How to calculate cost or budget for Leh – Ladakh trip


Every now and then I keep getting queries on the budget for Ladakh trip, so I guess a post around it will be helpful for many looking forward to prepare or analyse the budget of their upcoming Leh – Ladakh trip in 2012 and years to come ;). To be very frank, the budget of any trip including Leh – Ladakh depends a lot upon person to person and the taste + comfort he/she prefers. Leh – Ladakh is such a place where you can get varied stay options depending on your choice of comfort, preference, conditions and circumstances :D. The variety may range from Rs 100 stay at some Dhabha tent to Rs 250-500 stay at low cost hotel/homestay to Rs 700 – 1500 at medium cost hotels to Rs 3000 and above for hotels that offer much more comfort etc.. The same thing applies for food as well and depends what you want to eat (Pizza or Dal Bhat or Roti+Dal Fry or Maggie / Veg. Non-Veg. etc.) and more importantly where you want to eat and drink :)… But, in any case I would try to sketch a basic average budget analysis on Leh – Ladakh trip based on the choice of accommodation and food which majority of people opt.

Interested in making a budget trip to Ladakh?? Go on and read the article: 5 Tips for a Budget Trip to Ladakh
UPDATE from 9th July 2014
Please note that this article is from 2011 and you need to factor in the rates by 10-12% increment every year done by Leh – Ladakh Hotels and Guest Houses. Some prices you will see inline as those hotels, guest houses might have been updated in later years in the list. Same applies to Taxi Prices as well. So, consider about 20% increment of the prices in taxis listed below, till date: July 2014

Given below is a basic itinerary for Leh – Ladakh tour ex. Delhi (without any buffer days) covering all major tourist destinations of Leh – Ladakh and followed widely by many travelers including me :). We will be analyzing or finding the budget or costing for this Leh – Ladakh tour as a part of our exercise… You can roughly guess for yourself that for a similar trip or based on your point of interest, what will be the approximate cost or budget for your custom Leh – Ladakh trip. An example itinerary for Leh – Ladakh covering almost all basic tourist places –

  • Day 1 | Delhi – Jammu/Patnitop
  • Day 2 | Jammu/Patnitop – Srinagar
  • Day 3 | Srinagar – Kargil
  • Day 4 | Kargil – Lamayuru – Leh
  • Day 5 | Leh Local Sightseeing + Inner Line Permits
  • Day 6 | Leh – Khardung La – Diskit (Nubra Valley) – Hunder – Diskit
  • Day 7 | Hunder/Diskit – Sumur – Panamik – Sumur – Khardung La – Leh
  • Day 8 | Leh – Hemis – Pangong Tso
  • Day 9 | Pangong Tso – Thicksey – Shey Palace – Leh
  • Day 10 | Leh Rest Day or Sham Valley Tour around Leh including Magnetic Hills, Gurudwara Pather Sahib, Alchi, Likir, Basgo, Confluence at Nimmu
  • Day 11 | Leh – Tso Moriri via Chumathang
  • Day 12 | Tso Moriri – Tso Kar – Moore Plains (Manali – Leh Highway) – Pang – Sarchu
  • Day 13 | Sarchu – Manali
  • Day 14 | Manali – Delhi

So, you can see for our sample Leh – Ladakh itinerary we have taken 14 days (without any buffer days). You can add/remove modify it according to your needs and of course the budget outcome will depend a bit on that but I guess that is very much trivial to say :). Also, consider that while traveling alone the cost of accommodation and transportation is bound to increase and while traveling in large evenly balanced groups it will surely decrease. As of now, I will also assume that you guys are two in number so that budget can be calculated on twin sharing basis.  Now, to analyze the budget on the above or any other itinerary, we can categorize the budget in two major parts described below –

Food + Accommodation + Miscellaneous

If you are living in an average budget hotel with decent comfort and are traveling in a group (at least 2 in number) then the average cost per day for food, accommodation and other misc. things like toll, permit fees, entry fees to monasteries etc. comes about Rs 500-700 per day. This trip will need about 14 days at the very least, so roughly you will be spending some Rs 7000 – 10000 per person for food, accommodation and other misc. expenditures. Again, 500-700 figure could be low budget for someone and little high for the others depending upon choice of stay and food or other activities you plan to do. Example, if you dine at a dhabha tent then the cost of meal would come out to be around Rs 50-70 only per person and the same meal if you take at a restaurant at Changspa road in Leh then you might pay Rs 150 – Rs 170 per person or may be more :) or furthermore in some high end restaurant the cost will go up much more… Vegetarian or Non-Vegetarian also matters with respect to food pricing, so take that too into account. Same thing applies for the miscellaneous activities and here I have considered only which are unavoidable such as toll, permit charges, entry fees, snacks etc. If you are going for paragliding, rafting, shopping etc. then that will surely be something additional for you.

Hence, if you are going with the budget hotel having decent comfort, taking decent quality food and including only mandatory miscellaneous charges then you may need to shell out Rs 7000 – 10000 per person for the above Leh – Ladakh itinerary of 14 days.

Mode of Transportation

On a trip to Leh – Ladakh, the major cost comes out to be for taxis or transportation or fuel depending upon your mode of transport. Using public transport inside Leh – Ladakh is a challenge as frequency of such vehicles are very poor and based on their schedules you may require 18-20 days to complete the above trip :) … So, in Leh – Ladakh, travellers mostly commute either by private hired taxis or shared taxis run by tour operators or by finding travels partners and sharing the cost with them or riding rented bikes or ultimately self-drive on their personal bikes or cars. All these options will present you different costing of the trip. Let’s look each one of them below to get an idea of the total cost for a Leh – Ladakh trip.

Self-Drive Private Vehicle

You will be traveling about 3300-3600 KMs for above Ladakh trip. So, if your bike gives mileage of about 30 KMPL on an average in hills + plains then you are looking for about Rs 8000 – 9000 for fuel roughly. Similarly, you can calculate if you are driving the car. Just keep in mind that in hills your car will give much lesser mileage than in plains. So, calculate accordingly and divide them among the people traveling in car to calculate per person cost. It is difficult to travel to Ladakh with a pillion on a bike, so cost is calculated singularly above.

Finally, taking food + accommodation into account, traveling to Ladakh by self-drive mode of transport, you are looking at about ((Rs 8000 – 9000) + (Rs 7000 – 10000) = (Rs 15000 – 19000)) as the total cost for the entire trip.

Self-Drive But Rented Vehicle

Here, cost of fuel would be same as for a self-drive private vehicle calculated above but you will be adding the cost of bike/car rent as well. Usually, you get a decent bike in good condition at around Rs 1000 – 1300 per day depending on the make and model of the bike you rent. So, the cost of rent only comes out to be around Rs 13000 – 17000 considering if you get some discount. Adding the fuel cost as calculated above, the cost here becomes approximately about Rs 21000 – 26000.

Finally, taking food + accommodation into account, traveling to Ladakh by self-drive rented bike mode of transport, you are looking at about ((Rs 21000 – 26000) + (Rs 7000 – 10000) = (Rs 28000 – 36000)) as the total cost for the entire trip. If you are interested to know more details or tips on how to hire the bikes in Manali / Leh, kindly check the link here.

Privately Hired Taxi in Leh

The taxis outside the Leh are not allowed to roam in Leh – Ladakh and you are always required to hire taxi that belongs to Leh only. So, I am considering the case when you will be hiring the private taxi in Leh only and to reach Leh you will be using public transport. It may be the case that you are coming in privately hired taxi from outside Leh or may be flying directly to Leh etc. but here I will assume that you have used public transport such as train to reach Jammu, JKSRTC buses to reach Srinagar and then to Leh, HPTDC buses to reach Manali from Leh and further to Delhi. Also, I will assume that on Day 12 you will be going to Leh from Tso Moriri since in public transport you cannot travel directly from Tso Moriri to Manali. This means one extra day being spent in Leh – Ladakh making it 15 day trip. I am again assuming you are 2 in number… I will break down the private taxi cost and other transport cost for the entire trip as below –

Day 1 – Day 4 (Leh – Jammu – Srinagar – Kargil – Leh) = Rs 2000 – 2500 per person
Day 5 (Leh Local) = Rs 1500 / 2 = Rs 750 per person
Day 6 – Day 7 (Leh – Khardung La – Nubra Valley – Leh) = Rs 6931 / 2 = Rs 3465 per person
Day 8 – Day 9 (Leh – Pangong Tso – Leh) = Rs 6757 / 2 = Rs 3378 per peson
Day 10 (Sham Valley) = (Rs 2000 – 2500) / 2 = Rs 1000 – 1250 per person
Day 11 – Day 12 (Leh – Tso Moriri – Tso Kar – Leh) = Rs 9369 / 2 = Rs 4685 per person
Day 13 – Day 15 (Leh – Keylong – Manali – Delhi) = Rs 3200 per person

Considering about 10-12% discount on the rates of Leh Taxi Union after bargaining, total cost comes out approximately to be Rs 16500 – 17500 per person when traveling two in number. This cost per person will come down if there are more people traveling with you to a maximum of 6. Why 6? Because one Scorpio taxi can accommodate 6 persons with ease :), anything more than that you need to hire two taxis.

Finally, taking food + accommodation into account, traveling by privately hired taxi in Leh and reaching Leh in public/shared transport, you are looking at about ((Rs 16500 – 17500) + (Rs 7000 – 10000) = (Rs 23500 – 27500)) as the total cost for the entire trip including  1 day added to travel between Tso Moriri – Leh.

If by any chance you plan to hire a private taxi to Travel on Srinagar – Leh Highway and Manali – Leh Highway then the cost will go much more higher because charges for Srinagar – Leh and Manali – Leh in a private taxi are about Rs 10500 and Rs 17000 – 18000 respectively. If you are less in number, like 2 in this example, it is always suggested to travel in public transport such as shared taxi, JKSRTC buses, HPTDC buses on Srinagar – Leh and Manali – Leh Highways :)

Wondering if there is any cheap mode of hiring private taxi to Leh – Ladakh from Manali or Srinagar???? I will say Yes as well as No For more details, read the article here: Cheap private taxi to Leh – Ladakh | A Myth or A Reality?

Shared Taxis or Public Transport or Travel Partners (in group)

Assuming that if, instead of hiring private taxi in Leh – Ladakh you plan to travel by shared taxis run by tour operators or join with other travel partners to share the cost or you yourself are about 6 in number then you are looking at about Rs 10000 – 11000 approximately. If you further plan to travel only by public buses then this figure as well will go down further considerably. However, at the same time you may be required to stay for longer period adjusting to the schedule of these public buses which means increase in lodging + food cost.

Finally, taking food + accommodation into account, traveling shared taxis (or public transport or along with travel partners) in Leh and reaching Leh in public/shared transport, you are looking at about ((Rs 10000 – 11000) + (Rs 7000 – 10000) = (Rs 17000 – 21000)) as the total cost for the entire trip.


If I look at above scenarios or example the of course, it may not be the case every time that you will be hiring the bike from Delhi only. There can be cases where you will travel to Leh – Ladakh by bus or public transport and then hire the bike in Leh to ride other places. Similarly, you may travel to Manali in public transport and then hire bike from Manali etc. There could be similar other cases as well like flying directly to Leh etc. I have tried to cover many general cases here and we can surely discuss custom cases in the comments section below, if you like. Otherwise, if you are looking them at individually and day by day then you will be able to calculate the cost estimate for any such custom combination with fair ease :)

I will look forward for your queries or doubts in the comments section below and to know your perspective/tips of cost analysis for Ladakh trip as well. Kindly share your valuable thoughts/feedback/inputs etc here with many other fellow travelers.

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  1. deepak shama on

    dear dheeraj,

    last year i asked u some questions regarding my quaries and u gave me the answers,but we could not go thats the different thing by some personal reasons,
    but this year we are surely going 4 guys with my petrol ford ecosports…

    so my questions are…..

    1-do i need any kind of permit if i m going along with my personal car from srinagar to leh…

    2-do we need inner line permit after reaching leh..

    3-we have plan 10 days for this entire trip from delhi (suggession required) or can be extended for more 2 days

    4-we have idea of budget is rs 15000 per person for this trip is it enough..

    5- we are going on 8th of september 2015 is this good mont to travel

    6- will my petrol ecosports do the job for us for this trip

    plz reply all the answers if you get time………..waiting for reply

    thanks and regards
    deepak sharma

    • Hi Deepak,

      No worries happens to most of us 😉 …

      1. No from SRinagar to Leh to Manali you do not need any permit for the personal car
      2. In case you are sticking to normal tourist places, then you do not need any inner line permits as well being Indians
      3. Better extend by 2 days to make it 12.
      4. 15K could be a tad less, may be 20K is more realistic but who knows you get better deals as you traveling in September
      5. September is best month to travel Ladakh
      6. Yes, it will run through it with ease.

  2. sir i want to go leh ladak i have bullet 350 plz tell me good and afordable bike tour company so i can go with them

  3. Hi Dheeraj

    I have a couple of questions. Would be greatly helpful for the help.
    I plan to do a rented bike trip(bullet 350 cc) with pillion(female) in a group in the second week of July.
    Planning to follow the common Itinerary mentioned with some changes.
    Day 1: Arrive at Srinagar and rest there.
    Day 2: Same as days 3 of your itinerary
    Rest is same as your itinerary.

    1. Would I be able to make the trip under 30k considering I am willing to stay at places with basic amenities(nothing luxurious). Willing to stay at places which offer just stay and self service for cooking.
    2. On an average what accommodation cost can I aim for per night in this budget ?
    3. I would be the only person driving. Any precautions or suggestions ?
    4. Have heard that you should carry spare parts and be able to basic repairs for the bike. Any ideas

    Expecting your reply soon.

  4. Sir,
    Are there buses which ply between leh and manali? I’m planning to go 25th June 2015 from Manali. I will be following your basic itenary.
    And I wanted to know about the public transport buses for Pangong so from Leh and other places around leh.
    is it a good option to travel there by bus as we students cant afford 20-25k.
    I’m planning a super budget trip under 10k with my own tent , no i guess no accomodation costs.
    Please let me know other budget cuts that can help me.
    I will leave delhi by 23-24th june. Please let me know soon
    Thank you

  5. hi dheeraj,

    we two friends are planning to leh-ladakh. can you help us to give an idea about the cost to leh per person.
    our planning is:
    01 day – Flight from delhi to Srinagar
    02 day – Srinagar to leh
    03 day – Leh local sightscenes
    04 day – Pangogong Lake
    05 day – Nubra valley
    06 day – Leh to Manali
    07 day – Manali to Dehi
    08 day – Delhi reached

    Please suggest that out planning is ok or not??
    or also tell that how much it will cost to per person for entire trip including all expenses like, hotels, meals, transportation, if we takes shared taxi for round way from Srinagar to leh and leh to manali.

  6. Hi Dheeraj,

    Thank you so much for this site.

    Dheeraj , we are 3 friends and have a 12 day trip planned to Ladakh starting July 1 via Sri nagar.

    The road taken is more or less the same as mentioned above covering Srinagar – Kargil – Lamayaru – Leh – Nubra – Pangong – Tso moriri – Tso kar and back to Leh.

    We want to visit the Aryan villages of Dha and Haanu on the way and wish to stay in a Monastery for a day.

    Also, we are wanting to stay in nice , clean home stays through out the trip.

    We have a quote of around 40k per person which comes to One Lac Twenty Thousand for the whole trip for Stay and travel through Mahindra XUV. We have Breakfast and Dinner almost all places and Lunch at a few.

    Could you please tell us if this quote sounds good and what is ur take on it.

    Also, any offbeat routes ? Thank you very much.


    • Hi Varsha,

      1. On the way from Kargil to Leh, you can visit Dah Hanu and stay at Alchi, reach next day to Leh
      2. You can check the nice, preferred list of accommodation options in entire Leh – Ladakh (Leh, Nubra Valley, Pangong Tso, Tso Moriri) including moderate (cheap budget hotels as well) in the series of articles starting on the link here
      3. You can plan yourself as well else you can also cross check a quote from as most of the readers in the past couple of years have had very good feedback about them and their transparent policies.

  7. HI Dheeraj,

    Firstly, thank you for all the invaluable information in the most comprehensive way that you have shared here. I am travelling to Ladakh in a couple of days and had a lot of questions in my mind when I came to your blog but after reading articles, comments and your replies they have been reduced to the following:

    1. I am travelling solo with a lot of time in hand and wish to cover as much Ladakh as it is possible. I want to know if it is feasible and economical that I make Leh my base and travel to the other places for day trips.

    2. Also, if you can suggest that what are the places where I should stay overnight and the others where just a day trip would be better.

    3. I want to experience (atleast once) a stay in a Monastery. Would you know of the Monasteries that offer accommodation to tourists and how should they be approached?

    Thanks in advance!

    • Hi Neha,

      1. Yes, that is the best way to do it. Make Leh as base and travel to other places as couple of days trip.
      2. Nubra Valley, Pangong Tso, Tso Moriri are the top most places
      3. Yes, you can stay up at Alchi/Likir/Phey/Stok/Stakna etc..

  8. Hemant joshi on

    Hello dheeraj,
    We are a group of 5 friends..we are planning a trip to leh ladakh from 21-27..I am considering 21st as
    -we are travelling from mumbai by train..
    My first doubt is what is better?
    1)jammu-srinagar-leh or
    We are planning for nubra valley and pangong lake and rotang pass.. I want to know about the budget of whichever route is better..
    Aswe are five, we will use shared taxis there and ordinary accommodation is fine for us..
    It would be a great help if you can give us estimate budget per person..
    Thank you..

    • Just for 7 days? Hemant, it will take 3 days from Manali side to reach Leh and 4 days from Srinagar side to reach Leh from Delhi. So, if you do circuit all 7 days are just on ethe journey and being on the road only.

      • Hemant Joshi on

        There was a mistake while posting earlier.

        The tour we have planned is like this

        Day 1: Leave for manali in the morning from Delhi. Rest in Manali.
        Day 1: Reach Jammu in the afternoon by train, take a bus to reach Srinagar late at night
        Day 2: Leave for Leh. Reach Keylong. Overnight in Keylong
        Day 2: Leave for Kargil. Night at Kargil
        Day 3: Reach Leh in the evening. Rest
        Day 3:Reach Leh in the evening.
        Day 4: Go to Nubra, Camping in Nubra
        Day 5: Nubra sightseeing, Diskit monastery. Come back to Leh
        Day 6: Leh-Pangong-Leh
        Day 7 and Day 8: Travel back to Manali

        Please let me know about the feasibility of the plan, and which one is better, via Manali or via Srinagar. Also, suggest improvements to this plan.

        Thanks in advance.

    • Atul Tiwari on

      हमारा भी 6 दोस्तों का 21-28 दिल्ली से यही प्लान है सेल्फ ड्राइव …कौन सा रास्ता आसान होगा कम समय में ?

  9. Dear Dhiraj,
    we are 2 couples, willing to go these places – Leh,Nubra Valley,Tso moriri Lake,Alchi ,Lamayuru,Stok Khangri,Zanskar,Hunder,tso pangong lake by hired taxi or car.We will go to leh by air and fly back from leh. suggest us about the tour like sequence for visiting these places, where to stay,and cost as we can manage on a budget hotel and simple food.
    what about package tour, as indian holidays offering a tour including these places on Rs.30000/-

  10. Hi Dheeraj! Thanks for sharing such valuable information. I have queries regarding bike trip from manali to Leh.we are 4 people planning for Leh trip by rented bike in this July 2015. can you please suggest budget for 12-15 days trip. Also wanted to know if it is safe for 2 couples to choose a bike trip for Leh from manali. Please reply soon. Thanks .

  11. Hi Guys,

    We are three friends in Chandigarh, plaining for LEH on Bullets and we have only 10 days 2015 ( 20th June to 29th June.)
    What would be the better way to go and stay places. anybody please help us out.
    CHD to Manali or CHD to Shirinagar

    Places to Stay ?
    How much travel per day


    • Hello Varinder,

      It will take 4 days to reach Leh from Srinagar side and 3 days to come back from Leh from Manali side. This makes it 7 days. 1 Day is required in Leh for acclimatization. You have about 10 days. 1 Day can be used as Day trip to Pangong Tso and other day can be used as day trip to Nubra Valley or just Khardung La pass.

      Opt to go via Manali – Leh Highway and I will suggest that you refer the thread for more details on the route and night halts though it is of 9 days: Manali – Leh – Ladakh – Manali | Itinerary for 9 Days. You can fit in plan I suggested in above para in this plan


  12. Arnab Mukherjee on

    Hello Dheeraj,

    Thank you so much for such an informative post.

    I will be driving from Bangalore to Ladakh with my wife in the month of August in my Honda Amaze Petrol.
    The itinerary is for 21 days i.e 15th Aug to 5th Sep 2015.

    Would you kind give me a rough budget as to how much can be the expenditure per person for this trip , including fuel, accomodation, toll, food etc.

    We will not be staying in any high end hotels and medium range hotels are just fine.

    Thanks in advance.
    Best Regards,
    Arnab Mukherjee

    • Arnab, please read the article above for getting to understand or darft the rough budget for the trip. It covers all the aspects from public transport to self drive car.

  13. vikas jakhar on

    hii dhiraj we 4 friends plan a jurny to sri ganga nagar ,rajasthan to ladhakh in a car sugges me plz

  14. Hi Dheeraj,

    Thanks for sharing these awsm information. We are group of 10 people planning to travel jammu-srinagar-kargil-leh-manali-delhi from 13-24/25 July.

    Following is our itinerary :
    13 – Jammu-Srinagar
    14 – Srinagar-Gulmarg-Srinagar
    15 – Srinagar- Sonamarg- Kargil
    16 – Kargil –Lamayuru – Alchi -Leh
    17 – Leh to Nubra
    18 – Nubra Valley (Local Sightseeing) and back to Leh
    19 – Leh local sight seeing
    20 – Leh to Pangong Lake via Shey & Thiksey
    21 – Pangong to Leh via Hemis Monastery
    22 – Leh-Tanglang La-Lachulung La-Sarchu – Jispa
    23 – Jispa-Keylong-Rohtang-Manali
    24 – Manali-Delhi

    1) Is this itinerary Ok?
    2) If we want to include Tso Moriri – Tso Kar when in the dates between? we can 1/2 more days in this itinerary.
    3) Total from Jammu-Delhi accommodation and stay cost us around 30000/person. Is the expense Ok or high?

    Thanks in advance.

    • Hi Ashesh,

      1. Itineary is fine just move the rest day of Leh before going to Nubra valley where acutally it is really required in terms of acclimatization, rest looks OK
      2. Tso Moriri – Tso Kar just require a day to be added. From Leh you can go to Tso Moriri for overnight stay, then next day leave Tso Moriri to Sarchu covering Tso Kar lake and then finally Sarchu – Jispa Manali.
      3. Looks OK. I hope it included travel cost as well becoz 30K just for stay looks high scale to me.

  15. Hey
    “Great detailed writing there. Would like to know how to do a road trip if u have 2wd urban suv (ecosport) with just 10 days for the trip. Places to avoid and must go places. Plus i am an avid photographer don’t wanna miss out on anything but dont wanna get stuck anywhere either. This will be my first this long road trip any precautions to take and we are 3 guys. Want the trip to be cheap and safe. What would be the best time to visit? Is alcohol allowed in cars or easily available there(read 3 bachelors), no drink and drive for sure. Would 30000 per person be enough for this trip? Please advice on all the above mentioned things.

    • Aryan, your budget is quite decent and doable considering just 10 days in hand. However, it will be more like a on the road journey only. It will take 3 days to reach Leh from Delhi via Manali side and 4 days to come back to Delhi from Leh via Srinagar side. This makes it 7 days. 1 Day is required in Leh for acclimatization. You have about 10 days. 1 Day can be used as Day trip to Pangong Tso and other day can be used as day trip to Nubra Valley or just Khardung La pass.

      • there is a new rule passed out that entry from manali rohtang pass has been been limited to 1000 cars per day plus 2500 per car entry. Is there anything that can be done to avoid it. And i plan to take rohtang pass while coming back not while going as it is a bit hard.

        • Aryan, nothing can be done to avoid this rule now. If you are planning to come down from other side of Rohtang Pass not Manali, then you need not worry about this rule as the rule is only applicable for vehicles going towards Rohtang Pass from Manali.

  16. Manish Singh on

    Hi Dheeraj,

    You are doing a fantastic job.. We are planning a leh ladakh trip by September end and we are planning to do a road trip from Srinagar – Kargil – Leh – Manali.. Can you please advise me the iTernity and also any good and some what cheap Tour wala for the same with whom we can hire the SUV with chauffeur and also accomadation + food..


  17. Hi Dheeraj,
    I would like to plan a trip from Mumbai to Leh-Ladakh.
    Can you help in planning the trip of 10 days in July-Aug timeframe, in terms of what places to visit?
    We are group of 4-5 guys.

      • Plan is to Fly till Delhi or Manali (else Delhi-Manali by bus or other public transport). From Manali I would like to cover Manali-Leh journey via jeep or hired taxi. Return journey would like to cover Leh-Srinagar.
        But it all depends on time, as we will have only 10 days.
        Please suggest what is a good plan for 10 days trip.

        • It will take 3 days to reach Leh from Delhi via Manali side and 4 days to come back to Delhi from Leh via Srinagar side. This makes it 7 days. 1 Day is required in Leh for acclimatization. You have about 10 days. 1 Day can be used as Day trip to Pangong Tso and other day can be used as day trip to Nubra Valley or just Khardung La pass.

  18. Savio Fernandes on

    Hi Dheeraj,

    We are group of 5 ppl planning to travel via road to Ladakh (Mumbai-Delhi-Manali-Ladakh-Srinagar-Delhi-Mumbai) satrting on 17th June. Can we finish the complete trip in 10 days and is this route proper. Ur advice would be of great help.


    • Savio, 10 days for a road trip to Ladakh are a bit less. It will take 3 days to reach Leh from Delhi via Manali side and 4 days to come back to Delhi from Leh via Srinagar side. This makes it 7 days. 1 Day is required in Leh for acclimatization. You have about 10 days. 1 Day can be used as Day trip to Pangong Tso and other day can be used as day trip to Nubra Valley or just Khardung La pass.

  19. Hi,

    We are a group of 8 people and planning visit Leh in the month of September 2015. We are planning the follow. Could you please suggest if this will be possible and help plan in a cost effective way?

    Our plan is like—

    13 Sep : Early Morning at Leh airport and transfer to hotel and rest.
    14 Sep : Excursion to Sham Valley (Upto Lamayuru)
    15 Sep : Leh – Nubra Valley via Khardungla Pass. Post breakfast we drive to Nubra Valley.
    16 Sep : Nubra Valley – Leh.
    17 Sep : Leh – Pangong Lake
    18 Sep : Pangong – Tso Moriri. Via Chushul, the famous Indus bend and then past Nyoma and cross Mahe bridge and reach Tso Moriri Lake.
    Night at Tso Moriri

    19 Sep : Tso Moriri – Leh
    drive back to Leh via Tsokar and Tanglang La
    Stay at Leh
    20 Sep : Depart Leh (Fly out)

    Can you please let us know that can we go by a single car or we have to hire two? Will it be more costly for group of 8 people than a group of 6?

  20. Hello Dheeraj,
    we are seven people and plan Delhi – srinagar leh manail delhi trip in our Mahindra Quanto 7 seater.
    Luggage on the top ..
    we plan it a 10 or 11 day trip.
    Your advise / suggestions please.

      • Hey Dheeraj,
        Awesome Info Bro…!!!!
        Can You Help We Are 2 Families Looking to Plan Trip From Ladakh To Kashmir total 6 Peoples including 1 Child for 11 to 12 Days….!!

        • Nikunj, You can check a very balanced and most common itinerary for Leh – Ladakh followed by many travellers including me at the link here for 13-14 days: Most Common Itinerary for Leh – Ladakh.

          You can check the nice, preferred list of accommodation options in entire Leh – Ladakh (Leh, Nubra Valley, Pangong Tso, Tso Moriri) including moderate (cheap budget hotels as well) in the series of articles starting on the link here

  21. Ajeet Kumar on

    Hi Dheeraj,

    First of all I want to thank you for the help you are doing.
    We (a group of 4-5 friends) are planning for a Ladakh trip from Delhi in end June, we are looking for a week trip.
    Can you pleae help us with the planning. nothing is finalized yet.
    Please help us with the best rough to Ladakh and approx budget.


  22. manish sharma on

    Hi dheeraj
    I am planning my trip from jalandhar to leh via srinagar on 20 june 2015 To 30 june 2015.
    Suggest me how to plan my journey? we r 2 person and will go on bike.

    • Manish, I see you have about 11 days and you can follow something as below:

      Day 1 | Jalandhar – Srinagar
      Day 2 | Srinagar – Sonamarg – Zozi La – Drass – Kargil
      — Enjoy the vistas enroute
      — Have late drunch meal at Drass is you are a vegetarian as sometimes it gets difficult to find veg. food at Kargil
      — Overnight at Kargil

      Day 3 | Kargil – Lamayuru – Leh
      — Cover Mulbekh Maitrey, Lamayuru Moanstery, Lunar Landscapes
      — On the way you can also see Gurudwara Pather Sahib, Magnetic Hills, Confluence at Nimmu
      — Overnight at Leh

      Day 4 | Leh Local Sightseeing + Acclimatization
      — To know the about the places to visit check the link: Travel Guide for Local Sightseeing of Leh Town in Ladakh
      — Overnight at Leh

      Day 5 | Leh – Khardung La – Diskit – Hunder
      — Head for Nubra Valley and stay overnight at Hunder / Diskit
      — On the way enjoy a cup of soup at Highest Motorable Pass (as claimed) Khardung La
      — Diskit has monasteries with tallest lord Buddha statue and Hunder has sand dunes and bacterian camel safari

      Day 6 | Hunder / Diskit – Sumur – Panamik – Sumur – Khardung La – Leh
      — Sumur has a famous monastery to check out and Panamik has hot water springs
      — Overnight at Leh

      Day 7 | Leh – Hemis Monastery – Pangong Tso Lake
      — Cover either of Hemis, Thicksey and Shey on the go towards Pangong Tso
      — Overnight at Pangong Tso (Spangmik or Lukung)

      Day 8 | Pangong Tso Lake – Thicksey Monastery – Shey Palace – Leh
      — Cover either of Hemis, Thicksey and Shey on return to Leh
      — Overnight at Leh

      Day 9 | Rest day at Leh to enjoy local culture and some shopping OR Monastery tour OR you can do tour to Sham Valley
      — Monastery tour may include Hemis, Thicksey, Stakna and Shey monasteries. They come on the route of Pangong Tso but as you will be doing day trip, it will be a bit hectic to include them on that day only.
      — Sham Valley include Alchi, Likir, Basgo Palace, Magnetic Hills, Confluence at Nimmu, Gurudwara Pather Sahib
      — Overnight at Leh

      Day 10 | Leh – Taglang La – Moore Plains – Pang – Sarchu
      — Stay overnight at Sarchu

      Day 11 | Sarchu – Baralacha La – Keylong – Rohtang Pass – Manali
      — On the way cover Suraj Tal, Deepak Tal which are on the road sides only
      — Overnight at Manali

      Day 12 | Manali – Jalandhar

  23. Ravi Krishna on

    Hello Dheeraj,

    Appreciate your effort to helping other travellers.

    Can you please suggest me regarding below query?

    I am planning Solo trip to Leh from Gurgaon in Mid June and will have to rent a bike.

    As suggested by many and even by yourself, It is better to go on Srinagar-Leh route and then return back in Leh-Manali route.

    So my problem is i have to rent bike in Manali, as there are no services in Srinagar.

    So is the below route recommended or is it long ? and which route shall i take?

    Take a Bike from “Manali” and take srinagar-Leh route and return in Leh-Manali route?

    My main doubt is from where should i start my journey as i have to return to the same place where i have started as i have to return that bike and want to experience both routes.

    Please do suggest.

    Thank you

  24. Dev Bachhas on

    Hi Dheeraj,

    We are 3 friends planning to visit Leh-Ladakh via own bike on 5th June 2015 onward
    We have planned to go via srinagar & return via manali route.

    So now my question cum help required from your side is :-

    1. Hotel cum budgeted guest house name in complete journey ( if you can refer with detail with places)
    2. Places to visit accordingly night staying availability.

    It will be very help full for us making our budget cum making preparation for Tents or sleeping bags etc.

    Dev Bachhas

    • Hi Dev,

      It is better to postpone the trip by a week or so because Manali – Leh is expected to open by 15th June. Rohtang pass was supposed to open tomorrow but it has been pushed by 5 more days to 25. So better you shift the plans to have it open and a bit stable.

      Regarding budget the article above can be read and all your doubts will be sorted. You can check a very balanced and most common itinerary for Leh – Ladakh followed by many travellers including me at the link here for 13-14 days: Most Common Itinerary for Leh – Ladakh.


  25. Dear Dheeraj, first of all I appreciate your prompt response. Thank you for sharing numbers will connect with them by tomorrow. I am sure it will be of great help to me. I would also request if anyone travelling to leh by road with family than do let me know so that we can plan the road trip together from Srinagar. I will reach Srinagar on 18 th May’15.

    • Dev, for seeing people traveling together, please check the DoW Travel Partners Calendar from the main menu of the site and explore the entries, may be submit yours too :)

  26. I am travelling to Ladakh on 17th May’15 starting from Ahmedabad by my car with my family. i am planning a halt in Delhi – Srinagar & Kargil enroute to ladakh. I wish I could get one driver for my car from Srinagar who also can be a guide to us so incase if I am tired somewhere he can drive my car. Incase anyone has some contact for the driver from Delhi or Srinagar kindly let me know. Regards, Dev – +919724505982

  27. Sambhav Shah on

    Hi Dheeraj,

    First and the foremost things many thanks for doing a great job and helping all around.

    I am planning to Visit Leh ladakh in July. Would like to know what is the transportation cost on a rented vehicle like innova for the following route for approximately 9-10 nights 11 days.

    Sringar ( 1 night)- kargil (1 night)-Leh (2 night)-Nubra valley (2 Nights)- turtuk-pangong lake (1 night)- tsomoriri lake (1 night)- leh (1 night)

    Sambhav Shah

    • Sambhav, For the leh – ladakh taxi union rate list 2015 – 16 including the contacts of some reliable taxi drivers within Leh – Ladakh, check the link here. You can get about 10-12% of discount by directly getting in touch with drivers and of course, talking in person rather on phone always help in bargaining more.

  28. Hi,

    i am plannig for a trip to leh via srinagar with my wife in june.I am confused in many things as of which mode of transportation to choose where to stay and all.

    i am planning srinagar kargil leh as mentioned in the itenery but should i opt the j&k srtc or private cab as i would not like to leg go any moments in our journey i am a photography enthusiast and i doubt if i would miss out the best in the route if i opt the Bus and the cost of taxi is so high.
    i am a passionate rider but i am confused if riding with pillion and baggages would make the ride tiresome and practically impossible? concerned about the safety aspects as well.

    can i go in taxi to leh and opt rental bikes from leh for ladakh-nubra pangong and all will that be practical.i would either ride down to leh or fly from leh to delhi.

    looking forward for your advice and additions into my vague description.

    • Darshan, in most aspects you know yourself better and can help yourself decide. Regarding rental bikes in Leh that you can do, may be do a trip to Nubra first after trial run of Sham Valley tour and then see if you can do same to Pangong Tso. Bikes will be available in Leh. I hope you have experience in riding in hills and bad roads else it can get risky.

  29. Jaipal Sohliya on

    Dear Dheeraj,
    we are a group of 10-12 people from Delhi and planning to go leh ladak in last week of may near about 20. can you please help me when is the road from Srinagar to leh will open.


    • Jaipal, Srinagar – Leh road has been opened today but traffic is one way as of now and cars reaching up to Kangan at present from Kargil side over Zojila. By that time things might settle when you plan to travel.

  30. Ankit Prasad on

    I have almost fully understood the trip from Manali to Leh and its cost estimations. But what about the cost estimations after we have reached Leh as in to travel in and from Leh to places like Nubra Valley and Pangong Tso. Its kind of a dream of mine to travel Leh-Ladakh and I would really appreciate your help on this. Every page on this page has helped but I can’t help but have doubt in my mind. I want an extensive detailed discussion. Is it possible to contact you in person? If not that, then here itself?

    • Ankit, the above article explains the budget for whole of Ladakh journey starting from Srinagar to Manali covering all the places in Ladakh. What plan are you following?

  31. hey
    i and my 2 frnds are planning to busit ladakh via road trip…
    mostly in the month of august..we are frm mumbai..
    kindly suggest us a plan… and our budget is around 30 k including bike rent staying eating mumbai manali leh round trip… v r traveller so v wud prefer budget hotel

    • Karishma, if you are looking for travel packages then DoW is just an info. sharing platform for traveling to Himalayas. If you looking for packages to Ladakh, you can check with as most of the readers in the past couple of years have had very good feedback about them and their transparent policies.

    • i am also planning for ladakh but will go on my beast tata safari storme if interested joining from delhi whtsapp 9871534094

  32. Mrunal Davey on

    Hello Mr.Dheeraj,

    First of all, i would like to thank you for sharing your ideas and experience for Ladakh- Leh trip.

    coming to our plan, we are in the group of 6-8 people from chennai and planning to visit leh somewhere around 3rd week of august. its gonna be a 7-8 days trip within the leh and additional three more days for to and fro journey to chennai.

    though i have done some online research for the places to visit, i’m still confused with the same. i request you to kindly suggest us places which in the order which can be visited and which could help to live the each moment happily.

    we are planning for road trip from delhi to leh using public transport and may be one way trip by flight. for now we are to go with budget of 20-22k per head including entire trip from chennai -leh-chennai. to minimize the cost, we would be prefering public transport like train from chenaai to delhi and to leh. we are looking for jus an average hotels to stay.

    thereby, i request you can you please help us out to plan the sketch for the places to visit and is the budget of 22k per head gonna be sufficient? thanks a ton in advance..

  33. Mohammed Husain on

    Dear Dheeraj,

    We are plannning for a trip to Leh-Ladakh in July. We are a group of 6-8 people.
    Please can you give us a tip on how to commute from Delhi (except public transport) as we are travelling in couples. And what cost impacts it would have on the entire trip. Also please suggest as to from where to hire taxis as you have mentioned in yout post that outside taxis are not allowed in Leh.

    Thanks a lot in advance. Waiting for your reply

    • Hi Mohammed,

      Best is that you reach Srinagar by flight and then book a taxi from there to do entire trip up to Manali. From Manali you can get HPTDC volvo tickets to reach back Delhi. This will be the cost effective means to execute the trip to Ladakh. For the leh – ladakh taxi union rate list 2015 – 16 including the contacts of some reliable taxi drivers within Leh – Ladakh, check the link here. You can get about 10-12% of discount by directly getting in touch with drivers and of course, talking in person rather on phone always help in bargaining more.


  34. Vijay Chauhan on

    Dear Dheeraj,

    Is it possible to get travel companions in Ladakh as I am travelling with my wife and I fear that the cost of transportation will go through the roof.

    • Vijay, you will be able to find the shared taxi without much fuss at all. There are lots of flyers which people put at cafes, dine-ins, restaurants, travel agent desks/shops/whiteboards wanting to share the taxis for different trips within Ladakh. Even travel agent organize such shared taxis trip as well but charge a little higher about Rs 200-300 more than it would ideally cost. So, in worst case you can always go back to them and book a seat for yourself. Gelling up with people in Ladakh is more or less easy because many people travel solo and look forward to meet new people and share cultural thoughts and values over the trip. No where else in the world you will find more smiling and helpful people as Ladakhis are :)

  35. VIshal Shinde on

    Hello Dheeraj,
    I along with 15 other boys seek a tour to ladakh and nearby tourist places for about 4 to 5 days,
    What is the minimum and maximum budget range for the trip from Mumbai. We prefer travel by train if its cheaper.
    Thanks and Regards
    Vishal Shinde

    • Vishal, 4-5 days is not ideal for a trip to Ladakh as 2 days will be required just for the acclimatization only. Train does not reach Leh, you have to take flight to Leh.

  36. chintan patel on

    Hello sir!
    I have some questions regarding bike journey from leh to Manali.
    1-First of all is it possible to rent a bike from leh and drop it at Manali? And if yes who will provide such facilities.
    2-And we are not a huge chunk of group just 5-6 peoples on their back.. So is it safe or not?
    3-in how much days we can ocomplete journey comfortably?
    4 – And what will this journey roughly cost?


    • Hi Chintan,

      1. the one way bike rental is quite costly and leave a big dent in pocket for you, sometimes like 12K for just the pickup from Manali. Be sure if you are ready to make that investment or not or if at all it is worth the money spent. My suggestion is unless you are hard core biker and cannot live up the passion of biking, it is not wise to spend that much money just for the pickup of bike.

      2. That shall be fine.

      3. If you are looking for just Leh to Manali, then you can do it in 2 days with overnight stop at Sarchu

      4. Depends upon the mode of transport.

  37. Hi Dheeraj,

    First of All, Thanks a lot for providing so much details regarding the Leh-Ladakh trip on various aspects. The detailed information on dow site is really helpful and I have been through many posts in the last few weeks.

    I am planning for a 16 day solo trip in Ladakh on a rented bike. The places I want to visit are Manali – Tso Kar – Tso Moriri – Leh – Pangong – Nubra Valley – Hunder – Diskit – Panamik – Kargil.
    I am having lot of confusions over the last 1 week regarding couple of things:
    1) I am not interested to travel back to Manali to return my rented bike. Some of my friends suggested against starting the bike journey from Manali and asked me to start from Leh instead so that the bike can be returned in Leh.
    2) A more serious concern is regarding the bike breakdowns. I am very much worried about being stranded at some remote place where help is not easy to get. Since this is a rented bike we cannot be sure about the condition of bike whether it will withstand for such a long journey. I do not have much mechanical experience to fix things in royal enfield. On the positive side, I have heard that army vehicles are there to help sometimes and it is not a huge concern that may ruin the trip.

    Could you please answer my queries as per your experience and give me a suggestion that suits me best. I can stretch the budget a little but I am really looking forward to doing this journey alone and experience the thrills of Ladakh.

    • Hi Aravind,

      1) Bikes rented outside Leh are not allowed for sightseeing inside Ladakh except Tso Moriri and Tso Kar lakes which can be done while going to Manali from Leh. Private bikes are completely allowed. You can use the outside rented bike to reach Leh but then for going to Pangong Tso, nubra Valley, etc.. you need to hire rented bikes from Leh only.

      To know more about this rule and present situation, please refer the link: Bikes Rented Outside Leh Banned in Ladakh

      I personally feel larger groups will be targeted more than smaller groups or individuals.

      For renting bikes in Leh – Ladakh along with current Bike Union Prices, you can check the DoW Community thread: Leh – Ladakh Bike Rental Rates 2015 – 16 & Reliable Shops

      the one way bike rental is quite costly and leave a big dent in pocket for you, sometimes like 12K for just the pickup from Manali. Be sure if you are ready to make that investment or not or if at all it is worth the money spent. My suggestion is unless you are hard core biker and cannot live up the passion of biking, it is not wise to spend that much money just for the pickup of bike. So, hire bike within Leh – Ladakh only.

      2) The concern is genuine and will always be present. However, one or other person does help in such situations though with its own hassles. That is where I suggest certain things in the article on renting bike:


      • Thanks Dheeraj. But in another forum, I was told that renting a bike in Manali and travelling in Ladakh is not a problem at all as some people get rented bikes from Delhi and other far off places also. I also heard that this is not a government order that has been implemented. How much of a concern it is really for solo bikers like me since I am really looking forward to doing the journey from Manali to Leh and I would not like to rent a bike again in Leh which will significantly fatten up the budget and add to the concerns. I can use that to deal with the one way rental which I am planning by just using a single rented bike. Its quite a big headache I guess from Leh Bike Union. Can you share your thoughts on this since I am confused as to what to believe and what not to? Also, I have heard from people who did the last years trip that there was no such concern for non local rented bikes.

        • Aravind, you are correct but this order was introduced from last year only to disallow bikes rented outside Leh. Last year few bikes were even impounded and people did face lot of hassles. This year as per locals rules will be stricter in enforcement. I still feel to an extent it will affect group of bikers but still you need to go over and check for ground reality and take a call. What Manali guys agreed was that for the duration Leh bike is rented and if slip is shown back to them, 50% amount of rent will be refunded. There are both sides of the stories, some were left alone and some went through the hassles. So, it all depends on your luck if passed the eye or you get caught :)

  38. Hi,
    We are group of 22 people took package from himalayan riders. Our trip is of 10 days. They are charging us 31K per person. It’s a bike trip from manali. Below is our Itenary. Please let me know your thoughts on this, if this is fine. Thanks a bunch in advance :)
    Day 01: 19-Jun Friday Chandigarh/Manali (320 kms/8hrs)-By tempo traveler
    Day 02: 20-Jun Saturday Manali/ Rohtang Pass/ Keylong/Jispa (140 kms/ 8 hrs)
    Day 03: 21-Jun Sunday Jispa/ Baralacha Pass/ Sarchu/ Tsokar (200 kms/ 8 hrs)
    Day 04: 22-Jun Monday Tsokar/ Leh (145 kms/ 06 hrs)
    Day 05: 23-Jun Tuesday In Leh- excursion to Khardungla pass (34 kms one way)
    Day 06: 24-Jun Wednesday Leh / Pangong Lake/Leh same day excursion by Car (150 kms/ one way)
    Day 07: 25-Jun Thursday Leh /Tsomoriri Lake (240 kms/ 8 hrs)
    Day 08: 26-Jun Friday Tsomoriri/Sarchu (200 kms/ 8 hrs)
    Day 09: 27-Jun Saturday Sarchu/ Manali/ (222 kms/8-9 hrs)
    Day 10: 28-Jun Sunday Manali/ Chandigarh drop by tempo traveler . End of our services

    • Ravi, please do not opt for this itinerary as it will end you up somewhere in hospital with unacclimatized bodies and night stops at high altitude places that early in the trip at Sarchu and Tso Kar. It is not recommended at all. In fact, it appears that even basics are not correct so further better to drop the travel agency completely. If you are looking for a package, you can also connect with as most of the readers in the past couple of years have had very good feedback about them and their transparent policies.

  39. Surendra Mane on

    InDear Dhirajbhai,
    Is it possible for us to reach Leh in two days from Manali end by bike in July 15 ?If so , pl. Give me your valuable tips. You are our only Lighthouse in the sea of Ladakh.
    With warm regards !

    • Amit Chauhan on

      Yes, you can reach Leh from Manali as per your planning,
      You have to start early from manali ( around 3 to 4 am)
      Target to reach Sarchu on Day 1 and stay there for first night.
      Again you have to start early from Sarchu and you will reach Leh by evening.

      • Amit, Sarchu is not an ideal place to sleep at night especially when traveling in the direction from Manali to Leh. Body is not acclimatized to that extent and you can fall sick there due to AMS. Hence, it is adviced that you sleep at Jispa and make early morning dash to Leh next morning.

    • Surendra, this is very much possible and loads of people do it every day when the highway opens. You can do it like, Manali to Jispa on one day and then next day do Jispa to Leh by leaving at 5 AM in the morning. I am not suggesting you to stay overnight at Sarchu because your body will not be acclimatized to altitude of Sarchu and you might fall sick. Hence, better stop at Sarchu while coming back to Manali from Leh.

  40. A G K Murty on

    We are a group of 4 families which include three 60 year old persons and one 5 year old. We are flying from Visakhapatnam to Delhi on 19th May and will fly to Leh on 20th May. Our friend suggested Hotel Laser Mo in Leh for accommodation. We are okay with Rs 4000-5000 per night hotels if they are good. Our planned itinerary is
    Rest on 20th May
    21st -local sight seing
    22nd- Nubra Valley with night halt at Hundar
    23 rd -Nubra with night halt at Panamik
    24 th-return to Leh
    25th-Pangong Lake with night halt
    26ht-return to Leh
    27th- fly to Delhi and then to Visakhapatnam
    Please sugget if this is okay? Shall we look for another hotel?

    • Hello Murty ji,

      On 23 instead of tour to Panamik, it is much much better to go to Turtuk as day trip and come back and stay again in Hunder or Deskit. Regarding night stay at Pangong Tso, it will be very very cold, so go prepared, prefer wooden cottages over camps during that time of the year at Pangong Tso.

      In case you looking for direct bookings yourself, you can check the nice, preferred list of accommodation options in entire Leh – Ladakh (Leh, Nubra Valley, Pangong Tso, Tso Moriri) including moderate (cheap budget hotels as well) in the series of articles starting on the link here

      Regarding hotels, in case you looking for pre-bookings, I will may be you can get in touch with / … You can refer DoW or my name to them in case required. They have got very good feedback from many readers in the past two years, especially in terms of transparent policies, transparent cost split ups as well as being there to help out people all the time when required on their trips. Worth checking the quote from there too. They should be able to help you out with much better hotels within your budget and VFM.


      • A G K Murty on

        Thanks Dheeraj ji for your advice. I don’t want to stay in Pangong but thought instead of going back to Leh on the same day ,want to stay somewhere.My friend advised me not to cross Changla on the same day twice! You can suggest place to stay after visiting Pangong.
        Regarding hotels does 5500 rupees per night fall in budget category? what is your advice? Or the one suggested by my friend overpriced? We want a cozy holiday with hot water and other facilities.

        • Murty ji, the budget should be fine. That is fine, but go with wooden cottages so that it helps you prevent from cold. Or else stay at Tangste which is 34 Kms from Pangong Tso and have couple of guest houses in budget. Offbeat guys might have more better options for you within that budget better than lasermo, try mail them and get a quote, else I have suggested a link which enlists some decent hotels that will come under within budget of yours though not at extreme luxury.

  41. Dear Dheeraj
    please suggest . can I cover all sights by car ?( ford figo /fiat punto diesel ) ground clearance 165 each.

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