darshan along with my 9 months baby in march via helicopter. I have two queries.

    1.In website they have mentioned infants must be above 1 year. As my baby would complete 9 months on march will they allow her to board the helicopter?

    2.And at the time of helicopter booking , do i need to pay for 2 one for my 9 month baby and one for me or just one for myself and baby ticket would be free a she is 9 month old?

  195. Sachin says:

    I am planning for vaishnodevi tour with my family (Appx. 8 adult and 2 child)in May 13, is this correct time for to plan it. How many day it will take from Nagour to Vaishnodevi and which is the best serice to reach there. Can you please help me to know the appx. cost required for all 8 ppl including all fair and taxes.

    • Sachin, May is season time owing to vacations in schools. There will be good rush up there otherwise OK time to travel. Ex Delhi it can be done in about 3 – 4 days only, even less if you want to do it quickly.

  196. sunny says:

    We are planning to travel by helicopter (one side only, i.e.Katra to Sanjhichat). Is there any pass facility available for one side travelers? And secondly Do we have to buy darshan ticket from katra also?

    • Hi Sunny,

      Nopes you will not get any pass in case you ride one way. Also, I do not feel you need yatar purchi in case traveling with helicopter even if it is one way.

      Jai Mata Di!!

      Dheeraj Sharma

  197. Yogesh says:

    Hi Dheeraj ji,

    I have read lot of comments from above but I am not looking answer of my queries.

    I have planned to come mata veshno devi with my kid in last week of Feb month and have booked helipad ticket from Katra to sanjhichhat. My queries are

    1. How much time (tantative) I will be needed in queue to get Mata Dharshan as my 3 years kid with me.
    2. Can I carry digital cemra in helicopter
    3. I have UID card as a ID proof for my kid so will it work

    your valueable response is early awaited.

    Yogesh Gupta

    • Hello Yogesh,

      1. It depends on the lenght of the queue. Sometime it takes even 8-12 hrs to get in and even more when there is peak season. In February, I do not see any specific reason for such a long queue and in case you are going by helicopter then that 3 Hr window between two flights is sufficient. Usually the whole process takes about 40-50 minutes if there is no such rush.

      2. Yes, you can carry it but I guess you might have to stay away from creating video as it is not allowed.

      3. Yes, it should work now. On the safer side, carry a school ID card with photo on it too, just in that worst case.

      Jai Mata Di!!

      Dheeraj Sharma

      • Ravi says:

        Hi Dheeraj,

        My parents are planning to visit, Is there any Auto(Rickshaw) service between Sanjhichatt to Bhavan ?


        • Hello Ravi,

          I do not think so you will get any auto there, haven’t seen any. You might get palkis though. If I remember correctly, I did see a battery operated car but not sure about it, sorry.

          Jai Mata Di!!

          Dheeraj Sharma

        • Tarun Bharti says:

          @ Ravi
          yes some bettary auto is there at ardhkuwari to darbar , but you have to take the tickets earlier

  198. Raj says:

    Dear Dheeraj Ji,
    I am from Nepal and want to book helicopter online for Ma Vaisnodevi darshan but i am unable to book due to no PAN no with us so could you please suggest me how can i book online without PAN no or what i can put in place of PAN for online booking.
    With thanks Raj

    • Hi Raj,

      May be try with your Passport number and when asked to show the identity proof, you can show it in such a case. I feel it should work

      Jai Mata Di!!

      Dheeraj Sharma

  199. Deepali says:

    Dear sir
    i am going to darshan in Feb.
    but i booked my ticket as for going its 10.00 amm & return ticket is for 3 PM. in that case should i got VIP pass

    • If you have return ticket then you must get the semi-VIP pass for Darshan.

      Jai Mata Di!!

      Dheeraj Sharma

      • Deepali says:

        is there diff between VIP & semi VIP pass?? IF yen then what?? coz i have with me 75 year old my mother.

        • Yes, VIP pass is only give to VIP people and for general public traveling with Helicopter service is given semi VIP pass where they have a separate door to bypass the long queue and take less time in Darshan

          Jai Mata Di!!


  200. DEVANATHAN.P.S says:

    Can you please let me know for availing Helicopter services in May 2013 when will the online booking start?

  201. DKG says:

    Online helicopter booking requires PAN# which I don’t have as I am from USA. What do I need to put in there to complete my booking? Thanks!

  202. T.S. Chauhan says:

    We want to travel from Katra to Saanjhichhat and Saanjhichhat to Katra back on same day by your esteemed Helicopter service in March month. We are totally 5 members (including one children of age 9 years old). When I observed your flight schedule (to and fro), I found that there is approximately 3 Hrs. duration available for darshan of maa vaishnodevi and bhero mandir. I want to know whether this time duration (3 Hrs.) is sufficient for darshan at above mentioned both places or not? Is there any provision of separate queue (line) for darshan at vaishnodevi mandir for Helicopter passengers or not? If there is no separate line how can we return within 3 Hrs. If I book ticket (for 5 persons) for single way, then can I book return flight ticket(in flight which will give more time for darshan according to our requirement) on same day for all 5 candidates from single user id?
    Kindly assist me to plan my travel conveniently.

    Thanking You.
    (T.S. Chauhan)

    • Tarun Bharti says:

      @T.S. Chauhan says:
      1. 3 hrs time is sufficent for darshan becoz from sanjhichat to darbar 2.5 km is far and you will take 30-45 mins to reach darbar from sanjhichat then by Semi VIP Pass (as you have return tickets of helicopter also) you will take only max. 1 hrs for darshan
      2. If you comes late then there is no matter of worry becoz when I was there I reach sanjhichat by 2 hrs late frm my schedule time and they allowed me ….
      3. and also poney, palki is also available at sanhjichaat
      4. no need of worry just book your heli tickets and then reach at helipad abt 2 hrs earlier then when you reach upper(sanhjichat) then they will issue you semi-vip pass + return time

  203. sapana says:

    i want to visit vishnodevi in the month of feb or march 1st week. i want to book helicopter ticket, i am trying daily to book my helicopter ticket but every day before my selection of time slot which is suitable to me show already book. so some tell me how to book ticket.

    • Sapana, please keep trying for the night right from 00:00 hrs and then only you will be able to book them. If you are based in Delhi/NCR then you may also try to check with Pawanhans Office at Safdarjung where I feel they do book tickets.

      Jai Mata Di!!

      Dheeraj Sharma

  204. Raj says:

    Dear Dheeraj,
    I have booked helicopter tickets online for 4 passengers, have entered the details of all 4 friends. I did not hv the id proof number of my friends handy. But i put my actual id proof number and mentioned a vague number in their column as it was compulsory, wanted to ask i hope there would be no problem in boarding…
    Please advice

    • Hi Raj,

      In that case, at least carry one along with you when you actually travel. I feel shall be fine if you request them when checked and if you can show yours as valid one with respect to bookings.

      Jai Mata Di!!

      Dheeraj Sharma

      • Manmohan Singh Gill says:

        Mr Dheeraj Sharma we came from Italy n returning on 10th feb pl help us to book helicopterbooking for any date of first week of february 2013 for 2 persons REGARDS
        Harsimratpal Singh Walia

        • Sory Manmohan, I will not be able to help on this front. You must visit the official website for Maa Vaishno Devi for booking your helicopter tickets.

          Jai Mata Di!!

          Dheeraj Sharma

  205. UPAL SENGUPTA says:

    Jai mata Di
    Dear Dheeraj ji,
    can you please suggest how far is Bhawan from the Sanjichhat helipad and how to take my parents or very young daughter from Sanjichhat to the Bhawan comfortably… they will not be able to walk.

  206. sapana says:

    sir plz let me know after helicopter accident . helicopter service is still continue or not.

    • akmangal says:

      Hi Sapna,
      I enquired around a week ago from vaishnodevi board over phone and they said the flights have resumed.
      Jai Mata di

  207. SURESH BOGAM says:

    We Require to book Eelicopter to and fro from katra to Sanzichat on 5th February 2013 at 8:00 AM for 20 Persons Return samr day 16:00 PM Please let us know how made of Payment Please Reply

  208. swapnil Pansare says:

    I am going on 1st march to vaishno devi with my friends. We are 7 people. Any one know about weather because we like to see slowfall and also we like to do skating so please give me information about that also give me other nearest places on katra which is very nice.

  209. LOKESH BANSAL says:

    jai mata di
    sir plz can you tell me that i am want to book attka aarti of 21 jan 2013 in evening so i want to know that can i darshan through old cave of mataji after aarti of mata ji
    beause i heard that old cave only open in day hours so plz can you tell me real sitituation thanks in advace>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> jai mata di

  210. Ashish Sharma says:

    Dear Dheeraj,
    You are doing a great job by so effectively guiding countless yatris to a comfortable darshan of mata raani ji.
    Your advise needed as my group is reaching Jammu airport from Mumbai on 02/02/13 at 9.55am. Would it be possible to reach Katra helipad by taxi by 12.00 if we start from airport immediately i.e by 10.15am.
    We plan to buy heli tickets for flight starting between 12.45 to 1.30 pm and returning same evening.
    Your valued guidance please….

    • Hi Ashish,

      It usually takes about 2-2.25 Hrs to reach Katra from Jammu excluding any breaks or boarding/unboarding from buses/taxis. The distance is about approx 50 KMs. So, you may reach or you may not by bus and chances increase that you reach provided no surprise of a traffic jam if you take private taxi.

      Jai Mata Di!!

      Dheeraj Sharma

      • akmangal says:

        Dear Dheeraj ji, Jai Mata Di.
        we are an old couple trying to book room at Vaishnavi bhavan since several nights since the booking begins at midnight 00 hrs only!
        unfortunately the rooms get full within few seconds even for end January/beginning February which is supposed to be not a peak period.
        please please….. guide how to get confirmed room booking. also any hints/tricks to do booking online fast? Often i find within a minute the availability goes down to even -3 (minus 3) etc. what does that mean?

        • Sorry AK ji, I do not have any other contact with me other than recommending just trials with official website for your bookings. It is just a sorry state how such thing happen and even I am not sure about it. But, yes, this is also true that people do get their bookings from that site too. I will say, please keep trying several times

          Jai Mata Di!!

          dheeraj sharma

        • akmangal says:

          Dear Dheeraj Ji , Thanks for your response. How much I wish the Vaishnodevi Board allocates more rooms to public through online booking, I assume they have just allocated hardly 10% of the rooms online, how rest are done, do not know. Worse, booking by sending them bank drafts has also been stopped. One should ask them how and to whom they allot bulk of the rooms?

        • akmangal says:

          Dear Dheeraj Ji,
          Jai Mata Di.
          Please advise the time of the year when rush of pilgrims is minimum and we can avail rooms at Vaishnavi Bhawan and Helicopter easily. However, please exclude extreme cold/ snowfall/ rainy season.

          Thanks and Regards,
          AK Mangal

      • suby says:

        Jai Mata Dee,
        Do you have any information on reliable taxi service from Jammu[IXJ] airport to katra and back to jammu which we can book in the airport itself?. what is the approximate charges.

        • akmangal says:

          Dear Suby, pre-paid taxi to karta is available at IXJ and one way fare could be approx 1300-1400 Rupees.
          You can get a different taxi easily on return form karta.

        • suby says:

          Jai Mata Dee!
          Thank you for the info
          AK Mangal

  211. Davinder says:

    Can anyone please help me to advise helicopter return ticket charges,since we are planing to visit in mid month of Feb, so please also confirm is their any off season discounts available.

    • No discounts are available and helicopter tickets can only be booked 30 days in advance.

      Jai Mata Di!!

      Dheeraj Sharma

      • Davinder says:

        Thanks for the information Dheeraj Ji, if possible can you please advise me tentative cost of return helicopter booking.

        Jai Mata Di


        • Abhishek says:

          Dear Davinder,

          there is no discount available on Helicopter tickets as i have visited Vaishnodevi 03 times and it was a very gud experience in Helicopter. you can mail me your details for further info @

          I will let you know the procedure of booking the helicopter tickets.

          Jai Mata Di……….


        • Abhishek, why not share with all of us if it does not involve any Travel Agent references. That ways it will be useful to many :)

          Jai Mata Di!!

          Dheeraj sharma

        • Davinder, one side trip officially cost you Rs 699 if you book through official website of shrine board.

          Jai Mata Di!!

          Dheeraj Sharma

      • suby says:

        Dear Dheeraj Sharma
        kindly let me know how to obtain the VIP Pass once i book the helicopter Katra-Sanjichhat-Katra sector. trip to mata vaishno devi?

      • pankaj goel says:


  212. mahesh says:

    let me know, is helicopter booking possible through any agent. if yes plz send me any ones contact no. because i want to visit maa vishnodevi yatra with my old age parents.

  213. Jitendra says:

    जय माता दी
    सभी भक्तजन यह अवश्य ध्यान रखे कि ” माता के दरबार में केवल वही जा सकता हे जिसका बुलावा आता है, जिसे माता बुलाती हे.” मै अब तक २ बार गया हु और २ बार मेरे टिकट्स कैंसिल करने पड़े हे.

    जय माता दी

  214. Rajesh kapoor says:

    Hey i need urgent tickets from katra 4 tickets
    Kindly let me know if u can help me
    It will be highly appritiated

  215. Arun Agarwal says:

    Hi Dheeraj,

    I have booked my one side helicopter ticket at 3:20pm, They have asked to reach min. 1 hr before the journey time. In case i could not reach 1 hr before then, is there any way to keep them informed about my reporting time before which will be before the actual helicopter take off time.
    Also, Please tell me, Is there any facility which i can avail like VIP or semi VIP pass. I have not booked any return ticket. Minimum time for darshan required?, and how much time it takes for getting down by stairs.

    Thanks in advance.

    Arun Agarwal

    • Hello Arun,

      I do not think there is any way to contact them about any delay though not 100% sure and you should reach there at the time mentioned. If you had tickets both ways then only VIP Passes would have been possible but not with one way. It does not takes much time if you use stairs, may be 2-3 Hrs all the way down :)

      Jai Mata Di!!

      Dheeraj sharma

      • veena says:

        jai mata di
        i m coming from goa with my parents my profram has been plan last movement so i didnt get helicopter service also is thr any chances u get on the spot n regarding stay will iget hotel easily in katra

        • There are plenty of options of stay in Katra. I do not think there should be much of an issue.

          Jai Mata Di!!

          Dheeraj Sharma

  216. pallavi says:

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    Please find below the screen shot, I am not able to register on the site.
    I have not registered before still its giving me this error.
    I tried with different credentials, still its showing the same error.
    Please do the needful.

    I wanted to book, helicopter service for 2nd December 2012 (morning) to and fro from Katra to Sanjichhat and Sanjichhat to Katra for 2 persons.
    Please let me know how can I go ahead for the same ?

    • Have you tried different versions of INternet Explorer. If not then try using IE 6,7,8 may be on WinXP machine.

      Jai Mata Di!!

      Dheeraj Sharma

      • pankaj goel says:

        jai mata di sir g hame 30 jan 13 me helicopter tiket and main bhaven par roam book karane h sir hamne 1 agent se bat bi ki par vo bol raha h ki server ki problem h pasa kat jata h par book nai hota h sir hamne apne aap b net par kosis ki par nai sir plz help me kyo k sir g hamare train tekat b book ho gye h small child h room to must h plz aap guide kijey ho sake to kisi ka number de dejey plz sir coprate me jai mata di

        • Soryy Pankaj, mere pass kisi ka contact number nhn hai travel agent ka. Ek – do ka maine fwd kiya tha but 2-3 baar complaints aayi to ab main kisi ka number forward ya promote nhn karne deta unless I do not know him personally or have taken services from him.

          Jai Mata Di!!

          Dheeraj Sharma

        • tarun garg says:

          jai mata di pankaj ji, helicopter ticket 30days advance main book hota hai so aap ko 30 jan ka ticket 29th dec. ki raat ko 12.00 bajey mileyga . aap internet per apney aap book kerwa saktey hai it is very easy and smooth. koi bhi agent aap ka helicopter ki booking nahi kerwa sakta cause shrine board is very strict and want actual ppl to take advantage of service.

  217. LOKESH BANSAL says:

    sir we have 15 people want to go on mata vaishno devi but a single user can make only 5 booking. so can we make more id in same computer or there have any problem in this. plz reply & thanks in advance.

    • Jitendra says:

      JAI MATA DEE!!

      • manmohan says:

        hi jitendra ji i am mohan i am coming to katra Drcember 17th so i want 8 ticket for helicopter

    • Yes Lokesh, create more IDs with the name of the people you are traveling with having different PANs and try to book the tickets.

      Jai Mata Di!!

      Dheeraj Sharma

  218. Atul says:

    please tell me the way to book my tickets for one way trip to vaishno devi maa …from katra to sanjhichat ! i have tried almost on all the websites including
    The official website always show not available !
    Plese tell me a way to get 8 tickets booked for 14-12-2012

  219. Jitendra says:

    Jai Mata Dee!
    I booked helicopter ticket for katra-sanjhichat-katra. My starting time is 10 am and returning timing is 1.30pm. In case of rush can i visit to both bhero and mata mandir between this period? During rush sometimes it take 6 to 10 hours to reach gufa.

    • Hi Jitendra,

      Well, you will get a semi-vip pass which will allow you to enter just before the cave almost getting you through majority of queue. But, within 3 Hrs it becomes a bit hectic and difficult to manage both Bhairon Baba mandir and Mata Darshan. You need to be quick paced or may need to hire some pony to save time for it.

      Jai Mata Di!!

      Dheeraj Sharma

      • Jitendra says:

        Dheeraj Ji Thanks for your kind reply.

      • suby says:

        I have booked helicopter services katra-sanjhichat-katra,wondering how time is required to walk up to Bhairon Baba mandir and bach to sanjhichat cosidering we are physically fit.Again do we have to be in helipad 1hour before departure time,if so we have to complete the darshan by 2hours.please comment?.
        Jai mata dee
        Thanks &regards

        • Suby, it will easily take about 20-25 minutes to climb to bhairon mandir as the ascent is quite steep. It will be a tad tight schedule for you.

          Jai Mata Di!!

          Dheeraj Sharma

  220. bhaskar shastry says:

    sir,jai mata di, how to book the helicop service and when it could be.we are planning for 2nd Jan 2013.kindly guide us.

    • Hello Bhaskar,

      Please go through the comments mentioned above which details out on bookings process of helicopter services. I am sure it will be helpful. If you cannot find it please let us know.

      Jai Mata Di!!

      Dheearj Sharma

  221. Gaurav Goyal says:

    Dear Sir,

    How to book ticket as i am not register myself on site. When i enter data in userid box than it is navigating to the Home page.

    • Gaurav, try using IE 6 or IE 7 or IE 8 only and may be try even with Windows XP machine if possible to book the tickets and register or login.

      Jai Mata Di!!

      Dheeraj Sharma

  222. Milind says:

    Now the website is working fine. Also, I can view the transaction under ‘Successful Transaction’.
    How could one come to know that his ticket is confirmed?
    I read somewhere that an email is also sent as confirmation and user has to carry print-out of that email confirmation & ticket on travel date.
    Here, I have not received any email yet.
    Kindly update.

    • Hello Milind,

      Well, yes there used to be an email as well sent earlier whose print out needs to be carried along. Seems something has gone wrog with it. Did you drop mails to their support ids or contact them over phone if possible.

      Jai Mata Di!!

      Dheeraj Sharma

      • Milind says:

        Dheeraj ji,

        I contacted on 01991-232887 and they confirmed that no email is sent as confirmation. User has to carry print-out of ticket alongwith relevant documents and report 1hour before the scheduled time of helicopter service.

        Lets hope for the best.

  223. ishwardas says:

    Sir, I book helicopter ticket from katra to sanjichat. Can I board with camera in helicopter.

  224. NIKITA says:

    Hi Deeraj,

    Want to know can we book group ticket of helicopter.

    near 50 persons.

    Please Help.


    • Hi Nikita,

      In that case, you have to create multiple IDs and book tickets in batches of 5. No other alternative I believe.

      Jai Mata Di!!

      Dheearj Sharma

  225. Milind says:

    I booked 03 helicopter tickets for 28th Nov. The transaction was successful & even I took print-out of ticket on another day. Now, when I login to, the same transaction is showing under ‘Failed Transaction’. Can anybody help me understanding the problem??

    • Dinesh Rishi says:

      Check, can you take print now ?

      did any transaction failed before successful transaction

      may be its showing that.

      • Milind says:

        now the website is down till 7pm today. But around 10am today morning when I login website, the only transaction that I made was showing under Failed Transaction link. Whereas, the day on which I booked ticket & the day after when I took the print-out, the transaction was showing under Booked Transaction.

    • rupal naik says:

      i booked 04 helicoptar tickets for pnr no-MVDH265722,THE transactin was,when i login to same transactin is showing under”failed transaction”.can anybody help me understanding the problem please help me.

      • Guess, the same problem is reported by someone elese recently. Seems it could be some major issue with their website.

        Jai Mata Di!!

        Dheeraj Sharma

  226. Rajesh Mulani says:

    Hello Dheeraj,
    I have booked helicopter tickets, i.e from katra to sanchighat and from sanchighat to katra separetely, but both are on the same day. So am i entitled for the vip pass, if so what is the procedure for obtaining the vip pass

    • Dinesh Rishi says:

      Rajesh Mulani

      If you have return ticket ur entitled for priority Darshan slip it will be issued to you when u land at Sanjhi Chatt

    • Sanjaya says:

      Hi Rajesh,
      I have the same question on VIP pass. If I book both way tickets separatly, am I eligible to get VIP pass. Kindly let me know based on your experience. Thanks.

  227. Bhupender says:

    Dear Dheeraj,
    I was trying to book room as well as helicopter ticket from the 27-oct-12 12:00 am but unable to get.after “proceed to pay” nothing happend. please assist

    • Ravi says:

      I have completed my online registration but am yet to receive the password.
      How can I book online?

  228. Milind says:

    Hi All,
    Request to answer my below questions:
    1. If i book to & fro helicopter tickets on same day of specific time, will it be possible to take darshan of vaishno devi & bhairon baba both?
    2. Or should i book to & fro ticket differently in order to take darshan of vaishno devi & bhairon baba?

    • Hi Milind,

      1. If you hire pony or walk briskly and able to get darshan in quick time with the semi VIP Pass, then it may be manageable just.
      2. I always feel this is better bet if one wants to have darshan at both temples with much ease.

      Jai Mata Di!!

      Dheeraj Sharma

      • Milind says:

        thanks Dheeraj.

        I booked ticket from Katra to Sanjhichat & wish to come by walking while return.

        Just want to know, with one way helicopter ticket (from Katra to Sanjhichat), if I will be eligible for any special darshan of Mata Vaishno Devi? or what are the extra facilities or benefits that I will be eligible of?

    • Dinesh Rishi says:


      If you book return ticket normally their is 4 hrs gap and on return ticket you will be eligible for Priority Darshan Yatra Parchi which you will get when you land on Sanjhichatt. In 4 hrs you cannot make Bhairo darshan. If you book ticket for Afternoon journey from Katra to Sanjhichatt and back sometimes they give you return ticket for next day. Plan accordingly.

  229. Darshan says:

    Dear Dheeraj,

    I am trying to book the ticket for my mother from last one week i am unable create the login with mentioned website. Error screen gives message as Already registered with system.
    Kindly guide to book the ticket as well as i am trying to get connected with your contact numbers against which one is switched off from last 2 days & no one picking the second contact no.
    Kindly help to get soltuion.


  230. Vipul says:

    I’ve booked one way helicopter from Kara to sanjhichat for 7:50 am. however I would like to book for for return also. So what time return flight shall I book ?
    Also will we be considered for priority darshan if I book to and fro ticket ?

    • Vipul says:

      Also I’ve one more query.. I’ve booked onwards with pawan Hans.. If I get return on vectra.. Then still will I get priority darshan ?

  231. Madhur says:

    Dheeraj ji can I book heli tickets through Google Chromether Internet Explorer,,because I will book on 14-10-2012 for next 14-11-12

    • Did you try various versions of Internet Explorer? Use different versions of Internet Explorer like 6,7,8,9 to book your tickets. It should work with one or two atleast.

      Jai Mata Di!!

      Dheeraj Sharma

      • S.Adhikari says:

        Dear Dheeraj,I have booked my helicopter ticket for one way from Katra to sanjichat.
        Is it better to book yatri Parchi online or can we get easily when we reach there?
        Do my 3 year and 8 year kid also need yatri parchi?

        • Yatra Parchi is required by every one above 2 years I guess, and you can get the parchi there at Katra itself.

          Jai Mata Di!!


    • S.Adhikari says:

      dear Madhur,
      If you want to book your ticket for Helicopter at 11.30 PM you be ready with all details, like name , age, ID No., PAN Card and your debit/credit from which payment to be made.
      The mata vasihno devi site has date and time at corner which gives time. so refresh the site at 11.57Pm you get exact time with second, at 11.59PM again refresh, and count second as per website watch.
      at 12:00 midnight as per website watch you refresh. Click the date which is exactly one month, you will get all ticket available.Select the “Book now” button immediately, then carefully fill detail.
      By this method I booked my tickets for 11 Nov 12, Mata is kind enough to help.

      • SUMON NATHAK says:

        Hello Sir,

        Please let me know which type of internet connection you have used and does it require to refresh continuously as the web site clock does not run automatically. Also please suggest a way for minimum time for selection the various drop down menu’s as this also takes some time and I have noticed by the time tickets gets booked.

        I have also noticed we have to book within 2/3 mints..hence please suggest best possible combination to be used

        Jai Mata di

        Best Regards,

        Sumon Nathak

  232. dhawal says:

    I want to come to Vaishno devi I want to book the tickets for 2 persons for helicopters. Howes mach I want to pay. And where to helicopter sand.

  233. Subrata Biswas says:

    I want to book 9 helipad tickets from Katra to Sanjhichat and return tickets from Sanjhichat to Katra for 9 people on 08.11.12…i am not able to book the tickets from the Global Vectra i contacted Kalra tours&hotel Inc. and they said tickets can be booked for Rs. 16,200 for 9 people…is there any other way i can book my tickets from Global Vectra and Pawan Hans as they are not receiving calls also

    • I do not think you can book the tickets directly unless they sell at their counters available at their offices in Mumbai and Delhi (Pwana Hans)

      Jai Mata Di!!

      Dheeraj Sharma

  234. RK says:

    Hi All,
    I had booked 4 helicopter tickets, but we could not board the flight due to bad weather conditions. I got the tickets stamped but forgot to submit the cancelled slip / ticket at niharika complex. Any idea, if ther’s any way to still get the money refunded.
    Please reply.

    • Hello RK,

      You can write the mail at

      Try to drop emails at and or and hope they reply something.

      Shubham also quotes in above comments:

      Last month I posted an update regarding my bookings through Pawan Hans. I cancelled my tickets due to date change. I faced a lot of problem for cancellation and to get my refund back.

      But, finally today I got my refund. My hard work paid and the refund was done after 2 months.

      So, to help you people, I am providing the details to process the refund.

      All you need to do is to drop a mail to: and

      Also, please provide all the details which includes:

      Travel Date:

      Then you will have to provide the bank account number of ICICI of anyone. Please give complete details, and I can assure you, after sometime, you will get your refund.


      Shubham Goel

      Jai Mata Di!!

      Dheeraj Sharma

  235. Nimisha says:

    I am unable to get tickets online to Katra- Sanjichath however getting return tickets but I have a heart patient with me, what are the chances of getting tickets on the spot. Need 2 tickets on 12- Oct, 2 way

    • Hi Nimisha,

      I think less chances of getting tickets on the Spot and I guess 12th Oct is when almost the heavy rush might start getting in. You can also try with local hotels in Katra after reaching there if they can arrange them, of course they will ask for more ammount.

      Jai Mata Di!!


      • sachin says:

        Hi Dheeraj,
        I am coming to india after 6 years and have to visit holy shrine along with my parents on 22nd NOV but not sure how i will get the round trip tickets for the helicopter as my flight to jammu is relying on this decision only.
        Anyway to get the confirmed tickets on that day in speciifc?


        Jai Mata Di

        • Hello Sachin,

          I do not know any confirmed way of getting the tickets because I feel only the online reservation option is there as you see quite a few instances where local Travel agents have cheated people. So, try your luck with official website of shrine board to get the tickets.

          Jai Mata Di!!


      • Nimisha says:

        Hi Dheeraj

        I manage to get tickets instant from the counter. Though they asked me to come around 2 pm and upon cancellation and notification from helipad they were releasing the tickets. One might have to wait but the moment you get you need to straight head to helipad. Somebody told me that travel agent can give but they will charge 5600 per ticket. So its worth to wait in queue Rest depends on season.

        Thank you very much for your help.

  236. Madhur says:

    Dhirajji,can I book a heli ticket through Debit Card Pl.clarify

    • Hello Madhur,

      I think yes, you can make the payment through Debit card as well, AFAIK.

      Jai Mata Di!!


    • Parimal Kumar Patra says:

      please inform me the actual fare of helicopter ticket from katra to vaishanodevi & back and how to purchase. Please clarify

  237. Nimesh Dhawan says:

    Dhiraj Ji, Please informed us that 24 hours are enough for Darshan in Navratri. I planned with family in this navratri on 17th Oct’12. Please guide me urgent. We have only 24 hours.

  238. Dinesh Rishi says:

    Defense personnel visiting Darbar are entitled for Priority Darshan Slip from gate No. 5

    The slip is issued from Banganga

    Auto will charge 50/- from Katra to Banganga

  239. Dinesh Rishi says:

    Only post paid connection works after Pathankot so no use carrying cell phones with pre-paid connection.

  240. Reeta Gusain says:

    I want to book helicopter tickets on 14/11/2012,I have SBI ATM CUM DEBIT CARD,pl.clarify that can I book tickets through yhis card ,I hav’nt a CREDIT CARD.

  241. anju says:

    thanks , I think credit card will work better than debit card, can I try ICICI debit card as I do not have a credit card. My refund status is showing refunded but money has still not been credited to my account.
    How is the rush for a general q how long would it take for darshan as my return would be next day as all the other chopper seats are full.How is the weather out there and any idea how would it be likely in mid Oct during Navratri as my travel is that time. Thank you for your prompt reply.

    • Hello Anju,

      In Navratri season, there will loads of devotees and be ready to get some long long queues even the semi-VIP ones that you get with helicopter, AFAIK. So, try to arrange atleast helicopter tickets to get the semi-VIP queue else at that time of the year, wait could be very very long for the darshan.

      Jai Mata Di!!

      Dheeraj Sharma

  242. Prakriti says:

    Is ‘Yatra Parchi’ required for Helicopter Ticket Holders? I have return ticket, in which return is on next day.

    • Dinesh Rishi says:


      Yatra Parchi is issued for all visitors @ Katra

      But chopper passengers its issued @ sanjhi chatt where you land from chopper.

      If you are holding return ticket you are entitled for Priority Darshan slip from gate No. 5.

    • S Adhikari says:

      How is the wheather in the first week of Nov

      • Generally, it gets pretty cold at night in November and day time remains pleasant when sun is out.

        Jai Mata Di!!

        Dheeraj Sharma

        • S.Adhikari says:

          Dear Dheeraj,
          1)Can we visit Bhairo Baba Temple if we buy to and fro helicopter ticket.
          2) What is the actual price of pony from Katra to Bhawan

        • Hi S. Adhikari,

          1. Well, time between the flights is very limited, may be you will need a pony to make you Bhairon Baba mandir and return back in stipulated time.

          2. I am sorry, but I am not sure about the prices for pony but from Sanjichatt to bhawan they charge about Rs 250 as stated above by Kartik.

          Jai Mata Di!!

          Dheeraj Sharma

  243. Dinesh Rishi says:

    Jai Mata Di,

    Today I returned back after Darshan.

    I would like to share my experience and clear the most asked doubt.

    The most asked question is about Yatra Parchi and Priority slip for the Chopper passengers.

    Devotes travelling by chopper need not to get yatra parchi they will be issued yatra parchi at Sanjhi chatt.

    Those who are having one way ticket ( Katra to Sanjhi chatt) will be issued parchi for gate No. 3.

    Those who are having return ticket will be issued Priority Slip for entry thru gate No. 5

    So they can complete their journey within 3 hrs.

    it takes 45 mints one way by walk from sanjhi chatt to Darbar and 30 mint by ponney.

    Luggage one has to deposit @ clock room situated below from where the main que starts, devotees carrying Priority slip will get entry from gate no 5 which is very near to the cave and hardly takes much time for darshan.

    • Thanks you so much Dinesh for sharing such valuable piece of information with all of us. I am sure it will be really helpful for other devotees as well. Thanks as well for answering queries of other devotees. May God Bless you and your family…

      Jai Mata Di!!

      Dheeraj Sharma

      • A.KAILASNATH says:

        Dear Mr. Dheeraj Sharma,
        1)Could you please let me know whether ‘Palkis’ and ‘Ponies’ are available at Sanchijhat Helipad to go to Bhavan.

        2) What would be approximate temperatures at Bhavan during the Ist week of November. I am a little apprehensive as I am coming from South where temperatures are usually high.
        3) Are there ‘Palkis’ or ‘Ponies’ available at Bhawan to go to Bhairon temple and from there to Sanchijhatt Helipad.
        Kindly guide. Regards, sincerely, KAILASNATH, HYDERABAD

        • Hello A Kailshnath,

          1. Yes, they are available and charge about 250 Rs for ponnies.
          2. Temperatures should be around 20 deg C roughly in day time and at night could be around 2-5 deg C. Do carry enough woolens with you.
          3. Ponnies are available at Bhawan that I am sure get you to Sanjichatt and I am sure they must be taking devotees to Bhairon baba mandir as well.

          Jai Mata Di!!

          Dheeraj Sharma

        • A.KAILASNATH says:

          Thank you very much Mr.Dheeraj Sharma for your prompt reply. Regards,sincerely,Kailashnath

        • A.KAILASNATH says:

          Dear Mr.Dheeraj Sharma,
          I had a life time experience visiting Vaishnodevi temple and had an excellent darshan of Mataji. Let me at first thank you for your valuable guidance and also efforts taken by you to clear the doubts of many first time visitors. The following is my experience for the benefit of many others who are likely to have darshan of Mataji soon.
          1) The saying that unless Mataji calls you, one cannot make it to the temple. It happened exactly the in my case. The whole yatra was undertaken without any problem or difficulty. It appears Mataji has prepared the whole trip for us right from our landing at Jammu and from there proceeding to Katra and temple etc. We never had an atom of thought of visiting the temple and always felt that we cannot visit the temple in the rough terrain, severe chillness etc etc. Also we were scarred of travelling by Ponies for long distances. Fortunately we could get Helicopter tickets up and down. We had kept the time difference of 6 hours between onward and return flights. Yet we had just sufficient time to catch the return Flight. This inspite of the fact that there was not much of waiting for Darshan, since we had VIP Darshan ticket.
          2) We took Ponies to go from Sanchijhat to Mandir and there was absolutely no waste of time any where. We went by Ponies again from Mandir to Bhairon temple and from there to the Helipad on our return.
          3) So if one keeps a time of 3 hours to go to temple and back, it may not give a satisfying trip as everything will be done in a hurry to catch the return flight. If one plans for a satisfying Darshan and also a trip to Bhairon temple, then one needs to plan for a minimum of 6 to 7 hours gap for onward and return helicopter Flights. Even this gap is possible only if we take a Pony from Sanchijhat to Mandir and from Mandir to Bhairon temple and to Sanchijhat Helipad.
          2)Hats off to the Staff and security personnel in and around the temple. They were extremely courteous and helpful. Obiviously this may be because of the divine force felt all round.
          3) The Pony charges are not always as fixed by the Board. They charge according to the person. Still no regrets since the poor chaps are straining a lot by walking with the ponies all through the trip up and down.
          4) My experience is that even the people and traders in Katra are extremely courteous and friendly excepting of course the autowallahs !!
          We stayed in HOTEL BHAWANI International and the staff were very good and helpful. I don’t think we can get such a good service at such a low price any where outside.
          On the whole A Divine force is felt all over and one can feel the same all the way from Katra. I can say with confidence that any visitor returns with satisfying trip and wishes to go again for Darshan. Such is the power of Divine Maataji. Jai Maata Di. Thanks to you once again. KAILASNATH.

        • Hello Kailasnath,

          Thank you so very much for putting this up together. I am sure this will help many others too.

          Jai Mata Di!!

          Dheeraj Sharma

    • A.KAILASNATH says:


    • Sanjay khanna says:

      At wht time helicopter services start. For december first week how much time it will take to complete yatra with to and fro helicopter katra back to katra. What if i book return helicopter and can not come back after darshan? Plz reply on

      • Hi Sanjay,

        I think it starts at 8 AM and runs upto 5 PM but again mostly it is dependent upon the weather conditions. It will take about 4-4.30 Hrs to complete the Yatra. 3 Hrs is what you are given between to-fro journeys of helicopter for the darshan, which is quite achievable, may be leaving Bhairon Nath ji.

        Jai Mata Di!!

        Dheeraj Sharma

  244. Dinesh Rishi says:


    Jai Mata Di

    If you select ICICI or HDFC payment gateway your transaction is less likely to get failed.

    I tried with SBI and had three failed transaction, but no money was deducted.

    From ICICI payment gate way (not Debit or credit card) i got successful in first time.

  245. anju says:


    Pls advise I have two failed transactions for 3 of us for the 19th oct 2012 for helicopter,how do I make a successful transaction. I am scared to repeat the booking as more money will be stuck.

  246. Prakriti says:

    What if a person forgets the ID mentioned in the ticket and takes another ID? Do they check it there? Will that create a problem?

    • Dinesh Rishi says:


      Jai Mata Di

      I too had same problem I mentioned ID type Driving licence but I typed PAN No. as i wanted to carry PAN No for myself, my wife and my elder son.

      and for my son Minor gave his bank a/c no. by mistake I again selected ID type Driving licence

      I carried his pass book and school ID card. The clerk when saw his school ID card he pointed out “Dont mention wrong ID type” I gave him a smile prayed to Maa and said it was due to 3 failed transaction panic, I will be careful next time.

      He just corrected his ID type school ID instead of Driving licence with pen.

      So Pray to Maa that they dont point out, if you are having another photo ID.

  247. VINITA says:


  248. manoj says:

    I hv planned to go to katra to Vaishnodevi on 29th sept. I wnt to booked 6 adult and 4 child tickets for helicopter @ Vaoshnodevi.what is the total cost?

  249. NIMESH DHAWAN says:

    Dear Dheeraj,
    Please guide me that i booked ticket during navratri 18th to 20 october’12 with my family. Can i get Darshan of Matarani? How is the wheather during this month. 28-30 hours are enough to for this journey?

  250. Pradeep says:

    Hi, I am trying to register on website but getting below error. I never registered before!!!

    “Sorry!!! Your Email or Mobile or System Details is already Registered with us”

    • GIRISH BHATT says:

      I am planning to visit Vaishnodevi with family of 6 members. I have to travel katra to Vaishnodevi by helicopter. Pl advise where can I reserve my seats. We are planning to come between 16th to 19th October-12.

    • Garima Agarwal says:

      Hi Pradeep,

      Did you try using various versions of IE Browser – IE 6,7,8. May be that will work!!

      Jai Mata Di!!


    • Garima Agarwal says:

      Hi Pradeep,

      Try using various versions of IE Browser – IE 6,7,8. that will work as I was getting aslo getting errors!!

      Jai Mata Di!!


    • Please try using different version of Internet Explorer using Windows XP machine. It should work in one of the case. The site does not support all browser and all versions of the browsers. Try using different ones, most likely old versions of IE (Internet Explorer) shall work

      Jai Mata Di!!

      Dheeraj Sharma

  251. Richa says:

    Kindly be advised that we tried several times to register online to book the Helicopter Tickets for one of our client but unfortunately every time system reflects that email id and mobile number is registered with them. Whereas we have never registered the mobile number and email id on the website therefore would appreciate if you can help us to book the tickets for our client

  252. monica says:

    I am planning to visit vaishno mata shrine from 26th-28th september. Can you advise how is the pilgrim rush there and weather also please. Jai Mata Di

    • Garima Agarwal says:

      Hi Monica,

      I just came back from Vaishno Devi. Rush is not too much & the weather is unpredictable as sometimes rain & sometimes not.

  253. Bharath says:


    Me wife and kid will reach Jammu airport at 9 AM. Can I do the darshan the same day? What time should I take the helicopter and how much time will it take for me to reach katra from airport and are there taxi’s?. I’m fine to stay in Katra after darshan and return the next day morning. I’m though a bit paranoid if I might be able to reach on time for the helipad…

    How much time in advance should I reach the helipad?

    • Bharath says:

      Also one more Question to the above please. In case the helicopter doesnt fly due to weather.. can I take pony at 1PM around and what time can I return to katra. I’ve got to reach Jammu the next day by 11 so… Jai Mata di !

      • Hello Bharath,

        You can reach back by night in that case but it depends upon the how much time would be consumed in Darshan. So, you can start early morning by 7 AM from Katra to make it to Jammu in time.

        Jai Mata Di!!

        Dheeraj Sharma

    • Hello Bharath,

      Same day tickets are issued with a max gap of 4 Hrs with 1-1.25 Hrs reporting time, so it is possible but I feel you shall keep a day to make it less hectic. So, about 6 Hrs in a day and with gut feeling I think you will get free by 5 PM only considering you will reach Jammu by 9 AM.

      Jai Mata Di!!

      Dheeraj Sharma

  254. Dinesh Rishi says:

    dmin Plz check

    the above mentioned websites dont book tickets for Bhawan

    • Jyoti pasricha says:

      Hi, i have created a account in shrine board but now not able to login in website, even try to create a new account but again its not created, i want to book tickets plz guide how we can do it.

      • Hi Jyoti,

        Please try using Internet Explorer 6,8,9 in Windows 7 or XP machine and it shall work out for you. Otherwise, site may be down and you can try later stage.

        Jai Mata Di!!


        • A.KAILASNATH says:


        • Thanks alot for such praising words and equally applicable for all others who are sharing their experiences and providing updated status/process with all of us.

          Jai Mata Di!!

          Dheeraj Sharma

    • Thanks alot Dinesh, the above links have been removed. Much Appreciated!!

      Jai Mata Di!!

      Dheeraj Sharma

  255. vivek amit says:

    I m planning for vaishno devi darshan through helicopter. i was trying to book my ticket online. my problem is i don’t have pan card please advice whether i can book my ticket without pan card number or not. waiting for ur prompt reply.

    • Dinesh Rishi says:

      PAN card is not necessary just check online ticket booking procedure (give a try) there are other ID proofs also which are acceptable,

      the ticket online you need to carry a valid identity proof such as PAN card, voter ID card, driving license, passport etc.

    • Hi Vivek,

      I am not sure about this one, may be someone else can throw some light on this one.

      Jai Mata Di!!


  256. abhay says:

    i’m planning for vaishno devi darshan through problem is that i’ve a maid and she dosnt have any id/dob/ration card she can travel with us in helicopter.i’ve a small kid of 5 months.

    • Dinesh Rishi says:


      In ID nature Govt issued Passes are also accepted.

      I think you must have got police verification done for your maid. SHO can also issue her a Identity card.

      and a bank passbook is also accepted by shrine board as valid proof.

    • You will surely need an ID proof to travel via helicopter. I do not think they will allow anyone without any proof except children, rather they should not allow at all.

      Jai Mata Di!!


  257. sana khanna says:

    sir actually thanks for guide

  258. Vishal choudhary says:


    Thanks for such a nice blog. I have a query, actually me and my parents are planning to visit vaisno devi on 29th Sept. We are 8 peoples [6 audults 2 childrens [>2 yr of age] by using of helicopter service.

    By mistake for one of the slot insted [katra-sanjichat] return tickets get booked for 5 peoples. I want to cancel them. How can I proceed for same.

    Also we have 3 tickets for katra-sanjhichat, in name of me and mu brother and her daughter, can we send our parents on our tickets?

    • Sunita Jaitley says:

      Vishal choudhary
      Youe parents can not travel on your tickets as per rule and you cannot cancel, prepone and postpone the booked tickets. You can drop an email to I think you will definitely get a reply from him.

      • Vishal choudhary says:

        Thanks for the response sunita..I’ll mail them lets see what they reply. I’ll share feedback from him.

    • Hi Vishal,

      I think you cannot cancel the tickets AFAIK as there is no process to cancel them. May be you can write to Shrine board to give it a try. The later part will only be feasible after checking with the guys and I believe their mood that day because they do check the IDs thoroughly with the names at which tickets are booked. So, depends upon your luck

      Jai Mata Di!!


      • Vishal choudhary says:

        Thanks for the update Dheeraj! I’ll try one day before our plan for darshan if they can issue tickets in name of our parents insted of us as parents tickets were booked for wrong route. I hope they understand the problem and cooperate.

    • Dinesh Rishi says:

      If a person is not travelling they cancel his ticket at spot and refund is given,

      One person was not travelling from a group who was inform of me in que. The clerk told him his refund case will be taken up

  259. Prakriti says:

    If I take a flight on morning of 9th october, will I be able to get darshan the same day and return by the evening flight? I have a train booking on 9th itself from Jammu Tawi station, in Sealdah Express, which leaves at 7 pm. Will I be able to catch it? Or should I replan and return the next day? I mean, do the passengers going by helicopter get darshan faster? Is there any special queue for them or do they have to queue in the same common line?

    • Hi Prakriti,

      Yes, there is a special queue or say semi-VIP pass for the people going via Helicopter and returning the same day. But, even in that case it is better that you plan the return the next day as it seems difficult to do it in a single day ex. Jammu.

      Jai Mata Di!!

      Dheeraj Sharma

      • Sunita Jaitley says:

        You should replan the return next day as it will be too hectic. it may also be possible that on that day there may be any weather problem and helicopter will not run and you have to go on foot or palki or poni. In that case, you will be in trouble. So keep all these in your mind and replan your return…Jai Mata Di

    • Dinesh Rishi says:


      Yes the return ticket is issued with a difference of 4 hrs for darsahn and a Priority pass so you can have darsahn within 4 hrs.

    • Prakriti says:

      Thanks for your replies and suggestions. I shall try to replan.
      But I want to know, are these special semi-VIP passes/priority passes for going in the separate/faster queue automatically valid for the helicopter ticket booked through internet, or, something has to be done to separately avail them? Do all the helicopter passengers get this privilege? Or, there is some other criteria for coming under “semi-VIP” ?

      • Sunita Jaitley says:

        Yes, there is priority pass faciltiy for all the helicopter passenger who have bothway journey tickets on the same day. You have to collect them from the helicopter service office at the Sanjhi Chhat…Jai Mata Di

      • Hello Prakriti,

        Yes, all people who avail the return helicopter tickets for the same day are eligible for semi-VIP pass and they do have separate queue for them which is much much shorter than the regular one.

        Jai Mata Di!!


  260. prateek says:

    i want 2 helicopter tickets for 13 sep with hotel. pls book dat for me and also call me for other thngs.

  261. Shashank says:

    Always try windows 7 system to get the Shrine website.First register with a user name.the password aotomatically comes to you from the Board to your e-mail.This password use for all transanctions.Book helicopter/room/YRC exactly 30 days in advance at night 12.00.Initially you may get the answer as not avilable.Do not close thereby, but keep trying till 3.00 clock or 5.00 clock.Once or the other time you will find the answer as avilable either for helicopter or rooms.Click on BOOK NOW and proceed further.Once you click,it is all yours till you complete all the formalities such as PANCARD No,name,age etc and your payment ofcourse.I got all the reservations of helicopter/room at Bhavan/YRC by 1.30 night of 2/10 on 2/9 itself.Only thing is keep trying and trying till you you succeed.For this you need to be awake whole night but it is worth keeping awake than not getting any fruitful results.But at no cost,do not depend upon travel agents as most of them are fake/bogus as I myself have lost Rs 5400/- through Kalra tours.Many agents loot the public in the name of JAIMAATADI.Let Goddess Maatadi bless them with rigorous punishments.I studies the Board website for more than 3 months and got the fruits.So,do not depend upon flimsy agents but depend on good travel agencies like etc.

    • Very true and thanks alot for sharing such an experience with us.Guys, please avoid such bogus Travel agents and if at all required book the tickets in person with travel agencies in Katra rather online or over phone.

      Jai Mata Di!!

      Dheeraj Sharma

  262. KABIR says:

    jai mata di

  263. shashikokatnur says:

    I contacted one Kalra Tours @ Travels,Delhi& Jammu for booking of helicopter services.They told me to send Rs 5400/- which I complied.Inspite of many days passed and various e-mails,no response from they.Their phones are mostly switched off and whenever I get connected especially one madam Sunita,the reply is very curt with replies such as” we shall see”,wait for some more time” or email from Katra not received”.Now I am sure that the firm is bogus and they are cheating the public in the name of matadi.I reuest the public to be cautious whenever they appraoch such travel companies in Katra/Jammu

  264. Rahul says:

    sir, abhi helicopter service chal rahi hai ya nahi meri 4 tickets book hai 11th and 12th sep ki kya tab tak weather kesa hoga aur helicopter service chale gi ya nahi.

    • Sunita Jaitley says:

      helicopters are running there in the suitable weather conditions. Yesterday, they flied between 8 to 11 and day before yesterday between 9 to 1 O’ Clock.(Source : A conversation with a travel agent in Katra). I am also going to Mata Vaishno Devi on 5th of September by Helicopter. Jai Mata Di

      • Rahul says:

        sunita, my tickets timing is 3:15

      • Garima Agarwal says:

        Hi Sunita,

        Pls guide me how you booked the Helicopter tickets as unable to do so from the Vaishno Devi web-site. Also are you going from Delhi to Vaishno Devi. If yes, Can you please share your number with me at so that I can have a word with you regarding it as I am going on 14th Sept night.

    • Rahul, weather prediction is not possible but still tab tak shayad rains thodi kam ho jaye and Helicopter service start ho jaye. Agar weather kharab rahega to Helicopter nahi chalenge.

      Jai Mata Di!!

      Dheeraj Sharma

    • shivani says:

      My daughter is 3 yrs 3 months old.Would we need to buy her helicopter ticket also?Plz suggest

      • KABIR says:

        yes mam….
        Children below 2 years of age will be carried free of cost. However, such children shall be carried in the lap of the accompanying adult. In case of dispute regarding age of infant, valid proof of age shall be the deciding factor

  265. KULDIP says:

    do we helicopter service from jammu to sanjhichat and back

    • I do not think so that any such service exist. You have to reach Katra for the same.

      Jai Mata Di!!

      Dheeraj Sharma

      • Garima Agarwal says:

        Hi Dheeraj,

        I tried soo many times to book vaishno devi helicopter tickets for 15th Sept, 2012 but everytime it says “Email address or phone details are already registered” while signing-up for the first time. Please suggest any other way to book the tickets or how to book the tickets?

  266. Nitin Beri says:

    We are three families (16 members including 4 kids and one infant). We all are booking separate tickets from our ids, as we can book only 6 ticket from an id in a month. But my worry is that every morning most of the tickets for helicopter are already booked.
    Also if I am booking heli. ticket for 4 people, everyone will have to carry the id proof or if proof any one passenger from the list will do.
    How about the kids as they don’t have any valid id proof.
    We are planning for 29th Sep 2012 Darshan. Please suggest and help.

    • Hi Nitin,

      1. Try mid-night for bookings and keep tryi every other hour upto morning:(
      2. Yes, it is always better to carry identity proofs for everyone while traveling anywhere not just Mata Darshan where you will need them for sure.
      3. They might not be needed for them but still carry some school id or report card or birth certificate that depicts the DOB for them

      Jai Mata Di!!

      Dheeraj Sharma

      • Nitin Beri says:

        Thanks Dheeraj ji for Reply, but unfortunately we could not book the tickets. I opened at 12 midniht sharp but 80% tickets were booked.
        Most of us can do by foot, but my bro-in-law had open heart surgery a year back and is not feasible for him to climb that much. Doctors not even allow him for pony or palki as they put pressure on heart.

        Do we have provision, that on a special request we can get to and fro helicopter tickets by talking of this genuine issue.

        Please suggest.

        • Hi Nitin,

          I do not think so friend and like posted above by one of the devotee that you may try some reputed travel agent who can help you with it. If you live in Delhi, you may try to contact the Pawan Hans Office near Safdarjung to get the tickets.

          Jai Mata Di!!


  267. raju kumar says:

    Hi, Deeraj
    1. How i get transportation from katra to helipad which takes me to sanjichhat.
    2. i have both way heli ticket,so i need yatra parchi or get VIP Pass,if yes then from where i get.
    3. in both way ticket i got 3 hr to go maata darshan & vairo baba darsan,so it will possible to reach at time to helipad.
    4. if i fail to reach on time in that case they will take me or that ticket will be cancelled.

    • Hi Raju,

      1. You will get some auto-rickshaw to reach there otherwise it is walkable.
      2. You will get the semi-VIP pass which will be handed over to you at Sanjichatt
      3. You will make just in time excluding Darshan to Bhairon Mandir.
      4. Though times are not applicable but they might be creating fuss on not reaching on time of reporting. Do check for this one with the staff over there while going for Darshan.

      Jai Mata Di!!

      Dheeraj Sharma

  268. shashank says:

    no reply from you.Please let me know whether YRC/VIP pass required to be taken online when both way helicopter tickets obtained but the return by helicopter is on next day.

    • Hi Shashank,

      I guess, the Sunita reply is applicable for you and I feel the same too. But, I have also replied to the other comment.

      Jai Mata Di!!


  269. Dinesh Rishi says:

    We have registered for only one way journey that is for going only

    Do we need to obtain Yatra Parchi also or it will be issued at Sanjhichhatt

    their reply

    The same will be provided at Sanjichatt.

  270. Dinesh Rishi says:

    Jai Mata Di

    Visiting on 26 Sep 2012 by Helicopter

    Devotes visiting on 26 Sep Plz contact

  271. shashank says:

    in case of the two-way tickets by helicopter,but the return is on next day morning,will i get VIP paesses and whether to obtain Yatra Parchi in such cas

  272. Siddhartha says:


    We (2 members) are planning to visit Mata devi mandir starting 18 november. These are certain doubts i have got

    1. will one way helicopter fetch us semi VIP pass. If yes how much time it is likely to save over the VIP pass during that period.
    2. with the helicopter tickets is it required to make a YRC passes also?
    3. Someyears when i had visited we had collected special passes for defence officers at katra. Does this scheme still exist? If yes how advantageous (by time) is it over the VIP or semi VIP pass

    • Sunita Jaitley says:

      1. No, you can enjoy the VIP only if you have bothways helicopter tickets of the same day only.
      2. If you have both ways helicopter tickets, you do not need a YRC. But if you have one way ticket only , you definitely need YRC.
      3. Special passes for Defence officers works like VIP passes. It really works(saves no. of hours) at the time of heavy rush…..Jai Mata Di.

  273. shashank says:

    we 3 adults are coming to matadi darshan on 2nd oct and have booked rooms with vandurga vilas resorts.How is the hotel.whether helicopters will be flying on that will be the climate and whether there will be rush at the time.

    • Hi Shashank,

      Weather shall be fine by that time and helicopter services might be operating in clear weather. Rains would reside by third week of September most likely. Rush would be average as well considering the holidays start about a week later this year.

      Jai Mata Di!!

      Dheeraj Sharma

  274. arun says:

    Hi dheeraj,
    I have made both way-helicopter booking in which the return is next day. I checked the hotels but couldn’t find any rooms & dormatry available in bhawan and sanjichat. We r 3 people and 1child…. How will we spend thecnight.

    • Arun, I do not think there is any way out then in that case. Do not think there are any private hotels up there and I have seen people staying outside only with blankets.

      Jai Mata Di!!

      Dheeraj Sharma

    • arun says:

      Hello dheeraj..
      We (4 members) are planning to visit Mata devi mandir starting 31 aug-2012. These are certain doubts i have got
      1. I have made both way-helicopter booking in which the return is next day.
      2. with the helicopter tickets is it required to make a YRC passes or vip passes?
      3. How is the bhawan or katra .whether. helicopters will be flying on that will be the climate and whether there will be rush at the time.

      • Hi Arun,

        Well, not sure if helicopter will be flying or not due to inclement weather up there now a days. If the return is next day then you do not get the semi-VIP pass but you do not need Yatra Purchi in this case.

        Jai Mata Di!!

        Dheeraj Sharma

  275. bejoy gopal das says:

    pls let me know abt the timing of helicopter take off

    • Tarun Bharti says:

      @bejoy gopal das
      Helicopter”s timming is not the exact as written in the tickets , it vary
      you have to reach abt 1.30 hrs earlier at helipad then they will checked your ticket and ID after that they will note down your hight and weight then you have to wait for some time then they will issue a boarding card then you have to again wait till your chance , and helicopter will take only 5 minutes to reach upper and also in return jurney they will give you 3.30 hours difference but this time again not exact, if you come late then dont worry they will take you back

  276. Supriya Kanjilal says:

    I am planning to visit Jai Mata Vaishnodevi Temple by Helecopter on 3rd November, 2012. I have P.C. in my house but have no printer. Can I print my booked ticket (if available) afterwards or from else where later. If yes HOW?

    • Sunita Jaitley says:

      @ Supriya Kanjilal
      Yes, you can take printout of the helicopter tickets anytime after booking. For this, you have to enter in the office Website of Mata Vaishno Devi using your login id and password. Then you have to click on sucessful transaction, then click on helicopter services, you will see the your booked ticket. You can take print of it anytime and from any computer….Jai Mata Di

    • Hi Supriya,

      Well, even if there is no process to get it back you can PRINT the copy of the page/ticket once booked at your computer only as PDF. Later you can print it anywhere you like. When you click Print, it shows list of Printers as well as an option to “Save as PDF”. Choose that option and you will able to save it as PDF.

      Jai Mata Di!!

      Sorry for the delayed reply.

      Dheeraj Sharma

  277. anjali says:

    i need 2 helicopter tickets in october ,, can i done reservation

    • Tarun Bharti says:

      @ Anjali
      online heli tickets will be available only 30 or 31 days before …. and all the tickets will be booked within 3 to 4 mins at mid night 12 …. so keep all the ids and your credit card ready before applying, and for apply this please read the comment above…

    • Sunita Jaitley says:

      You can book online helicopter ticket only before 30 days of the jouney. So you have to wait for some more days.

    • You can book tickets only 30 days in advance.

      Jai Mata Di!!


  278. Hemant says:

    Last year I had booked the helicopter tickets using Shrine Board’s site. I had already registered with them. But when I am trying to login, it is showing that I am not registered and when I am doing the fresh registration, it is displaying error that my email id/phone number/details are already registered. I asked couple of my friends to try with their crendentials to register with the shrine board, its displaying the same error to them. And to my surprise my friends had never ever visited to this site. There is a serious issue with devotee zone registration.
    Note: I am using Internet Explore 8.

    Please help.

    Thanks in advance.

    Jai mata di,

    • Hi Hemant,

      Not sure friend, but I was able to login with my old ID with them by using IE8. May be try using IE7 or IE6 versions. Yes, it is true that the wesbite is in bad shape as far as migrating the data and its functionality.

      Jai Mata Di!!

      Dheeraj Sharma

      • Tarun says:

        We are facing the same issue while trying to register on the website. We have tried using different mobile numbers and email id’s but are getting the error that all of them are already registered. Any way out??

        • Well, very strange issue. Did you try using different version of Internet Explorer?


        • Rohit says:

          Tarun/ Dheeraj,

          Any luck with the issue, I am also getting the same error, not able to re-register on the website, it says the mobile, email or system details are already registered, please help

  279. rajni says:

    i need one side katra to sancji chat on 26th aug
    thanks redgs!

    • Tarun Bharti says:

      @ Rajni
      please book the ticket yourself or by some good travel agent….
      for online read the above comment

  280. pankaj says:

    we are planning to visit maa vaishno devi shrine on 9 oct 2012 before navratri, is it a good time??? according to heavy rush??? please reply

  281. pankaj says:

    Do We get lockers with dormitory in bhawan at vaishno devi

  282. Deep Nain says:

    Sir, please suggest
    1. If I takes return ticket for next day of Helicopter then can I do the darshan any time in between.
    Example: taken ticket from Katra to Sanjhichat for 18th Sept 4:00pm with return on next day 19th Sept 9:30 am then Can I do the darshan anytime in between 18th Sept 4:00pm and 19th Sept 9:30 am

    2. On purchasing return ticket, will I get any VIP pass for the entry. In case yes then from where I can collect it.

    3. In case I gets two separate tickets i.e. from Katra to Sanjhichatt and Sanjhichatt to Katra then also will I get the VIP pass for the entry.

    4. There are 6 persons along with me who are travelling. So I have created 2 id’s one of mine another of brother. Is it possible to buy tickets with second id with brother’s PAN number and mine credit card.

    • Hi Deep,

      1. I think yes you can do that anytime.
      2. Yes, return tickets do accompany with a VIP pass that you get from Sanjichatt
      3. Though answer should be Yes but I am not 100% sure about it.
      4. Yes, that is also possible AFAIK.

      Jai Mata Di!!

      Dheeraj Sharma

  283. ASHUTOSH KUMAR says:

    Hi Dheeraj Sharma ji,
    Kya Helicopter se jaane par maa ki arti ke darshan ho payenge, What is charge per head, I will be booking for four people on 29/08/2012, please reply

    • Hi Ashutosh,

      I am not sure about the aarti, guess you need to be on some specific time when that happens. Charges for helicopter on official website is Rs 699 one way.

      Jai Mata Di!!

      Dheeraj Sharma

      • monu says:

        hii me 28 sep 2012 ko mata ke darshan ke liye jana chati hu kya us din helocpter ka ticket mil payga plz reply

        • Hi Monu,

          If you live in Delhi or Mumbai contact the local Pawan Office and ask if they sell tickets. If yes, then go and buy from the local office. Otherwise, you can book the tickets online through official website of Maa Vaishno Devi. Use only Internet Explorer 7 or 8, otherwise site will not work as required.

          For online ticket bookings: You can register at the official website of Vaishno Devi linked here and then after login to Devotee account, you can book tickets using the link to helicopter services and make the payment using any Credit/Debit card of any bank on the official website. You can book tickets only 30 days in advance of your travel date. The cost of the ticket is Rs 699 for one way. You can check the current price. You can book your tickets and check more details regarding helicopter services to Maa Vaishno Devi at the link here as well.

          As soon as you book the tickets, first your status on the page for transaction should be Successful (check link-’Check transaction status’) and there will be one more status in devotee zone which could be “In Process”. Then wait for 48-72 hrs for this status to change to “confirmed”. Once, the status is changed to “confirmed” there will be a confirmation by e-mail from the Helicopter Service Provider which ever you booked. After that you need to take the print out of this page with you at the time of Yatra and the print out of confirmation email. You will be required to show these print out along with the photo identity proofs at the time of boarding the helicopter.

          Please note that, the process of getting the return in case of any transaction failure is pretty painstaking and slow. Hence, do not book in case you are not sure about the travel dates or your plan is tentative or your first transaction is failed (it is likely that second will also fail. So, more amount will be stuck) etc.

          Also, note that no refund is made for cancellations and no pre-postponement of the timings will be entertained. Hence, book with extreme caution with respect to details.

          I hope this helps. Let me know incase you need more info. or have any queries or doubts.

          Jai Mata Di!!

          Dheeraj Sharma

  284. raju kumar says:

    dear Dhiraj, if i make my heli ticket from katra to sachhi chhat in morning and return at evening by heli in that case can i get VIP pass for queue less intry.

  285. JATIN CHHABRA says:

    Hi Dheeraj,

    I have booked helicopter tickets for my parents but by mistake i put MALE as gender in front of my mother what will do now?

    • Hi Jatin,

      It is something trivial and should not be much of an issue. If you read above in comments, someone else also had similar issue but he did not face any problem with that.

      Jai Mata Di!!

      Dheeraj Sharma

      • JATIN CHHABRA says:

        Thnaks for information Dheeraj and one more information i required that I book return ticket for next day ,so will they get vip pass?