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First and foremost, extreme apologies for not posting any article in last two weeks, was stuck deeply in official commitments 😥 Now coming back, in this fourth article of the series – Good Hotels or Accommodation options near Pangong Tso Lake, I am enlisting down some of the preferred places to stay around Pangong Tso lake – Ladakh which range from Rs 700-800 per person at home stay and goes beyond Rs 5000 for a camp or room for two depending upon comfort, meal plan and facilities they offer. Pangong Tso lake is a remote place and though accommodation options are good in number but fairly limited to tented accommodation or home stays. You can refer the list of below guest houses or hotels or camping resorts compiled after reading various resources/reviews of many people over Internet mainly IndiaMike and BCMT forums (as said earlier, of course, I cannot stay in all of them 😉 ).

Blue Hues of Pangong Tso …
Blue Hues of Pangong Tso

Most of these places are ideal to stay and offer decent comfort and facilities which a family may require but as I said earlier you need to compromise on certain things if budget is a constraint in your travel. You need to keep in mind that Pangong Tso lake is a remote place and one cannot expect all the luxury in the world even after paying Rs 3000 per night. At Pangong Tso, getting a place to stay with attached toilet is a luxury in itself ;)…

At Pangong Tso Lake, if you want to stay near the banks of the lake then tents are the only option for you. Otherwise, there are several options available in Sapngmik and few at Lukung which are very near to lake (about 150-200 Mtrs) with full view of it from the rooms. If you do not prefer to stay in tents and want attached western style toilets then there is only one cemented rooms hotel at Pangong Tso (highly priced), leased by JKTDC and named Pangong Camp Resort where you can get such rooms. Otherwise, Tangste is the place for you, about 34 KMs from Pangong Tso, where you will find 2-3 guest houses having rooms with attached toilets. Homestays available at Spangmik does offer ladakhi style rooms but most of them have shared toilets or toilets outside the house.

LAST UPDATED: 9th Feb 2015
The article has been updated to match the current prices of most of these hotels or campsites or homestays for the year 2015.

Hotels or Accommodation options in/around Pangong Tso Lake
    • Padma / Gongma / Sasoma Guest House – Home Stays at Spangmik: Mostly, every house in Spangmik village or Man – Merak village acts as home stay and all offer similar facilities at similar and very cheap price range. But, excellent views for the price you pay per night :) … There are clean toilets, some of them western too but not attached. No hot water in most of them but to save 1500 buck you can of course quite bathing for a day in such cold conditions :lol:. Basic food as prepared for other ladakhi family members too. No electricity.

      Padma guest house offer a great view of Pangong Tso right out of your room’s window. Sasoma is a good one and so as Gongma guest house. There is no way to book them in advance as there is no connectivity and you need to reach there and book the room for you.

      • Price Range: Rs 700 – 1000 for a double bedroom. Some include meals too.
      • Contact: ??????
      • Location: Spangmik Village, Pangong Tso – Ladakh
      • Category: Cheap / Economic / Home Stay
    • Camp Watermark (Pangong Panorama) – Spangmik, Pangong Tso: Very much recommended, comfortable luxury tented accommodation with attached western toilets, own electricity source for limited period. Update 2015: They have changed the name to Pangong Panorama for older camps still operated by them and now installed new camps in the name of Camp Watermark which are way too costly, starting almost from 4500 without any meals. Better stick to Panorama only in that case as they will be better priced.
      • Price Range: Rs 2500 – 3000 for luxury tents without meals at Panorama. Ask for special 15-18% discount for readers of DoW blog or refer my name.
      • Contact:
      • Location: Spangmik Village, Pangong Tso – Ladakh
      • Category: Moderate / High


Camp Watermark (Pangong Panorama) – Spangmik, Pangong Tso provide SPECIAL DISCOUNTED RATES to all the readers/followers of the DoW Website through our Destination Specialist / Sponsor – Offbeat Escapes. In order to avail the discounts, you can use the online booking form at the link: Book Here

[UPDATE, 20-02-1013]: Camp Watermark have upgraded their camps to make them super deluxe but range has gone up to 4500 with no meals at all for them. However, the old camps at Camp Watermark (Pangong Panorama) is also run by its owner only and they have kept them at old prices only so you can get good discounts on them in case high budget does not suit you for the new camps. Along with other OTAs (online travel agents), they have also tied up with Offbeat Escapes, who offer special discounted rates to all the readers of DoW Website and have had exceptional feedback from many of our readers in the past 2 years. Also, please beaware that other OTAs including some very famous camping companies might give you some other camp in the name of this recommended Camp Watermark (Pangong Panorama) saying that it is full as per many reports over net. Hence, we believe in the services of the Offbeat Escapes more than other agents as they first book and then take money from you as suggested by other readers. So, even if you choose other OTAs, do make sure that you have confirmed booking on this camp only before you paying anything to them.

  • Himalayan Wooden Cottages: Very much recommended in case you do not prefer tents or camps. I stayed there in DoW Mega Meet 2013 in September and in that biting cold it was such great relief to stay in these wooden cottages rather camps to beat the chilling winds. They had running water and western toilet. About 8-10 cottages were there offering nice view of Pangong Tso lake and within decent price range too. Decent food and limited electricity backup for food. In the last couple of years, they have come up really well.
    • Price Range: Rs 2200 – 2500 for a double bed room
    • Contact: 09716507246 or for email
    • Location: Spangmik Village, Pangong Tso – Ladakh
    • Category: Moderate
  • Himalayan Wooden Cottages – Spangmik, Pangong Tso have also agreed to provide SPECIAL DISCOUNTED RATES to all the readers/followers of the DoW Website through our Destination Specialist / Sponsor – Offbeat Escapes. In order to avail the discounts, you can use the online booking form at the link: Book Here

    • Pangong Camp Resort – Spangmik, Pangong Tso: This is the only cemented building near Pangong Tso which is leased by JKTDC. It has attached western style toilets and hot water is available too but in buckets. Rooms are clean, food and services are good but very high prices. Runs almost booked always and many a times overly booked, so check twice if you book it.
      • Price Range: Rs 3500 – 4000 for a double bed room
      • Contact: ??????
      • Location: Spangmik Village, Pangong Tso – Ladakh
      • Category: High
    • Eco Huts – Lukung, Pangong Tso: Comfortable luxury tented accommodation with attached western toilets. Own electricity source. Mostly run full, very high prices (about Rs 3000) but OK to stay.
      • Price Range: Rs 3500 – 4500 per person for rooms/luxury tents
      • Contact: Mr. Muthup Namgial: 09419177658, 09906981777, +91-1982-257030, 01982-253010
      • Location: Lukung Village, Pangong Tso – Ladakh
      • Category: High (luxury tents)


    • MarTseMik Camping Resort – Spangmik, Pangong Tso: Comfortable luxury tented accommodation with attached western toilets, own electricity source. Run by same owner who runs Eco Huts at Lukung Village. Mostly run full, very high prices for luxury tents.
      • Price Range: Rs 3500 – 4500 for luxury tents
      • Contact: Mr. Muthup Namgial: 09419177658, 09906981777, +91-1982-257030, 01982-253010
      • Location: Spangmik Village, Pangong Tso – Ladakh
      • Category: High (luxury tents)


    • Other dormitory style dhabha tents and camps: There are many camping/tents options available at Pangong Tso running from Lukung Village till Spangmik Village apart from the above mentioned names. The prices start from Rs 500 – 600 and goes well above Rs 3500 depending upon the luxury, comfort and services like attached toilets, hot water, all meal plans etc.
      • Price Range: Rs 500 – Rs 4000
      • Contact: ??????
      • Location: Spangmik Village, Pangong Tso – Ladakh
      • Category: Economic / Moderate / High / Very High


    • Dothguling Guest house, Tangste: Bollywood blockbuster movie – 3 Idiots Fame!! Recommended. Nice, clean and large rooms. Clean western as well as ladakhi style toilets, hot water in buckets.
      • Price Range: Rs 1000 – 1500 for a double bed room
      • Contact: 01981-201156, 09469726914 – Tashi, 09469188966 – Tsering
      • Location: Tangste Village – Ladakh / Opposite health centre
      • Category: Economic / Moderate


    • Yakmik Changla Guest House, Tangste: OK to stay. Clean room. Clean western as well as ladakhi style toilets, hot water in buckets. Gas powered heater and average food. I stayed there in 2012 and found it quite comfortable.
      • Price Range: Rs 1000 – 1500 for a double bed room
      • Contact: +91-9469567990 or +91-9469726902 (Tsering Mutup Yakmik) at Tangste for Yakmik Changla Guest House bookings
      • Location: Tangste Village – Ladakh
      • Category: Economic / Moderate


    Other Tips for Hotels or Accommodation near Pangong Tso – Ladakh
    • In off/late season (late September types or early October), it will be difficult to get accommodation at Pangong Tso as most of the tents pack up. The only option in that case will be home stays at Spangmik village and hotel/guest houses at Tangste village. Homestays at Spangmik may turn out less comfortable than hotel/guest houses at Tangste with respect to some facilities like lack of western style and attached toilets with many of them. Always advisable to carry your own Sleeping bags at least in case you prefer more hygiene over being happy go lucky types.
    • In peak season, since Pangong Tso has only one cemented building with western style toilet that is Pangong Camp Resort (leased JKTDC accommodation) it might be difficult to get any rooms if you do not pre-book it. Of course, if its budget suits you 😉 … Otherwise, try your luck with costly tents or extremely cheap homestays at Spangmik village.
    • If you want to stay right on the banks of Pagong Tso, then there is no option and you can stay near the lake then the only option will be tents. Otherwise, for me best bet would be to try some homestay in Spangmik village of course with a little pain of no bathing for a day and no attached toilets.
    • If you are not short on time or visiting in off season months of biting cold then it is always a better idea to stay at Tangste before planning to stay at Spangmik or Lukung near Pangong Tso. It really helps in acclimatization of your body before you sleep at the high altitude of Pangong Tso (Spangmik/Lukung)

    I hope you find the above list of hotels or accommodation options near Pangong Tso Lake – Ladakh useful for your upcoming Leh – Ladakh trip. If you happen to know any updated contact numbers or missing contact numbers of these hotels or any other nice and good option of stay near Pangong Tso Lake – Ladakh, kindly leave a comment as it will be helpful to others fellow travelers as well. If you have ever stayed at any of these hotels, please share your experience with us too.


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  1. Narayan Shirolkar on

    We are 5 friends visiting Pangong Tso in 2nd week of June. We wish to stay in tents, right on the banks of Pangong Tso. As close to the lake as possible.
    Could you please suggest some good places for that? Sorry if you have already answered this in some post!
    Also, it will helpful if you could provide me with your mail id where we can contact you.

    • Narayan, you can refer to the article above as it list down referred camps too. No one camp on the lake shore as it is ramsar site and comes under wildlife protection act, so all camps are 500-800 mtrs away from the lake. They all are near to each other so 100 Mtr here and there does not matter much

    • Sanjay, it is too early to comment though Manali – Leh in general opens by end of May or June first week. This year with all the less snow all over in Himalayas, could surely be an exception with early opening unless it snows too much in March.

  2. Anup Upadhaya on

    Hi Dheeraj,

    I am planning my trip from delhi to Leh-Ladakh by flight in 31st march to 7th April2016, after acclimatize for two day in leh can we proceed to nubra vally via khardungla on 2nd april and over night stay in nubra vally, then back to leh on 3rd april and over night stay in leh. next day 4th april we are going to pangong lake and stay there, then next morning on 5th april back to leh up 6th, then 7th morning back to delhi by flight. please let me this period accommodation is available including car and how much cost(leh nubra vally one night stay and back leh and leh to pangong lake one night stay and back leh ?

    • Anup, plan looks OK except that you will not be able to sleep at Pangong Tso during that time of the year. Hotels will be closed, lake will be frozen. Better stay at guest houses in Tangste.

  3. Hi Dheeraj,
    I am planing to go in April mid 2016. Would that be good season. I am planning for 6 days can you suggest the itinerary.

    • Hi Anil,

      Well, I will advice that you read: 6 Special Tips for a Winter Trip to Ladakh

      Secondly, there will be frozen lakes both Pangong Tso and Tso Moriri but cold will not be harsh at least in Leh. Yes, for Tso Moriri and Pangong Tso that the cold wil be harsh there. Also, hotels only start top open in april and tourist also start to get into the Ladakh. You can fly in and out of Ladakh only

  4. Hi Dheeraj, I’m plan to visit Pangong Tso in mid of March next year, are there any camp, home stay, etc which is near to the lake (walking distance) available?

    • Boon, nothing will be available at Pangong Tso during that time of the year. You need to stay at Tangste and please understand that it will be frozen, mostly everything around it will also be frozen.

  5. Dear deeraj …thanks for such exhaustive info for all. We family of three including 10 yr kid plan to visit leh bet 18th oct to 24th oct nd see nubra ..pongong pamanik among other places.. we want to avoid night stay without electricty …pl advise

      • Hi..dheeraj
        I had a querry , please reply.
        I am looking for accomodation in Pangyong and Tsomoriri in Nov (11-12th).Please suggest and help me with some contact no.
        Is staying at Spangmik & korzok possible?

        • It is not possible to stay in Pangong Tso or Tso Moriri during that time of the year. Making a visit in itself will be a quite commendable task. It will be harsh cold. May be you can try Tangtse or Chumathang respectively for stays to these places.

  6. Hey Dheeraj,
    This is by far the most comprehensive place for information regarding Leh.
    I was hoping maybe you could help me with this one query I have.
    I have only 3 days for my short vacation at Leh. I fly in from Delhi on Thursday night, and leave on Sunday night. I wanted to visit the Hemis National Park and Hemis Monastery. Is it advisable/doable for me to visit these places without spending time in Leh for acclimitization?

    Or must I spend a day at Leh before moving on to Hemis?

    Could you please help answer this? I intend to leave in 12 days.


    • Thank you Kartik !! :) :) ….

      There are no flights to Leh in night dear. So you have just Friday and Saturday which must be spent as rest days in Leh to acclimatize. You can visit Hemis monastery on Saturday but not Hemis national park as it is a trekking expedition.

  7. Hi Dheeraj,

    By any chance, if I’m carrying a tent along with me, can I camp anywhere in and around Pangong Lake?
    Thanks, already.

    • You can pitch your own tents anywhere but I will suggest you pitch them at a place where there are some dhabha tents put up by locals or where other camping guy pitch theirs or somewhere near some house in village or in their garden/lawn. All you will need is to gently ask them (villagers/dhabha guys/camping guys) for permissions. Most likely they will allow, other wise negotiate for small little tip or move on to some other such place nearby. This will give you sense of security too.
      But, keep in mind that camping at the lakes both Pangong Tso and Tso Moriri is not allowed as they are under Ramsar site. Hence, you need to pitch these camps away from the lakes where either other camps are there or at near by village.

      For information on pitching your own camps in Leh – Ladakh, please refer our FAQ in the community: FAQ | Can I pitch my own tents or camps anywhere in Ladakh?

  8. Hi Dheeraj!!!

    Your posts are really very helpful.. Me n my frnz are visiting leh ladakh in September from 17th morning till 26th morning.. we are coming from Delhi to Leh by flight so no bikes.. We are a group of 7 .. Could you please suggest a brief per day plan from 17th to 26th September.. We’ll leave for manali on 26th morning. Also, we prefer 3 bikes and 1 scooty to travel within leh and ladakh since we are 4 girls nd 3 guys.. budget is also a concern so we would like to stay in guest house instead of luxury hotels.. Please suggest!!

  9. irfan qureshi on

    hi dheeraj,
    after acclimatize for one day in leh can we proceed to pangong lake on bike. Actually we have planned to visit nubra on the next day and return to leh and on the next day to pangong on bike. is that a good plan.
    07-09-2015 for acclimatize
    08-09-2015 to nubra on hired vechile and same day return or may be next moring.
    09-09-2015 to pangong lake on bike. (if we return leh on same day from nubra)
    10-09-2015 to pangong lake on bike.( if we return to leh on next moring 9-9-15 from nubra and night stay in leh)

    • No Irfan, it is a recipe of disaster in the making. First two days of landing in Leh from air must be complete rest. Then move to Khardung La or Nubra Valley day trip and finally day trip to Pangong Tso can still be planned.

  10. Hi Dheeraj,
    First of all a huge thanks and thumbs up for this website that you maintain. This is the best source of information on Ladakh.
    I a planning to visit Ladakh in August 2015, and to Pangong Lake for 2 nights around 15th August. Will I have to book early over the internet\phone or will i get accommodation after I reach Spangmik and search around?
    Thanks in advancce for your reply.

      • Thanks for the reply Dheeraj. I would always prefer searching a place because that way I can search for cheaper options. My worry is would there be accommodation available during mid August in Leh, Pangong, Nubra and Tso Moriri if I just land there without any booking?

        I would hate to spend the nights in the car. :-)

  11. Gulap Chakma on

    Hi Dheeraj ! Your articles are really appreciable ,kindly accept my sincere thanks for all the necessary information you are providing to lots of travelers. N of course, I do have a couple of questions which I think, u may be able to answer me. I am planning to arrive in Leh by air from Delhi only to visit Pongong lake and if possible Nubra valley too in October end this year. Since there is no connectivity to book in advance, how can I be sure that I will get room after reaching there in Spangmik village for homestay? Please tell me if I have to make day trip to Pongong in case I don’t get homestay accommodation ,at what time shall I have to return from there? It is because,u have suggested in other article to leave Leh as early as 4 am to avoid being stuck in passing a river which becomes enlarge due to snow melting & becomes clear at 8 pm. Also tell me if it is possible to make a day trip to Nubra valley which means I will leave Leh in morning and return back in evening . I have 3 days only in hand & I don’t want to waste a single minute in Leh trip. I have been to high altitudes in Gulmarg,Sonmarg,Baltal, Sikkim & Arunachal Pradesh,so I don’t think I will have altitude sickness. Please drop your suggestions for my trip.

    Thanks again in advance.

    • Hi Gulap,

      You can easily get stay in October at Pangong Tso as October is not a season time. First two days have to be rest only and acclimatization in Leh. I hope you have days thse 3 after acclimatization.

      • Gulap Chakma on

        Hi Dheeraj ! Thanks for your reply. I didn’t get full answers to my questions. Anyways, no problem , I am consulting directly to the tour operators for comparison of prices,package ,etc. I have been already benefited by the information provided by you. Actually I have only 3 days in overall. So I wanted to avoid rest. One of tour operator even rejected me to pick directly from airport to Pongong saying that he is not responsible for any happenings to my health due to high altitude problem. So this is really annoying & disappointing to waste a day or couple of days in the name of acclimatization. Still I am trying if I can get someone to carry me directly to Pongong after taking full medical precautions. I love adventure and I believe one has to take risk to explore adventure. If anything has to happen, that will happen anyways in form of natural clamity,body problem even after having rest for 3 days. I appreciate that you are making people aware of this acclimatization but my case is exceptional because I don’t have time and I am not scared to face any problem.
        Thank you.
        Keep ur job going…

        • Gulap, please for god sake follow what the first tour operator suggesting to you !! He is right. If you do not acclimatize then you can DIE as well going directly to Pangong Tso. AMS can be FATAL. Understand that please. Acclimatization is just not for namesake, there are reasons to it and you are not a superman :) .. It is fatal to go to Pangong Tso on Day 1 or Day 2 of your travel and I even never recommend Day 3 too.

        • Gulap Chakma on

          Sure Dheeraj! I have no option other than cancelling this trip this year. I have rather planned to visit Gurudongmar lake @ 17000 ft in Sikkim. I thought Ladakh is a very good place but it is proving poisonous only because of time wastage on account of rest. Will try to visit some other year ….

  12. ankit14794 on

    “At Pangong Tso Lake, if you want to stay near the banks of the lake then tents are the only option for you.”
    Would it be a good idea? Are tents available there? what would it cost us?

  13. Setu Desai on

    Hi Dheeraj I really like this website and read this often as I am planning my trip to Kashmir-Leh-Ladakh in September but I have a problem, This website is really annoying as it does not allow text selection or right clicking as sometimes people might just want to select a word of the article and do a google search for it. Even when someone want to navigate to a link in your article they can’t right click and open the tab in new window as the right click doesn’t work. Can you guys get this fixed, apart from that this is a great source of information and really like the work you are doing.

    • Sure Setu, will see what can be done for it. Lot of our hard work is copy pasted and then promoted as those nerds own content and pictures. It is just a measure to stop such people. Anyways will take your feedback into consideration.

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